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         Amaryllis:     more books (101)
  1. Amaryllis by Jayne Castle, 1998-05
  2. Amaryllis (Urban Christian) by Nikita Lynette Nichols, 2009-04-01
  3. Amaryllis by Starr Ockenga, 2002-09-17
  4. The Eyes of the Amaryllis by Natalie Babbitt, 2007-08-21
  5. Hippeastrum: The Gardener's Amaryllis (Royal Horticultural Society/Timber Press Plant Collectors Guides Series) by Veronica M. Read, 2004-03-01
  6. Forcing Amaryllis by Louise Ure, 2005-06-20
  7. Amaryllis by Craig Crist-Evans, 2003-09-15
  8. Amaryllis Night and Day by Russell Hoban, 2002-01-02
  9. Amaryllis in Blueberry by Christina Meldrum, 2011-03-29
  10. Amaryllis at the fair, a novel by Richard Jefferies, 2010-08-28
  11. Sayonara, Sweet Amaryllis by James Melville, 1987-05-12
  12. Amaryllis Lilies: A Novel (Values for Young Women) by Marcie Gallacher, 1997-06
  13. Amaryllis, and How to Grow Them by Peggie Schulz, 1954
  14. Amaryllis (Ulverscroft Large Print) by Priscilla Jenkins, 1983-06

1. The Amaryllis
History, care, planting, environment, diseases are discussed.Category Home Gardens Plants Bulbs amaryllis......The amaryllis. Sara Williams The amaryllis is a tender, flowering bulb,originally from the Andes Mountains of Chile and Peru.
The Amaryllis
Sara Williams The amaryllis is a tender, flowering bulb, originally from the Andes Mountains of Chile and Peru. The plant was named after a shepherdess in Greek mythology. The word actually means "sparkling" and refers to the attractive bloom. The amaryllis was discovered in 1828 by Eduard Frederich Poeppig, a young physician from Leipzig, on a plant hunting expedition in Chile. Such was Poeppig's delight with his own discovery that he was, in the words of a biographer, "often compelled to relieve his full heart by uttering loud shouts of joy, to which his faithful dog and sole companion and witness of his delight responded with howls of equal delight." Amaryllis bulbs are usually available in the fall and in Saskatchewan are treated as houseplants. The amaryllis is a large plant, growing 46-60 cm (18-24 in.), with blooms 10-15 cm (4-6in.) wide. Colors range from pure white to salmon, pink, and red. Bulbs can be brought into bloom from late fall until early spring, blooming from 6-8 weeks after planting. Given proper treatment, they will continue to bloom for several years, usually in winter. Potting - Purchase large, firm bulbs which show only the scars or stubs of old foliage, but no new leaves. Use a light, well-drained potting mixture containing some peat moss. The pot itself should have good drainage and be about 8-10 cm (3-4 in.) wider than the bulb. The potting mixture should be about 3 cm (1 in.) below the rim of the pot (for ease of watering), and about 1/3 of the bulb should show above the soil level. Firm the soil and water well.

2. Amaryllis Bulb Company
Dutch sellers of amaryllis, bulbs and prepotted kits.Category Shopping Home and Garden Plants Bulbs......Free catalog, planting information, and pictures and prices of our amaryllisselection. amaryllis Bulb Company. Site Contents amaryllis Catalog,
Amaryllis Bulb Company Site Contents: Amaryllis Catalog Pictures and prices of over 20 varieties of Amaryllis. Planting and Care All you need to know to grow and care for Amaryllis bulbs. Potted Amaryllis Unique gifts, long remembered. Corporate Gifts Join our list of satisfied clients Contact Info Write, call, fax, or Email us. Welcome to Amaryllis Bulb Company
We proudly present our Amaryllis Selection, comprised of the finest Amaryllis bulbs Holland has to offer. Click any section to the left to see pictures and prices of our beautiful Amaryllis. We feature over 20 varieties. For basic information and advanced tips on growing Amaryllis visit our Planting and Care page . Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you enjoy your time spent here. Free Newsletter
Sign-up to be notified of the best time to order and receive amaryllis planting and care tips throughout the year. We will not sell, rent, or in any way share any of your personal information with anyone else.

