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         Animal Shelters International:     more detail
  2. Sock Monkey Dreams: Daily Life at the Red Heel Monkey Shelter by Whitney Shroyer, Letitia Walker, 2006-09-21
  3. Economic implications of the effects of climatic stress on shelter alternatives for finishing cattle by David Charles Petritz, 1972
  4. Community Approaches to Feral Cats: Problems, Alternatives, and Recommendations (Public Policy Series) by Margaret R. Slater, 2002-07

1. Animal Shelters/Rescue Group Links Adoption Searches For Companion Animals
United States; United States Canada; international; Specific Breed 800Save-A-Pet;Online shelters Rescue Adopt-A-Pet - Online animal shelters animal Safety
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Shelters/Rescue Groups For Companion Animals
The following links are all excellent lists of shelters/rescue groups.
Please note: Most of the general listings also include "purebreed" animals in need of a home.



Top SPECIFIC BREED RESCUE Top Visit rescue/shelter links submitted by visitors. While you are there, add the link to your favorite rescue/shelter. Click Here Top Adopt A Stray - Save A Life! Site Navigation Break Free Home Site Map Link To This Site ... Miscellaneous

2. NetVet Animal Welfare / Rights / Humane / Rescue Organizations
Learn how to help this group, which promotes animal welfare through education, stricter animalcruelty laws and the development of its shelter. website for the Korea animal Protection Society (KAPS) and its sister organization, international Aid for Korean animals is one of only a few shelters in the country that care for
Animal Welfare / Rights / Humane / Rescue Organizations
Return to: Veterinary and Animal Science Organizations Science and Research Organizations Animal Welfare Rights Humane Rescue Organizations Conservation Environmental Wildlife Organizations ... Commercial Organizations 1994-2002, Ken Boschert, DVM

3. Adopt-a-Pet - Online Animal Shelters And Animal Safety Information Directory
Links to animal shelters around the country.Category Society Organizations North America United States...... Great Ape Project and international Primate Protection League (IPPL), Fauna Foundation,and World Wildlife Fund. If you know of other animal shelters around the
Looking for Love? Click here for Shelters, Rescue Groups and Pet Advice Sites: Military Pets Left Homeless by Impending War with Iraq - Please help A Dog's Life in the Far North -
Urgent Appeal for Help!
Feline Thoughts for Cat Lovers
Adopt a Pet.Com
Helping to unite loving families with homeless animals.
Millions of young, healthy, beautiful companion animals are euthanized needlessly each year because there too many pets and not enough homes or people interested in providing food, water, shelter, medical care and LOVE to these animals. ANIMAL OVERPOPULATION IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM.
Contact SPAY/USA (800) 248-SPAY (7729)
Monday - Friday 9:00 a .m. - 4:30 p.m. EST Low Cost Spaying and Neutering (I n Virginia - Prevent A Litter Coalition "Spay Inc." (703) 490-4447)
Animal cruelty cases and youth/adult violence directed at humans have increased alarmingly. Studies show that animal abuse is often the first step toward violence against humans. Adoptapet's objectives:

4. Kyler Laird's Animal Rescue Resources
animal Rescue, shelters, Society Sites. Page 1 of 6 will find sites that deal at either a National or international level. Local locations may be found under their state
Kyler Laird's animal rescue resources
This is a collection of animal rescue organizations, facilities and lists that have a Web presence. It is continuously changing and is actively maintained. There are currently 2010 entities in the list.
It was last updated .
Every link was last checked . Links that were down are marked "[ down X ]" where X is the number of times that the link has been down when checked. Links that are down for 5 or more successive checks are no longer listed until they are up during a check. The following form will allow you to search all of the links I list. It was a request from a user. It's just in test mode right now and could go away. Please tell me what you think of it Note that I recently changed the way this works. When I index each site, I go through a proxy so that we don't run into UltraSeek license limitations. For most sites, this provides even better coverage because I can index deeper, but for some sites which use bad techniques, it will fail. This information is maintained by Kyler Laird.

