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         Alternative Agriculture General:     more books (100)
  1. Alternative Irrigation by Christopher J. Barrow, 1999-09-01
  2. Earthworm Vermicompost: A Sustainable Alternative to Chemical Fertilizers for Organic Farming by Rajiv K. Sinha, Sunil Herat, et all 2011-01
  3. Agricultural Research Alternatives (Our Sustainable Future) by William Lockeretz, Molly D. Anderson, 1993-10-01
  4. Organic Production and Use of Alternative Crops (Books in Soils, Plants, and the Environment) by Franc Bavec, Martina Bavec, 2006-07-20
  5. Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) in a Sustainable Rice-Wheat Cropping System by Anil Mahajan, R. D. Gupta, 2009-05-20
  6. Improved Production Systems As an Alternative to Shifting Cultivation (F2634) by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 1985-04
  7. CRC Handbook of Alternative Cash Crops by James A. Duke, 1993-08-16
  8. Sustainable Agriculture and Integrated Farming Systems by Thomas Edens, 1984-06
  9. The Agriculture Course Koberwitz, Whitsun 1924: Rudolph Steiner and the Beginnings of Biodynamics by Peter Selg, 2010-06-30
  10. Regenerating Agriculture: An Alternative Strategy for Growth by Jules N. Prett, 1995-06
  11. Handbook of Nuts: Herbal Reference Library by James A. Duke, 2000-11-10
  12. Self Reliance: A Recipe for the New Millennium by John Yeoman, 2000-02
  13. Carbon Dioxide Mitigation in Forestry and Wood Industry
  14. Users Guide to Agromedicine: The South Carolina Model by SCHUMAN, 2000-01-01

41. CAFF: Sustainable Ag - Resources
and promote Kamut brand grain, and promotes organic agriculture in general. HenryA. Wallace Institute for alternative agriculture 9200 Edmonston Road, Ste.
Home What is CAFF
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    a CAFF member
    Quick search:
    Sustainable Ag Web Sites and Resource Groups
    Sustainable agriculture is a grassroots movement occurring around the globe - from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Too often, inaccessibility to good information is a barrier to a more sustainable farm and food system. If you need more information about what you can do on any level - farm, community, national, international-chances are there's a group here that can help.
    Sus Ag and Organic Gardening Sites
    Resource Groups
    If your browser has a "find function," you can search this list for sustainable ag resource groups by country, state (U.S. states are abbreviated), province, or region. For example, if you are looking for a group in Vancouver, try searching with the words "Canada," "British Columbia," or "Northwest."
    and since we travel a lot are also often asked general tourism information Holidays(http// an alternative to traditional
    Travelers Tips
    If you are going to the U.S. Bringing Food, Plant and Animal Products into the U.S.
    Taking Your Pet to the U.S.
    Animal Importation Rules of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Our Travel USA Page
    If you are coming to central Europe:
    We field general questions about our countries of responsibility and since we travel a lot are also often asked general tourism information.
    You can find most of it right here, on these web pages. If you are planning a trip to the region, you'd be wise to check out these pages. Austrian Farm Holidays
    ) an alternative to traditional hotels, more like a bed and breakfast with the cows thrown in at no additional charge
    Austria National Tourism Office
    ) official web site
    Budapest Week On-Line

    43. Site Map 2
    Government.Sites; general.agriculture; alternative.agriculture; Horticulture; Food. .Nutrition;Equine. Resources Avaliable Via U of G Full.List.of.Electronic.Journal

    ion Residence Employment Opportunities ... Web Mail Access
    (for Kemptville College Students and Staff) Up Coming Events
    Sponsored by Kemptville College Information About
    Associate Diploma Programs Certificate/Apprenticeship Programs

    44. Faculty Profile - School Of Natural Resources And Environment
    More general interest is related to sustainable agriculture and conservation in LatinAmerica and well as American Journal of alternative agriculture 9 98108

    45. World Bank Group - Trade - Capacity Building - WTO 2000 Websites
    general. alternative Approaches to Liberalization Under the GATS PatrickLow, WTO and Aaditya Mattoo, World Bank pdf 57 Kb. agriculture.
    Contact Us Help/FAQ Index Search ... Capacity Building Background Papers Trade Topics Services Standards Poverty Other Trade Research Working Papers Trade Newsletter Other Publications Activities in Progress ... Project Description pdf Global Conference Background Papers Regional Work Related WB Projects ... Integrated Framework Site Tools Contact Us
    Background Papers General


