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         American History 1940s 50s & 60s:     more detail
  1. Looking Back Lane County: The 1940s, '50s, and '60s

1. How Did The '50s Ever Beget The '60s? With E.J. Dionne And Allan Carlson [Two Vi
A liberal and a conservative find precursors to the Age of Aquarius in the Eisenhower era How Did the '50s Ever Beget the '60s? Nostalgia for the 1950s looms large in american politics, crossing partisan and philosophical lines. 1940s and 50s were military veterans, men shaped by a common training in obedience and regimentation. This unprecedented development in american history
V iews A liberal and a conservative find precursors
to the Age of Aquarius in the Eisenhower era How Did the '50s Ever Beget the '60s?
E.J. Dionne
N ostalgia for the 1950s looms large in American politics, crossing partisan and philosophical lines. The Right yearns for the stability, order, and authority ascribed to that decade. The Left recalls the period as a time of equitably distributed economic growth, strong labor unions, and some semblance of loyalty between employer and employee. So how could the stability of the 1950s give way to the uproar of the 1960s? Because the ’50s were not nearly as stable as they looked. The ’60s could be seen as the working out (not always successfully) of the many tensions the 1950s embodied: in family life, on racial matters, in politics, and in the culture. In Women and the Common Life , Christopher Lasch flatly declares that the family "where the husband goes out to work and the wife stays home...was a mid-twentieth-century innovation." Previously, less affluent women had always had to work, and more affluent women played active, if often unpaid, public roles. Betty Friedan’s powerful feminist polemic, The Feminine Mystique (1963), could be seen as a rational response to "the plight of suburban women" cut off from involvement in the public sphere. Something had to give in the organization of women’s roles, and the result was the rise of feminism. The country’s huge commitment in the ’50s to the education of both men and women also fed feminism. It was absurd to pretend that large numbers of educated women would choose to remain disengaged from public life.

2. The History Of Jim Crow
1940s and 50s. Japanese american from 50s. Joseph Holloway. California history professor Joseph Holloway recounts a lynching he witnessed while driving through Texas in the early 60s.

Jim Crow Gateway

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Jim Crow First Hand Narratives
People who lived through the Jim Crow years offer keen and very personal perspective on how Jim Crow shaped, and still shapes, their lives. These narratives are drawn from a sampling of men and women from all over the nation and from all walks of life. Their stories provide insight into the complexity of the Jim Crow experience, its brutal and personal reality, and the meaning of the words "enduring Jim Crow." No two stories are alike, but all depict an aspect of human experience during this shameful period of historya period that affected us all, regardless of race, gender, or economic status. To help students document their own first account narratives, click here . If you have a story to tell, please Contact Us Read these excerpted texts from the narratives below on the following topics: The Church Segregated Education Sharecropping Jim Crow Etiquette ... Pearls of Wisdom For additional first-person experiences of life under Jim Crow, visit

3. — Focus Over Fifty — Sharing Your Witness To History
You survived the Red Scare of the '50s, the war protests of the '60s and the polyester leisure suits of the '70s. So how about passing along some of those memories to today's kids? to history simply by recounting who you were and the times you grew up in. If you were an Africanamerican growing what were the 1940s, '50s and '60s like?
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Sharing Your Witness to History
Sometimes, re-living the past is a GOOD thing! By Roberta Rand Have you ever considered that just by virtue of the years you've lived, you are a walking, breathing history book? If you're between 50 and 65, you may remember the end of World War II, game show scandals, "Elvis the Pelvis," dancing to the music on American Bandstand and watching the Beatles' first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. You may have been the first kid on your block to own saddle shoes, a hula hoop or a Daniel Boone coonskin cap. If you're between 50 and 65, you may remember the end of World War II, game show scandals, "Elvis the Pelvis" and watching the Beatles' first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. You lived through the days of fallout shelters, the Space Race and the Cold War. You remember Dick and Jane, the Edsel (the car that looked like it was sucking a lemon) and the first TV sets. You loved Lucy and marvelled when "Bonanza" was broadcast "in living color." You also witnessed the turmoil of Vietnam, the Civil Rights movement, and the assassinations of JFK, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. In short, you are a veritable encyclopedia of people, places and events that children nowadays experience mainly through dry-as-dust textbooks. Imagine making history come alive for kids by sharing what past historic events meant to you — when they were actually happening. You can bring dimension and meaning to history simply by recounting who you were and the times you grew up in.

