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         Alternative Agriculture Index:     more detail
  1. Hedonic pricing of dairy bulls: An alternative index of genetic merit (Project report) by Timothy J Richards, 1995
  2. Shifting Cultivation and Alternatives: An Annotated Bibliography, 1972-1989 by Dan M. Robison, 1992-04
  3. Alternative ways to index farm real estate values (Technical bulletin) by Catherine Greene, 1987

21. Lunehaven Farm Index
Adverse Conditions alternative agriculture alternative Energy alternative EnergyInformation/Sources Animal Health Animal Rescue Animal Resource Sites April

Adverse Conditions

Alternative Agriculture

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy Information/Sources

Adverse Conditions

Alternative Agriculture

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy Information/Sources
Working Dogs

22. NETFUTURE--Topical Index
This index covers both the NETFUTURE newsletter and items forwarded TOPICS AboutNetFuture agriculture Alliance for Childhood alternative culture Art and
  • Goto NETFUTURE main page
    NETFUTUREIndex by Topic
    This index covers both the NETFUTURE newsletter and items forwarded through the NETFUTURE forwarding service. Articles may be indexed under more than one topic. Where an author's name is not given, the author is (probably) NETFUTURE editor, Steve Talbott. The topic headings are listed first. You can click on the desired heading to see the items listed under it. TOPICS: About NetFuture Agriculture Alliance for Childhood Alternative culture ... Year 2000 problem About NetFuture About this newsletter Issue: NF #133, June 25, 2002 How NETFUTURE Happens Issue: NF #47, April 30, 1997 Agriculture Cheap Food at Any Cost Issue: NF #143, April 1, 2003 Should Genetically Modified Foods Be Labeled? Author: Craig Holdrege Issue: NF #135, August 29, 2002 Barry Commoner on the De-throning of DNA Issue: NF #128, February 12, 2002 Eating Locally: Recipe for a Cultural Revolution In article: "Books Received" Issue: NF #128, February 12, 2002 An Entomologist's Killing Fields Issue: NF #124, October 30, 2001
  • 23. OFRF Web Links
    Site index. University of California Sustainable agriculture Research and EducationProgram (UCSAREP) Henry A. Wallace Institute for alternative agriculture.

    General Information Research Program SCOAR ... Site Index
    Please note: OFRF does not endorse any of the following websites or organizations. We are simply providing these links as a resource to those interested in organic and sustainable farming who would like to find other sources of information and opinions. Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
    ATTRA - Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas

    Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, U.W. Madison

    CSARE at U.W. Madison
    Washington States Organic Food Program

    INTERNATIONAL ORGANIC SITES European Organic Network
    International Biodynamics Forum

    International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)

    Lethbridge Research Centre
    ... Welsh Institute of Rural Studies FARMING GENERAL American Farmland Trust British Free Range Egg Producers Association California Federation of Certified Farmer's Markets ... Worldwatch Institute Home Page Other Websites Bioneers Home Page For corrections or additions please mail:

    24. Education Programs And Information Centers
    alternative Farming Systems Information Center (National Agricultural Library);AgriGator's agriculture index (Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
    Home Site Map Calendar Search ... Webmaster Related Web Sites: Research/Education Programs and Information Centers within California
    University of California

    Government Agencies

    Grower and Non-Profit Organizations
    ... [Related Web Sites Main Page] California Programs and Organizations
    University of California
    University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources
    UC Davis ... UC Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems
    Government Agencies
    State of California
    Federal Agencies

    25. Title Index
    AgProfessional Directory. AgriGator Agricultural and Related InformationSite index. agriculture Industries Directory. alternative Crops.
    History Collections Publications FAQs ... Iranian Search Engines
    Title Index to Web Resources
    From CyberStacks(sm) Help Search Staff FAQs Contact us Farsi This is an alphabetical index of resources fully incorporated within CyberStacks(sm). It also contains entries for selected candidate resources that have been assessed but not yet described, categorized or classified, or otherwise fully integrated within its collection. New entries will be added to the Title Index as time and opportunity allow. Those resources which have been fully incorporated within CyberStacks(sm) will be indicated with an symbol to the right of the resource title. A selection of the adjacent icon will place users within the general classification group that contains the summary description of the resource. Within a classification grouping, users will find a description of that resource as well as description of other resources classified in the same or related class. Direct access to resources within a grouping is also provided. Selection of a title within this Title Index will link users directly to the resource.

