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         Aliens Among Us:     more books (51)
  1. Aliens Among Us by Ruth Montgomery, 1987-06-13
  2. Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us? by Whitley Strieber, 1998-04-15
  3. Star Children: The True Story Of Alien Offspring Among Us by Jenny Randles, 1995-12-31
  4. The Aliens Among Us by James White, 1981-03-12
  5. An Alien Among Us: A Diversity Game by Richard B. Powers, 1999-10
  6. Aliens among Us
  7. MIB: Aliens among us by Timothy Green Beckley, 1971
  8. Alien Among Us: Homeworld: Book Two (Homeworld (Mcnarn) Series Volume 2) by Casey Lytle, 2001-01-08
  9. Aliens Among Us (Get-A-Clue Mystery Puzzles) by Mark Littleton, 1997-08
  10. Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us by Whitley Strieber, 1998
  11. The Aliens Among Us by James White, 1969-01-01
  12. Aliens Among Us - 2000 publication. by unkn, 2000
  13. Alien Among Us: Reflections of Women Writers on Women by S. Prasanna Sree, 2009-04-01
  14. There Are Aliens Among Us by Outsiders Group Comics, 1995

81. Aliens Among Us
And that's just fine for the aliens Synthetics are actually manufactured beingssent here to infiltrate Whereas our technology only allows us to send
In hindsight, Steve Torrence of Mackawee, Iowa always thought his neighbor was a little strange. But being the good neighbor he was, he respected peoples' privacy and kept to himself. Aside from his neighbor's rather strange appearance, Steve never noticed anything out of the ordinary about him. "The world is made of all different types" he says, recalling his impression upon first meeting the new neighbor when he moved to the sleepy Iowa town in 1983. "They talked a little funny, but then again, so do I", said Steve of his neighbor, who introduced himself as "Alien Tool". "With a name like that and the way he talked and all, I just figured he was French". With his suspicions aside as Steve put it, "It was interesting to have a foreign neighbor." Little did Steve know, his neighbor was actually a bio-synthetic alien!
Experts studying UFO and Extra-terrestrial science have long known of the existence of alien "Synthetics". "We're not talking about your typical alien here", says Earl Hudson. As self-appointed head of the International Alien Species Identification Task Force (IASITF), Hudson knows what he's talking about. "Unlike your Reptilians, Grays, Moon-Eyes and other easily identifiable E.T. ethnicities, the Synthetics are hard to pick out because they vary so greatly in size, shape, and appearance", says Hudson. And that's just fine for the aliens Synthetics are actually manufactured beings sent here to infiltrate, collect information, and carry out tasks for their alien masters without being recognized. "Whereas our technology only allows us to send unmanned space probes to planets we wish to learn more about, technologically superior alien civilizations send bio-engineered beings."

82. Aliens Among Us (was: Re: Scheme Is Too Complicated)
aliens among us (was Re Scheme is too complicated). To Craig Brozefsky ;Subject aliens among us (was Re Scheme is too complicated);
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Aliens among us (was: Re: Scheme is too complicated)

83. Aliens Among Us
aliens among us. Return to Phee's Story Listings. Our guest of honor,for this vague period of tea time, is Mr. Thomas Flakie Rombardi.
Aliens Among Us Return to Phee's Story Listings Our guest of honor, for this vague period of tea time, is Mr. Thomas "Flakie" Rombardi. Flakie is currently doing a media circuit to discuss his encounter with aliens. We weren't actually on his agenda and, as you might note from the expression on Flakie's face, our methods were somewhat unusual in persuading him to join us. Not that we actually abducted him or anything, it was more of a temporary relocation. And he did readily accept the invitation of the fair creature we sent to lure him over the Border. I think it was the pixilation that bothered him the most, although we have assured the poor fellow he'll be his normal self the instant his toe touches terra firma again. A little older of course, but certainly bearing a new and canny gift in the art of story telling. Flakie is Pixilated by the Amethyst Fairy Part of the reason we relocated Flakie is our lively interest in stories, especially the so-called paranormal experiences of human beings. More specifically, we want to support those who have had these experiences. We think it's shameful the way humans argue over the veracity of such tales instead of just enjoying the wonder in the stories and exploring the possibilities they offer to the creative imagination. As anyone with the sense knows, truth is an illusive rascal, always slipping through the fingers and rearranging its meaning. And it's never so much about the truth anyway, but what is needed. Now isn't that a bit of truth we can all agree on?

