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         Animal Welfare Breed Specific:     more detail

21. FCHS Links To WWW Resources
Allegany County animal welfare Society, 301724-0446. National Missing and Foundanimal Page - There pets.dogs.breeds - breed specific breed traits, finding

Local Vets
Atlantic Vet Ctr of Middletown Elk Neck Veterinary Clinic Middletown Animal Hospital ( WEB PAGE More to come!
Alexandria Animal Shelter
Allegany County Animal Welfare Society Anne Arundel County SPCA Baltimore City Animal Control Baltimore Humane Society Carroll County Humane Society Cecil County SPCA Charles County Humane Society Frederick County Humane Society Harford County Animal Control Humane Society of Kent County, Md Montgomery County SPCA Prince George's County Animal Shelter Prince George's County SPCA Talbot County Humane Society Wimico Co. Human Society Adopt-a-Pet [VA]
Animal Rescue/Adoptable Pets (Maryland/DC) Page

Washington, DC Metropolitan Area Dog Adoptions

Basset Hound Rescue League
of Maryland, Virginia and DC.
Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center
of Maryland
Delaware SPCA 302-998-2281
Delaware Valley Doberman Pinscher Associates, Inc

Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue
ESAA English Setter Rescue German Shepherd Rescue ... Greyhound Rescue, Inc. of Elkridge, Maryland Kent County Delaware SPCA 302-734-7029 Labrador Retriever Club of Potomac, Inc Rescue

22. Animal Welfare Information Sites
animal welfare See Also California's Directory of animal Rescue Groups and Shelters Links to animal shelters, humane societies, and breed-specific rescue Search
(Not sure of spelling? Use first letters and * such as abc* or abcd* or abcde*) Match:.. All Any
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Search Words: Top Regional North America United States ... Society and Culture : Animal Welfare

See Also:

23. Breed Specific Legislation Links
breed specific laws. SAMPLE BSL LETTERS Form letters you and your friends can download,sign and send to your legislators. animal RIGHTS OR animal welfare -
BSL discriminates against dogs based on their breed
rather than individual owners and their dogs that are involved in dog bite incidents

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) only serves to penalize responsible owners and innocent dogs.
At the same time, it does nothing to protect the public from the truly dangerous or vicious dog of any breed.
It does nothing to effect the actions of irresponsible dog owners and breeders.
American Pit Bull Terriers are the highest on the future "distinct" list of dog breeds and are already banned in many cities.
If you own a APBT or plan to own one in the future, it is your obligation to look into BSL in your city/state NOW
HELP STOP B.S.L. Please do your part in stopping B.S.L. in your community and state. Don't let the government dictate how a breed of dog should live, if it's allowed to live at all. Educate yourself on what you and your friends can do to help in the fight. Please read all that you can and be prepared. Don't ever be so bold to think BSL could never effect your town or state, OR your lives. Below are links to various information on B.S.L. and where you can find help fighting this unfair battle.

24. AVMA Public Information- Press Releases
for outstanding contributions to veterinary medicine and animal welfare at AVMA's AVMAproposes alternatives to breedspecific dangerous dog legislation (31
AVMA Press Releases -Media Information-
Dog Bite Prevention Campaign Media Kit

Media information can be obtained on the topics listed by contacting AVMA Communications Division at:
ext. 6619
AVMA Audio Archives

25. Pet Pitbull - Positive Press
of making the microchipping and registration breedspecific, however, the alreadyon the books, regardless of breed. with the Partnership for animal welfare Inc
Man makes dogs bite By Robin Tierney
Originally published Jan 31 2001 With an eye on irresponsible and abusive dog owners, Del. Kenneth Montague Jr. of Baltimore City will introduce a bill in the General Assembly to increase penalties for intentional animal abuse, acknowledging the demonstrated link between animal abuse and human violence. Companion legislation will be introduced by Sen. Philip Jimeno of Anne Arundel County. AS SOME PIT BULLS make local headlines, others quietly serve as family pets, therapy dogs, search-and-rescue partners even teachers.
Petunia For example, Petunia visits area classrooms with the Greenbelt-based Partnership for Animal Welfare's Responsible Pet Owner (RPO) program. "Petunia waited while 40 children petted her," said Towson parent Karen Sindall. "I've never seen a more warm, loving and patient dog." Yet Petunia is a pit bull, a name applied to several breeds originally bred for strength, agility, dog-fighting and worth noting absence of aggression toward humans, because handlers had to work closely with the dogs. Today, bull breeds score high on temperament tests, and the majority are family pets.

26. Alice's Virtual Restaurant - Paws To Care
animal welfare Resource Site of Ireland includes petfriendly holiday Canine RescueOrganizations compact breed-specific list from Environment Web Directory.

Family Friendly
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Virtual Restaurant Home

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Sheba, my owner, invites you to meet some of her pals . . .
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"find" function can also help you locate what you need.

