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         Alternative Energy:     more books (100)
  1. Alternative Energy For Dummies by Rik DeGunther, 2009-05-04
  2. Alternative Energy Systems by B. K. Hodge, 2009-04-13
  3. Alternative Energy: Political, Economic, and Social Feasibility by Christopher A. Simon, 2006-12-28
  4. Alternative Energy Demystified by Stan Gibilisco, 2006-10-23
  5. Renewable Energy Made Easy: Free Energy from Solar, Wind, Hydropower, and Other Alternative Energy Sources by David Craddock, 2008-08-18
  6. Power System Design Applications for Alternative Energy Sources by Khalil Denno, 1989-01-01
  7. Power with Nature: Alternative Energy Solutions for Homeowners by Rex A. Ewing, 2006-01-01
  8. The Homeowners Guide to Energy Independence: Alternative Power Sources for the Average American by Christine Woodside, 2006-03-01
  9. The Grand Energy Transition: The Rise of Energy Gases, Sustainable Life and Growth, and the Next Great Economic Expansion by Robert A. Hefner III, 2009-09-08
  10. Renewable and Alternative Energy Resources: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary World Issues) by Zachary A. Smith, Katrina D. Taylor, 2008-08-20
  11. Alternative Energy Resources : The Quest for Sustainable Energy by Paul Kruger, 2006-03-10
  12. Energy Alternatives (Essential Energy/2nd Edition) by Robert Snedden, 2005-09-15
  13. Doable Renewables: 16 Alternative Energy Projects for Young Scientists (Social Issues Environment Gree) by Mike Rigsby, 2010-10-01
  14. Onion Juice, Poop, and Other Surprising Sources of Alternative Energy (Fact Finders) by Mark Weakland, 2010-08-01

1. Home Of AEI
Helping public awareness of the coming energy crunch while working on creative solutions to ease the Category Science Technology Energy Unproven Concepts...... elcome to the alternative energy Institute's newly revised and updated website. AlternativeEnergy Institute, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.
elcome to the Alternative Energy Institute's newly revised and updated website. We have a new look, but we're still a nonprofit educational organization committed to advancing public awareness regarding current energy problems and potential solutions. AEI provides accurate, understandable and compelling news about energy use, new energy developments, and the complex social, environmental and political consequences of our current energy usage. The Alternative Energy Institute offers a variety of educational publications and reports which are available in print or electronically for instant download. Our new website design includes free excerpts from AEI's award-winning book, Turning the Corner: Energy Solutions for the 21st Century, the most comprehensive resource in print available for interested students, progressive educators and concerned policy makers. These informative excerpts are followed by a collection of up-to-date, linked energy news articles reflecting the most recent developments in the rapidly changing field of alternative energy. As a courtesy to anyone seeking reliable energy-related information, our new website is chockfull of the latest breakthroughs and it's easy to navigate. Place your browser on the buttons along the top of the page to locate your energy category. Each button offers a drop down menu to allow you to quickly zero-in on the specific energy category you are searching for. Don't forget to explore the hyperlinked energy articles that follow each overview. AEI's website and publications are invaluable research tools for anyone who wants to learn more about the approaching energy crisis and what changes and solutions we need to implement to avoid global environmental and socioeconomic collapse.

2. Alternative Energy Engineering For Renewable Energy Systems, Photovoltaic Module
Welcome to the original alternative energy distribution company! AEEwas founded in 1979 when solar power was a NASA buzzword. Since



contact us

Welcome to the original alternative
energy distribution company!
Why Buy From AEE
AEE includes several important features that set us apart from other wholesale distribution companies supporting the renewable energy industry:
  • 20+ years in Renewable Energy
  • Experienced in-house technical staff
  • West Coast Shell Solar distributor
  • Large stock of inventory
  • Water pumping products
  • DC power devices including DC florescent lighting
  • Source for hard to find items and custom solutions
  • Awareness of new technologies and industrial trends
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff that cares about your product needs

top home Our Address:
P.O. Box 339
1155 Redway Drive
Redway, California 95560 Tel. (707) 923-2277
Fax (707) 923-3009