5. WI - Pet Lovers - Animal Shelters
Home Pet Lovers animal shelters, Wildlife international Humane sheltersprovide refuge for lost or unwanted animals. Humane organizations
Home Emergency Site Help Contact Us ... Breed Rescue Animal Shelters Pet Health Pets And Wildlife Read About It Search Google This Site Birding Wildlife And You Contact Us Shopping ... Pet Lovers Animal Shelters
Humane shelters provide refuge for lost or unwanted animals.
Humane organizations are committed to ending the suffering of animals. To accomplish this goal, they work to educate the public, push for protective legislation, help enforce anti-cruelty laws, and provide refuge and a second chance for lost or unwanted animals. Some of these organizations are national or even international in scope; others groups are local or regional in nature. The links below are provided to help our visitors locate an animal shelter in their area. How to Find Your Local Animal Shelter
Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

ASPCA Shelter Search

Worldwide Shelter Database
... Contact Us

6. Wildlife International - Pet Lovers
is why we’ve included the Pet Lovers section on Wildlife international. We haveprovided links to pet supply merchants, domestic animal shelters, and breed
Home Emergency Site Help Contact Us Pet Lovers Choosing A Pet Pet Supplies Breed Rescue Animal Shelters ... Read About It Search Google This Site Birding Wildlife And You Contact Us Shopping ... Home
There are many factors to consider before choosing a companion animal.
Get all the facts before making the commitment..
What do pets have to do with wildlife? We have provided links to pet supply merchants, domestic animal shelters, and breed rescue organizations. Are you considering keeping a wild animal as a pet? You'd better look before you leap. Get all the facts by clicking on the Choosing a Pet link onthe left menu.
Emergency Site Help Contact Us

7. Sponsors Of The International Animal World -
Your search for animal shelters in Homes Sanctuaries has returned 1match. Match 1 of 1 displayed. The following 'Area' classification

8. Animal Rescue, Shelters, Society Sites
Animal Rescue, Shelters, Society Sites Page 1 of 6 Can you place a price on friendship? Of course not, but many an animal does pay the price with his life, because of the lack of friendship. I have no problem with responsible breeders, its the hobbyist, and puppy/kitten mills and irresponsible owners I have a problem with. If you are looking for a new family member or just want to find a place to help, you should be able to find it in these pages. These sites include all types of animals from cute little hamsters, to lions. Most site's names indicate the type of animal(s) they work with, if not I try to give you an idea by a simple note next to the name. Since the majority of the groups handle cats and/or dogs, if nothing is noted this may be assumed. Below on this page you will find sites that deal at either a National or International level . Local locations may be found under their state or country. If you know of a group or shelter I have missed, please feel free to send me it's URL.
If your group would like to be listed, but does not have a website click here As of 4/9/99 there were 664 listings, I have now quit counting! However continue to add sites as I learn of them .

9. Animal Shelters
Pet and animal shelters in the United States. Sponsored by Districtof Columbia, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, National, international. Alabama.
Pet and Animal Shelters in the United States
Sponsored by
Add your listing to this directory
Alabama Hawaii Massachusetts New Mexico ... International Alabama [Go to Top] Alaska [Go to Top] Arizona [Go to Top] Arkansas [Go to Top] California [Go to Top] [Go to Top] Colorado [Go to Top] Connecticut [Go to Top] Delaware [Go to Top] District of Columbia [Go to Top] Florida [Go to Top] Georgia [Go to Top] Hawaii [Go to Top] Idaho [Go to Top] Illinois [Go to Top] Indiana [Go to Top] Iowa [Go to Top] Kansas [Go to Top] Kentucky [Go to Top] Louisiana [Go to Top] Maine [Go to Top] Maryland [Go to Top] Massachusetts [Go to Top] Michigan [Go to Top] Minnesota [Go to Top] Mississippi [Go to Top] Missouri [Go to Top] Montana [Go to Top] Nebraska [Go to Top] Nevada [Go to Top] New Hampshire [Go to Top] New Jersey [Go to Top] New Mexico [Go to Top] New York [Go to Top] North Carolina [Go to Top] North Dakota [Go to Top] Ohio [Go to Top] Oklahoma [Go to Top] Oregon [Go to Top] Pennsylvania [Go to Top] Puerto Rico [Go to Top] Rhode Island [Go to Top] South Carolina [Go to Top] South Dakota [Go to Top] Tennessee [Go to Top] Texas [Go to Top] Virgin Islands [Go to Top] Utah [Go to Top] Vermont [Go to Top] Virginia [Go to Top] Washington [Go to Top] West Virginia [Go to Top] Wisconsin [Go to Top] Wyoming [Go to Top] National [Go to Top] International [Go to Top]

