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  1. PraNeoHom® Lehrbuch Band 3 - Praxisorientierte Neue Homöopathie: Allergien und Mykosen, Zahnmeridian, Amalgam- und Schwermetalle by Layena Bassols Rheinfelder,
  2. The 2009 Report on Dental Alloys for Amalgams: World Market Segmentation by City by Icon Group International, 2009-05-01
  3. Amalgam - Vorsicht Gift. by Andree Benedde, 2004-05-31
  4. Standardizing the Amalgam Filling by Walter G Crandall, 2010-04-20
  5. The manual of receipts: being a collection of formulae and processes for artisans, giving the composition of various alloys, amalgams, solders, bronzes, ... and decoration of various metallic by Sidney P. Johnston, 2010-05-14
  6. The metals;: Their alloys, amalgams and compounds, by A. Frederick Collins, 1932
  7. Cadmium refining by amalgam electrolysis by Arnold M. Lansche, 1964-01-01
  8. The 2009-2014 Outlook for Dental Alloys for Amalgams in Greater China by Icon Group International, 2009-01-08
  9. Symplectic Amalgams by Christopher Parker, Peter Rowley, 2002-06-20
  10. The 2009 Import and Export Market for Colloidal Precious Metals, Organic or Inorganic Precious Metal Compounds, and Amalgams of Precious Metals in Latin America by Icon Group International, 2009-05-16
  11. Bat-Thing #1 Amalgam by Damaggio & Sienkiewicz Hama, 1997-06-01
  12. The 2009 Import and Export Market for Colloidal Precious Metals, Organic or Inorganic Precious Metal Compounds, and Amalgams of Precious Metals in Asia by Icon Group International, 2009-05-16
  13. Organic Amalgams: Substances With Metallic Properties Composed In Part Of Nonmetallic Elements (1911) by William Cabler Moore, 2010-05-23
  14. Silver Amalgam in Clinical Practice (Dental Practical Handbooks) by I.D. Gainsford, 1976-10-07

21. The Public: Frequently Asked Questions: Dental Fillings (Amalgams))
amalgam Return to Oral Health Topic amalgam Yes. Dental amalgam has beenused in tooth restorations worldwide for more than 100 years.
The Public Oral Health Topics
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Return to Oral Health Topic: Amalgam
Consumer questions:
Frequently Asked Questions Amalgam Are dental amalgams safe? Yes. Dental amalgam has been used in tooth restorations worldwide for more than 100 years. Studies have failed to find any link between amalgam restorations and any medical disorder. Amalgam continues to be a safe restorative material for dental patients.
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Is it possible to have an allergic reaction to amalgam?
Only a very small number of people are allergic to amalgam fillings. Fewer than 100 cases have ever been reported. In these rare instances, mercury may trigger an allergic response. Symptoms of amalgam allergy are very similar to a typical skin allergy. Often patients who are truly allergic to amalgam have a medical or family history of allergies to metals. If there is a confirmed allergy, another restorative material will be used.

22. Mercury Amalgam
Toxic Exposure Study Trust Foundation. Mercury amalgam. The Mercury amalgamweb page of the TEST Foundation has moved to the following address
Toxic Exposure Study Trust Foundation
Mercury Amalgam Is this any place to put the most toxic, nonradioactive metal known to man?
The Mercury Amalgam web page of the TEST Foundation has moved to the following address: Please bookmark this new web page for future reference.

23. Amalgam Fillings
Summaries of the latest research concerning amalgam fillings.Category Health Alternative NonToxic Living Mercury and amalgams......amalgam Fillings. Summaries of the latest research concerning amalgam fillings. Trigeminalneuralgia linked to amalgam fillings JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA.
Amalgam Fillings
Summaries of the latest research concerning amalgam fillings Mercury linked to heart disease

ROME, ITALY. Medical researchers at the Catholic University in Rome report that patients with congestive heart failure (idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy or IDCM) have vastly elevated concentrations of mercury and antimony in their heart tissue. They compared trace element concentrations in biopsy samples from the left ventricle among patients with IDCM and patients with valvular disorders or no heart disease at all. The IDCM patients had mercury concentrations 22,000 times higher than in the controls. Antimony concentrations were 12,000 times higher and silver, gold, chromium and arsenic levels were also highly elevated. Holter monitoring revealed frequent ectopic (premature) beats in all the IDCM patients and ventricular tachycardias in six of the 13 patients. None of the patients had had occupational exposure to the trace elements. Researchers at the University of Calgary point out that dental amalgams would be the most likely source of the mercury.
Frustaci, Andrea, et al. Marked elevation of myocardial trace elements in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy compared with secondary cardiac dysfunction. Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Vol. 33, May 1999, pp. 1578-83 [32 references]

