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         American Vice Pres Biographies:     more detail

1. American Presidents & Their Wives -- Am-pres.htm
with Horoscopes and biographies) Copyright © 1996 american Presidents and their wivesfeatures birth charts of all so what else is new?) are the vicepresidents
American Presidents and their wives (with Horoscopes and Biographies) American Presidents and their wives features birth charts of all the Presidents of the United States as well as each of their wives. Relegated to third place (so what else is new?) are the Vice-presidents. Although they don't get their own biographical history page, as do the Presidential couples, birth dates, birth places and times, when obtainable, are provided for each. Timed charts are presented on all of the Presidents and several of the Vice-presidents and First Ladies. That's over 200 years of American history for only $12.00. 166 pages spiral bound ... $12.00
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2. College Of Cardinals - Biographies AN
institutions; author of 21 books and over 650 articles; pres. to Cardinal Albert Meyer,195860; assistant vice-rector of the North american College, 1960-64

3. Smithsonian Speech Synthesis History Project (ss_nec.htm)
The american interest in NEC quality Top biographies TAKASHI Corporate Strategy 1976 vice pres.
SSSHP Contents Labs Abbr. Index
Central Research Laboratories Kawasaki, Japan NEC Corporation (name changed in 1983) Kawasaki, Japan CONTENTS: HISTORY TERMINAL ANALOG SPEECH SYNTHESIZER (1964-1973) AUTOMATIC BOOK READER FOR THE BLIND (1982-1985) BIOGRAPHIES ... Top HISTORY Top PROJECT: TERMINAL ANALOG SPEECH SYNTHESIZER (1964-1973) Top PROJECT: AUTOMATIC BOOK READER FOR THE BLIND (1982 - 1985) Text to speech from image scanner to synthesized speech. Project sponsored by Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Japan, as technology development for handicapped persons. 1986 Mitome, Y., K. Fushikida, "Japanese speech synthesis system in a book reader for the blind," Proc. IEEE ICASSP86, 13.13.1, Tokyo, Japan, April 1986. In SSSHP 78 Reprints. SSSHP 64 Tape: "Japanese speech synthesis system in a book reader for the blind, NEC Corp., copied by Yukio Mitome, Jan. 31, 1989," (Japanese, part of the novel, Bocchan, about 1 min) Cassette, -15VU, good quality Top BIOGRAPHIES Top CONTRIBUTIONS AND REVIEW BY: SSSHP Contents Labs Abbr.

4. Food For Thought Biographies
Wach, Joachim (Germanborn american theologian). 1898-1955 Kurt (Austrian UN secy.-gen. 1972-82; pres. 1986-92) Wallace, Henry Agard (american editor; vice-pres. 1941-1945)

5. Smithsonian Speech Synthesis History Project (ss_btl4.htm)
4. biographies MARK D. ANDERSON BISHNU S. ATAL 1952 Image Processing Services ResearchLaboratory, AT T Labs 1998 vice pres. american Telephone and Telegraph Co
BTL Contents SSSHP Contents Labs Abbr. ... Index BELL TELEPHONE LABORATORIES (BTL) - continued 4. BIOGRAPHIES BTL Contents SSSHP Contents Labs Abbr. ... Index Smithsonian Speech Synthesis History Project Division of Information Technology and Society NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN HISTORY Smithsonian Institution - Washington, D.C. 20560

6. Gulfstream : News And Events
preston pres Henne is Senior vice president for Programs As Senior vice president,Programs, Engineering and Test is a Fellow of the american Institute for
showLayer('navMain');hideLayer('navMainHolder'); What's New News Releases Events Biographies ... Brochure Request Pres Henne Sr. Vice President,
Programs, Engineering
and Test Preston "Pres" Henne is Senior Vice President for Programs, Engineering and Test at Gulfstream. He also is a Vice President of General Dynamics Corp. Joining Gulfstream in 1994, Henne is credited with the design, development, test and certification of the Gulfstream V aircraft which was awarded the Collier Trophy for greatest aeronautical achievement in America in 1997. Henne became a Vice President of General Dynamics in July 1999 when the company acquired Gulfstream. As Senior Vice President, Programs, Engineering and Test, he is responsible for Gulfstream's product program management, engineering, and flight operations. A GENERAL DYNAMICS COMPANY