    Trade, Investment and Technology Diffusion
    Most of our document are in PDF Format. Please visit Adobe Acrobat to obtain your free copy. General
    The Present Outlook for Trade Negotiations in the World Trade Organization

    John Croome , World Bank, Permanent Observer to WTO, October 1998 [pdf - 147 Kb] The Developing Countries and the Next Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations Anne Krueger

    46. Development Gateway Sector Codes List
    16320, general government services, Social Services. 16330, settlement, SocialServices. 31165, agricultural alternative development, agriculture.
    Development Gateway Sector Codes List
    Choose Language:
    English French Spanish DAC/CRS code CRS purpose category AiDA Grouping education Education education, level unspecified Education education policy and administrative management Education education facilities and training Education teacher training Education educational research Education basic education Education primary education Education basic life skills for youth and adults Education early childhood education Education secondary education Education secondary education (specific) Education vocational training Education post-secondary education Education higher education Education advanced technical and managerial training Education health Health health, general Health health policy and administrative management Health medical education/training Health medical research Health medical services Health basic health Health basic health care Health basic health infrastructure Health basic nutrition Health infectious disease control Health health education Health health personnel development Health population policies/programmes and reproductive health Population and Reproductive Health population policy and administrative management Population and Reproductive Health reproductive health care Population and Reproductive Health family planning Population and Reproductive Health std control including hiv/aids Population and Reproductive Health personnel development for population and reproductive health Population and Reproductive Health water supply and sanitation Water Supply and Sanitation water resources policy and administrative management

    47. Soy Info Online!
    Information on soy, soy products, and legumes. Nutrient charts for common legumes, discussion of Category Health Nutrition Nutrients in Foods...... Ordering Links Soy general Information Links Committee for Sustainable agricultureHenry A. Wallace Institute for alternative agriculture National Campaign
    Mission Statement
    Soy Info Online! is dedicated to providing you, the consumer, with accurate, verifiable and scientific information about soy products and related protein issues. Soy Info Online! is not funded by or associated with soybean seed companies, soybean growers, soy product manufacturers, food manufacturers, or food resellers. This gives Soy Info Online! the independence to cut through the "soy hype" and provide the accurate information that the consumer is looking for.
    Summary Information
    5 Steps to Benefit From Soy Products and Soy Protein!
    Detailed Information
    Benefits of Soy Products
    Dangers of Soy Products

    How to Avoid It

    Soy Product Glossary (Definitions)
    Isoflavones and Phytoestrogens
    Soy-Related Links
    Soy Recipe Links
    Soy Product Ordering Links

    Soy General Information Links
    Health-Related Links
    Holistic Medicine Web Page
    HealthWorld Online

    Aspartame (NutraSweet) Toxicity Information Center

    Healthier Sweetener Resource Center
    ... Contact Soy Info Online! You are Visitor Number Since September 26, 1999.

    48. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): Building Community Among Farmers And Non-
    local farmers as well as the food system in general may contribute the CSA's formation,although several were known supporters of alternative agriculture and a
    June 2002
    Volume 40 Number 3
    Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): Building Community Among Farmers and Non-Farmers
    Jeff Sharp
    Assistant Professor, Rural Sociology Program
    Department of Human and Community Resource Development
    The Ohio State University
    Columbus, Ohio
    Internet Address: Eric Imerman
    Extension Agent
    Ohio State University Extension
    London, Ohio
    Internet Address: Greg Peters Assistant Professor Department of Sociology and Anthropology James Madison University Harrisonburg, Virginia Internet Address: The century-long decline in the number of farmers in the United States has reached the point where the number of persons living on farms comprises less than 10% of the nation's rural population (Hart, 1995). In urban counties and counties adjacent to urban areas, the farm population is an even smaller proportion of the rural population due to the increased movement of non-farm residents from the city into the countryside. As a result, there is growing concern about the future of farming at the rural-urban interface. Some of the problems at the rural-urban interface may be associated with a general disconnect among consumers, food production, and farmers. Many non-farmers moving to the rural-urban interface do not understand contemporary agricultural practices, and, for a variety of reasons, these non-farm consumers are increasingly sensitive to issues related to agricultural industrialization, environmental quality, and food safety and quality (Welsh, 1996). Concerns about agricultural odors, dust, and chemicals at the interface may, in part, be exacerbated by both limited knowledge and heightened safety and quality concerns. As a result, consumer confidence in local farmers as well as the food system in general may contribute to conflict at the rural-urban interface.