84. Science Fiction Movie & TV Reviews: Confirmation; What If...; My Favorite Martia
Confirmation The Hard Evidence of aliens among us? The truth is on NBC? ConfirmationThe Hard Evidence of aliens among us? Hosted by Robert Davi. NBC. Feb.
Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us?

What If.... A Film About Judith Merril

My Favorite Martian

Storm of the Century

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World

Alien Voices: The Lost World

In Dreams
Star Trek: Insurrection
Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us?
The truth is...on NBC? Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us?
Hosted by Robert Davi NBC Feb. 17, 8-10 p.m. Review by Patrick Lee re spacecraft from another world secretly visiting the Earth? Are thousands of people being kidnapped by an alien species and subjected to horrifying experiments? Outrageous claims? Or could they possibly be true? These are the questions posed by host Robert Davi at the outset of an ambitious TV special purporting to offer the first hard evidence of the truth behind reports of UFO phenomena. It begins with a look at photographs and video of UFOshome video from Mexico, controversial footage from the space shuttle and the two 1950 McMinville, Ore., photographs that have so far withstood critical scrutiny. The show then offers a history lesson on the modern beginning of the UFO phenomenon: in 1947 the first widespread reports of sightings of "flying disks" and a fanciful recreation of the now-famous Roswell incident. It balances this mythology with details from the U.S. Air Force's own report discrediting the Roswell UFO sightings and leaves the issue up in the air.

85. Aliens Among Us! Homemade Science Fiction Movie Beams Down
advertisement. aliens among us! Homemade Science Fiction Movie Beams Down ByTom Janulewicz special to posted 0224 pm ET 26 January 2000.
Aliens Among Us! Homemade Science Fiction Movie Beams Down
By Tom Janulewicz
special to

posted: 02:24 pm ET
26 January 2000
It's not the next Blair Witch Project . It's not even the next Plan 9 From Outer Space , but a Massachusetts filmmaker has turned $1,000 and some help from friends and neighbors into a short film. The half-hour science-fiction comedy, An Alien Sneezed on Brook Street, premiered Sunday at Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, a Boston suburb. The best and the brightest of the Boston neighborhood's ten and under set some of whom starred in the picture braved the cold to attend the relatively gala event. More Stories
Kindergarteners Watch the Skies

Little Green Men from a Red Planet: Mars on Film

Drama Review: 'Space' Lacks Fire
Eleven Year Old Aims to be First on Mars Related Links World Science Fiction Society Boskone Arisia According to the film's director, Peter Rhodes, An Alien Sneezed on Brook Street is about "people who are from somewhere else" yet end up embracing and being embraced by the local community. Needless to say, the aliens in question are extraterrestrials, not foreign nationals. Gavoovoo and Rasco hail from a planet so tiny that they the sole inhabitants can't get a decent night's sleep without bumping into one another.

86. ALIENS AMONG US-Confirmed Visitations
aliens among us. Confirmed Instances of ExtraTerrestrial Visitations.ISETV examines every credible claim of extraterrestrial encounters

Company Info Company Background
Claus Horof Biography

News Archive

ISETV Training Results Final Placement
Clues and Locations


Investor Meeting
Web Site Evaluation Results

Skills Assessment Exercises Skills Assessment Rules Skills Assessment Standings Skills Assessment Logs Investors Team Rosters Rules and Guidelines Letter to Investors Team Web Sites ...
Confirmed Instances of Extra-Terrestrial Visitations
ISETV examines every credible claim of extraterrestrial encounters, and our exhaustive investigation techniques nearly always demonstrate that the alleged visitation is a misinterpreted natural phenomenon at best, and a fraud at worst. Yet there are certain reports which withstand even the most critical of scientific and paranormal analysis. For these rare cases, only one explanation remains: we have been visited by an alien intelligence far greater than ourselves, come to us for a purpose at which we can only guess. The following are four of the most indisputably genuine of all the reports; not coincidentally, these four incidents also fit into the 897-day cycle discovered by Dr. Horof, the founder of ISETV.
JULY 27, 1988: 30 miles north of Sendai, Japan

