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         American Samoa Culture:     more books (21)
  1. SAMOAN AMERICANS: An entry from Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America</i> by Paul Cox, 2000
  2. Siapo: Bark Cloth Art of Samoa by Mary J. Pritchard, 1984
  3. Siapo: Bark cloth art of Samoa (Special publication) by Mary J Pritchard, 1984
  4. O Le Pusi Uliuli (Samoan Primer 2)
  5. Feeling strong: Themes in Samoan drinking and recovery / (by ) Scott Whitney and Fuala'au Hanipale by Scott Whitney, 1992
  6. Fa'atautaiga: Traditional Samoan fishing methods by John Enright, 1995

21. American Samoa
american samoa culture - Art Museums. Where did all the art go? americansamoa - culture - Celebrations. What do you do on Flag Day?

22. Culture In Samoa
how to protect their island and culture Ethnologue Western native languages spokenon Western samoa Ethnologueamerican samoa Ethnologue american
Culture in Samoa ABC Country Book of American Samoa : ABC Country Book of American Samoa - Information about the economy, government, communication, and geography
American and Western Samoa Islands
: American and Western Samoa Islands - Historical information and maps of Samoa
American Samoa
: American Samoa - A site with general information about villages in American Samoa
American Samoa
: American Samoa - This site contains statistical data and links to news, travel, weather, government, and more
American Samoa
: American Samoa - Information of flag, geography, government, and the economy of American Samoa
American Samoa - Talofa
: American Samoa - Talofa! - Samoan web site with forum, chat, Samoan music on line, Samoans in the military message board, and Fale Tali Malo, links to numerous Samoa-related sites, and all things Samoan
American Samoa Chat and Discussion BB
: American Samoa Chat and Discussion BB - American Samoa Community Chat and Bulletin Board
American Samoa Community College
: American Samoa Community College - The site of American Samoa Community College
American Samoa Maps
: American Samoa Maps (U.S. External Territory) - Various maps of the islands in American Samoa

23. American Samoa - Samoa - Talofa - Welcome To The Sooalo/Mao/Toleafoa/Fosi/Ulufal
Contains links to commercial and home page sites in samoa.Category Regional Oceania american samoa Society and culture......samoan web site with forum, chat, samoan music on line, samoans in the military message board, and Fale Tali Malo, links to numerous samoarelated sites,


Talofa and Welcome to the Sooalo/Mao Samoa Website 2003...Happy Holidays! from
Talofa! Welcome to our web site. As is customary in Samoan culture, the village chiefs have gathered to greet you, our guest, as you enter our site. Enjoy your visit and please let us know what we can do to make this site your favorite site. Soifua.
Visit Family Member Sites
  • PR STORY IN LOVING MEMORY CRYSTAL'S WEB PAGE If you would like us to add your family web page to our directory, please click Here or Please provide the URL to your site and we will add your site to our growing directory. Faafetai. Happy Anniversary, Raquel Toefo'i Rath GOTO FAMILY CHAT Samoans in the Military Message Board This page has been visited times. This is a Family-Friendly Site
  • 24. Samoan Culture - Fa'a Samoa, The Samoan Way!
    samoans demonstrate their pride in their culture through the Siva samoa HISTORY SITEsamoa HEART OF POLYNESIA SITE FLAG DAY PARADE The first american flag was
    Loading...We Are Samoa...
    Samoan Culture
    Talofa Lava! Ulufale maia i le tatou Fale Tali Malo!
    Alala maia, se'i palu le Ava, (the Ava ceremony is in progress), known by many as, KAVA.
    This traditional ceremony is to welcome any visitor or neighboring village matais.
    O le Ava e feiloa'i ai malo taua. Here is a sample lyrics from a traditional Ava song and dance.
    Le Ava ose taleni taua i le aganu'u, pe a alu ose usu, o le matai ma lana iu'u ae a te'a le inati, le aumaga ia fa'a nati nati, a o le taupou i le tanoa aua ne'i sasi le palu Ava ia popoto ai uma o tama'ita'i...
    "You lie on a mat in a cool Samoan hut and look out on the white sand under the high palms and a gentle sea, the black line of reef a mile out with moonlight over everything. And then amongst it all are the loveliest people in the world, moving and dancing like gods and goddesses. It is sheer beauty, so pure it is difficult to breathe it in." written by: Robert Louis Stevenson


