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         American Presidents History General:     more books (100)
  1. The African American Presidents: The Founding Fathers of Liberia, 1848-1904 by David, Jr. Smith, 2004-06
  2. Domestic Programs of the American Presidents: A Critical Evaluation by Richard B. Faber, Elizabeth A. Bedford, 2008-03-31
  3. American presidents; their individualities and their contributions to American progress by Thomas Francis Moran, 2010-07-27
  4. FDR and His Contemporaries: Foreign Perceptions of an American President (The World of the Roosevelts) by Cornelis van Minnen, John Sears, 1992-01-15
  5. American Presidents: Farewell Messages to the Nation by Gleaves Whitney, 2002-12
  6. The American Presidents (Guild America Books) by David C. Whitney, 1996-04-01
  7. Historic Homes of the American Presidents: Second, Revised Edition with 161 Illustrations by Irvin Haas, 1992-01-14
  8. My Fellow Americans: Presidents Speak to the People in Troubled Times
  9. The Little Giant Book of American Presidents by Glen Vecchione, 2007-02-01
  10. The Two American Presidents: A Dual Biography of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis by Bruce Chadwick, 1999-04
  11. American Presidents Attend the Theatre: The Playgoing Experiences of Each Chief Executive by Thomas A. Bogar, 2009-05-13
  12. Humor in the White House: The Wit of Five American Presidents by Arthur A. Sloane, 2001-03
  13. The American Presidents by Jon Roper, 2001-01-15
  14. The Fathers of American Presidents: From Augustine Washington to William Blythe and Roger Clinton by Jeff C. Young, 2003-09

61. EA Contents: General Articles
Presidential Assistant EA Contents Opening Screen EA Contents general Articles.THE CONSTITUTION AND DEMOCRACY. Voting Machine. POLITICS american Party.

Presidential Assistant
EA Contents Opening Screen EA Contents: General Articles
    Bill of Rights

    Checks and Balances


    Constitution of the United States (Article)

    Absentee Voting


    Election ... Voting Machine
  • POLITICS American Party Anti-Masonic Party Constitutional Union Party Democratic Party ... Whig Party
  • PRESIDENCY Cabinet Cartoons (Political) Impeachment President of the United States ... White House
  • PRESIDENTIAL PROGRAMS Four Freedoms Monroe Doctrine New Deal
  • PRESIDENTIAL SCANDALS Teapot Dome Watergate Whiskey Ring XYZ Correspondence
  • THEY WOULD BE PRESIDENT Henry Clay William Jennings Bryan Eugene Debs Thomas Dewey ... Samuel Tilden
  • UNITED STATES CONGRESS Congress of the United States House of Representatives Senate
  • VOTING RIGHTS Suffrage Women's Suffrage Presidential Assistant EA Contents ... Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia (Subscribers Only)
  • 62. CLA: History-American
    newspaper press coverage of events in american history. the inaugural addresses ofall US presidents. american Literature (CLA English Language and Literature
    CLA Home
    01 Programs
    American History
    Current Events


    General Resources


    Please send us the URLs of your own favorite sites so we can add them to our list.
    Supported by the

    National Endowment for the Humanities
    Zehmer Hall Annex P.O. Box 400762, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4762 University of Virginia TEL.: (804) 982-5205 FAX: (804) 982-4611 E-mail: Benjamin Franklin: Glimpses of the Man (Franklin Institute) The Presidents of the United States of America (The White House) This site includes biographies and fact sheets on all of the Presidents of the United States. The Rise and Fall of Alexander Hamilton (American Studies, University of Virginia) Territorial Expansion of the United States 1775-1920 (University of Virginia, American Studies) This section of the online American Historical Atlas includes maps of the United States every 10 years from the end of the 1700s to the beginning of the 1900s. Also see Boundaries of the United States for an animated representation of the expansion.

