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         Ancient Time:     more books (103)
  1. A Visitor's Guide to the Ancient World (Time Tours) by Lesley Sims, 2004-01
  2. War In World History: Society, Technology, and War from Ancient Times to the Present, Volume 2 by Stephen Morillo, Jeremy Black, et all 2008-08-07
  3. The Life and Times of Archimedes (Biography from Ancient Civilizations) by Susan Zannos, 2004-06
  4. The Ancient Egyptian World (The World in Ancient Times) by Eric H. Cline, Jill Rubalcaba, 2005-05-12
  5. Student Study Guide to The Ancient Egyptian World (The World in Ancient Times) by Eric H. Cline, Jill Rubalcaba, 2005-11-01
  6. The Ancient South Asian World (The World in Ancient Times) by Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, Kimberley Heuston, 2005-06-23
  7. A Visitor's Guide to Ancient Egypt (Time Tours) by Lesley Sims, 2001-01
  8. Treachery in the Ancient Laboratory (Time Stone Travelers Series) by Karla Warkentin, 2004-09
  9. Documents from Old Testament Times (Ancient Texts and Translations)
  10. Great short biographies of ancient times, the middle ages and the renaissance;: A collection of short biographies, literary portraits and memoirs chosen ... of the ancient world, (Bonibooks) by Barrett Harper Clark, 1932
  11. Ancient Greece: Social and Historical Documents from Archaic Times to the Death of Alexander (Routledge Sourcebooks for the Ancient World) by Matthew Dillon, Lynda Garland, 2010-07-27
  12. The Life & Times of Buddha (Biography from Ancient Civilizations) by Mona K. Gedney, 2005-05
  13. Classical Rhetoric and Its Christian and Secular Tradition from Ancient to Modern Times by George A. Kennedy, 1999-02-22

81. Fragments Of Time Antiquities: Museum Quality Ancient Art
Fragments of time and MuseumQuality ancient Art are trademarks of Fragmentsof time, Inc. Copyright ©1994-2003 by Fragments of time, Inc.

About Us

Greek Gallery

Roman Gallery
Free Catalog! We Guarantee Authenticity Friendly Service Prompt Shipment Highest Integrity 100% Satisfaction We Accept: We Are Members: March 2003 Fragments of Time is known worldwide for its informative catalogues of authentic ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Etruscan, Apulian and Near Eastern ancient art. We also operate a gallery minutes from downtown Boston, Massachusetts (USA). Fragments of Time was founded to promote and assist with the responsible stewardship of classical antiquities in private collections. Clients include collectors, dealers, scholars and museums worldwide. John J. Ambrose, founder and principal of Fragments of Time, has 25+ years of experience in the world of classical art and has earned degrees from Drexel University and Columbia University. Click on the catalog image to register for a free copy of our latest full-color printed catalogue. Then visit our online galleries to see highlights currently available from our extensive inventory.
"It's the most elegant example of the shape that I've seen, and we are delighted to have it"

82. Ancient Indus Tour: Indus Essay Time Line
A 90 slide tour of the ancient Indus Valley with one of its foremost scholars, Jonathan Mark Kenoyer.Category Society History By Region Asia South Asia ancient India...... time Line Indus Tradition. This civilization developed at approximatelythe same time as the early city states of Egypt and Mesopotamia.
Around the Indus in 90 Slides Essay
Introduction T he Indus Valley Civilization was one of the world's first great urban civilizations. It flourished in the vast river plains and adjacent regions in what are now Pakistan and western India. T he earliest cities became integrated into an extensive urban culture around 4,600 years ago and continued to dominate the region for at least 700 years, from 2600 to 1900 B.C. It was only in the 1920's that the buried cities and villages of the Indus valley were recognized by archaeologists as representing an undiscovered civilization.
Time Line
Indus Tradition Early Food Producing Era Regionalization Era Post-Indus Tradition Painted Grey Ware Northern Black Polished Ware Early Historic Period ca. 600 B.C.
The Indus Civilization
S outh Asia's first cities were established around 2600 B.C. in what is now Pakistan and western India ( Map 1 ). The peoples who built and ruled these cities belong to what archaeologists refer to as the Harappan Culture or Indus Civilization. This civilization developed at approximately the same time as the early city states of Egypt and Mesopotamia.
A lthough there were economic and cultural contacts between these early urban societies, significant differences are seen in their respective artistic styles, symbols, technologies and social organization.