    About Amerika Samoa

    Motto: Samoa muamua le Atua NATIONAL PARK OF AMERICAN SAMOA SITE SAMOA AND APOLLO ABC MAP OF AMERICAN SAMOA About Samoa Motto: Fa'avae i le Atua Samoa We Are Samoa *in Samoan* Uso Samoa Uso Samoa Fananau mai le La Uso Samoa Manumanu i le upega A'o mau in nu'u ese Le loto ALOFA Samoa mo OE Samoa mo le ATUA courtesy of SEIPEPA-Samoan Travel Home Samoans demonstrate their pride in their culture through the Siva, the Samoan dance. Combine the Siva with rhythmic chants and pulsing island harmony, called pese malie, and a beautiful story is about to unfold. Every Samoan knows it and can spontaneously launch into a smiling, singing rendition at any time.

    25. National Park Of American Samoa - Fa'asamoa
    The National Park of american samoa, America's 50th National Park, is the only Pacificis dedicated to preserving the samoan/Polynesian culture and landscape.
    TALOFA! HOME Visiting Where is Samoa? Climate ...
    Fa'asamoa - The Samoan Way
    Photograph - Peter Craig The Samoan culture is Polynesia's oldest. It is believed that, the first people on the Samoan Islands came by sea from southwest Asia some 3,000 years ago. Over the centuries, distinct cultural traits emerged that we now call fa'asamoa (fah-ah-SAH-mo-ah). From Samoa, seafaring explorers and settlers journeyed to other Polynesian island groups hundreds of miles away. The concept of a National Park - particularly a park encompassing both natural and cultural aspects - fits well with the traditional Samoan way of life, the fa'asamoa . Samoans consider this island world to be sacred. Lands, waters, and food sources are managed in order to sustain them for the future. Samoan culture, customs, and traditions emphasize the importance of the extended family, the aiga (ah-ING-ah). Each aiga's lands are managed by its chief, or matai (mah-TIE), for the common good. The Samoan people welcome visitors; in fact, a stay with a family can be an important part of your island experience. See Visitor Information section for further information. Whether you are a guest or simply passing through a village, please observe these customs as a sign of respect.

    26. ASCACH
    american samoa Council on Arts, culture and Humanities. american samoa Councilon Arts, culture and Humanities PO Box 1540 Pago Pago, AS 96799.
    American Samoa Council on Arts, Culture and Humanities
    The American Samoa Council on Arts, Culture and Humanities (ASCACH) is American Samoa's state arts agency. Mission: "The American Samoa Council on Arts, Culture and Humanities has the dual goal of maintaining and strengthening the vigorous traditional arts of our indigenous Samoan Culture and of introducing the arts of the broader world beyond our isolated islands. Central to both these goals is the role of arts in education and the involvement of the Underserved citizens in the smaller outlying islands of the archipelago. To accomplish the mission of the American Samoa Council on Arts, Culture and Humanities is the list of our functions:
  • To strengthen the traditional culture and art forms of Samoa.
  • To expose our people to the art forms of the broader world.
  • To broaden the accessibility of the arts and arts participation both geographically in the Territory and to under-represented segments of our population.
  • To create an atmosphere that will enhance the enjoyment of the arts in Samoa.
  • 27. AdmiNet - American Samoa
    Cities Towns Agriculture Law Art, culture Health Environment Industry EducationUniversities Press, Entertainment Defence WWW resources about american samoa.
    (Last update : Tue, 26 Dec 2000) AdmiNet world new info ...
    WWW resources about American Samoa

    American Samoa
    Links with other countries
    • Embassies of American Samoa in other countries :
    • Embassies of other countries in American Samoa:
    • Foreign Chambers of Commerce and Industry :
    The government of American Samoa Parliament Political organisations Cities and Towns Agriculture Finance Law Art, Culture Health Environment Sports Jobs Companies Industry Small and Medium Enterprises Telecom Information Highways Travel, Transportation Chambers of Commerce and Industry Education Universities Press, Entertainment

