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         Alternative Agriculture Index:     more detail
  1. Hedonic pricing of dairy bulls: An alternative index of genetic merit (Project report) by Timothy J Richards, 1995
  2. Shifting Cultivation and Alternatives: An Annotated Bibliography, 1972-1989 by Dan M. Robison, 1992-04
  3. Alternative ways to index farm real estate values (Technical bulletin) by Catherine Greene, 1987

81. Agriculture, Aquaculture And Forestry Career Resources
Job Market •Educators •Reference •Search •index •Site Map Aquaculture AlternativeAgriculture Aquaculture Sites American Fisheries Society - Job
INFORMATION CENTER Agricultural Career Guide Explore careers in Agriculture with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required. To learn more about the industry, follow the related links below the career descriptions section. Home Careers Skills Schools ... About Agriculture Career Descriptions Agriculture and Natural Resources Careers
Agriculture Technical Officer

Agricultural Biotechnology

Agricultural Career Database
Tree Surgeon

Agriculture Related Sites Aquaculture
Alternative Agriculture - Aquaculture Sites
American Fisheries Society -
Job Resource Links
Aquaculture Dictionary - AquaText
Schools Aquatic Schools
Aquatic Species, Ponds, Images Aquaculture Health Page Aquaculture Images Bacteria Notes - Aquaculture Tech Talk Fish FAQ ... Water Quality Tolerance Guidelines Forestry Agriforestry USDA Agriforestry in Minnesota - A Guide to Resources Bio Gems - Save Endangered Wild Places Complete Forestry Homepage ... USDA Forest Service Trees Aboriculture Trees and Timber Biology of Trees Trees - The Care of Tree of the Month Homepage ... Wood and Carpentry Links Safety - Pesticides, Saws, Logging

82. 1997 Index
1995); TASM Fall 97 , 28-30. SUBJECT index. A agriculture alternativeagric. and crisis in Cuba. Rosset, P., TAS-M Summer 97 , 19
1997 Index IEEE Technology and Society Magazine Vol. 16 This index covers all technical items - papers, correspondence, reviews, etc. - that appeared in this periodical during 1997, and items from previous years that were commented upon or corrected in 1997. The Author Index contains the primary entry for each item, listed under the first author's name, and cross-references from all coauthors. The Subject Index contains several entries for each item under appropriate subject headings, and subject cross-references. It is always necessary to refer to the primary entry in the Author Index for the exact title, coauthors, and comments/corrections. AUTHOR INDEX A
Andrews, C.J . , Technical expertise and public decisions [special issue intro.]; TAS-M Spring 97 , 2-3 B
Benjamin, M. , IEEE-SSIT presents outstanding service award to Rebecca Leaf; TAS-M Summer 97 , 5
Bereano, P. , Appropriate technology and sustainable development in Latin America [special issue intro.]; TAS-M Summer 97 , 2 D
de Wit, D. , see van den Ende, J., TAS-M Winter 97 , 13-26

83. - The North American Leader In Certified Organic Cereals - Organ
profits from conventional rotations in the midwestern United States, accordingto a new study by the Henry A. Wallace Institute for alternative agriculture.
USDA Certified Organic
The US Department of Agriculture has produced a set of national production standards for food products labeled as organic. After October 21, 2002 you can be sure that any product with the new USDA organic seal has been produced according to stringent organic handling and production standards.
For more information on USDA Certification, read our USDA Fact Sheet or the Nature's Path Media Kit
Our Organic Certification for our Waffle products

Read up on our Organic QAI-Certified waffle products.
Our Organic Certification

Read up on our Organic Certification and see a list of all of our QAI-Certified products.
Our Kosher Certification

Read up on our Kosher Certification and see a list of all of our Kosher products.
Organic crops are competitive with conventional systems, new Wallace Institute report concludes

Farm profits from organic cropping systems can equal or exceed profits from conventional rotations in the mid-western United States, according to a new study by the Henry A. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture. Genetic manipulation: consciousness-raising at work in UK.

