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  1. Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment : What You Can Do to Get Better, How Your Doctor Can Help by Andrew Hall, Ph.D. Cutler, 1999-06-21
  2. The Amalgam Age of Comics (The DC Comics Collection) by John Byrne, Dave Gibbons, 1996-10-01
  3. Return to the Amalgam Age of Comics (The DC Comics Collection) by DC Comics, 1997-12-01
  4. It's All in Your Head: The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness by Hal A. Huggins, 1993-07-01
  5. Beyond Amalgam: The Hidden Health Hazard Posed by Jawbone Cavitations, Second Edition by Susan Stockton, 2000-06
  6. Amalgam, Risiko für die Menschheit by Joachim Mutter, 2002
  7. The Amalgam Age of Comics: The Marvel Comics Collection by Chuck Dixon, John Ostrander, et all 1996-10
  8. Autism, Amalgam and Me: Jodi's Journey Continues by Jean Shaw, 2004-12-20
  9. X-Patrol #1 Amalgam by No information available, 1996-01-01
  10. Liquid Amalgam: Managing Service Companies by Dave Dunn, 2000
  11. Super Soldier Man of War, Vol. 1: Rock and Howling Commandos(Amalgam) by Amalgam, 1997-06-01
  12. Geometry of Sporadic Groups: Volume 2, Representations and Amalgams (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications) by A. A. Ivanov, S. V. Shpectorov, 2002-03-25
  13. The 2009-2014 Outlook for Dental Alloys for Amalgams in India by Icon Group International, 2009-05-11
  14. Culture and Collections: Humanistic Amalgam of Tantra, Vaishnavism, Saivism

1. Amalgam-Related Illness FAQ, Homepage.
Nous contacter. amalgam, Jazz vocal à Paris
Amalgam-Related Illness,
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
we know that - dental amalgam fillings consist of 50% mercury
- mercury leaks from the fillings
- mercury is highly toxic and
- low grade chronic mercury intoxication can give rise to symptoms as; anxiety, irritability, fatigue, outbursts of temper, stress intolerance, decreased simultaneous capacity, loss of self-confidence, indecision, headache, depression, metallic taste etc... we do not know: - if the amount of mercury released from dental amalgam is enough to cause illness, even in the most exposed or the most sensitive minority of the amalgam-bearing population.
Whole site: [ Amalgam homepage Read the FAQ (Index) Download the FAQ Extra reading Symposiums / meetings ... Miscellaneous (thanks...) FAQ section: [ 0 index 1 introduction 2 symptoms 3 possible? ... 11 references
This site is maintained and 1994-1999 by Leif Hedegard. The latest update of any of the material at this site was 14 November 1999. The www-adress of this page is:

2. Mercury Free And Healthy, The Dental Amalgam Issue
Information about mercury amalgam fillings from DAMS (Dental amalgam Mercury Syndrome) Inc. and Consumer Category Health Alternative NonToxic Living Mercury and amalgams...... the first wealth is health Ralph Waldo Emerson Diseases are crises of purification,of toxic elimination. Hypocrites, 500 BC The Dental amalgam Issue a
Mercury Free and Healthy "the first wealth is health" Ralph Waldo Emerson "Diseases are crises of purification, of toxic elimination." Hypocrites, 500 BC The Dental Amalgam Issue
"a terrible sin against humanity"
Dr. Alfred Stock, 1926
Prepared September 2002 (first prepared February 1997) by DAMS Inc. along with Consumers for Dental Choice A Project of the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy 1424 16th Street, NW Suite 105 Washington, D.C. 20036 Ever since dentists first started installing amalgams in patients' teeth there has been an issue as to whether the dose of mercury is released from them and causes health (pathophysiologic) problems. This web page presents information pertaining to the dental amalgam issue. Subjects presented in the contents list are linked to subsequent portions of the web page. Contents List
I) Introduction
a) ...
Mercury in Dental Filling Disclosure and Prohibition Act
I) Introduction Ever since dentists first started installing amalgams in patients' teeth there has been an issue as to whether mercury is released and causes health (pathophysiologic) problems. Then in 1984 a group of conscientious dentists formed the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). One of their objectives was to scientifically explore the safety of amalgam restorations. Since 1984, members of the IAOMT have inspired many renowned medical scientists at universities around the world to research possible pathophysiologic effects associated with mercury leaking from amalgam restorations. Consequently, there are a growing number of scientific studies that document pathophysiologic effects associated with amalgam mercury.

