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         American Vice Pres Biographies:     more detail

61. Biographies Of Palestinian Political Leaders Since 1967
The index of biographies may be useful for quick 1968) led Association of ArabAmericanUni Graduates. to give up PNC position), appointed vice-pres of BZU
This is a set of short biographies of some of the major Palestinian political leaders since 1967.
The index of biographies may be useful for quick reference.
Please see the contact details at the end of the page if you are able to add to or correct any of this information. Mahmud ‘Abbas Through Secret Channels: The Road to Oslo (1995). Serves as PLO head of international relations. Has risen to position of ‘Arafat’s deputy, is Sec-Gen of the PLO-EC (from Apr96). Returned to Palestine in Jul95. His large new residences in Gaza and Ramallah have led to accusations of corruption. Touted as a potential Prime Minister for Palestine, and held a meeting at his house to discuss this on 23Sept02 - a prospect disowned in a subsequent Fatah statement. Strongly criticised the direction of the armed intifada at a meeting of Fatah leaders in Gaza in midNov02, urging instead the cessation of all military operations. Muhammad ‘Abbas ‘Issam ‘Abd al-Hadi Hayil ‘Abd al-Hamid Fu’ad ‘Abd al-Karim [Abu Ahmad Fu’ad Khalid ‘Abd al-Majid : head of dissident faction of PPSF since Apr92, coordinating with the Damascus 10 in opposition to Oslo. Based in Damascus.

62. Biographies - Goassl To Gozar
to the equatorial regions of the vice Royalty of GOODNIGHT, Charles (18361929) Americanrancher, mason. last governor-general of Ceylon 1962-1972; 1st pres.
GOASSL, Theresa ( - ) - Austria 590; 597 GOBBE, Emile (1849-1915) Belgian scientist, inventor - Belgium B578 GOBBI, Tito (1915-1984) Italian opera singer, actor. Born October 24, 1915 in Bassano del Grappo, Italy, he was a baritone, best known for his portrayal of Scarpia in Puccini's Toscu , 1956. He died May 5, 1984 in Rome, Italy. - Nicaragua 963 GOCHET, Alexis Marie (1835-1910) Belgian priest, educator, author, geographer - Belgium 544 GODARD, Eugene ( - ) Aviation pioneer - Poland 2435 GODDARD, Robert Hutchings GODFREY of Jerusalem (1060-1100) King, duke of Bouillon, military leader - Belgium B377; B428; Malta 415 GODFREY, Nyakana ( - ) Olympic Welter-weight boxer - Uganda UGA1995I21.6 GODINHO de HEREDIA, Manoel (1630-1712) Portuguese priest, author, missionary - Portuguese India 546 GODLEY, John Robert (1814-1861) Irish lawyer, colonist - New Zealand 276 GODOY y ALCAYAGA, Lucila see MISTRAL, Gabriela GODDEN, William ( - ) Dutch founder of Phosphate Mining Company - Netherlands Antilles 591 GODOWSKY, Leopold II (1901-1983) American inventor. Born in Chicago, Illinois, he co-invented Kodachrome color photography, 1936. He died February 18, 1983 in New York, New York. - Antigua ATG1998K10.13-14

63. Biographies - Gabarti To Gayoom
Philippines in March 1957, upon the death of pres. November 1961 he was defeated byVice president Diosdado ome John Jerry (19421995) american musician and
GABARTI, Abdel Rahman el see JABARTI, Abdel Rahman el GABCIK, Jozef (1912-1942) Czech soldier, patriot - Czechoslovakia 277; 285 GABLE, Dan ( - ) American Olympic wrestler - Grenada Grenadines GRG1995F23.8; Tanzania TAN1995I18.7 GABLE, William Clark (1901-1960) American film actor and mason. Born February 1, 1901 in Cadiz, Ohio, he won an Oscar, 1934 for It Happened One Night . He played Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind , 1939. He died November 16, 1960 in Hollywood, California. - Dominica 1095; Fujeira 1125; Grenada Grenadines GRG1995K03.13; GRG1998E07.13; Nevis NEV1995G20.30; Tonga 607; 607c; Umm al Qiwain (M)315-6; United States USA1990C23.4 GABOR, Denis (1900-1979) Hungarian-British physicist, inventor of holograph, Nobel prize - Hungary 3159 GABOR BETHLEN see BETHLEN von Iskar, Gabor GABRICHEVSKY, George Norbertovich (1860-1907) Russian physician, educator, author - USSR 2296 GABRIEL - archangel, Biblical character - Austria AUT1995D28.1; New Zealand NZE1995I01.11; Vatican City VAT1995F08.2 GABRIEL abbot see MANESSIS, Gabriel.

