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         Aliens Among Us:     more books (51)
  1. Aliens Among Us by Ruth Montgomery, 1987-06-13
  2. Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us? by Whitley Strieber, 1998-04-15
  3. Star Children: The True Story Of Alien Offspring Among Us by Jenny Randles, 1995-12-31
  4. The Aliens Among Us by James White, 1981-03-12
  5. An Alien Among Us: A Diversity Game by Richard B. Powers, 1999-10
  6. Aliens among Us
  7. MIB: Aliens among us by Timothy Green Beckley, 1971
  8. Alien Among Us: Homeworld: Book Two (Homeworld (Mcnarn) Series Volume 2) by Casey Lytle, 2001-01-08
  9. Aliens Among Us (Get-A-Clue Mystery Puzzles) by Mark Littleton, 1997-08
  10. Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us by Whitley Strieber, 1998
  11. The Aliens Among Us by James White, 1969-01-01
  12. Aliens Among Us - 2000 publication. by unkn, 2000
  13. Alien Among Us: Reflections of Women Writers on Women by S. Prasanna Sree, 2009-04-01
  14. There Are Aliens Among Us by Outsiders Group Comics, 1995

1. Aliens Among Us - Aliens & Ufos
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2. Aliens Among Us [rec.humor.funny]
Möchten Sie verkaufen? aliens among us. von Ruth Montgomery
Browse the Best of RHF: " General Jokes 87-89
Aliens among us (Tim J Ihde)
(and I thought it was hard to write down verbal humor . . . I'll give it a try though.) This was a one panel cartoon in "Aboriginal Science Fiction." On the bridge of a flying saucer, flying over the Earth: An alien soldier and his commander. Soldier to commander: "Well, now that we've captured their king they'll have to surrender!" Behind them, bound and gagged: Elvis. Browse the Best of RHF: " General Jokes 87-89 Best of Jokes Current Jokes RHF Home ... Search

Alien Among Us has extensive information on UFO's, Aliens, Roswell, Area51, Astronomy, Chemtrails, Flying Saucers, Crop Circles formations and everything related to the topic, plus more On our site here, we are dedicating to Aliens, ufo's, unidentified flying objects, alien abduction, crop circles, problems with this site, PLEASE Email us. We hope You Enjoy

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On our site here, we are dedicating to Aliens, ufo's, unidentified flying objects, alien abduction, crop circles, Roswell, Area 51, chemtrails, HAARP, DULCE New Mexico, astronomy, telescopes and observatories. We will also have links to website graphics to help you build your sites, and we will also have some personal pages of our own. All pages will be accessable from our navigation bar, on all pages. Some of the images that are on this site, take awhile to load, due to content... so please be patient. They are all worthwhile seeing. Enjoy the site... there is hours worth of viewing and we hope you return.
PLEASE sign our guest book before you leave...we would be interested in hearing what you think of the site. Thank You...and "enjoy" !!
Campaign for Disclosure Witnesses Panel
At the link above, is the RealPlayer video of the Disclosure Project, in Washington state, that was originally broadcasted on May 9th, 2001. There is TWO archived shows. You MUST have Real Player to view this video. This is a MUST SEE for everyone !!!
If you would like to find out more info and any updates and or new videos about the "Disclosure Project", please go to the link below.

