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         American Wars Gen Information:     more detail
  1. For Honor, Glory, and Union: The Mexican and Civil War Letters of Brig. Gen. William Haines Lytle by William Haines Lytle, 1999-03-11
  2. Prisoner of war: Rights and obligations under the Geneva Convention (Do D GEN35 A) by United States, 1979

1. Gen Wars, Contingencies, And Deployments
gen wars, Contingencies, and Deployments Guide picks. information about US Militarywars, contingencies, and american Battle Monuments Monuments for battles
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Gen Wars, Contingencies, and Deployments
Guide picks Military Wars, Contingencies, and Deployments - General. Information about U.S. Military wars, contingencies, and deployments.
Are We Too Casual About War?
Is armed conflict becoming too commonplace? Should we casually deploy forces when other countries disagree with us? Do you Know Where your Soldiers Are? As the U.S. Military gears up for another armed conflict, its personnel and equipment are already committed all over the World. Draft - Sequence of Events The sequence of events that the Selective Service will use when initiating a draft. Code of Conduct New The Code of Conduct (CoC) is the legal guide for the behavior of U.S. Military members who are captured by hostile forces. The Code of Conduct, in six brief Articles, addresses those situations and decision areas that, to some degree, all military personnel could encounter.

2. Lineage: American Wars And Conflicts
Lists officers, local camps, and officers; photographs and information about the reburial of gen. Joseph Johnson. one or more of the american wars between the years 1607 through 1865.
Top Society Organizations Lineage ...
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    American Wars and Conflicts Page:
    Alamo Defenders Descendants Association
    Organization of direct descendents of the Americans who defended the Alamo during the Mexican-American War. Objectives, history, events and memorial days, profiles of the defenders, and related links.
    Central Texas Brigade, Sons of Confederate Veterans
    Lists officers, local camps, and officers; photographs and information about the reburial of Gen. Joseph Johnson.
    Continental Society Sons of Indian Wars
    A national lineage society limited to male descendants, sixteen years of age and older, of those Native and/or Immigrant Americans who participated, in any capacity, in actual hostilities, one against the other, at any time during the period 1607-1900. Eligibility shall be based upon lineal descent.
    Dames of the Court of Honor
    Lineage society founded in 1921 with membership open to women who are of lineal descent from a commissioned officer of one or more of the American wars between the years 1607 through 1865.
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    Search only in american wars and Conflicts Search the Web. american wars and Conflicts camps, and officers; photographs and information about the reburial of gen. Joseph Johnson.
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    American Wars and Conflicts
    Organizations Lineage Go to Directory Home
    Categories Children of the American Revolution
    Daughters of the American Revolution

    Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic

    Military Order of the Stars and Bars
    United States Daughters of 1812

    Web Pages Viewing in Google PageRank order View in alphabetical order United Daughters of the Confederacy
    Founded in 1894 for the female lineal descendants of soldiers who served in the Confederate forces during the American Civil War 1861-1865. Provides information on membership, society objectives, scholarships, programs, magazine, and the Children of the Confederacy. Sons of Confederate Veterans Membership open to all male descendants of any veteran who served honorably in the Confederate armed forces during the American Civil War 1861-1865. Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War Sororial lineage society comprised of direct descendants of veterans of the Federal US Army who fought in the defense and for the preservation of the Union during the American Civil War. Honoring the memory of those ancestors through service projects which are of benefit to the public in a local, State and National level. Offers membership requirements, state listings, society departments, projects, history, and links. Descendants of Mexican War Veterans