7. Women Legislators Of Maryland Biographies
Women Legislators of Maryland biographies. ELLEN R. SAUERBREY House, Dist. ofDirectors, american Legislative Exchange Council. Past vicepres., Md.
Women Legislators of Maryland
House, Dist. 5B, 1979-1982
House, Dist. 10, 1983-1994 Tell Us What You Think About the Maryland State Archives Website! Archives' Home Page Visitors' Center Search the Archives ... MARYLAND.GOV

8. John C. Breckinridge
See a full text list of biographies , Name John biography An american lawyer andstatesman, John C in religion, 5 John Cabell Breckinridge (vice pres.
You are in: Museum of History Hall of USA US Vice Presidents John C. Breckinridge
John C. Breckinridge
Vice President under James Buchanan
March 4, 1857 until March 3, 1861
Library of Congress BRECKINRIDGE, John Cabell Biographical Data courtesy of the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress. Edited Appleton's American Image 2001 by Virtualology TM
John Cabell Breckenridge
US Vice President
BRECKINRIDGE, John Cabell , vice-president of the United States, born near Lexington, Kentucky, 21 January, 1821; died in Lexington, Kentucky, 17 May, 1875. He was a grandson of John Breckenridge, United States senator and attorney general, was educated at Centre College, Danville, studied law at the Transylvania institute, and, after a short residence in Burlington, Iowa, settled at Lexington, where he practiced his profession with success. At the beginning of the war with Mexico, in 1847, he was elected major in a regiment of Kentucky volunteers, and while on duty in Mexico he was employed by General Pillow as his counsel in his litigation with his associates and superiors. On his return, he was elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives. In 1851 he was elected to congress, and was reelected in 1853. He declined the Spanish mission tendered him by President Pierce . In the presidential election of 1856 he was chosen vice-president of the United States, with

9. History And Biographies
were MM Souza, pres., MW Rogers, vicepres., MS Furtado John Pacheco, president;Manuel Rocha, vice-president; John had been built for american dances, while

Brief History
S.E.S. Museum Officer Photographs
An Extensive History of S.E.S.
When Joao Rodrigues Cabrillo sailed into San Diego Bay on September 18, 1542, the history of the Portuguese in California began. The Portuguese people have long had a part in the history of California and of the City and County of Santa Clara. At one time they constituted 70 per cent of the Santa Clara population and have always played an important part in the forming of the community. Many Portuguese came to California in 1849, as excited by recent gold discoveries as the thousands of other 49ers who poured into the State. Mission San Jose had Portuguese settlers in the 1850's and some of them drifted down to settle in Santa Clara. After the 1849 Gold Rush, it was mainly in places like Newark, San Leandro, San Jose and Santa Clara that the Portuguese settled down to a life of farming and dairying. Prior to 1908, the Azores constituted the main source of Portuguese immigration. Mass immigration our of Portugal began in the 1870s. In the decade 1861-70 only 2,658 came over from Portugal, in contrast to 14,083 who immigrated into the U.S. from 1871 to 1880. The settlers were farmers and sea faring folk. They started farms and dairies and worked in vineyards. The early Portuguese settlers, preserving a dedicated interest in the land of their birth, started many fraternal organizations. One of these, the Sociedade do Espirito Santo (S.E.S.) Was founded in Santa Clara on December 16, 1895. The Society sponsored the annual celebration in honor of the Holy Ghost. The celebration dates back to the 13th century, when Portuguese Queen St. Isabel offered prayers to the Holy Ghost, seeking an end to a raging gamine and promising to build a church in His honor if the famine were to end. This celebration was held in Santa Clara yearly until 1959 and was known as the greatest of its kind among the Portuguese in California.