    49. Office Of The Auditor General For Western Australia
    that, in the opinion of the Auditor general, are significant Property by the Departmentof agriculture; and Family use of orders where alternative options may Category Regional Oceania Australia Western Australia Government

    About the Office
    Reports to Parliament Performance Indicators Other Publications ... larger text
    Welcome to the website of the Office of the Auditor General for Western Australia. The information on these pages is designed to assist you in understanding the role of the Office and to give you access to the Reports that have been tabled in Parliament. To view our latest Reports that have been tabled in Parliament please make your selection from the list below, or to view a complete listing of all OAG Reports click here Office of the Auditor General's Annual Report 2002
    This Report describes the functions and operations of the Office of the Auditor General and presents the audited financial statements and performance indicators for the Office for the year ended June 30, 2002.
    Customer Calling: Call Centres and the Delivery of Customer Benefits - April 2003

    The examination reviewed the performance of six selected Western Australian Government call centres (including an independent telephone assessment) in delivering benefits to customers at reasonable cost to agencies. The call centres handle between 1 200 and over 1.1 million calls per year.
    Report on Ministerial Portfolios at November 29 2002 - December 2002

    This Report provides: a summary of the results of financial statement and performance indicator audits completed to November 29, 2002, including specific references to qualifications of financial statements and performance indicator opinions;an overview of public sector audit issues; and a commentary on specific control issues and accounting and contemporary issues.

    50. The Kansas Association Of Wheat Growers Home Page
    The KAWG works on risk management tools for wheat producers such as crop revenue coverage, a crop Category Science agriculture Cereals Wheat Associations...... Organic soybean cooperative offers new market alternative general manager Jim Boesand another organic DTN)European Union agriculture Commissioner Franz

    Wheat Gleanings

    Ag Interest

    Both now available online!
    If You Experience Any Difficulty in Viewing Any Part of WheatOnline, We Invite You to Download, At No Cost, the Latest Version of Your Favorite Browser; Internet Explorer or What's New at Will Current Conditions Hurt Production?
    A Research Report for

    Hard Red Winter Wheat

    From Allendale Inc.
    (in .pdf format, 313K)
    Posted March 3, 2003
    "View From The Hill"
    By Paul Penner Posted March 27, 2003 Check Out The New Bake and Take Day Website Posted February 14, 2003 NAWG Responds To Editorial on Disaster Aid Posted February 3, 2003 New Uses Audit Report Released Posted October 2, 2002 Special Features at Weekly Market Analysis By Wes Beal "From The Western Kansas Wheat Field" By Vance Ehmke If There Is a Need Kansas Ag Mediation Service Kansas, All Crops Crop Profiles of Pesticide Usage Data Karnal Bunt Questions and Answers, in .pdf format, 174K
    DTN survey shows soybean, corn acreages equal in 2003

    51. 3newsviews_toc
    alternative Treatments (ie, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture) • AnimalRights • Animal Vaccinations, • Diseases agriculture • general,
    Article Topics
    (Table of Contents)
    Click on these links for more information on what is contained within each.
    Or use our seach engine below.


    Animal's Health

    The Body
    Articles about HANS

    Search our Site:
    HEALTH General TOC Animal's Health TOC The Body Hormones TOC Children's / Men's / Women's Health (General category containing articles that deal generally with children's, men's or women's health. For a specific disorder or disease, check the list.) Hormones Menstruation (PMS) TOC Controversial Health Issues Biotechnology / Genetic Engineering Fluoride Food Irradiation Gypsy Moth Spray ... TOC This section is quite large. So it's subcategories are listed here Please note that 'Cancer' is also an extensive topic TOC Drugs / Chemicals General Cosmetics TOC Food / Nutrients / Components / Herbs General TOC Healing Modalities / Disciplines / Treatments Disciplines in Alphabetical Order Treatments TOC TOC ENVIRONMENT General TOC Air Quality TOC Agriculture TOC Conservation TOC Contaminants TOC Electromagnetic Fields TOC Indoor Environment TOC Nuclear TOC Pesticides / Herbicides TOC Water TOC