    4. Women In War The Spanish American War
    Bibliography of books, pamphlets and leaflets about the Spanishamerican and Philippine-american wars that Mark Twain is known to have owned or read. Funston, Frederick. "Bravo! gen. Funston; Great Speech on Filipinos Philippine information Society. "A Period of Guerrilla
    Women Were There
    The Wars of 1812 and 1846 and the Spanish American War
    The War of 1812
    The USS CONSTITUTION met and defeated HMS GUERRIERE, the first in a grand succession of victories in the War of 1812. It was during this ferocious battle that the seamen, astonished at the way the British cannonballs were bouncing off the Constitution's hull, cried out -"Her sides are made of iron!" Thus, her nickname,"Old Ironsides."
    What was not known at the time was the fact that a U.S. Marine, serving aboard Old Ironsides, as George Baker, was actually Lucy Brewer. Eventually the Marine Corps reluctantly acknowledged that Lucy Brewer was perhaps the very first woman marine. Here's the way the Historical Division of the USMC tells the Lucy Brewer story:
    It would be over one hundred years before the Marine Corps seriously began to recruit women - August 1918 - to be specific.
    Mexican American War - 1846
    Sarah Borginis:
    Mrs. Borginis and a Mrs.Foley enlisted with their husbands into the 8th calvary at the Jefferson Barracks, Mo. Sarah became the principal cook at Fort Brown (Fort Texas) and stayed on the job when General Taylor moved most of his troops to the mouth of the Rio Grande. However, when the Mexicans began bombarding Fort Texas, (Fort Brown) from their positions at Matamoros, she was isssued a musket. It's said she took an active part in the ensuing fray, never missing a target or preparing a meal. Gen. Zachary Taylor breveted her to colonel, making her the first female colonel of the U.S.Army. She moved to El Paso and opened a hotel. For years it was a favorite stop of '49ers heading for the California gold fields. She later moved to Arizona and ran a Yuma saloon until her death in 1866. Col. Borginis was buried at Fort Yuma with full Military Honors - the first woman to be a ranking U.S.Army officer - albeit a brevet one.

    5. Georgia Military Records
    information on how to research and obtain copies of military and pension records and applications Category Regional North America genealogy Military...... join the american Revolution Society gen Connect Board. board to exchange and postqueries for information. Mexican, Civil, and Spanishamerican wars and 2,504
    While making your rounds if spot broken links submit them to your C. O. for Court Marshall procedures.
    Copy and past the link and page the link is on into the body of the email At ease soldier Georgia Military Records
    Coordinators for this page is Margie Daniels and Chuck Pierce You are our Visitor thanks for stopping by!
    Counter reset 11/11/00 1835-1842 Second Seminole War
    Seminole chief Osceola refuses to honor treaties agreeing to the movement of the tribe to the west and launches a general war. More than 60,000 militiamen, volunteers and regulars participate in the campaign; 41 percent become casualties.
    I am trying to gather information on the 41% causalities and the civilians that were killed in Georgia. If you have any information please send to me.
    Welcome to Georgia Military Records. We are always adding to this site. If you know of links or have any information that you would like to submit please send them to Margie Glover-Daniels. or Chuck Pierce A Great Time Line for the Wars/Conflicts in the United States

    6. Links
    american Revolutionary War uniforms, An web page has the most comprehensive illustrationsof uniforms and gen C. GORDON DERVISH wars, information on
    Wargaming resources
    If you would like a link to your none profit making web-site, Klik Resources Ambush Page The "Ambush is a set of miniature wargames rules that attempt to simulate modern guerilla warfare..." AusWar: The Australian Miniatures Wargames Page By Jingo! "The monthly magazine dedicated to the Victorian/Edwardian eras..." Carl's Wargaming Home Page Wargaming interests in all periods ACW Historical Data Systems ACW research database ACW Scenario Archive F ree rules and scenarios for the American Civil War American Revolutionary War uniforms An web page has the most comprehensive illustrations of uniforms and details available on the Web. Cloudships of Iron An upcoming 1/1200 scale Victorian Sci-fi ship to ship wargame. New rule sets for other scales to come soon. Tired of the same scenarios? Colonial Angle The "... collecting, painting and playing games with tiny but perfect miniature figures of Victorian soldiers and their savage opponents," Colonial-era Wargames Page This site contains information on Colonial-era miniatures and wargaming

    7. For More Information Contact
    followed by a punitive expedition into Mexico by gen. conflicts could be consideredpreventive wars, the researchers 184648) and the Spanish-american War of

    8. Desert Caution (
    any other orders. Given the information available back american wars used to produceheroes such as Washington representative, Bacevich notes, may be Army gen.

