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         Alternative Agriculture Index:     more detail
  1. Hedonic pricing of dairy bulls: An alternative index of genetic merit (Project report) by Timothy J Richards, 1995
  2. Shifting Cultivation and Alternatives: An Annotated Bibliography, 1972-1989 by Dan M. Robison, 1992-04
  3. Alternative ways to index farm real estate values (Technical bulletin) by Catherine Greene, 1987

41. Kathy Schrock's Guide For Educators - INDEX A-B
Agricultural Links for Educators agriculture index Gallery agriculture Network Information AltaVistaAlternaTime Timelines alternative Assessment and
Students Teachers Parents For our newsletter and special teacher promotions.
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Aaron's Coin, Currency, and Stamp Page

Abacus : The Art of Calculating with Beads
Aesop's Fables Online Exhibit

Africa: People and Places Africa's Geography
Flight Over the Equator: Kenya

Making a Film in the Serengeti

People of the Nile
Alexander the Great
All About Computers Computerized Weather Forecasting Computerized Firefighting Internet Understanding Computers ... American Ballroom Companion: Dance Instruction Manuals ca. 1490-1920 American Civil War Home Page American Currency Exhibit American Experience: The Presidents American History Archive American History Units African-American History African-American Migration African-American Studies Alaska's Gold Rush ... Ancient Scripts of the World Ancient Times Ancient Egypt Hieroglyphics Minoan Mystery Mustang: A Tale of Two Journies (Buddhism) ... Beyond the Son of Filamentality Bibliographic Citation Format for Electronic Media : MLA Turabian APA and Elementary Level Bibliomania : The Network Library Big Cats Online Big Chalk: Connect ...

42. Cooperative Extension Catalog Of Publications--Horticulture
Online publications of the University of Nebraska cooperative extension targeted at homegrowers. Articles Category Home Gardens Plants Fruit...... Forestry, Swine. General agriculture, Textiles, Clothing Design. index HorticultureORNAMENTALS. NF107, Resource List for Marketing alternative Crops, 0.00.
Departments/ Units Directories Calendar Search ... International Programs Publications Catalog Catalog Home Page
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IANR Points of Pride
Browse Publications Animal Diseases Animals, General Beef Irrigation Engineering ... Wildlife Management Index: Horticulture
ORNAMENTALS File Publication Title Cost Roses Caring for African Violets Cannas Care of Cactus in the Home Amaryllis Culture ... Growing Annual Flowers VEGETABLES Growing Garden Peas Vegetable Gardening in Nebraska Vegetable Production in Nebraska Growing Squash and Pumpkin for Food and Ornamentation Potato Production Stages: Scheduling Key Practices Forecasting Late Blight Lettuce Sweet Potatoes Tomatoes in the Home Garden Vegetable Garden Seed Storage and Germination Requirements ... What Is Quality. . . .In a Tomato? FRUITS Pruning Fruit Trees Grapes: Cultivars, Training and Pruning

43. Angora Goats - A Small-Scale Agriculture Alternative - Breeding For Purpose - GO
Article index, Angora Goats A Small-Scale agriculture alternative ,Article index. ANGORA GOATS - A SMALL-SCALE agriculture alternative
Article Index "Angora Goats - A Small-Scale Agriculture Alternative" Article Index ANGORA GOATS - A SMALL-SCALE AGRICULTURE ALTERNATIVE By: "USDA Department of Agriculture, 1993"
About the Author

Please Help Rate This Article 5 = Extremely Useful 4 = Very Useful 3 = Somewhat Useful 2 = Okay but not enough 1 = Not At All Useful Rated by responses. Send this Page to a Friend! Friend's Email: Your Email: Angora goats may be the most efficient fiber producers on Earth. These markers of mohair came from and were named after Ankara (Angora before 1930), the Turkish province where they have thrived for centuries. Turkey guarded these goats against exportation until 1849 when seven does and two bucks were imported into the United States. Later, more were imported from Turkey and South Africa, the two principal mohair producers in the 19th century. But now the United States has become one of the two biggest producers (along with South Africa) of mohairthe long, lustrous, wavy hair that goes into fine garments. The other primary fiber from goats is cashmere (see "A Small-Scale Agriculture Alternative, Cashmere Goats", December, 1992. Never the twain should meet! To cross Angora with cashmere goats results in a fiber called cashgora, with very limited use and characteristics of neither fine fiber. The two goat types differ in temperaments, too. The angoras are pretty laid back and docile, while cashmere and/or Spanish meat boats are often flighty and high strung. (Incidentally, Angora goats, which do produce mohair, do not produce Angora hair, only rabbits can produce that.)

