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         American History Specific Regions:     more books (100)
  1. A Dictionary of American History (Blackwell History Dictionaries) by Thomas L. Purvis, 1997-05-12
  2. Encyclopedia of American History: Seventh Edition by Richard B. Morris, 1996-10-09
  3. Varieties of Southern History: New Essays on a Region and Its People (Contributions in American History)
  4. The Ohlone Past and Present: Native Americans of the San Francisco Bay Region (Ballena Press Anthropological Papers ; No. 42) by Lowell John Bean, 1994-11-01
  5. The Romance of American Psychology: Political Culture in the Age of Experts by Ellen Herman, 1996-11-27
  6. A New Significance: Re-Envisioning the History of the American West by Clyde A. Milner II, 1996-10-24
  7. American Political History: Essays on the State of the Discipline
  8. Writing the South: Ideas of an American Region by Richard Gray, 1998-02
  9. Devastation and Renewal: An Environmental History of Pittsburgh and Its Region (Pittsburgh Hist Urban Environ)
  10. The Course of Human History: Economic Growth, Social Process, and Civilization (Sources and Studies in World History) by Johan Goudsblom, Eric L. Jones, et all 1996-06
  11. Indian Culture and European Trade Goods: The Archeology of the Historic Period in the Western Great Lakes Region by George Irving Quimby, 1970-02-15
  12. The Crossroads of American History and Literature by Philip F. Gura, 1996-06
  13. Monsters,Tricksters, and Sacred Cows: Animal Tales and American Identities (New World Studies) by A. James Arnold, 1996-03-01
  14. The Middle Ground: Indians, Empires, and Republics in the Great Lakes Region, 1650-1815 (Studies in North American Indian History) by Richard White, 1991-09-27

1. FunTrivia Quiz List
US history, Average, 10, 154, Dec 01 02, coolupway. 12, american RegionalStereotypes. People in specific regions, Average, 10, 70, Nov 04 02, coolupway.

2. United States Trivia And Quizzes Quiz
USA specific regions (12), Washington, DC (4). you the names of five cities in aspecific state. How well do you know the places where american history was made
Home Members Geography : United States Quizzes about the USA and its territories. If you are looking for a quiz on a specific state, go to one of the sub-categories below. States A-D States F-L States M States N-O ... Washington, D.C. Special Lists: Newest Quizzes - Top Ranked Overall Easy Average Hard ... Most Popular
Options: Create a United States Quiz Special Instructions: READ ME Who's Online?
Browse books about United States Games: United States
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Quiz Title Difficulty Played Online Author A Souvenir Tour of the U.S.
Ever looked at your souvenir shelf and thought about where you got all that junk? This quiz is for you! Very Easy Mar 18 00 crisw American Regional Stereotypes
The rest of the world calls us "Yanks" (or rather worse things), but amongst ourselves, we can be remarkably DISunited. Non-Yanks and even quasi-Yanks up in the provinces are cordially invited to the airing of some of our dirty laundry! Easy Oct 21 02 coolupway Name the U.S. State - Part 3

3. Peg's American History Unit
Fordham Univ.'s history department features a large collection of primarysource documents covering the Reformation through the post-WWII era. site, I cannot answer specific research enquiries and - for United States history. Latin american history. Student Papers of the Canadian State. Canadian Society. Canadian regions
Welcome to "Colonies" - part one in an American History unit study!
In 1996 I was trying to plan an American History unit study that I could use for my twins when they reach high school age. I wanted to cover not only American history events, but also art, architecture, music and literature. I believed that these were a "reflection" of what was going on in society at various points of time and that they needed to be included in the study of history.
The military moved us very suddenly that summer and I didn't get a chance to continue writing the unit study. As I write this today, we are studying world history for the next year or so - but I am continuing to think ahead to when we hit American history - and if I should continue to write this unit study. I was using several textbooks as resources and I refer to them often.
You may feel free to use this 4 week unit (it is really a 5 week unit but 4 weeks are shown) in any way you want AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT SELL IT OR PUBLISH IT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION . In other words, you may print it up to share with a friend (or 10 friends) or share it with a homeschool support group - or even use it in a Co-op! However, since I am considering whether or not I have the time to finish writing this (and whether it is worth the time to write it) and may therefore include these items in the unit study (should I publish it) - you may NOT publish it without my permission!