4. Aleins Among Us
Personal stories of aliens.
htmlAdWH('7005340', '120', '30'); htmlAdWH('7002028', '234', '60'); Main Create Edit Help Aleins Among Us Aleins Among Us In 1947 President Hary S. Truman launched MJ-12. MJ-12 is a top-secret opreation dealing with "E.T." In 1954 a group of hand picked scholers were put in charge of evaluating data about UFOs PLATO made diplomatic relations with "E.T." and made formal treaties with them.
The Battle of Los Angeles Febuary 1942, eight weeks after pearle harbor, an alein space craft was spotted over Los Angeles. The Air Foce fired round after round at the object but caused no damage. It did not return fire or even flinch. Half an hour later it pulsed and dissapered.
Koreon Attack During the Koreon War an american infantry spotted a UFO. Upon recieving orders they opened fire on the object. The UFO then returned fire by sending out a spotlite like ray and a few moments later they had to be air lifted to a nearby hospital.
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5. Aliens Among Us
Extraterrestrial. aliens among us. A UFO Mode. aliens among us AUFO Conspiracy Hypothesis In A Religious Mode By John White. Let's
Aliens Among Us
A UFO Conspiracy Hypothesis In A Religious Mode Aliens Among Us - A UFO Conspiracy Hypothesis In A Religious Mode
By John White Let's play "What If." Recently, John Lear provoked widespread discussion and debate in the UFO research community by his hypothesis that aliens (or "Grays") and what is presumed to be a CIA/MJ-12 amalgam have had a long-time joint venture in which hidden underground bases for alien activities play a part. Lear characterizes this as nefarious. I agree with Lear and see aspects to the UFO abduction experience which indicate there may be even more vast and sinister dimensions to it than Lear has des cribed. Here is the "worst case scenario" I project. Let's begin with the humans and/or humanoids who have been reported by abductees to be present on UFOs, apparently working with/for the aliens. There are many such reports, most notably that by Travis Walton. If the Gray aliens have been conductin g a genetic experiment or an interspecies breeding program for at least several decadeswhich Budd Hopkins' work indicatesthen there could be humans who've been raised under alien control since infancy and who are thoroughly alien in their loyalties and psychology, although they certainly would be able to pass as "real" people. While seeming to be ordinary citizens, they would nevertheless be at least programmed, if not naturally inclined through psychological bonding, to identify with the alien culture. Such people could have been raised in an off-world sitesay, a base on the moon or Mars or even a gigantic "mother ship" *and then reintroduced to human society, with sufficient training and ongoing support from aliens to make their way into careers in many fields. Depending on the scope of the aliens' workwhich I take to be happening on an enormous scalethe abducting aliens/Grays could have hundreds or even thousands of their people infiltrated into science, industry, finance, politics, education, the military, etcwith some undoubtedly in positions of great power and influence. These people could, in turn, have recruited others to various degrees, creating "cells" in the classic fashion of a resistance movement preparing to overthrow the establishment. More likely, though, they would have made their true identity known only to other "aliens among us" and committed true-human collaborators who have been voluntarily working with the aliens.

6. Aliens Among Us
Eat or be lunch! aliens among us. 96 Pages containing
They've been here a long, long time. They shook the ground as they walked, and our ancestors called them gods. We look to the stars to find alien life, but they are in our schools, behind the eyes of our children. Sometimes the very air we breathe carries an unearthly intelligence. When we meet them, we are forever changed. If we are lucky they are hapless travellers shipwrecked on our solar shore. Otherwise we are prey. They may make a meal of us, but BUREAU 13 is going to get a sandwich off of them. Eat or be lunch! Aliens Among Us
  • 96 Pages containing:
  • 9 Adventures
  • 7 BUREAU 13 Agency Information Files
OG 3070 $12.95 How to Order Return to Outpost Games Home Page

7. CSIndy: The Aliens Among Us (January 9, 2003)
The aliens among us Until the grays land on the White House lawn, Ufology is unlikelyto go mainstream by John Dicker This is not your father's UFO story.
January 9 -15, 2003
Springs Activists Troubled by Spy Files

Deal Near on Ruxton Creek

War Dames

The Best Politicians Money Can Buy
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International, Sports, College flags and more.

Everything in Flags
The Aliens Among Us
Until the grays land on the White House lawn, "Ufology" is unlikely to go mainstream by John Dicker This is not your father's UFO story. No single sighting, or close encounter of the second, third or 46th kind will be assessed or scrutinized. Nowhere on these pages will a clean-cut Air Force retiree unearth three decades of "suppressed" evidence exposing the bizarre and tenuous connections between extraterrestrials, the Cosa Nostra, and the assassination of our 35th president. Gary Young, pen name John Gee, claims to have summoned UFOs, but couldn't get on board. Photo By Sean Cayton This tale certainly won't illuminate the big honking question underlying all UFO-related media matter: Are we alone in the universe? Or the other more implicit question about those who claim to have contact be it up close and personal or from afar with interstellar visitors: Are these people out of their gourds?