3. AMALGAM Home Page
Automatic Mapping Among LexicoGrammatical Annotation Models (amalgam). HOMEPAGE. SCHOOL OF COMPUTER STUDIES HOME PAGE
Automatic Mapping Among Lexico-Grammatical Annotation Models (AMALGAM)
The AMALGAM project is an attempt to create a set of mapping algorithms to map between the main tagsets and phrase structure grammar schemes used in various research corpora. Software has been developed to tag text with up to 8 annotation schemes. This software is available by email and, shortly, using a web-browser. To find out more about this service click on 'Internet Software' below.




(These directory containing these papers has been taken off-line for maintenance
- please email Eric Atwell to obtain these papers direct).

(Includes information about the email server, its tagging schemes and the tokeniser).
(A collection of 180 sentences tagged with 9 different tagging schemes) A MULTI-TREEBANK (A collection of 60 sentences tagged with several rival parsing schemes) AMALGAM TAGGER'S USAGE STATISTICS LINKS TO OTHER SITES
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Mercury Poisoning from Dental Amalgam

amalgam model makers specialising in architectural models, model F1 racing cars at 1/8th scale, maritime models, prototype models, aerospace models and museum / display models.
No Frames model makers specialising in architectural models, model F1 racing cars at 1/8th scale, maritime models, prototype models, aerospace models and museum / display models.

6. Amalgam-Related Illness FAQ, Section 00; Index
3 IS IT POSSIBLE THAT DENTAL amalgam CAN CAUSE THESE SYMPTOMS? 4 DO I HAVE A (NONALLERGIC-)amalgam-RELATED ILLNESS? 4.1 No approved diagnostic tests exist.
v 2.9.1 html. Section 00; Index. Please double-check everything in this FAQ before you let it influence your thinking, there is a possibility that I have got something wrong - please inform me if so is suspected (be specific). If you are ill - you should see a physician , this FAQ is not intended to replace a physician. However you can read about symptoms / possible diseases, as a complement. Hg = Mercury.
CNS = Central Nervous System.
    • Symptoms in chronic inorganic Hg-intoxication.
      • Symptoms are typically non-specific.
      • No obligatory symptom exists.
      • A multi-symptomatic appearance is normal.
    • Symptoms of acute inorganic Hg-intoxication.
    • Symptoms of Acrodynia.
    • Symptoms in suspected amalgam-related illness.
    • Are we exposed to toxic levels of mercury from our amalgam-fillings?
    • Studies in individuals with suspected (non-allergic-) amalgam-related illness.

Automatic Mapping Among LexicoGrammatical AnnotationModels (amalgam). A MULTI-TREEBANK.
Automatic Mapping Among Lexico-Grammatical Annotation Models (AMALGAM)
As part of the AMALGAM project deliverables, the parse trees according to several rival parsing schemes for a collection of sentences are provided. Most of the parses were collated by Richard Sutcliffe at Limerick University, for the book: Richard Sutcliffe, Heinz-Detlev Koch and Anne McElligott (eds) , "Industrial Parsing of Software Manuals", Amsterdam, Rodopi, 1996. The parse trees for the following parsing schemes are available.

8. Amalgam Aktuell Neue Wege Zu Giftfreiem Wohlbefinden
amalgam, Quecksilber und andere Umweltgifte gefährden Ihre Gesundheit. Die Experten des ZHT zeigen Wege zum giftfreien Wohlbefinden

9. The Amalgam
For journals that embody excellence in writing and style. Membership entails optional participation Category Arts Online Writing Journals Web Rings......

