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         American Presidents Other History:     more books (99)
  1. The president who pardoned a turkey and other wacky tales of American history by Allan Zullo, 1996
  2. American Presidents in World History (Middle School Reference)
  3. President McKinley, War and Empire: President McKinley and the Coming of War, 1898 (American Presidents Series) (Volume 1) by Richard Hamilton, 2006-06-12
  4. American Presidents Attend the Theatre: The Playgoing Experiences of Each Chief Executive by Thomas A. Bogar, 2006-05-16
  5. Air Force One: The Aircraft that Shaped the Modern Presidency by Von Hardesty, 2003-10-01
  6. The American President by Philip B. Kunhardt Jr., Philip B. Kunhardt III, et all 1999-11
  7. Wounded Titans: American Presidents and the Perils of Power by Max Lerner, 1996-10-16
  8. My Fellow Americans: The Most Important Speeches of America's Presidents, from George Washingtonto George W. Bush (Book & CD)
  9. The true American; containing the inaugural addresses, together with the first annual addresses and messages of all the presidents of the United States, ... of other matter useful and entertaining by Joseph Coe, 2010-08-29
  10. Presidents, Diplomats, and Other Mortals by J. Garry Clifford, 2007-06-29
  11. My Dear Husband: Important Letters of Abigail Adams (Great Moments in American History) by Stephanie Sammartino McPherson, 2003-08
  12. The American History Shelf.('Texas Ranger Biographies,' 'Exploring Desert Stone,' 'Nexus of Empire,' 'President of the Other America,' 'Immigration and ... review): An article from: Internet Bookwatch by Unavailable, 2010-03-01
  13. The Man Who Was President For A Day: And other inspiring stories about the presidents by Andrew McCrea, 2004-01-15
  14. Thomas Jefferson's Farm Book: With Commentary and Relevant Extracts from Other Writings (History of Science and Technology Reprint Series) by Thomas Jefferson, 1977-02

1. From Revolution To Reconstruction: Presidents
Find a directory of US presidents. Click on a president's name to find copies of speeches and links to other resources. is an index on the presidents of the United States and Websites dedicated to the american presidents Trivia about all presidents by Fujisan. american presidents Life Portraits by
FRtR Presidents
This area is an index on the presidents of the United States and contains information and documents of their speeches, writings, biographies and anything else related to their person or the office they are holding.
  • George Washington
  • John Adams
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • James Madison ...
  • George W. Bush Websites dedicated to the American Presidents
  • 2. A Parenting And Education Resource
    Black history Month, american history Month, and presidents' Day. We've gatheredbooks full of lessons and activities, bulletin board sets, and other classroom,1691,1-29379,00.html
    Foreign LanguagesLanguage ArtsMathematicsReading ... Hooked on Presidents! 75 Ready-to-Use Puzzle Activities
    Dear Educator,
    February is a month full of history and celebration! Recognize the contributions of our past during Black History Month, American History Month, and Presidents' Day. We've gathered books full of lessons and activities, bulletin board sets, and other classroom resources that are sure to excite your students. Celebrate history throughout February with PearsonAtSchool, and get FREE SHIPPING on all orders! Black History Resources
    Black History Month is an exciting time to explore the many triumphs and accomplishments of African-Americans. Introduce your students to contemporary and historic African-American achievements with Black History books, bulletin board sets, and more. African American Awareness for Young Children
    Our Price: $14.50
    Grades: K - 6
    Portraits of African American Achievers

    Our Price: $17.99
    Grades: 4 - 8
    Browse other Black History Resources American History and Presidents' Day Resources
    Recognize the moments and people responsible for changing the course of U.S. history. These resources will help you fill your classroom with lessons and activities to observe American History Month (February) and Presidents' Day (February 17).