    52. Planet GSA Partners
    THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF agriculture (USDA) AND THE general SERVICES ADMINISTRATION DriveGreen promotes both alternative commuting strategies such
    m o r e i n f o Other Memos of Agreement Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement between the U. S. Department of Agriculture and
    the General Services Administration
    IN THE SPIRIT OF COOPERATION, AND BASED ON A MUTUAL INTEREST, TO HELP PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT, TO WORK TOGETHER TOWARDS THE NATION’S ENVIRONMENTAL GOALS AND TO IMPROVE WORK CONDITIONS IN THE FEDERAL COMMUNITY AN UNDERSTANDING AND AGREEMENT IS HEREBY ESTABLISHED BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE (USDA) AND THE GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION (GSA) TO COOPERATE ON THE PROMOTION OF PLANET GSA. PLANET GSA INCLUDES FOUR PILLARS: BUY GREEN, BUILD GREEN, DRIVE GREEN AND SAVE GREEN. Buy Green Build Green employs sustainable design principles to all phases of Federal facilities initial design, construction, remodeling, renovation and construction waste management. Such design principles include all elements of building and landscape design; maintenance and operation activities using water and toxic substances such as pesticides; and those activities that impact indoor environmental quality and the recycling infrastructure. Build Green promotes the building and renovating of Federal facilities using bio-based, environmentally preferable, and/or recycled content construction products, and sustainable and low-energy design principles. GSA, in collaboration with DOE and EPA, will promote the use of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. Drive Green promotes both alternative commuting strategies such as teleWORKing, carpooling, and bike-to-work, along with effective and comprehensive acquisition, management and operation of vehicles in the Federal fleet – whether owned or leased. As appropriate, fleet programs incorporate measures aimed at achieving Alternative Fueled Vehicle acquisition goals; expanding use of alternative fuels to improve air quality; maximizing fuel economy performance; and maximizing the procurement of bio-based fuels, and recycled, bio-based and other products with attributes that make them environmentally preferable for all vehicles in the Federal fleet. Use of Information Technology (IT) communications tools will be encouraged as a means of furthering the Drive Green objectives.

    53. CUL Gateway: Directories
    Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, general Interest, People an institution'sinvolvement in organic, alternative, or sustainable agriculture, and its Interest and Refere
    Library Catalog e-Reference Collection e-Journal Titles MyLibrary ... Individual Libraries Directories Quick Links Hours Course Reserves View account/Renew Interlibrary Loan Help Ask a Librarian Library Catalog e-Reference Collection e-Journal Titles Instruction/Tours Tutorial Connect from off-campus Wireless access Circulation Services Reference Services Collection Services Visitor Information About the Library Map Libraries/Departments [All Types - 45] Full Text - 34 Indexes - 16 Catalogs - 1 Other - 3 - information and access notes for resources
    - access is restricted to Cornell community
    - multiple search interfaces available - click for pros and cons
    Agenda Asia : Asian studies conferences and seminars.
    Full Text
    Asia Agenda is a database of Asian Studies conferences, seminars and workshops worldwide. Conference information is arranged into four regions (as topics): Central, East, South, and Southeast Asia. Provides title, sponsors, dates, schedule, and abstracts when available, contacts, and link to the conference website. Lists conferences up to 18 months in advance.
    AMA physician select.

