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         Animal Welfare Breed Specific:     more detail

1. Cat Fanciers: Animal Welfare, Cat Rescue, And Shelters
animal welfare, Feline Rescue, and Shelters. Worth area, TX; Kyler Laird's animalrescue resources are an extensive compilation of rescue breed specific Rescues.
Animal Welfare, Feline Rescue, and Shelters
Breed Rescue

2. Noah's Ark Animal Welfare Association
1966 by eight Morris County women who wanted to do something about the pet overpopulationproblem and animal welfare. Noah's Ark is not a breed specific shelter
Noah's Ark Animal Welfare Association  Rt. 46 Ledgewood, NJ 07852
Our family at Noah’s Ark wishes you and your family a healthy, happy and wonderful 2003!    Everyone talks about making resolutions, diets, cut spending, do a good deed… well here is your chance to make a difference in someone’s life!  We have some wonderful and friendly cats who are just waiting to share a lap with you! A lot of folks want kittens and puppies, which is fine, but they grow up to be adults- so why not do things a little different and get an adult cat or dog? We have a six year old cat who is by far the most personable, friendly and loving cat in the shelter. His name is Smokey. We also have a playful lad who loves to snuggle and still acts like he is a year old- but in reality he is 6 also- his name is Bailey. And for those that prefer the younger ones, we have a handful of 6 month to 1 year olds who are still full of kitten There are so many wonderful cats here, if you fulfill just one resolution, make it the one about making a difference, it will make you feel so good inside! And just think about the smile you will bring to your new cat or dog when you bring them home and show them their new house!

3. Dog Lovers Don Red And Black Ribbons For Breed Ban Awareness Campaign
redand-black ribbon campaign exemplifies NAIA's approach to animal welfare issueswith its twin messages opposing irrational breed-specific legislation and
Our members feed, clothe, heal, comfort, entertain, inform and protect the world! General Information About NAIA Our Board Members NAIA Position Statements Join Us ... Return to Home Page What's New Events Calendar New Articles FYI Support NAIA NAIA Store NAIA Bookstore Join NAIA Get Involved Our Campaigns NAIA Brochures Action Alerts Letters to the Editor ... Join E-groups Lists NAIA Library Archived Articles Animal Welfare Animal Rights Extremism Links Other Sites of Interest Other Services Site Translation Receive our Newsletter Search Site
Dog lovers don red and black ribbons for breed ban awareness campaign For Immediate Release:
August 28, 2000
For more information, Patti L. Strand, (503) 761-1139;

Portland, Oregon: The National Animal Interest Alliance urges dog lovers everywhere to wear red and black ribbons to show support for responsible dog ownership and opposition to Germany's breed bans and restrictions.
Citing dog training as a key element of responsible dog ownership and the sensible alternative to breed-specific laws, NAIA extends the red-and-black ribbon solidarity campaign to cities and towns all over America, especially where breed-specific bans have been proposed or already passed into law.

4. The Animal Welfare Act & Ordinance
The animal welfare Act (1988534, as last amended by SFS 199856 of February 19, 1998; extract) Scope of the Act This Act applies to the care and treatment of domestic animals. with regard to animal welfare. (3) When application for permission to breed laboratory animals are (1) When considering specific cases the committee shall weigh the importance of

5. Dog Adoption Network - Links
a listing of links to various breed specific as well The Mixed breed Dog Clubs ofAmerica (MBDCA regarding local shelters/rescues or animal welfare please send
Please note that although we try our best to list only quality links we do not have any affiliation with them and are therefore not responsible for their content, reputation etc. If you have a problem with any of the links please let us know so we can correct/remove the problem.
Table of Links:
LOCAL (Massachusetts)

Animal Control Officers

All-Breed Rescue/Foster

Breed Specific Rescues and Information

National Breed Specific Rescues and Information

Help for Missing/Placing/Finding Pets

Animal Welfare

Humane Education
Web Rings
LOCAL SHELTERS Western MA Welcome Page This site has a collection of links to animal welfare and rescue groups as well as other "pet" oriented sites located primarily in the Pioneer Valley. Thomas J. O'Connor Regional Animal Control Center. Usually have a few pages with pictures of the dogs currently being held there (this is not a complete listing - so be sure to visit the shelter also). This shelter is generally overcrowded and many dogs are put down - Please check these dogs out! Dakin Animal Shelter Dog adoption page with listings and pics of available dogs.

