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         American History Activities Teach:     more detail
  1. Tunes That Teach American History: 10 Lively Tunes and Hands-On Activities That Teach About Important Events in American History: Grades 3-6 by Ken Sheldon, 2004-01-01
  2. History Pockets: Native Americans, Grades 1-3 by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, 2003-01-01
  3. Teaching American History With Favorite Folk Songs: 12 Songs on CD, Song Sheets, and Activities That Teach Key Topics and Help Kids Connect With the People and Events That Shaped Our History by Tracey West, 2001-10-01
  4. History Pockets: Explorers of North America, Grades 4-6+ by Mike Graf, 2003-01
  5. 13 Colonies! 13 Years!: Integrating Content Standards and the Arts to Teach the American Revolution by Mary Wheeler, Jill Terlep, 2006-09-30
  6. History Pockets: Colonial America, Grades 4-6+ by Marc Tyler Nobleman, 2003-01-01

1. National Museum Of American History: Virtual Exhibitions
an interactive timeline of selected graduates, exploratory activities, and multimedia features such as a virtual tools used to teach math across american history, from the 1800s to
Recommended: 800x600 resolution, Flash
Recommended: 800x600 resolution, Flash Quicktime
Recommended: 800x600 resolution, Flash
This Web site examines the events surrounding Japanese American internment during World War II. Topics include prewar Japanese American immigration and culture, detention camps and the internment process, Japanese American wartime service, and postwar court cases and eventual redress. Experience the history, search through more than 800 related artifacts, or share your thoughts on a related topic.
Recommended: 800x600 resolution, Flash
View 200 years of American history as seen from the doorstep of one house that stood from Colonial days through the mid-1960s in Ipswich, Mass. Meet five ordinary families whose lives within the walls of the house became part of the great changes and events of the nation’s past, and learn how to look for clues to the history of your own home and neighborhood.
Recommended: 800x600 resolution

2. History | PBS
Television network lists companion sites to its documentaries on history. Discover biographies and programs on US history and worldwide war. A Force More Powerful. African american World. Africans in America. american Experience hundreds of free lessons and activities to teach history, civics, geography and more, all

EXPLORE Topics... News History Science Arts Nature Games How-To Travel SEARCH SHOP
Perilous Flight: America's World War II in Color

Discover the rare color films with footage of World War II.
A Huey P. Newton Story

Meet the people behind the Black Panther Party.
Echoes from the Ancients

Egypt's Golden Empire

The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization

... Secrets of the Pharaohs B I O G R A P H I E S Ansel Adams The American President Leroy Anderson Susan B. Anthony ... Richard Wright U N I T E D S T A T E S A Force More Powerful African American World Africans in America American Experience ... The West W A R E S P I O N A G E American Experience
  • D-Day
  • Fly Girls
  • MacArthur ... Warship W O R L D The 1900 House A Force More Powerful American Experience
  • Around the World in 72 Days ... Wonders of the African World Thursday, April 3, 2003 Ancient World Biographies United States World Find hundreds of free lessons and activities to teach history, civics, geography and more, all correlated to state standards. Compare today's life with the 1700s in Liberty's Kids' Now and Then America's WWII experience is vividly brought to life with rarely seen color film footage, diary passages and letters.
  • 3. Asian/Pacific Islander History And LiteraturePeruse This Directory Of Links Focu
    association of educators who teach Asian american studies. The site includes and preserves Chinese american and Chinese history and culture through community outreach activities.

    4. Economics, Geography, History, Place Names, Political Science, Religion And Phil
    Over 20 detailed student research projects that teach skills in research, writing 6,Readyto-Use american history activities for Grades 5-12 (Grades 5 - 12|Place names|Political scie
    Explore Our Sites... Family Education Network Home Shop at PearsonAtSchool SchoolCash PARENTS FamilyEducation MySchoolOnline TEACHERS TeacherVision Quiz Lab MyGradeBook MySchoolOnline REFERENCE Infoplease Fact Monster KIDS FEkids FunBrain Fact Monster TEENS FEteens Teacher Home Lesson Planning
    Lesson Plans ... Help 36 Teacher Books were found in "Economics," "Geography," "History," "Place names," "Political science," "Religion and philosophy" and "Social sciences". Narrow Your Search
    All Counsel/guidance Education Geography Health/safety History Holidays Language arts Languages Literature/drama Mathematics Persons Phys. ed./recreation Place names Political science Religion/philosophy Science Social sciences Visual/perform. arts Modify Search Search Results States: New England
    Book on the Run
    (Grades 3 - 8)
    Teacher Bookshelf. These challenging crossword puzzles cover the New England states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The puzzles are great for enrichment or review lessons. Answer keys are included. Only $2.95

    5. American History
    american history. american history is diverse and exciting. Find lessons,activities, and resources below to help you teach this important topic.