    63. USCWC -- Index Of Civil War Information Available On The Internet
    Political Science Pop Culture Postal Service presidents and Politicians Links historyInstitutes Center for history and New Media american Social history
    Index of Civil War Information
    available on the Internet
    U.S. Civil War Center Homepage
    Evaluating Internet Research Sources

    Evaluate Your Sources
    To read about the Civil War, go to Civil War Information. To find indexes, databases, and other resource material to find information, go to Civil War Resources. Civil War Information Abolition and Slavery
    Agriculture/Animal Husbandry

    Animals/Veterinary Science

    Writers and Literature of the Period
    Civil War Resources

    64. Middletown Thrall Library: American History Resources On The Internet
    and people that make up the american experience, without Gold Rush, Influenza 1918,The presidents, The Time of the Lincolns, and Vietnam A Television history.
    The History Internet Resource Guide by its very scope and content must be seen as always evolving and under construction. This resource will arbitrarily start with selected American History sites, before broadening out to explore world history via internet sites by and about other nations. Every effort is made to suggest useful sites with the full realization that there will always be both opposing historical viewpoints and an enormously large body of ever changing information out there. It will always remain the responsibility of the reader to decide and evaluate who has the better historical argument at any site. Please select a section
    or scroll down to browse:
  • Archives of Images
  • Discovery - Colonial History
  • 18th Century
  • The American Revolution ...
  • 20th Century NEW : George Washington
    Resource Guide
    In support of The Great Experiment exhibit on display at Middletown Thrall Library from February 9 - March 20, 2003, we have created a George Washington resource guide featuring websites and books about George Washington and the American Republic.
    General/Comprehensive Sites
    American and British History Resources on the Internet
    This site is enormous, even by internet standards. It was created by two Rutgers librarians (one a Ph.D subject specialist) to include thousands of scholarly resources. These sites lead to manuscripts, texts, listservs, archives, biographies, bibliographies, societies, and universities. This is a great place to visit to get an idea of the magnitude of the information available online.
  • 65. American History Links
    Candidate PBS examines the history of political ads presidents - POTUS (presidentsof the United States Comprehensive site on the american presidency includes
    American History back to social studies link index American Revolution Civil Wa r / Roaring 20s To Kill a Mockingbird Depression Presidents ...
  • Abraham Lincoln - Lincoln online
    Abraham Lincoln Research site - Very complete with easy links and graphics yet still has great data.
    African American
    Harlem Renaissance - revisit a brief, shining moment between theGreat War and the Great Depression Black Quest - African-American History, Culture, and Black Studies Resources. An extensive list of links that deal with African Americans.
    American Civil War Home Page American History Student Project An example of Student Production American Family Immigration Center : Ellis Island American Civil War Resources on the Net American Presidents - POTUS (Presidents of the United States) Comprehensive site on the American presidency includes biographies, speeches and writings, election results, odd facts and presidency highlights.
  • American Revolution
    African Americans in Early American Military History African American Freedom Fighters: Soldiers for Liberty America's Freedom Documents with pictures of and texts of the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. American Revolution Online American Revolution a timeline with links to people events and documents, very detailed lots of primary source documents

    66. History Resources
    Addresses by presidents of the american Historical Association Addresses, 19221997by presidents of the are reflections on the nature of Canadian history.
    The listings on this page are restricted to directories and resources that deal exclusively with one subject, and which are relevant to the secondary curriculum in Waterloo Region. The General Directories have excellent sections on most subjects. The general directories are good resources to start your searches with. Use the dedicated subject directories listed here as follow-ups. The individual subject sites listed here are those that are considered to be the most valuable and the most frequently used in the secondary curriculum. There is no pretense that the list is an exhaustive one. For that, consult the general and subject directories, or a search engine
  • Curriculum Guidelines and Documents:
  • The Nature of History
    • Everyman His Own Historian by Carl Becker, is one of the best pieces ever written on the subject.
    • The Historian and the Nation by Richard M. Saunders, 1967 Canadian Historican Association presidential address; a student of Becker's, and a wonderful teacher at the University of Toronto from the 1930's to the 1970's.
    • Presidential Addresses by presidents of the American Historical Association; many of the essays are brilliant reflections on the nature of the subject.
  • 67. Autographs, Manuscripts, Historical Documents: The Professional Autograph Dealer
    Historical american autographs in the fields of 18th Specialties are history (emphasison US Civil War US presidents, Civil War, vintage Hollywood, space, art
    There are currently 45 members listed in the Membership Directory. Please read their areas of specialty in this screen to determine who can best address your interests. Then click on that dealer's name to view contact information, detailed dealer profiles, and links to their individual web sites.
    Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, Inc.