Are they from the ancient Egyptians' time as some people claim? May be Islamicages? Who did, in vain write the words and who did compose the music.
Man fears Time, yet Time fears the Pyramids
Photographs taken on my trip to Egypt
Absolute Egyptology
Top-Art - Jean-Pierre Remy, a Belgian painter passionately fond of Ancient Egypt. Paintings from photos, Frames, African Art.
Modern Egyptian Art - by Daniel Estebe
The Light of Egypt - Original paintings depicting everyday life in Ancient Egypt.
Gateway to Ancient Egypt - Take a journey back in time.
Per-Ankh - The Temple Pages
Ancient Egypt ~ Link with Australia - Egyptian hieroglyphs found in New South Wales.
Site of the Soul - featuring books of the soul Exploring Ancient Egypt - an Internet Sampler on Egypt put together by Judy Roberts. Judy is a teacher for the DuPage County, Illinois School District. Her interest in her student's learning is only outweighed by her wonderful imagination. Principal Kings of Egypt (with their cartouches) Virtual Egypt - We welcome you to Virtual Egypt, a cooperative project built by the Egyptian residents of Ancient Sites. The British Museum - Department of Egyptian Antiquities The Egyptian Museum, Cairo

84. Order Of Whiteoak
We are a loose collection of Celtic Reconstructionists, philosophers, and students of Druidry who are concerned with the matter of ethics in the Druidical community and who meet with our peers from time to time to study the Brehon Laws, to search the ancient stories for Celtic tribal values, and to consult our own consciences for the kind of Druid path we envision..
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85. Alan Watts And Other Zen Resources
A personal homepage dedicated to Alan Watts, an ancient philosopher ahead of his time, with a few links and passages.
web hosting domain names email addresses related sites "Kindly let me help you or you will drown," said the monkey putting the fish safely up in a tree. The Way of Liberation : Essays and... p.62
Some Other Alan Watts Links
Passages From Alan Watts Writtings
Alan Watts Books
Zen Links
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86. A Scent Of Time - Journey Through Ancient Greece
Privately organized tour of ancient Greek sites starting and finishing in Athens, including hotels Category Regional Europe Travel Services Tour Operators......
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87. The Myth Of Creation-the Cycles Of Time And The Origins Of Meaning
Read about the myth of creation, and how ancient knowledge of the cycles of time has determined the structure of the human spirit.
Philosophy Research Base Award
Nominated 12 Oct. 2002 What's New?
29th July 2002
This site reflects my ongoing research project on the meaning of the myth of creation and is being regularly updated and expanded. The ARCHITECTURE of the SPIRIT
Understanding the Myth of Creation
The Architecture of the Spirit is the phrase used by the anthropologist Levi-Strauss to describe mythology. I have used the phrase as the title of a book which explores the suggestion that the myth of creation and its developments have been derived from observation of the cycles of the stars, and that the patterns discerned in these observations have formed the groundplan for speculation about the nature of the human spirit.
You can read the whole of this book by following the 'text' links, or you can follow the arguments in increasing depth by following the 'explore' links ( recommended The Myths of Creation found throughout the world are a record of the attempts by ancient peoples to discern the Laws of Nature. They describe the way in which the cycles of Time observable in the night skies were seen as a revelation of these Laws.

88. Echoes In Time : Artifacts From Ancient And Indigenous Cultures: Echoes In Time
time Travel to ancient Tribal Cultures Through art and artifactswith captivating stories. Now you can own museum quality original

Adornment (Jewelry)

Ancient Americas


Browse all Products

Time Travel to
Through art and artifacts with captivating stories

Now you can own museum quality original artifacts, replicas and reproductions.
Visit fascinating mystical places by browsing the Echoes in Time catalog. Your journey with us will take you back in time to experience the creation of magnificent ancient cities, marvel at the skills of artisans and crafters working beside primitive huts, or share the accomplishments and daily struggles of people from all walks of life.
Ultra High Quality The use of exclusive technology assures you of the highest quality reproductions and replicas. Most of our products are available only through Echoes in Time. Many items are available in either the original or as a reproduction. Each item comes with a captivating story that will give you a view into the lives of the original creators. The stories enhance the value of the pieces and make them even more extraordinary. Ancient Art in Fashionable Decor Bring a piece of history into your life through the ancient art and fascinating stories available here. You can furnish your home or office with history and beauty that transcends the boundaries of time.