8. Ocean Planet: Popular Science - Aliens Among Us
aliens among us. by Dan McCosh. On July 14, 1994, Michigan became the firststate to call out the National Guard to battle an alien species.
Aliens Among Us
by Dan McCosh On July 14, 1994, Michigan became the first state to call out the National Guard to battle an alien species. That evening, I turned on the TV and saw what looked like a scene from War of the Worlds . Governor John Engler stood on the shore of Lake St. Clair, the 400- square-mile lake between Michigan and Canada that helps connect Lake Erie with Lake Huron. Helicopters flew overhead as the U.S. Coast Guard patrolled the area. Cleanup ships from the Marine Pollution Control struggled to subdue a floating green mess. A six- mile-wide island of rotting seaweed had washed ashore, smothering the public beach. That was an awakening for me. For years I have driven along the western edge of this lake while distant freighters passed on their way from the Great Lakes ports to the Atlantic. The lake dominates the local horizon, yet I had never given it more than a passing thought. The upheaval had its origins some 10,000 miles away. When the U. S. government lifted the Russian grain embargo in 1981, Russian freighters headed for the United States. For ballast during the ocean crossing, they filled their holds with brackish water from the river ports on the Baltic Sea. But the ballast pumps also sucked up larvae of the zebra mussel - a mollusk scarcely larger than a thumbnail when fully grown. In the summer of 1986, scientists say, a northern European freighter - probably Russian - dumped some of its ballast water into the lake to reduce its draft. In so doing, it released zebra mussels that attached to the rocks near the Canadian shore and began breeding. (Since then, the Coast Guard has insisted that ocean freighters purge their ballast tanks before entering the St. Lawrence Seaway.)

9. Aliens Among Us: UFO Screensaver Download Page. Aliens Among Us: UFO Screensaver
aliens among us UFO Screensaver UFO's invade Earth.......aliens among us UFO Screensaver. Author Company NexusMedia
Aliens Among Us: UFO Screensaver
Global Shareware Desktop Enhancements Screensavers Aliens Among Us: UFO Screensaver Description
Aliens Among Us: UFO Screensaver
Author Company:

Description :
Aliens Among Us: UFO Screensaver
- UFO's invade Earth. Thescene is setup as if you are looking from an alien planet with the Earth inview. The UFOs spin, wobble, and zoom off towards Earth to complete theirinvasion. 5 realistic space sounds and each is separately controlled.Include a custom message.
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  • 10. Alien Screensaver / UFO Screensaver By NexusMedia
    UFO Alien Screensaver aliens among us. With the Alien Screensaver AliensAmong Us, watch the saucers prepare to attack Earth. Windows
    UFO Alien Screensaver - Aliens Among Us
    With the Alien Screensaver Aliens Among Us, watch the saucers prepare to attack Earth.
    Windows 9x, Me, NT and XP compatible screensavers In the UFO alien screensaver get ready for a showdown between space creatures and mankind in the Aliens Among Us: UFO alien screensaver. Your perspective is from the surface of an alien planet, with the Earth in full view in the night sky. Several saucer-like craft are seen, along with an animated locating tower. The UFOs spin, wobble, and zoom off toward Earth to begin their conquest. The program includes five sci-fi sound effects (the volume of each may be separately adjusted),
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    11. David Icke Interview Aliens Among Us
    What if each of us simply made a resolution to follow the three suggestions whichis an area of forested land notorious for satanic ritual, among people who

    12. Aliens & UFOs Among Us - Main Page
    to read about the more recent hardcore evidence surrounding this phenomenon, thenwe would like to suggest CONFIRMATIONThe Hard Evidence of aliens among us.
    Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated
    D O Y O U B E L I E V E
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    Guestbook Chat Rooms Boardroom (old) The Forums (new) Paranormal Questionnaire UFO Picture Gallery UFOs Caught on Video Statements regarding UFOs A history of alien visitation? The alien/human connection? Historical Accounts Alien Agendas-Be Afraid A Tour of Mars The Stories Page Submit a story Awards this site has won Apply for our award Winners of our award The author Acknowledgements Join our paranormal forum We believe that possibly as much as 60 percent (or more) of the population already believe that the government is hiding what they know about worldly visitors. Whether for our own protection or their own abuse of power, the reason for this secrecy is unclear. If only the slightest percentage of the hundreds of reported cases are true, then this is something the people need to know about. It would be the single most important discovery of all time. We would have to change many of our views on our place in the universe, religion, and our entire social structure. Of course, many initial reactions would probably be those of fear The skeptic can pose many arguments like -"where's your proof or physical evidence" or "even if there was life out there, the distance between stars is too great for us to ever be visited". Yet, who can say what technologies a race hundreds or even thousands of years ahead of us might have. Just look what man has accomplished in the last hundred years with science, computers, space travel, etc. Now imagine a race with technology a thousand years ahead of us. Many will argue that man as a species, is still very young and so is our science, so there may be many ways to overcome the vastness of space that we don't even know about and have yet to discover. As for the proof, it may well be out there, to anyone with eyes open enough to see it. In light of possible government cover-up conspiracies and disinformation efforts, we believe that some of the best proof may currently be found with the