    Adam Andrusier Autographs

    Quality vintage autographs in all fields with a concentration on the arts: classical, jazz and popular music, art, literature, cinema and history. Alexander Autographs, Inc.
    Auctioneer of fine autographs in all fields of collecting. Collections purchased outright.
    Ray Anthony, Inc.

    Archives Historical Autographs

    Autographs, signed books, with emphasis on Americana. Catherine Barnes
    Robert F. Batchelder, Inc.

    Walter R. Benjamin Autographs, Inc.

    Edward N. Bomsey Autographs, Inc.
    ... Julian Browning Autographs Autograph Letters, Historical Documents and Manuscripts, in all fields, 1450-1950. Gary Combs Autographs, Inc. Lisa Cox Music Areas of Specialization: All autographs, especially royalty and literature; travel - largely books. Erasmushaus Ltd.

    68. US History Links
    feature biographies of all the presidents, with sections of important treaties; anda history of american capture the imagination of the american public, and
    Student Site Chapter 8: The New Nation Takes Form, 1789-1800 Links A Century of Lawmaking,
    "An unparalleled collection of documents on the history of the United States law and government, from the Continental Congress through the 42nd Congress (1873). This history is recorded in twelve searchable journals and publications, including The Congressional Globe, Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, Journal of the Senate of the United States of America, and Journals of the Continental Congress. The site is maintained by the Library of Congress and offers help documents on using and searching the collections."*
    American Presidents

    "Homepage of The American President series, produced by PBS. This project is an excellent resource for the study of the role of the president in the United States and of individual men who have held the office. The pages feature biographies of all the presidents, with sections on their lives, families, policies, and political legacies. The site also includes Web resources, historical documents, scholarly essays, and a glossary of political terms."*
    Census Data

    69. U.S. Photo Album
    Center for Museum Studies. National Museum of Natural history. National Civil RightsMuseum. The Presidency presidents in american Memory, 17891901.

    States and Cities If You Want to Study in the U.S.A. If You Want to Travel to the U.S.A. American Studies American History and Geography General History Resource An Outline of American History Tracks: Impressions of America Today in History American Memory Library of Congress Who's Who in American History: From the Civil War to the Present Library of Congress U.S. Cultural and Historical Maps American Historical Association ... Documenting the American South Documents and Texts Constitution of the United States of America Bill of Rights The Declaration of Independence Basic Readings in U.S. Democracy ... AMDOCS:Documents for the Study of American History Women Today Women's Issues Women in the United States Distinguished Women of Past and Present Arts, Society, and Culture The Fund for U.S. Artists

    70. Ulysses S. Grant - Books On U.S Presidents
    to live up to the principles of teamwork and planning that led general Grant to Grantby Jean Edward Smith Recent history has been kinder to Grant than were
    Ulysses S. Grant
    Books on the 18th President of the United States Related Books U.S. History
    U.S. Presidents

    The Presidency

    American Civil War
    History Books UK
    Related Subjects The Presidents
    Key information
    Best Sellers
    U.S. Presidents

    Featured Site Union Army Webring
    Civil War Memoirs
    by Ulysses S. Grant, W.T. Sherman, Mary D. McFeely (Editor), William S. McFeely (Editor), Charles Royster (Editor) Hardcover Boxed Set edition (September 1990) Library of America; ISBN: 0940450690 by Al Kaltman "Ulysses S. Grant was a perceptive and surprisingly modern manager," writes Al Kaltman. "A pragmatist who learned from his own and others' successes and failures, he brought new dimensions to strategic planning. He was adept at seizing and exploiting opportunities as they presented themselves, and he boldly shattered paradigms long before the term paradigm had made its way into the management jargon." Kaltman uses Grant's military career, beginning with his enrollment at West Point through his early successes in the Civil War to his eventual command of the entire Union Army, to illustrate 250 basic principles of business success, from "Bureaucrats do the dumbest things" to "You can't stop the clock." In an afterword, Kaltman considers how President Grant failed to live up to the principles of teamwork and planning that led General Grant to victory, with a resultant career as chief executive whose legacy has been less than stellar.