44. MedBioWorld: Agriculture
Information Virtual Library index agriculture 21 online directory on agricultureAgriSurf AgriWeb alternative agriculture-Related Internet
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Search millions of documents at elibrary! Agriculture For Agricultural Economics Resources, Click Here. For Agronomy Resources, Click Here. For Botany Resources, Click Here. For Crop Science Resources, Click Here. For Dairy Science Resources, Click Here. For Forestry Resources, Click Here. For Horticulture Resources, Click Here. For Hydroponics Resources, Click Here. For Livestock Science Resources, Click Here. For Plant Pathology Resources, Click Here. For Plant Physiology Resources, Click Here. For Plant Protection Resources, Click Here. For Poultry Science Resources, Click Here. For Soil Science Resources, Click Here. For Viticulture Resources, Click Here.
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font-family:Agrarian Foundation

Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA

Agricultural Research Service, USDA

Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission, UK
Agronomic Science Foundation
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, USDA

45. LRB | Contributor Index
Contributor index. alternative agriculture A History from the Black Deathto the Present Day by Joan Thirsk. David Thomson contributor detail .

46. Australian Greenhouse Office - Site Index
Site index. What's new. AGO home. Home. Site index. About the Australian GreenhouseOffice; Adaptations; agriculture; alternative Fuel Conversion Program;
The Australian Greenhouse Office Skip Navigation Leading Australia's greenhouse action to achieve effective sustainable results
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47. The Research Division At Virginia Tech - EDGE
EDGE index. This ideal 50 percent is also Virginia’s land bank for agriculture.Since alternative onsite systems would allow residential development on the
Research Centers Solving Problems Through Research Areas of Expertise
... Resources In this issue:
Accounting Improving food security Affordable, detachable power for wheelchairs Links within the

Virginia Tech Intellectual

Properties, Inc.

Faculty Expertise

Virginia Tech
In previous issues: January 2002 February 2002 - Volume 10, Number 2: Project makes it easier for U.S. presidents to learn from history; faster, smaller microprocessor technology developed at Virginia Tech; tree named for VT chemistry professor March 2002 - Volume 10, Number 3: One-stop-shop to access hundreds of databases used for Social Services Administration; Communicating across 10 time zones; Longer shelf life for shredded cheese E Only April 2002 - Volume 10, Number 4: Examples of software developed for collaboration, virtual environments, libraries, instruction, engineering in various applications, etc.

48. Alternative Press Index: Volume 28
alternative·press·index Selections from OF agriculture Apocalypse cow Microbiologistswarn of public health danger from 'mad cow disease' Bleifuss J
Selections from Volume 28 (1996) U S-Camada Relations U S-China Relations U S Dept. of Agriculture U S Economy ... ALPHABET
Globalization, states, and left strategies

Panitch L. Social Justice. Vol 23 Issue 1/2. Spring 96. Page 79-90.
Northern exposure: Canada fights cultural dumping: Canada's struggle to maintain autonomy in the arts elicits cries of protectionism in the US but emulation elsewhere - a post-NAFTA report
Wilson C. The Nation. Vol 262 Issue 20. May 20, 96. Page 15-18.
China's hired guns
[US corporations lobby for trade while China violates political rights]
Silverstein K. Multinational Monitor. Vol 17 Issue 4. Apr 96. Page 26.
The new China [Corporate public relations blitz supports China's economy]
Counterpunch. Vol 3 Issue 7. Apr 1, 96. Page 2-3. U S DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE Apocalypse cow [Microbiologists warn of public health danger from 'mad cow disease'] Bleifuss J. In These Times. Vol 20 Issue 13. May 13, 96. Page 12-13. U S ECONOMY From containment to rollback: will civilization die? [Neo-liberalism, media, and business influence on US government policy]

49. Subject Guide To APC Online Directory
agriculture. The Permaculture Activist alternative Press Review; CMR CommunityMedia Review; Counterpoise; Utne Reader; WorldViews Gauntlet; index on Censorship
Subject Guide to the Alternative Press Center's Online Directory
Click on a subject for the names of publications, then click on each name for more information.