24. Amalgam Fillings And Informed Consent
amalgam Fillings Do Dental Patients Have a Right to Informed Consent?*.Michael A. Royal** Introduction. History of amalgam Fillings.
Amalgam Fillings:
Do Dental Patients Have a Right to Informed Consent?*
Michael A. Royal** Introduction An individual may seek the services of a dentist for any number of reasons. After examination, the dentist may determine that the patient has a cavity and inform the patient that the cavity must be filled. Dentists usually do not consult patients to determine what materials to use. Most feel that dialogue with the patient on this issue is unnecessary. However, some materials may be hazardous under certain conditions. New research suggests that mercury amalgam (or "silver") fillings (hereinafter amalgam) may fall into that category. However, the American Dental Association (ADA) supports the use of such fillings and assures "the American people that dental amalgam is safe."1 The ADA claims that since mercury amalgam has been used for over 150 years, its safety should not be disputed.2 While its position remains largely unsupported by scientific evidence, the ADA challenges those opposed to the use of amalgam fillings (anti-amalgamists) to produce scientific evidence that its use is harmful to humans.3 This challenge has been accepted. The anti-amalgamists have countered by challenging the ADA to demonstrate that safe levels of mercury in human tissues exist before endorsing its use.4 The ADA has yet to respond. Both sides do, however, agree that "[1] [mercury] is one of the most poisonous elements known to man, and [2] mercury amalgam may cause ill effects in those people who are mercury sensitive."5

25. Amalgam
Similar pages 1. amalgam Teil 1 Translate this page 1. amalgam Inhalt Teil 1 amalgam = Hg (fl) + Metallegierung (Legierungspulver).Konventionelles amalgam enthält 53 Gew.-% metallisches Quecksilber.
National Board of Health and Welfare, Stockholm, Sweden Possible Health Effects and Dental Amalgam-A scientific review from an expert group to the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare Summary of the report , 1994 Mandate for inquiry The expert group's tasks was to investigate whether recent scientific reports, particularly results published since the issue in 1991 of general recommendations by The National Board of Health and Welfare (SOSFS 1991:6), warrant revision of the standpoint adopted in the above recommendations. Other scientific reviews on possible health effects related to dental amalgam Since the issue of the general recommendations by the National Board of Health and Welfare, The World Health Organization has published a criteria document on inorganic mercury and The Swedish Medical Research Council has issued reports from a "State of the Art Conference" held in 1992. In Germany, The Ministry of Health, Bundesgesundheitsamt (BGA), released information in the form of a report on amalgam therapy in dentistry in 1992, and in January 1993 The Department of Health and Human Services (USA) published a report. All these documents address the issue of whether amalgam can have an adverse effect on human health. The expert group has scrutinized these documents. In no case have these expert reports been able to show that there are scientific grounds for allegations that mercury from dental amalgam has an adverse effect on general health. Effects of mercury on different organ systems

26. UK Amalgam Page
UK amalgam PAGE. IS DENTAL amalgam SAFE? The amalgam consists of a mix ofmetals Generally 50% Mercury, 35% Silver, 15% Tin other metals.
The "silver" fillings in your teeth - Dental Amalgams - are still widely used by the dental profession in most parts of the world. The "Amalgam" consists of a mix of metals - Generally 50% Mercury, 35% Silver, 15% Tin & other metals. But is it safe to put so much Mercury, the most toxic non-radioactive metal known to man, into the mouth of a person? There is now a growing body of evidence that it is NOT safe to do so. Some countries, like Sweden, Canada and Germany, have either banned or imposed serious limitations on Amalgam usage. There is now compelling evidence from reputable scientific bodies (such as the World Health Organisation) that, despite claims from pro-amalgam bodies such as the American and British Dental Associations (ADA/BDA), Mercury is NOT "locked" safely in the metal bonds in the teeth, but can leak slowly into the body, possibly causing or contributing to severe illnesses. A 1991 W.H.O study indicates Amalgam to be the main source of Mercury exposure for humans. The range of ailments that have been linked (directly or indirectly) to low-level Mercury poisoning include ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Alzheimers Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and a whole range of "auto-immune" illnesses. In fact, just by damaging the human immune system, Amalgam could be contributing to an even broader range of illnesses. Want to find out more? Amalgam Related Quotes .. Some important quotes by some important people - short, simple, to the point!!

