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         Alternative Schools:     more books (101)
  1. Alternative Schools: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary Education Issues) by Brenda Edgerton Conley, 2002-11-22
  2. The Challenge to Care in Schools: An Alternative Approach to Education, Second Edition (Advances in Contemporary Educational Thought Series) by Nel Noddings, 2005-05-30
  3. Reduction of School Violence: Alternatives to Suspension by Beverley H. Johns, Valerie G. Carr, et all 1995-11
  4. Physical Education in the Secondary Schools: Curricular Alternatives by Hal A. Lawson, Judith H. Placek, 1981-01
  5. Living An Idea: Empowerment and the Evolution of an Alternative High School (Series on Community and School Psychology) by Edison J Trickett, 1999-07-31
  6. School of the Pilgrim: An Alternative Path to Christian Growth by Brett Webb-Mitchell, 2007-05-01
  7. Alternative American Schools: Ideals in Action by Claire V. Korn, 1991-01-22
  8. How to Create Alternative, Magnet, & Charter Schools That Work by Robert D. Barr; William Parrett, 1997-03-01
  9. Teacher's Pocket Guide to School Law, A (2nd Edition) (Alternative eText Formats) by Nathan L. Essex, 2010-02-01
  10. A School for Healing: Alternative Strategies for Teaching At-Risk Students (Counterpoints) by Rosa L. Kennedy, Jerome H. Morton, 1999-07
  11. Effective Teaching in Correctional Settings: Prisons, Jails, Juvenile Centers, and Alternative Schools by R. Murray Thomas, 2008-09
  12. How to Establish an Alternative School by John Kellmayer, 1995-09-12
  13. Schools of Tomorrow, Schools of Today: What Happened to Progressive Education (History of Schools and Schooling, V. 8)
  14. The Hows and Whys of Alternative Education: Schools Where Students Thrive by Darlene Leiding, 2007-10-22

1. Alternative Schools Network - Home Page
alternative schools Network Home Page The Alternative alternative schoolsNetwork 1807 West Sunnyside Suite 1D Chicago, IL. 60640 Phone
Alternative Schools Network
Home Page The Alternative Schools Network (ASN) is a network of non-public alternative community-run schools in the Chicagoland area. Here you will find all information relating to the schools and the programs that they offer. About Alternative Schools Network ASN Current Projects ASN Published Reports and Books ASN School Directory Alternative Schools Network
1807 West Sunnyside - Suite 1D
Chicago, IL. 60640
Phone:(773)728-4030 Fax:(773)728-3335

2. Online NewsHour: Alternative Schools - June 27, 2000
alternative schools. June 27 , 2000. Alternative public schools for disruptive students.
June 27 , 2000
Alternative public schools for disruptive students. Elizabeth Brackett of WTTW, Chicago reports. ELIZABETH BRACKETT: Sitting quietly in class, 16- year-old Amy Allen doesn't look like a troubled teen-ager, but last year Allen was expelled from her Chicago high school after stealing the school watchman's car. She wound up in this alternative school in Chicago, which she now says is the best thing that could have happened to her. AMY ALLEN: If it wasn't here, I really think I would have went a lot farther downhill than uphill 'cause when you come here, it's like the teachers, they motivate you, and they give you, like, better things to think of. And they give you more goals to look at. And they make sure you don't do anything bad, you know? They're like, "you are going to finish high school, go on to college." And you know, that gives you, like, self-esteem. You're like, "hey, I can do it. If she thinks so, then I have to think so." ELIZABETH BRACKETT: The Crawford First high school is one of 12 alternative schools in the Chicago system. Though alternative education once meant a whole range of options to public education, in Illinois it now means public schools for disruptive students who are about to be expelled or Chicago School Board President Gery Chico says it is essential to provide options other than expulsion.