10. Thor Heyerdahl (body). Pirámides De Güimar
Curriculum vitae.Category Society History Exploration Explorers Heyerdahl, Thor...... Patron United World Colleges 1980; vice pres. 1938; The Kon-Tiki Expedition,1948;american Indians in biographies Señor Kon-Tiki, by Arnold Jacoby 1965; The
HEYERDAHL , Thor: Norwegian explorer, anthropologist and author. Born Larvik, Norway, 6 Oct. 1914; son of Thor Heyerdahl and Alison Heyerdahl b. Lyng ; m. 1936 Liv Coucheron Torp (s. Thor, Björn) , 1949 Yvonne Dedekam-Simonsen (d. Anette, Marian, Bettina), 1991 Jacqueline Beer. Education: Biology, Oslo University and anthrop. Kroepelien Polynesian Library 1933-36 with field research Polynesian migration routes Marquesas Islands 1937-38 and Coast Indians British Columbia 1939-40. Publ. National Geogr. Magazine Turning Back Time in the South Seas ) and International Science Did Polynesian culture originate in America? Active service World War II Free Norwegian Army Airforce parachute unit 1942-45. Expeditions: Organised and led the expedition by the balsa raft Kon-Tiki from Peru to Polynesia in 1947 to prove the possibility of aboriginal South American voyages to the Oceanic islands. Organised and led Norwegian Archaeological Expedition to the Galapagos Islands revealing evidence of pre-historic camp sites and experimenting with aboriginal tacking principles of balsa raft in Ecuador 1952-53. Organised and led Norwegian Archaeological Expedition to Easter Island and the East Pacific discovering distinct cultural layers with South American correspondences, thus introducing stratified archaeology to East Polynesia 1955-56. Continued research and publ.

11. US Bishops - Biographies MZ
McCarrick, Theodore E. (See Cardinals, biographies.). Preparatory School (NJ),Seton Hall University (NJ), North american College and 17, 1990; vicepres.

12. Transition--Building The New Administration...Biographies
He is a Resident Scholar at the american Enterprise Institute During pres. presidentialAdvance and then as deputy director of advance for vice president Quayle
Building the New Administration ...White House Staff "Starting Lineup" Biographies A-Z Transition Main Page A David AddingtonCounsel to the Vice President B Andrea BallChief of Staff to the First Lady/Deputy Assistant to the President
Chief of Staff for Laura Bush during the campaign. Ball began working for Laura Bush in 1995 as executive assistant to the First Lady of Texas, after serving as arrangements director for the 1995 Texas Inaugural Committee. Dan BartlettDeputy Assistant to the President and Deputy to the Counselor
Director of Rapid Response for the Bush campaign. Bartlett has worked for Gov. Bush since his 1994 campaign for governor. Served as assistant policy director for Bush from 1995-97 and issues director during his 1998 reelection campaign. Brad BlakemanDeputy Assistant to the President for Appointments and Scheduling
Prior to joining the campaign, Blakeman practiced law in family law firm in Valley Stream, New York. Consultant to the offices of the President and Vice President from 1980-93; lead advance representative for the Bush/Quayle campaigns in 1988 and 1992. Joshua BoltenAssistant to the President/Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy
Policy director for the Bush campaign. Executive director of legal and governmental affairs at Goldman Sachs in London from 1994-March 1999. General counsel to the U.S. Trade Representative for three years and deputy assistant for legislative affairs for one year during President George H.W. Bush's administration. International Trade Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee from 1985-89.

13. Victoria County History
List of Condensed biographies. Anderson, John (18301892). Fellow and governorof the american College of Surgeons. vice-pres. National Cash Register Co.
Victoria County Biographies
Brief Biographies of Past and Present Personalities Condensed sketches of many men of Victoria county (by Watson Kirkconnell, M.A.) Victoria county is as large as ancient Judea and larger than Attica. Remembrance of that fact and the marvelous achievements of the Jews and Athenians should give us a non-parochial perspective in which to view the modest record of our own race and locality. There follows, below, a list of 147 brief biographies representative of the county's citizens during the past century. There are doubtless flagrant errors of omission and judgment. For the former, lack of time is responsible; for the latter, the author. None of the persons sketched has been approached in any way, and the record (based on press and similar sources) therefore lacks the invalidation of cash subscription, on which all modern manuals of current biography are based. The first impression given by the list is that the native-born are few but eminent. Fewer than one-fifth have been born in Victoria county, but most of that minority have been far more distinguished, on the whole than nearly all of these who removed here from elsewhere. In the academic world we have the records of Edward Kylie, Frederick Smale, John F. McLaughlin and R.J. McLaughlin. Dr. Alexander Ferguson and Dr. Robert Curts reached the very foremost rank in surgery. Pat Burns and Sir William McKenzie have excelled in the world of finance. John Campbell and Samuel Cornell have left their record in scientific husbandry. W.A. Sherwood was an artist of note. F.P. McEvay and Michael Spratt became Roman Catholic Archbishops. Few of the county's "foreign-born" citizens measure up to the these "native born."