27. The Mercury-Amalgam Scam
Index to Fad Diagnoses. The Mercury amalgam Scam How Antiamalgamists SwindlePeople. Mercury is a component of the amalgam used for silver fillings.
Quackwatch Home Page "Holistic Dentistry"
Index to Fad Diagnoses
The Mercury Amalgam Scam:
How Anti-Amalgamists Swindle People
Stephen Barrett, M.D. More than half a century ago, Orson Welles panicked his radio audience by reporting that Martians had invaded New Jersey. On December 23, 1990, CBS-TV's "60 Minutes" achieved a similar effect by announcing that toxins have invaded the American mouth. There was, however, a big difference. Welles' broadcast was intended to be entertaining. The "60 Minutes" broadcast, narrated by veteran reporter Morley Safer, was intended to alarm to persuade its audience that the mercury in dental fillings is a poison. It was the most irresponsible report on a health topic ever broadcast on network television. Mercury is a component of the amalgam used for "silver" fillings. The other major ingredients are silver, tin, copper, and zinc. When mixed, these elements bond to form a strong, stable substance. The difference between bound and unbound chemicals can be illustrated by a simple comparison. Elemental hydrogen is an explosive gas. Elemental oxygen is a gas that supports combustion. When combined, however, they form water, which has neither of these effects. Saying that amalgam will poison you is as incorrect as saying that drinking water will make you explode and burst into flames. Very sensitive instruments can detect billionths of a gram of mercury vapor in the mouth of a person with amalgam fillings. However, the minuscule amount of mercury the body absorbs from amalgams is far below the level that exerts any adverse health effect [1-6]. One study found that people with symptoms they related to amalgam fillings did not have significant mercury levels. The study compared ten symptomatic patients and eight patients with no reported health complaints. The symptom group had neither a higher estimated daily uptake of inhaled mercury vapor, nor a higher mercury concentration in blood and urine than in the control group. The amounts of mercury detected by the tests were trivial [6]. Some studies have shown that the problems patients attribute to amalgam restorations are psychosomatic in nature and have been exacerbated greatly by information from the media or from a dentist [7-11]

28. Amalgam Aktuell Neue Wege Zu Giftfreiem Wohlbefinden

29. Verein Amalgam-Geschädigter Schweiz
Translate this page Krank durch amalgam-Füllungen ? amalgam ist ein Zahnfüllungsmaterial,das aus Quecksilber (ca 50%) , Silber, Kupfer, Zink und Zinn besteht.
Home Aktuell Verein Beratung Selbsthilfegruppen ... Archiv
Krank durch
Quecksilber (ca 50%) , Silber, Kupfer, Zink und Zinn besteht. Manche Menschen vertragen eines oder mehrere dieser Schwermetalle nicht und haben zahlreiche gesundheitliche Beschwerden.
Neuwiesenstrasse 5
3. Stock
8400 Winterthur
Telefon: 052 202 7905
Fax: 052 202 7906
e-Mail: Diese Seiten wurden am 29.12.2002 aktualisiert Die NZZ, ein Lobby-Opfer? Unsere Stellungnahme zum Beitrag der "NZZ am Sonntag" vom 17.11.2002 mit dem Titel: "Der Hysterie geopfert".
Zusammenfassung des Vortrages
Schwermetalle und ihre Wirkung auf die Gesundheit - update
Nachrichten Die Amalgam-Nachrichten, Ausgabe November 2002 sind erschienen. Lesen Sie den Leitartikel " Wie lange kann die Wahrheit noch verheimlicht werden? ". Mehr zum Inhalt Amalgam war schuld Misstrauischer Zahnarzt glaubt jetzt Patienten. Mehr ... Fischer Bericht Das Ende der Amalgam-Debatte?

