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         American Vice Pres Biographies:     more detail

41. Nat'l Academies Press, Global Dimensions Of Intellectual Property Rights In Scie
academy, venture, technical, protection, pres, stanford, paper and Development in1987, and vice president Science Physics (1967), of the american Society for
Global Dimensions of Intellectual Property Rights in Science and Technology
Office of International Affairs ( OIA
Related Books

Openbook Linked Table of Contents Front Matter, pp. i-iv Preface, pp. v-viii Contents, pp. ix-xii I Introduction, pp. 1-2 1 The Global Dimensions of Intell..., pp. 3-18 2 Intellectual Property Instituti..., pp. 19-62 II The Case For and Against a Uni..., pp. 63-64 Introduction, pp. 65-67 3 Why a Uniform Intellectual Prop..., pp. 68-88 4 Harmonization Versus Differenti..., pp. 89-106 5 Unauthorized Use of Intellectua..., pp. 107-145 Discussion, pp. 146-148 III National and International Ap..., pp. 149-150 Introduction, pp. 151-154 6 Comparative National Approaches..., pp. 155-174 7 Update on international Negotia..., pp. 175-182 Discussion, pp. 183-186 IV Scientific and Technological A..., pp. 187-188 Introduction, pp. 189-191 8 Trends in Global Science and Te..., pp. 192-207 9 Sectoral Views, pp. 208-220 10 Intellectual Property Rights a..., pp. 221-240 Discussion, pp. 241-246 V Adapting Intellectual Property ..., pp. 247-248

42. TWWH Answers
biographies OF THOSE WOMEN WRITING HAIKU. First haiku published were two in AmericanHaiku, No. 2, 1963 Former president of Haiku Society of America, vice pres.
Atwood, Ann - Translates all of Gunther Klinge, Germany, for the magazines. Writer and photographer. Made films with Lyceum Productions.
Avila, Kat - Continues to publish in The Geppo
Ave Jeanne - Editor of the Black Bear Review , a literary with social protest overtones. Also writes poetry .
Barton, Geri - song-writer, but also become known for the renga she has written with Lorraine Elllis Harr.
Blumberg, Shirley J - Planning commissioner in Mammoth Lakes, CA and secretary for attorney husband. Writes fiction articles and other poetry, goes backpacking. " living in a place of such beauty that it is like living in a haiku. "On an early summer hike when I suddenly realized that I was experiencing every moment as a heightened haiku moment, and by doing that, I was able to feel a part of the wilderness far more than my companions. At a rest stop, I scribbled down some of the haiku, and when I got home, I wrote several more. However, I realized that I didn't have to record them to live them. I am 63, white haired, active, interested and involved in everything around me: my community, family friends, my surroundings. I also enjoy solitude indeed I require it."
Canaway, Ruth

43. Canadian Machine Quilters Association Teachers
have been added for 2003 teachers' biographies click here Diane has served as vicePresof the CMQA such as Quilters Newsletter Magazine, american Patchwork and
Canadian Machine Quilters Association
Canadian Machine Quilters Association
3rd Annual Quilt Exhibition
Workshops June 19-21, 2003
Classes to be held between 8am and 5:30pm
(show hours are10-6) We are happy to announce this great line-up of talented and knowledgable
longarm teachers for our New Millennium workshops 2003
Some domestic classes have been added for 2003 teachers' biographies click here
LONGARM CLASSES Connie Anderson , Edmonton, Alberta - Classes #208, 214, 301, 305, 313
My sewing career began in 1976 when I took ladies tailoring classes through N.A.I.T. As a young mother, I sewed constantly for my family and in 1980 began seamstress work from my home. In the course of the past 26 years I have worked in fabric stores, sold sewing machines and sergers and taught sewing classes. For 3 years I worked in the wardrobe department of the Citadel Theater and the University of Alberta Studio Theater, sewing theatrical costumes. In 1992 I took my first quilting class. In 1998 I purchased a longarm-quilting machine and began a home-based business. I was quickly impressed with how dramatically the surface stitching could influence the personality and design of a quilt top. I also saw a genuine need to educate and train new quilting machine owners. I developed a two-day beginner workshop, helping new owners get started in business and teaching them the skills necessary to operate their longarm quilting machines. My classes are small and hands-on so that each student receives individual attention and leaves feeling confident in their ability to succeed!