84. Alternative Agriculture Publications From The NDSU Extension Service
North Dakota State University NDSU Extension Service. alternative AgriculturePublications. Angora Goats; Buffalo; Carrots; Crambe; Deer;
North Dakota State University
NDSU Extension Service
Alternative Agriculture Publications

85. Alternative Policy Study: West And Central Africa
alternative employment policies based on processing industries World Bank, Agricultureand Environment Division, Washington UNDP Human Development index and GDP

GEO-2000 complete report

GEO-2000 home page
Alternative Policy Study: West and Central Africa Summary The countries of West and Central Africa are going through political, social and economic transition. At the same time they have to address vital problems of growing poverty and deteriorating life support systems. A business-as-usual scenario driven by demographic change and slow economic growth will lead to negative environmental consequences including loss of biodiversity, land shortages for agriculture and greater susceptibility to natural disasters. On the positive side, the sub-region is well-endowed with human and natural resources and civil society is becoming empowered. Political and institutional reforms, although slow, remain the biggest hope for policy change. Political will, sound politics and governance and inter-regional cooperation will determine how resources are allocated and used. There are a number of alternative policy options which would alleviate current trends. On the political side, an effective population strategy and the reform of land tenurial rights can go a long way to halting land degradation. On the technical side, several policy initiatives can be taken: agriculture can be intensified with the use of organic fertilisers, agro-forestry can be promoted and adopted technology can be used for gradual industrialisation. Finally, inter-regional cooperation should be promoted. This cooperation could be based on the cooperative advantage principle and should exploit the complementary natures of Sahelian and forested areas, or land-locked and coastal areas.

86. BUBL LINK / 5:15 Catalogue Of Internet Resources
research Agricultural technology agriculture education agriculture links Aids and AlgaeAlgebra Algeria Algorithms Allergies alternative medicine, alternative
BUBL LINK / 5:15 Catalogue of Internet Resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ...

87. Southwest Marketing Network: Training
alternative agriculture A 10–session course for agricultural entrepreneurs whohave started or are thinking about starting an agriculturalbased venture that
Southwest Marketing Network Expanding Markets for Southwest Small-Scale, Alternative, and Minority Producers 2003 Conference Home About Us Resources ... Newsletter Success Stories Financing Noteworthy Site Index Contact Us
Training Southwest Marketing Network Conference

The Southwest Marketing Network will hold its first annual conference in Durango, Colorado, on March 31-April 1, 2003. The event will provide a valuable opportunity for participants to share, learn, and engage with others to improve local marketing in the Four Corners region. The conference will feature a number of collaborative work sessions, training, and presentations, as well as a poster session and resource room. For more information, including registration information, see the

88. Daily Report For Executives Index-Summary
index Nos. tax relief for droughtrelated sales, 20G–9 (1/30/03) – – SenateAgriculture Comm alternative FUELS – Ethanol credit, Senate Environment Chrm
Nos. 1-40
Jan. 2 Feb. 28, 2003
      – Accountant-client privilege
        – – KPMG's claim denied, court appoints special master to review documents IRS seeks (D.D.C.), 1:G–4 (1/2/03); decision text, 1:K–6 (1/2/03)
      – Annual accounting period changes, AICPA raises concerns with Rev. Procs., 5:G–1 (1/8/03)
      – Audit documentation
        See Record retention, this heading
      – Auditor independence
      – Bad advice, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Blue Rhino reach settlement (N.C. Super. Ct.), 32:G–6 (2/18/03) – Bankruptcy link to accounting fraud probed, SEC official discusses new kinds of fraud, 15:G–14 (1/23/03) – Business combinations, FASB weighs alignment with IASB on purchase accounting, 20:G–14 (1/30/03); IASB discusses business combinations, 38:G–8 (2/26/03); FASB makes tentative decision, 40:G–7 (2/28/03) – China to launch independent accounting panel and tighten responsibilities of executives and auditors, 9:G–2 (1/14/03) – Conference Bd. panel urges faster rulemaking by FASB and IASB, supports shift toward principle-based approach, 7:G–12 (1/10/03) – Debt/equity instruments, FASB to issue rules in Feb., 15:G–10 (1/23/03)