    3. American Presidents: Life Portraits
    A collection of facts and trivia about Buchanan's life.Category Kids and Teens School Time presidents Buchanan, James...... Gravesite Woodward Hill Cemetery other Sites Wheatland. american presidents ProgrammingWeek of June 20 include Karl Reisnerhistory Teacher, Mercersberg

    4. Homework Center - Language Arts
    Library presents a collection of Web links to resources on american history organized by subject. Tareas Escolares. american history american history Megasites Parks Natural Wonders. presidents First Ladies events, as well as information on other aspects of Danvers' history.
    School Corps Library Catalog Library Databases Ask Us! Online ... Tareas Escolares
    American History:
    American History Megasites 17th Century (1600s) 18th Century (1700s) 19th Century (1800s) ... Women's Suffrage Movement
    American History Megasites
    American Memory
    Search, browse and learn from the Historical Collections for the National Digital Library at the Library of Congress. Includes thousands of historical documents, maps, photographs, movies, and prints.
    1492: An Ongoing Voyage
    What happened when Columbus arrived in Americaand after?
    This site archives over 7000 images from US and Canadian newspapers and magazines from 1911 through 1955. The site focuses on radio, television, transportation, beauty and hygiene, and World War II.
    America's Story
    Read about Buffalo Bill, Frederick Douglass, Thomas Edison, Duke Ellington, Harry Houdini, and more. To go back in time click on the time period you want to learn more about. Learn short facts about each state. Watch videos and listen to audio here.
    The Early American History Interactive Crossword Puzzle

    5. C-SPAN
    Tocqueville's America, and the american presidents series history FORUM Might includepanel discussions, historic parks, historic locations and other places of

    6. American History Sites
    on the presidents; Cosmic Baseball Association Season 1996 Washington presidents. historyEducational Resources on the WWW; other american history Sites from The
    The TimePage American History Sites last modified New and unreviewed links. Remember most of my specific US history links are included in the TimePage cycle timelines.
    United States History
    National Resources:
    University Projects:

    7. Medical History Of American Presidents
    Find a record of the illnesses of all american presidents along with information on some vice presidents, presidential candidates, and British royalty. This website tabulates the illnesses of american presidents and other notable people.

    8. American Presidents
    No other poster available contains presidential portraits created by an attractivewall hanging for any history buff american presidents Biographical Collection.
    SITE INDEX TV Schedule Classroom LIVE TV/Radio ... Shop C-SPAN
    Each week through December, 1999, C-SPAN visited significant sites of the 41 men who have served as President of the United States. These sites include birth places, homes, battlegrounds, and gravesites. In each Life Portrait Series , C-SPAN examines their lives, families, accomplishments, and failures as men and leaders of our Country. During the program, scholars and specialists comment on their lives and the historical site C-SPAN visits and respond to viewer calls and comments. Each of the Life Portrait Series is available for only $19.95 and are excellent resources for learning, teaching, reference, and review. Other videotape programs about each president can also be found on this page under Other Videotapes.
    1999 Life Portraits Series

    American Presidents: Life Portraits Video Collection

    This is the complete video record of C-SPAN's American Presidents Life Portraits Video series. The forty-one presidents are profiled through their lives, accomplishments, and events of their presidency. The collection consist of 41 videos and is over one hundred hours in length. The American Presidents Life Portraits video collection is great for educators, history buffs, and anyone who wants to follow the personal story of each American President. APVC Regular price: $944.95

    kinds of small stuff about our presidents The american Need good information on Africanamerican history?Â…try this I information and links to other WWI sites
    This page has moved to a new location . Please change your browser bookmark.

    10. Kathy Schrock's Guide For Educators - American History
    the 1930's a contentrich site that looks at the 1930's through films, radio,and many other forms of american Experience The presidents a companion
    Students Teachers Parents For our newsletter and special teacher promotions.
    Abraham Lincoln Research Site

    ...a compendium of facts and snippets about the life of Abraham Lincoln
    ...a well-chosen list of links to support the teaching of American history; arranged by time period

    Africans in America online documentary of "America's journey through slavery" including teaching resources
    America in the 1930's

    ...a content-rich site that looks at the 1930's through films, radio, and many other forms of cultural expressions
    American Civil War Home Page impressive number of links to Civil War information found on the Internet
    American Cultural History: The Twentieth Century
    ...a fact-filled look at the culture of the 20th century with links to support the research process American Currency Exhibit ...view American currency by era, historical significance, artistry, and imagery American Experience: The Presidents ...a companion to the PBS series with extensive information about the 20th century Presidents American History Archive ...a full curriculum for middle and secondary students and teachers dealing with the Revolutionary and Civil Wars; includes digitized artifacts and historical commentary

    11. First Ladies Around The World
    Advertisement. First Ladies Around the World. Wives of american presidents, wivesof heads of state of other nations and in history, and wives of US governors.
    zfp=-1 About History Women's History Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting in partnership with
    Women's History
    with Jone Johnson Lewis
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') This Week's Articles tod('tih'); Today in History Daily Quiz tod('pod'); Picture of the Day Special Subscription Offers Subscribe Now Choose One: Subscribe Customer Service Subjects Essentials/Basics
    March: WH Month!