14. APS Hall Of Fame Biographies: 1942-1945
member, serving in many positions, including the Board of vicepresidents in Richardswas a charter member of the american Philatelic Association (now pres.
Go to years:


Acronym list

Alphabetical list
Medal Images page
Philatelic Biographies
of Members of the APS Hall of Fame
These biographies are arranged alphabetically within the year in which the people were placed in the Hall of Fame. Dates of birth and death are provided where available, and the geographical area with which they are associated is also included.
These articles are all in a state of development as further information is gathered and added to this site. Philatelists mentioned in the biographies who are also in the Hall of Fame have a link to their own biography.
There were no additions to the Hall of Fame in 1943, 1965 or 1970.
W. Hamilton Barnum (1878- 11 Nov 1937) Cleveland
Barnum was a popular and admired figure in national philately and in the Cleveland area. He became a collector in 1890 at age 12, joined Cleveland's Garfield-Perry Stamp Club in 1895 and served as its president in 1902.
Walter J. Conrath (20 January 1907 - 07 May 1942) Pennsylvania
Conrath was one of the most influential aerophilatelists of his time. A pioneer member and president (1936-1938) of the American Air Mail Society, he also belonged to several other air mail collector clubs and was a tireless promoter of aerophilately.

15. Thor Heyerdahl
Biography and bibliography.Category Society History Exploration Explorers Heyerdahl, Thor...... biographies OF THOR HEYERDAHL Patron, United World Colleges 1980; vice-pres., WorldviewInternational Kon-Tiki An Argument for american-Polynesian Diffusion
Thor Heyerdahl
Norwegian explorer, anthropologist and author.
Below is found information regarding the research and writings of Thor Heyerdahl including a bibliography of scientific and popular works.
Arnold Jacoby, 1968, Senor Kon-Tiki. Allen and Unwin, London. Christopher Ralling, 1990, Kon-Tiki Man. BBC Books, London. Snorre Evensberget, 1994, Thor Heyerdahl: The Explorer. J.M. Stenersens, Oslo. Berndt Schulz, 1998, Thor Heyerdahl: Wissenschaft als Abenteur. Rasch und Röhring, Hamburg. BBC-TV Television Series: The Kon-Tiki Man.
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16. UALR Presidential Studies Program - Websites; Grolier presents The american presidency biographies to sites on specificpresidents and vice presidents; Federal Government
This document contains links to other Internet sites with information, photos, documents, audio and video files relating to the American Presidency. It is divided into the following categories:
Websites with Presidential Papers and Resources

17. PSc 3043 Suggested Biographies/Autobiographies
Association of Colored Women; Special Advisor to pres. FD Roosevelt on minority affairs;vicepresident of Chisholm (1924- ) was the first american elected to
List of Suggested Biographies/Autobiographies
For Spring 99 P Sc 3043, Sec. 001
Categories include: international women U.S. women of color U.S. contemporary women U.S. historical women . If the book is part of the Bizzell collection, the call number is listed. Strongly recommended books are noted with an *. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN AUBREC, Lucie D802.F8A7913
Outwitting the Gestapo . Lucie Aubrec. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. 235p. World War II French Resistance member Aubrec tells of her help to free prisoners from the "Butcher of Lyon," Klaus Barbie. The story "concerns [the heroic efforts of] . . . ordinary citizens, notably women." *AUNG SAN, Suu Kyi DS530.A86
Freedom From Fear and Other Writings . Aung San Suu Kyi, edited by Michael Aris. NY: Penguin Books, 1991. 321p. Aung San won the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize for her advocacy of democracy in her homeland, Burma. She was placed under house arrest in 1989 by the ruling Burmese military junta. I believe she was released in the summer of 1995, but remains in Burma. *CHUMBALO, Chimate. DT 380.4.G19 O55 1997

