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         Alternative Agriculture General:     more books (100)
  1. Agricultural Technology: Policy Issues for the International Community (Cabi)
  2. Transplant Production in the 21st Century
  3. Ginseng, the Genus Panax (Medicinal and Aromatic Plants - Industrial Profiles)
  4. Agricultural Economics (3rd Edition) (Alternative eText Formats) by H. Evan Drummond, John W. Goodwin, 2010-03-01
  5. Chinese and Related North American Herbs: Phytopharmacology and Therapeutic Values by Thomas S. C. Li, 2002-02-27
  6. Bringing the Food Economy Home: Local Alternatives to Global Agribusiness by Helena Norberg-Hodge, Todd Merrifield, et all 2002-06
  7. Agricultural waste products as alternative energy sources: hearing before the Subcommittee on Agricultural Research and General Legislation of the Committee ... session, March 21, 1980, Tallahassee, Fla by Nutrition, and Forestry. Subcommittee on Agricultural Research and General Legislation., . United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Agriculture, 1980-01-01
  8. Medicinal Plants: Culture, Utilization and Phytopharmacology by Thomas S. C. Li, 2000-06-16
  9. Management of Water Resources in Cash Crops and in Alternative Production Systems: Proceedings of a Workshop Organized by the Directorate-General for Agriculture ... Held in Brussels on 24 and 25 November 1988
  10. Hearing on Alternative Agriculture and Rural Economic Development; Hearing Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Small Business, United by United States. Congress. Farming, 2010-01-18
  11. Alternative Farming Systems, Biotechnology, Drought Stress and Ecological Fertilisation (Sustainable Agriculture Reviews)
  12. Slash-and-Burn Agriculture: The Search for Alternatives
  13. Conservation Agriculture: Environment, Farmers Experiences, Innovations, Socio-Economy, Policy
  14. Integrated Renewable Energy for Rural Communities: Planning Guidelines, Technologies and Applications by N. El Bassam, P. Maegaard, 2004-07-14

61. IDPM Publications - General Discussion Papers
IDPM general DISCUSSION PAPERS (from 1995). No 60/2000 Urban agriculture,Gender and Empowerment An alternative View (Rachel Slater).
Highlighted publications are available online. Most abstracts / introductions can be viewed by clicking on the highlighted numbers of the titles. Some papers can be viewed online in their entirety, and some can be downloaded as a zipped Word 95/97 file. The files can be unzipped using standard unzip software: download unzip software from here . Some papers are also available in PDF format and need Adobe Acrobat software to read them: download Adobe Acrobat Reader from here Printed copies of all papers may also be ordered from IDPM.
No 63/2001
From Colonial Administration to Development Management (Bill Cooke) No 62/2000: Micro-Credit Narratives and Women's Stories No 60/2000: Urban Agriculture, Gender and Empowerment: An Alternative View (Rachel Slater) No 58/1999 A Principal-Agent Analysis of the Family: Implications for the Welfare State (Lauchlan Munro) No 57/1998 'Technical, Objective, Equitable and Uniform'?: A Critique of the Colombian System for the Selection of Beneficiaries of Social Programmes, SISBEN (Rosemary McGee) No 56/1998 Small Enterprise Development and the 'Dutch Disease' in a Small Economy: The Case of Brunei (Richard Heeks) No 55/1998: The Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture and Food Security in Least Developed Countries (Samuel K Gayi) No 54/1998: 'The Bloody Horse': Indigenous and Donor Prescriptions for Civil Service Reform in Sri Lanka (Willy McCourt) No 52/1998: The Theory of Institutional and Organisation Development:

62. Trial Has Expired
wire services covering agriculture, general news, broadcast national news periodicals,general interest magazines Resource Center with alternative Health Module
Gale Group Home The trial that you are trying to access has expired. Please contact your sales representative or consortia/state program administrator for further information. Thank you. Click the link below to find your Sales Representative. Gale Group Sales Representatives

63. Links
agriculture Research Guide Animal and Veterinary Sciences Research Guide Ag alternativesBison Production alternative Ag Buffalo NDSU Center general Livestock
Links to Other Sites
Beef Cattle
Dairy Cattle Dairy Products Deer ... News and Weather Beef Cattle Ag Alternatives Dairy Beef Production
American Angus Association