    World: by Place
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    First Ladies Around the World Wives of American presidents, wives of heads of state of other nations and in history, and wives of U.S. governors. Global First Ladies
    Wives of heads of state, from 20th century back through ancient times. United States First Ladies - Collectively Articles and sites with information about all the first ladies of the United States, including information on the office and duties and history of First Ladies. US First Ladies - Washington to Adams 2 Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Martha Jefferson, Dolley Madison, Elizabeth Monroe, Louisa Adams: Wives of U.S. Presidents 1789-1829.

    12. ReferenceResources:UnitedStatesPresidents
    Links to other history Sites That Might Also Contain Information about US presidents.american history Archive Photograph archives, video archives, document
    Reference Resources: United States Presidents Presidential Sites American Presidency Articles on the presidents, the presidency and American politics. This set is designed for school grades 3 through 8; photographs of each president - SEARCHABL E by name American Presidents: Life Portraits SEARCHABLE by name Hall of Presidents Brief presidential biographies; official White House portrait. History Buff's Presidential Wing History Buff's site contains newspaper articles, facts, and inaugural addresses of the U.S. presidents LycosZone - Presidents Presidents, Biographies of the Presidents, Presidents' Occupations, Wives and Children of the Presidents, Burial Places of the Presidents, Order of Presidential Succession, Vice Presidents, Cabinet Members Under President Clinton, The President's Cabinet, Executive Offices and Independent Agencies Portraits of U.S. Presidents and First Ladies 1789 - Present

    13. US History Lesson Plans
    Depression/New Deal, presidents, Explorers. Civil Rights Movement, AmericanWomen, Online history games. other 20th Century, Tall Folk Tales, Clip Art.
    Mr Donn's U.S. History
    Native Americans
    Primary Documents The Fifty States 13 Colonies/Pilgrims ... Big Bunch of Links
    Lesson Plans for Children's Books: A-Z list
    Mr Donn's Site Index

    Didn't find what you needed? Try this! Have a great year!
    Native Americans
    See Also:
    Trail of Tears
    Native American Literature

    Native American Holiday UNITS (Donn)

    Exploring Native Americans Across the Curriculum
    Negotiating Treaties (Simulation)
    (Juneau HS)
    The Trial of Standing Bear
    Native American Studies (5-7, CK) Core Knowledge: Native American Units Native Americans UNITS Native American Culture (Unit) Native American Populations (daily life, culture, more) ... THINKQUEST SITES: American History Lesson Idea: Role Play You are a European, encountering a Native American for the first time. Write a physical descriptions of first impressions. Do the same for Native Americans encountering a European. Make your own Totem Pole Rescue Pocahontas (Disney, free download) Resources: K-8 Native Americans Native American Clip Art Native American Navigator 13 Colonies / Colonial Period See Also: The Crucible (Salem Witchcraft) Core Knowledge: Colonial America Units Pilgrims Units, Lessons, Activities

    14. Biography Of Theodore Roosevelt
    Brief biography from the official White House site.Category Society history presidents Roosevelt, Theodore...... sharply from that of the log cabin presidents. During the Spanishamerican War, Rooseveltwas lieutenant other antitrust suits under the Sherman Act followed.
    Tours Tour in Person Tour On-Line Spotty's Tour
    ... Kids Quiz
    White House Art Eisenhower Executive Office Building Facts Life in the White House ... State of the Union
    Resources Historical Association Presidential Libraries
    Military Air Force One Camp David Marine One Home ... Theodore Roosevelt
    Theodore Roosevelt With the assassination of President McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, not quite 43, became the youngest President in the Nation's history. He brought new excitement and power to the Presidency, as he vigorously led Congress and the American public toward progressive reforms and a strong foreign policy. He took the view that the President as a "steward of the people" should take whatever action necessary for the public good unless expressly forbidden by law or the Constitution." I did not usurp power," he wrote, "but I did greatly broaden the use of executive power." Roosevelt's youth differed sharply from that of the log cabin Presidents. He was born in New York City in 1858 into a wealthy family, but he too struggledagainst ill healthand in his triumph became an advocate of the strenuous life.
    President Bush Biography