18. Brief Biographies Of Jackson Era Characters (S)
and they agreed on the wrongs of the Mexicanamerican War the impeachment procedingsagainst Andrew Johnson, Lincoln's vice-president and Stokes, William (pres.
Brief Biographies from the Jackson/Van Buren Era (S):
Say, Thomas 1787 - 1834 :
Entomologist and conchologist. Traveled extensively through North America and published several important works. Came to Robert Owen 's New Harmony community, where he died in 1834.
Schuyler, Philip John 1733 - 1804:
Officer in the French and Indian War, and Maj. General under Washington in the Revolution; operated generally successfully in the country around Ticonderoga, but allowed Ticonderoga to be lost, and lost his command. He demanded a court-marshall, was reinstated, and then resigned. Senator from NY, 1789-91. Wealthy landowner. His daughter Elizabeth married Alexander Hamilton , and he was very helpful in Hamilton's career; daugter Margaret married Stephen Van Rensselaer
Scott, Sir Walter (1771 - 1832):
Produced an avalanche of romantic historical novels. Probably Jacksonian America's favorite novelist. Beloved by southern planters (horses named Rob Roy) were not uncommon, and New England transcendentalists ( Bronson Alcott kept a bust of Scott - the only modern so honored - in his experimental grade school that was run on transcendentalist principles).
Sebastian, Benjamin 1745 - 1834:

19. Short Biographies Of Wayne County Residents
SHORT biographies OF WAYNE COUNTY RESIDENTS from american ANCESTRY . american Ancestry,Vol. organizations, collector of rare books and engravings, vicepres.
These profiles of former Wayne County residents come from a series of volumes called: "American Ancestry: Giving the Name and Descent in the Male Line of Americans Whose Ancestors Settled in the United States Previous to the Declaration of Independence A. D. 1776". These volumes were published yearly by Joel Munsell's Sons, Publisher, and profiled residents from all over the United States. The men whose short bios appear below may or may not be your ancestors, but it's worth scanning through them to check out migration patterns into Wayne County for clues as to where your own families came from. SHORT BIOGRAPHIES OF WAYNE COUNTY RESIDENTS from "AMERICAN ANCESTRY"
American Ancestry, Vol. III, 1888 CLARK
American Ancestry, Vol. IV, 1889 FOSTER , DAVID of Palmyra, N.Y., b. at North Sea, L.I. 1785, d. at Sodus, Nov. 22, 1845, elder in Palmyra Presb. Ch. for many years (m. Eunice, dau. of Dea. Silas Reeves); son of David Haines Foster of Palmyra, N.Y., b. on Long Island, N.Y., Apr. 10, 1747, d. at Palmyra Nov. 26, 1813, pioneer in Palmyra 1794, church elder, minute-man in Rev. army (m. Mary Howell); son of Daniel of Quiogue, L.I., b. at Southampton, L.I., Mar. 22, 1722, d. at Quiogue Jan. 16, 1791, large land-owner (m. Lydia Haines); son of Daniel of Southampton, L.I., b. there 1676, d. there Nov. 5, 1744 (m. Lydia Wood of Huntingon, L.I.); son of Joseph b. at Lynn, Mass, 1638, d. Jan. 30, 1708 (m. Abigail); son of Christopher, b. in England 1603, came in ship "Abigail" in 1635, moved from Lynn, Mass. to Southampton, L.I. 1651, d. 1687.

20. Fremont HS Annual 1912 - Index
american Granite and Marble Works, OA Petersen RB Schneider, president, ER Gurney,vice pres., TL Mathews Co., Tnomerf, Nebraska (Sample biographies of Congdon
FREMONT, NE HIGH SCHOOL ANNUAL FOR THE YEAR OF 1912 This list belongs to Mary H Mills and was offered for inclusion in the NEGenWeb project by her. Permission is granted for private and personal use only. Lookups in subject material available from Mary H. Mills. For commercial use contact the author. Copies of pictures and pages available from Mary at cost of copying and postage. Email address: TNOMERF NINETEEN HUNDRED TWELVE FREMONT HIGH SCHOOL A. H. Waterhouse, Superintendant FACULTY A. R. Congdon, B.S., Principal Mathematics, Reviews Miss Anna Howard, A.B. Latin, Reviews Miss Helen Marr History, Penmanship, English Miss Lois Fossler, A.B. German, English Miss Esther Hunter, A.B. Mathematics Mr. S. D. Quarton, A.B. English, Economics Miss Dale Lapp, A.B. Botany, Mathematics Miss Elma J. Milliken, A.B. Latin Mr. R. D. Goodrich, B.S. Chemistry, Hygiene Mr. Thomas Grogan Physical Geography Miss Alice McCullough, A.B. History, Mathematics Miss Melvia Danielson Music (Individual Pictures) THE SENIOR (Individual Pictures) Dale Milliken "Jas. D." "Jimmy" Class Pres. (4), Glee Club (2-3), Puck Editor (4)

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