    28. TDS; Passports, Visas, Travel Documents - American Samoa
    american samoa. culture. The Children's Mass is a special day, as big as Christmas,when all the children of the island receive new clothes and special gifts.
    American Samoa
    The Children's Mass is a special day, as big as Christmas, when all the children of the island receive new clothes and special gifts. The day is focused around the children, who round up all the adults and run the festivities, from cooking in the early morning hours to conducting services and singing in angelic choirs in all the churches. Services are conducted and songs sung in Samoan, a dialect similar to other Polynesian languages The American Samoans have a strong christian community which dates back to the days of Reverend Williams who came to the islands in the 1800s, representing the London Missionary Society (LMS). His benevolent ways, and wise counsel soon convinced the Natives to turn from their pagan worship to christianity and brotherly love. Soon after the LMS arrived tribal wars between villages stopped, and were replaced by friendly dance competitions and dugout canoe races.
    To Country Main Page
    To TDS Home Page
    Travel Document Systems
    Washington DC Office
    925 Fifteenth Street N.W.

    29. American Samoa Visa Information - American Samoa Page
    Visa Requirements/Validity/Costs Print Visa Application About american samoa andIts People People Geography - History culture - Economy - Government Travel
    Click on the continent above for a map of American Samoa.
    Please Select the Topic for which you need detailed information.
    Entry and Visa Requirements:
    Entry Requirements

    Visa Requirements/Validity/Costs

    Print Visa Application

    About American Samoa and Its People:
    Geography History
    ... Government
    Travel Conditions:
    Embassy/Consulate Addresses
    Foreign Relations Travel Advisories Travel Tips ... Health/Vaccinations Other Links: Destination American Samoa on Lonely Planet Current Events, Reference Data and Internet Links Travel Document Systems Washington DC Office 925 15th Street N.W. Suite 300 Washington, D.C. 20005 Voice: 1-800-874-5100 Local: 202-638-3800 Fax: 202-638-4674 San Francisco Office One Embarcadero Center Suite 500 San Francisco CA 94111 Voice: 1-888-874-5100 Local: 415-773-2829 Fax: 415-773-2834

    30. South Pacific American Samoa Society And Culture
    Members Become an Editor Add a Listing Control Panel Link To Us, ISLANDS South Pacific - american samoa - Society and culture. Island-Music-JukeBox.

    31. National Park Of American Samoa
    Park of american samoa is a unit of the US National Park System that is concernedwith protecting the land, customs, and tradition of the samoan culture.
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    National Park of American Samoa Helping to protect the land, customs, and traditions of the 3,000-year-old Samoan culture. From Other Guides Australia/New Zealand for Visitors
    Hawaii/South Pacific for Visitors

    Elsewhere on the Web American Samoa Maps
    Tourism Office

    Weather in Pago Pago
    Travel Special Generally, when I think of remote areas in the U.S. National Park System, I think of the northwest Alaskan parks like Cape Krusenstern or Kobuk Valley, parks that lie above the Arctic Circle and have no road access. A relatively unknown and remote unit of the national park system is the National Park of American Samoa , located some 2,600 miles southwest of Hawaii and 1,800 miles northwest of New Zealand, between Fiji and Tahiti. The only U.S. national park unit south of the equator was authorized by Congress in 1988 and officially established in 1993.