89. Gwen Gibson Designs
Using custom techniques this artisan simulates the time worn surfaces of ancient artifacts. Photographs of wearable vessels, wall art, and pins. Also contains a schedule of events, contact information, and related links.
For years my love of pure form and rich surfaces has been a motivating conflict, but as I work my way between the two, I'm discovering new ways to strike a balance. As I find more gratifying solutions to balancing clarity and rich surfaces, my jewelry takes on a more contemporary form. My most recent work combines contemporary form with painterly silk-screened surfaces. Each time I revisit a theme or series, I strip off more of the nonessential and dare to include more of the sensuous. Gwen's newest video...
Surface Treatments Order today!
Opening April 1
Emerging Artists Gallery The Emerging Artists Gallery is a showcase for developing artists whose work demonstrates a standard of excellence in polymer clay. Gwen Gibson is committed to promoting the work of these artists in a professional context in order to promote the perception of polymer clay as an art medium. Currently Featuring:
Jacqueline Lee
[ Home ] The Artist Gallery France Workshops ...

90. ASTR228: Chapter 2 - Dawning Of Time And Ancient Stone Monuments
ASTR 228 Course Notes. Chapter 2. Dawning of time and ancient Monuments.Latest Modification September 8, 1997 2.1. Cave Dweller Cosmology.
ASTR 228 - Course Notes
Chapter 2.
Dawning of Time and Ancient Monuments
Latest Modification: September 8, 1997
2.1. Cave Dweller Cosmology
  • 35,000 BC, Lascaux caves in France and Altamira caves in Spain
    • Extensive paintings done in water-fat-mineral pigments
    • Pictures of humans, animals, extinct animals, spirits and other strange symbols
    • Paintings probably about hunting; act of forward-looking imagination, anticipating the hunt, fear, and death
  • Celestial symbols
    • Circles with rays; sun symbols? or possibly star symbols?
    • 7,000 BC, Canchal de Mahoma in Spain, 27 spots changing from crescent to round and back to crescent surrounding some unknown figure (Earth?)
    2.2. Megalithic Cosmology
    • 3500 BC, proto-Europeans began building large structures of stone megaliths
      • Why? No definitive knowledge, just various speculations
      • Structures are rows of stones or circles, some alone on hillsides or in valleys
      • Stonehenge is most widely known, but is not unique among megalithic structures in UK or continental Europe
      • Literally hundreds of stone circles exist in England, Scotland, and Ireland
      • Interesting point is most of these structures have some astronomical significance probably horizon astronomy
    • Examples from England, Scotland, and Ireland:

91. Slayer Of Time, Ancient Of Days : Cantata No. 4
Slawischer Tanz in G minor, Op. 46, No. 8, To the Index, Small suite . Slayerof time, ancient of days cantata no. 4. McDermott,Vincent (1933). Sex, Male.
Find: The Database Home Page < Slawischer Tanz in G minor, Op. 46, No. 8 To the Index Small suite >> Slayer of time, ancient of days : cantata no. 4 McDermott,Vincent Sex Male Comments Written Duration ca. 23:00 Comments First performed May 14, 1978 by the Oregon Repertory Singers, in Portland Ore. Publisher American Music Center
Inst. Descant Recorder, Bass Clarinet, Percussion, Guitar, Voice (2), SATB Chorus Inst. Descant Recorder, Bass Clarinet, Percussion, Harp, Voice (2), SATB Chorus Inst. Descant Recorder, Bass Clarinet, Percussion, Harpsichord, Voice (2), SATB Chorus Inst. Descant Recorder, Bass Clarinet, Percussion, Keyboard, Voice (2), SATB Chorus Inst. Descant Recorder, Bassoon, Percussion, Guitar, Voice (2), SATB Chorus Inst. Descant Recorder, Bassoon, Percussion, Harp, Voice (2), SATB Chorus Inst. Descant Recorder, Bassoon, Percussion, Harpsichord, Voice (2), SATB Chorus Inst. Descant Recorder, Bassoon, Percussion, Keyboard, Voice (2), SATB Chorus Inst. Descant Recorder, Percussion, Guitar, Synthesizer, Voice (2), SATB Chorus Inst. Descant Recorder, Percussion, Guitar, Voice (2), Cello, SATB Chorus