    71. The American Experience/Presidents/Teach/Truman/Educators Resources
    A pivotal turning point in history and the The american Presidency Produced by GrolierOnline of information about all the presidents, including encyclopedia
    Truman Educator Resources: In addition to the general Bibliography and the documents contained in the Primary Source Materials , this section provides an Annotated Bibliography of books for students, a list of Related American Experience Programs and Web sites and a list of Annotated Web Links. Annotated Bibliography: Allen, Peter. "Origins of World War II." New York: Bookwright Press, 1992. An overview of the events and people involved in the beginnings of World War II, including many illustrations, maps and photographs, a timeline, and biographical sketches of the major figures of the time. Blum, John Morton."V Was for Victory." New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1976. An examination of the culture and politics on the homefront during World War II. Cohen, Daniel. "Joseph McCarthy: The Misuse of Political Power." Brookfield, CT: The Millbrook Press, 1996. Written for young adults, this book presents an analysis of McCarthy, HUAC, and the effects of "McCarthyism" on American life in the 1950s. Coontz, Stephanie. "The Way We Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap". New York: Basic Books, 1992. This book examines the changes American women experienced in the 1940s and 1950s.

    72. American Society For Cybernetics - History
    history. founded in Philadelphia under the name, the american Cybernetics Association cyberneticsattended meetings of the Society for general Systems Research

    About ASC

    Beginnings of the ASC
      contributed by Stuart Umpleby
      1982 (revisited 1992)
    The American Society for Cybernetics was founded in 1964 by a group of people in Washington, DC who were interested in the then new field of cybernetics. The founding members of the Society wanted to follow and to encourage the development of this interdisciplinary field.
    A Discussion Group in Washington, DC
    In the late 1950s a group of people in Washington, DC, met monthly to discuss research in the field of cybernetics. These individuals worked in the government, academia, and the private sector. They formed the Washington Cybernetics Society as an unchartered social institution. After a few years they decided to create a formal, legal entity, and in June 1962 a steering committee was appointed to do so. The chairman was M.J. Pedelty of Adaptronics Inc. Other members of the Steering Committee were Dr. C.R. Porter, Dept. of Psychology at Howard University; D.K. Pollock, Office of Naval Research; and W.S. Pyles of the U.S. Patent Office. The objectives of the Washington Cybernetics Society included holding professional meetings, facilitating information exchange, fostering research, and encouraging public interest.
    Founding a Professional Society
    From this effort grew a group of people calling themselves the Ad Hoc Group on Cybernetics chaired by Dr. Paul S. Henshaw of the Atomic Energy Commission. In February 1964 the Ad Hoc Group took on the task of selecting an appropriate name and scope of activities for a national professional organization. In April 1964 approximately 100 copies of a letter were sent out inviting opinion and participation in the organization. This effort resulted in the present name, the American Society for Cybernetics, and papers of incorporation were filed.

    73. Homework Help--U.S. History
    Salem Witch Trials. People African american history; Explorers Discoverers; Immigrants Immigration; Native americans in history; presidents; Slavery
    Library Services Find Your Library Ask a Librarian Reserve a PC Library Cards ... eBooks Good Reads Good Reads New Reads Book Clubs Youth Services Homework Help Kidspage TeenZone Library Resources eAudio Seniors ESL/Literacy Special Collections ... Email This
    U.S. History General Early America ... Decades Imperialism Japanese American Internment Camps Watergate Women's Suffrage Movement Wars ... Vietnam War War of 1812 World War II Western Expansion

    74. Nonfiction
    presidents/preshome.html, http//, http//www Someof these are The american Family Immigration history Center http
    var TlxPgNm='non_fiction'; Aspiring Writers home About Us Poetry and editorials by Ann Brother's Keeper ... Romance Novel Writing Nonfiction Fiction The Many Voices of Poetry First Time Authors fun and games ... Gifts Genre - Nonfiction
    Nonfiction can range from biographies to history. The topics for these type books must be researched. Some history books may take a scholar years to complete. It may be tedious and boring at times but there is no other way to get the job done. There are many, many resources to do research on line. If you are attending a university you have some of the best libraries in the world. We take our libraries for granted in the US. Many countries do not have public libraries. Do you want to write about American Presidents? Visit and . The IPL (Internet Public Library) Reference site is extensive and very well done. You can also find information about Geography and History, Religion, Occultism, Philosophy, Parapsychology, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Language, Natural Science and Mathematics, Technology, The Arts, and Literature and Rhetoric.