6. Animal Welfare
animal welfare, vets, rescue centres British Services UK snakes, spiders etc). animal welfare Science, Ethics and Law Collie as a working breed through the establishment and disabled owners with their specific disability. Swan Rescue offer
Add Your URL
Add Your URL
Help Page
Home ... Wedding Consultancies ANIMAL WELFARE Governing Bodies/Associations/Institutes

7. SPCA/HS Of Prince George's County Spay/Neuter Clinic
breedspecific Rescues in the Area NoVa Rottweiler Rescue League; Border CollieRescue; St. Mary's animal welfare League; Bassett Hound Rescue League of MD/DC/VA;
Home Info Adoptions Spay/Neuter Clinic ... Breed-Specific Rescues in the Area
PGSPCA Recommended Links
Training Tips Puppy Care Spay/Neuter Info Electric Fences Animal Medical Care
  • Kennel Cough FAQ
  • Many rescue dogs exhibit symptoms of kennel cough. Click on this link to find out more.

Washington animal Rescue League. breedspecific Rescues in the Area. Beagle Rescue,Education and welfare of Northern Virginia (BREW). Border Collie Rescue.
Shows Training PGAC Ordinance Find Lost Pet ... Cruelty Area Rescue Groups All Breed Rescue Groups in the area
Area Animal Shelters
Breed-Specific Rescues in the Area
Cat Specific Rescue Groups
Other Rescue Organizations
All Breed Rescue Groups in the area Animal Rescue Inc.
Friends of Homeless Animals of Northern VA

Lucky Ones SPCA, Charlotte Hall, MD

Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW)
... St. Mary's Animal Welfare League
Area Animal Shelters Animal Welfare League of Alexandria
Anne Arundel County SPCA

Caroline County Humane Society, Inc., Ridgely, MD
Fairfax County Animal Shelter ...
Prince Georges' County Animal Shelter
The Shelter for PG county government's Animal Management Division. The Humane Society of Baltimore County The Washington Humane Society Tri-County Animal Shelter - Hughsville, MD Washington Animal Rescue League Breed-Specific Rescues in the Area Akita Rescue American Bull Mastiff Rescue Bassett Hound Rescue League of MD/DC/VA Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland ... West Highland White Terrier Rescue Cat Specific Rescue Groups Alley Animals, Baltimore MD

9. All Breed Rescue Contacts
breed specific Rescue Groups. Rescue Web Sites and. animal Shelters. breed Rescue Contacts / Web Sites / Shelters Chow Chow Club, Inc. welfare Committee Adoption Referral. (Chow

10. Welcome To Ohio Valley Dog Owners
host education booths, offer assistance in fighting breedspecific legislation, doglimits, and anti-dog zoning, and work to improve Ohio's animal welfare laws

11. Project BREED -- For The Love Of Animals!
For general breed specific Legislation information see RottN-Chatter. Washington animal Foundation 2. Encourage local animal rescue and welfare agencies to provide responsible dog
Project BREED For the love of animals! Project BREED (acronym for B reed R escue E fforts and ED ucation) was founded 1987 to facilitate rescue of pets nationwide and advance humane education. beyond the basics of pet care. Project BREED attained 501(c)(3) status 1992 and has coalesced thousands of specialized and independent rescue volunteers with these common goals. Often located hundreds of miles or even across the country from the areas they serve, this new breed of animal rescue volunteer is making a big difference for homeless pets bationwide. Project BREED attributes this success to both the steadfast and selfless efforts of volunteers around the country and the insight of those who tap into this invaluable volunteer network As an adjunct to traditional animal welfare activities, Project BREED works in partnership with general animal care interests and breed fanciers at local levels in every state toward the common goal of reducing euthanasia of homeless animals. Lucky for many pets who have fallen on hard times

12. Purpose
Rescuer List for mixed breed and breed specific animals of all species. Educatingthe public about the critical difference between animal welfare and animal
Alliance Of Responsible Pet Owners Of Northeast Florida
It has became apparent to us that there is a dire need for a new proactive organization to analyze area animal related problems and develop programs to prevent or solve them instead of only accepting unwanted animals in shelters.
We have organized as an all volunteer organization calling ourselves the
Alliance of Responsible Pet Owners Of Northeast Florida.(ARPONEF)
Our mission is to be the leading provider of information and assistance concerning animal welfare and related public health issues, taking whatever steps necessary to preserve our historic relationship with animals.
Our purpose is to make a lasting contribution to the quality of life for animals and people with respect to animals being a public health and safety issue.
Animal bites, rabies, and other zoonotic diseases threaten the safety of everyone when animals aren't properly maintained and enclosed.
Our membership is comprised of many concerned pet owners, pet clubs, pet fanciers, pet rescuers, veterinarians, pet groomers and boarding kennels, dog behaviorists and trainers and others in the pet industry who offer our animal expertise to the community as a public service.
We will strive to change the "attitudes" of pet owners - addressing animal problems with a positive message, education, and assistance. Responsibly caring for animals involves educating their owners and instilling realistic expectations of companion animal behavior and of the commitments involved in pet ownership.

