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         Animal Shelters International:     more detail
  2. Sock Monkey Dreams: Daily Life at the Red Heel Monkey Shelter by Whitney Shroyer, Letitia Walker, 2006-09-21
  3. Economic implications of the effects of climatic stress on shelter alternatives for finishing cattle by David Charles Petritz, 1972
  4. Community Approaches to Feral Cats: Problems, Alternatives, and Recommendations (Public Policy Series) by Margaret R. Slater, 2002-07

61. Shelters, Adoptions, Humane Societies, More..
VA); Airedale Terrier Rescue and Adoption; Akbash Dogs international Rescue Service; Friendsof County animal shelters, FOCAS (San Diego); Georgia Equine Rescue
Our Giant List of Shelters, Humane Societies, and Rescue Organizations York County, PA Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

62. New Hampshire (NH) Animal Shelters, Humane Societies, Rescue Leagues, And Animal
Information animal Poison Control Center animal Protection Institute ASPCA Directoryof NH Dog Clubs international Society for animal Rights Humane Society of
About Us



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New Hampshire Facts

NH Photo Gallery
Other NH Sites Search Tips Links NH Foliage Report NH Lottery NH Movie Guide NH Ski Reports ... Wedding Planner Advertising A Guide to NH Humane, Animal Protection and Rescue Societies Bedford - Animal Rescue League Of New Hampshire Canaan - Companion Animal Rescue Referral and Education Chichester - Live and Let Live Farm (Statewide Horse Shelter) Conway - Conway Area Humane Society Dover - Cocheco Valley Humane Society East Derry - Greater Derry Humane Society Enfield - Upper Valley Humane Society Franklin - Franklin Animal Shelter Hampton - Laconia - New Hampshire Humane Society Lancaster - Lancaster Humane Society Manchester - Manchester Animal Shelter Nashua - The Humane Society for Greater Nashua Salem - Salem Humane Society Stratham - New Hampshire SPCA Suncook - Kitty Kompanions, Inc.,

63. Animal Rescue And Rehabilitation Resources : The Zero 5.0laf - The Official Webs
Directory of articles and organizations about animal/pet rescue and rehabilitation.Category Society Issues animal Welfare Directories...... Boxer Rescue international URL http// It is also a directory of almost 2,000 animal shelters and adoption


These are Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Resources
Please also see:
Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence

Animal Abuse: Diagnostic Indicators

Animal Companionship

Assistance Animals for Comfort , Therapy and Court Escorts
... Animal Welfare Articles (click here for Resources) Pets Bridging the Digital Divide [] An article from the Director of MetroPets Online regarding the ways animal shelters and rescue groups can use the internet; some explanation about net software and technology; program matching shelters/rescue groups with web pros, tutors, and training seminars to assist them with designing and maintaining their sites. Save Wolftown! [] Article written by Cameron Lefler, about Wolftown, a non-profit wolf and horse sanctuary in Burton, Washington. return to the top Resources (click here for Articles) Abandoned Pets Rescue P.O. Box 11666

64. Dog-Play: Special Dogs And Other Animals
Deaf http// From the international Cyberzine for beentransforming dogs abandoned in Northern California animal shelters into hard
Special Dogs and Other Animals
This section includes sites about other animals involved in animal assisted therapy, various kinds of services dogs, and a few I just didn't know how to categorize.
Service Dogs
Discusses various kinds of service dogs, such as guide and signal dogs, canines for independence, search and rescue and includes therapy dogs. Explains the services provided, and the dogs involved.
Howstuffworks "How Guide Dogs Work"
Explains what guide dogs do, how they're trained, where they come from and more.
Access Rights of People with Disabilities
information in pamphlet form on access rights for those using service animals. Covers such topics as the fact that the person need not identify or prove the nature of their disability to get access, that the person need not provide proof that the animal is a service animal, but that even a service animal can be excluded when an individual animal represents a direct safety hazard. Although designed for New York it will generally apply thoroughout the United States - though some specifics will differ.
Assistance Animal Access Consulting Service