50. Index Of /pub/academic/agriculture/sustainable_agriculture/literature
video.on.mechan.. 12Jun-1996 0000 4k SUBJECT-index 30-Jan 29-Jan-1995 0000 1kjournal-agriculture-.. 27-Oct 03-Oct-1994 0000 2k magazines.alternative 21-Apr
Name Last modified Size Description 11-Oct-1994 00:00 4k 29-Aug-1995 00:00 1k 4-books-on-family-farm 07-Aug-1995 00:00 2k A-Countrymans-Woods 22-Dec-1994 00:00 1k A.Biodynamic.Farm 05-Apr-1995 00:00 1k 19-Sep-1995 00:00 3k 18-Apr-1995 00:00 1k 24-Nov-1994 00:00 2k 02-May-1996 00:00 2k AFGC-news 09-Nov-1994 00:00 4k AFSDIC.Publications 02-Apr-1996 00:00 2k AHS-EGP 03-Oct-1994 00:00 2k 22-Dec-1994 00:00 2k ALLDOCUMENTS 29-Jan-1995 00:00 892k 30-Jan-1995 00:00 21k 03-Nov-1994 00:00 1k 16-Sep-1994 00:00 2k Ag.Techletter 05-Jan-1996 00:00 1k 29-May-1995 00:00 3k 18-Jan-1995 00:00 1k 27-Dec-1994 00:00 1k 25-Nov-1994 00:00 4k Algal.Culture 04-Apr-1995 00:00 1k 11-Feb-1995 00:00 1k 12-Jun-1998 00:00 2k 11-Aug-1995 00:00 2k American-Garden-Guides 11-Jan-1995 00:00 1k 04-Dec-1994 00:00 1k Anasazi.literature 12-Jul-1995 00:00 4k As.Ye.Sow

51. GENEVAR: Links: Index
alternative Energy. CityFarmer Urban agriculture Centre; Food First! General EvolutionAdvocacy Research URL http// Last
GENEVAR Home About Genevar Links Library Project Areas ... Submit Content
Links Library
View by: [ Topic Contributor Alternative Energy
Appropriate Technology
Voluntary Simplicity
Alternative Energy
Appropriate Technology
Chaos and complexity
Corporate reform
Environmental Activism
Experimental Music
Food security
Memetic Collector Site
Organic Foods
Strawbale Construction
Technical: Nature Photography
Urban Ecology

52. United States Department Of Agriculture Subject's Index
. Subject index. , A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T,U, V, W, X, Y, Z. W. Wheat Standards. Wholesale and alternative Markets. WIC Breastfeeding.WIC Howto Apply.

Home Page
Subject Index
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WASDE report (ERS) WASDE-World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (ERS) Water 2000 Water Resources, NRCS ... World Soil Resources, NRCS Questions? Comments. Contact Us