4. Untitled
Click here for information about using ARGUS in american history Classes. major geographicconcepts in places that are typical of specific regions in the United
Designed for Active Learning
Print Materials

Order the ARGUS CD today! ORDER FORM
Interactive CD
Geographic Perspectives On:

Project Background
A T he ARGUS materials are appropriate for a variety of topical courses as well as for regional courses on the United States. All components of the print materials are organized according to the following broad categories:
  • Geographical Themes:

  • Places, Regions, and Geographical Questions
  • Population Geography:
  • Patterns of Settlement and Population Movement
  • Economic Geography:
  • Patterns of Production, Consumption, and Trade
  • Political Geography:
  • Patterns Associated with Constitutional Government
  • Environmental Issues:
  • Resources and Risks
Click here for information about using ARGUS in American History Classes Click here for imformation about using ARGUS in Advanced Placement Human Geography Text (129 pages) T he text is an easy-to read overview of the ARGUS topics, designed to provide a context for the student activities. It also contains 26 case studies that illustrate major geographic concepts in places that are typical of specific regions in the United States. Individual student copies of the text are available, and any part of the text may be photocopied and distributed for student use.

5. American History
Access sites on general american history. Resources are divided into General, Primary and Secondary Sources. Some sites include provide a mix of resources. Special Topics in american history. African american history, american Women's history. US history. Access general sites on US history or by specific regions, subjects, and time.
Special Topics in American History
African American History American Women's History More History Resources
Ancient History
Women's History History Databases
American Literature

Access American Literature collections and sites about American Literature: American Literature Citation
Cite your resources MLA Style Guide or APA Style American History A ccess sites on American History. Resources are divided into General Primary and Secondary Sources . Some sites provide a mix of resources.
Your Best Bet for a great resource.
General American History General history links are sites that collect links to American Women's history sites. American History

This site collects links on American History by topic and era. American Studies Web: History and Historical Culture Studies
Part of American Studies Web from Georgetown University. This portion has links related to American history by time period and topic. Each linked site includes a description. POTUS From the Internet Public Library, POTUS (Presidents of the United States) this site includes links to biographies, and also to historical information, audio and video files.

6. History Resources
covers all aspects of Latin american history and culture. encyclopedia of the studyof history and the countries, regions and peoples have specific call number

7. The Routledge Atlas Of African American History - Earle, Jonathan
The Routledge atlas of African american history. Author. Earle, Jonathan Other books about general history of specific regions and. Other books about black studies
Home Company Information Contacts Books/Search ... Register
Publication Details
ISBN Title The Routledge atlas of African American history Author Earle, Jonathan RRP ($NZ) Please Contact Us Stock Special Order * Published: Type: Hardback Publisher: Routledge Request Info on this item * - Please note that prices and stock levels may vary from those shown.

8. North American Cultures--U.S. History/World History Lesson Plan (grades 6-8)--Di
912 Subject area US history Standard Understands and Dutch settlers; Native Americaninvolvement in how human characteristics make specific regions of the
Students Teachers Parents Grades K-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12
... Health History
Ancient History
U.S. History World History Life Science Animals Ecology Human Body The Microscopic World ... Weather
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6-8 > U.S. History Grade level: 6-8 Subject: U.S. History Duration: Three class periods
Materials Procedures Adaptations ... Credit
Find a video description, video clip, and discussion questions.
Travelers: North America

Use our free online Teaching Tools to create custom worksheets, puzzles and quizzes on this topic!
Students will understand the following:
North America includes a vast variety of cultural traditions. Cultural traditions show up in festivals, landscape design and structures, and symbols. Multiple cultures must coexist, so conflicts must be resolved. For this lesson, you will need: Long roll of brown paper Paints, markers, magazines to cut up, scrap material, and so on for creating illustrations on brown paper Tacks or other means of mounting the long roll of brown paper on a wall To underscore the special quality of the city, suburb, or rural area we all call home, and in the tradition of the great Mexican muralists, tell the class that they will jointly create a mural in celebration of their home (city, suburb, or rural area).