89. Boundless Science For Bountiful Agriculture
ESSAY TOPICS Ag Science in the City The Importance of agriculture for UrbanAreas ; alternative Fuel Research Bioenergy Powering the Future ;
National, State, District, and School Winners Announced!
And you can view the winning student essays!
See links at the bottom of this page...
An essay contest for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students conducted by the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST)
Winners will be recognized at school, Congressional district, state, and national levels.
State and national winners will receive savings bonds.
The national winner and his/her parents and teacher
will receive an all expense paid trip to
Washington, DC
in March of 2003 where they will meet with
Members of Congress from their state and with policy makers from: ESSAY TOPICS:
  • Ag Science in the City: "The Importance of Agriculture for Urban Areas"
  • Alternative Fuel Research: "Bioenergy Powering the Future"
  • Conservation of Resources: "Working Cooperatively to Ensure a Bounty of Food and Natural Resources"
  • Cultivating New Technologies: "Producing Food in Space" or "Using Lasers, Robots, and Computers in Agriculture"
  • Dynamic DNA: "Boosting Agricultural Bounty with Genetics"
  • Food Science and Nutrition: "Using Science to Create a Safe and Healthy Food Supply"
  • Weather and Crop Production: "The Impact of Atmospheric Sciences on World Food Supply" (Essay Submission Closed on November 1, 2002.)
  • 90. Land: Sustainable Agriculture
    The National Research Council defines sustainable agriculture or alternative agricultureas an approach to agriculture that deliberately integrates and takes
    To address some of the environmental problems associated with agricultural production, agriculture specialists, farmers, and ranchers have been promoting and engaging in practices that lead to sustainable agriculture: a system that protects the environment and increases the vitality of family farms. The underlying goals of sustainability are agricultural productivity and profitability, and environmental quality. The National Research Council defines sustainable agriculture or alternative agriculture as an approach to agriculture that "deliberately integrates and takes advantage of naturally occurring beneficial interactions." It is not a singular approach to production agriculture, but rather a range of practices, including integrated pest management, organic farming, crop rotations, and tillage and planting practices that reduce soil erosion. FYI The term sustainability refers to economic development that takes full account of the environmental consequences of economic activity and is based on the use of resources that can be replaced or renewed and therefore are not depleted (Source: Michael Allaby, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Ecology [Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1994], 376.)

    91. British Rural Businesses And Sites Directory
    A guide to rural, countryside and environmental websites in UK, designed for those who live, work Category Home Rural Living......SEARCH THE index.
    SEARCH THE INDEX Accommodation Activity Holidays Agriculture Antiques Art Birdwatching Business Help Campaigning Camping Climbing Conservation Contractors Cottages Cycling Crafts Diversification Employment Equestrian Farm Accommodation Farming Fishing Food Furniture Gardening Government Organisations Heritage Horses Hunting Land Services Land for sale Livestock Mammals Marketing Your Business Meats Natural History Nurseries Outdoor Activities Politics Poultry Property for sale Racecourses Sailing Shooting Smallholdings Tourist Guides Trees Walking Website Design Wildlife Woodland ADD A SITE
    Welcome to The Rural Index - The leading UK review directory of rural businesses with over 30 pages detailing thousands of links. Scroll the menu above, or use the index below.
    Agriculture and Land Management
    Land Services

    Market Place
    Natural History
    Accommodation Guides
    Tourist Guides ... Rural Art, Crafts and Antiques Rural Pursuits
    Shooting Outdoor Activities Garden and Woodland Small Business Help
    Small Business Help
    Marketing Consultancy FEATURED SITES

    92. Monthly Review Author Index — Volume 50
    index Volume 50 May 1998 – April 1999. Rosset, Peter M. AlternativeAgriculture Works The Case of Cuba, JUL/AUG98. Rude, Christopher.

    Volume 49

    Volume 51
    Volume 50

    of the Month
    the Editors
    Ahmad, Aijaz. The Communist Manifesto and the Problem of Universality Altieri, Miguel A. Ecological Impacts of Industrial Agriculture and the Possibilities for Truly Sustainable Farming JUL/AUG98 Amin, Samir. Spectres of Capitalism Bagdikian, Ben H. Capitalism and the Information Age : Book Review, Block, Fred. The Politics of Class War from Above : Book Review, Bond, Patrick. Political Reawakening in Zimbabwe : Review of the Month, Brenner, Aaron. The Color of Politics : Book Review, Brenner, Johanna. On Gender and Class in U.S. Labor History : Review of the Month, Brisben, J. Quinn. Mass Movements Need Mass History : Book Review, Buhle, Paul. An Asian-American Tale : Book Review, Burkett, Paul. Fusing Red and Green : Book Review, Clairmont, Frederic F. The Market Gulag : Book Review, Cohen, Sylvester. Amilcar Cabral: An Extraction from the Literature Einstein, Albert. Why Socialism? : Review of the Month, Foster, John Bellamy. A Classic of Our Time: Labor and Monopoly Capital After a Quarter-Century Foster, John Bellamy.

