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         Alternative Schools:     more books (101)
  1. Professional Negligence Litigation in Practice (City Law School Manuals 09-10) by The City Law School, 2010-04-12
  2. Language, Ethnicity and the Schools: Policy Alternatives for Bilingual-Bicultural Education by Noel Epstein, 1977-08
  3. Field Day: Getting Society Out of School by Matt Hern, 2003-10
  4. Law and Order and School: Daily Life in an Educational Program for Juvenile Delinquents by Shira Birnbaum, 2001-07-01
  5. Alternative Schooling in India by Sarojini Vittachi, Neeraja Raghavan, et all 2007-12-18
  6. Alternative Approaches to Education: A Guide for Parents and Teachers by Fiona Carnie, 2003-04-11
  7. Building Urban Little Schools by Robert Newman, 2000-02-01
  8. Socially Constructed School Violence: Lessons From The Field (Counterpoints) (v. 281) by Kimberly M. Williams, 2005-01-30
  9. Interim Alternative Educational Settings for Children With Disabilities by George Bear, 2001-02
  10. The New Century and the New Building of the Harvard Medical School; 1783-1883 by Harvard University. Medical School, 2010-07-24
  11. Last Chance High: How Girls and Boys Drop In and Out of Alternative Schools by Professor Deirdre M. Kelly, 1993-06-23
  12. Student As a Strategic Participant on Collaborative Problem-Solving Teams: An Alternative Model for Middle and Secondary Schools.: An article from: Intervention in School & Clinic by Laurice M. Joseph, 2000-09-01
  13. Children's Needs II: Development, Problems, and Alternatives
  14. Starting a Recovery School: A How-To Manual (Hazelden Professional Library) by Andrew J. Finch, 2005-01

81. P.M.H. Atwater's List Of Alternative Schools
Near-death experiencers, as well as anyone else who desires a healthier, more holistic yet grounded approach to the educational process, are invited to explore the varied offerings of the schools and universities mentioned here. This listing is not intended to be complete, but, rather, a starting point for what is currently available. I make no guarantees here; opinions expressed are my own.
(Prepared 6-5-02 by P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D.) ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY
Offers Master of Arts in Transpersonal Studies. Also has Continuing Education Programs, Spiritual Guidance Mentoring Program, Intuition Development Training, Distance Learning and Residential Programs. 215 67th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Phones: 1-800-428-1512 and (757) 631-8101, FAX: (757) 631-8096 E-mail: Website: CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF INTEGRAL STUDIES
Offers M.A. in Philosophy and Religion, and Ph.D. in Humanities Concentration: Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness. All programs designed to shape the intellectual, moral, and spiritual leadership necessary today. 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

82. Alternative Schools Advisory Committee
.. Welcome to the Home Page of the alternative schools AdvisoryCommittee (ASAC) of the Ottawa Carleton (OC) District School Board, .
Welcome to the Home Page
of the Alternative Schools Advisory
Committee (ASAC) of the Ottawa-
Carleton (OC) District School Board OC Alternative Schools Listing Resources ASAC Pamphlet The Alternative Vision Links Contact ASAC
The structure and organization of the Alternative Schools / Programs, allows for the philosophy to be implemented through a triad of responsibility shared amongst staff, students and parents. Students learn in non-graded multi-aged groupings and are exposed to an integrated curriculum which stresses the inter-relatedness of all learning and subjects. last updated Apr 21, 2000 ..........maintained by parent members of ASAC -......... for web-site comments please contact:

83. Bronx Outreach Center
alternative schools for former dropouts and new immigrants.
"Outreach for Success"
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84. Alternative Schools
alternative schools. Getting a Fresh Start. alternative schools. AlternativePrograms are additional educational settings offered
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Getting a Fresh Start
Alternative Schools
Alternative Programs are additional educational settings offered to students who, for various reasons, are having difficulty in the traditional educational setting. The Alternative Programs of The School District of Greenville County will provide short term intervention programs that offer a structured learning environment designed to address the academic and social needs of at-risk students.
  • All students are capable of learning. All students are individuals with unique needs. Students have a desire to be successful. Students deserve respect, acceptance and encouragement. Students should be provided a safe environment for learning. Students need a balanced curriculum that provides opportunities for academic and social development. Education is the responsibility of the home, school, student, and community.
  • Enable students to integrate successfully into the regular school setting.