10. Amalgam / Mercury Dental Filling Toxicity
Short review of facts from Holistic Healing.Category Health Alternative NonToxic Living Mercury and amalgams......amalgam / Mercury Dental Filling Toxicity. Obviously, not everyone experiencesacute toxicity effects from the mercury in amalgam fillings.
Amalgam / Mercury Dental Filling Toxicity
Back to Holistic Healing Home Page
An often overlooked, but extremely important source of toxic material is the mercury from silver [mercury] amalgam fillings. Some people who are aware of the situation are confused by the mixture of information available. Unfortunately, statements from dental trade organizations and on a few poorly-researched news reports have muddled the situation.
Here are a few facts about mercury amalgam fillings:
  • Causes Damage to Brain in Children
    In February, 1998, a group of the world's top mercury researchers announced that mercury from amalgam fillings can permanently damage the brain, kidneys, and immune system of children.
  • Amalgam Fillings Linked to Neurological Problems, Gastrointestinal Problems
    The first large-scale epidemiological study of mercury and adverse reactions was recently completed and showed that of the symptoms looked at, there was a link seen to gastrointestinal problems, sleep disturbances, concentration problems, memory disturbances, lack of initiative, restlessness, bleeding gums and other mouth disorders.
  • Mercury / Alzheimer's Disease Connection Found
    A study related to mercury and Alzheimer's Disease was recently completed by a team of scientists led by well-respected researcher Dr. Boyd Haley. They exposed rats to levels of mercury vapor diluted to account for size differences between humans and rats. The rats developed tissue damage "indistinguishable" from that of Alzheimer's Disease. Repeating the experiment showed the same results. Dr. Haley is quoted as saying "I'm getting the rest of my fillings taken out right now, and I've asked my wife to have hers replaced too." Also see:
  • 11. 1. Amalgam: Teil 1
    "Zahnärzte werden seit vielen Jahren mit den Beschwerden von Patienten mit amalgamfüllungen konfrontiert.
    1. Amalgam:
    Inhalt: Teil 1:

    12. AMALGAM Mailing List Subscription Insturctions
    amalgam Mailing List Subscription Insturctions. To name. To post a messageto the amalgam mailing list, send to amalgam@LISTSERV.GMD.DE
    AMALGAM Mailing List Subscription Insturctions
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    13. Amalgam, Chorale De Jazz à Paris

    14. Dental Amalgam - 150 Years Of Russian Roulette
    Collection of writings and resources about mercury in dental fillings.Category Health Dentistry Fillings......Dental amalgam 150 years of Russian roulette. Dental amalgam, the Linksto other sources of amalgam information. Adrian Millett's UK
    Dental amalgam - 150 years of Russian roulette
    What these Web pages are about
    What I present on these pages is not an attempt at a complete treatment of the amalgam controversy. It is mostly a collection of writings that I have, at one time or another, found necessary in order to answer questions that came up. There are important subjects I haven't treated and there is information left out that may support either side of the controversy. I wouldn't recommend that you take me or anyone else to be unbiased or a 100% reliable source of information. I double- and triple-check my facts, I actively look for and consider arguments on both sides. And I try not to say things that are misleading. But I am presenting it the way I see it. And I do make mistakes sometimes. Be skeptical and seek out other information, including pro- amalgam opinions. Try Leif Hedegard's Amalgam-related illness FAQ. This is an attempt at a more complete treatment of all the various aspects of this issue.
    Links to other sources of amalgam information
    Adrian Millett's UK Amalgam page has links to all sorts of information, including practical information on treatment and amalgam removal.

    15. What Toxicologists And Medical Researchers Say About Amalgam
    What toxicologists and medical researchers say about amalgam. Proponentsof amalgam consider these claims to be largely unproven.
    What toxicologists and medical researchers say about amalgam
    A 1995 symposium report sums up the scientific controversy over amalgam in this way: The controversy concerning the safety of dental amalgam has intensified in recent years. While proponents continue to reaffirm its safety by pointing to the millions of dental cavities that are annually being filled with amalgam without (apparently) causing any ill effects, opponents are demanding the immediate ban of dental amalgam, citing studies which demonstrate that substantial amounts of mercury from such fillings are released and absorbed, causing mercury to accumulate in organs and tissues, in pregnant women even in the fetus. Although the health consequences of the accumulation of mercury in the human body are not yet fully understood, mercury is receiving increasing attention as an immunotoxic element and for this reason it is suspected to play a role in the development of a variety of chronic diseases. Proponents of amalgam consider these claims to be largely unproven. They also point out that many of the symptoms attributed to chronic mercury exposure from amalgam fillings are too non-specific to be relevant, and they further argue that, in the absence of a suitable low-cost replacement, a ban of amalgam would have serious practical and fiscal consequences. However, in veiw of the mounting opposition against the use of amalgam, dental professionals in many countries are increasingly revising their previous positions and public officials are preparing regulations for the restricted use and eventual ban of all amalgam-based dental materials. [1]