    6. PBS: America Responds : For Educators--The American Flag
    Overview teach your students about the american Flag, including its history, whatthe Then choose one or more of the american Flag activities for wearing
    The American Flag
    Grade Level:
    Elementary (PreK-5)
    Estimated Time: Varied Lesson Overview:
    Teach your students about the American Flag, including its history, what the symbols represent, and the proper way to display it. Discuss how the American Flag has played a part in recent events. Then choose one or more of the American Flag activities for wearing, sharing, or displaying. Related National Standards from McREL
    • Knows the history of American symbols (e.g., the eagle, the Liberty Bell, George Washington as the "father of our country," the national flag)
    • Understands how people in the local community have displayed courage in helping the common good (e.g., volunteering in unique situations including earthquakes, floods, and fires)
    • An American Flag
    • See Individual Activity Ideas
    The American Flag History
  • The first official national flag was approved by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1777. It is widely believed, but not confirmed, that Betsy Ross sewed the first American Flag. The flag had 13 stars and 13 stripes to represent the 13 original colonies.
  • 7. Black History Month Resources
    Century. Africanamerican Web Connection - art, churches, history, people,and entertainment. Education First Black history activities. Events
    Black History Month Resources
    Black History Activities - Newspaper Activities supplementing Black History Studies.
    Seattle Times' Martin Luther King page.

    Bellingham Schools King Site

    Peter Milbuary's Chico HS page

    Eduplace Martin Luther King Resources
    - Links to key sites, famous speeches, classroom project ideas.
    The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center in Atlanta
    - A biography, chronology, articles, references, and King's papers.
    Historical Text Archive
    - Contains documents about the Underground Railroad and slavery .
    African-American Web Connection
    - art, churches, history, people, and entertainment.
    Biographic Profiles of 19th Century African-Americans

    Education First: Black History Activities
    ... Quarterly Black Review of Books
    - Guide to Black classics, poetry, nonfiction, and fiction.

    8. Childrens' Programs | American Museum Of Natural History
    Journey through the different planets of our solar system as varioushandson activities teach children about the wonders there.

    9. Childrens' Programs | American Museum Of Natural History
    the Museum halls of New York City Birds and North american Birds to different planetsof our solar system as various handson activities teach children about
    Public Programs Children's Programs
    You can buy tickets online or call Central Reservations Services at 212-769-5200. Page Journey through the Solar System Sunday, May 11
    12:00 noon–1:30 p.m. Program Code: RC051103A Sunday, May 11
    2:30–4:00 p.m. Program Code: RC051103B Rose Center Classroom, second floor $25/pair
    What would it be like to live on a planet other than Earth? How long would it take to visit Mars or Jupiter? Journey through the different planets of our solar system as various hands-on activities teach children about the wonders there.
    (Ages 4–6, each child with one adult)
    Solar System Adventures Saturday, May 17
    1:00–2:30 p.m. Program Code: RC051703 Rose Center Classroom, fourth floor
    Investigate the size and scale of our solar system. Learn what it takes to survive on Venus and Mars. See how large the Sun is in comparison to Earth. Children will join a Rose Center Educator and create their own three-dimensional scale model of the solar system to take home. (Ages 7–9)
    I Want to Be an Astronaut Sunday, May 18

    10. OESE Teaching American History - Grant Information
    (1) to carry out activities to promote the teaching of traditional american historyin elementary and strengthening of programs to teach traditional american

    Programs and



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    Grant Information
    2003 Competition
    Decisions about the FY 2003 grant competition are pending. Please continue to check our web page for further updates.
    2002 Competition
    FY 2002 Grant Awards Announced
    The Department awarded 114 grants under the FY 2002 Teaching American History grant competition. Projects located in 39 States and the District of Columbia received awards ranging from $19,561 to $1,000,000 for three-year projects. A complete list of project abstracts is available. The Department received 469 applications for the 2002 competition. A panel of outside experts peer reviewed the applications July 29-Aug 2, 2002. All applicants will receive letters during the month of October with information on their applications. These letters will include comments from the peer reviewers.
    2001 Competition
    The applications for FY 2001 funding were evaluated by expert peer review panels August 13-17, 2001. The application package was published in the Federal Register on May 23, 2001. View the FY 2001 Abstracts of Funded Projects
    Application Information
    The FY 2002 application package was published in the Federal Register on April 3, 2002