    Vice President Cheney Biography

    Laura Bush Biography

    Lynne Cheney Biography
    In 1884 his first wife, Alice Lee Roosevelt, and his mother died on the same day. Roosevelt spent much of the next two years on his ranch in the Badlands of Dakota Territory. There he mastered his sorrow as he lived in the saddle, driving cattle, hunting big gamehe even captured an outlaw. On a visit to London, he married Edith Carow in December 1886.

    Words and Deeds in american history Manuscript Division This century - the papersof presidents, cabinet ministers and inventors, and other prominent americans

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    16. The Other Ascent Into The Unknown (Herblock's History: Political Cartoons From T
    The other Ascent into the Unknown (Herblock's history has chronicled the nation'spolitical history, depicting the eras of american presidents from Herbert

    Introduction About Herblock THE CARTOON by Herb Block
    Exhibition Sections: Presidents "More Light!" Another Dove Tick-Tock ... Credits
    During the 1960s, America's space race with the Soviet Union vied for media attention with the Vietnam War. Herb Block was increasingly concerned with President Lyndon Baines Johnson's policy on the conflict and American military escalation despite denials by administration officials. Grim televised coverage from the front helped turn American opinion against the conflict. Herb Block later recalled, "In this country, there were just too many lights at the end of too many tunnels, and too many predictions of victory." During this period, Herb Block took on numerous controversial domestic issues as well, among them gun control, urban decay, race riots, and tobacco smoking.
    The other ascent into the unknown
    During the presidential campaign of 1964, President Lyndon Johnson suggested that Republican candidate Barry Goldwater could not to be trusted to keep the U.S. out of war. But not long after his election, Johnson increased American involvement in the Vietnam war and moved ultimately to take over the war itself. In the same week that NASA sent the Gemini 4 space capsule into orbit, setting new records for a two-man flight, the State Department announced that Johnson had authorized a potential role for direct American military involvement in Vietnam if requested by the South Vietnamese authorities. Herb Block was prescient in his view that this constituted a major step in the involvement of U.S. forces in Indochina.

    17. African-American History And Culture (Library Of Congress Manuscripts: An Illust
    papers of the first three presidents of Tuskegee The division's AfricanAmericanmanuscript collections have served in the division, and other black history
    African-American History and Culture
    Abraham Lincoln's preliminary draft of the Emancipation Proclamation was shown to his Cabinet in July 1862. [Page 2] In it, Lincoln warns that if the rebellion is not ended in four months, as a "necessary military measure" he will "order and declare . . . all persons held as slaves within any state or states, wherein the constitutional authority of the United States shall not be practically recognized, submitted to, and maintained, shall then, thenceforward, and forever be free." (Abraham Lincoln Papers)
    Efforts by African-Americans to educate themselves and find meaningful employment can be traced in the papers of historian Carter G. Woodson and educator Nannie Helen Burroughs. Also available are the papers of the first three presidents of Tuskegee InstituteBooker T. Washington, Robert Russa Moton, and Frederick D. Patterson. The papers of Gen. Noel F. Parrishthe white World War II commander of the Tuskegee air base where black airmen were trained by the army air corps for the first timereveal how blacks and whites worked together to dispel racist presumptions of black inferiority. Information on the training of black aviators and the establishment of the Tuskegee flight school may also be found in the diaries of historian Rayford W. Logan, who in the early 1940s was acting chair of the Committee on Participation of Negroes in the National Defense Program.