87. Elfwood: 'Aliens Among Us' By Maya R. Hirschman
The Arbitrator (unfinished) (2002). 'Aliens AmongUs' by Maya R. Hirschman (story 1 out of 3),
Previous story The Arbitrator (unfinished) (2002) 'Aliens Among Us' by Maya R. Hirschman
(story 1 out of 3) Next story Did I ever tell you... Written at least three years ago with occasional edits since, this story is based on the real-life musings of a one-time boyfriend. She wasn’t quite gaping at him, though she stared.
“They’re aliens,” he repeated.
She was almost relieved as a wry smile played over his alert, boyish face, deeply lined by much laughter. The sigh of relief caught in her throat as she read the underlying honesty in his expression. Instead of laughing, she pulled the round, sepia-lensed glasses from her face and leveled a questioning stare at him.
They were standing in the dark foyer of the large uptown branch of the public library. It was a modern building, angular and of brown bricks and tinted glass - though not at all unpleasant or ill-fitting in the old, treed, residential neighbourhood. The smooth brown of the bricks only seemed to deepen the dark colour of Rebecca’s eyes as she looked back into the dancing blue’s of Kieran’s.
“Are all old people aliens?” Rebecca could hardly believe she’d just asked the question with such an air of normalcy as if this were a normal conversation. Well, for these two, at least, it was approaching normal. It had been triggered by a wide, gentle-looking elderly woman - the sort you expect to find walking seriously in parks, or reading large volumes of Margaret Lawrence - as she stopped in the foyer to put on a pair of large sunglasses. The sort of glasses favoured by those with cataracts or sensitive eyes, the sort that could be put on around normal reading glasses. She’d smiled at the young couple before pushing through the great, glass doors onto the sunny walkway outside.

88. Confirmation : The Hard Evidence Of Aliens Among Us
Confirmation The Hard Evidence of aliens among us.
Confirmation : The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us
Home Astronomy
by Whitley Strieber Streiber Whitley Stieber
See More Details

Hardcover - 256 pages 1 Ed edition (May 1998)
St Martins Pr (Trade); ISBN: 031218557X ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.14 x 9.57 x 6.49
Other Editions: Paperback
Editorial Reviews
In his 10 years of experience as a publicly recognized close-encounter witness, Whitley Strieber has labored to lift the veils of skepticism and denial from scientists, politicians, and reporters. He's appreciated a climate of increasing open-mindedness, noting also that any hard evidence confirming the existence of UFOs, close encounters, and alien abductions has been, to date, lacking. But times, he writes in Confirmation , have changed. "Gone are the arguments that science has nothing to work with. Behavioral science has not only the witnesses but also physical proof that something unknown has happened to at least some of them, in the form of apparent implants that have been removed from their bodies." Further, "fantastic advances" are enabling false alien-abduction stories to be weeded out the from the true ones. But it reads like a stew of bold assertions tagged onto eyewitness accounts, the "truth" of which remains largely anecdotal, and mixed in with a discussion of new theories about false-memory syndrome. Confirmation might rally the believers, but it will make the unconverted skeptical and querulous. Whitley Strieber has never suggested that the alien presence among us is benign, and his confessions and investigations have always been unnerving. Sinister, secret, and bizarre are words he uses to describe "them." Strieber's "evidence" that there are aliens among us falls into three areas: an increase in amateur videotapes of strange objects in the sky; the massive amount of abduction testimony that is different from older accounts; and the insidious implants that have been removed from close-encounter witnesses (of which he is one). This last area is creepy, indeed, and we can be glad that science is conducting careful studies. What the implants are made of, how they function, and what their purpose might bethese questions hold the key to Strieber's mystery.