65. Stress
on the Web by CAB international, an international notfor-profit publisher inapplied life sciences. Quality of life issues for companion animal shelters,
stress [up]
Related topics: other porcine stress syndrome stress factors narrower heat stress
Biology of animal stress : basic principles and implications for animal welfare
The full-text of the book "The biology of animal stress: basic principles and implications for animal welfare" edited by G Moberg and JA Mench of the University of California, Davis, published in June 2000. The book contains 17 chapters, providing information on animal stress and its effects. It looks at behavioural responses to stress, ways of measuring stress levels, welfare issues, and ways of alleviating the problem. Chapters are available in PDF, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader. This book is published and made freely available on the Web by CAB International, an international not-for-profit publisher in applied life sciences. animal welfare stress stress management veterinary medicine ... Quality of life issues for companion animal shelters This PowerPoint slide presentation on the quality of life issues for companion animal shelters, was presented at a conference in 1999 by Gary Patronek, VMD, PhD, Tufts Center for Animals and Public Policy. This presentation focuses on the major issue of stress and how to evaluate and control stress in the animal shelter environment. Examples of both cats and dogs in animal shelters are provided. There are 54 slides in the presentation and this can be downloaded. Published on the Web by the Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. animal housing animal welfare cats dogs ... Stress and dairy calves The University of California DavisÂ’ Veterinary Medical Extension programme publishes this document on stress and dairy calves. This programme seeks to develop and disseminate information about animal and human health relative to animals or animal products. Discussed are four potential sources of stress for diary calves, namely, thermal stress, environmental stress, disease, and animal husbandry management techniques. Also discussed are means of alleviating stress, the effects of stress, and how to measure stress. Dr Carolyn L. Stull, Ph.D, authors this document.

66. DEFRA, UK: Consultation On An Animal Welfare Bill
USPCA. Dr Alan Long. Vega. Ms J Gallattley. Vegetarian international Voice foranimals. Ms Sue Westwood. The Chief Executive. Wood Green animal shelters. Mrs North.
Consultation on an Animal Welfare Bill
Consultation list
Contact Association Mr Graham Moore Ms Maureen Puvis OBE Stephen Edge ADAS Mr Les Ward Advocates for Animals Mr David McHattie Alexander Associates Angus Council Mr A Tyler Animal Aid Mr J W Dearden (Chief Executive) Animal Defenders Dr Robin Pellow Animal Health Trust Animal Welfare Trust Ms Marjorie Johnson Animals in Medicine Research Ms Pauline Baines Anti-docking Alliance Arab Horse Society General Secretary Assoc of Chief of Police Officers Assoc of Circus Proprietors Director, Research of Health Assoc of Medical Research Charities Mr J Hallmark Assoc Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare Ian Cawsey MP (Chairman) Assoc Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare Assoc. of British Riding Schools Association for the Study of Reptilia and Amphibians Association of County Councils Association of District Councils Association of Metropolitan Authorities Mr P J Hooper (Secretary) Roger Hancock AWSELVA Mr D Green Battersea Dogs Home Beddington Park Mr G Glendell Birds First Blue Cross Bransby Home of Rest for Horses T Adorian British Assoc. of Equine Societies

67. Organizations
international Wildlife. international Fund for animal Welfare. PAL HS. People'sAntiCruelty. Wildlife Watch. World SPA animal shelters / Sanctuaries.


Green Party

Web Pages

New link:
Merchandise from "No Compromise"
NC Merchandise Animal Liberation / Rights
Defenders of Animals

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals

Alliance for Animals ... Direct Action, Legal (ARRS Animal Rights Hawaii Animal Welfare Institute The Animals' Agenda Magazine The Fund for Animals International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Animal Rights Law CenterRutgers School of Law Guides to Civil Disobedience Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Animal Emancipation, Inc. daily updates (FAR)Feminists for Animal Rights (LSARA)Law Student Animal Rights Alliance (PAWS)Progressive Animal Welfare Society Richmond Animal Rights Network updated daily. (SOAR)Student Org. for Animal Rights Not much after 1997 (UPC) United Poultry Concerns updated daily. Animal Rights Mobilization New in 1999 Ark Trust, Inc Home of Annual Genesis Awards Supporting and Promoting Ethics for the Animal Kingdom National Speakers Organization All For Anim als Santa Barbara, Calif org.

68. IRFD: The International Rodent Fancy Directory
international RODENT FANCY DIRECTORY(v.5.0 encouraged to inspect stores, rodentriesand shelters and patron those which you feel provide appropriate animal care
[an error occurred while processing this directive][an error occurred while processing this directive][an error occurred while processing this directive] RMFE RMFE Home Page


PDF Fliers

Community RMFE Club


Shopping Adoption Ads

Pet Nouveau
Auctions ... Books Library General Pet Care Genetics Guide Guinea Pigs Chinchillas ... More Species... 6th Happiness About Rodentry Available Welcome to the IRFD: INTERNATIONAL RODENT FANCY DIRECTORY (v.5.0) 400+ Entries as of January 1st, 2003!!! Much Thanks to our IRFD database manager, Jen Eisenhardt, Amphigory Rodentry. This is a listing of PET rodent breeders, shelters, vets, stores, pet sitters and more! Inclusion in this directory does not imply endorsement by, the R.M.F.E., Pet Nouveau or Myomorpha (a.Gangi). Owner reserves right to edit for space or delete entries without warning or explanation. Owner makes no guarantees on validity or accuracy of material listed herein. Please help us keep material up to date!