American Gelbvieh Association

American Hereford Association
North American Limousin Foundation

Dairy Cattle: Ag Alternatives Dairy Heifer Production
Ag Alternatives Veal Production

American Dairy Science Association

Cornell's Dairy Genetics Page
WWW Virtual Library for Dairy Production
Dairy Breed Associations: Ayrshire Breeders Association American Guernsey Association American Jersey Cattle Association Holstein Association USA ... New England Holstein Association Dairy Products: Cheese Net Deer: Alternative Ag Red and Fallow Deer - NDSU Alternative Ag Elk - NDSU Ag Alternatives Elk Production Ag Alternatives Red Deer Production ... North American Deer Farmers Association Draft Animals: Extension Equine Webpage National Miniture Donkey Association Ag Alternatives Boarding Horses Intro to Horse Management ... Rural Heritage Game Birds: Ag Alternatives Pheasant Production (PSU) Ag Alternatives Bobwhite Quail Production (PSU) Ag Alternatives Partridge Production (PSU) Alternative Ag Ringnecked Pheasants (NDSU) Goats: Ag Alternatives Dairy Goat Production (PSU) Alternative Ag Angora Goats (NDSU) American Dairy Goat Association Boer Goats ... National Goat Handbook Horses / Donkeys: Maine Equine Website - UMCE Llama / Alpaca: Alternative Ag Llamas (NDSU) Alpaca Web Marine / Aquaculture:

64. EdNA Online - Search
accessing information related to alternative cropping systems of agriculture (NSWagriculture) combined in and Biological Stations, general Aquatic Information
Search or Browse Related Sites Alliances Discussion Lists ... Advanced Quick Links School Education Higher Education International Education Technical Standards ICT Leading Practice ICT Research National Software Evaluat... OzProjects The Learning Federation UNESCO Standard Search Advanced Search Find: Look for: All the Words Any of the words The Phrase in All the Browse Categories General References Higher Education Educational Organisations School Education Search in: EdNA Evaluated pages Australian sites World-wide sites EdNA Collections Items linked to EdNA evaluated pages or: External collections G.E.M. VOCED Top Level Learning Materials Related Subjects Environmental Management documents were found. Page 1 of 12 1 to 10 shown below. Full Description Show Titles Only View by URL Legend ANRO - Agricultural and Natural Resources Online
Category: Environmental Management Agriculture ANRO is an oline aggregated database granting access to three Australian databases: STREAMLINE, ARRIP and ABOA. These databases contain research and published information on Australian agriculture, na... Action for World Development - Education for Environmental Sustainability, Cultural Diversity and Social Justice

65. VCE - ANR Numbered Extension Publications
alternative Onsite Wastewater Treatment and Disposal general Permit Requirementsfor Confined Animal Feeding Virginia Census of agriculture 1997 Tabulations
Agriculture and Natural Resources
Numbered Extension Publications
Table of Contents (Departments and Subject Areas)
Agricultural and Applied Economics
Applied economics Farm business management
Animal and Poultry Sciences
... Weeds
Agricultural and Applied Economics
Applied economics
Alternative On-site Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Options HTML Does Use Value Taxation Hold Potential to Lower Farmers' Property Tax Bills? HTML PDF Education IRAs HTML PDF General Permit Requirements for Confined Animal Feeding Operations in Virginia HTML HTML Managing Prosperity: Estate and Retirement Planning for All Ages Advance Medical Directives (Previously Called "Living Wills") HTML PDF Managing Prosperity: Estate and Retirement Planning for All Ages An Introduction to Trusts HTML PDF Managing Prosperity: Estate and Retirement Planning for All Ages Building Your Financial Team: Financial Planners HTML PDF Managing Prosperity: Estate and Retirement Planning for All Ages Love, Marriage, and Divorce HTML PDF Managing Prosperity: Estate and Retirement Planning for All Ages Planning for Long-Term Health Care HTML PDF Managing Prosperity: Estate and Retirement Planning for All Ages Powers of Attorney HTML PDF Managing Prosperity: Estate and Retirement Planning for All Ages Probate and the Probate Process HTML PDF Managing Prosperity: Estate and Retirement Planning for All Ages Rights of Surviving Spouses and Children HTML PDF Managing Prosperity: Estate and Retirement Planning for All Ages Roth Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