3. Environmental Organization WebDirectory - ScienceEnergyAlternative
Alternative, Free, and New Energy Links to other alternative energy pages. New alternative energy devices. Nuclear batteries, light funnels, radiant energy recievers, new batteries.
Science Energy :Alternative Energy
Biomass Energy
General Renewable Energy
Geothermal Energy
Hydroelectric Energy
Human Powered Vehicles
Fuel Cells
Nuclear Energy
Products and Services
Solar Energy
Wind Energy
Wood Energy
  • Alternative, Free, and New Energy - Links to other alternative energy pages. New alternative energy devices. Nuclear batteries, light funnels, radiant energy recievers, new batteries.
  • Australian CRC for Renewable Energy - Non-profit research, development and demonstation Cooperative Research Centre (universities, companies, electricity suppliers)
  • Biofuels Information Network The Biofuels Feedstock Development Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. Our goal is to develop and demonstrate environmentally acceptable crops and cropping systems for producing large quantities of low-cost, high quality biomass feedstocks.
  • California Energy Commission (Access Energy) is the state's principal energy policy and planning agency that is dedicated to the advancement of alternative technologies, energy efficient measures,and a stable and environmentally balanced energy system.
  • Electronic Lobbyist For Renewable Energy - Send a pre-written message to your Congressman supporting wind, solar, biomass energy.

4. Solar Panels, Windmills, Inverters, Solar Power And Wind Energy Systems At Disco
On-line store for solar panels, windmills, inverters, batteries, and educational resources related Category Business Energy and Environment Renewable......alternative energy Store Making Renewable Affordable - Low prices on solarpanels, wind mills, inverters, wind power and solar power systems.
Energy Efficient Appliances
Disount Store
"Making Renewable Affordable"
Click Here to Enter

The on-line store for Solar and Wind Energy Goods

We're your retailer for solar panels windmills/wind turbines inverters solar water pumps ... solar home heating systems and other solar and wind electric power systems for your home or business. At the 'Alt-E Store' you'll find the best prices on solar and wind energy products from a variety of manufacturers, such as Trace/Xantrex, Advanced Energy, BP Solar/Solarex, Dankoff Solar Pumps, SMA, Solar Converters, Photowatt/Matrix Solar, Siemens Solar, SunWize, ASE, Astropower and UniSolar. The Alternative Energy Store offers you a growing number of energy efficient appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, clothes washers, sun ovens, compost toilets gas stoves and compact dishwashers from manufacturers such as Conserv , Danby, Equator, Peerless, Staber Sun Mar and others. The Alternative Energy Store also provides you with numerous free online seminars that range from showing you how to design your own solar or wind energy system and using solar powered pumps, to the science behind compost toilets and learning the difference between modified sine wave inverters and true sine wave inverters. Participate in our popular ' Alternative Energy Forum ' to pose questions, provide answers, gain insights and share your thoughts with other renewable energy enthusiasts around the globe.

5. Home PowerFind Advice On Using Alternative Energy Sources Such As Solar And Wind
Offers research and technology notes, news and events, data, documents, and opportunities. U.S. Department of Energy's premier laboratory for renewable energy research development and a lead lab for energy efficiency R D

6. Physics 162 Alternative Energy
This course will deal with the issues of alternative energy sources and sustainable energy sources.

7. Alternative Energy Tips: Renewable, Sustainable, Backup Power, Solar
A very good, practical guide to alternative energy. Find how to's and tips on topics in solar and Category Science Technology Energy Education......Free online alternative energy projects and tips, from solar and othersustainable, renewable power sources to backup generators.
Alternative Energy / Renewable Energy
Biofuel, Generators, Hydro, PV, Solar, Wind Electricity...
Subtopics on this page
Generators Solar Many "General" sites cover a topic in depth and may have what you need. Related topics
Energy Efficiency (includes passive designs)
The Environment Water (includes solar hot water heating)
Get your how-tos delivered! Subscribe to 'One Smart Puppy' , our free monthly newsletter chock full of original how-tos and overviews of our coolest new links. GENERAL/MIXED/MISC. Alternative Technology Association (Click on 'ReNew') Biogas Generator (working model) - Energy Index of Articles (article titles in red are online) - ...
GENERATORS How To Calculate The Power Available From A Hydroelectric Generator (scroll down) - Windstream Power Systems Installing A Backup Generator - Popular Mechanics ... VCE
SOLAR (for solar hot water heating, see our '