44. Biographies W
Capsule biographies. 33) and Consolidated Aircraft Corp (engineer 193343; vice-pres1937-43). he was also an active member of the american Astronautical Society

45. ReferenceResources:UnitedStatesPresidents
american Presidents Life Portraits SEARCHABLE by LycosZone Presidents Presidents,biographies of the of Presidential Succession, vice Presidents, Cabinet
Reference Resources: United States Presidents Presidential Sites American Presidency Articles on the presidents, the presidency and American politics. This set is designed for school grades 3 through 8; photographs of each president - SEARCHABL E by name American Presidents: Life Portraits SEARCHABLE by name Hall of Presidents Brief presidential biographies; official White House portrait. History Buff's Presidential Wing History Buff's site contains newspaper articles, facts, and inaugural addresses of the U.S. presidents LycosZone - Presidents Presidents, Biographies of the Presidents, Presidents' Occupations, Wives and Children of the Presidents, Burial Places of the Presidents, Order of Presidential Succession, Vice Presidents, Cabinet Members Under President Clinton, The President's Cabinet, Executive Offices and Independent Agencies Portraits of U.S. Presidents and First Ladies 1789 - Present

46. American Philatelic Society - Hall Of Fame - 1946-1949
Richards was a charter member of the american Philatelic Association (now the APS). pres. Wyliewas corporate vicepresident and managing editor of Mekeel's.

(None elected) Klein Richards Conrath f f Roosevelt Severn f f Wylie
W. Hamilton Barnum
Barnum was a popular and admired figure in national philately and in the Cleveland area. He became a collector in 1890 at age 12, joined Cleveland's Garfield-Perry Stamp Club in 1895 and served as its president in 1902.
Walter J. Conrath
Conrath was one of the most influential aerophilatelists of his time. A pioneer member and president (1936-1938) of the American Air Mail Society, he also belonged to several other air mail collector clubs and was a tireless promoter of aerophilately. Conrath both edited and published The Airpost Journal and the American Air Mail Catalogue and its supplements from 1934 to 1942. In 1940 he wrote, Mail Through the Air: A Review of the Development of Air Mail and Aero-Philately which remained in print for many years and was distributed by the AAMS. He died in an auto accident at age 35.

47. The American President: Resources
Gallery to select running matesfor vice president Al voter participation, the AARP, american Online, and MCI
We recommend these additional Web sites for those interested in learning more about the American presidents.
The American President
An educational companion site for THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT television series that includes in-depth biographies of all the presidents, lesson plans for teachers, essays about the 2000 elections, a "War Room" game, and a Presidential Poem Contest for students. White House
The official Web site for the White House. It's chock full of information about the historic structure and its current and past occupants. The site has a virtual library to search for White House documents, extensive biographies of President Clinton, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, and Tipper Gore, and an interactive citizen's handbook. Grolier Online: The American Presidency
Review the history of the U.S. presidents, the presidency, politics, and related subjects from any one of three online Grolier's encyclopedias. University of Groningen: The American Revolution - an .HTML project