    minorities the right of alternative civilian service with deputy prime minister,agriculture minister Alexei 1644 RUSSIAN PROSECUTOR general DISCUSSES WITH
    Say what you want! PRAVDA.Ru will hear you!
    Aug, 09 2002 In Russian Em Portugues Former USSR Top Stories ... About Pravda.RU:Politics
    Putin grants ethnic minorities the right of alternative civilian service
    President Vladimir Putin has signed the laws "On guaranteed rights of the indigenous minorities of the Arctic zone, Siberia and Far East" and "On granting ethnic minorities the right of alternative civilian service", reported Friday Minister for Nationalities Vladimir Zorin.
    More details
    Military official praises joint Russian-Armenian training
    The main goal of today's joint Russian-Armenian military training has beenachieved, commander of the Russian military group in Trans-Caucasus NikolayZolotov reported at a meeting with journalists today. The Arminfo agencyquoted him as saying that all set tasks had been solved successfully.
    More details
    Natural Resources Ministry sets up emergency situations commission
    The Russian Ministry of Natural Resources established an emergencysituations commission. The decree about the commission's establishment,which was signed by Natural Resources Minister Vitaly Artyukhov, came intoforce today, the press service of the Ministry reported.
    More details
    Veshnyakov: Election of Krasnoyarsk Territory Governor to be "maximally transparent"
    The forthcoming election of the Krasnoyarsk Territory (Siberia) Governor will be "maximally transparent", Russia's Central Election Commission Head Alexander Veshnyakov announced.

    55. Alternative Herbal Medicine Herb Links
    general Herbal Sites Sites with well rounded information about herbal medicine Lotsof links to herbal and alternative agriculture sits Herb Plant Image Links
    Alternative Nature Herbal
    Herbal, Botanical, Wild Flower and Nature Links
    To Submit your herbal or nature link click here Link Categories Hundreds of Herbal and related links, organized so you can find the information you need. Links are checked often to make sure they are working. Please report broken links to Featured Herbal Links
    Please visit these sites, they support Alternative Nature's herbal photography and educational efforts Country Rose Soaps Handcrafted all
    natural Organic Soaps, Herbal Bath and Beauty Products. Made with our organically grown herbs and flowers. Garden Tour!
    Editors pick for a beautifully done site. Herbal Remedies USA Information on the latest herbs, complete line of herbal products, aromatherapy, supplements, books and more. Gardens Ablaze: Herbs section
    Herb Pictures, descriptions and products Herb Photos and more herb picture thumbnails Free Herb Pictures, click here (free use requires link back to site) Categories General Herbal Sites Sites with well rounded information about herbal medicine
    Ginseng and Wildcrafting Herbs
    Ginseng and other wildcrafting issues
    Herb Gardening Links
    Links to nice herb garden sites
    Herbal and Botanical Organizations
    Networking with organizations is a good way to learn about herbs.

    56. Greenway Newsletter
    of the territorial planning , general and recommendations Towards Sustainable Slovakia,Sustainable agriculture 2.6.1. alternative (sustainable) energy
    Granty Casopisy ...
    English version
    S o u r c e :
    Title of newsletter : Greenway Newsletter
    Published by : Greenway Year : 1996, Number :
    This overview deals with activities handling with the notion sustainable development (life, living, society, future, etc.) in theoretical, practical, political and other spheres on different hierarchic levels (international, national, regional-local, etc.) 1. Theoretical level 1.1. Theoretical, event. methodological studies. 1.1.1. Productivity - Stability - Sustainability. 1.1.2. Principles, Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Development. 1.1.3. A Contribution of Landscape Ecology to the Concept of Sustainability. 1.1.4. The Approach to Sustainable Mountain Development in Slovakia. 1.1.5. Ecological Principles of Sustainable Development of Landscape Systems. 1.1.6. The Theoretical Problems Promoting of Sustainable Human Settlements Development in the Conditions of the Slovak Republic. 1.1.7. Sustainability: Environmental and Economic Problems of the Small Country in the Transition. 1.1.8. Ecological Networks - the Way to the Sustainable Development. 1.3. Other relevant publications 1.3.1. Post-November (Post-revolutionary) Slovakia. 1.3.2. Sustainable Future for the Czech and Slovak Republics. 1.3.3. Collections: Message to...Rio, Luzern, Manchester, Kostelec, Buenos Aires, Paris, America, Kolymbari, Prague, Smolenice, Sofia... 1.3.4. Report on Sustainability in Slovakia. 1.3.5. Sustainable Development - The Environment Newsletter (Special Issue - 6/1994). 1.3.6. The New Europe - Newsletter for NGOs,...Sustainable Living and Change of Paradigm.