3. Amaryllis - Institut De Beauté
Institut de beauté avec spécialisation dans la pigmentation / maquillage permanent et tous les soins cabines
en-tete corps en-tete corps en-tete corps en-tete corps

4. Amaryllis Informatique Ariège
amaryllis Informatique 09000 Foix, ariege. Vente de matériel informatique, maintenance, ordinateur, solutions réseau, formation, développement et internet. Le service avant tout. amaryllis. Informatique. Services . Formation . Réseaux . Internet. Logiciels . Ordinateurs . Matériel
Amaryllis Informatique Services . Formation . Réseaux . Internet
Logiciels . Ordinateurs . Matériel
Progiciel Cléa
La solution Informatique en Ariège ET Amaryllis Boutique
Informatique pour les particuliers
Ordinateurs - Jeux - DVD - Internet - Réparation - vente

5. Amaryllis
The large, bellshaped or lily-like flowers of the amaryllis and its hybrids make excellent garden subjects and pot
Horticulture Fact Sheet
Cooperative Extension Service
Paul A. Thomas, Extension Horticulturist The large, bell-shaped or lily-like flowers of the amaryllis and its hybrids make excellent garden subjects and pot plants. They can be grown as garden plants from Macon southward in Georgia. In these areas, they are used in beds, borders and for specimen plants. In north Georgia, they make excellent pot plants and spring and summer garden plants. When used as individual specimens, in mass plantings, as part of perennial borders or as low plantings in front of shrub borders, amaryllis provide spectacular flower effects. They have a wide range of flower colors from red, pink and white to combinations of these. Their large, robust flowers of beautiful textures add to their appeal. When properly handled and cared for properly, an amaryllis bulb may produce flowers for up to 75 years. Good quality bulbs of named varieties may produce up to six flowers on a single stalk.
Growing in Containers
When grown in containers, amaryllis prefer a sandy-loam soil mix. You can mix your own by combining one part leaf mold or composted manure, one part loamy soil, and one part coarse sand. Some garden centers also sell soil mixes especially for bulbs. The mixture should be slightly acid, with a pH of 6.0 to 6.8.

6. Amaryllidaceae - Amaryllis Family #1
Photos and descriptions of three lilies within the amaryllis family. Includes scientific nomenclature Category Home Gardens Plants Bulbs amaryllis......Traub's RainLily, Common Name(s) Traub's Rain-Lily Scientific Name Cooperiatraubii Family Amaryllidaceae amaryllis Family Flower White 1 trumpet-like
Traub's Rain-Lily
Common Name(s):
Traub's Rain-Lily
Scientific Name:
Cooperia traubii
Amaryllidaceae Amaryllis Family
White 1" trumpet-like flower terminal on stalk. Has 3 petals and 3 petal-like sepals.
Grass-like 8-12" leaves growing from deep bulb.
Stem 3-7" high. Black seeds form in three chambered pod on the end of the stalk
General Comments:
Related Species include Cooperia Pedunculata which is larger in all dimensions and Cooperia Drummondii which does not have the curled sepals and petals. Traub's Rain Lily also has a much longer tube than the Drummond Rain Lily
Copper-Lily, Atamasco lily, stagger-grass
Common Name(s):
Copper-Lily, Atamasco lily, stagger-grass
Scientific Name:
Habranthus tubispathus
Amaryllidaceae Amaryllis Family
Yellow Trumpet-like flower terminal on stalk. Has 3 Petals and 3 Petal-like Sepals. 1 1/8"
Grass-like growing from deep bulb.
6-12" high growing from deep bulb. Black seeds form in three chambered pod on the end of the stalk.
General Comments:
Formerly know as Habranthus texanus.