69. Bayer AG - About Bayer - Social Responsibility - International
animals picked up off the streets are often a wretched sight, arrivingemaciated, injured and sick at the animal shelters. There
Animal protection in Ecuador
Saving stray dogs Bayer is committed to animal protection in Ecuador, too: in cooperation with the South American country's animal protection organization, disowned and stray dogs are collected, cared for and passed on to loving owners. Bayer in Ecuador supports the dedicated animal protection workers by donating medicines. Animals picked up off the streets are often a wretched sight, arriving emaciated, injured and sick at the animal shelters. There they are first of all given enough to eat. Then they are usually treated with the medicines provided by Bayer to combat fleas, worms and other parasites. After a few weeks at the animal shelter, most of the animals are then healthy enough to be picked up by a new owner.
Last updated: September 18, 2002

70. Cats And Kittens Toronto - Abbey Cat Links
international Fund for animal Welfareinternational Fund for animal Welfare works forHomeless animals works with humane societies, shelters and fostering
Cats Available Cats Special Cats Adopted! Adopting Adoption Info Success Stories How to Help Fostering Volunteering Participate Cat Chat Forum Mailing List Resources Found a Cat? Feline Nutrition Links ACA About us Contact Info Home
Links Charity Village is Canada's supersite for the nonprofit sector. Every day, you'll find more than 3,000 pages of news, jobs, resources, how-to articles, volunteer and event listings, educational opportunities, and much more.
General Cat Care/Health Care of Cats This factsheet contains basic information for the care of cats from the BC SPCA. Topics include choosing your cat, litter training, feeding and medical care.
Cat Owner's Handbook Following the proper health care guidelines for your cat can ensure that you and your new companion enjoy many years of happiness. Check out this handbook written by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association Feline Advisory Bureau (U.K.)

71. Animal Welfare
Links to animal shelters, humane societies, rescue and animal Category Society Organizations animal Welfare http//o 11, Humane Society international.
Animal Consciousness Foundation Believes that the root problem that makes animal abuse possible is not the attitudes of a few particularly ruthless individuals, but the indifference of the vast bulk of people.
Category: Society > Organizations > Animal Welfare
Animal Saver Club
Small organization working to help animals and endangered species. Site features general club information and a picture gallery.
Category: Society > Organizations > Animal Welfare Animal Welfare Institute Non-profit charitable organization founded in 1951 to reduce the sum total of pain and fear inflicted on animals by humans. Site includes information about programs, publications, and news. Category: Society > Organizations > Animal Welfare Animals Without Frontiers International animal and nature organization. News, petitions, campaigns, and an Internet based animal identification system. Category: Society > Organizations > Animal Welfare

72. Useful Links
Center for Alternatives to animal Testing Laboratory animals (international Journalof NetVet and the Electronic Zoo New Jersey animal shelters Sherlock Bones
Useful Links and Organizations Laboratory Animal Services
Our Offices Animal Care Program Working Safely with Animals ... Have Links to Add?
Lab Animal Science Related Laws and Animal Guides
Amer. Phys. Assn Guidelines for the Ethical Conduct

in Care and Use of Animals

Animal Welfare Act

1993 Report of the AVMA Panel on Euthanasia
Rutgers Animal Welfare Policy
Agricultural Research Service (USDA)

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Animal Welfare Information Center
Environmental Protection Agency ... USDA Org anizations AAALAC American Association For Lab Animal Science American Cancer Society American College of Laboratory Animal Medecine ... National Association for Biomedical Research New Jersey Assn. For Biomedical Research USDA Rutgers Institute of Animal Behavior Animal Testing Alternatives Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing Laboratory Animals (International Journal of Lab An Science and Welfare) Sniffy, the Virtual Rat

73. LookSmart - International Animal Shelters
Spanish animal Protection Society on Lanzarote animal shelter on the Spanish islandof Lanzarote works to save dogs and cats awaiting death in the local pound.