48. Brief Biographies Of Jackson Era Characters (T)
Importer from 183255; pres. tax because some of the procedes would support the Mexican-Americanwar Governor of New York 1807 - 17 and vice-president of the US
Brief Biographies from the Jackson/Van Buren Era (T):
Talbot, Henry Fox 1800 - 1877:
Englishman who invented a photographic process at the same time as Daguerre invented his (late 1830s), called the calotype. Invented a much improved (faster imaging) process in 1851.
Tammany - Late 17th Century:
A Delaware Indian chief for whom New York's Society of Tammany was named. Members of the Society, in the years of the early republic, often paraded in Indian costumes. "Tammany Hall" was an institution linked closely with New York's Democratic party, and eventually became of center of corruption.
Taney, Roger Brooke 1777 - 1874:
Andrew Jackson's post-Eaton Imbroglio attorney general (1831-33). From 1833 - 34 he was secretary of the treasury, doing what two earlier secretaries would not do - removing the federa deposits from the Bank of the United States, as ordered by Jackson. Once (in 1835) rejected by the Senate for associate Supreme Court Justice; he was nevertheless confirmed in 1836 as Chief Justice, succeeding John Marshall. His 1857 decision against the slave Dred Scott - which helped excite anti-slavery opinion in the north - is what he is best remembered for.
Tappan, Arthur

49. Latest News & Events
Asian american Faculty and Staff at the Senior Colleges of the City University ofNew York All Baruch Bklyn president 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 vice pres 1 0
CUNY Information
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CUNY Asian-American Faculty Directory
Cuny Faculty By Rank Asian-Students In CUNY
New York City Asian Population Chart

A A A R I Asian American / Asian Research Institute The City University of New York
Asian/American CUNY Faculty/Staff Directory
Asian American Faculty and Staff at the Senior Colleges of the City University of New York All Baruch Bklyn City Medgar Hunter John Lehman NYC Queens Queens Staten York Graduate Senior Evers Jay Tech Law Island Center Colleges School President Vice Pres Dean Asso Dean Asst Dean Administrator Dist Prof Professor Asso Prof Asst Prof Instructor Lecturer Total Full-Time Adjunct Prof Adj Asso Prof Adj Asst Prof Adj Lecturer Total Adjunct Hi Ed Officer " Source: Affirmative Action Summary Data, City University of New York, January 2001" Compiled by Prof. Betty Lee Sung Asian American Faculty and Staff at Community Colleges and for the Total City University of New York All BMCC Bronx Hostos Kings La Queens Total CUNY Community Colleges) President Vice President Dean Associate Dean Assistant Dean Administrator Professor Asso Professor Asst Professor Instructor Lecturer Adjunct Prof Adj Asso Prof Adj Asst Prof Adj Lecturer Hi Ed Officer "

50. US Vice - Presidents - Henry Wilson
His favorite subjects were history, biographies, and philosophy. a coalition of FreeSoilers, american Party, and in office until he became vice President in
Displaying Flag
US Presidents
To Learn More about this Vice - President
Junto Society recommends these books! Click on Books
United States Vice - Presidents Henry Wilson
Served under Ulysses S. Grant
Occupation: Married Died: Henry Wilson , "The cobbler from Natick", was US Grants second Vice President, and author of a book on the history of slavery in America.
He was born in 1812 in Farmington New Hampshire and was named Jeremiah Jones Colbath. His father had named him after a financially successful bachelor neighbor in hopes of getting an inheritance for his son. Young “Jeremiah learned to hate the name and promised himself he would change it as soon as he was of age.
His father, who was out of work most of the time, made a deal with a neighboring farmer and “Jeremiah” was signed on as an apprentice at age 10 with an obligation to work until he was 21 years old. He was only allowed one month out of the year to attend school. His little bit of formal education included the Strafford, Wolfeboro, and Concord academies but never graduated. He did however supplement his education by reading any book he could find in the farmhouse or borrow from a neighbor. His favorite subjects were history, biographies, and philosophy. Remembering his fathers drinking problem, “Jeremiah”, at age 19, swore that he would never consume alcohol.

Welcome to american presidents Life Portraits Read vice Category Society History By Region North America k=pres

52. National Corridors Initiative, Inc. - Home Page
Ridge, Secretary of Homeland Security (invited); american Public Transportation JohnRobert Smith; Amtrak Board vice Chair, Michael Amtrak pres CEO, David Gunn.