    16. Amalgam: A Fiction Site
    Original fiction and works, including Star Trek (all generations) and Babylon 5.Category Arts Online Writing Fiction Fan Fiction Multifandom......An amalgam is an image made from aspects of many different images.I like to think of my fiction as an amalgampart fantasy, part
    An amalgam is an image made from aspects of many different images. I like to think of my fiction as an amalgampart fantasy, part therapy, part just plain fun. Below you will find links to my fan fiction and original fiction pages. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. As always, any story on this site is my property and may not be reproduced in any form without my permission. If you like what you read, please contact me at Enter the Holodeck
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    17. The Amalgam Webring : domain names, personal emails, url forwarding
    The Amalgam Webring
    The homepage of the Amalgam Webring, highlighting excellence in progress in online journals.
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    18. Mercury Amalgam Homepage
    Published research on the release and toxicity of dental amalgam fillings.Category Health Alternative NonToxic Living Mercury and amalgams...... Mercury amalgam. Is this any place to put the most toxic, nonradioactivemetal known to man? Mercury amalgam and the American Dental Association,

    19. CDA Fact Sheet - DENTAL AMALGAM
    DENTAL amalgam. Do amalgam fillings contain mercury? Yes. Does mercuryescape from amalgam fillings? Yes. Have the levels of mercury
    Do amalgam fillings contain mercury? Yes. Does mercury escape from amalgam fillings? Yes. Have the levels of mercury released by amalgam fillings been shown through controlled scientific study to be dangerous? No. Clearly, we need to be sensible about the information we provide to the public. Anecdotal information and simple facts quoted out of context without qualification and without correct interpretation can be misleading and alarming.
    • Mercury is a component of the amalgam used in silver-colored fillings. The other major ingredients are silver, tin, copper, and zinc. When mixed, these elements bond to form a strong, stable substance. The average content of mercury in an amalgam restoration is slightly less than 50 percent. For more than 150 years, billions of amalgam restorations have been placed and a National Institutes of Health report states that only 50 documented cases of allergy to mercury have been reported in scientific literature since 1906. One hundred million people in the United States have amalgam fillings and 100 million amalgam fillings are placed each year. Studies show that no filling material has been proven superior to amalgam in safety, durability, and cost effectiveness. Amalgam has been researched worldwide and no study has ever caused a professional dental organization or agency to recommend a ban of amalgam.

    20. The Public: Oral Health Topics: Dental Amalgam
    Oral Health Topics AZ Listing Category Listing. amalgam See also Restorative ProceduresConsumer questions Oral Health Topic amalgam.
    The Public Oral Health Topics
    A-Z Listing
    Category Listing
    See also:
    Restorative Procedures

    Consumer questions:
    Oral Health Topic Amalgam Filling You in on Dental Fillings Restoring Your Smile : Dental Filling Choices You'll learn...
    • What's Right for Me? Types of Dental Restorations Direct Restorative Dental Materials - One Visit Indirect Restorative Dental Materials (Two or more visits)
    Download the complete document: Microsoft Word PDF
    Need Adobe Reader to view the PDF? Download free copy. Return to Top
    News Releases
    Science vs. Emotion in Dental Filling Debate: Who should choose what goes in your mouth? (July 2002) Government Study of Dental Fillings Due in 2006 (July 2002) Dentists Reassure Patients Confused About Dental Filling Safety (July 2002) Dentistry Backs Proper Handling, Recycling of Dental Amalgam Waste

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