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         Alopeica Areata Dermatology:     more detail

1. Arch Dermatol -- Page Not Found
Somyot Charuwichitratana, MD Division of dermatology Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi 3.Fiedler VC, Alati S. Treatment of alopecia areata. alopeica areata.
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2. NYU School Of Medicine - Patient & Family Resource Center: Diseases And Conditio
Alopecia areata National alopeica areata Foundation; American Autoimmune RelatedDiseases American Academy of dermatology; Foundation for Ichythyosis and
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  • 3. Alopecia Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (appendixC)
    dermatology, alopeica (Hair Loss). Eosinophils in fibrous tracts and near hair bulbs A helpful diagnostic feature of alopecia areata
    I have always considered myself AU, but my underarm hair (of all things!) has never stoppped growing. I guess I'm AU with UH (underarm hair).

    Electronic Textbook of dermatology, alopeica (Hair Loss); Eosinophils diagnostic featureof alopecia areata LTC Dirk M American Academy of dermatology July 1997

    Alopecia areata National alopeica areata Foundation. American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association American Academy of dermatology. Foundation for Ichythyosis and Related Skin
    MEDICINA COMPONENTES DEL DEPARTAMENTO D. Eduardo Zamora Madaria PROFESORES TITULARES D. Joaquin Carneado de la Fuente D. Antonio Grilo Reina D. Miguel Angel Muniain Ezcurra D. Jose Mª Rubio Rubio D. Ismael Sotillo Gago Dª Rosa Mª Moruno Garcia E.U. PROFESORES ASOCIADOS Dª Inmaculada Alfageme Michavila D. Carlos Alvarez Leiva D. Javier Blasco Morilla D. Pedro Pablo Bonal Pitz D. Francisco Campo Varela Dª Esperanza Castillo Ojeda D. Manuel Constantino Bermejo D. Alfonso Cruz Caballero D. Angel Dominguez Castellano D. Antonio Duque Amusco D. Juan Antonio Fournier Andray D. Alberto Gil Peralta D. Carlos Holgado Silva D. Alfonso Leal Cerro D. Antonio Leal Luna D. Manuel Leal Noval D. Diego Ledro Molina D. Antonio Lesmes Serrano D. Eduardo Lissen Otero D. Fernando Losada Villasante D. Luis R. Montenegro Rodriguez D. Rafael Moreno Alba D. Francisco Murillo Cabezas D. Manuel Ortega Calvo D. Miguel Ortega Resinas D. Alfonso Palma Alvarez D. Francisco Pastor Torres D. Manuel Praena Crespo D. Pedro Priego de Montiano Dª Ascension Romero Castro D. Emiliano Juan Rubio Polo

    6. New Hope Natural Media Online
    hair loss, according to a study published in a recent Archives of dermatology. Halfof 84 patients with alopeica areata, a temporary loss of hair, massaged

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    From The March 1999 Issue of Natural Foods Merchandiser HBC Notes
    Hats Off To Aromatherapy
    Essential oils may help battle the follicle woes of people with stress-related hair loss, according to a study published in a recent Archives of Dermatology . The study authors, researchers at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland, reported that after seven months of treatment, 44 percent of the patients using essential oils showed "significant improvement," compared to only 15 percent of the control group. Half of 84 patients with alopeica areata , a temporary loss of hair, massaged thyme, rosemary, lavender and cedarwood essential oils mixed with carrier oils into their scalps daily. The control group massaged only the carrier oils, grapeseed and jojoba oils into their scalps.
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    7. Alopecia The Hormone Help Center
    does it feel like to have alopeica? What causes female the skin so is included in dermatology. Yet the cause two are common alopecia areata which is due to the

    To keep up with the latest in women's hormones,

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    by Geoffrey Redmond, MD Quick Reference
    What is Alopecia?
    How I came to treat Alopecia

    Why am I losing my hair?

    Estrogen and female alopecia
    Some final words
    What is Alopecia?
    Alopecia is simply the medical term for hair loss. Female alopecia is both common and distressing. How I Came to Treat Alopecia In formal medical training, few physicians hear a word about androgenic alopecia, yet it affects 20% of women up to the forties and even more after that. I become interested in alopecia when I saw how distressing it is to women who have it. Though many of my physician colleagues do not think alopecia is worth medical attention, I disagree. Any bodily change which causes so much unhappiness is worth the effort to diagnose and treat. Alopecia falls in between specialties. Hair is part of the skin so is included in dermatology. Yet the cause of the most common form, androgenic alopecia, is internal: the actions of hormones which are the focus of a different specialty – endocrinology. Yet few endocrinologists are trained to diagnose or treat hair loss in women. This is unfortunately because bridging the gap between specialties has made it possible to apply new knowledge about hormones to understanding and treating androgenic alopecia. The ignorance among health professionals about the all too common and distressing condition of alopecia is truly astounding. Many doctors cannot even recognize alopecia. This is terrible for the person seeking help. Being told nothing can be done is bad enough, but not being believed is even worse. Often when I see a woman for alopecia on her first visit, she is surprised when I acknowledge that she has a problem, since so many doctors have told her nothing is wrong. Yet I cannot remember ever seeing a woman worried about alopecia who did not actually have it. With some the loss was very mild, but it was never simply their imagination. After all, each of us knows our body better than anyone else. So here are the first things that need to be said:

    8. Hair Loss
    The American Academy of dermatology has declared August to consider a surgical interventionto androgenic alopeica. Alopecia areata Alopecia areata is a form{15B10161-4A41-11D6-9175-0

    9. Alopecia Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (appendixC)
    This doctor was an expert on child dermatology, but he passed away last year, so mebefore he got to the part of me saying I had alopeica areata, he thought I
    I have always considered myself AU, but my underarm hair (of all things!) has never stoppped growing. I guess I'm AU with UH (underarm hair).

    10. Hair Loss And Baldness Council For Men And Women, Discounts On Products
    a recent 2001 American Academy of dermatology report they in men for treatment androgeneticalopeica and other patches caused by alopecia areata, many doctors
    Books on Hair Loss


    Dietary Concerns
    Medical Treatments Propecia: The Cost: Propecia Costs approximately $45-55 per month The Positive Effects: the drug works well for some men in both preventing hair loss and regrowing hair, but according to a recent 2001 American Academy of Dermatology report they noted a progressive decrease in the amount of hair grown over a 5-year period. The Side Effects: decreased libido, erectile performance and decreased semen production are three of the potential sexual side effects that men can experience. Women must not take it if they are pregnant and must not get pregnant while on the drug because of the risk of birth defects in a male fetus . The side effects go away in over 50% of men who continue the treatment and 100% of men who stop using the medication. Propecia's main active ingredient finasteride helps inhibit alpha reductase, the chemical facilitator for DHT production. DHT is the hormone that "kills" hair follicles. It was originally marketed to treat the prostate under the brand name Proscar before being released in 1998 (in smaller dosages) as Propecia, an oral treatment for hair loss. It is taken once daily and grows hair in about 65% of individuals after two years of treatment. Roughly 80% of individuals maintain their existing hair after two years.

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