3. Alternative Schools
Students may be referred to alternative schools through one of the traditional Minneapolis public schools or they may
Contract Alternative Programs (pdf) Home Registration Alternative Schools
Alternative Schools
The Minneapolis Public School district is committed to providing a variety of opportunities to meet the needs of students. These programs provide a caring environment for students who need services beyond the traditional school day and during the summer to meet state and district standards. Students may be referred to alternative schools through one of the traditional Minneapolis public schools or they may choose the site. Contract Alternative Programs District Alternative Programs CONTRACT ALTERNATIVE PROGRAMS
Contract alternative schools are run by community agencies who hire staff and provide the facility. Their mission is to serve "at risk" youth. Students attending these schools continue to be Minneapolis Public Schools students during their enrollment. For more information:
Metropolitan Federation of Alternative Schools

Contact your school counselor or social worker
Contact any of the schools below
Abraham Lincoln High School , grades 9-12: 2309 Nicollet Ave. S., 55404; 612.872.8690

4. NYC Alternative Schools
The Superintendency of Alternative, Adult and Continuing Education Schools and Programs is part of the New York City Board of Education

General Information
Schools and Programs Office of Technology
-Email Gateway

General Information
Schools and Programs Office of Technology
-Email Gateway
-International Bridges

5. NYC Alternative Schools
The Superintendency of Alternative, Adult and Continuing Education Schools andPrograms is part of the New York City Board of Education. General Information.

General Information
Schools and Programs Office of Technology
-Email Gateway

General Information
Schools and Programs Office of Technology
-Email Gateway
-International Bridges

6. Alternative Schools: Fact Sheet
Alternative Elementary Schools. College Partnerships 10 schools with ‘CollegeNow” programs alternative schools partnering on college campuses.

General Information
Schools and Programs Office of Technology
-Email Gateway

General Information
Schools and Programs Office of Technology
-Email Gateway
... Alternative, Adult and Continuing Education Schools and Programs has developed accountability measures to meet and exceed educational standards for all students, including those who are not successful in traditional educational settings.

7. Alternative Schools Network - Home Page
alternative schools Network 1807 West Sunnyside Suite 1D Chicago, IL. 60640Phone(773)728-4030 Fax(773)728-3335 E-mail
4651 West Madison Street
Chicago, IL 60644
Phone: (773) 921-1315
Fax:(772) 921-1121
Contact: Nicole Simpson Affordable state-approved, small private school with individualized curriculum, open entry and open exit, vocational readiness program, college preparatory curriculum, child/parent center, pre-employment skills program, extensive counseling program, computer assisted resource center, and job placement assistance. ANTONIA PANTOJA HIGH SCHOOL
2435 North Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: (773) 252-0970
Fax: (773) 252-0994
Contact: Gloria Vazques or Patricia Munoz Rocha West Town, Humboldt Park, Logan Square and Hermosa areas. Dropout retrieval program for 16-21 year olds. 100 students. High School ISBE diploma. Art-integrated curriculum. Basic academic, socialization, and cultural skills are stressed. Assistance in job placement and counseling are available. $115 registration fee upon admission. BEACON THERAPEUTIC DAY SCHOOL
10650 S. Longwood Drive
Chicago, IL 60643

8. Alternative Schools
alternative schools. Marva Collins Preparatory School. Summerhill. Greater Rochester Association of Private Schools
Alternative Schools Marva Collins Preparatory School

Greater Rochester Association of Private Schools

Association of Waldorf Schools of North America
... Tyrannical Machines Homepage

9. FactBook 2002 - Alternative And Private Schools
, Specialized Programs. ·, alternative schools. ·, Facilities and Staffing.·, School Finance. ·, Private Instruction. ·, References. alternative schools.
California Dept of Education Help California Dept of Education
Fact Book 2002
Handbook of Education Information
Fact Book Home
Contents Preface Fingertip Facts ... References Alternative Schools

10. Accredited Education Online: Virtual Colleges & Holistic School
Free online education for physical, spiritual, mental health, including information on alternative Medicine, natural dietary and sports supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs and free diet plans.
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Music - The Dawn Welcome to FHU. This Online University is a Virtual School offering over 2,400 online degree programs, including many popular subjects and majors. FHU is affiliated with over 1,600 online schools and colleges.
At the center is a holistic school for natural health and healing from Orlando, Florida. Florida Holistic University provides free online education for health, nutrition, healthy lifestyle and weight loss, links to alternative health resources plus
We also offer a wide variety of accredited and non-accredited online education programs (popular subjects and majors), college courses, and continuing education. We have a Work At Home Career Center with jobs and career placement, online library and a self-help resource center.
Why did I create this website? For many years, I worked in the mental health field. I worked in a wide variety of roles. I was a Rehabilitation Therapist at a state hospital; ran public support groups for grief and depression; and provided outpatient education for a private hospital near Jacksonville, Florida.
During the more than twenty years that I spent in this field, I saw a growing need for education in the fields of spirituality and safe, effective natural therapies. Often, the therapies that were being used left much of the healing process undone. Incomplete healing only lead to more problems and additional hospitalizations.