4. Chemung Valley History Museum.
County Memories VOLUME II The 1940s, ’50s ’60s Chemung County Historical SocietySeeks american War Veterans CCHS to host an Oral history Open House Nov
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Latest News Our Latest News The Booth Library Commemorates National Library Week Apr. 6-12, 2003 The Booth Library Acquires Personius Bros.' Civil War Letters Museum Receives NYSCA Grant for Architectural Planning The Chemung County Historical Society Acquires Sullivan Campaign Document ... CCHS to host an Oral History Open House Nov. 9 Exhibitions New African American History Exhibit at Chemung Valley History Museum 607-734-4167, fax 607-734-1565 Contact us by email: A Command Consulting Site

5. Impulse! Records History
A recording ban was imposed by the american Federation of Musicians during the warbut vocalists were Through the late 1940s, '50s, and '60s, a variety of

6. SmartEngine - SmartGuide ( IMDB : 1940s )
All about IMDB 1940s from of many american nuclear tests in the 1940s and 1950s. history Minor Leagues. Craig's BigBands and BigNames. Historic reviews and photos from performers of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.
SmartGuide Web Auctions
IMDB : 1940s
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    8. Hyperhistory Article Display
    for the attack on racial segregation during the 1940s, '50s, and '60s. Comments orSuggestions © The Gilder Lehrman Institute of american history, 2001.

    9. Hoosier History Fest Schedule
    1100am500pm, Conner Prairie living history museum presents Nielander and Gary Cope,Native american flute music. Display of bicycles of the 1940s, 50s and 60s.
    Hoosier History Fest Schedule of Activities
    (as of 6/22/02)
    TIME NAME DESCRIPTION Susan and Gary Brown Parade of Uniforms Narrated by Mike Dollinger George Washington Portrayed by Steve Black Private George Washington, 28th Indiana Colored Infantry Portrayed by Khabir Shareef Freetown Village presents Reverend Samuel P. Strong African-American traditional freedom and slave songs Private George Washington and Color Sergeant Andrew Smith Portrayed by Khabir Shareef and Andrew Bowman Freetown Village presents excerpts from "The Game" Play about the 1800s Negro baseball team Contra dance with audience participation Abraham Lincoln Portrayed by Wilbur Tague Buffalo Bill Cody Portrayed by Michael Dotson Historical Fashion Show Narrated by Mike Dollinger Hattie Parsons Amazing pioneer tales by Jean Zerkel
    TIME NAME DESCRIPTION Indy Admirals, Model Ship and Boat Club

    10. Hoosier History Fest Schedule
    Classic Bicycle Club1940s, 50s, 60s bicycles Indiana of Indiana presents SharingHoosier history Through Stories Latino Juvenil - Latin-american music and
    Performers and Activities Scheduled
    (As of 6/22/02)
    Conner Prairie presents Historic Games - interactive games w/ youth from the past
    Freetown Village Wedding- 1870 wedding reenactment
    Parade of Uniforms - narrated by Mike Dollinger
    Johnny Appleseed - Hank Fincken
    Possum Molly-1830's woods woman - ANDERSON
    Pvt. George Washington, 28th Indiana Colored Infantry - Khabir Shareef
    Color Sergeant Andrew Smith - Andrew Bowman Abraham Lincoln - Wilbur Tague - BROWNSBURG George Washington - Steve Black - FORT WAYNE Walter Beaty, the Beggar(1756) - Jason Sims - LAFAYETTE Hattie Parsons, pioneer tales - Jean Zerkel Back to List HISTORICAL ENCAMPMENTS: Miami Indian Village-lodges and craft demo - DENVER, IN Ouiatenon Brigade-French Voyageur camp with canoe - LAFAYETTE Compagnie French Marines of Vincennes(1756) - DANVILLE Rogers' Own Company of Rangers(1756) La Partisans du Quiatenon(1756) - LAFAYETTE 10th Virginia(1776) Von Reidesel Braunschweig Regiment-Hession(1776) 2nd US Light Artillery- Mississinewa(1812) - MARION Crew of Queen Charlott Provincial Marines(1812) - KOKOMO 2nd Indiana Militia(1812)

    Vegas News Bureau Exhibit Photos depicting the 1940s, '50s and '60s architectureof of the Tuskegee Airmen in celebration of African american history Month
    Art exhibits are free and open to the public. For additional information contact Gallery Services at 507-3659.
    Clark County Library

    Spring Festival
    A special festival of art celebrating National Women's History Month, featuring local artists exhibiting and selling their work. The festival will also feature musical performances by local female band Killian's Angels and entertainers Rice and Renee.
    Clark County Library

    Portraits of the Political Women of Nevada
    A collection of photographs from the archives of the Las Vegas News Bureau depicting women in Nevada Politics
    Summerlin Library

    Turn Up the Color
    Reception: Painter Donna Lafferty presents recent works of large format acrylic in vibrant colors West Las Vegas Library We're Dinosaurs Too A superb collection of technical illustrations by scientific illustrator Milo Rechow. Museums and libraries are where he gathers particular information relating to the environment and other details regarding the dinosaur for his illustrations.

    12. Dwight D. Eisenhower Foundation Awards & Programs
    outstanding scholarship on any aspect of american or world history pertaining tothe Events under consideration include 1940s, '50s and '60s cultural, social

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    Endowment funds for the following programs can be named for a benefactor. Funding for the endowed programs takes one of three forms:
  • A gift at a level substantial enough to support the program from interest income A commitment to endow or fund the program on a yearly basis at actual cos t A contribution to a general endowment fund for educational purposes.