8. Alternative Energy Systems And Products
Wind generators, solar modules and mounting equipment for remote site and home, boats, RV or on grid systems.
Alternative Energy Systems and Products Home Night Vision Home 2 Way Radios Portable Power Station ... Shipping and Product Return Policy [Alternative Energy Systems and Products] Antennas for CB, Amateurs, and Scanners Order Form Gift Ideas Maha and Nexcell Batteries and Chargers ... Sporting Goods and Camping Ideas ALF Enterprises INTERNATIONAL ORDERS AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT: 1-360-403-4840 - 9:00 - 3:00 MONDAY - FRIDAY PACIFIC TIME TOLL FREE ORDERING: 1-877-391-0009 - 9:00 - 3:00 PACIFIC TIME MONDAY - FRIDAY Alternative Energy Systems and Products by Holly Solar, Siemens, Kyocera, Solarex, Uni-Solar, Southwest Wind Power - Solar panels (or PV modules) and wind generators are not new. They have been powering spacecraft, commercial applications and remote homes for years and are environmentally benign. The active ingredient in a photovoltaic panel is silicon (the element found in common sand and used in computer chips). Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. They produce the most power when the sun is directly above them on a clear day. The more panels you have, the higher the power output of your system. They must be mounted at the correct angle to produce their maximum output. Because solar panels produce power only during sunlight hours, your system will need to use a battery bank to store the electricity produced during the day for use at night or on overcast days. RV's already have a bank of batteries, so solar makes perfect sense. Or if you have wind, add a wind generator to your system.

9. Salt, Alternative Energy
Design, installation, and component manufacturing of systems engineered for offshore and remote power systems.
Special SALT Deals!
-click here-
SALT, Inc.
2109 Overseas Hwy., Ocean
Marathon, FL 33050
Phone: 305 - 289 -1150
Fax: 305 - 289 - 0275 SALT uses the most advanced technology to provide our customers with the best solutions for managing renewable energy and utility backup systems. SALT has over 22 years of experience in the design, installation, and component manufacturing of systems engineered for the hostile demands of offshore and remote power systems. Each SALT system is engineered specifically to support a variety of battery-based applications including telecom, UPS, Navigational aids, cruising yachts, and "off -grid" habitats. ALT is dedicated to provide our customers with reliable energy, refrigeration, and desalination systems since 1976. Note : SALT is in the process of upgrading our web site almost daily. If you are a repeat visitor to our web site, please be sure to click the "Refresh" button on your browser as you navigate through our site. This will ensure you are looking at the most recent information and not a page that has been saved in your history file on your computer. This page has been visited times.

10. Hydroelectric Power
alternative energy Institute, Inc. is helping public awareness ease theinevitable transition. Logo. alternative energy Institute, Inc.
Alternative Energy Institute, Inc. "On average, we have constructed one dam every day since the signing of the Declaration of Independence." –Bruce Babbitt, Secretary of the Interior Moving water is a powerful entity responsible for lighting entire cities, even countries. Thousands of years ago the Greeks used water wheels, which picked up water in buckets around a wheel. The water's weight caused the wheel to turn, converting kinetic energy into mechanical energy for grinding grain and pumping water. ( ) In the 1800s the water wheel was often used to power machines such as timber-cutting saws in European and American factories. More importantly, people realized that the force of water falling from a height would turn a turbine connected to a generator to produce electricity. Niagara Falls, a natural waterfall, powered the first hydroelectric plant in 1879. Man-made waterfalls—dams—were constructed throughout the 1900s in order to maximize this source of energy. Aside from a plant for electricity production, a hydropower facility consists of a water reservoir enclosed by a dam whose gates can open or close depending on how much water is needed to produce a particular amount of electricity. Once electricity is produced it is transported along huge transmission lines to an electric utility company.

11. Redirect To New Version
Conservergy is an innovative and effective energy solutions company, a company that provides answers for the smallest to the largest of needs. The site provides information and links that will connect you to the world of alternative energy, equipment, systems and experts.