    13. Are "Their" Aliens Among Us? The Spectrum - Rick Martin ~ David Icke
    Are Their aliens among us? The Biggest Secret An Interview With David Icke7/30/99 ~ RICK MARTIN From The SPECTRUM newspaper's Front Page story!
    These Documents are Machine Translated. We apologize for the errors and grammar.
    Français Italiano Português ... Deutsch
    Are "Their" Aliens
    Among Us?
    The Biggest Secret
    An Interview With David Icke
    7/30/99 ~ RICK MARTIN
    From The SPECTRUM newspaper's Front Page
    August 3, 1999, Vol 1 Number 3.
    To order The SPECTRUM call (877) 280-2866.
    Web site: David Icke has become a highly sought-after lecturer, worldwide, and it is no wonder. His books in recent years have covered the full range of topics concerning the so-called "elite" global controllers and their stranglehold on the masses. His most recent book, titled The Biggest Secret , is his most daring work to date. To say that it takes on even more than its title suggests, is still quite an understatement. On July 8, 1999, I caught up with David, by telephone, in London. While he was recovering from a prolonged bout with a flu bug, and we would have been thankful with just a short interview under the circumstances, I think you will agree with me that he was in fine form during this conversation. David hits hard on a wide range of topics, some of which will, surely, stretch your beliefs and expand your thinking. This is, literally, a "fasten your seatbelts and hold on to your hat" kind of conversation which captures David's riveting speaking style as best that can be done in print.

    14. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On Confirmation: The Hard Evidence Of Aliens Amo
    Epinions has the best comparison shopping information on Confirmation The Hard Evidenceof aliens among us. Confirmation The Hard Evidence of aliens among us,
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    Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us
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    4 store reviews Format: Hardcover at 153 store reviews Format: Hardcover; In Stock at 77 store reviews Format: Hardcover at 79 store reviews Format: Trade Cloth - Free Shipping on two or more items at Barnes and Noble 16 store reviews Millionaire's Club price: $20.37 (Format: Hardcover) at Showing 1-6 of 6 deals Read Reviews Communion by Whitley Strieber by netjanet Confirmation by Whitley Strieber by netjanet Featured Resources Additional information on Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us and other products. Save at Books-A-Million Low prices on books: up to 46% off. Free U.S. shipping with $25 order.

    15. ListenSmart : Rick Richards
    CD's For Sale. All CD sales are not yet available. aliens among us, AliensAmong Us, Review Count 2, PRIM. GENRE Progressive Rock SEC.

    16. RPGnet The Inside Scoop On Gaming
    aliens among us. aliens among us. By James Maliszewski. Another month haspast and your favorite science fiction columnist has been very busy. reviews/columns/sfnov99.html

    17. Aliens Among Us: UFO Screensaver Download Page. Aliens Among Us: UFO Screensaver
    aliens among us UFO......aliens among us UFO Screensaver. aliens among us UFO Screensaver.Author Company NexusMedia
    Aliens Among Us: UFO Screensaver
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    19. ALIEN NAMES For Those Aliens Among Us
    REBOL script that generates pronounceable alien names for science fiction writers, or just for fun.Category Computers Programming Languages REBOL......
    6-12-2000 ... new pattern added (cvcvc / 548,000 possible)
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    12-04-2001 ... new pattern added (cvccvcvv / 384,164,000 possible)
    Version Alien Names by Ralph Roberts
    Generates pronounceable alien names for science fiction writers, or just for fun. This is a preview of the final application. Feel free to bookmark this page and watch the application develop. I first published versions of this technique in RECREATIONAL COMPUTING in 1980 and in onCOMPUTING magazine later that same year. The program was also mentioned in the February 1980 Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine (look in the Classifieds). In 1985 I released a compiled BASIC program also called

    20. - Aliens Among Us Screen Saver
    aliens among us Screen Saver An alien ship leaves crop circle messages for all tosee, and then zooms off into space. Download. Author NexusMedia. Version 1.0.,fid,4194,00.asp
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