11. TUSD Alternative Schools
Home Schools Alternative Education Programs. Alternative EducationPrograms. School, Phone (520) area code, Address, Zip, Website.
For Parents For Students For Alumni For Educators ... Schools
Alternative Education Programs
School Phone
(520) area code Address, Zip Website
Accommodation Middle See Joyce M. Drake Alternative Middle School ArtWorks Academy El Con Mall, 85711 Aztec Middle College East 2155 E. Poinciana
(PCC East Campus) Aztec Middle College West 2202 West Anklam
(PCC West Campus) Broadway Alternative Middle School 2102 E. Broadway, 85719 Downtown Alternative High School 39 N. 6th Ave., 85701 Joyce M. Drake Alternative Middle School 445 South Park, 85719 PACE Alternative High School 594 S. Campbell, 85719 PASS Alternative High School 2102 E. Broadway, 85719 Homepage Project MORE 440 South Park, 85719 Homepage Second Chance High School See Downtown Alternative High School Second Chance Middle School See Broadway Alternative Middle School Southwest Alternative High School (SAHS) 6855 S. Mark Rd., 85746

12. WCEA - Montezuma County Introduction
Southwest Open High School is an alternative school serving MontezumaCortez, Dolores, Mancos and Dolores County High School students.

The economy of Montezuma County is about equally divided between tourism, agriculture and the provision of governmental services. The manufacturing, distribution, and external delivery of services sectors are relatively small. For a company considering locating in Montezuma County, the economic structure of the county is important because of the "big fish in a small pond" syndrome. That is, because of the relative impact of even a twenty person company moving into the area, the private and public powers in the county stand at the ready to assist in whatever ways necessary to aid and abet the relocation of a company to Montezuma County. A similar factor is at play in the labor market. Though there is not a large pool of highly skilled workers, there are sufficient trainable persons available, who once trained for a higher paying job, are most likely to stay with the employer as there are not a lot of opportunities in the area for high paying jobs. Additionally, the worker is particularly good because he has been trained by the employer in the ways preferred by the employer and doesn't come with methods from a former employer that are unacceptable to his current employer. As part of a community response, the vocational/technical school and the community college are prepared to offer special courses as requested by an employer. The small, owner-managed businesses which have located in Montezuma County have found the area to be a very good place to conduct business and have been extremely happy with the quality of life that brought them here in the first place.

13. Alternative Schools
alternative schools. In 1999, the General Assembly allocated $7 millionto support the creation of alternative schools statewide.
Home District And Community Services Office of Safe Schools and Youth Services Alternative Education Section ... Alternative Schools
Alternative Schools
In 1999, the General Assembly allocated $7 million to support the creation of alternative schools statewide. Alternative Schools are designed to provide appropriate services to students who for behavioral or academic reasons are not benefiting from the regular school program or may be interfering with the learning of others. Alternative School Legislation Alternative Schools Program Links What is the Penny Buying for South Carolina? Cover, Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 ... Appendix Contact: Aveene Coleman
South Carolina State Department of Education.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.
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14. Alternative Education Resource Organization
A listing of alternative schools, including charter, independent, Montessori, and other unusual schooling options.
var code = ' '; document.write(code);

15. NYC Alternative Schools & Programs
Second Opportunity Schools See all sites, 10000 Beach Channel Dr. (718) 318-2216.Alternative Educational Programs in Detention Correctional Facilities.

General Information
Schools and Programs Office of Technology
-Email Gateway
... Detention/Correctional Directions to the School More Information Ballet Tech/NYCPS for Dance 890 Broadway 7th Fl Beacon School 227 West 61st St ... 560 Brook Avenue

16. NYC Alternative Schools - Technology
page. We provide a wide range of services to our schools. server. A growingnumber of schools encourage students to create web pages.