12. Crystal Pines Alternative Energy
Renewable energy catalog for solar electric and thermal, wind turbines, and energy efficient appliances .Category Business Energy and Environment Renewable......alternative energy. Solar, Wind Hydroelectric Power. For Homes, Cabins RV's. Crystal Pines alternative energy . Member Of Independent Power Providers.
Alternative Energy
"Crystal Pines Alternative Energy" Member Of Independent Power Providers For All Your Renewable Energy Needs "Among The Lowest Prices In The USA" We Will "Meet Or Beat" Any Northern CA. Alternative Energy Dealer's Prices. We Don't Run Sale Items Like The Other Solar Dealers, Our Prices Are Everyday Prices! If you don't see what you need, call and we will do our best to find it for you, or direct you to someone who can get it for you. We are based in Northern California. If you need local help go to; and follow the instructions for a dealer/installer in your area. or Authorized Dealer for: Xantrex's advertising policy will not allow us to post any prices other than retail. Please call us @ for lower prices! Siemens Solar Power Pro Authorized Dealer Factory Authorized Dealer For Bergey Wind Generators Factory Authorized Dealer For Tracstar Solar Trackers Free over the phone technical advice A recent study has determined that 1% of all the electrical power used in the U.S. is due to "Ghost Loads".

13. Alternative Energy Institute, Since 1977
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

14. World Bank Group - ASTAE: Asia Alternative Energy Program
ASTAE Asia alternative energy Program. The Asia alternative energyProgram (ASTAE) was established in 1992 to mainstream alternative
Contact Us Help/FAQ Index Search ... Topics Search More Options Home ASTAE About ASTAE What is ASTAE? Donors/Partners Strategy Contact Work Program Lending Operations Analytic and Advisory Activities
ASTAE Products Tools and Press Photo Gallery Useful Links ASTAE: Asia Alternative Energy Program
The Asia Alternative Energy Program (ASTAE) was established in 1992 to mainstream alternative energy (renewable energy and energy efficiency) in the World Bank's power sector lending operations in Asia. Since its inception, ASTAE has and continues to support a broad portfolio of alternative energy projects and activities throughout Asia. While lending operations are funded primarily by the World Bank and the Global Environment Facility (GEF), ASTAE has relied on a number of donors and partners to support its work program. If you are looking for information on existing and proposed World Bank/GEF-supported renewable energy and energy efficiency operations in Asia, best practices and lessons learned for alternative energy development, ASTAE's background and strategies, and recently developed alternative energy products, you have come to the right place.

15. Solar Power, Wind Power, Inverter Power, Alternative Energy Systems Co
Solar, wind, and micro-hydro electrical power systems for home, business and agriculture. Free system Category Shopping Home and Garden Solar, Wind, and power, wind power, inverter power, alternative energy your system powersource. Free design services by alternative energy Systems Co.
Solar power, wind power, inverter power systems and components. Alternative energy for your home, business and industry including free design and support services for your renewable energy project.
Power is everything...
A lternative E nergy S ystems C o.
an Advanced Energy Group company
Solar Power Wind Power Inverter Power Water Pumping.
Energy resources for home, business, agriculture and industry.
Open your own business!
Nationwide business opportunities in alternative energy...
Important Info
Design Services Product Line Support Service ... Passive Solar Alternative Energy Applications
Remote Sites Telecommunications Transportation OEM's
Laboratory Military Uninterruptible Power Utility Support
Government Water Pumping and Irrigation
Power Emergencies and Preparedness

Alternative (Renewable) Energy Overview- 240kb PDF

Emergency backup Stand alone power Grid interactive Solar Panels Wind Generators Hydroelectric Inverters Batteries Controls High-Tech Emergency Water Pump as seen in Home Power Magazine Click Here We really appreciate your visit to our site...