53. Paul S. Martin Collections
PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT 1994pres. vice president, Council on Museum Anthropology,1996-1998. Review Committee for the Native american Graves Protection and
Jonathan Haas
Field Museum, Roosevelt Rd. at Lakeshore Dr., Chicago, IL 60605, (312)922-9410, ext. 641. EDUCATION:
B.A. 1970, University of Arizona, Anthropolog MA 1974, MPhil 1976, Ph.D. 1979, Columbia University, Anthropology PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT:
1994-Pres. MacArthur Curator of North American Anthropology 1989-1994 Vice President, Collections and Research, and Vice President for Museum Affairs, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL 1984-1989 Director of Programs and Research, School of American Research, Santa Fe, NM 1967-1984 Various teaching and research positions in archaeology and anthropology FIELD EXPERIENCE
Twenty-five years of anthropological field work, primarily in the southwestern United States, but also including work in Andean South America and urban archaeology in Virginia and the northeastern U.S. Haas is currently involved in a project in northern New Mexico involving the impact of Spanish colonialism on the native Pueblo peoples in the 15th and 16th centuries A.D. In addition to the work in the Southwest, Haas has directed projects in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions and excavation in Peru. SELECTED BOOKS AND MONOGRAPHS:
The Evolution of the Prehistoric State . Columbia University Press. (Translated into Korean and published in Korea in 1989). The Origin and Development of the Andean State . Co-editor with Shelia Pozorski and Thomas Pozorski. Cambridge University Press. The Anthropology of War , ed. Cambridge University Press.

54. NHC Library: United States: President/Vice President
The american Experience The presidents this PBS resource vice president - officialbiography of the vice president
President/Vice President
Biographical Resources Documents/Publications
First Ladies
Historical Information ... Vice President of the United States
Biographical Resources
  • The American Experience: The Presidents - this PBS resource focuses on the Presidents of this century, with biographies, historical information and an online teacher's guide. Mr. President - From the Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies, site provides thumbnail sketches of each of the former presidents. This is not a detailed site, but a good place to get fast facts. President - official presidential biography from the White House. Presidents - contains biographies, links to speeches and other sites about the Presidents. Site is managed as a partnership between University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, National Archives and Records Administration, SunSITE-USA: Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, Inc., and the Office of Information Technology. Presidents of the United States (POTUS) - Internet Public Library presents an exceptional site with background information, election results, presidential highlights and links to biographical information about the U.S. presidents.

of presidents, First Ladies, and vice presidents, and gov/ammem/ndlpedu/features/pres/preslist.html Libraryof Congress' extensive american Memory Collections.
U.S. Presidents Sources
A Selective List of Sources Available at USC Spartanburg Library Background Material The print resources listed below offer brief biographical accounts of most of the Presidents. They are good sources of basic information, and many include lists of additional sources. All of these items can be found in the Reference Stacks. American National Biography - REF CT 213 .A68 1999 vols. 1-24 - 17,000 signed biographies of deceased notable Americans. Each entry includes sources about that person. Dictionary of American Biography - REF E 176 D56 vols. 1-24 - Older version of American National Biography. Encyclopedia of American Biography - REF CT 213 .E53 1996 - One volume work containing brief signed entries. Great Lives from History: American Series - REF CT 214 .G74 1987 - vols. 1-5 - See index (vol. 5) under U.S. Presidents for listing of presidents covered in this set. The Presidents: A Reference History - REF E 176.1 P918 1996 - Features lengthy biographical essays, with bibliographies. USCAN Web Ask A Librarian For example, here are three ways to search for the book

56. Emperors, Presidents, Dictators & Officials Of Independent Mexico 1821-1846
vicente Guerrero Anastacio Bustamantevice-president Lorenzo de Zavala-Ministerof Treasury/pres. law, which are thrown upon the american legation in
Coahuila y Tejas
Republic of Texas Previous page- Viceroys, Commandants and Governors over Spanish Texas Independent Mexico Revolutionary Chieftains Emperor Executive Junta Presidents For more biographies, Search Handbook of Texas Online
Click on photos for biographical sketches EMPEROR OF INDEPENDENT MEXICO
Agustín Iturbide