    9. Save The Franklin Battlefield
    Dedicated to the protection, preservation, and promotion of Civil War Sites in Williamson County, Category Regional North America Williamson Society and Culture...... or of any of the american wars for that by Eric Jacobson; Notes on gen John Bell ofpast and present preservation efforts (NotQuiteReady); Membership information.
    Save The Franklin Battlefield, Inc A non-profit historical organization dedicated to the preservation, protection and promotion of Civil War Sites in Williamson County, Tennessee
    Confederate Soldier Monument at Franklin Town Square
    Mid-day of Wednesday November 30, 1864, a 31,000 strong Confederate force under Gen. John Bell Hood finally cornered the 26,000 man Federal Army of Gen. John M. Schofield at Franklin, Tennessee. Late that afternoon, 100 regiments of the South's best soldiers, numbering 20,000, deployed along a two mile wide front and began a spectacular converging assault upon 17,000 Federals strongly entrenched on the south edge of the town. What then occurred in the next five hours at Franklin was one the the great cataclysmic tragedies of the American Civil War. (See A Brief Telling of the Battle of Franklin ). For the size of the forces engaged and the short durtion of the fighting, this battle at Franklin ranks among the great blood baths of the Civil War, or of any of the American wars for that matter. This horrific battering of Hood's army at Franklin and its final disintegration two weeks later after the Battle of Nashville essentially ended the war in the western theater.

    10. American Revolution Special Section Table Of Contents
    campaigns, strategy, tactics, uniforms, weaponry, and product information. of Bostonfrom the British by gen. Magazine Armies of the american wars 17531815 A
    Welcome to American Revolution Special Section
    American Revolution Special Section
    AWI Article Table of Contents
    To celebrate the release of The Patriot , starring Mel "Braveheart" Gibson, we here at offer this special selection of American Revolution articles culled from our archive of over 18,000 articles. Of course, we hope this whets your appetite for even more American Revolution information as well as other military history and product articles about the period. When you Join MagWeb , you gain access to 45 centuries of battles, campaigns, strategy, tactics, uniforms, weaponry, and product information. is an award-winning, subscription-based online archive in operation since 1996. Note that some articles contain links to other related articles inside the archive. We've disabled them in this special sample section, but the links are "live" for members. Thank you for visiting MagWeb . Enjoy.
    Russ Lockwood, CEO From From HMGS Mid-South Dispatch Magazine:
      The Patriot A letter from a re-enactor who plays a part in the film

    11. Culpepper ConnectionsThe Culpepper Culpeper Family History
    Family tree and extensive archives, historical stories and biographies, researcher list, family album, Category Society Genealogy Surnames C...... How You Can Help If you found information on this site that Militia Service War of1812 Mexican War Civil War (american) Indian wars Spanishamerican

    12. Old Ft. MacArthur Days: Indian Wars And Spanish-American War
    For information contact gen. Members of Western Educators Shooters and Trappersprovided displays on Indian wars and the Spanishamerican War (see below).

    Search Contacts 2003 Events ... Links Old Fort MacArthur Days The Indian Wars Doug Howser at the 7th Cavalry (Memorial) encampment. For information contact:
    Gen. Gary Helms
    National Indian Wars Assoc., Inc.
    1707 Bates Court
    Thousand Oaks CA 91362
    Members of Western Educators Shooters and Trappers provided displays on Indian Wars and the Spanish-American War (see below). The Spanish-American War American forces push forward the attack, Cuba c.1898. Go Back More Pictures Main Search ... Links
    Content © 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 The Fort MacArthur Museum Association
    This web site has been prepared and is maintained by supporters of the Fort MacArthur Museum Association . We welcome email asking for additional museum and historical information. Comments or suggestions concerning this web site should be addressed to the webmaster . The opinions expressed in Fort MacArthur Association publications are those of the Fort MacArthur Museum Association, contributors, and members. They do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks or any individuals employed by any department of theCity of Los Angeles.
    Last updated on 11-Dec-2002