85. Alternative Schools | GirlHealth
A web site written by a young woman about alternative schools her personal experience,facts and resources, and interviews with one of the founders and How can I finish my education while being a young mother? What are gangs and what is it like to be in one? I want to drop out of "regular" school. Are there other options out there for me? How do I manage my money? ... How do I find a good job? Info On Charter and Alternative Schools Resources This link has information on charter schools in California San Francisco Unified School District provides information on alternative and charter schools in the city San Francisco. Would you like to know more about the Oakland Unified School District Santa Clara Educational Options has information on alternative schools in Santa Clara county. If you would like to know more about schools in Berkeley look at a list of recommended schools from UC Berkeley Parents. Want to know more about charter schools in general Here are some of the alternative and charter schools in San Francisco.

86. Red Cliff Ascent Redcliff Vs. Alternative Schools
Redcliff vs. alternative schools. alternative schools are usually community runoperations for youth that have been unable to survive in mainstream education.

87. Chris Dunbar Paints Painful Portrait Of Student In Alternative Schools
Faculty Profiles Profile 2 Chris Dunbar Paints Painful Portrait ofStudents in alternative schools. In his new book, Chris Dunbar, Jr.

Back to Contents
Faculty Profiles:
Chris Dunbar Paints Painful Portrait of Students in Alternative Schools In his new book, Chris Dunbar, Jr. describes a desolate and almost surreal corner of the educational system, a place strewn with damaged young lives where on any given morning a police officer shows up at school intent on arresting a student. If not an arrest, then a fight or some heated confrontation erupts and profanity is so prevalent as to seem normal. All this takes place before 8 a.m. In class, Dunbar writes, the students “sit in front of you with a disgruntled look on their faces that says, ‘I’d rather be somewhere else, or ‘What does this fool want?’ The ‘fool’ they are referring to is, of course, you—the teacher, principal, or any adult that appears to have already passed judgment on who they think you are and what they think you are about.” The scenario Dunbar describes is not some Dickensian poorhouse or orphanage, but the contemporary American alternative school. “The alternative school has been sold as a bill of goods,” says Dunbar, an assistant professor in the Department of Educational Administration. “We’re told that because of its smaller size, the school is going to provide more attention and that students’ individual needs are going to be better met.

88. :: San Angelo Independent School District :: San Angelo, Texas
District with 20 elementary schools, 4 Jr. High schools, 2 high schools, and 2 alternative schools.
education job openings
Assistant Superintendent for Business and Support Services
Posted: March 27, 2003
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Elementary Teacher Grades K-6
Posted: March 25, 2003
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Elementary General Music Teacher
Posted: March 25, 2003
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Health Occupations Teacher Posted: February 18, 2003 get job details explore School Board Meetings Elementary Lunch Menus Athletic Schedule Job Opportunities community resources ESC, Region XV City of San Angelo Tom Green County Angelo State University ... Goodfellow Air Force Base state resources Texas Education Agency Texas Comptroller's Office educator resources Education Appreciation Just for the Kids! Office of Public Information San Angelo ISD makes every effort to keep you updated and informed on issues impacting our district and students. Find out how you obtain more information through our Office of Public Information Learn more.

89. To The Point Parents Using Alternative Schools Deserve A Tax
Home Publications To The Point Parents Using alternative schools Deservea Tax Break. Parents Using alternative schools Deserve a Tax Break.

90. Nicholas Johnson, Learn From Alternative Schools
Nicholas Johnson says traditional high schools have much to learn fromalternative schools. Learn from alternative schools. Nicholas Johnson.
Learn from Alternative Schools
Nicholas Johnson
Iowa City Press-Citizen , "Opinion," May 22, 2001, p. 9A
What can traditional high schools learn from alternative high schools? An earlier column described alternative schools and our district’s need for one. Alternative schools’ advocates believe traditional schools are failing some of their students. It’s not the students who are failing in those schools. Alternative schools address the individual needs of their students. They are schools students and their teachers want to attend. Schools with little or no graffiti, violence, absenteeism or bullying. Schools where students feel safe and learning takes place. The best of them are among America’s most exciting educational success stories. Why limit their accomplishments? What can traditional high schools borrow from them to the benefit of all? There are some things alternative schools do that we couldn’t or wouldn’t want to do in our high schools. Some we’d like to do but can’t afford. Other things we’re already doing. Fortunately, our teachers are perfectly capable of evaluating which of the alternative schools’ qualities are worth borrowing.

91. Open Meadow Alternative Schools
Overview. Open Meadow alternative schools incorporates a private nonprofitalternative middle school, high school, and work corps program.