64. The June 2-5, 2002 Pre-Long Beach Sale - Chapter 12
33rd president of the US He was nominated for vice president in 1944 and electedalong with pres. him to be among the most admired of american presidents.
The June 2-5, 2002, Pre-Long Beach Sale, Sale 14
(If you have a problem viewing enlarged photos, your browser may be blocking pop-up windows. Check with your IT consultant.)
Buchanan, James
(1791-1868) 15th president of the U.S. (1857-61). He was a congressman (1821-31) and senator (1834-45) from Pennsylvania. At first a Federalist, he became a conservative Democrat and was Pres. Polk's secretary of state (1845-49) during the Mexican War. In 1856 he was elected president. Believing slavery was morally wrong but not unconstitutional, he tried to keep the "sacred balance" between proslavery and antislavery factions, but his views alienated radicals in both North and South. After Lincoln's 1860 election victory, Buchanan was faced with the crisis of secession. Believing that states did not have the right to secede nor the federal government the right to coerce them, he promised there would be no hostile moves during negotiations. U.S. troops were, however, moved to Fort Sumter; shortly after he left office, gunfire there set off the Civil War.
Free Frank (" Free / James Buchanan Vergie David Esquire / Pikeville / Maryland J " in James and " D " in David. A handsome piece, good to very good condition.

65. Presidents Of The United States
presidents/indexjs.html 6) american presidents Life each president, inaugural speeches,vice president pages http//
The Topic:
Presidents of the United States Easier - The President of the United States is the chief executive of the country. The President is elected by the people of the United States through the Electoral College. George Washington was the first president. George W. Bush became President of the United States in 2001. He is from the Republican party. Harder - The president is the highest elected position in the United States government. In the United States, a presidential election is held every four years to select a new president. It is possible for a president to serve up to two terms which is eight years. To be eligible for the presidency, a candidate must be a natural-born citizen, must have lived in the United States for a minimum of 14 years, and must be at least 35 years old. The president is the head of the executive branch of the government. In addition to leading the country, the president is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. Although there are many political parties, the president has been either a Democrat or a Republican since the mid 1800's.

66. American Cultural History - 1960-1969
His vice president, Lyndon B. Johnson became president, and In 1963, John Glenn wasthe first american to orbit delivers his I have a dream speech 1963 pres.
FACTS about this decade.
  • Population 177,830,000 Unemployment 3,852,000 National Debt 286.3 Billion Average Salary $4,743 Teacher's Salary $5,174 Minimum Wage $1.00 Life Expectancy: Males 66.6 years, Females 73.1 years Auto deaths 21.3 per 100,000 An estimated 850,000 "war baby" freshmen enter college; emergency living quarters are set up in dorm lounges, hotels and trailer camps.
Kingwood College Library
T he sixties were the age of youth, as 70 million children from the post-war baby boom became teenagers and young adults. The movement away from the conservative fifties continued and eventually resulted in revolutionary ways of thinking and real change in the cultural fabric of American life. No longer content to be images of the generation ahead of them, young people wanted change. The changes affected education, values, lifestyles, laws, and entertainment. Many of the revolutionary ideas which began in the sixties are continuing to evolve today. Metacrawler Yahoo INDEX T he purpose of this web and library guide is to help the user gain a broad understanding and appreciation for the culture and history of the 1960s. In a very small way, this is a bibliographic essay. While there is no way we can link to everything, we have attempted to find areas of special interest and to select information that we hold dear today - movies we watch, songs we sing, events that move us, people we admire.