92. An Archive Of Tapestries And Tapestry Histories Homepage
Detailed article on the history and production techniques of tapestry, from ancient Greece to the present time. From Tapestry and More Galleries.
Tapestries Presents
view @70k... "The Crest of Nagera"
A Timeless History of Tapestry and Wall Hangings
Ancient Greece to Modern Europe

The Period of Darkness

The Medieval Mystery of Tapestry

Renaissance Pictorial Art in Tapestry
GoTo and View

A Complete Gallery and Catalog of Tapestries at
Ancient Greece to Modern Europe
To Return To The Table of Contents
The Period of Darkness
view a jacquard woven tapestry reproduction @ 70k... "Mille Fleurs" Between the hand-woven tapestry art of classical antiquity and that of the Thirteenth century however, a long period of darkness and artistic void intervened in western culture, and for over a thousand years weavers were content to leave the making of large wall paintings to artists and embroiderers.
To Return To The Table of Contents
The Medieval Mystery of Tapestry
view a jacquard woven tapestry reproduction @ 70k... "The Crest of Paolo Giovio" Then, in the early Thirteenth and Fourteenth century, Gothic art appeared in woven tapestry art with it's unique form of religious mystery and romance to fascinate the viewer. Their hand-woven tapestry art was intensely personal, intensely human, and overall intensely spiritual. The tapestry art created at that time was the work of men permeated with religious consciousness and with the warm comprehension of the omniscience and omnipresence of their God.
To Return To The Table of Contents
Renaissance Pictorial Art in Tapestry
view a jacquard woven tapestry reproduction @ 70k... "The Swing"

93. WileyEurope :: Ancient Science: 40 Time-Traveling, World-Exploring, History-Maki
WileyEurope, ancient Science 40 timeTraveling, World-Exploring,History-Making Activities for Kids by Jim Wiese.,,0471215953|desc|2786,00.html
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Cosmic Science: Over 40 Gravity-Defying, Earth-Orbiting, Space-Cruising Activities for Kids (Paperback)

Detective Science: 40 Crime-Solving, Case-Breaking, Crook-Catching Activities for Kids (Paperback)
Head to Toe Science: Over 40 Eye-Popping, Spine-Tingling, Heart-Pounding Activities That Teach Kids about the Human Body (Paperback) Magic Science: 50 Jaw-Dropping, Mind-Boggling, Head-Scratching Activities for Kids (Paperback) ... Movie Science: 40 Mind-Expanding, Reality-Bending, Starstruck Activities for Kids (Paperback) Children's Science Package Set (Paperback) Janice VanCleave Janice VanCleave's Science Project Workbook, Grades 3-6 (Paperback) Janice VanCleave The Earth Science Book: Activities for Kids (Paperback) Dinah Zike The Complete Handbook of Science Fair Projects, Revised Edition (Paperback)

94. Top Stories -- Deep Loyalties, Ancient Hatreds
Nov. 19, 2001. Deep Loyalties, ancient Hatreds. BY TIM MCGIRK/ISLAMABAD.When the front line around Mazari-Sharif burst under relentless,9171,1101011119-183964,00.html
Nov. 19, 2001 Deep Loyalties, Ancient Hatreds BY TIM MCGIRK/ISLAMABAD When the front line around Mazar-i-Sharif burst under relentless U.S. bombing, the retreating Taliban fighters knew there was only one option: to run fast and far. Retreating into Mazar-i-Sharif's maze of dusty alleys was certain death; the Taliban had made too many enemies. During its three-year rule of Mazar-i-Sharif, the Taliban, who belong to the Pashtun tribes of southern Afghanistan, had mercilessly persecuted the Uzbek and Hazara ethnic minorities. After the city fell, they hauled up guns hidden under the floorboards and took revenge as the Taliban forces fled in disarray. "From the houses, the... The complete article is 612 words long. If you would like to read the full article, you may:
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95. TIME Europe | Israel: Reviving Ancient Cures | 12/6/99
time EUROPE DECEMBER 6, 1999 VOL. 154 NO. 23 Reviving ancient Cures Researchersin Israel are discovering how traditional Tibetan medicines can help treat