13. Breed Specific Legislation
select a link Tail docking of specific breeds is based upon to address the core issuesrelating to animal welfare. docking.htm
Please select a link: Conference Summary Breed Standards Breeds (by group) Committees National Registration Statistics National Events Code of Ethics Policy Statements Judges List Regulations Visiting Overseas Judges Press Releases Hall of Fame Contact Details
The Australian National Kennel Council [ANKC] totally opposes any move to ban the tail docking of some breeds of purebred dogs. Opponents of tail docking now claim that it is performed for cosmetic reasons because their previous claims such as 'cruelty' cannot be substantiated and fail in logic. The ANKC rejects the claim that tail docking is carried out for cosmetic reasons. Tail docking is a long established animal management practice based upon injury prevention and health enhancement. In the United Kingdom 64 practising and experienced veterinarians have publicly opposed any move to ban tail docking and a further 37 have committed to the opposition. They have done so due to their belief that docking does serve a useful purpose, that their experience has shown docked puppies experience no adverse effects, and that the opposition to docking is not based on science and considered reason.

14. FCHS Links To WWW Resources
animal welfare Institute (AWI) American Humane Association Missing and Found animalPage There rec.pets.dogs.breeds - breed specific breed traits, finding

National Humane Organizations
Cool Sites
Breed FAQs ...
Anne Arundel County SPCA

Arlington Animal Shelter
Baltimore Humane Society
Baltimore City Animal Control
Carroll County Humane Society

Charles County Humane Society

Fairfax County Animal Shelter Frederick County Animal Control Agency
Montgomery County Humane Society Montgomery County SPCA Prince George's County Animal Shelter Prince George's County SPCA Talbot County Humane Society Washington Humane Society (DC) Washington County SPCA Adopt-a-Pet [VA] Animal Rescue/Adoptable Pets (Maryland/DC) Page Washington, DC Metropolitan Area Dog Adoptions Basset Hound Rescue League of Maryland, Virginia and DC. Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center of Maryland Greyhound Rescue, Inc.

15. Cats On The Web
breedspecific Sites. offers a history of the breed along with characteristics, genetics,colors site to learn about NPA, a variety of animal welfare issues and


Current Issue

Click here

for CATS USA 2003
Links to Cat Sites Advertiser Links
  • Selected as link of the week Breed Specific Sites Abyssinian American Curl Bengal Find a brief history of the Bengal and check out the Bengal Parade. Birman Find the answers to such frequently asked questions about Birman cats as "Is this breed for me?", "What do I look for in a Birman?", "What is the difference between Birmans and other breeds?", "Are there any special medical concerns?", and "What is the history of the breed?". Official CFA Maine Coon Breed Council site Oriental Longhair Persian Ragdoll ...
  • Russian Blue Filled with pictures of these beautiful cats, the site offers information about Russian Blues including size, appearance, personality, temperament, history, health and showing. See the Hall of Fame to check out featured Russian Blue sites.
  • Russian Blue View pictures of CFA Russian Blues, learn about this breed and visit other Russian Blue links. Traditional Siamese Designed to provide Traditional Siamese Breed facts, the site describes characteristics and temperament, history, genetics, care and training and answers frequently asked questions. Turkish Van The Turkish Van Site is dedicated to providing information on the unique and lovely Turkish Van cats. You’ll find the history, characteristics, colors, pattern and eye color, care and feeding, health considerations, breed statistics, show information, and "Fun Stuff" including "Send a Turkish Van Post Card to a Friend" and Van "Folk" art.
  • 16. Links To Other Animal Sites
    breed specific Pages; Cat Fanciers of America; Kitten Rescue OnLine. Chicago -animal welfare League; Chicago - Commission on animal Care and Control; Chicago
    Links to other animal pages
    Humane Education Committee - Champaign County Humane Society Dogs and Puppies Cats and Kittens General Medical Human-Animal Bond Wildlife Horses Rabbits and Pocket Pets For Kids Illinois Shelters General Topics
  • Anna - PAWS - Pets are Worth Saving
  • Bloomingdale - Pet rescue
  • Bloomington - McLean County Humane Society
  • Chicago - Animal Adoption Associates ...
  • Woodstock - Hooved Animal Humane Society
  • 17. OKclubs
    And be sure to check with the various breedspecific clubs/organizations Dog Clubs,All breed Kennel Clubs, breed Specialty Clubs Volunteers For animal welfare. The OKLAHOMA ANIMAL
    focal point
    for locating specific rescue organizations.
    American Kennel Club has complete listings of all AKC-affiliated Breeders in the United States. While at AKC's site, we encourage you to spend time reading through the Breed information pages to research just the right breed for you and your lifestyle. And be sure to check with the various breed-specific clubs/organizations for additional information. Edmond Dog Training School - Jim Bowles, Owner/Instructor. Phone 405-478-3799.
    Try - A Directory of Oklahoma Dog Clubs, All Breed Kennel Clubs, Breed Specialty Clubs, Obedience Clubs, and Specialized Training Clubs.
    Bichon Frise Group of Oklahoma - If you're a pure bred Bichon Frise fancier, breeder, or groomer, this is the place for you. Click onto
    BFGofOK's homepage
    to see all of the informative and educational pages available.
    Central Oklahoma Golden Retriever Club.

