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         American History 20th Century:     more books (100)
  1. Big D : Triumphs and Troubles of an American Supercity in the 20th Century by Darwin Payne, 2000-08-15
  2. Fetishes and Monuments: Afro-brazillian Art and Culture in the 20th Century (Remapping Cultural History) by Roger Sansi, 2007-11-01
  3. We're History!: The 20th-Century Survivor's Final Exam by Jaime O'neill, 1998-06-25
  4. Alpha Bravo Delta Guide to Decisive 20th-Century American Battles by W. Thomas Smith Jr., 2003-11-04
  5. Extraordinary Measures: Afrocentric Modernism and 20th-Century American Poetry (Modern & Contemporary Poetics) by Dr. Lorenzo Thomas, 2000-08-10
  6. Milestones in 20th-Century African-American History by Alton Hornsby, 1993-01-01
  7. Purple Glass: 20th Century American & European (Schiffer Book for Collectors) by Leslie Pia, Ed Goshe, et all 2002-08-30
  8. Great Naval Disasters: U.S. Naval Accidents in the 20th Century by Kit Bonner, Carolyn Bonner, et all 1998-11-19
  9. Archie Smallwood and the Marine Raiders: A Rifleman's Brief .30-Caliber History of the 20th Century by Verle E. Ludwig, 1998-06
  10. American Art of the 20th Century by Sam Hunter, 1974-06
  11. Self-Referentiality in 20th Century British and American Poetry
  12. Evolution and Endurance: The U.S. Army Division in the 20th Century by Richard W. Kedzior, 2000-08-25
  13. The Rise of True Crime: 20th-Century Murder and American Popular Culture by Jean Murley, 2008-08-30
  14. American Dollhouses and Furniture from the 20th Century: With Price Guide (Schiffer Book for Collectors) by Dian Zillner, 1995-03

61. National Park Service History: Home Page (Western history, 20th century american history, Public history).WOMEN'S history (Women's history, Women's Labor history).
Comments to Harry Butowsky
A sk a Question Do you have a question about the national parks, the National Park Service or American history? Ask one of our historians listed below. Just click on the name of the person you want to contact and send your question by e-mail. To help you direct your question each historian is listed with his or her subject area of expertise. Be sure to direct your question to the best source. You will receive a reply by e-mail within a few days. General Guidelines: (Please Read) Please send your question to only one historian at a time. Be sure to include a return mail address in the body of your message. You should receive a reply within a few days but we cannot guarantee a reply to every question. We encourage students to send in questions but we do not research or write reports or answer test questions Be sure to send your question to the appropriate historian on the list.

62. History's Home On The Internet
of the earth. history of american Presidential elections including the2000 election. The 20th century Yearby-Year. Enjoy this listing
Search the Site CLICK HERE for more information, or to order HISTORY CD-ROMS
Choose this section to study events and trends from before 5500 BC to the present. Select a War to investigate Choose a Time Period 5000 BC- O BC 0-1500 AD 1500-1800 AD 19th Century 20th Century Choose a War. Revolutionary War War of 1812 Mexican American War Civil War Spanish American War World War I World War II Korean War Vietnam War Desert Storm Enduring Freedom Vital statistics, graphs, news, links maps, and more on the nations of the earth History of American Presidential elections including the 2000 election. The 20th Century: Year-by-Year Enjoy this listing of the last century's award winning entertainers, scientists, athletes, and more. 1900-1999 Academy Awards winners, Heismann Trophy winners, and Nobel Laureates are all chronicled here. HISTORICAL PRIMARY SOURCE DOCUMENT Over 500 Primary documents in American History including important treaties first hand accounts and inaugural address of all of the Presidents HISTORY MAKER BIOGRAPHIES 500 Most Important People of the 20th Century Presidents of the United States First Ladies of the United States ... HISTORY IN THE NEWS War between the US and Iraq seems almost Inevitable we are creating a new sction wth updates Operation Iraqi Freedonm The Arab Israeli Conflict a Short Guide New Sections:
Operation Iraqi Freedom Pearl Harbor in Photos and Accounts
Revolutionary War Bios
History of Terror ... History of Railroads Information on aircraft's of all periods and places