    11. OESE Teaching American History - FAQs
    a grantee to undertake all of these activities. enable LEAs and organizations withamerican history expertise to they need to teach american history effectively

    Programs and



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    Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the purpose of the Teaching American History grants?
  • TAHG will improve the quality of instruction in American History, as distinct from general social studies education. Grant awards will be designed to assist elementary and secondary schools in implementing research-based methods for improving the quality of instruction, professional development and teacher education in American history. These funds will be used for competitive grants to local educational agencies (LEAs) or consortia of LEAs where appropriate. The Department will award approximately 120 to 150 grants, and the estimated range of the awards is $300,000 - $1,000,000. The estimated average size of awards is $500,000. Funds are available to grantees for up to three years.
  • When will applications be available?
  • The application was published in the Federal Register on April 3, 2002. The closing date is June 3, 2002.
  • Are there areas in which funds are particularly intended to support?
  • 12. Grade Menu
    one stories in Africanamerican history, Grades 2 Celebrating Our Heritage African-americanBiographies - A activities teach basic concepts in social studies

    13. Grade Menu
    The twentyone stories in African-american history, Grades 2-3 make up an inspiringalbum of activities teach basic concepts in social studies and language arts

    14. Chicago Review Press History Books With 21 Activities - Review By TheHomeSchoolM
    Similarly, The american Revolution for Kids A history with 21 Kids will love the21 activities that teach them firsthand about the lives of distinguished
    TheHomeSchoolMom.Com Site Search Bringing you the best free homeschool resources
    I recently discovered a couple of resources for homeschoolers that Chicago Review Press has published. These two new history books are great for unit studies or simply for adding to your history studies. I believe you will love these books!
    World War II for Kids: A History with 21 Activities
    by Richard Panchyk "is the ideal tool to teach children about the war that insured the freedom they enjoy today... The activities in World War II for Kids provide hands-on opportunities to explore the era of the war through projects and games. Children will learn how soldiers communicated with their families by writing their own v-mail messages, discover the language of war by creating a code for friends to crack and experience how soldiers lived by making their own field rations and care packages from home." My favorite parts of the book were the interview and eyewitness accounts excerpted from actual letters written by soldiers or civilians between 1939 and 1945. The book also contains graphics and timelines that are helpful in giving an simple overview of a complex historical event. World War II for Kids is endorsed by veteran and former senator John McCain, whose father and grandfather were both combat commanders during WWII.

    15. Teacher Resources- Lesson Plans
    Created to assist educators as they use the american Memory web site to teach about United States history and culture. The site provides tips and tricks for using the american Memory collections, as well as frameworks,activities, and lessons that provide context for their use. It will be useful to lifelong learners of all ages.
    The Library of Congress
    W hy does each region of the United States have its own distinct flavor? How did the diverse cultures of its people create the American West? Students use documents from the American Memory collections to explore these questions in Images of Our People: A Patchwork of Cultures. This is just one of many teacher-created and classroom-tested lessons found in the Lesson Index. Use these resources to learn more about constructing lessons with primary sources:
    Using Primary Sources in the Classroom

    Lesson Framework

    The Historian's Sources

    Media Analysis Tools
    Lesson Index
    By Theme, Topic, Discipline or Era By Title A - G H - P R - Z
    The Library of Congress
    ... Questions? Contact us Last updated 04/02/2003

    16. UIUC OISA: Job Search Strategies And Resources
    1954, University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi history. Seminars conductedby american University (received programs and research activities; teach 2-3
    Sample Vita
    (optional) Home
    1234 First Avenue
    Burtonsville, Arkansas 50001
    Riverside College
    1420 College Street
    College Town, Arkansas 50001
    Personal Information (optional) Born : Lexington, Kentucky
    Date of Birth : January 3, 1933
    Marital Status : Married with 3 children Spouse's Name : George B. Parker Health : Good Military Experience : None Physical Limitations : None Religious Affiliation : Methodist Spouse's Occupation : Certified Public Accountant Educational Background Ph.D. 1975, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas - Political Science M.A. 1957, George Washington University, Washington, D.C., - Political Science B.A. 1954, University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi - History Additional Education Summer 1977 Participated in Workshop for Women in Leadership Positions in Higher Education, sponsored by The American Council on Education. Participated in Governmental Affairs Leadership Seminars conducted by American University (received certificates of completion). Governor's School, State of Kentucky.