    26. 2002 Alternative Dispute Resolution Guide
    ADR Guide index. Service; US Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Home. alternative DisputeResolution agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service; Food Safety
    United States
    Office of Personnel Management Search Help Advanced Home What's New ... Contact Us
    Alternative Dispute Resolution
    A Resource Guide
    ADR Guide Index
    A B C D ... W

    27. Alternative Dispute Resolution-2002
    established the Department of agriculture's policy on the use of alternative DisputeResolution, on SEARCH Site index Publications Home Contact Us
    United States
    Office of Personnel Management Search Help Advanced Home What's New ... Contact Us
    Alternative Dispute Resolution
    A Resource Guide
    Section I: Alternative Dispute Resolution
    Techniques and Agency Practices
    ADR Technique: Multiple Techniques
    How the ADR System Works
    The Conflict Prevention and Resolution Center (CPRC) provides Alternative Dispute Resolution Services to increase the prevention and early resolution of workplace and agency program conflicts at U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) through the application of conflict management skills and the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). We focus on helping employees and programs resolve conflicts among themselves and with their customers. The ADR techniques used are conciliation, facilitation, fact-finding, and mediation. Additionally, we have expanded our services to provide large and small group interventions. Employees and customers may request help resolving a conflict by calling our toll free number 1-888-428-8961, or by accessing the CPRC website:

    28. News Service: Experts Database - Iowa State University
    Search Keyword index. EXPERT KEYWORD index. alternative energy systems; alternativeherbicides; American agriculture; American cultural history;
    Today's News

    News releases

    ISU homepage
    Keyword Index
    Ames, Iowa 50011, (515) 294-4111
    Published by: University Relations,

    29. A Index, About To Azaleas, MU Extension, University Of Missouri-Columbia
    Web page not in the index, email the Pests - M139; *Alfalfa, Production agriculture,CD - CD12; alternative Crops - G4090; alternative Crops - G4306; alternative
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    All words Any word Whole phrase
    from MU Extension is always available on the Web. Extensive, but... If you find a bad link or know an MU Extension Web page not in the index, e-mail the URL to us so we can fix it. *These items may be available in print, but not on the Web. Credit courses and degree programs
    [ A ] About to Azaleas

    30. Index Of /ecolandtech/orgfarm/literature
    1752 892k ALLDOCUMENTSfile.Subject-index 29-Jan 29-May-1995 1544 3k agriculture-for-Beginners17 Apr-1995 1026 1k alternative.agriculture.selected-information
    Index of /ecolandtech/orgfarm/literature
    Name Last modified Size Description ... Parent Directory 13-Jun-2001 13:26 - dealers/ 23-Feb-1995 12:17 - gardening-4-disabled/ 16-Jun-1994 23:38 - misc/ 24-Jun-1996 23:44 - new/ 01-Sep-2001 16:08 - organic-farming.bibliography/ 10-Feb-1999 22:17 - publications/ 13-Apr-1994 09:12 - 1993-US-organic-farmers-survey 10-Oct-1994 21:16 4k 21st.Century.Gardener.magazine 29-Aug-1995 12:38 1k 4-books-on-family-farm 07-Aug-1995 17:55 2k A-Countrymans-Woods 21-Dec-1994 22:31 1k A.Biodynamic.Farm

    31. AD HOC BIBLIO - INDEX SUJETS LETTRE A Compilé Le 00/12/13
    and feeds .m; Inedible meat byproducts .m; Injured index and pathogenic Guidedu routard Alsace, Vosges, 1995/96 .m; alternative agriculture
  • Microbiologie des produits carnes : les ferments microbiens.... [m]
  • Microbiology of fermented foods. Vol. 1... [m]
  • Microbiology of fermented foods. Vol. 1... [m]
  • Microbiology of fermented foods. Vol. 2... [m]
  • Microbiology of fermented foods. Vol. 2... [m]
  • [m]
  • [m]
  • Solid-substrate fermentation of soya beans to tempe : process innovations and pr... [m]
  • Aliments fins Canada...
    Profil de l'industrie canadienne des aliments fins, Un.... [m]
  • Aliments fonctionnels...
  • First International Conference on East-West Perspectives on Functional Foods, Si... [m]
  • First International Conference on East-West Perspectives on Functional Foods, Si... [m]
  • [m]
  • Functional foods : figuring out the facts.... [a]
  • Functional foods : the consumer, the products and the evidence.... [m]
  • Functional foods.... [a]
  • Healthy ingredients / Functional foods.... [a]
  • PROBDEMO project on probiotic foods.... [a]
  • [m]
  • Aliments frits...
    Frying of food : principles, changes, new approaches.... [m]
  • [m]
  • Acceptance, control of and trade in irradiated food : proceedings of an Intern... [m]
  • An economic analysis of electron accelerators and cobalt-60 for irradiating food...
  • 32. CompletePlanet - Directory Agriculture
    farming, agriculture, resources, sustainable, alternative, organic, publications Ministerof agriculture and Rural Development • 11KB
    Search Databases for: Search All Within Agriculture Top Agriculture Resources