    Second Chance Animal Sancuary.

    Volunteers For Animal Welfare.

    Pets and People.
    Jack Onofrio Dog Shows
    Oklahoma Pet Gazette Oklahoma Pet Gazette

    18. Delaware Considers 'Dangerous' Breeds
    breedspecific legislation is opposed by the AKC, the American Veterinary Medical InterestAlliance, and a host of national animal welfare organizations that
    Your browser does not support script SEARCH AKC Home document.write (''); document.write ('');
    JUNE 20TH UPDATE: A hearing on this issue has been scheduled for June 25th at 1:00pm at Legislative Hall in Dover. Dog fanciers should attend. JUNE 19TH UPDATE: Rep. Terry Spence, Speaker of the House and sponsor of HB571, announced late yesterday that he will amend the bill to remove all breed-specific references. He will introduce today an amended version that does not include the blanket label of dangerous for pit bulls, Rottweilers, wolf-hybrids, and other breeds. The Speaker would like to see the bill come to a House vote Thursday (tomorrow, June 20th) or next week.
    In addition, Speaker Spence plans to introduce a resolution that will create a study group on the issue of dangerous dogs in Delaware. The study group will hold public hearings. Delaware dog club members have already expressed interest in participating in that study group.
    The AKC and Delaware dog clubs will continue to closely monitor this issue. Interested dog owners in this state should remain vigilant to insure that effective, enforceable dangerous dog legislation is approved that will not unfairly penalize owners of certain breeds. AKC thanks Delaware dog owners for their quick attention to this issue!
    June 17, 2002

    19. AKC News
    National animal Interest Alliance, and othersoppose breed-specific legislationbecause they know it simply doesn't work. No animal welfare group supports

    20. The Voice For ~~Legislative Department~ LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Followi
    Support Rescue and this site with Book Orders. The animal welfare Act of 1966.LEG UPDATE LA breed specific Threat May 2, 2000 (Last update 4/26/00).
    Every day is one that is gone forever. Make sure you do something for someone else, especially those who cannot do for themselves. ~~unknown CTRL-D To Bookmark! Support Rescue and this site with Book Orders The Animal Welfare Act of 1966 LEG UPDATE: LA Breed Specific Threat
    May 2, 2000 (Last update 4/26/00) LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Following the Los Angeles City Council's passage in March of the ordinance to increase the costs for the unaltered dog license and breeder permit to $100, other related issues have appeared on Council agendas and the Animal Regulation Commission remains a window on animal control activity and sentiment. Reports on the April 24 Commission meeting were published online and are cause for further concern. The meeting, held at the Madrid Theater in Canoga Park, was part of the Commission's outreach plan, which sets one meeting each quarter in one of the six areas serviced by the department and was attended by approximately 50 Valley residents and at least a half-dozen department employees. ValleyPet reports Department of Animal Regulation General Manager Dan Knapp's new stated policy to increase euthanasia of dogs from South Central and North Central Shelters and move a temporary mobile shelter from East Valley to South Central to create additional holding space at South Central to minimize danger to employees and dogs from dog fights resulting from crowded conditions. As we have written before, Californians have enjoyed a decade of freedom from the breed specific laws as a result of the courageous efforts of our board member, Judith A. Brecka and others in successful trial court litigation that provided the leverage to achieve in the state dangerous dog law and a prohibition on any breed specific programs in the state. This provision is now contained in California Food And Agricultural Code Section 31683. "Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prevent a city or county from adopting or enforcing its own program for the control of potentially dangerous or vicious dogs that may incorporate all, part, or none of this chapter, or that may punish a violation of this chapter as a misdemeanor or may impose a more restrictive program to control potentially dangerous or vicious dogs, provided that no program shall regulate these dogs in a manner that is specific as to breed."

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