  • THE EISENHOWER LECTURE SERIES is presented periodically as funds permit. It is the Foundation's intent that the lecture series becomes an annual event of the Eisenhower Center. Scholars will be invited from throughout the world to speak on topics related to the many facets of the Eisenhower Era and its legacy. Lecturers will be invited from the fields of history, economics, sociology, military history, politics, business, foreign relations, and fiction. The annual series will be named for its benefactor. Funds needed to support the Eisenhower Lecture Series are $3,000 annually

    13. Encyclopædia Britannica
    fashions and costumes during the 1940s, '50s, and '60s for with labor unions in the1940s and early postwar period shaped modern american history, and details grable

    14. Supporting Your Local Library -- In Latin America
    from the archives of a defunct newspaper from the 1940s, '50s, and '60s. Committeeon Archives of the Conference on Latin american history; John Coatsworth
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    April 24, 1997
    Supporting Your Local Library in Latin America By June Carolyn Erlick Special to the Gazette

    15. Ninth Art - Minority Report: A Brief History Of Women In Comics, Part 1
    Minority Report A Brief history Of Women In Comics the market for girl's comics throughthe 1940s, 50s and 60s The first american audience for comic books was a

    16. Auction Marketing Institute Article
    Bunte finds furniture from the 1940s, 50s and 60s that Antique american history booksare rising in value Unique objects great american furniture and folk art

    17. Monumts
    Calif.), designed fashions and costumes during the 1940s, '50s, and '60s for some WomenSites honoring Women in american history (from the National Park
    Sites for Looking for Notable American Men and Women American Presidents web site America's Story Biography sites from Distinguished Women of Past and Present site Biography site (searchable from school only) Biography of Suffragists site First Ladies of the United States site National Women's Hall of Fame site Scientists site Women authors site Women of Courage Profiles site Great Speeches site Some Lesser Known Notable American Men Women Find biographies of these American persons at Baker, George Pierce teacher of some of the most notable American dramatists, among them Eugene O'Neill, Philip Barry, Sidney Howard, and S.N. Behrman. Blackwell, Alice Stone suffragist and editor of the leading American women's rights newspaper. Caulkins, Tracy American athlete, considered one of the most versatile swimmers ever. She is the only swimmer to set U.S. records in every stroke. Crummell, Alexander

    18. Powell's Books - Used, New, And Out Of Print
    The american Diesel Locomotive by Brian Solomon Synopsis Publisher Comments Experiencethe history and romance of passenger trains of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.
    Technical Books Kids' Books eBooks more search options ...

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    Browse the aisle by Title by Author by Price See recently arrived used books in this aisle. Featured Titles in Railroads -General: Page 5 of 14 next Used Hardcover List Price $29.95 American Steam Locomotive by Brian Solomon Publisher Comments An action-oriented look at the trains that once ruled America's rails captures steam locomotives chugging past scenic mountains, plains, and small towns.... read more about this title check for other copies Used Hardcover List Price $35.00 Railroads Triumphant: The Growth, Rejection, and Rebirth of a Vital American Force by Albro Martin Publisher Comments America was in effect a thin ribbon of land along the Eastern coast until the steam railroad allowed our nation to unfurl across the vast inland territory. Here Albro Martin provides a fascinating history of rail transportation in America, giving readers... read more about this title check for other copies Used Hardcover List Price $45.00

    19. California Thinkers Profile: Issel
    changing fortunes of party bosses in american history), american Studies Centre civilrights movement in the 1940s, 50s, and early 60s), Benjamin Swig
    San Francisco State University
    History Department
    1600 Holloway Ave.
    San Francisco, CA 94132
    Public Lecture Topics:
    • San Francisco's Political Culture in the Twentieth Century (impact of cultural heritage on political behavior), Herbst Theatre, San Francisco
    • South of the Slot to SOMA (national, international, and local causes of neighborhood change), California Historical Society, San Francisco
    • The Dilemma of Race in Urban America (history of attempts to overcome racism in American cities), San Diego State University, Liberal Studies Lecture Series
    • Political Machines and Party Politics in America (changing fortunes of "party bosses" in American history), American Studies Centre, London
    • Jews and Catholics Against Prejudice (the San Francisco inter-faith civil rights movement in the 1940s, 50s, and early 60s), Benjamin Swig Jewish Studies Center, University of San Francisco
    • "Environmentalism, Politics, and the San Francisco Freeway Revolt," Pacific Historical Review , November 1999
    • San Francisco, Politics, Power and Urban Development

    20. Borders - Feature - Nothin' Easy About Easy
    works the black neighborhoods of Los Angeles in the 1940s, '50s, and '60s. As isusual in Mosley's work, racial politics and american history inform the

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