7. Amaryllis Info
On this site you will find information about amaryllis or Hippeastrum.
This is the site to get more information about a beautiful flower.
On this site you will find information about Amaryllis or Hippeastrum.
Contact Information
When there are any questions left after reading the next pages please contact us at

Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site. Last modified: april 27, 1998

8. Serveur Web D'AMARYLLIS
projets d'évaluation; Partenaires. Nous écrire


9. Amaryllis Web Design Internet Service Lincolnshire Yorkshire Humber
Independent web design bureau offering a total Internet package for the Humber/East Yorks region. Ulceby.Category Regional Europe Business and Economy Internet......Welcome to amaryllis Design. For approved web design from an accredited web designercovering Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, contact amaryllis Design now.
Welcome to Amaryllis Design
Amaryllis Design is an accredited web design agency that is Business Link and UK Online for Business approved covering Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. We offer a total Internet package for the small to medium enterprise in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. For approved web design from an accredited web designer covering Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, contact Amaryllis Design now. To learn more and to navigate the Amaryllis web site, please select an option. Amaryllis Design
Rosedale House
Station Road

10. Amaryllis - Edelsteine
F¼hrt ein breites Sortiment an Trommelsteinen, Rohsteinen, Halsreifteilen, Bernstein, Schmuck, FengShui Kristallen, sowie B¼cher zum Thema.
Amaryllis - Edelsteine

11. Home Forcing Of Potted Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)
From the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.Category Home Gardens Plants Bulbs amaryllis......Home Forcing of Potted amaryllis (Hippeastrum). The amaryllis (Hippeastrum)is a true bulb that originated in the tropical areas of South America.
Home Forcing of Potted Amaryllis Hippeastrum Revised 6/98 Author Reviewed 6/98 HIL-8529
A. A. DeHertogh
Department of Horticultural Science
Part 1 General Aspects The Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) is a true bulb that originated in the tropical areas of South America. Thus, it is a tender bulb. It performs best when grown under warm (70 to 75 o F) temperatures for 9 to 10 months to promote flowering and vegetative growth, followed by 2 to 3 months of either cool (55 o F) dry storage or cool (55 o F) growing conditions. The use of one of the latter conditions is required to promote reflowering of the bulb. Most marketed bulbs sold are greater than 8 inches (20 cm) in circumference, and are either Dutch, Israeli, or South African-grown. They produce 2 to 6 flowers per floral stalk, with the average being 4. Very large bulbs normally produce 2 flower stalks. Flower colors are red, white, pink, orange, salmon, and bicolored (mostly whites with pink or red flushes). Plant heights range from 18 to 36 inches depending on the cultivar, the country in which the bulb was produced, and home forcing conditions. Part 2 Indoor Growing of New or Replanted Bulbs Planting Plant in a well-drained, pH 6 to 6.5, sterilized potting medium. Do not use a medium that contains pine bark! An equal mixture of peat and perlite is excellent. Use a standard-depth (6-inch diameter) pot that has adequate drainage holes. Carefully plant the bulb, with 1/3 being above the rim of the pot.

12. Amaryllis Planting And Care
Beginners information and tips for advanced gardeners on amaryllis planting and care.Category Home Gardens Plants Bulbs amaryllis......Beginners information and tips for advanced gardeners on amaryllis planting andcare. amaryllis Bulb Company. PLANTING AND CARE. Home Pictures and Prices .
Amaryllis Bulb Company
Home Pictures and Prices This Page:
Quick Tips

Amaryllis-One of a Kind

Preparation for Planting

More Information

Quick Tips:
  • Planting Period October until the end of April. Flowering Period Late December until the end of June. Flowering time is 6-8 weeks. Larger bulbs produce more flowers. Always store un-planted bulbs in a cool place between 40-50 deg. F.
Amaryllis-One of a Kind
Of all flowering bulbs, amaryllis are the easiest to bring to bloom. This can be accomplished indoors or out, and over an extended period of time. The amaryllis originated in South America's tropical regions and has the botanical name Hippeastrum. The large flowers and ease with which they can be brought to bloom make amaryllis popular and in demand worldwide. The amaryllis comes in many beautiful varieties including various shades of red, white, pink, salmon and orange. There are also many striped and multicolored varieties, usually combining shades of pink or red with white.
Preparation for Planting
The base and roots of the bulb should be placed in lukewarm water for a few hours. Remember, if you cannot plant the bulbs immediately after receiving them, store them at a cool temperature between 40-50 degrees F.