    18. Presidents Of The United States
    Includes information about US presidents, including biographies, campaign histories, trivia, genealogy, Category Society history North America United States presidents...... Education, College and Universities attended by the american presidents. had, theirchildren, and other family members Genealogy and family history, Ancestors and
    Presidents of the United States The most comprehensive site on the Internet for presidential resources. The alphabetized subject headings below are linked to most of the sites on the web that have information about the Presidents of the United States.
    Search this site
    powered by FreeFind
    For a list of all the US Presidents and links to a specific President click here. Academic Study Centers Centers devoted to research and study of the Presidency as an institution, the policies of past and future administrations, and analysis of issues faced by US Presidents. Assassinations, Attempts, and Security Measures Resources about the four US Presidents who were assassinated: Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy in addition to information about the attempted assassinations of: Andrew Jackson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S Truman, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan. Also, information about White House security and the Secret Service. Biographies Biographies from the official White House web site, online encyclopedias, other web sites about the American Presidents, as well as complete books you can read online. Birth and Death Information Information about the birth and death of each President including date and location as well as information on how to visit the birthplace and gravesite.

    19. Hotlist: American History & Government
    Inaugural Adresses of presidents of the United States; american Memory; Constitution,United States of America; other Historical american Documents.
    American History
  • Lewis and Clark: The Journey of The Corps of Discovery
  • The Salem Witchcraft Trials
  • America's Revolutionary War
  • The Franco-American Alliance During the Revolutionary War ...
  • Tatanka Yotanka - Better Known as Sitting Bull
  • Oregon Trail
  • The Donner Party
  • Little Big Horn History
  • Civil War - An Illinois Soldier ...
  • The Day of The Black Blizzard - The Dust Storms of 1935
  • American Involvement in WWII
  • Normandy: 1944
  • Powers of Persuasion: Poster Art from World War II
  • The Atomic Age ...
  • American Women's History : A Research Guide
  • National First Ladies Library
  • Unforgettable Letters - Includes Presidential Letters
  • American Experience: The Presidents
  • A Great Day in Harlem
  • The American Immigrant Wall of Honor
  • Hyper History Online ...
  • American Treasures from The Library of Congress
  • Making of America Art Page
  • Today in History
  • Explorers of The World
  • The Great American Website
  • Frank Lloyd Wright: Designs for an American Landscape ...
  • Growth of a Nation - (requires Macromedia Flash Player)
    American Government
  • U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
  • @The Capitol
  • U.S. Supreme Court
  • The Electronic Embassy ...
  • United States Secret Service
    Historical Documents
  • Primary Sources Network
  • The Gettysburg Address
  • Declaration of Independence , United States of America
  • Constitution , United States of America
  • Other Historical American Documents
    Teacher Resources
  • Battle of Little Big Horn
  • The Whole World Was Watching : 1968 - an Oral History
  • Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
  • 20. American History Biography Bookstore
    Has over 400 downloads for students and teachers with biographical text.Category Society history By Region North America United States...... JFK in his PT109 and the other of a Who were the only three vice presidents tobe successfully and the Tea Party Memory and the american Revolution The
    American History S tudent T eacher R esource C enter American History
    Search: All Products Books Popular Music Classical Music Video DVD Electronics Software Kitchen Keywords:
    Setting the World Ablaze : Washington, Adams, Jefferson and the American Revolution
    Founding Father : Rediscovering George Washington Synopsis In this thought-provoking look at George Washington as soldier and statesman, Richard Brookhiser traces the astonishing achievements of Washington's career and illuminates how his character and his values shaped the beginnings of American politics.
    Thomas Jefferson : Writings : Autobiography / Notes on the State of Virginia / Public and Private Papers / Addresses / Letters (Library of America)
    The Life and Writings of Abraham Lincoln Wendy Smith
    Book Description
    Abraham Lincoln, the greatest of all American presidents, left us a vast legacy of writings, some of which are among the most famous in our history. Lincoln was a marvelous writerfrom the humblest letter to his great speeches, including his inaugural addresses, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the Gettysburg Address. His sentences were so memorably crafted that many resonate across the years. "Fourscore and seven years ago," begins the Gettysburg Address, "our fathers brought forth on this..."
    To the Best of My Ability: The American Presidents Lesley Reed
    The Shoemaker and the Tea Party : Memory and the American Revolution Sunny Delaney
    Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States

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