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TIME Daily
... Latest CNN News FREE NEWSLETTER! Sign up now for TIME's WorldWatch email newsletter. preview Check the New 2000 FORTUNE 500 Today! ... ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY TIME EUROPE DECEMBER 6, 1999 VOL. 154 NO. 23 Reviving Ancient Cures Researchers in Israel are discovering how traditional Tibetan medicines can help treat modern ailments By LISA BEYER Jerusalem It all began with a bad case of the runs. Sarah Sallon, a pediatric gastroenterologist at Jerusalem's Hadassah University Hospital, was working with street kids in Calcutta in 1988, treating mostly dysentery, when she contracted the affliction. She dosed herself with the usual antiparasitics, but the diarrhea kept returning. Finally, a practitioner of traditional Indian medicine cured her with a formula of ground herbs and a tonic. With a newfound respect for such alternative remedies, Sallon traveled to Dharamsala, the Indian hill station that serves as headquarters for Tibet's exiled Dalai Lama, where she encountered Tibetan medicine, a once-secret tradition that she is now helping spread to the world. Because of Sallon's efforts, Israel today hosts the world's largest center for research on traditional Tibetan medicine, what Sallon calls "the neglected sister of Chinese medicine." The Dalai Lama himself, in Israel for an interfaith conference, dropped by Hadassah Hospital last week to bless the Natural Medicine Research Unit, where scientists for the first time are testing Tibetan cures to figure out why at least some of them work.

96. History The Complete History Resource -- Books, Time Lines, Articl
The Cambridge Illustrated History of ancient Greece is available forthe first time in paperback. From Armageddon to the Fall of


Early Medieval


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97. Timezone - More Than Just Time
Current local timings for any city with adjustments for daylight savingstime. time converter, calculator, ancient calendars, clocks, and more. Timezone Home Premium Membership Email ... Feedback Present IST Apr 03 2003 18:16
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Time and again Ancient calendars Revolution in timekeeping World Timescales World Timezone ... Time Slip More about time Rhymes on time: Time to marry Weekdays Weather Get time around the world on your site Check Out TravelIndia: Your bookmark on travel in India BestIndianHotels: The best hotel deals at your doorstep Timezone Ancient calendars Celestial bodies-the sun, moon, planets, and stars-have provided us a reference for measuring the passage of time throughout our existence. Ancient civilizations relied upon the apparent motion of these bodies through the sky to determine seasons, months, and years. We know little about the details of timekeeping in prehistoric eras, but wherever we turn up records and artifacts, we usually discover that in every culture, some people were preoccupied with measuring and recording the passage of time. Ice-age hunters in Europe over 20,000 years ago scratched lines and gouged holes in sticks and bones, possibly counting the days between phases of the moon. Five thousand years ago, Sumerians in the Tigris-Euphrates valley in today's Iraq had a calendar that divided the year into 30-day months, divided the day into 12 periods (each corresponding to two of our hours), and divided these periods into 30 parts (each like four of our minutes). We have no written records of Stonehenge, built over 4000 years ago in England, but its alignments show its purposes apparently included the determination of seasonal or celestial events, such as lunar eclipses, solstices and so on.

98. JosseyBass Ancient Science 40 Time-Traveling, World-
JosseyBass, ancient Science 40 timeTraveling, World-Exploring,History-Making Activities for Kids by Jim Wiese.,,0471215953,00.html

99. EdNA Online - Search
Society Environment / time, Continuity Change. Historical information that focuseson continuity and change in people's lives related to ancient history.
Search or Browse Related Sites Alliances Discussion Lists ... Advanced Quick Links School Education Higher Education International Education Technical Standards ICT Leading Practice ICT Research National Software Evaluat... OzProjects The Learning Federation UNESCO Standard Search Advanced Search Find: Look for: All the Words Any of the words The Phrase in All the Browse Categories General References Higher Education Educational Organisations School Education Search in: EdNA Evaluated pages Australian sites World-wide sites EdNA Collections Items linked to EdNA evaluated pages or: External collections G.E.M. VOCED Top Level School Education Curriculum Resources Ancient Societies
Historical information that focuses on continuity and change in people's lives: related to ancient history Australian
Historical information that focuses on continuity and change in people's lives: related to Australian history
Historical information that focuses on continuity and change in people's lives: European and British History Other
Historical information that focuses on continuity and change in people's lives: American history and others not included in specific categories.

is due that high number of mean solar days in a synodic month at that time. couldbe interpreted as s as seasonal like some recent and ancient bivalves have
Xref: sci.astro:50871 Path:!!!!!haporopu From: (Hannu Poropudas) Newsgroups: sci.astro Subject: Absolute Time Data From Palaeontology Date: 6 Apr 1994 12:55:42 GMT Organization: Freenet finland Lines: 109 Message-ID:

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