74. Suchmaschine Acoon - Webkatalog
and animal Welfare Ring Links to animal shelters, humane societies, rescue and animalwelfare organizations. Humane Society international international arm of

75. Horizon Animal Hospital, Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital
animal Health Greenpeace international international Aviculturists Society and ReptilesWebster animal Information Wildlife TOP. Rescue Groups shelters AdoptA
RSCASS Match Results Veterinary Sites of Interest AAHA

American Vet Med Foundation

Animal Care Council
... TOP
Medical Sites of Interest
American Cancer Society

American Dental Association

American Heart Association

American Medical Association
... TOP
General Sites of Interest News Headlines AZ Central Translations Maps ... TOP Commercial Sites 3D Veterinary Mall 3M Innovation Network Abbott Laboratories ACME Pet Company ... TOP Conservation and Animal Welfare American Humane Association Animal Welfare Institute Assn of Vets for Animal Rights Center for Conservation Biology ... Aquariums, Universities, and Zoos

76. Resource Links -- Punke Animal Sanctuary Amnesty international UW-Milwaukee. animal shelters - Farm Sanctuary's Directory.
Meet the Animals Adopt - Sponsor Members Literature ... Go to Our Yahoo! Group Donate with PayPal - It's fast, easy, and secure! Here are some Wisconsin and other notable links related to what we do and some of our interests. If you would like to add to this page, please contact us Alternative Energy Alternative Home and Building Businesses in Wisconsin Energy Center of Wisconsin Energy Watch Wisconsin Midwest Renewable Energy Association - Custer, WI Solar Electric Power Association Solar Energy Laboratory - Madison, WI Wisconsin Solar Electric WisconSUN Solar Use Network - Middleton, WI Animal Behavior Society (ABS) Horse Behavior Resource Site Animal Health Animal Law Anti-Cruelty Statutes Universal Declaration on Animal Rights

77. Kimbertal Kennels. The Very Finest Name In Dobermans And
AVAILABLE AT STUD international CHAMPION ARISTO LEO DI MOTTA VISCONTI GIFTS TOshelters DROP DRAMATICALLY THROUGH 2001 Smaller animal shelters throughout the

78. NCDL Online
cohosts a regular international conference in Eastern Europe to discuss importantanimal welfare issues and to promote good practice at animal shelters abroad

79. Assistance Dogs International | Home
ADI'S MISSION The objective of Assistance Dogs international, Inc. enough to startformal training, or in many cases the dogs are rescued from animal shelters.

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navigation and go directly

to content
Home ... Member Program Standard
Training Standards F.A.Q.

Bobby AAA Approved
Bobby 508 Approved
Setting Standards
For The Assistance Dog Industry
Since 1987
Assistance Dogs International, Inc. is a coalition of not for profit organizations that train and place Assistance Dogs. The purpose of ADI is to improve the areas of training, placement, and utilization of Assistance Dogs as well as staff and volunteer education. Members of ADI meet annually to share ideas, attend seminars, and conduct business regarding such things as educating the public about Assistance Dogs, and the legal rights of people with disabilities partnered with Assistance Dogs, setting standards and establishing guidelines and ethics for the training of these dogs, and improving the utilization and bonding of each team. ADI also publishes a newsletter for members and subscribers. If you are a not for profit provider of Assistance Dogs, ADI membership will be a benefit to you, and you can be a part of ADI's mission. ADI'S MISSION
The objective of Assistance Dogs International, Inc. is to:

80. Kyler Laird's Animal Rescue Resources : Shelters
Links to animal shelters listed by state.Category Society Organizations North America United States...... Rescue Directory; Saint Roch Dog Rescue; San Diego County animal shelters;San Francisco SPCA; Southern California animal shelters; Yolo
This is a list of on-line shelter and rescue organization information that I've compiled. Please do not treat this list as complete. If you need to find a resource, this is just one place to look. Also consider looking at breed rescue organizations and my list of other places to look Submissions to this list will be greatly appreciated. See the submission information for instructions on adding to this list. Copying of this list is not only rude, but it shows disrespect for the animals for whom this list is maintained and whom may be killed as a result (of the use of out-of-date copies). References to this document, however, are welcomed. You do not need to ask my permission to link to these pages. Please consider referencing one level up, though, at The list from which this page is built was last updated The following form will allow you to search all of the links I list. It was a request from a user. It's just in test mode right now and could go away. Please tell me what you think of it Note that I recently changed the way this works. When I index each site, I go through a proxy so that we don't run into UltraSeek license limitations. For most sites, this provides even better coverage because I can index deeper, but for some sites which use bad techniques, it will fail.

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