63. 20th Century Year By Year
history 10002000; american Music 1640-2000; Fashion 1858-2000; More Timelines.Best and Worst Top Villains of the Millennium; Top Kids Names of the century.
Millennium Features Decade by Decade Perpetual Calendar
  • What day of the week were you born? What day of the week is July 4, 2010?
Use the perpetual calendar to see any calendar in the future or back as far as 1583.
Timelines Best and Worst Disasters Entertainment Sports
Year Pages Enter a year:
Or choose from the list: New!
Print this page Cite this page Awards and Press Link to Fact Monster Add Fact Monster search ... Privacy

64. 20th Century
of Law, history, Economics, Politics, Diplomacy and Government, from pre18th centuryto the 20th century. american Museum of Photography; Cold War history is a

65. Library Research Workshop: Senior History Colloquim: U.S. 20th Century-Social, E
This Web page was compiled to accompany a Yale University Library Research Colloquiumfor history Senior Essay writers on 20th century american Social, Ethnic
This Web page was compiled to accompany a Yale University Library Research Colloquium for History Senior Essay writers on 20th Century American Social, Ethnic, Cultural and Intellectual History.
URL: Table of Contents: TIP #1: You will not find articles in Orbis, only journal titles. For articles, look in an article database.
TIP #2: When doing keyword seaches you MUST use AND, OR, NOT logic.

Orbis is the Yale University library online catalog. Use Orbis to determine what materials Yale owns (books, journals, etc.) and where they are located.

Eureka has information on books, journals, maps, sound recordings, musical scores, films, archives, and computer files held in research, corporate, and public libraries, as well as museums, archives and historical societies. Use the REQUEST Button in Eureka to request items that Yale does not own through Interlibrary Loan.

WorldCat has information on books and other materials held in thousands of academic, public, special and national libraries around the world. Use WorldCat to locate materials outside of Yale, in almost any area of study, or to locate items in specific libraries and research collections.

american FICTION 20th century history AND CRITICISM. american fiction 20th century history and criticism. (LC) ( about) (190 FICTION 20TH CENTURY HISTORY AND

american LITERATURE 20th century history AND CRITICISM. american literature 20th century history and criticism. (LC) ( about LITERATURE 20TH CENTURY HISTORY

68. Global Access To Educational Sources - Wars Of The 20th Century
american history Sources for Students Wars of the 20th century. WWITrenches on the Web excellent listing of WWI sources WWI Document
American History Sources for Students:
Wars of the 20th Century
Trenches on the Web
- excellent listing of WWI sources
WWI Document Archive
- official and personal documents
World War I
- great set of varied subject links
World War I Propaganda
- helped to forge the nation into a strong fighting whole.
EyeWhitness of Wrold War I
- about eight accounts of important events
The Great War
- excellent information to parallel the PBS program
The Great War Series
- articles, images, information and memoirs from people like "the Red Barron."
- great link list covering all the important aspects of the war War Poets - Through different eyes. Military History of WWI - index of diverse sites World War I Cartoons - reflect the feelings of the time The Treaty of Versailles - succinct information The Treaty of Versailles - the complete treaty plus cartoons, images, and more British Posters - It is interesting to study this site and the one above for comparison and contrast. World War I and II Posters WWII World War 2 Timeline - extensive listing by area The Rise of Hitler - well organized Today in History - short hyperlinked information Modern World History - good information from the BBC World War II - excellent set of links covering the topic World War II - information is updated quarterly World War II Series - articles, interviews, videoclips, and more

69. Division Of Information Technology & Society
Research specialties history of photography, late 19th and early 20th-century photographs. Researchspecialties Latin american numismatics; numismatics
The Division of Information Technology and Society dedicates its collections and scholarship to a broader understanding of information technologies and their role in American history. Staff of the division manage collections, conduct research, and produce publications and other educational products in the history of science, technology, and society related to all aspects of information technology. Recently the Division has been conducting a research study on immersive environments in exhibitions The division maintains the following exhibitions in the museum building:

70. History 1302 - 20th Century Resources
20th century 20th century America Africanamericans in the 20th century The Southwestin the 20th century - An Internet Exercise american history 102 An
El Centro History Department Forward to the 20th Century Southwest The Magical History Tour Back to the 1980s and 90s
The 20th Century
General 20th Century Resources
Recommended Reading - Textbook Alternative