92. Alternative Schools Mission
Student Services Branch alternative schools Department AlternativeSchools Mission. To provide a learning environment that promotes

Our Mission Table of Contents Student Services Branch ... Alternative Schools Department
Alternative Schools Mission To provide a learning environment that promotes the development of literacy, numeracy and pro-social skills and helps students transition to a successful future. We recognize that our students are deficient in the basic academic and/or social skills which are necessary to lead successful lives in our culture. Therefore we work hard at teaching our students how to read and write with facility and skill, how to operate efficiently in the world of mathematics, and how to make decisions and act in a pro-social, as opposed to anti-social, manner. We recognize that the fact that we are a school, the educational partner in the continuum of services offered to children and youth. We serve the critical educational needs of eligible students in Santa Clara County. Since 1958, we have provided quality school services to delinquent, disruptive, disadvantaged, and disabled children and youth. While we continue our historical commitment to education, we realize that we are not the solution to every problem.
  • We assess student performance, but we are not an assessment center.

93. Alternative Schools Accountability Model
alternative schools Accountability Model « Back. Beginning on July1, 2001, each Alternative School operated by the Santa Clara

Our Mission Table of Contents Student Services Branch ... Alternative Schools Department
Alternative Schools Accountability Model « Back Beginning on July 1, 2001, each Alternative School operated by the Santa Clara County Office of Education was required to establish a set of indicators for assessment under the Alternative Schools Accountability Model (ASAM) pursuant to the Public Schools Accountability Act (1999). The Alternative Schools Department has two sets of ASAM indicators, one for the institutional schools and one for the community schools. For the purposes of the ASAM requirements, a school is defined by being identified with a County District School (CDS) code number. Schools have varying indicators depending on which division of the Alternative Schools Department, institutional or community, they may fall under. [ INDICATORS ] County Community School The sites that fall under the title of County Community School have the following indicators: Attendance - Total number of apportionment days claimed for all long-term students enrolled in the school during the reporting year, divided by the total days of enrollment for all long-term students enrolled in the school during the reporting year.

94. Alternative Schools @
net, Return to Schools home page, Contact Us, Academy for Community EducationAnimal Companion Science Program Educational Alternative Outreach Program COPE

Academy for Community Education

Animal Companion Science Program

Educational Alternative Outreach Program

COPE Center North
This site maintained by the Office of Information Technology

95. An Article On The Leading Indian Alternative Schools And Their Underlying Philos
An article on the leading Indian alternativeschools and their underlying philosophy.
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By Deepti Priya Mehrotra
You could put your children in a school that hammers them into assembly-line products. Or you could choose an education that nurtures your children into creative, sensitive individuals. First of a two-part report from the leading alternative schools and their underlying philosophy
1965. All of four years old, I'm bursting with excitement as I wear my new uniform-red checked skirt, starched white blouse, striped tie. I've been longing for this day, green with envy as I see my sister go to the ' bada ( big ) school' every morning. Already I have tasted school-an experimental model school ' in which I've played on swings and slides, built blocks, crayoned and painted to my heart's content. I imagine ' bada school' to be a bigger, brighter version of this.
The day, however, turns out to be probably the worst one of my life. I have to sit at a desk, one of a row of small uniformed human beings. Uneasy, required to be quiet. I feel faceless, nameless. The teacher looks at us with lethargy and disinterest. I am chilled by the cold, unfriendly atmosphere.
Slowly, I grow used to my '

96. Revolting Librarians (1972) - Alternative Libraries For Alternative Schools
Sitemap Revolting librarians Alternative libraries for alternativeschools. Alternative libraries for alternative schools. Sonia XX.
Revolting librarians
Alternative libraries for alternative schools
Sonia XX
"I am never coming here again." "Well, that's what happens when an institution isn't run by the business field." "Is there a line or something? What am I supposed to do to get this copied?" These were tidbits overheard in my own hour's wait to get something copied at the 42nd Street Library in New York. Public libraries have reached such a point that (in professional lingo) accessibility is becoming difficult, or, to be more realistic, impossible. School libraries, which serve a smaller population, should be doing better, but six years in the secondary school system have convinced me they are not. School librarians are isolated and alone - separated from profesisonal colleagues, viewed by users as archaic, and pressured by the administration to be a showcase where everything looks good and nothing is heard. Not surprisingly, the school library is no exception to rules which ignore reality. Classrooms are dedicated to the pursuit of non-useful knowledge because a faceless bureaucracy dictates a uniform code of practice known as The Curriculum. This channelling leaves the school an insipid, uninspiring place to be. Cuts, drop-outs, drugs and insolence and students' frustrated means of communicating to The Establishment that all is not well. The school library I was in claimed to be serving the 4000 on the rollbooks despite a 60% drop-out rate before graduation. We were supposed to be ecstatic when there were over 50 students in the room. That was real cool, except most were present because the lunchroom was too crowded and there was no study hall. And we were not even giving FULL library service to any of those students. Usually we were helping write term papers for teachers who followed The Curriculum, while hoping to encourage some leisure reading along the way.