66. EAP Sitemap
Strategies for transition in Canada (Rod MacRae, PhD Thesis). 2. general INFORMATION 3.USEFUL LINKS alternativeSustainable agriculture.
EAP Publications Virtual Library Magazine Rack Search ... Join the Ecological Solutions Roundtable EAP Site map About EAP EAP VIRTUAL LIBRARY 2. GENERAL INFORMATION ECOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS ELECTRONIC DISCUSSION GROUP " CODEX ALIMENTARIUS " WORKING GROUP: MAY 27, 1998 ...
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Ecological Agriculture Projects
McGill University (Macdonald Campus)
Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC, CANADA
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67. Information Research Services
colleges; private scientific and agricultural organizations; business leaders; thenews media, the general public and US DEPARTMENT OF agriculture HOME PAGES.
Information Research Services National Agricultural Library
Resources for ARS Researchers
Welcome to the Information Research Services Branch of the National Agricultural Library (NAL). We provide reference and information services to the national and international users of NAL. Users of our services include federal, state, and local government scientists and officials; farmers; professors, researchers and students at universities and colleges; private scientific and agricultural organizations; business leaders; the news media, the general public and foreign agricultural organizations. Services can be requested in person, by telephone, in writing or through the Internet. Because of the comprehensive and unique nature of the Library's collection, we request potential users to use local, state, provincial, and country resources prior to requesting assistance from NAL.
Information Centers Special Emphasis Resources Alternative Farming Systems (AFSIC) Animal Welfare (AWIC) Aquaculture Biotechnology ... Return to Top of Document
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68. Sustainable Agriculture And Rural Development...Concept
the conditions for sustainable agriculture and rural development. major objective of sustainable agriculture and rural development is Contents general trends in the implementation of

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Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development...Concept
The World Commission on Environment and Development drew attention to the common challenges of population growth, the need for strategies for sustaining food security and the need to conserve natural resources. Agenda 21, the plan of action for implementing sustainable development elaborated further. It states "Major adjustments are needed in agricultural, environmental and macroeconomic policy, at both national and international levels, in developed as well as developing countries, to create the conditions for sustainable agriculture and rural development. The major objective of sustainable agriculture and rural development is to increase food production in a sustainable way and enhance food security. This will involve education initiatives, utilization of economic incentives and the development of appropriate and new technologies, thus ensuring stable supplies of nutritionally adequate food, access to those suppies by vulnerable groups, and production for markets; employment and income generation to alleviate poverty; and natural resource management and environmental protection. (Agenda 21 1992, ).
Acton, D.F and L.J. Gregorish (eds).

69. Statement To The Director General Of The WTO On Agriculture Agreement
Home Programs Trade and agriculture Statement to theDirector general of the WTO on agriculture Agreement.
Programs Trade and Agriculture
WTO Quik Links
... Reports From Doha WTO Meeting
Food First Statement to the Director General of the WTO on the Agreement on Agriculture
Food First
November 13, 2002
Between November 18-22, the World Trade Organization Committee on Agriculture is holding a Special Session to continue its negotiations on the Agreement on Agriculture. It will be an opportunity for the inequitable globalization of the food system to be pushed forward. And it is also an opportunity for farmers, peasants, workers and consumers to make their voices heard plainly. This is why Food First has gone on record with this statement to the Director General of the WTO. Dear Dr. Supachai Panitchpakdi, We write to you in advance of the November 18, 2002 World Trade Organization meeting on the Agreement on Agriculture. You will be receiving submissions from a variety of quarters, suggesting improvements, tweaks, and patches to the existing agreement. The voices that you will not hear, because you choose not to, are those of the majority of farmers and peasant movements around the world directly affected by the Agreement on Agriculture. Their message is very simple. The Agreement on Agriculture cannot be reformed - the WTO must remove itself from Agriculture. The remedy for this is not through the creation of yet another impotent committee at the WTO, or through some cosmetic reorienting of export economies. The system foisted on the world through the WTO is itself deeply bankrupt. It exacerbates inequality not just between countries, but within them. The 2000 UNDP Human Development Report, for example, shows that the poorest continent in the world, Africa, is also the most integrated into the world economy. And within Africa, the levels of inequality are consistently among the highest in the world.