30. Das Amalgam-Forum
Translate this page amalgam. DIE ZEITBOMBE. Das Forum zu www.amalgamdiezeitbombe.deWillkommenim amalgam-Forum. Zu meiner Homepage gibt es auch
DIE ZEITBOMBE Das Forum zu Willkommen im Amalgam-Forum. Zu meiner Homepage gibt es auch dieses Forum, in dem sich nicht nur Amalgamgeschädigte treffen können. Eine nette Umgangsform sollte auch in diesem Forum gewahrt bleiben. Also keine persönlichen Beleidigungen und Angriffe gegenüber anderen Teilnehmern und/oder anders denkenden. Ich bitte darum, die Netiquette zu beachten. Falls Beleidigungen auftreten, bitte ich darum, sie mir per Beschwerdeformular zu nennen. Ich werde den Beitrag dann umgehend löschen.Für Stammposter besteht die Möglichkeit den eigenen Namen farblich darzustellen. Bitte "Stammposter" anklicken. Die Schrift hier im Forum ist dunkel gehalten - für einen besseren Ausdruck. Ein Tip: Es finden auch Diskussionen in älteren Beiträgen statt, bitte "Neue Beiträge" anklicken. +++
Forum(incl.Amalgam-Die Zeitbombe) Das Web
CHAT Wann? Zur Zeit im Chat: Amalgamchat Wochentags um 21:00 Uhr
Forum Amalgam Sonstiges Netiquette Umfrage zum Chat Zur Homepage Witz des Tages ... Gästebuch
Besucher seit 15.Dezember 2001
Schreib einen Text Themen Heute ...

31. Amalgams
Academy of General Dentistry dental health fact sheet.Category Health Alternative NonToxic Living Mercury and amalgams...... amalgams Dental amalgam. What Is Dental amalgam? fillings. Dental amalgamis a mixture of mercury, and an alloy of silver, tin and copper.
Home Consumer Information Oral Health Topics Amalgams
Dental amalgam
What Is Dental Amalgam? Most people recognize dental amalgams as silver fillings. Dental amalgam is a mixture of mercury, and an alloy of silver, tin and copper. Mercury makes up about 45-50 percent of the compound. Mercury is used to bind the metals together and to provide a strong, hard durable filling. After years of research, mercury has been found to be the only element that will bind these metals together in such a way that can be easily manipulated into a tooth cavity. Is mercury in dental amalgam safe? Mercury in dental amalgam is not poisonous. When mercury is combined with other materials in dental amalgam, its chemical nature changes, so it is essentially harmless. The amount released in the mouth under the pressure of chewing and grinding is extremely small and no cause for alarm. In fact, it is less than what patients are exposed to in food, air, and water. Ongoing scientific studies conducted over the past 100 years continue to prove that amalgam is not harmful. Claims of diseases caused by mercury in amalgam are anecdotal, as are claims of miraculous cures achieved by removing amalgam. These claims have not been proven scientifically. Why do dentists use dental amalgam?

32. WPage / Who's Who In Amalgam
amalgam and all amalgam characters, names, and related elements arejointly held trademarks of DC Comics and Marvel Characters, Inc.
Who's Who: Handbook of the
Version 3.0
DC/Marvel: All Access #4
Unlimited Access #4 "Um... I'm in the middle of discovering a new dimension right now, Sue."
"It'll still be there when we get back." -Prof Richards and Ace Storm, Challengers of the Fantastic #1, June '97 Amalgam and all Amalgam characters, names, and related elements are jointly held trademarks of DC Comics and Marvel Compiled and created by Jonathan Woodward
Name [DC Character / Marvel Character]
Notes, comments, and blah-de-blah. BKS
If more than one character from a publisher is merged, they are separated by commas. A "?" indicates doubt, of course. "[]" is short for "[? / ?]". If the source is simply "[DC]" or "[Marvel]", the character is not obviously merged, though he or she may be changed (e.g., Doc Ock .). "None", "both", and "various" are self-explanatory. After that is a brief discussion of the character and the merging, followed by the codes for the books the character is mentioned in. The codes are: ASN Assassins BAT Bat-Thing AMZ Amazon COF Challengers of the Fantastic BRW Bruce Wayne: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