    32. Info. On American Samoa
    insight into the culture from an outsiders perspective, but it is both heart warmingand funny. OTHER RECOMMENDED LOCAL LINKS National Park of american samoa.
    Home About Our School Registration Info General School Information
    Updated! High School Information Updated! 2002-2003 Calendar Our Teachers 2003-2004 Calendar Updated! Class Pages Sailors (K-1) Explorers (2-3) Voyagers (6-7) Bulletin Board School Events Updated! Newsletters Lunches Science Fair Art Gallery Student Writings After 9/11 Chippy Samoan Art Learning Center Make a screensaver Animal Pages Our Community About American Samoa Map of American Samoa American Samoa Timeline Weather ... Contact us All About American Samoa
    American Samoa is a U.S. Territory, like Guam and Puerto Rico, but located in the South Pacific. ( See map. ) There are about 65,00 people living in our group of seven islands, but the vast majority of us reside on Tutuila, whose capital is Pago Pago. Over 90% of us are Samoan or part Samoan. Most of us speak both English and Samoan. We use U.S. currency, voltage and the U.S. Postal System. Due to the rugged and mountainous interior of Tutuila, most of us reside on its southern coast. Our main road, which also runs along the coast, is narrow and curvy and has a speed limit of only 25 mph! Although consumerism has managed to reach our shores and has certainly had an impact on our environment and culture, the latter has survived remarkably intact. The Fa’aSamoa (Samoan way) holds as its focus strong family ties that are strengthened through land and title ties, and through the fa’alavelave, an event which literally takes over the lives of its participants. This gathering of families which frequently occurs after a death, a marriage, a title ceremony, an opening of a new church, etc., includes gift exchanges, political displays of family clans and feasting that normally lasts 3 days to a week. Although consumerism has found its way into this traditional event i.e., bundles of bills are now found rolled up into fine mats (the traditional unit of exchange), and sodas are now served instead of coconut juice, the show of family pride, and generous spirit of this occasion remains the same.

    33. Performing Selves: Anthropology In Samoa
    Semiotics and Psychological Anthropology.Category Science Social Sciences Semiotics Semiotics of culture......Learn about samoan and Polynesian culture, psychological anthropology and semioticsas you follow a doctoral candidate on her fieldwork in american samoa.

    Psychological Anthropology

    Current Fieldwork
    Welcome! Talofa lava! Tongan girl in Nu'uuli village, American Samoa. December 2002.
    Photo by Dianna M. Georgina On this site you'll find a modest contribution to the study of Samoan culture, semiotics and psychological anthropology. A Reader's Digest version of my grant proposal describes my research and what I hope to accomplish during the year I am living in Samoa. Click here to read it. My research will document the performative aspects of personhood in relationship to artistic expression. The primary goal of this project is to examine Samoan dance, music, and oral poetry as a semiological performance discourse of personhood, self and other, and to investigate the cultural processes that produce this discourse. NEW! "Burning Down the House:" Why would a modern American Samoan man burn down a house on his property that was occupied at the time and seemed structurally sound? Check out the strange photos taken by the researcher the day after the fire. All this and more in "fieldwork updates."

    34. American Samoa Preservation Plan Profile
    american samoa's strong indigenous culture and traditional system of communal landownership impose special conditions of cultural sensitivity upon such an
    American Samoa: Historic Preservation Plan (draft)
    American Samoa Preservation Plan Number of Pages:
    Approval Date:
    January 13, 1997
    Planning Cycle: 5 years Contact Information:
    John Enright
    Historic Preservation Officer
    Office of the Governor
    American Samoa Government
    Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
    fax 011 (684) 633-2367
    E-mail: Mission/Vision Statement: It is the responsibility of the American Samoa Historic Preservation Officer to administer the Territorial Historic Preservation Program. American Samoa's strong indigenous culture and traditional system of communal land ownership impose special conditions of cultural sensitivity upon such an endeavor. A primary concern of the ASHPO is to fulfill its responsibilities in manner that recognizes and honors these inherent cultural conditions. In addition, the ASHPO sees itself as a service organization, working in partnership with Federal and Territorial agencies, village and district councils, private organizations and individuals to assist in compliance with applicable Federal and Territorial historic preservation laws and to raise the community's consciousness about historic preservation and its role in cultural maintenance. Table of Contents: Preface Introduction Goals and Objectives Time Frame Bibliography

    35. Pacific Islands
    The hard work of the Council, fishermen and NMFS resulted in a managementpolicy which is vital to the community and culture of american samoa. .