70. Ingenta: Publications By Subject
American Journal of alternative agriculture CABI Publishing current issue Vol 17,Issue 4, December 2002 all issues Vol 17, March 2002 Vol 17, December 2002.

71. California Federation Of Certified Farmers' Markets: Resources
general AgRelated Agricultural Marketing Policy Agricultural Market Information Newsletters/JournalsAlternative agriculture News Americal Small Farm Farm

Regional Commodity Information

Wine Sales Information

Applicable Legislation

Join the Federation

Table of Contents
Associations and Organizations Product Specific

Agricultural/Trade Policy

Associations and Organizations General Agriculture

Discussion Groups
top of page
Associations and Organizations Product Specific American Egg Board American Beekeeping Federation California Avocado Commission California Avocado Society ... top of page Agricultural/Trade Policy Agricultural World Census Program Farm Bill Federal Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 Farm Policy Menu ... top of page Associations and Organizations General Agriculture American Farm Bureau Federation (Voice of Agriculture) American Farmland Trust ASA/CSSA/SSSA Home California Certified Organic Farmers ... top of page Discussion Groups Ag Answers The CyberFarmer Direct Marketing E-Mail Discussion Group top of page Directory lists CAFF 2001 National Organic Directory Cooperative State Resource Education and Extension Service: Alphabetical Index to Programs The Natural Resource Directory The USDA Telephone Directory ... top of page Farmers' Markets and Festivals Farmers Markets, San Francisco Ferry Plaza

72. CIAS Publications
Sustainable agriculture¬ógeneral. _ 48 Echinacea as a tobacco crop alternative_ 51 National trends and prospects for sustainable agriculture products in
Publications Highlighted publications can be found on this Web site. For other publications, please print this form and mark the quantity of all that you would like to receive. All publications are free unless noted otherwise. Click here for direct links to: As indicated on this form, you will need the Adobe Acrobat reader to view several of our publications. You can download this reader free of charge from the Adobe Web site Sustainable agriculture¬ógeneral Radially organized teams (Online version only. Adobe Acrobat reader required
Action Updates : four-page updates on CIAS activities.
Please circle desired issues: 10/99, 10/98, 10/96, 4/96
_ CIAS one-page program description
Perspectives: history and overview of CIAS and our programs (76 pages, 6/98)
The Art and Science of Composting
(14 pages, 3/02. Adobe Acrobat reader required
Building Soil Organic Matter with Organic Amendments
(13 pages, 9/02.

73. Information Resources For Agriculture And Life Sciences
of Georgia); Sustainable agriculture (National Agricultural Library,alternative Farming Systems Information Center); Swine (Iowa
information resources for agriculture and life sciences
Table of Contents
Electronic Indexes for literature searching Print Indexes for literature searching Other Electronic or Internet Resources Agriculture (General) Agricultural Education Agriculture Libraries Agri Tourism ... College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Margaret C. Merrill
College Librarian for Agriculture and the Life Sciences E-Mail Address: FAX: College Office: 1330 Litton Reaves Hall Library Office: 4010 Newman Library
Mailing Address:
University Libraries
Virginia Tech
P.O. Box 90001
Blacksburg, VA 24062-9001
The AgNIC Centers linked below provide access to electronic resources available from their internal collections and links to other relevant resources available elsewhere on the Internet. Many of the centers also identify recommended Frequently Used Resources (FUR) for quality relevant information and post Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

74. General Catalog 1993-95
In addition to the general requirements, AREC the economic implications of alternativeenvironmental, energy I World resources of agriculture; population and
The University of Arizona 1993-95 General Catalog Catalog Home All UA Catalogs UA Home Catalog Home ... UA Home Email catalog comments and suggestions to Page last updated: July 23, 2002
General Catalog
The University of Arizona Office of Curriculum and Registration

75. Search - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
ie, Biocontrol, Entomology, Nematology, Plant Pathology, Vertebrate management, andGeneral. This site is sponsored by the alternative agriculture Research and
March 10, 2003
What is

Sustainable Agriculture?