33. Bibliography Of Selected Scientific Research On The Health Effects Of Mercury Ac
Features a listing of selected scientific research on the health effects of mercury accumulation .Category Reference Bibliography......Bibliography of Selected Scientific Research on the Health Effects of MercuryAccumulation from Dental amalgam. 1. Dental amalgam Mercury Background.
Bibliography of Selected Scientific Research on the Health Effects of Mercury Accumulation from Dental Amalgam A THE ABSORPTION OF MERCURY FROM DENTAL FILLINGS Fritz L. Lorscheider, Ph.D. and Murray S. Vimy, DDS. University of Calgary Medical School, Alberta, Canada. Drs. Lorscheider and Vimy have shown definitively that mercury is continuously released from amalgam fillings, both as vapor and in microscopic particles, once the fillings are placed in the teeth. The mercury emitted from the fillings is transported to every part of the body via the air pathways, the digestive tract and the Mood stream, and accumulates in tissues and organ systems. 1. Dental Amalgam Mercury: Background. (A summary of research results on dental amalgam mercury to date.)M. J. Vimy and F. L. Lorscheider, Faculty of Medicine and Medical Physiuology, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta. May, 1993. Dental "Silver" tooth fillings: a source of mercury exposure revealed by whole-body image scan and tissue analysis. By Leszek J. Hahn, Reinhard Woiber, Murray J. Vimy, Yoshimi Takahashi, and Fritz L. Lorscheider. FASEB Journal, Vol.3, Dec. 1989. pp.2641-2646.

34. Die Deutsche Amalgam-Page, P0, Http://
amalgam-Vergiftung 12.11.1998 Als das amalgam draußen war
Die Deutsche Amalgam-Page
Wie Algen wachsen
Die Mafia bei der Arbeit: Die "Positivliste"
Text der "Positivliste"
Biowaffen aus Deutschland im Einsatz ...
Who is who
Netzwerke und Seilschaften
MLM-er: "Untermenschen"
Das Buch [ " " ] Meldungen der IAOMT [ IAOMT : Researchers Connect Mercury to Alzheimer's Disease ] Artikel [ Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Carsten Alsen-Hinrichs ] [ und Dr. rer.nat. Anke Bauer : ] [ "Neurotoxische Verletzungen in der Umweltmedizin" ] [ Danièle Weber: "Amalgam, das Gift im Mund" ] ... [ Michael Ferrio: "Nothing to smile about" ] Gifte in der Umwelt / Quecksilber in der Umwelt [ Qecksilbervergiftung durch Lebensmittel ] [ BGVV: Den Verzehr bestimmter Fischarten ] [ Offener Brief an den aid e.V. ] [ Fotokopierer und Laserdrucker blasen ] ... [ Gefahrstoff-Daten / Gifte ] externe Links zu Werken anderer Autoren: [ Infertility linked to mercury in seafood ] [ ] [ Hilft Vitamin C bei Bleibelastung? ] [ ] Minamata [ Minamata kommt nach Deutschland ] [ Dirck Halstead : "Paying the Personal Price" ]

35. Die Deutsche Amalgam-Page, 3. Edition, Http://
Translate this page Estate. Aribert Deckers. Über amalgam-Füllungen in Zähnen. last update deramalgam-Vergiftungen A2 Symptome von amalgam-Vergiftungen.
Aribert Deckers
Antares Real-Estate
Aribert Deckers
Vorwort Damit ist die "Die Deutsche Amalgam-Page" auch international keine der ganz kleinen Sites zum Thema.
Aribert Deckers Warum beschäftigt sich ein Journalist so intensiv mit dieser Materie? Ganz einfach: Weil es kaum einen größeren Kontrast gibt als ein staatliches und privatwirtschaftliches "Gesundheitssystem", das sich ganz massiv für einen bekannt hochgiftigen Stoff einsetzt, obwohl Opfer von Vergiftungen in Presse, Rundfunk und Fernsehen - und sogar mit eigenen Büchern - schon seit Jahren so deutlich vor den Gefahren warnen. Auch die Stimmen kritischer Wissenschaftler werden "vom System" kaum oder gar nicht akzeptiert.
Dahinter steckt Methode.
Also hilft nur eines: Selbst denken und selbst recherchieren!
- viele Dinge bauen aufeinander auf,
bis zum Ende aufmerksam durch! Denken Sie daran: Es geht um Ihre Gesundheit! Also nehmen Sie sich Zeit!
Falls Sie etwas nicht verstehen, fragen Sie Ihre Ärzte. Besorgen Sie sich in jedem Fall Bücher, zB aus den Bibliotheken! Was Sie nicht in Ihrem Wohnort direkt ausleihen können, kann in den meisten Fällen über eine "Fernleihe" besorgt werden. Die Bibliothekare werden Ihnen erklären, wie das funktioniert. Fragen Sie! Die Bibliotheken sind dazu da, Ihnen zu helfen.
Aribert Deckers
A1 Allergie oder Vergiftung?