    57. Subject List Of Databases
    Arts Humanities Ad*Access; alternative Press Index Essay and general LiteratureIndex, 1985 Present Access); Agricola (via National agriculture Library's Web
    Resources Sorted by Subject Anthropology Earth Sciences News Education / Counseling ... Statistics Anthropology

    58. Agriculture In The Great Lakes Region
    Department of agriculture A guide summarizing general labeling requirements for Backto Top Sustainable agriculture alternative Farming Systems
    Business Assistance

    Economic Development

    Economic Indicators

    Workforce Development

    and Environment

    Fish and Fisheries Forests and Forestry ... Sustainable Development References Demographics Jobs and Careers Agriculture in the Great Lakes Region What's New Overview General Resources Aquaculture ... Related Resources What's New Search GLIN for more news items about Overview Agriculture in the Great Lakes states and provinces is diverse and productive. About one-third of the land in the basin used for agriculture, supporting nearly 25 percent of the total Canadian agricultural production and 7 percent of the U.S. production. Dairy, grain, corn and livestock are the region's mainstays, although unique climate niches also support a variety of orchards, vineyards and other specialty crops. General Resources AMS Market News U.S. Department of Agriculture These reports provide up-to-the-minute information on commodity prices, demand, movement, volume and quality. With These Hands Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy This farmland documentary project features stories about four farm families in the Michigan communities of Old Mission and Leelanau peninsulas.

    59. Links
    discrimination in agricultural lending, livestock concentration issues, general debtorcreditor IAAHenry A Wallace Institute for alternative agriculture is a
    The following are Web sites of Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society members or of organizations with which they are affiliated. We have also listed Web sites of organizations and/or publications that might be of interest to visitors to the AFHVS site. These sites are listed on an exchange basis. If you wish to participate in the exchange, contact Richard Haynes at rhaynes@phil.ufl.ed
    Busch, Larry

    University Distinguished Professor
    Department of Sociology, Michigan State University
    East Lansing, MI 48824, USA
    Tel: 1-517-355-3396
    Fax: 1-517-432-2856
    CEP Center for Environmental Philosophy
    Provides information about its journal, Environmental Ethics , and its reprint book series, Environmental Ethics Books , a News and Notes Section, and the International Society for Environmental Ethics , including the most extensive bibliography available anywhere, with a powerful search engine, and a worldwide syllabus project, as well as informational links to environmental ethics graduate programs, associations and organizations, and related publications around the world.
    CETOS Center for Ethics and Toxics

    Your Information Source for Toxic Alerts - Hazardous Chemical Updates and New Ethical Standards. We are dedicated to the proposition that no one should be exposed to toxic substances without their consent or knowledge; that a free society is only tenable if the right to be free of involuntary exposure to toxics is vouchsafed; and that limiting where, when and how much any product entering commerce carries with it or is contaminated with a toxic substance is a primary good.

    60. GovSites - Government Information On The World Wide Web
    A comprehensive list of government web sites including a virtual tour of government documents, a locator Category Reference Libraries Government Documents...... The Farmer's Search Engine alternative agriculture Cornell Cooperative State Departmentof agriculture Rural Conditions Armed Forces.Com general listing of

    ADA - Americans

    with Disabilites
    Armed Services
    ... E-mail
    This web guide has been Argus Clearinghouse approved.
    ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act
    Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center
    - Very good site for full-text documents relating to the law
    - U.S. Federal programs, services and resources - consumer oriented
    National Council on Disability
    - Includes an extensive list of links to appropriate Federal agencies
    - Federal accessibility standards
    U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
    - Independent, bi-partisan commission includes information on filing a complaint
    U.S. Equal Employment Opportunities Commission
    - Includes information on how to file a charge of employment discrimination/sections for employers and employees

    Agricultural Resources by The Mining Company
    AgriSurf - The Farmer's Search Engine
    Alternative Agriculture
    Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
    - Under the Department of Homeland Security
    Cornell Cooperative Extension
    Cornell Mann Library
    - Digital collections including Agriculture Network Information Center,Core Historical Literature of Agriculture and Essential Electronic Agriculture Library
    Farmers Markets
    - Find a farmer's market in your state
    Garden Guides
    National Agricultural Library
    NetVet Veterinary Resources
    New York State Agricultural Experiment Station ...
    Rural Conditions and Trends, Economic Research Service

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