General Information
Schools and Programs Office of Technology
-Email Gateway
... - NoraLee Montemarano Updated 01/03/03 Teacher email for District 79 is now available. Read this Information
Look up your user ID
(this only works from school computers)
Log in to your email
If you need help with your school network (LAN), file server, or computer lab, we will send out our Instructional Support team. We can fix Web Filtering issues remotely. If your problem involves an office computer, a token-ring problem, or any "VLAN 2" issue, an Administrative Support technician will be dispatched. Our Administrative team also handles all telephone and PBX related issues. support contact: Jim Gong We run a number of servers. hosts most of our school web pages . Many of our teachers have web pages on the teacher server . A growing number of schools encourage students to create web pages. They have the option to stream video as well. Our latest project has been to use Blackboard , an online course management system. support contact: Olgierd Bilanow

17. Grand Prairie Alternative Schools
Ninth Grade Centers. High Schools. alternative schools. Partners In Education. SchoolWish List. Phone 972264-6141. alternative schools (HOURS 745am - 255 pm ).
School Report (pdf) GroupWise-Web Access Policy Online Search Engines District Calendar (pdf) Ed. Ctr. Phone List Online Staff Development Site Map Elementary Schools ... Alternative Schools Partners In Education Character Counts Administration Business Administration Communications ... Employee Handbook (pdf) EIC Agenda (pdf) Parent's Page Report Cards Supply List Attendance ... Britannica Get passwords from your librarian Guidelines Requirements Planning Forms Procedures ... Online Staff Development GRAND PRAIRIE ISD
2602 South Belt Line Rd
Grand Prairie, Texas 75052 Phone: 972-264-6141 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOLS (HOURS 7:45am - 2:55 pm )
Lamar Alternative Education Program

2099 Walnut Street 75050 Leslee Shepherd , Principal
Shelia Ensign, Secretary


Lloyd Boze Secondary Learning Center
Learning Center
202 College Street 75050 Hector R. Barrera , Principal Eloisa Del Bosque, Secretary HomePage Map: This page is best viewed in Internet Explorer 4.x

18. Anchorage School District | Schools New & Renewed | Alternatives Schools
Schools New Renewed. alternative schools. Indicates schools on the 2002bond. Middle Schools. High Schools. alternative schools. Pathway to a school.
Site Index Site Options Contact Us April 3, 2003 Schools Departments About ASD School Board ... myASD
Alternative Schools
Indicates schools on the 2003 bond
Benny Benson Secondary SAVE King Career Center Steller 7-12 ... Pathway to a school
Anchorage School District
4600 DeBarr Road
PO Box 196614
Anchorage, Alaska 99519-6614

19. Anchorage School District | Alternative Schools And Programs
Choices in Education. alternative schools and programs. 425 C St.,Anchorage, AK 995012323. More alternative schools and programs.
Site Index Site Options Contact Us April 3, 2003 Schools Departments About ASD School Board ... myASD
Choices in Education
Alternative schools and programs
Students have varying needs and some learn better in an environment different from that at a standard elementary, middle or high school. As in standard schools, students in alternative schools and programs attend classes and other activities throughout their school day. While the instructional methods used can vary, high standards are established and maintained, regardless of the school structure or philosophy. Students, parents, counselors or teachers may suggest one program or another, depending on student need and ability. Each program has its own admission requirements. Parents also may be responsible for providing transportation to alternative programs that are not at their neighborhood schools. For more information on each school, contact the school directly. The Anchorage School District uses a lottery system to provide an equal opportunity for students who request participation in a program or school other than the one assigned. Approval or denial is based on space availability and grade-level and ethnic balance. If the number of applications exceeds the number of available spots for a particular program, a lottery is used to fill the openings. Lotteries are held two times each year.

20. Charter Schools In Shasta County
alternative schools in Shasta County. Complete list of AlternativeEducation Programs in Shasta County (PDF). Charter Schools. Below
RESOURCES SCHOOLS School Home School Districts Alphabetical Listing Court and Community ... School Facts Location: home schools alternative Alternative Schools in Shasta County Complete list of Alternative Education Programs in Shasta County (PDF) Charter Schools Below is a list of Charter Schools available in Shasta County. Chrysalis Charter School (K-8)
Sponsored by the Enterprise School District
800 Auditorium Dr.
Redding, CA 96002
School Website
North Woods Discovery (K-8)
Sponsored by Gateway Unified School District
13929 Lake Blvd.
Shasta Lake City, CA 96019
School Website
Acorn to Oaks Charter (K-8)
Sponsored by the Redding School District
16280 Bowman Rd. Cottonwood, CA 96022 Monarch Learning Center (K-8) Sponsored by the Redding School District 20179 Charlanne Dr. Redding, CA 96002

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