97. SDHC:Schools:Alternative Schools
Dropout Prevention alternative schools Teen Parent Programs. MissionStatement. alternative schools Teen Parent Programs information
Dropout Prevention Alternative Schools
Mission Statement
To Develop students' attitudes, behaviors, and skills so that they may be successful, both socially and academically, in an appropriate educational environment.
Vision Statement
Effective intervention today for success in school tomorrow. Alternative Schools Program
Administrative Offices (Non DJJ)
2934 East Hillsborough Avenue
Tampa FL 33610
Administrator: K. William Katz e-mail Alternative Education Other Programs ACTs
(Alcohol Community
Treatment Ser.)

11309 Tom Folsom Road
Thonotosassa, FL 33592
PAL/CHOICE PROGRAM MLK Center 2300 Oregon Street Tampa FL 33607 The Spring of Tampa Bay (Domestic Violence Shelter) PO Box 4722 Tampa, FL 33671

98. Alternative Schools For Disruptive Students
. Year....... alternative schools for Disruptive Students. Information Clearinghouse May 1999.State. Citation. Voluntary/. mandatory. Under whose jurisdiction.
ECS StateNotes Alternative Education Education Commission of the States 700 Broadway, Suite 1200 Denver, CO 80203-3460 Fax: 303.296.8332 Alternative Schools for Disruptive Students Information Clearinghouse May 1999 State Citation Voluntary/ mandatory Under whose jurisdiction Description Year enacted Notes AL none AK none AZ ARIZ. REV. STAT. §15-796 V district School board "may contract with any public body or private person for the purpose of providing alternative education programs." Placement contingent on approval of parent or guardian of named pupil, or of pupil if he is emancipated. "Alternative education" "means the modification of the school course of study and adoption of teaching methods, materials and techniques to provide educationally for those pupils in grades 6-12 who are unable to profit from the regular school course of study and environment." AR ARK. CODE ANN. M district or public school educational cooperative "Every school district shall establish an alternative learning environment" An "alternative learning environment...may be established by more than district or may be operated by a public school educational cooperative."

99. CATALYST, February 1997: Alternative Schools Update
There are several alternative schools Maureen Kelleher is a Chicago writerwho has taught in public and alternative schools. Who was referred,
See also:
Master principals find some fault with job criteria
From Golden Apple teaching here to ragged classes there
Referral criteria eased
Proposed requirements ...
Probation chugs along, real work to come
The return of troublemakers highlights program flaws
by Maureen Kelleher
Now that the troublemakers are beginning to return to their home schools, consternation is replacing relief in some quarters. Jerome Rhoades, a case manager at Aunt Martha's Youth Service, which runs one of the alternative schools, describes the first transition hearing he attended as "a major battle. This particular principal, he did not want to let this kid back in. He was basically hard as nails. I thought to myself, 'Jesus, this is not by any means the worst kid.'" According to Rhoades, the principal had to be taken aside and pressured into accepting the student. "I heard some voices getting loud," he says. "It sounded like [the principal] had no choice at that point—his decision had changed." Aunt Martha's, which has served up to 45 students at a time, has returned four to public schools.

100. Business Studies
alternative schools and Programs TDSB alternative schools offer studentsand parents something different from mainstream schooling.
Alternative Schools and Programs TDSB Alternative schools offer students and parents something different from mainstream schooling. Each alternative school, whether elementary or secondary, has a distinct identity and approach to curriculum delivery. They usually feature a small student population, a commitment to innovative and experimental programs, and volunteer commitment from parents and other community members. Students take credit courses in all alternative secondary schools. In some schools, courses are delivered through an independent study program. Each school varies in enrolment, age groups, and grade levels. For more information on admission and program, contact the alternative schools. Elementary Schools Secondary Schools Alpha Alternative School Jr. Alternative Scarborough Edn. (ASE 1) Alternative Primary School Jr. Alternative Scarborough Edn. (ASE 2) ... Search

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