10. Animal Protection Activities In Taiwan | Humane Society International
Humane Society international, Protection Act, compliance with the new licensing/registrationlaw, and plans for building new animal shelters throughout Taiwan.
Chronology of HSUS/HSI animal protection activities in Taiwan
  • HSUS/HSI writes Taiwanese government urging reform of inhumane animal control practices and supporting proper training in animal handling and control. HSUS/HSI invited to participate in a conference on animal welfare sponsored by National Pingtung University of Science and Technology and several Taiwanese animal protection groups. Topic addressed: stray dog control. April HSUS/HSI, the Hawaiian Humane Society (HHS), and various members of the Government of the Republic of China sign historic agreement in which the three entities become partners in the effort to reduce the number of homeless dogs in Taiwan. In addition, four Memoranda of Understanding are signed with two government agencies, the Council of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency and two Taiwanese NGOs, the Animal Protection Association of the Republic of China and National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, to work together to promote humane animal control and responsible pet ownership in Taiwan. August HSUS/HSI and HHS conduct a two-week workshop at the HHS facility in Honolulu for 14 representatives from the Council of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency, and other government and private organizations of Taiwan. Topics addressed include humane animal capture and handling techniques, spay/neuter procedures, dog behavior, adoption policies, health and evaluation as well as legislative action and how to promote community support for the humane treatment of animals. This "train the trainers" workshop is designed to acquaint Taiwanese animal workers with the full spectrum of animal care, control, and protection work.

11. Taiwan Animal Control Initiative Background | Humane Society International
Humane Society international, There are few bona fide animal shelters in Taiwan,and there is no clearcut authority or responsibility for controlling strays.
Animal Control Initiative in Taiwan: Background
  • (Excerpt from "To Stem the Tide of Dogs," by Martha Armstrong, V.P. Companion Animals, HSUS News , Winter, 1998.) In the summer of 1996, HSUS/HSI was asked to participate in a conference on animal welfare and animal issues in Taiwan. The conference was developed by Liang Chou Hsia, Ph.D., professor of animal production at Ping Tung University of Science and Technology, and sponsored by the university and several animal-protection groups. Our topic was stray-dog control, a problem in Taiwan so widely acknowledged that even travel books address it! Taiwan is a very small island with more than 21 million people and one of the highest population densities in the world. Its economy is strong but nonetheless very youthful. Rising from the ashes of World War II, the Taiwanese economy is fueled primarily by foreign trade. Formerly known for producing cheap toys, Taiwan is now a leader in the production of high-tech, quality electronics and computers. With the booming economy has come personal wealth: the average yearly income is more than $13,000 per person. Unfortunately, there is little or no control on the breeding or ownership of companion animals. Approximately 2 million dogs in Taiwan are ownedand almost as many (1.3-1.5 million) are strays. There are few bona fide animal shelters in Taiwan, and there is no clear-cut authority or responsibility for controlling strays. Citizens are very reluctant to cooperate with any government entity in the control of stray and unwanted animals.
  • 12. Mack Publikationen
    Translate this page Mack AC, Unshelm J. Problems of cat-housing in animal shelters - results of a surveyat animal shelters in eastern Germany. Proc 9th international Congress in
    Wissenschaftliche Assistentin
    Sprechzeiten Montag, Dienstag
    9.00 - 17.30 Uhr
    7.30 - 13.00 Uhr
    Mack AC Artikel

  • Unshelm J, Mack AC
  • Mack AC , Unshelm J. Circadian rhythm of the light-dependant hormone melatonin as an indicator for the photicrequirement of domestic pigs. Proc 9th International Congress in Animal Hygiene, Helsinki, 1997;1:216-220.
  • Mack AC , Unshelm J. Problems of cat-housing in animal shelters - results of a survey at animal shelters in eastern Germany. Proc 9th International Congress in Animal Hygiene, Helsinki, 1997:2:816-819.
  • Mack AC
  • Kersjes C, Mack AC
  • Hildebrand H, Wöhr AC , Unshelm J. Hygienic Conditions And Animal Welfare On The International Air-Transport of Ornamental Fish. Proc Xth International Congress on Animal Hygiene, Maastricht, 2000;1:913-916.
  • , Schneider M, Karrer M, Pirkelmann H, Unshelm J. A Comparative Study About Different Housing Systems And Their Influence On Health, Growth, Behaviour And Welfare Of Suckling Calves. Proc Xth International Congress on Animal Hygiene, Maastricht, 2000;2:772-774.
  • Wenzel C
  • 13. It's Not About Animal Shelters
    international, the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting, the international Societyfor programs to train shelter workers, it runs no animal shelters and makes no

    14. Site Map
    animal shelters. Disaster Services. Farm animals. Fur Free Century. GovernmentAffairs. HSUS Hollywood Office. Human Resources. Humane Society international.