Horticultural Crops

Field Crops
Other Resources

AgWeb: The Ultimate Agricultural Research Directory A collection of prominent agriculture databases, directories, library catalogs, and topic-specific search engines on the Internet. Index
Databases That Link to Full-Text Publications on the Web

Bibliographies and Resources in Alternative Agriculture

Bibliographical Databases with Literature Citations:

  • North America ... Miscellaneous Databases That Link to Full-Text Publications on the Web: AgEcon Search AgEcon Search: Research in Agricultural and Applied Economics is a keyword searchable website developed at the University of Minnesota with full text reports on agricultural economics, rural sociology, and related topics. Try typing in sustainable, organic, and rotation to view samples of full-text ag bulletins and papers. E-answers

76. Opportunities And Challenges In Agriculture And Garments A
and Challenges in agriculture and Garments simulations illustrate important generalequilibrium considerations linkages with alternative model specifications
IFPRI Home Research Research Divisions Trade and Macroeconomics Division ... Discussion Papers Discussion Paper No. 107 Abstract Opportunities and Challenges in Agriculture and Garments: A General Equilibrium Analysis of the Bangladesh Economy Channing Arndt, Paul Dorosh , Marzia Fontana , and Sajjad Zohir with Moataz El-Said and Christen Lungren November 2002 For the past two decades, Bangladesh has enjoyed steady growth in per capita incomes enabling a significant reduction in poverty. An increase in rice productivity, achieved through a combination of improved seeds, increased fertilizer use, and public and private investments in irrigation, played a major role in the increase in incomes. Among the other major factors were a large expansion in textile exports, made possible by changes in world demand, Bangladesh trade liberalization, and macro-economic stability; and increases in workers. remittances. In order to accelerate or even maintain income growth rates and poverty reduction, future policies must be carefully designed to capture the benefits and minimize the risks of international trade and a constantly changing international environment. A proper assessment of the impact of such policies and economic developments on the poor requires a comprehensive framework to analyze interactions between different sectors as well as linkages between macro and micro levels. In this paper we construct a social accounting matrix for 1999/2000 and develop a computable general equilibrium model (CGE) with special treatment of the rice and wheat sectors. We then present simulations of the effects of (i) rice productivity shocks, (ii) a decline in the world rice price, and (iii) a reduction in RMG exports, reflecting an end to preferential access to RMG markets for Bangladesh goods.

77. Environmental Organization WebDirectory - ScienceEnergy
focusing on marketing financing of Asian alternative energy projects; The Unionof Concerned Scientists promotes solutions on agriculture and biotechnology
Science Energy Alternative Energy :General Renewable Energy

78. National Academies Press
general Interest Touch the UniverseA NASA Braille Book of Astronomy alternativeAgriculture Committee on the Role of alternative Farming Methods in Modern

79. Q - Agricultural And Natural Resource Economics
Policy; Food Policy Q190 agriculture Other Q200 Conservation Other Q400 - EnergyGeneral Q410 - Energy Demand and Supply Q420 - alternative Energy Sources
EconLit Subject Descriptors Q - Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics
Q - Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics
- Indicates new or changed listing Q000 - Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics: General
Q010 - Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics: Sustainable Development
Q100 - Agriculture: General
Q110 - Agriculture: Aggregate Supply and Demand Analysis; Prices
Q120 - Micro Analysis of Farm Firms, Farm Households, and Farm Input Markets
Q130 - Agricultural Markets and Marketing; Cooperatives; Agribusiness
Q140 - Agricultural Finance
Q150 - Land Ownership and Tenure; Land Reform; Land Use; Irrigation
Q160 - Agricultural Technology; Agricultural Extension Services
Q170 - Agriculture in International Trade
Q180 - Agricultural Policy; Food Policy Q190 - Agriculture: Other Q200 - Renewable Resources and Conservation; Environmental Management: General Q210 - Renewable Resources and Conservation; Environmental Management: Demand and Supply; Environmental Modeling and Forecasting Firm Behavior (the Commons) Institutions; Illegal Behavior

80. National Academies Press
general Interest Storms from the Sun The Emerging Science of Space alternativeAgriculture Committee on the Role of alternative Farming Methods in Modern

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