9. International Studies Program : Streams
Cooperation and Conflict Latin american Studies Development cultural and socialchange, history, political studies which deal with specific regions of the
Streams Developmental Studies International Cooperation and Conflict Latin American Studies
Development Studies
Courses in the Development Studies Stream have been selected to provide students with a broad, interdisciplinary education focusing on the conditions and problems of less-developed countries comprising the so-called "Third World", the history and theory of economic development around the world, and the geographic and environmental consequences of "development".
The recommended courses in this stream include examinations of specific aspects of third world development in all of the disciplines involved in the program. These include courses in the history of European expansion and colonialism, anthropology and sociology courses dealing with comparative cultural and social change, history, political studies, geography and economics courses which deal with specific regions of the third world and courses which discuss in a broad international context issues of particular importance to development (resource use, the environment, urbanization, health, gender, indigenous issues, and agriculture). Courses of particular relevance from the Departments of Native Studies, Women and Gender Studies and Community Health and Epidemiology are also included.
Students specializing in this stream will also have the opportunity (and will be strongly encouraged) to study aspects of development in field courses and study abroad programs held outside of Canada. These currently include opportunities to study in Central and South America and Africa. With the approval of the Coordinator of the International Studies Program, such courses may take the place of recommended courses in this stream.

10. The Nature Store - Butterfly And Moth Field Guides/Specific
Butterfly and moth field guides or books on specific states/regions. Guide to allNorth american butterfly species. Butterfly ecology and natural history.
Category: Butterfly and Moth Field Guides/Specific Regions Butterfly and moth field guides or books on specific states/regions Choose from the following products:
(Click name for more info, click image for bigger image , or enter quantity and press Add ) Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Butterflies
to Shopping Basket Covers all butterflies of North America north of Mexico. Audubon Society Pocket Guide to Butterflies (Temp. Out-of-Stock)
to Shopping Basket Covers 80 common butterflies of North America. Butterflies and Moths of Britain and Europe H. Hofman, T. Marktanner
to Shopping Basket This full color photographic guide to over 150 butterfly and moth species found in Britain and Europe arranges butterflies by their wing color for easy identification. Each butterfly is illustrated with at least one close-up color photograph; additional photographs are provided to show variation between the sexes and how the upper- and undersides of the wings differ. Each species description includes facts on markings, food, distribution and the time of year the butterfly can be seen. Paper; 159 pages; 7x4 in.
to Shopping Basket Over 100 species covered with color photographs.

11. National American Indian Heritage Month
Explore general topics or focus on specific regions of the With this Index of NativeAmerican Resources on you’ll find art, culture, history, language, and
Last Updated: Mar 25th, 2003 - 15:00:26 Home 1st - 3rd Grade State Reports Country Reports Mission Reports Freedom Files Movies in the Classroom Games Monthy Grab Bag Teens ClassBrain Store Corporate Information Grab Bag Home Valentines Day January February ... Christmas
National American Indian Heritage Month
By Sarah Lane
Nov 7, 2002, 8:38am
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Printer friendly page November is Native American Heritage Month
As proclaimed by President George W. Bush on November 1, 2002, this month is National American Indian Heritage Month. Activities and programs all month long will highlight the roles of American Indians and Alaska Natives and their part in our nations’ history. With the construction of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian, comes the chance to educate all Americans about their culture. This month serves as a much needed reminder to recognize the efforts, and most importantly the struggles, of Native Americans to find comfort in a society whose beliefs severely contrast their own.
Regardless of the how and why, it still stands that people like Sakajawea and her contribution to the ‘Voyage of Discovery’ led by Lewis and Clark, and the Navajo Code talkers who helped our nation and the allies secure a victory in World War II, were remarkable in their efforts. Our government is working to maintain the legacy of American Indians and Alaska Natives by preserving irreplaceable languages, cultural traditions, and continuing to honor tribal sovereignty. During the month of November, there will be several programs celebrating the Native American culture. Join in and learn something new about an antiquated society.

12. AGSC: Introduction To The Collection
recent geographical serials the american Geographical Society and geographical descriptionsof specific regions of the research in the history of cartography.
About the AGSL
The American Geographical Society Library, a major reference and research library devoted to the acquisition, analysis, preservation, and retrieval of the literature of geography, cartography, and related fields, is considered to be outstanding among the world's leading geographical libraries. The rich collection of materials, comprehensive range of serials, monographs, pamphlets, maps, atlases and photographs, and remarkably easy access to these holdings through extensive analytical cataloging allows researchers, faculty and other patrons to retrieve desired information in a relatively short time. The Library
The scope of the library is broad, encompassing all aspects of geography, cartography and selected facets of related disciplines such as history, anthropology, archaeology, sociology, demography, economics, geology, oceanography, meteorology, urban studies, travel, discovery and exploration, and materials on human beings as builders and despoilers of the environment. One of the AGS Library's strengths throughout the years since its founding in 1852 has been its unusually complete sets of geographical periodicals (approximately 130,000 volumes), especially early foreign publications. Prof. Chauncy D. Harris and Jerome Fellman stated: "The leading American library in recorded holdings of older geographical serials, those which began publication before 1950, is the library of the American Geographical Society....For recent geographical serials the American Geographical Society and the Library of Congress have an impressive lead over all the other libraries in the United States...."