    Jean P. Haydon Museum of american samoa, a national historic building that formerlyhoused sites, will make you feel like a native of samoa’s culture and fa
    The only American land below the equator, the territory of American Samoa consists of seven beautiful, tropical, volcanic islands and two coral atolls. It lies some 2,300 miles south, south-west of Honolulu and its nearest neighbour is Western Samoa a mere 25 minutes away by jet. Six of the islands are inhabited. Tutuila is the largest and has the most population. CAPITAL AND MAJOR CENTRES The capital Pago Pago sits on one of the most spectacularly beautiful harbours in the Pacific region. You can best admire its perfection from lofty Mount Alava.
    National Parks map of Pago Pago. Click on this map for a detailed map. (Allow several minutes for the map to open)
    THE PEOPLE The Samoans, who are of Polynesian extraction have lived here for more than 3,000 years. Their culture is rich in tradition and places great emphasis on the extended family. English is the language of business and most Samoans speak Samoan and English. HISTORY The first inhabitants migrated from the west possibly by way of Indonesia, Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga to the eastern tip of Tutuila near the present village of Tutuila around 600 BC. NATURE In Fagatele Bay Marine sanctuary the steep volcanic slopes contain some of the rarest Paleo-tropical rainforest. Large fruit bats or flying fox patrol the jungles and huge seabirds can be seen nesting on the sheer cliffs and ridges. Some 34 species of bird life had been identified. Sixteen of which are unique to Samoa.

    37. American Samoa National Park
    Third, bound to both rainforest and reef, is the indigenous Polynesian culture. Ta’uis formed by the tallest peak in american samoa, 3,170 foot Lata Mountain
    S a m o a
    The Heart of Polynesia
    Paka o Amerika Samoa A third of our planet is Pacific Ocean. Away out in that undulating blueness, 2,600 miles south west of Hawaii, and 1,800 miles northeast of New Zealand appear the islands of Samoa. Anthropologists also view the Samoan Islands in terms of origins. Language links and artefacts suggest that the first distinctly Polynesian culture may have developed here some 3,000 years ago. Over the centuries that follow, seafarers in double-hulled sailing vessels stocked with pigs, dogs, and fruits spread that culture across much of the Pacific, colonizing points as distant as Hawaii, New Zealand and Easter Island. Pandanus leaves laid out to dry. Click on the above for a larger detailed map of Pago Pago Harbour. The United States only parkland in the Southern hemisphere was created to protect three kinds of communities under pressure from modern forces. First is the paleo-tropical rain forest, where the flora and fauna stem mainly from southeast Asia, forming habitats unique within the US park system. Second, is the Indo-Pacific coral reef, markedly richer in species than reefs in other ocean regions. Third, bound to both rainforest and reef, is the indigenous Polynesian culture. The reef in the park along Ofu is a filigreed labyrinth of at least 64 different varieties of corals, from azure-tinged mushrooms to chartreuse vases. Boulder corals hundreds of years old bulge as big as whales. One type of staghorn coral resembles stalagmites rising from a tabletop.

    38. Teaching Jobs
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    39. American Samoa @ - Local Links And Information, American Samoa Ar
    samoa maps and views, american samoa news and media, american samoa recreation andsports, american samoa society and culture, american samoa travel and tourism

    Oceania : American Samoa
    American Samoa Learning Maps News
    Oceania World Web

    Business and Economy Education Government Maps and Views ... Travel and Tourism

    Sites: • Find products related to American Samoa @

    40. American Folklife Center: Services To American Samoa
    american samoa participated in the Library's Bicentennial Local legacies and celebrationsfor the american Folklife Center's Archive of Folk culture.
    Services to American Samoa
    The American Folklife Center was created by Congress in 1976 through Public Law 94-201 and charged to "preserve and present American folklife." Part of the Library of Congress, the Center incorporates the Library's Archive of Folk Culture, founded in 1928. The Center carries out its mandate through its collections, programs, and services, which have touched all fifty states.
    Among its diverse collections of traditional American music and folklore, the American Folklife Center's holdings include wax cylinder recordings of traditional Samoan music from the Chicago World's Fair in 1893; background music for the Samoan Batalion Motion Picture Release duplicated from the US Marine Corps collection in the Library; documentation of Samoan music and dance in the Fahnestock South Seas Collection; and a recording of a performance by the Samoan Folk group, Isuela, at the Carter Inaugural concert in January 1977. American Samoa participated in the Library's Bicentennial Local legacies project which includes documentation of local traditions and celebrations for the American Folklife Center's Archive of Folk Culture. Select the link for a list of American Samoa's Local Legacies projects
    Music of the Pacific Islands in the Archive of Folk Culture (Finding Aid)
    Go to:
    Library of Congress
    LC Home Page
    Search the LC Catalog Services for Researchers Research Tools


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