67. BALCONES FORGE Blacksmiths Of Central Texas November 2002
Crawford president, Jerry Achtenberg vice pres., Harvey Wise of their ironwork andbiographies are available old men of the american blacksmithing renaissance
Blacksmiths of Central Texas
November 2002 Larry Crawford-President Gerald Pollard-Treasurer
Jerry Achterberg-Vice President Vince Herod-Editor Harvey Wise-Secretary
From the Prez
I would like to thank all the membership for giving me another term as President of the best blacksmith club in Texas (and I aim to keep it that way)! Congrats goes out to my fellow officers, Jerry Achterburg-VP, Harvey Wise-Secretary, and Gerald Pollard-Treasurer for their re-election as well. I am sure I speak for all the officers in saying we are honored.
After October's meeting the officers met for a short meeting to discuss a gallery show for Artist-Blacksmiths, scholarship plan for Balcones Forge and to cover details on the upcoming Jeff Funk workshop. The gallery show could be held at Dougherty Art Center in Austin in 2004. We will have to file a petition and submit slides of exhibitor's work. I should have more info at John Horrigan's meeting. The scholarship plan is being investigated and a likely facility would be the ACC Riverside campus because of their extensive metals program. November takes us to John Horrigan's knife shop in Burnet. I'm looking forward to seeing some of John's spectacular pattern welded steel. Be there or be square.

68. Milwaukee Public Library - Tip Sheet - D&B Million Dollar Database
(vice president, VP, Vpres). Comparison to Other Resources Smaller thanReference USA/american Business Disc and D B Business Locator.
Milwaukee Public Library... Every person's gateway "D&B MILLION DOLLAR DATABASE PREMIER"
TIP SHEET Company data is updated every 60 days.
Location Search Help Saving Information ... Notes USE IT . . . To access directory information on over 1,260,000 U.S. leading public and private businesses with sales greater than $1,000,000 and total employees greater than 20 or branches with 50 or more employees. Useful for businesses looking for potential customers, competitors, executive names and mailing lists, job seekers, students.
Company information includes industry information with up to 24 individual 8-digit SICs, size criteria (employees and annual sales), type of ownership, principal executives, and biographies. Customized lists can be created using selected criteria. FIND IT . . . On the Milwaukee Public Library Website.
Click on: "Get Reference Help," » "Company Research," » or "Library Databases," or search for it through the Reference Resources page search box.

69. Turning Goals Into Reality: Speakers And Papers
Mr. pres Henne, Sr. Research, FAAHQ; Mr. Dennis Muilenburg, vice president, Engineering ChiefPilot, Manager of Strategic Operations Planning, american Airlines;
Category: Welcome Archives

70. Online Seminars - Bios
Elizabeth L. Mathieu Former pres. Trusts and Estates Section) and american (Member,Taxation Chair, Tax Practice Management Committee; viceChair, Estate and

71. Senator Roberto Casas - Biographies
Commencing his political career as the first Cuban american elected to the FloridaLegislature in 1982, Roberto Casas placed Hialeah, education and care for
Senator Roberto Casas
Senator Roberto Casas has been a loyal public servant to the residents of Hialeah for over twenty years. Commencing his political career as the first Cuban American elected to the Florida Legislature in 1982, Roberto Casas placed Hialeah, education and care for the elder as the top priority of his agenda. Serving till 1988 before running successfully for the State Senate, Roberto Casas became known for his ability to work across party lines in order to benefit the people of the State of Florida. In 1988 Roberto Casas was elected to the Senate where he served for twelve years. His colleagues elected him unanimously as President Pro Tempore in 1996 through 1998. Senate President, Toni Jennings also appointed Senator Casas, as chairman of the Fiscal Policy and Transportation committees in 1999. During his tenure in office Senator Casas has been a strong supporter of legislation designed in aiding Hialeah Park Race Track, as well as bringing in funding towards expanding and constructing new parks and recreation facilities, the expansion of major thoroughfares, and towards education and care for the elderly. In November of 2000, however Senator Casas was forced to retire from the Florida Senate due to Term limits.