13. Athens - Amaryllis Inn Hotel
Rates and online booking of this C' class hotel located next to Omonia square at a walking distance from the Plaka and the Acropolis.
English Greek
Athens 10553 - Greece
Tel.: +30-210-5223214
Fax: +30-210-5239713
E-mail : Member of the Official Accommodation Network of the Olympic Games of 2004. otel Amaryllis INN is a super ior C' class hotel and our second hotel from the A maryllis group of hotels. maryllis INN Hotel created in 2001, after our long-term experience in the hotel management area and after the complete and successful renovation of our other hotel Amaryllis . Amaryllis INN is composed by a very experienced management and staff who will guarantee you a pleasant and hospitable stay with the best care and attention during your stay in Athens. he reception is very modern with beautiful colors and on the first floor there is a lounge that measures 300 square meters, which consists of a luxurious bar, a comfortable seating room with TV, the breakfast room buffet type with seating for 120 guests and a free left-luggage room maryllis INN fully renovated disposes 60 very large rooms (double or triples), including 7 suites, large enough for families of 5. All rooms are with large bathrooms with full bathtubs, air-conditioning with individual control, mini refrigerator, TV, direct dial phone, balcony. Rooms on upper floor have a panoramic view of Athens.

14. Amaryllis Candida
Accession record from Connecticut University.

15. Waking The Amaryllis
Follow an amaryllis from its first waking after being removed from a dark closet to its full blooming Category Home Gardens Plants Bulbs amaryllis......Waking the amaryllis 318-98 The amaryllis plant has come out of thecloset after it's two month hibernation in the dark. I've stripped
Waking the Amaryllis The Amaryllis plant has come out of the closet after it's two month hibernation in the dark. I've stripped away the dead leaves, and started watering/sunshine. It is fun to watch this plant grow every year. I wonder if this year we'll have flowers? Last year it produced two, the year before, four. The anticipation is part of the fun! I'll be taking a picture every few weeks as it develops. I was beginning to wonder if we'd lost the amaryllis this yearnothing seemed to be happening for the longest time. But patience is worth the wait! The plant lives! The tip of the new leaves has shown itself. Now that it has started, growth is rapid. It shoots up as much as 1/4" a day, so far. Scott says that I should make an animated gif out of this when it is done growing. I just might tackle the project once I get the hang of constructing them. Rapid growth now shows splitting up of plant into multiple leaves. Height from the top of the bulb is now about 4 inches. Growing 3/4" to 2" per day it seems, flower bud visible above the leaves.

16. Amaryllis Info
Information about amaryllis or hippeastrum, including origins, culture, and treatment.
This is the site to get more information about a beautiful flower.
On this site you will find information about Amaryllis or Hippeastrum.
Contact Information
When there are any questions left after reading the next pages please contact us at

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17. Athens - Amaryllis Hotel - Greece
Rates, facilities and online booking of this C' class hotel located in the commercial center of Athens.
English Greek
ATHENS 104 32
TEL.: +30-210-5238738
FAX: +30-210-5225954
E-mail : Member of the Official Accommodation Network of the Olympic Games of 2004.

is a C’ class hotel and our first hotel of the Amaryllis group of hotels . Conveniently located
on a quiet road at the commercial center of Athens with easy access to many places of great interest, constitutes an ideal base for exploring the city.
n a small distance from hotel are Omonia Sq. (underground), the Athens Archaeological Museum, the National Theatre, the Main Railway Station and Syntagma Sq. (Parliament). Very next also there is a closed parking garage.
Full renovated disposes 57 rooms newly furnished all with private bath and balcony, TV, an automatic direct dial telephone system and all the rooms with air-condition.
ore than that there is a breakfast room, a meeting room, a free left luggage, a very modern reception in the same level with a comfortable lounge and luxurious bar with music, TV and 24 hours service.