16. Environmental Organization WebDirectory - What's New?
ScienceEnergyalternative energySolar EnergySolar Vehicles Umass Lowell SolarRacing Team Student run organization which designs, builds, and races solar
What's New at the WebDirectory?
Science:Energy:Alternative Energy:Solar Energy:Solar Vehicles
  • Umass Lowell Solar Racing Team - Student run organization which designs, builds, and races solar vehicles
    Animals:Pets:Pet Birds
  • Web of Fantail Pigeons - Pigeon fancier promoting hobby
    Publications:Online Magazines
  • Environmental Protection Site - Dedicated to publishing the latest campaigns and regulations
  • Counterpoint Publishing
    Employment:Environmental Resumes
  • Environmental Studies Consultant - Rick Lavigor - Hon B.A.. in Environmental Studies, specialist in environmental law and impact assessments.
    Science:Energy:Alternative Energy:Wind Energy
  • Wind Energy in Hawaii - Hawaii's Energy, Ocean, and Technology Resources (State of Hawaii-Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism-Energy, Resources, and Technology Division)
    Science:Energy:Alternative Energy
  • Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion in Hawaii - Hawaii's Energy, Ocean, and Technology Resources (State of Hawaii-Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism-Energy, Resources, and Technology Division)
    Science:Energy:Alternative Energy
  • State of Hawaii - ... - Energy Branch
  • 17. Sierra Solar Systems Emergency Preparation Products And Information
    alternative energy products and information. Photovoltaics, hydropower, solar waterpumping, emergency power systems, overcurrent protection, inverters, batteries, solar hot water, propane appliances, and books. energy saving lighting
    Sierra Solar Systems Emergency Preparedness
    Providing alternative energy solutions since 1980. We specialize in solar electric, wind, hydropower, and solar hot water systems for homes, boat, RV's and wells. We are based in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California. Shipping is available anywhere. What do you need for emergency power for when the grid power goes out?
    A good quality inverter/charger, such as the Trace DR or SW series, and a properly-sized bank of batteries may be all you need. Your batteries will be kept on float charge when the grid is working, and if it goes down, your loads can be automatically transferred to your inverter/battery system without missing a beat. Then, when the electric company is back on line, your loads will be automatically switched back to the grid.
    What to do if you are concerned with the reliability of your power supply.... Alternative energy is not for everyone. It takes an extra amount of involvement and extra investment in the short run. Call it an investment in the future. What is required is living in a more conscious fashion than the average person. It implies taking an active part in how we use and produce power. If we'd prefer to let someone else, i.e. the power company, make these energy decisions for us, so be it. Rather than feeling powerless, some of us would rather take responsibility for where our power comes from and how it is used. It's just a part of reclaiming our personal power from the powers that be. For more information on emergency preparation, please visit the following pages........

    18. NAVITAS - Homepage
    innovative technology. NORTHERN alternative energy INC. Developingsmall wind farms under 2 MW in Minnesota since 1992. MIDWEST
    Welcome to NAVITAS Energy - Generating a cleaner environment Home Company News Wind Projects Windpower Info Buy Green Tags About Navitas Contact Navitas Navitas Energy, Inc. is a leading wind power developer, dedicated to providing customers with low cost, high quality, reliable wind power generation.
    Navitas Energy generates a cleaner environment with each power plant that we build. We sell Wind Energy and Turbo-Wind Energy to electric utilities, co-ops and municipals who want to give the people the "power to choose ... a cleaner environment." That investment ensures a cleaner future for us all and will pay dividends in clean air for future generations.
    Navitas Energy's wind farms have produced over kilowatt-hours of clean and cost-effective wind energy as of May 30, 2002.
    Busy summer for Navitas Energy

    NAVITAS ENERGY INC. Developing renewable supply resources and building wind farms with innovative technology. NORTHERN ALTERNATIVE ENERGY INC. Developing small wind farms under 2 MW in Minnesota since 1992. MIDWEST CENTER FOR WIND ENERGY Interpretive Center, Maintenance Facility and Inn located in the heart of Buffalo Ridge - Hendricks, Minnesota.

    19. Physics 162 Winter 1996
    alternative energy Sources. Lecture 1 (Jan 8) What are alternative energySources? ; Lecture 2 (Jan 10) The Need for alternative energy Sources;
    Physics 162 On-line Access
    Alternative Energy Sources
    This Course Available for University Credit Through the Internet
    Course Materials

    20. Alternative Energy Business Opportunity
    alternative energy patents in hydraulic motor assembly, and line boring machines for sale.

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