    13. Genealogy Research - Military Records
    out of every seven americans fought in the american Revolution, and the next majorsource of information about veterans of US wars. R gen OVERSIZE 973 NEAGLES.
    Genealogy Research - Military Records
    Military records kept by the U.S. Government about soldiers and sailors who served their country are a major source of information about individuals. The two most important wars for genealogists are the American Revolution (1775-1783) and the Civil War (1861-1865), for these reasons. Approximately one out of every seven Americans fought in the American Revolution, and approximately one out of every ten Americans fought in the Civil War. Because of these statistics, it is worthwhile to investigate the possibility that adult males (13 and up) who were alive during these wars may have fought in them. (Many smaller wars have occurred in U.S. history, and there are records of genealogical value for those conflicts. Use the Genealogical Holdings List as a starting point). Information found in military records includes: date and place of birth of a veteran, date and place of death of that veteran, spouse's name, war(s) served in, state served from, date(s) of service, rank achieved, benefits received, and where the veteran lived after leaving service. In addition to these facts, many people have found personal accounts of the wartime experiences of their relatives.
    There are many types of records that can center around military service. The two most important are service records (including personal data), and pension records (a good source for information about relatives). For information about all types of military records, see U.S. Military Records, by James Neagles, listed under "Guidebooks."

    14. Latin American And Latino Studies Advance Course Information-Fall 1999
    This course (gen Ed code E) aims to give the perspectives of the principal CentralAmerican actors and of the peace processes ending the civil wars in Nicaragua copy/lals.html
    FALL 1999 This information effective for Fall 1999.
    Check with instructor the first day of class for any changes..
    Latin American and Latino Studies
    LALS-142A-01 LALS-173-01
    Latin American and Latino Studies 142ACentral America: Revolution, Intervention and Social Change
    Susanne Jonas, Merrill 110, x9-3232, 9-2855-message Office Hours: Tuesday, 1-4, Wednesday, 11-12, or by appointment Email:
    Course Description:
    This course (Gen Ed code E) aims to give students the broadest possible
    understanding of the situation in Central America today, with a
    particular focus on Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala. It also
    highlights Honduras andCosta Rica as a contrast (in order to prepare students
    planning to go to Costa Rica for EAP).Specifically the course is designed
    to examine the region from the perspectives of the principal Central American actors and
    to explain the historical and socio-economic roots of the popular and revolutionary
    movements in Central America; to provide a comprehensive understanding of U.S. policies in the
    region; to evaluate the results of the peace processes ending the

    15. Home - History - Kosciuszko
    Polish Academic information Center, Buffalo, NY. gen. biography of the general particularlywith respect ot his service during the american wars of Independence.
    Poland on the Web University at Buffalo
    State University of New York Annotated links to Poland-related information
    a service of the Polish Academic Information Center NAVIGATION Home History SITEMAP SEARCH Kosciuszko TITLE: Tadeusz Kosciuszko Pages STATS: PROVENANCE: 5,065 words, 25 illustration Last Checked: July 28, 2001 Polish Academic Information Center Buffalo, NY TITLE: Tadeusz Kosciuszko (1746 - 1817) STATS: PROVENANCE: 3,980 words, 3 illustration.

    16. TACTICS OF DECEPTION Shades Of Truth In A Time Of War  History
    But postmortems on previous american wars routinely found that the government ownhostilities over the quantity, and accuracy, of information provided. gen.
    Shades of Truth in a Time of War
    History: Daily briefings, like those by Rumsfeld, have a way of presenting battlefield outcomes in the best possible light.
    WASHINGTON If history is any guide, the daily briefings from Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld could prove an imperfect portrait of the unfolding war in Afghanistan.
    No one has accused Rumsfeld of misleading the press or misrepresenting events on the ground. But post-mortems on previous American wars routinely found that the government exaggerated its successes and minimized its setbacks in its public presentations; indeed the tendency to embroider has been documented back to the Civil War.
    At moments of national crisis, officials in Washington have on occasion made statements they knew were flat-out untruethe way President Eisenhower did in describing the U-2 spy plane shot down over the Soviet Union in 1960 as a weather research plane. President Nixon hid a massive bombing campaign in Cambodia for more than a year, even falsifying reports sent to the Senate. More often, officials in wartime have given the press and public a partial picture meant to portray events in the best possible light, analysts say. Over time, that instinct has produced inflated accounts of enemy soldiers killed in Vietnam, Iraqi Scud missiles intercepted in the Persian Gulf War and Serbian tanks destroyed in Kosovo.