53. UACES: Annual Report 2000-2001
alternative Animal agriculture • alternative Plant Production for EnhancingFarm • alternative Weed Control Division of agriculture Wide Area index.
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Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service
Annual Report 2000-2001
Executive Summary Goal 1 – An agricultural system that is highly competitive in the global economy Agricultural Profitability Cotton Production Education ... Small Farm Viability Through Use of Computerized Record Keeping Back To Top Goal 2 – A safe and secure food and fiber system. Food Quality Grain Storage and Drying to Preserve Quality with Minimal Input Food Safety ...
Family Nutrition Education Program (FNEP)
Back To Top Goal 3 – A healthy, well-nourished population. Human Health Reducing Risks for Chronic Disease - Physical Activity Human Nutrition ... Reducing Risks for Chronic Disease - Nutrition Back To Top Goal 4 – Greater harmony between agriculture and the environment. Agricultural Waste Management Animal Waste Management Biological Control ... Wildlife Program Back To Top Goal 5 – Enhanced economic opportunity and quality of life for Americans. Agricultural Financial Management University of Arkansas Farm Income Tax Schools Character/Ethics Education ...
Youth Leadership
Back To Top Management Goals Agricultural Communications Mass Media Education Programs
Print on Demand Fact Sheets
... Key Word Index Back To Top
Hot Topics
News Publications Jobs ... U A E X Home
UA Cooperative Extension Service University of Arkansas · Division of Agriculture · Cooperative Extension Service
2301 South University Avenue · Little Rock, Arkansas 72204 · USA

54. Site Index :: ::
alternative Energy. Old Time Skills Crafts. Health Home. alternative Building.Odds Ends. READING ». index agriculture. Energy. Preserving Storing. Shelter.
Urban Homesteading Urban Daily Diary About PTF Tour Info ... Site Index
:: Newsletter :: 10 Ways You Mindlessly Waste Money Edible Flowers The Three R's Of An Ecological Gardener Dye Naturally Tomato Time DIY Rain Barrel Start reading
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Globalization ... Voluntary Simplicity
Link Directory Organic Gardening Off the Grid Voluntary Simplicity Sustainable Living ... Archives Come together and share simple living, homesteading, gardening ideas, tips, experiences, hopes and dreams. Guest Login SITE INDEX Finding your way around Refer This Page Feedback
Search Google Search this site Sometimes a majority only means that all the fools are on the same side. ~ Claude McDonald ~ Site Map: PTF Web Page Listings ~ Sections ~ Home About PTF Mission What's New ... Linking Information ~ Reader Comments ~ I especially enjoyed the calculation of food production and spending comparisons. ~ Sat ~

55. California Federation Of Certified Farmers' Markets: Resources
Newsletters/Journals alternative agriculture News Americal Small agriculture Industryagriculture Network Info. Agricultural SITE index Bioregionalism Current

Regional Commodity Information

Wine Sales Information

Applicable Legislation

Join the Federation

Table of Contents
Associations and Organizations Product Specific

Agricultural/Trade Policy

Associations and Organizations General Agriculture

Discussion Groups
top of page
Associations and Organizations Product Specific American Egg Board American Beekeeping Federation California Avocado Commission California Avocado Society ... top of page Agricultural/Trade Policy Agricultural World Census Program Farm Bill Federal Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 Farm Policy Menu ... top of page Associations and Organizations General Agriculture American Farm Bureau Federation (Voice of Agriculture) American Farmland Trust ASA/CSSA/SSSA Home California Certified Organic Farmers ... top of page Discussion Groups Ag Answers The CyberFarmer Direct Marketing E-Mail Discussion Group top of page Directory lists CAFF 2001 National Organic Directory Cooperative State Resource Education and Extension Service: Alphabetical Index to Programs The Natural Resource Directory The USDA Telephone Directory ... top of page Farmers' Markets and Festivals Farmers Markets, San Francisco Ferry Plaza

56. Resources For Life Centered Agriculture: YES! A Journal Of Positive Futures
safety and the adoption of alternative pest management Department of agriculture’sSustainable agriculture Research and web
home subscribe discussion guides events and links ... about us Food for Life ~ Summer 2000 Resources for
life-centered agriculture Table of Contents Resource Guide Index
Organizations, ideas, books, and Web sites on life sustaining gardening, agriculture, and food advocacy groups
Ecology Action
Ecology Action researches and educates about bio-intensive gardening. Publishes How to Grow More Vegetables, by John Jeavons, Ten Speed Press, 1995.
Contact: 5798 Ridgewood Rd.,
Willits, CA 95490 tel: 707/459-0150 fax: 707/459-5409
GRACE Factory Farm Project
GRACE helps communities keep out factory farms or close existing ones down. Grace also provides news, testimony, and guest speakers on related issues.
Contact: 15 East 26th Street, New York, NY 10010 tel: 212/726-9161 web: Henry A. Wallace Center for Agricultural and Environmental Policy at Winrock International A research and education organization established to encourage and facilitate the adoption of low-cost, resource- conserving, and environmentally sound farming systems.