89. Aliens Among Us
Here is proof that Aliens aren't always so fast that regular people can'tcover them in snow. This shot was taken shortly after the aliens left.
My Photo Gallery Here is proof that Aliens aren't always so fast that regular people can't cover them in snow. Outside my home, Aliens often land their invisible spacecraft right next to the curb. This last winter I caught the markings of the alien spacecraft landing mechanism. You'll see two rectangular landing pad marks. This shot was taken shortly after the aliens left. This site was last updated

90. Aliens And UFOs Among Us
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91. Aliens Walk Among Us!
Satirical commentary on sensationalism focuses on the reactions to a fictitious photo. Includes witness stories, plots, and responses.
Photographer X reveals the horrifying Alien menace...
Does this simple photograph, taken by a reclusive amateur photographer, finally blow the lid off the most hideous threat ever to our planet? Read Photographer X's horrifying story, and judge for yourself!
Photographer X's shocking eye-witness testimony!

Witness R tells his side of the story!

The Secret Journal of Dr. Danger

The Horrifying True Tale of the Phantom Postman
... View Guestbook Note: Nay-Sayers' guestbook entries may be refuted
- Please read!
Credits and Awards
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92. Aliens & UFOs Among Us

93. Weekly World News
10 WAYS TO TELL IF YOUR COWORKER IS AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL! BOCA RATON Many top scientists believe that aliens live secretly among us.
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LAHUN, EGYPT Officials have quietly covered up what may be the most stunning archaeological discovery of all time: The body of a perfectly preserved, carefully mummified space alien found buried in an ancient pyramid! 10 WAYS TO TELL IF YOUR CO-WORKER IS AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL!
BOCA RATON Many top scientists believe that aliens live secretly among us. The sneaky intergalactic travelers often pose as our friends, neighbors and co-workers while they learn the ways of Earth. But how can you tell invading aliens from real humans? REAL REASON SPACE ALIENS ARE MUTILATING CATTLE . . .
WACO, Texas There's a new breed of cattle-rustler wreaking havoc on ranches in the Southwest meat-crazed extraterrestrials who have an appetite for steaks, hamburgers and down-home backyard barbecue! WE REPORTED IT FIRST!: UFO CULTS BIZARRE PLAN TO CLONE A HUMAN BABY!

94. Aleins Among Us
Personal stories of aliens.Category Society Paranormal UFOs Personal Pages......Aleins among us, Aleins among us In 1947 President Hary S. Trumanlaunched MJ12. MJ-12 is a top-secret opreation dealing with ET
htmlAdWH('7005340', '120', '30'); htmlAdWH('7002028', '234', '60'); Main Create Edit Help Aleins Among Us Aleins Among Us In 1947 President Hary S. Truman launched MJ-12. MJ-12 is a top-secret opreation dealing with "E.T." In 1954 a group of hand picked scholers were put in charge of evaluating data about UFOs PLATO made diplomatic relations with "E.T." and made formal treaties with them.
The Battle of Los Angeles Febuary 1942, eight weeks after pearle harbor, an alein space craft was spotted over Los Angeles. The Air Foce fired round after round at the object but caused no damage. It did not return fire or even flinch. Half an hour later it pulsed and dissapered.
Koreon Attack During the Koreon War an american infantry spotted a UFO. Upon recieving orders they opened fire on the object. The UFO then returned fire by sending out a spotlite like ray and a few moments later they had to be air lifted to a nearby hospital.
LINKS pics
more info
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95. Are "Aliens" Among Us???
Sentinel's Page of UFO Activity. UFO activity is being seen all over theworld at an increasing rate. There are many amature videographers
Sentinel's Page of UFO Activity
UFO activity is being seen all over the world at an increasing rate. There are many amature videographers with camcorders and cameras snapping pictures and taking incredible footage. This page is dedicated to showing the most recent up to date interviews, news articles, and images that I can find. I will be constantly updating and changing the format so that I can keep you up to date. If you have any items or comments you wish to share, please email me. ............Sentinel Belgium UFO Activity (In the early 90s, Belgium had several events that occured within their air space. Here is an article about and a photo of the object.) Shuttle Ufo Activity (Yet another shot of an object outside the shuttle window that is unexplainable) Nellis AFB UFO (This encounter took place on Nellis Air Force Base with a UFO) Return To Sentinel Home Page

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