    75. Franklin Electronic Publishers - EBooks
    Card version of the Great Documents of american history. of information on the USpresidents and games the user's knowledge of american presidents and Documents

    76. Kids Online Resources - American History
    presidents Day Web Quest President George Washington and African american Odyssey- Reconstruction and Its Aftermath. about the period in the history of the
    Home Internet Safety Art/Music Geography ... Site Map
    History and Social Science Pg1
    American/Government/Women Explorers World/Ancient/Castles Human Origins/Ancient ...
    History as it Happens - CNN Student News
    - News for students, resources for teachers.
    Yahoo News
    - Shuttle Probe Focuses on Columbia's Last Major Overhaul.
    Intervention in Iraq
    - Iraq in the news. Teaching with the News Iraq:
    Ben's Guide
    - U.S. Government Web Sites for Kids.
    Bill of Rights
    - On April 30, 1789, George Washington was sworn in as the first president of the United States.
    Canku Ota
    - A free, bi-weekly, online Newsletter celebrating Native America, its traditions and accomplishments .
    Evolution of Civil Rights
    - When people made up their minds that they wanted to be free and took actions, then there was change...
    History Today
    - History as it happens.

    77. America's Presidents - GovSpot Feature
    american presidents Life Portraits CSPAN gives you the National Portrait GalleryHall of presidents This Smithsonian to satisfy the ever-curious history buff

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    78. American Writers: Teacher Resources - Thomas Paine
    CSPAN's New history Series in order to remove mistakes, take a general survey of
    A companion site for C-SPAN's special television series for 2001
    Created by Cable. Offered as a Public Service.

    Schedule Watch Book Club ... Shop Book Club Log In User name: Password: New User? Please Re g ister!
    Select a writer William Bradford Benjamin Franklin Thomas Paine Thomas Jefferson James Madison James Fenimore Cooper Sojourner Truth Ralph Waldo Emerson Henry David Thoreau Elizabeth Cady Stanton Nathaniel Hawthorne Frederick Douglass Harriet Beecher Stowe Mary Chesnut Abraham Lincoln Mark Twain Willa Cather Black Elk Booker T. Washington W.E.B Du Bois Henry Adams Edith Wharton Upton Sinclair Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Dreiser Will Rogers H.L. Mencken Langston Hughes Zora Neale Hurston Ernest Hemingway F. Scott Fitzgerald John Steinbeck William Faulkner Ayn Rand Walter Lippmann Ernie Pyle Whittaker Chambers Jack Kerouac James Baldwin Betty Friedan Russell Kirk William F. Buckley David Halberstam Neil Sheehan Select a work Mayflower Compact Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Common Sense Declaration of Independence U.S. Constitution Journals of the Expedition Last of the Mohicans Narrative of Sojourner Truth Nature Walden Declaration of Sentiments The Scarlet Letter Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Uncle Tom's Cabin A Diary from Dixie Gettysburg Address The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn O Pioneers!

    79. American History Sites
    National First Ladies Library; $$The american Presidential Elections presidents andElection Statistics from; history Buff's Presidential
    The TimePage American History Sites last modified New and unreviewed links. Remember most of my specific US history links are included in the TimePage cycle timelines.
    United States History
    National Resources:
    University Projects:

    80. American President: The Series
    is the first series to explore the history of the The remaining presidents' wordsare spoken by public Lyndon Johnson) Program 5 The american Way ( Jefferson
    The Epic Story of the Presidency The American President , a ten-part series on the history and impact of the American presidency, will air on the Public Broadcasting Service beginning April 9, 2000. The epic series is written, produced, and directed by Philip B. Kunhardt, Jr., Philip B. Kunhardt III, and Peter W. Kunhardt, and is a co-production of Kunhardt Productions and Thirteen/WNET in New York. It is the first series to explore the history of the presidency through the stories of America's 41 chief executives. The American President is presented on PBS by Thirteen/WNET. The sole underwriter is the New York Life Insurance Company. Rare photographs from the Meserve-Kunhardt Collection are used throughout the series. (Above: George Washington, circa 1765) The series will air during the political primary season, when interest in the national elections is keen. The series, and the materials that accompany it, will help students understand the scope and limitations of the president's powers, trace the development of the American electoral process, and develop the historical frame of reference they need to be more responsible voters. The National Council for the Social Studies has endorsed this outreach and will play a partnership role in the development of classroom materials designed for distribution to teachers nationwide.

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