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         American Famous People Biographies:     more books (100)
  1. John Paul Jones: Heroe De LA Marina Estadounidense (Primary Sources of Famous People in American History.) (Spanish Edition) by Tracie Egan, 2004-12
  2. Benjamin Franklin: Early American Genius (Famous People in American History) by Maya Glass, 2003-10
  3. The Angel of Goliad: Francisca Alvarez Saves Lives in the Texas War for Independence (Primary Sources of Famous People in American History) by Joanne Randolph, 2004-01
  4. PAUL REVERE: FREEDOM RIDER JUNETE DE LA GUERRA DE INDEPENDENCIA (Primary Sources of Famous People in American History) (Spanish Edition) by Rose McCarthy, 2003-12
  5. Wild Bill Hickock: Legend of the Wild West / Leyende Del Oeste Americano (Primary Sources of Famous People in American History (Spanish & English).) (Spanish Edition) by Larissa Phillips, 2003-12
  6. Davy Crockett: Frontier Hero (Primary Sources of Famous People in American History) by J. T. Moriarty, 2003-08
  7. Famous Black Entertainers of Today (Famous Biographies for Young People) by Raoul Abdul, 1974-03
  8. Contemporary American Success Stories: Famous People of Hispanic Heritage/ Ages 4-10 by Barbara J. Marvis, 1996-09
  9. Famous modern newspaper writers, (Famous biographies for young people) by Mildred Lewis, 1963
  10. Famous New England Authors (Famous Biographies for Young People) by Laura Benet, 1970-06
  11. 100 Famous Americans Who Changed American History (People Who Changed American History) by Samuel Willard Crompton, 2005-01
  12. Sojourner Truth: Equal Rights Advocate (Famous People in American History) by Kathleen Collins, 2003-10
  13. Alexander Hamilton/Alexander Hamilton: Estadista Estadounidense (Primary Sources of Famous People in American History (Spanish & English).) (Spanish Edition) by Aleine Degraw, 2003-12
  14. Female Scripture Biographies, Volume II by Francis Augustus Cox, 2010-03-25

81. Education World® - *History : By Region : North America : USA : Famous People :
american Experience The Presidents PBS series devoted to american history includesa section on the US Presidents. Find featured biographies, a teachers guide

82. North Georgia People
to acculturation Major Ridge led his people on the the early development of the AmericanArmed Forces Suches, Georgia, Arthur Woody becam famous for restocking
The Georgia Renaissance Festival Biographies
of North Georgia Each person who appears here is from North Georgia, lived in North Georgia or had a profound effect on the people in the North Georgia area. Charles Henry Smith ("Bill Arp")
Humorist whose popular post un Civil War commentary was published in the Atlanta Constitution.
William Bartram
Naturalist and explorer, William Bartram visited the Southeast United States with his father and later by himself.
Martha Berry, Georgia educator and founder of Berry College
From her early adult life until her death in 1942, Ms. Berry dedicated her life to helping others through education.
Elias Boudinot, Editor of the Cherokee Phoenix
Young Cherokee leader who fought for the Nation with words. Editor of the Cherokee Phoenix
Braxton Bragg, Confederate General, Commander, Army of Tennessee
Hero of the War with Mexico, Bragg's brilliant advance to Kentucky was followed by retreat to Chickamauga and his siege of Chattanooga.
Joseph "Joe" Brown, Georgia Governor, Senator
From his early life in rural North Georgia, to his rule during the Civil War, and in later life as senator and president of the WARR, Joe Brown touched the lives of most North Georgians
Patrick Cleburne, Confederate General

83. Spotlight Biography Inventors
Most people scoffed at the idea of a telephone in deaf to speak one of his most famousstudents was Laboratory and ten years later the american Association to

84. AFRO-AMERICAN ALMANAC - African-American History Resource
The AFROamerican Almanac provides an engaging and comtemplative exploration of the origins of the African in America.


Osborne P. Anderson
James Pierson Beckwourth Eugene Jacques Bullard George Washington Bush ... The Golden Thirteen
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85. - Black History
Profiles of prominent Africanamerican personalities, ranging from Civil Rights Activist Malcolm X Category Society Ethnicity Events Black History Month......

86. The TIME 100
One century, 100 remarkable people. TIME has profiled those individuals The Most Influential people. Phonies and Frauds global approach to the century's most important people

> Person of the Century

Who Do You Think Was Person of the Century? See the results of our online poll!
The TIME 100 Challenge

Can You Identify the TIME 100? Play a Shockwave game to find out
f e a t u r e d p r o f i l e
Albert Einstein
With just a pen and paper, he peeked farther behind Nature's curtain than anyone had since Newton then spent the rest of his years living it down. Now, when we think of genius, we see his face.
Full story

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87. Who2 Homepage
Click Here. Invasion of Iraq Begins. US president George W. Bush hasordered american forces to begin attacking the country of Iraq.
New Profile: El Cid Perhaps you saw the movie one week in high school English class, with stern-jawed Charlton Heston and voluptuous Sophia Loren . Or perhaps you're a rabid fan of medieval Spanish history. Either way, you're sure to enjoy our new profile on the legendary conqueror of Valencia, El Cid . Take a peek , won't you? Can you tell El Cid from Elvira ? Prove it by taking our whimsical Who2 Quiz Who Popular? Today's hottest profiles
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Letters from users It Happened in April:
Robert Peary
reaches the North Pole (1909)
Abraham Lincoln
assassinated (1865)
Adolf Hitler
commits suicide (1945)
Model Alessandra Ambrosio born (1981)
King George VI marries the Queen Mum
Auto racer Dale Earnhardt born (1951)
Proto- Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe dies (1962)
Famous auto endings Super-sized demises Activists for animals Ingrid, Tyra, Eva and more The men behind the microphone Toby Keith Thomas E. Selfridge Oliver Cromwell Carson McCullers ... Shop for posters!

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