"Mexicans!...tell your children think with kindness of the first Chief of the Army of the Three Guarantees...if my children should stand in need of your protection, remember that their father spent the best season of his life in laboring for your welfare!" -Prior to execution 1824 on order of the Poder Ejecutivo J unta Nacional Instituyente
Juan Francisco (Bishop of Durango)-President
Antonio de Mier -Secretary
Juan Batista Arispe -Secretary Executive Junta (Poder Ejecutivo)
Nicolás Bravo
, Pedro Celestino Negrete, Guadalupe Victoria
Miguel Dominguez, Vicente Guerrero , Mariano Michelena
Lúcas Alamán
José Manuel Herrera Manuel Mier y Terán (Photo Credit: Iturbide, Negrete, Dominguez, Michelena from PRESIDENTS REPUBLIC OF MEXICO 1824-1846 Presidentes de México-Short Biographies in Spanish Guadalupe Victoria Oct 10, 1824-Apr 1, 1829

57. Listings Of The World Society History By Region North America
Post Review Anecdotal history of american presidential campaigns onthe subject of presidents, vice-presidents, and

58. Encyclopædia Britannica
Wallace, Henry A. (vice pres. Wallace, Henry A. Henry A. Wallace.33rd vice presidentof the aka William Sydney Porter), the 19thcentury american writer and A. Wallace

59. Federal Government Resources On The Web/President
american Presidency (Grolier) Articles include biographies of the Presidents,vice Presidents, and Sections serve as a textbook for american government;
President of the United States
Frames Index No-Frames Version Biographies Bush Cabinet ... White House (Current) Last updated on January 29, 2003
First Ladies
  • Laura Welch Bush
    • Biography and portrait
  • National First Ladies Library
    • Bibliography of books, articles, manuscripts, dissertations, and other printed resources in the library's collection arranged by name of the First Lady
    • Library news and objectives
    • Impeachment Documents Relating to a U.S. President (Auburn University)
      • Full text of selected government documents relating to the impeachment of Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton
      • Includes procedures, reports, and hearings
      • Text in Adobe Acrobat format
      • Under construction as of October 1998 but considerable progress made
    • Impeachment Process
      • Documents Center coverage of President Clinton's road toward impeachment
      • Court cases, Starr report and responses, Congressional resolutions and hearings
      Presidential Biographies
      • American Experience (PBS)
        • Multimedia history of U.S. Presidents from Theodore Roosevelt to Harry Truman
        • Political campaign, presidential legacy, and contemporaneous cultural information

60. World Almanac Library
of such critically important moments and periods in the american history as the 1756,Aaron Burr, 3d vice president of the United States who killed 1950, pres.
- Select Subject New Releases Biography Geography History Reference Science Social Studies Sports Videos Accelerated Reader Dewey Search or Keyword
The First Source for Authoritative Information
New titles for Spring 2003 from include the final 18 volumes in the Library of the States includes maps, charts and graphs, time lines, full-color photos, a fast-facts almanac, primary source documents, Did You Know? fun facts, biographies, and more. These features provide multiple pathways into the wealth of information each Library of the States volume contains.
All-new series for Spring include the first 4 volumes in the
Another new series, Great Rivers of the World
There are 6 new titles in our ongoing Landmark Events in American History series, offering vivid portrayals of such critically important moments and periods in the American history as the Battle of Gettysburg, the California Gold Rush, and the attack on Pearl Harbor. Subscription and Standing Order plans offer substantial savings on the complete 30-volume set, developed to support curriculum standards.
And there are 6 new volumes as well in our Trailblazers of the Modern World biography series, portraying the life and times of major figures of the 20th century in all walks of life, including Winston Churchill, Pablo Picasso, and Elvis Presley. The new volumes bring to 24 the number of titles in print, with 12 more to come (all available through Subscription and Standing Order plans).

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