20th Century People Who Changed Us - Exercise

The Southwest in the 20th Century
The Progressive Era
- Chapters 23-24
The Great War/World War I through 1919
- Chapter 25
The 1920s
- Chapter 26
The 1930s
- Chapter 27
World War II
- Chapter 28
Post-War Era (1945-60)
- Chapters 29-30
- Chapter 30 - Chapter 31 Since 1975 Exercise - Chapter 32 General 20th Century Resources The Avalon Project: 20th Century 20th Century America African-Americans in the 20th Century The Southwest in the 20th Century - An Internet Exercise ... CNN Video Almanac 1980-1997 Page created by: This page accessed times.

71. 20th Century History Articles And Facts
history 20th century. W The Watergate scandal; The Women's suffrage movement inthe United States; Charles Wright and the Museum of African american history;
20th Century
about this site Back to History main site Find A Site A B C D ... A B C D E F G H I K L

72. American History - Reflections Of A 20th Century Man
american history Reflections of a 20th century man contributed by Lu Hickeyand written by John William Fulks. Dedicated to our children's children
Clans Tartans History Travel ... Feedback American History
Reflections of a 20th century man
contributed by Lu Hickey and written by John William Fulks Dedicated to our children's children I was born John William Fulks in Marceline, Missouri on November 6, 1920, the same day Warren G. Harding was elected president of the USA during the final days of Woodrow Wilson's administration. It was just 2 years after the end of World War I, the "war to end all wars" and only 8 years since the Titanic sank off the Newfoundland coast on April 15, 1912. It would be just 21 years, almost exactly to the day, until Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the "date that will live in infamy". What a lucky little kid I was, to be born at such an auspicious moment in the history of the world. My dad was Jasper Clarence Fulks and my mom was Teresa Julia Walsh. They both came from central Missouri: Dad from a little town called California and Mom from a nearby farm. Her parents met during the ocean passage from Ireland during the "potato famine" and were married later in the USA. There were 13 kids. Mom was the 12th. Her sister, Kate was the 13th. My Aunt Nona was the 11th. I can't remember them all except for Garrett, Joe, Helen, Nellie, etc. Dad's parents were merchants, as was he also (more on this later). His mother was Sally Ann Sappington from a long line of Virginia Sappingtons who can trace their family back to, at least, Christopher Gist, a colonial officer who, in a familiar painting, is depicted in the boat with George Washington as they crossed the Delaware River to Trenton New Jersey on December 26, 1776. Dad's father was William J. Fulks, a general store merchant in California, Missouri and, himself the son of old Monitau County, Missouri Judge William Fulks, a stern-looking old patriarch of the 18th century.

73. 20th Century American History
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated Reminders for the week of 02/11-02/152002 No School on Monday, February 18, 2002President's Day Assignments, Tests, and ProjectsDue dates Tuesday, 02/19/2001 1. Read p. 242- p. 248 2. Returning tests and journal pages Assignments for the week of : February 11-15, 2002 Monday, 02/11/2002 Finish the video: Spanish-American War Quiz on Section IV of Chapter 7: Reaching the Empire Review Read p. 232 Tuesday, 02/12/2002 JournalingtitleChild Laborinformation on the child with carpet. Introduction to the Progressive Reform Section I, p. 234-p.239 Complete the worksheet Shared readingeach row assignment different section to read and report to the class Wednesday, 02/13/2002Early Release Schedule 0,3,4,5,6 Complete shared reading Additionalk information on the child labor laws in US and Pakistan(carpet industry) Completing worksheet Video clip: The Century Read Section II, p. 242-p. 248 for Tuesday. Quiz on Chapter 8, Section I Thursday, 02/14/2002 0,1,2 No class today Friday, 02/15/2002 NO SCHOOLBUILDING IN-SERVICE for TEACHERS
Mrs. Russell's Found Links

74. Diamonds | American Museum Of Natural History
December 7, 1895. Two events near the end of the 19th century helpedchange the role of diamonds for the next century. First, the
  • What's in a Name? A Royal Gem Origins in India Indian Traditions ... 19th Century 20th Century