    Specialty Agriculture

    NODE RESULTS 1-10 of 51 Department of Agriculture Search
    Relevance Popular Links In DQM Nutrient Solutions in Agriculture
    Relevance Popular Links In DQM Site Search Document Extract: words or combinations of words. The text search engine will display a weighted list of matching documents, with better matches shown first. Each list item... documents containing'information'or'retrieval'information... and retrieval finds documents containing both'information... retrieval'information not retrieval finds documents containing'information Categories... Relevance Popular Links In DQM Providing quality engineering services to manufacturing companies... Keywords: mechanical, engineering, contracting, visitors, resolution, x600, version, tanks, ie, electrical, projects, pipings, insulations, steel, nusantara, fabrication, cyclones, conveyors, platforms, mixers, ductings, etc, trading, thermal, oil, heater, control, valves, agriculture, commerce

    33. Farm Animals - AWI
    alternative Farming Systems Searchable Database. News versus factory farms and discusshow the routine use of antibiotics in animal agriculture contributes to
    Increasingly, farm animals are raised in close confinement in "factories" where they suffer severe deprivation. AWI works to halt these intensive farming practices and replace them with methods which are both humane and practical. Animal factories put family farmers out of business, endanger public health and pollute our air and water. It all begins with cruelty to animals in the factory.
    ©Mark Fiore -
    Can't see the animation? Click here to get plug-in.

    34. NDSU Agriculture And Natural Resources
    NDSU agriculture and Natural Resources. Back to Main index Page. Coping withDisasters, Water Quality and Pesticide Information, alternative agriculture,
    NDSU Agriculture and Natural Resources Back to Main Index Page Lawn, Garden,

    ... North Dakota Ag Statistics Service above link includes Farm Bill Info/Software ND State Soil Conservation Committee Speciality Crops Research Studies AgrAbility: Restoring Ability in Agriculture agMag - Agriculture in the Classroom ... Safety Publications Administrative Office Web Pages NDSU Vice President,
    Dean and Director for Agricultural Affairs
    NDSU Extension Service ND Agricultural ... NDSU College of Human Development and Education Prospective students may schedule a visit by calling 1-800-488-NDSU.
    Please let us know if you have any comments about or suggestions for this web page.
    Ag Webmaster: Dave Rice, Morrill 12D NDSU, Fargo ND 58105-5655 or call (701)231-7381

    35. ATTRA Publications
    Series index, •, Fundamentals of Sustainable agriculture. •, Marketing Business,•, Agroforestry. , Organic Matters Series, •, alternative Farming Systems,
    ATTRA iresources on: sustainable agriculture, organic farming, alternative enterprises.
    Publications List Series Index Fundamentals of Sustainable Agriculture Agroforestry Herbs Fruits ... Rural Business-Coop Services (RBS) Publications Topic Areas of Special Interest
    (These areas contain publications from multiple series.) Click to download a copy of the ATTRA Publications List Note: For those publications not available on-line, please call to receive a free printed copy. Whats New About ATTRA Publications Newsletters ...

    36. Book Index
    Home Book Store Book index. Books. and study tours, as well as alternative travelin Genetic Engineering in agriculture The Myths, Environmental Risks, and
    Book Store
    To order books, please visit our on-line book store
    Alternatives to the Peace Corps
    Alternatives to the Peace Corps
    provides essential information on voluntary service organizations, technical service programs, work brigades, and study tours, as well as alternative travel in the Third World. America Needs Human Rights America Needs Human Rights argues that it is a systematic and widespread violation of the most basic of human rights for so many to go without, amid so much plenty. In the past, the U.S. government has applied the framework of human rights selectively to mostly Third World countries. "The time has come," said co-editor Rosset, "to take a hard look at our human rights record right here at home. Basta! The author of Basta! examines the roots of the Zapatista rebellion lucidly reveals their depth and intricacy. Benedita da Silva Afro-Brazilian Senator Benedita da Silva shares the inspiring story of her life as an advocate for the rights of women and the poor. Breakfast of Biodiversity Vandermeer and Perfecto look beyond simplistic, blame-the-victim explanations to show exactly why biodiversity is in such jeopardy around the world and what steps must be taken to slow the ravaging of rain forests.