36. - Looking For Something?, 468 x 90 Single Report Banner. Looking for something?Welcome to We've collected a list of resource sites'','_blank',"height=1,width=1,left=10000,top=10000,location=0,menubar=0,statusbar=0,locationbar=0,scrollbars=0,resizable=0"); Looking for something?
Welcome to We've collected a list of resource sites to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Find what you're looking for below or use the search box on the left. Thanks for visiting and we hope you we've made your internet experience a little better.
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37. Toxic Television: The Mercury Amalgam Scam
Manipulation of the media and public on the issue of dental amalgams.Category Health Alternative Non-Toxic Living Mercury and amalgams......Volume 3 Number 4 1991. Toxic Television The Mercury amalgam Scam by Dr. StephenBarrett There is overwhelming evidence that mercuryamalgam fillings are safe.
Search ACSH Site News from ACSH Alcohol Diseases Environmental Health ... Sign ACSH Guestbook Volume 3 Number 4 1991 Toxic Television: The Mercury Amalgam Scam
by Dr. Stephen Barrett Half a century ago, Orson Welles panicked his radio audience by reporting that Martians had invaded New Jersey on the fictional program War of the Worlds. On December 23, 1990, CBS-TV's 60 Minutes achieved a similar effect by announcing that toxins have invaded the American mouth. There was, however, a big difference. Welles' broadcast was intended to be entertaining. The 60 Minutes Mercury is a component of the amalgam used for "silver" fillings which also contain silver, tin, copper, and zinc. When mixed, these elements bond to form a strong, stable substance that does not contain metallic mercury. Very sensitive instruments can detect billionths of a gram of mercury vapor in a person's mouth with amalgam fillings. However, there is no evidence that this vapor is absorbed into the body or causes any adverse health effect. Dubious Claims Despite these facts, a small but vocal group of dentists, physicians and other holistic advocates claims that mercury-amalgam fillings are a health hazard and should be replaced. The leading advocate of such advice is Hal Huggins, D.D.S., of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dr. Huggins graduated from the University of Nebraska School of Dentistry in 1962 and received a master of science degree from the University of Colorado in 1989.

38. AMALGAM Design Consultancy
Similar pages amalgam och Kvicksilver är en risk för din hälsa!Optimerad för Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 alt. Netscape 2.0eller senare. Klicka här för att besöka utan frames.

39. Amalgam Economics
amalgam Economic, durable, debatable. The reasons for this dropoff, and for a fifthof US GPs having discontinued the use of amalgam altogether, are varied.

40. Well Within - Dangers Of Amalgam (Silver Fillings In Teeth)
Dangers of amalgam (Mercury) Fillings. Revised May 14, 1997. Pleaseinform haphazardly. Mercury Exposure from your amalgam Fillings? 9
Dangers of Amalgam (Mercury) Fillings
Revised May 14, 1997 Please inform yourselves before you get any more mercury fillings. Also if you are considering having them removed be sure to read the protocol for removal below and not allow just anyone to remove them haphazardly.
Mercury Exposure from your Amalgam Fillings?

Dentists sued in Texas over mercury fillings, Sept 04, 2002
State of California legislation regarding amalgam
Is AMALGAM Safe? Dec. 1993 The State of California passes new legislation. All Californian dentists who use Dental Amalgam must post the following warning clearly in their dental surgeries. All Amalgam manufacturers must display this warning on all amalgam sold in California
The Beginning of the End for Amalgams in the US 5/19/01

Title : POISON IN THE MOUTH : Broadcast June 1994.
BBC Panoramo Program
A New Law Concerning Amalgam
COLORADO ACTION - Governor Roy Romer has signed into law a bill to increase access of the people of the state of Colorado to mercury-free dentistry.
Amalgam-Related Illness FAQ
90+ articles on mercury
Pamphlet on the SILVER AMALGAM dental filling situation
Abstract of Article in Int Arch Allerg Immunl Does Amalgam Affect the Immune System? A Controversial Issue. Int Arch Allergy Immunol 106:180-203 (1995)

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