    17. Latin American And Caribbean Information Center
    antidrug campaign or Cocaine wars, beginning in lay missioner Jean Donovan andthree american nuns were and dared to defy the dictatorship of Chile's gen.

    18. Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative: Information Gateway
    1866Present. Service records for the Indian wars, the Spanish-american War andthe Philippine Insurrection are available from the NARA gen milrecs (10/02).
    How to Find…
    Military Records
    Nearly every person who served in the armed forces has left a record of his or her involvement. Service records, pension records or bounty land records can provide a wealth of information although they were not maintained intentionally for the benefit of genealogists. Before beginning a search, you should know something about the ancestor. In what war did they fight? What service? What branch (cavalry, infantry or artillery)? Are there family stories or souvenirs that provide clues? Keep in mind that some family lore may have exaggerated their deeds. For further information on beginning your search, refer to:
    Neagles, James C., U.S. Military Records: Guide to Federal and State Source, Colonial America to Present,. Ancestry, 1994.
    The Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy. (Chapter 9, “Research in Military Records”), Ancestry, 1997.
    Military Service Records: A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications , National Archives Trust Fund Board, 1985.
    Pension Application Files
    Pension application files, based on Federal service, usually include both personal and military service information. Pension records are generally available for service from the Revolutionary War through 1916, and may be requested from NARA using NATF Form 85. Pension for service in the Confederate States of America forces were not authorized by the Federal government until 1959. However, some of the former Confederate states did authorize pensions. The various states’ archives keep these files.

    19. Research Starters: World War II Remembered
    US VII Corps under the command of gen. Photo captions include brief descriptionsand citation information. html Extensive guide to american wars and military
    amphibious warfare
    A military operation launched from the sea by naval and landing forces which involve landing on a hostile shore. blitzkrieg
    Method of fast-moving, air-and-land warfare first used extensively in World War II. Used effectively by German armies invading Poland in 1939 and the Low Countries and France in 1940. U.S. Gen. George C. Patton employed blitzkrieg tactics effectively in 1944. Operation Sea Lion
    Code name for German invasion plans of Great Britain, postponed indefinitely in October 1940, after the Luftwaffe (German air force) failed to win the Battle of Britain. Operation Barbarossa
    Code name for the German invasion of the Soviet Union, launched on June 22, 1941. Operation Crusader
    Code name for British offensive in North Africa (November 1941) that pushed German Gen. Erwin Rommel back to El Agheila in Libya, where he had begun his African offensive a year earlier. Operation Torch
    Code name for Allied North African campaign for landing on Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts in 1942, the first American appearance in the European theater of war.

    20. Shenandoah Valley - - Informational Site About The Shen
    gen. The exhibits of the Military Museum cover all american wars with specialemphasis on the Civil War. For More Indepth information Click Here.
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    As part of his 1864 spring offensive, Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant ordered Maj. Gen. Franz Sigel to advance south along the Valley Pike to destroy the railroad at Staunton and then to move on the rail complex at Lynchburg. Although outnumbered, Maj. Gen. John C. Breckinridge, former senator and vice president of the US, was able to concentrate scattered CS forces to meet Sigel's army near New Market. Sigel was decisively defeated on 15 May 1864, and the Valley remained in Confederate hands until Maj. Gen. David Hunter renewed the US offensive on 26 May. The battle of New Market is noted for the participation of a battalion of VMI cadets, who distinguished themselves in combat beside veteran troops.
    Current Condition of the Battlefield The Virginia Military Institute owns battlefield land and operates a museum and visitor center. New Market is one of two Valley Battlefields that currently has facilities for visitors, the other being Cedar Creek.
    The New Market Battlefield Historical Park was established by VMI in 1967. The Hall of Valor was constructed on the battlefield and opened in 1970. The park contains about 280 acres: 24 acres of Shirley's Hill (recently acquired), about 40 acres east of I- 81 around the Pennsylvania monument, and about 215 acres at the Hall of Valor parcel adjacent to the steep bluffs overlooking the North Fork Shenandoah River. The park protects and preserves about ten percent of the core area of the New Market battlefield, but this includes several areas of the most severe infantry fighting. The cavalry field, east of US 11 to Smith's Creek, remains farmland. The village of New Market is listed in the National Register as a historic district.

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