  • This drawing of the "Diamond Circle" at the Metropolitan Opera House presents the fashionable display of jewelry and diamonds that gave the seating section its name. "A Night at the Met," from Harper's Weekly, December 7, 1895. Two events near the end of the 19th century helped change the role of diamonds for the next century. First, the discovery in the 1870s of diamond deposits of unprecedented richness in South Africa changed diamond from a rare gem to one potentially available to anyone who could afford it. Second, the French crown jewels, sold in 1887, were consumed by newly wealthy capitalists, particularly in the United States, where a taste and capacity for opulent consumption was burgeoning. Joan Bennett wore her Flato "Hand of God" brooch on a chain for a 1946 RKO publicity photograph. click to zoom in Paulette Goddard was photographed by Horst for Vogue (January 1941) wearing a Verdura shell clip to hold down the scarf of her Hattie Carnegie cabana suit. click to zoom in President and Mrs. Eisenhower at a 1959 reception with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and his wife. Mamie Eisenhower wears a diamond bracelet given to her by the Premier of Tunisia.

    75. American Literature -- 20th Century -- History And Criticism Links, Articles And
    Links, topics and articles at Suite101 related to american literature 20th century history and criticism., 492

    Member Central Join Our Community! Login
    Member Update What's New ... TravelSuite Suite University About Suite University Visit the University Course Listing New Courses ... Featured Courses New Topics Teaching Creative Writing to Children Maine People Organic Vegetable Gardening African-American Home Schooling ... More... Suite Events My Favorite Place War and Peace Spring Into Health! Earth Day 2003 More about Suite101 About
    Browse Subjects List all subject headings that: start with or contains the word(s) Subject Heading: American literature 20th century History and criticism Topics Articles Best-Of-Web Recommendations Topics Topic: American Literature (Critical Essays)
    This Topic has been archived
    Audrey McCrone
    Dewey Code: Topic:
    American Literature, Drama, and Cinema of the 20th Century This Topic has been archived Editor: Emily Woodward Description: I would like to focus on the links between American literary and pop c... Dewey Code: Articles Title: Designs of Families in Two Faulkner Novels (Part Two of Two) Author: Emily Woodward Description: An examination of patriarchy in the Old South, as portrayed in William...

    76. Decade Links
    american century. Geographical Timeline chronology of world expeditions. Chronology- misc. events list. history of the World. Great Speeches of the 20th century
    Links to History Timelines
    The 20th Century in Pictures - good place to start The TIME 100: Famous People of the Century - arranged by categories (leaders, scientists, artists) People's Century - includes "themes" like Age of Hope also see: Brief Descriptions page - includes pictures and audio of events US Historical Documents - Chronology of U.S. documents This Day in History - see what happened on a particular day (maybe check your birthday!) The American Century Geographical Timeline - chronology of world expeditions Chronology - misc. events list History of the World Great Speeches of the 20th Century - audio speeches Historical Atlas of the 20th Century 20th Century Timeline - short list World History - described some general time periods and lists links Military History of the World - important documents Panoramic Maps Collection - city maps from 1847-1921 Panoramic Photographs Collection Portraits of the Presidents and First Ladies Home Page The History of Invention A Comparative Chronology of Money ... Computer Chronicles: From Stone to Silicon - history of computers Into the 20th Century Timeline - graphical timeline C.E. Koop Institute: Timeline of the 20th Century

    77. The United States History Index
    Radicalism and Reform Slavery Urban history The american West Women's history, Historians'Calendar 1876 The Gilded Age 18761900 20th century 1900-1909 1910
    WWW-VL Search Engine.

    WWW-VL History Central Catalogue.