    15. Animal Rights
    Focused especially on the financial information of the AR groups of PETA, Defenders of Wildlife, Farm Category Society Issues animal Rights Opposing Views...... indictments against 12 people in connection with international animal rights extremist animalwelfare, such as institutions providing animal shelters and pet

    ANIMAL RIGHTS Top stories:
    10/30/02 ANIMAL RIGHTS Massachusetts Attorney General announces 43 indictments against 12 people in connection with international animal rights extremist group Felony charges leveled in criminal case The animal rights movement comprises a spectrum of beliefs and organizations ranging from what is properly called "animal welfare," such as institutions providing animal shelters and pet services, to various wildlife protection groups, to vegetarian and vegan ideologies, to violent terrorism, including arsons of animal research laboratories and vicious criminal assaults on opponents. Organizations comprising the animal rights movement: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Defenders of Animals Defenders of Wildlife In Defense of Animals American Anti-Vivisection Society Animal Rights International Farm Animal Reform Movement Friends of Animals, Inc. Fund for Animals, Inc. Humane Society of the United States. Not what you think. Owns no animal shelters. Operates no animal shelters. Has no relationship to and does not fund local animal shelters.

    16. Business Profile: Pet Shops, Breeders, Kennels, Animal Shelters And Guard Dog Se
    Pet Shops, Breeders, Kennels, animal shelters and Guard Dog of Agriculture Bureauof animal Welfare PO for government contracts; international Trade Centers

    17. Shelters And Charities
    FARM Farm animal Reform Movement Friends of the Asian Elephant Friends of the SeaOtter Greenpeace IFAW international Fund for animal Welfare In Defense of


    AHA: American Humane Association

    Animal Home

    ASPCA: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
    Animal Aid Society
    Animal Humane Society
    Golden Valley, MN
    Animal Lifesavers
    Stamford, CT
    Animal Rescue Foundation
    Calgary, AB
    Animal Rescue League
    Boston, MA
    Animal Shelter
    Central FL Atlanta Humane Society Georgia Austin Humane Society Texas Benton-Franklin Humane Society Tri-Cities, WA Buddy Dog Humane Society Sudbury, MA Escondido Humane Society California Florida's Lost and Found Pets Friends for Life Animal Haven Canal Winchester, OH Humane Society of Huron Valley Ann Arbor, MI Humane Society of Marathon County Wausau, WI League for Animal Welfare Batavia, OH Little Shelter Huntington, NY Marin Humane Society Novato, CA Mercy Crusade Thousand Oaks, CA MetroPets Online Washington D.C. New Hampshire SPCA Partnership for Animal Welfare Maryland PawSafe Animal Rescue Medford, MA Pet Finders Sacramento, CA Pet Orphans Fund Los Angeles, CA Yukon, OK Fergus, ON Suncoast Humane Society Englewood, FL The Dogs' Home Battersea, UK 5 Tigers: The Tiger Information Center African Wildlife Foundation American Bear Association American Oceans Campaign ... Chimps, Inc.

    18. International Hearing Dog, Inc
    All of the dogs selected for this special training come from local animal shelters. Theroots of international Hearing Dog are in Minnesota where the first
    htmlAdWH('7008212', '120', '30'); htmlAdWH('7004796', '234', '60'); Main Create Edit Help IHDI's mission is to train and place hearing dogs with persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, with and without multiple disabilities, at no charge to the recipient. IHDI is a non-profit organization funded by donations. General Information Hearing Dog History Who Qualifies
    ... Click here for IHDI Order Forms General Information IHDI has trained more than 850 hearing dogs for persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing since 1979. All of the dogs selected for this special training come from local animal shelters. The dogs are generally mixed breeds, six months to a year in age, in good health, with aim-to-please, energetic personalities. Each dog receives a thorough medical examination before training begins, including blood work, vaccinations and spay or neuter if necessary, to ensure a long healthy life. The dogs learn to respond to many sounds in the home, such as the door bell or knock, telephone, alarm clock, smoke alarm, or a baby's cries, during daily training sessions. General obedience and socialization rounds out their 4-8 months of custom training. IHDI also trains dogs to assist deaf/blind individuals (in the home only) by guiding slowly to the source of the sound. Each dog is selected with the needs and lifestyle of its new master in mind.

    19. Animal Shelters
    animal shelters. . Jordan HCAW-The Humane Center for animal Welfare. HORSES(ILPH) international League for the Protection of Horses; Essex Horse and Pony
    ANIMAL SHELTERS To add your local animal shelter send us an email By countries By animals AUSTRALIA BRAZIL NEW ZEALAND NORWAY
    • NFAP Norwegian Federation for Animal Protection
    • White Fang White Fang Foundation for Animal Protection (Romania)

    20. Directory ::
    Humane Society international international arm of The Humane Society of the HumaneSociety and animal Welfare Ring Links to animal shelters, humane societies

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