    37. Index - People In Action
    index Random - Board - About. alternative Technology · Books · Communities· Culture and Thought · Developing Countries · Ecological agriculture
    Web Guide: Ecology, Solidarity... H OME N EW ... People in Action : Index Advanced

    People in Action Index D: Directory
    S: Services P EOPLE IN A CTION
    A About
    Africa (Boards)
    Africa: Countries
    D Africa D Alternative Technology (Boards) D Alternative Technology (Books) S Alternative Technology: Places D Alternative Technology (United States) D Alternative Technology D America: Countries D America D Aragon D Argentina D Asia (Boards) D Asia (Books) S Asia: Countries D Asia (Video) S Asia D Australia (Boards) D Australia D Austria D Autonomous Communities (Spain) D B Bach, Johann Sebastian D Balearic Islands D Basque Country D Belgium D Bicycle D Board Boards: Africa D Boards: Alternative Technology D Boards: Asia D Boards: Australia D Boards: Books D Boards: Canada D Boards: Communities D Boards: Countries D Boards: Culture and Thought D Boards: Developing Countries D Boards: Ecological Agriculture D Boards: Ecology D Boards: Education D Boards: Human Rights D Boards: India D Boards: Internet D Boards: Internet Search D Boards: Japan D Boards: Latin America D Boards: Media D Boards: Music D Boards: Natural Health D Boards: New Zealand D Boards: Oceania D Boards: Peace D Boards: People D Boards: Places D Boards: Progressive Networks D Boards: Regions D Boards: Solidarity D Boards: Spirituality D Boards: United States D Boards: Various Subjects D Boards D Books: Alternative Technology S Books: Asia S Books (Boards) D Books: China S Books: Countries S Books: Places S Books: Regions S Books D Books S Buddhism D C Cambodia D Canada (Boards) D Canada D Cancer D Catalonia D Chile D

    38. Commissioned Organic Research Papers
    American Journal of alternative agriculture. The following seven papers are fromAmerican Journal of alternative agriculture, Vol. 17, Issue 1, March 2002.

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    Join Today Home ...
    Research Index

    Commissioned Research Papers *
    Research Papers

    Research Projects

    * Members Only
    About this Site

    About CABI
    ... Contact Details
    Commissioned Research Papers
    The full text of the commissioned research papers is only available to members or people with active trials. If you are a member or have a current trial, please click here to view all the content. Title
    Papers commissioned by
    Methods for Disseminating Organic Methodologies Amongst Smallholder Farmers and Relevance to Banana Producers , by Stephanie Williamson, Janny Vos and Jeff Waage, CABI Bioscience UK Centre (Egham), CAB International, Egham, UK Impact of EU organic product certification legislation on the development of the Chilean organic supply chain, by Felipe Bañados and Marian Garcia, Department of Agricultural Sciences, Imperial College at Wye, University of London, UK

    39. Mbox-46: Alternative Agriculture News July 2000
    in the 21st Century? is available from alternative Farming Systems on the Futureof American agriculture, sponsored by
    Alternative Agriculture News July 2000
    From: Suzanne DeMuth (
    Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 18:34:44 EDT Alternative Agriculture News
    Volume 18, Number 7 (July 2000)
    1621 North Kent Street, Suite 1200
    Arlington, VA 22209-2134 USA
    Phone (703) 525-9430, Fax (703) 525-1744
    Web site:
    If You Are Interested in Sustainable Agriculture...
    In addition to this monthly newsletter, the Henry A. Wallace Center for Henry A. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture) publishes the American Journal of Alternative Agriculture, a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal of research on alternative agriculture. It is a scientific forum for disseminating technical, economic, and social research findings about the character and requirements of alternative/sustainable agricultural systems.

    40. The New American Farmer: How To Use This Resource
    how particular problems are addressed, consult the index for a list To ask questionsabout alternative agriculture, contact Appropriate Technology Transfer for
    NAF Table of Contents The New American Farmer is a collection of in-depth interviews with farmers and ranchers across America published by USDA's Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program and its national outreach arm, the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) How to Use this Resource
    To find a particular farmer in this resource, look at the Table of Contents , where we list each farmer or rancher alphabetically by name within the SARE regions – North Central, Northeast, South or West.
    To find out about particular subjects, consult the index for a list of profiles relevant to key commodity terms, such as "corn," "hogs" and "timber." To find out about how particular problems are addressed, consult the index for a list of profiles relevant to problems addressed , such as "Adding Value to a Commodity", or "Demanding Labor Requirements."
    We encourage you to download profiles of interest into fact sheets and presentations, or publish them in magazines or newsletters. Our Adobe Acrobat version will appear identical to the printed page. For a $5 CD-ROM, contact (802) 656-0484 or

    A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z  

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