72. University Of California History Digital Archives
vicepres., mem., bd. Order of Ethiopia; Royal Order of Phoenix (Greece); AmericanHeritage Freedom July 1, 2000 because of his position as vice president of

General History Overview and Timelines UC Regents Biographies
Historical Overview

Timeline of Regents

Regents of the University of California
A B C D ... J K L M N O ... Z Keene, William B. , b. February 23, 1925, Youngstown, Ohio. Ex officio Regent as Alumni Association President, Education : B.A. Economics, 1949, UC Los Angeles; L.L.B., 1952, UC Los Angeles. Career : was student body president at UCLA; member of first graduating class of UCLA Law School; Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County, 1953-57; Private law practice, 1957-63; Superior Court Judge, Los Angeles, 1965-73. Kellogg, Martin ex officio Regent as Pres. of the University. 1890-99 (see Administration, Presidents Kennedy, Laurence J., Jr ., b. May 22, 1918, S.F.; d. Jan. 8, 1986. Appointed Regent to fill unexpired term of Regent Roth, 1964-68. Education: A.B. 1939, LL.B. 1942, UCB.

73. United States Presidents
Searchable database provides single page biographies of all congressional members, from the founding of the Republic to present day.
United States Presidents
Other presidential information

Vice Presidents pages

Presidents before the constitution was ratified

George Washington
William Clinton

74. Presidential Links
http// http// The Americanpresidency A of the presidency, the office of the vice president, and
Presidential Links
General Links Presidential Portraits The Office of the President The Vice-Presidency ... Activities
General Links
Yahoo Guide to U.S. Presidents
Web Directory: American Presidency
selected resources, an informal reference guide.
Presidential Portraits
POTUS Presidents of the United States
"In this resource you will find background information, election results, cabinet members, notable events, and some points of interest on each of the presidents. Links to biographies, historical documents, audio and video files, and other presidential sites are also included to enrich this site."
The Presidents of the United States
Biographies of presidents, from 1789 to present, from the official White House Web site.
The Presidents
This PBS Web feature focuses on the careers of seven U.S. presidents.
Hall of Presidents

75. The American Presidency
Sites http// devoted to US presidents andVice-presidents and a complete video archive of all american presidents, plus

An educational institution in the United States devoted to the study of the presidency, government, and politics. The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School
Provider of digital documents relevant to the fields of law, history, economics, politics, diplomacy, and government.
Constitutional amendments concerning the Presidency:
2nd Amendment

20th Amendment

22nd Amendment
25th Amendment UVA Miller Center A non-partisan research center at the University of Virginia that studies the national and international policies of the United States, with a special focus on American presidents and the presidency. THE PRESIDENT'S JOB Executive Orders (Dwight D. Eisenhower to William J. Clinton)

76. A Longtime Ally, Lieberman Seeks Cuban-American Support In Florida - October 24,
Washington will be listening to Cubanamerican concerns Cuba policy with Joe Liebermanas vice president of ELECTION LINKS: Full Results VIDEO Election Battle Speeches/ads Video Search Rep. Convention Dem. Convention States: Key Facts Poll Archive Bush/Gore on the issues Pres. Bios What's at Stake Electoral Battle Map Battleground States Follow the Money Who Was In and Who Was Out Debate History Election Battle Facts Florida Who's Who Europe's view
CNN Sites CNN CNN Europe CNNfn CNNSI myCNN CNNfyi AllPolitics Languages
Search The Web

Analysis indicates many Gore votes thrown out in Florida

Clinton's chief of staff calls White House over vandalism reports

Gephardt talks bipartisanship, outlines differences


TOP STORIES India tends to quake survivors Two Oklahoma State players among 10 killed in plane crash Sharon calls peace talks a campaign ploy by Barak Police arrest 100 Davos protesters ... MORE MARKETS 4:30pm ET, 4/2 DJIA NAS SPORTS UCLA plucks Howland from Pitt to replace Lavin ... Nurses to aid ailing airline passengers FOOD Texas cattle quarantined after violation of mad-cow feed ban Ceramist Adler adds furniture to his creations MORE HEADLINES MAINPAGE WORLD ... U.S.