13. Major Or Minor In History - School Of Undergraduate Studies - UMUC
past, and factual knowledge of specific historical periods areas United States, Europe,World regions (Asia, Africa sh) HIST 255 Afroamerican history (3); HIST
History Students may seek either an academic major or minor in history. Major in History
The major in history provides students with skills in historical research and analysis, a chronological understanding of the past, and factual knowledge of specific historical periods. Study yields an appreciation of U.S. history as well as the histories of other peoples and cultures that enhances multicultural understanding the workplace and in everyday society. Such skills and knowledge prepare students for careers in education, law, government, business, management, public relations, writing, and research. Objectives
The student who graduates with a major in history will be able
  • Demonstrate an understanding of historical methods and appreciate how history has been written and interpreted over recorded time. Understand how he or she is uniquely affected by the U.S. historical experience. Demonstrate a chronological understanding of the diverse peoples, events, and cultures that have shaped human civilization.

14. Subject Selectors In The MSU Libraries
history. american (US) history General history (see also specific regions).Historiography. Military Science. Michael Unsworth, 4323976,
Subject Selectors in the MSU Libraries The table below lists the name, office telephone number, and e-mail address of the librarian who specializes in your subject. To navigate in this page either highlight a term from the pull-down menu below and click on the Go button or use the Find function of your browser. The subject terms are linked to the corresponding electronic resources pages. Librarians for Multidisciplinary Collections are listed at the bottom of the page. For general questions about the collection, contact Carole Armstrong , Associate Director, Collections Management and Development and Human Resources at 355-2342. Please select a subject African Studies Agriculture Anthropology Architecture Art History Arts, Performing Arts, Visual Asian Studies Astronomy Biological Sciences Biomedical Sciences Business Canadian Studies Chemistry Classics Comics Communication Computers Criminal Justice Cultural Studies Economics Education Engineering Environmental Studies Ethnic Studies Food Science and Nutrition Gender Studies Geography Geology Government Grants History International Development International Studies Internet Law Library Science Linguistics Literature Mathematics Medicine Music Nursing Packaging Philosophy Physics Political Science Psychology Public Policy Religion Sociology Sports Turfgrass Veterinary Medicine African Studies African Studies Joe Lauer

15. Dartmouth Library Collection Development Policy
DT) Includes general history, exploration, ethnography, social life and customs,specific regions (eg, French history of Afroamerican literature (PS153.N5
Dartmouth College Library
Collection Development Policies African and African-American Studies Collecting Intensity
Existing Current Desirable Africa: History (DT) Includes general history, exploration, ethnography, social life and customs, specific regions (e.g., French West Africa, East Africa) Religion in Africa (BL2400-2490) Ethnology (GN643-661) African Folklore (GR350-360) African Music (M 1830-1838; ML 350-350.5; ML 544; ML 3760) African Languages and Literature (PL8000-8844) African Art Blacks in America: Post 18632 (E184.5-185; E442) Includes general history, social conditions, race relations, health and physical conditions, Black churches, education, biography, special topics Black Religion in U.S. (BP62.B56; BP221-223), (BR563.N4), (BV2783) Afro-American Folklore (GR111.A47) Afro-American Dance (GV 1624.7.A34) Blacks and Citizenship, Suffrage (JK 1781-1783;JK1923-1929) Education (LC2699-2913) Afro-American music (M1670-71; ML 178.S4; ML3506; ML3187; ML 3478; ML3520; ML3556) Afro-American art (N6538.N5; N8232; NX652.A37)

16. STL Latin American Studies Resources
Encyclopedia of Latin american history and culture Spanish american women writers a biobibliographical specific GEOGRAPHICAL regions Dictionary of Brazilian