18. Amaryllis Makes Memorable Holiday Gift
Discover how to prepare an amaryllis plant for giving it as a present.
Consumer Horticulture Gardening News Gardening Publications Master Gardener ... Purdue Home Page
Amaryllis Makes Memorable Holiday Gift
Released: 12-18-97 B. Rosie Lerner
Extension Consumer Horticulture Specialist If you're shopping for a striking gift for that special gardener, the amaryllis may be just what you're looking for. The amaryllis is a tender bulb that can't survive outdoors even in the mildest Indiana winters. But it can be grown indoors to provide a dramatic show of color during dreary winter months. The showy flowers range from crimson, scarlet, rose, lavender, white or bi-colored combinations. Although each plant may only produce one cluster of two to four blooms, individual blossoms can reach up to 8 inches in diameter at their peak. The flowers are borne on a tall, stout stem about 2 feet tall. If you want the plant to be in bloom in time for the holiday, buy one that is already in bud or just beginning to flower. The blooms will last longer if you keep the plant in a cool location, around 65 degrees F. If kept in warmer environments, the flower stalks may become weak and require staking to support the weight of the blossoms. If you opt instead for an amaryllis bulb kit, you just might have blooms in time for Valentine's Day! Bulbs should be potted containers that are only a little larger in diameter than the bulbs themselves. Be sure containers provide drainage so excess water can escape. Pour a layer of good-quality potting soil mix into the bottom of the container, then place the bulb so that the pointed end is facing up. Water thoroughly to establish good bulb-to-soil contact. Then place in a sunny windowsill in a cool location, preferably, 55-65 degrees F. The plants should bloom within six to eight weeks.

19. Diamond Amaryllis-The Ravings Of A Madwoman
A collection of original poems and also a collection of poetry submitted by site viewers. Includes photos and a bio.
Diamond Amaryllis-The Ravings of a Madwoman
About Me Photo Page 1 Photo Page 2 Photo Page 3 ... My Favorite Links Welcome to The Madness! My name is Summer, I'm 23 years old, and I live in Louisiana. I have two daughters, which makes for interesting days, Isabelle Kay and Leilani Elise. I am madly in love with a wonderful man, Scott, and we are planning to spend the rest of our lives together. I write poetry very often and so I will be posting some of my poems here on this site. I will also post poems written by other people giving that they cooperate and submit them to me. Every now and then a quote, passage, or poem will catch my interest and I'll post those occasionally as well. There is also a photo page, cause I know how you people love looking at pictures. It's rather small at the moment, but hopefully I will be able to expand it as I receive photos from people. I hope you enjoy my page, if not, pretend you do.
Go on, click on it, you know you love to mess with people's minds.
Bitch, Rant, Moan, and Groan.

20. Amaryllis Classic Cars
amaryllis is uw dealer voor een klassieker of oldtimer, gespecialiseerd in Mercedes SL. Op de site vindt U een greep uit onze voorraad classic cars inclusief een foto en gegevens van de auto's.
Site produktie:
A maryllis is uw dealer voor een klassieker of oldtimer, gespecialiseerd in Mercedes SL. Wij zijn gevestigd in De Kwakel, gemeente Uithoorn. Op deze site vindt U een greep uit onze voorraad inclusief een foto en gegevens van de auto's. Op de contact pagina kunt U ons een zoekopdracht geven en vindt U een routebeschrijving naar de showroom. Tevens kunt u uw klassieker aan ons aanbieden . U kunt op één van de auto's klikken om verder te gaan.

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