    About the WWW-VL History Network
    Send Comments and Suggestions
    Research Tools

    Gateways and Link Pages
    Bibliographies Archives Libraries ... Books and Booksellers
    Electronic Texts Federal Resources Journals ... Historical Sites
    Research Aids
    Timelines Associations and Societies Scholarly Associations Centers and Institutes Museums By Historical Topics African-American History Biography The Cold War Demographic History ... Historians' Calendar Chronological Periods Before the Europeans Discovery and Exploration 1492-1650 Colonial Era 1650-1765 Revolutionary Era 1765-1783 ... The Gilded Age 1876-1900 20th Century WWWVL History was established as HNSource on 6 March 1993. Please direct comments, criticisms, and suggestions, specifying your present location, to the current maintainer URL:

    78. Books / Literature & Fiction / American / History & Criticism / 20th Century
    Magical Realism Theory, history, Community Lois Parkinson Forbidden Stitch AnAsian american Women's Anthology Journalism in the 20th century Norman Sims
    Books American / 20th Century
    Browse our most popular books titlesfrom 1 to 50.
    Burning Down the House : Essays on Fiction
    Charles Baxter / Hardcover / Published 1997
    Read more about this title...
    Frank, Conroy / Paperback / Published 1993
    Read more about this title...
    Letter from New York : BBC Woman's Hour Broadcasts
    Helene Hanff / Hardcover / Published 1992
    Read more about this title...
    Of Fiction and Faith : Twelve American Writers Talk About Their Vision and Work
    W. Dale Brown / Paperback / Published 1997
    Read more about this title...
    The Birth of the Beat Generation : Visionaries, Rebels, and Hipsters, 1944-1960 (Circles of the Twentieth Century)
    Steven Watson / Hardcover / Published 1995
    Read more about this title...
    Conversations With Toni Morrison (Literary Conversations Series (Paper))
    Toni Morrison, Danille Taylor-Guthrie (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1994
    Read more about this title...
    Strong Opinions (Vintage International)
    Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov / Paperback / Published 1990
    Read more about this title...

    79. Notes On The 20th Century, No. 25:  Racial And Ethnic Slurs, Part VI
    The Origins of american Racial and Ethnic Slurs the most popular pagesin the Notes On the 20th century Series american history Site,
    Notes on the 20th Century
    by Michael H. Burchett " The Origins of American Racial and Ethnic Slurs: " the most popular pages in the Notes On the 20th Century Series TNT NEWS : Headlines Updated Daily TNT HOME PAGE Notes on America, No. 1 Michael H. Burchett affordable editing, proofreading, writing for hire Terraplane Publications: specialized titles, historical fiction India Notebook : Indian politics and culture Mike's Mall: Books, Clothing, Electronics, Music , more Free Page: Links to coupons, product samples, services, and information From the Attic: Trivia, Culture, etc. BIBLIOGRAPHY SERIES: Mike's Reading List : an ever-expanding bibliography Health Care, 1965- 1994 History of Sexuality Finding Your African American Ancestors: A Beginner Guide NUMBER 25: MARCH-APRIL 2003 [My apologies for the delay in posting this page. I have been held up by some pressing personal matters and a nagging thumb injury. NOTE: The purpose of these pages is to provide a scholarly perspective on an unpleasant but pervasive phenomenon in American culture. Some of the words discussed below are quite offensive, yet it is hoped that this article may serve to demystify them somewhat by revealing their humble and often benign origins.

    80. American Studies @ The University Of Virginia
    C. Click, TCC Includes history, documents, maps S00) Another course on american literature,featuring ENTC 312 20th century american Literature John Unsworth
    Search AS@UVA AS@UVA
    Electronic Courses in American Studies
    Suggest a course American Studies Virtual Classrooms @ UVA
    AS@UVA Syllabus Archive Alan B. Howard
    List of undergraduate and graduate AS program courses.
    Cultural Objects: The Electronic Journal for AS@UVA.
    AS@UVA students write volumes on American Culture.
    The Invention and Design Project Michael Gorman
    Site geared to promote a better understanding of the invention and design process. Includes active learning modules with a "hands-on" approach.
    LAR 513 History of American Landscape Architecture Reuben Rainey
    Traces American architecture from 1500-1995 with images.
    The Garren Collection of Historic Dress. Kathryn Rohe
    A collection containing well over 1,000 garments housed and managed by the students in the Department of Drama.
    Fixing Shadows: Still Photography David Sapir
    Site devoted to photographic topics including individual photographers and photographs of historical and ethnographic interest.
    HIUS 403 Digital History and the American Civil War Ed Ayers and Will Thomas (F97)
    Projects on the Valley Project containing letters, photographs, diaries and records of the Civil War.

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