    17. Teaching African American History
    includes more than 70 handson activities, songs, and games that teach kids aboutthe people, experiences, and events that shaped African american history.
    Teaching about African Americans
    An integral facet of American history that is often overlooked is the contributions of African Americans. Cobblestone Publishing offers a wide variety of primary and secondary resources for the young readers in your classroom or library. Choose from our award-winning selection of magazines in the social sciences and science listed below, and check out our books and teachers' resources.
    Special Resources

    Special issues of COBBLESTONE, FOOTSTEPS, and DIG magazines, done in cooperation with the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, all focus on a very important chapter in our nation's history - the African American struggle for freedom from slavery. Each magazine offers a different approach to understanding the Underground Railroad - from the abolitionist, African American, and archaeological perspectives. Together, the trio of issues presents a comprehensive look at the harrowing and heroic tales of the Underground Railroad. Each issue also includes a free online Teacher's Guide. Also available is the Cricket Books title

    18. POSITION TITLE HISTORY INSTRUCTOR (Tenure-Track Appointment)
    courses that may include american history Survey. Serve our community through innovativeoutreach activities. teach and learn effectively in an asynchronous
    Position Vacancy Notice POSITION TITLE: HISTORY INSTRUCTOR (Tenure-Track Appointment)
    Contingent Upon Budget Approval Delta College is a community college serving Bay, Midland and Saginaw Counties in the east-central portion of Michigan. Residing in the district are 400,000 people, including communities of 70,000, 40,000 and 38,000 residents. The campus was opened in 1961 and two major additions have opened since Fall, 1978, a major $26 million renovation project was just completed, and an additional $42 million renovation project is on going. The College is especially proud of its forty year history of shared governance. The College is a charter member of the National League for Innovation in the Community College, in recognition of the range of creative programs offered. The College seeks creative and innovative employees who will join us as active leaders and contributors to our vision as a learning-centered institution of the 21st Century. Delta is a learning centered institution that focuses on the diverse post-secondary learning needs in our community. Delta provides quality learning opportunities and recognizes learning can take place 24 hours a day, every day, in and out of the classroom, and on and off campus. Learning is our primary measure of success.

    19. Fourth Of July Theme: Independence Day Arts & Crafts, Teaching Activities, Lesso
    of the school year to teach concepts to ChildFun's Fourth of July Crafts, activities,poems and copies of important documents in american history The Magna
    Visit Network Sites ... A to Z Teacher Stuff SearchEducation EduBanners about us advertise
    themes lessons tips ... E-mail to a Friend THEME INDEX featured . . .

    Dr. Seuss

    Seasonal Index

    100th Day ...
    American Independence Day:
    F o u r t h o f J u l y T h e m e Also see
    Flag Day Theme (June 14) Arts and Crafts DLTK's Patriotic Crafts
    Coloring pages, printables, crafts, and more. URL: 5 Pointed Star in One Snip URL: 4th of July Crafts Printable crafts: pinwheel, activity book, George Washington quiz, fireworks, stars, flag, etc. URL: American Colonial Projects and 4th of July Crafts Candle making, Uncle Sam hats, tin-punch art, quilting, and links to other craft sites. URL: Making Friends: Patriotic Crafts More than a dozen crafts for kids to make. URL: Activities and Ideas Proud to be Americans Uses patriotic songs each month of the school year to teach concepts to students.

    20. Answers To Critiques Of DAP And NAEYC Standards
    kinds of experiences, interactions, activities, and materials ancient Egypt wouldeffectively teach those same choose to focus on american history (which is
    Over the past five or six years, child-centered practice as a concept has received some exposure thanks to coverage in the popular press and media. The concept has been referred to as developmentally appropriate practices (DAP), child-centered practice, constructivism, active learning, and other terms. The concept implies an understanding of how children learn and develop which is then applied to instruction. The practice requires that teachers structure instruction around the needs of the growing, individual children. As more school districts investigate DAP and jump into the change process, it is not uncommon for communities to question the concepts that underly the philosophy. Additionally, there have been several critiques of DAP from universities and authors. The following critiques are drawn from those published comments. Answers to the critiques are drawn from Sue Bredekamkp's answer to a Los Angeles Times letter to the editor.

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