57. Minnesota/Wisconsin Engineering Notes-Index
Comprehensive index 1995. New Agricultural and alternative Energy Web Page (November2001 Winter 1999) Scoping Document Finalized for Animal agriculture GEIS in
Minnesota/Wisconsin Engineering Notes
Current IssueFebruary 2003
Comprehensive Index 1995-
Topics Agricultural Structures Machinery Systems Safety and Health Alternative Energy ... Water Quality Agricultural Structures
Handle Roof Trusses Carefully (Summer 1999)
Obtaining Project, Building, and Equipment Cost Estimates
(Spring 1997)
Converting from Mechanical to Drive-By Bunk
(Spring 1997)
Roof Snow Loads on Agricultural Buildings
(Winter 1997) Alternative Energy New Agricultural and Alternative Energy Web Page (November 2001)
Burning Shelled Corn to Produce Heat Energy
(August 2001) Crop Management Managing Stored Grain Insects in Fall and Winter (November 2002)
Grain Storage Tips Available
(August 2002)
Warm Winter Shortens Grain Storage Life
(May 2002)
Sizing Silage Piles
(November 2001)
Saving Fuel in Corn Drying
(August 2001)
Avoid Aerating Grain During Warm Weather
(Spring 2001)
Storing Shelled Corn in Silage Bags
(Spring 2001) High Spoilage Risk for Stored Corn (Winter 2001) Reconditioning Overdry Soybeans (Fall 2000) Farmers and Elevators Must Segregate StarLink Corn (Fall 2000) Forage Harvest and Storage Questions?

58. "Agriculture, MSU-Bozeman Agricultural News And Features"
Hemp Many possibilities as an alternative crop; Chickpea in 200l Big Money The Outof Whack index Provides Insight into Fires; Don't About Montana agriculture.
Campus Business Sports Nature/Resources ... Students Montana State University Communications Services
Agricultural News and Features
About Ag Crops, Seed GPS Soil ... Water Stories often fit more than one category. Please browse related categories or use your browser's capacity to find a word with "Edit - Find in Page" The newest articles are at the top of each subsection. Important Notice: As of February 11, 2002 , this page will no longer be
updated. It has been replaced by
Agriculture University News

This new page will be maintained as the most current index of university news resources. Please note that the upper right hand corner of the new page contains a "SEARCH" feature that should prove very useful.
You may wish to set a bookmark for the new page. Thank you.
Special Topics

59. News - Ryerson Centre For Studies In Food Security
News index. and their Special Edition on Food, Gardening and agriculture 2001. FloutedGM Controls, Says Minister (April 8, 2001) alternative Farming Methods
News Index
The links below connect you with news items, where each date associated with a link is the date this news item was posted on this website. News items may be left here for up to one year in cases where contact information or links may still be helpful to you. Some of these items appear on the Toronto Food Research Network area of this site, but some different articles appear there as well so you may want to check it out.
For more Food and Agriculture News and Events, check out , and their Special Edition on Food, Gardening and Agriculture 2001. Year Month April May June January ... December News Items For June 2001 up
Media Release - York University Environmental Studies Students at the Food Security Conference (June 20, 2001)

Food in the New Millenium - ASFS and AFHVS Call for Presentations(June 20, 2001)

American Community Gardening Association - Call for Presentations (June 25, 2001)
News Items For May 2001 up Conference Announcement - Harvesting the Power of Youth (May 10, 2001)

60. Contents
Subject index Searchable index. Accounting. Acid Rain. Acoustic Ecology. Acronyms Terms. Activism. Africa. agriculture. Air Pollution. alternative Technology.
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A guide to research
projects at KTH

Contents Access: 360,733 times since the 22nd of November 1995 General: Conferences Directories General Environmental Sites Guides ... Right Livelihood Award
Subject Index:
Searchable Index Accounting Acid Rain Acoustic Ecology ... Youth

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