17. Internationalizing American History 1
stages, to have a focus on borderlands, regions, or specific transnational systems andthe larger existing narrative of american history, both professional
Project on Internationalizing the Study of American History Report on Planning Conference I A Joint Project Organization of American Historians and New York University [Report by Thomas Bender] Villa La Pietra, New York University in Florence, Italy July 6-9, 1997 This planning meeting was organized under the auspices of the Organization of American Historians and the International Center for Advanced Studies at NYU, with additional financial support from the American Council of Learned Societies. Thomas Bender of NYU's History Department and director of ICAS was responsible for arranging the meeting. Its participants included Americanists from the United States, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia, and its agenda was to develop a strategy to advance an international perspective in the study of the history of the United States, thus situating the United States more fully into the larger transnational and global context, with the intention of revealing more clearly the multiple histories that constitute the American experience, each with different relations to the established geographical boundaries and to historical time. The Distinctive Work of the Conference Although everyone participating was sympathetic to and had been a beneficiary at one time or another of various efforts to establish networks, exchanges, and discussions among U.S. and foreign scholars of the United States, this meeting did not have that kind of organizational mission. Its work was in the realm of ideas. Specifically, its work was to give articulate form to an idea vaguely on the horizon that promises an important expansion of contemporary historical practice. Given a growing consciousness of living in a global age marked by the extreme international mobility of people, ideas, and money, the aim of the meeting was to define a history that would better explain the making and the experience of that world.

18. Listings For History And Social Sciences-History
gov/ammem/ammemhome.html The american Memory Historical html Truly excellent sitefor complete Roman history. and sites relating to specific geographic regions
November 2002
Current Issue
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Listings for: History and Social Sciences - History
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The American Memory: Historical Collections from the National Digital Library has images, articles and much more archived. Includes a search function, 'This Day in History,' and a learning page. Presented by the Library of Congress.

Truly excellent site for complete Roman history. It has a virtual tour of the city itself as well as a historical index, biographies, mythology and much, much more.

Good link page to a number of historical archives and sites relating to specific geographic regions. Included are numerous reference sites, online lectures and articles broken into geographic and topical categories.
Eyewitness History takes a look at major events in history through the eyes of eyewitnesses, using personal letters and essays. Excellent site that offers an interesting and real perspective on the past.

19. Canadian Genealogy And History Links - Alberta
General provincewide histories and histories of specific regions and communities. collapsed,resulting in the greatest landslide in North american history.
Canadian Genealogy and History Links
Entries preceded by a indicate it is a new entry or the URL has changed or been updated within the last 14 days.
Archives - Libraries - Museums
Alberta Digital Archives Includes bible records, cemeteries, census, church records, correspondence, deeds, local histories and directories.
Archives Society of Alberta
Society information and a searchable database of over 5000 fonds-level and collection-level descriptions of records held in Alberta's archival institutions.
Genealogy Resources at Calgary Public Library
The collection focuses on Canadian materials with an emphasis on Alberta, Ontario and the Maritimes.
Glenbow Museum and Archives
This centre of history and art contains many interesting archival resources.
Museums Alberta
Promoting understanding, access and excellence. Includes a Directory of Alberta's Museums and Galleries.
Provincial Archives of Alberta
Records of the Government of Alberta including many genealogical sources. Also private records of individuals and organizations.
Provincial Museum of Alberta
Focusing on the human and natural history of Alberta and western Canada. Information on the human history programs (folklife, western Canadian history, government history, archaeology, and ethnology), plus exhibits, galleries, and special events.

20. Internet Public Library: Pathfinders
Decorative arts), or the 800s (Literature of specific regions). of Print Resourceson the history of Books by Leila Avrin (Chicago american Library Association
This collection All of the IPL Advanced You are here: Home Pathfinders About the IPL
Contact Us
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Searching Tools
KidSpace ...
Special Collections
IPL Features
IPL Recognized in Computerworld Honors Program Recent IPL News IPL Recognized in 2002 Computerworld Honors Program New design for the IPL unveiled! Now offering links to over 20,000 books
History of Books and Printing
This pathfinder provides a general introduction to print resources, Internet resources, and associations relating to the history of books and printing. By nature this a very broad field, spanning many differing time periods and book forms. This is, therefore, intended primarily as a starting point for research in aspects of book history from the beginnings of writing through the present, and is not to be considered indicative of the full range of information available on any given aspect. Resources are also provided for those interested in finding out about their own rare or antiquated books or personal book collecting on the Internet.
Print Resources
There are many good print resources on the history of books and printing, including both general surveys and specialized works regarding such topics as medeival manuscripts, early printed books, nineteenth-century works, and so forth.

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