77. The American Presidents
William McKinley (NicknameThe Major) The Era of William McKinley William McKinleyand the Spanishamerican War Pan-Am Exposition, 1901 vice-President Al Gore.
The American Presidents
How to do Research using the Navigation Aids: 1. By clicking on the Hotlinks, you will be taken directly to the exact location where the Topic is located on the page. 2. When you click on a site located under a topic, another browser window will open automatically for you on top of this page. With your mouse, pull that window down below the Topic you are researching. Every time you now click on a site, the material will appear in this window. This will allow you to quickly and easily read the material and go through each site listed without losing this page. Remember to cite the "web sites and their authors" given below as your information "sources" in your paper or presentation for citation/bibliographic purposes. Hotlinks: Table of Contents:
Main Sources
IPL POTUS:Presidents of the United States

Grolier Online's The American Presidency

Encycl. Americana: American Presidents

Presidents and States of the United States
Federal Govern. Resources: President of the United States
How a President is Elected
How a President Is Nominated and Elected

Presidential Trivia
Amercia's first President - John Hanson

The Hall of Forgotten Presidents
IPL FARQ: Presidents of the United States Presidential Trivia and Facts!

78. Federal Government Documents Home
The Bill of Rights; Amendments 1127; The Founding Fathers biographies of the Institute,Cornell Law School FindLaw Internet Legal Resources american Law Sources
Home Reeves Library Information Resources Federal Government Documents Federal Government Documents Home April 3, 2003 Reeves Library
... Citing Online Resources

Federal Government Links

The President
The Vice Pres.
The First Lady
Sen. Bond ...
The U.S. Senate
Locating U.S. Government Information
GPO Access
Provides access to locate and retrieve a variety of official Federal government publications including Congressional Record Federal Register United States Government Manual , and United States Code
Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications (MOCAT)
MOCAT is a catalog of most titles distributed through the Federal Depository Library Program and is available for online searching as part of the GPO Access Federal Locator services. The database contains cataloging records published in MOCAT since January 1994 and is updated daily. A link is available to locate depository libraries which receive titles in the catalog.
GPO Pathway Services: Browse Topics
Arranges government Internet sites by subject topic.
GPO Pathway Services: Browse Titles Arranges government Internet sites by subject topic.

79. Encyclopædia Britannica
of US), William A(lmon) William Wheeler.19th vice president of the american HistoryCandidate William J. Clinton (159) Bill Wheeler

80. Native American Law Students Association, CUA
Native american Law Student Association NALSA is working to bring the Navajo Nation Supreme Court to Catholic's Columbus School of Law to sit in session during the 20002001 academic year. Funding and support are needed.
Native American Law Student Association NALSA is working to bring
the Navajo Nation Supreme Court
to Catholic's Columbus School of Law
to sit in session during the 2000-2001 academic year.
Funding and support are needed. NEWS FLASH!
The Navajo Nation Supreme Court may sit in session at CUA's law school on February 6, 2001. The Navajo Nation Supreme Court has held sessions at the law schools of Stanford, Harvard (Feb. 1999) , Michigan, UCLA (Nov. 1999) , Wisconsin, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Arizona State, and New Mexico. As Navajo Chief Justice Robert Yazzie explained in the Harvard Gazette , "These are not moot court sessions. They are actual cases before the Navajo Nation Supreme Court."
James Zion In December 1999, James Zion, Solicitor to the Courts of the Navajo Nation and a 1969 CUA Law grad, wrote Dean Robert Destro about the possibility of the Navajo Nation Supreme Court sitting in session at the Columbus School of Law. CUA's Native American Law Student Association is working to make the possibility become a reality. Support is needed. Zion also hopes to present the Navajo concept of "peacemaking" to the CUA community. It's a concept discussed in

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