    93. FedLaw Topical Index - Af-Am

    Af-Am An-Ar As-Az ... Z
    Af - Am

    94. Index Of SNR Faculty By Research Interest
    index of School of Natural Resources Faculty and Academic Staff by Research Interest Alternativeagriculture Campbell, Klemme. Animal damage control Craven.
    Index of School of Natural Resources Faculty
    and Academic Staff by Research Interest
    Aesthetic resource analysis:
    Chenoweth Africa: Arcese, Bromley, Bruce, Strasma Agroforestry: Brown, Bruce, Reed, Posner Alternative agriculture: Campbell, Klemme Animal damage control: Craven Animal waste management: Converse, Holmes, Kelling, Massie Aquatic plants: Nichols Aquaculture: Barry, Malison, Northey Asia: Bromley Atmospheric pollution: Gower, Kruger, Lindroth Attitude-behavior relationships: Heberlein Avian research: Arcese, Temple, Wentworth Biochemistry: Handelsman Biocides: Iyer Biogeochemistry: Bockheim, Hickey Biological pest control: Coppel, Goodman, Handelsman, Mahr, Strand Biotechnology: Rutledge, Hickey Cellular biology: Monson, Parrish Communication (animals): Norris Community leadership: Rossing, Campbell Community planning: Andrews, Field, LaGro, Murray, Sancar, Stevenson, Summers Community wastewater disposal: Converse, Peterson, Tyler Computerized image processing: G. Martin, Murray Conflict resolution: Lontz, Campbell Conservation biology: Arcese, Buongiorno, Guries, Gower, Kotar, Lorimer, Temple

    95. AgZines: A Harvest Of Free Agricultural Journals
    Opportunities, From the University of Missouri / Lincoln University; AlternativeAgriculture, current issue USDA; Online since 1996 and has an index of articles
    AgZines: a Harvest of Free Agricultural Journals
    AgZines is a compilation of agricultural journals that are available free on the web. Formerly known as Tomato Juice, this list collects web sites Suggestions of sites to include are welcome! Suggest Acarology Bulletin Newsletter of the Systematic and Applied Acarology Society, 1996- 2001, ISSN 1361-8091 Ag Bioethics Forum/ Bioethics in Brief Produced by the Iowa State University Office of Biotechnology and the
    Bioethics Program. From 1993-2001 available online. AgBioForum Articles about economics and management of agricultural biotechnology, 1998- 2000. AgExporter Published by USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, 1996-2001

    96. The EnviroLink Network
    News Headlines New Jet Engines Emit More NOx Hear this story Although commercialairlines have been replacing their fleets with jets that are quieter and
    advanced search
    News Headlines

    Bush won't challenge ban on new California offshore oil drilling
    The Bush administration said Monday it is dropping its challenge to a court ruling halting ... (posted 04/01/2003 from Associated Press )
    Environmental Laws Could Take A Wartime Hit
    Some environmentalists say Pentagon brass and Bush administration ideologues are trying to use the war ... (posted 04/01/2003 from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
    South Korea to push gas-for-peace deal with North
    South Korea has proposed gas be piped from Russia to energy-starved North Korea in return ... (posted 04/01/2003 from Reuters )
    Baghdad oil fires 'serious health hazard'
    Two British scientists say the oil fires burning around Baghdad are a serious threat to ... (posted 04/01/2003 from BBC )
    Ancient Iraqi swamp culture drained but not dead
    A swath of southern Iraq has been called many things: Land of the swamp people ... (posted 04/01/2003 from Associated Press )
    More News Headlines
    Discuss the News
    learn about xml syndication

    Enter your e-mail address to subscribe to the EnviroLink News Service mailing list:
    EnviroLink Forum Join the discussion! Debate environmental issues in the

    Search this UK directory for online farming and agricultural businesses covering such areas as livestock, machinery, and farm management.

    98. Missouri Alternatives Center, Alphabetical Links - AgEBB
    A B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T- U - V - W - X - Y - Z. MAC Home - About these links - List of All Topics.
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