Companion Animal Welfare/Rescue Groups
Pets/Pet Care Wild Animals/Conservation Zoos/Zoological Gardens
Companion Animal Welfare/Rescue Groups
(to Category List) Actors and Others for Animals [devoted to inspiring compassion for all living creatures] Animal Welfare Resource Site of Ireland [includes pet-friendly holiday accommodations Ark Trust [their mission statement says it all: "cruelty can't stand the spotlight" ASPCA [of course you know them; but, have you seen their pet care section?] Bide-A-Wee [one of America's first humane shelters, founded in 1903; no-kill! Canine Rescue Organizations [compact breed-specific list from Environment Web Directory FidoNYC [helping New York City shelters find loving homes for adoptable animals; cool site!

27. Horse And Companion Animal Welfare
list of links to companion animal welfare and charity of community SPCAs, humane societiesand animal control organizations Also breed specific rescue resources
Compassionate Children of The Pound, James Ward c. 1790
Links to Horse and Companion Animal Charities
This is a list of links to some equine and companion animal charities and welfare associations on the internet. We encourage you always to support legitimate organizations and groups who selflessly work for the care of discarded and forgotten horses, cats and dogs. Please take the time to visit some of these sites, and contribute much needed funds, and possibly a new loving home for human society's "throwaways."
Although we've made an effort to include some of the many organizations that are effective and legitimate, we can't guarantee it; before donating, please assure yourself regarding the status of any organization to which you intend to contribute funds. Some sites offer secure on-line donation options; many offer phone numbers and addresses of animal rescue groups and shelters near you all you need to do is drop a check in the mail.
World Animal Net
Huge searchable database of animal protections societies, world-wide, including links; organized by world regions.
Hugs for Homeless Animals
World-wide shelter directory, world-wide lost and found outreach. On-line donations.

28. Related Links
Dogwatch your source for information on breed specific Legislation (BSL means to promotethe general welfare of dogs to protect the rights of animal owners and links

29. Leopardhaven Cattery - Animal Rights Vs. Animal Welfare
Transfer enforcement of animal welfare legislation away from the and best known ofanimal Rights groups PeTA supports breedspecific bans, and the trapping and
In 1975, the book, Animal Liberation , written by Australian philosopher Peter Singer, was published, and the modern Animal Rights Movement was launched. It is important for all dog and cat lovers - whether breeder, exhibitor, or pet owner - to understand the difference between “Animal Rights” and the more traditional “Animal Welfare.” Animal Welfare is the concept that humans have the obligation to ensure that the animals in our society, whether pets, livestock, research subjects or wildlife, are treated humanely and appropriately in our interactions with them. Animal Rights is the concept that non-human animals have the right, by virtue of their existence, to not be used by humans for any purpose at all - neither food, clothing, entertainment nor research. In 1987, the following agenda was formulated by Animal Rights Activists for inclusion in the US Greens party platform, and may be considered the framework of the Animals Rights Movement. Pay particular attention to #10. This is a summarized version; a more complete version can be found in The Hijacking of the Humane Movement (see Recommended Reading at end of essay)
  • Abolish by law all animal research
  • Abolish by law the use of animals for cosmetic and product testing, and classroom demonstration.
  • 30. Professor Hunt's Rescue/Shelter Page
    rescue, or animal welfare (see definition above), or spay/neuter. They are allanimal(or, if dog-related, all-breed). A few breed-specific rescue rings also
    HOME Sitemap General Links Health and Nutrition ... Service and Therapy Dogs Rescue, Shelters, and Animal Welfare
    Harley, a shelter "graduate" . . from Professor Hunt's Dog Page For subpages, use the navigation bar above.
    On this page:
    Five Rescued Dogs
    Animal Welfare Sites (general) A Note on Animal Welfare versus Animal "Rights" Spay/neuter Sites ... More Shelter Links Five Rescues Harley, pictured above, came out of a local shelter on his last daydue to be euthanized at closing time. It took three baths to reveal the beautiful Australian Shepherd underneath coats of reddish mud and dust. After several weeks with us in foster care, a longer period with a great Aussie Rescue foster family, and a brief inappropriate placement, Harley went to his "forever" home with someone who appreciates him as he deserves. Who could possibly not appreciate a dog like this? Yes, all three of the pictures below also show rescued dogsone from a shelter, two from breed rescue. Right: Kohl, who arrived with severe demodectic mange and bad hips, belonged to a student who couldn't cope with his terrible health problems. As a responsible owner who wanted the best for the dog, he listed Kohl with German Shepherd Rescue. The picture you see here was taken nearly eight years later. Today Kohl is going strong at nearly ten years of age. At left (click for larger picture): Kirsten, who was found tied to a shelter fence, and weighing only 43 pounds, regained excellent health. She lived several more happy years despite a chronic condition, Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency.

    31. Professor Hunt's Dog Page
    List of links reviewed by the author accompanied by regularly updated editorials on dog issues.Category Recreation Pets Dogs...... in Germany, many states and municipalities are considering breedspecific laws in thereare special interest rings having to do, mostly, with animal welfare.

    General Links Health and Nutrition Dog Breeds ... Breed Rescue, Shelters, and Welfare Issues
    Professor Hunt's Dog Page
    For subpages, use the navigation bar. On this page:
    Site of the Week
    This Month's Message
    Adoptable Dog of the Week/Month

    ... Ratings
    You are visitor number
    Dog Site of the Week

    For late August through September 2002, the Sites of the Week will feature sites that deliver good information about competitive obedience.
    August 21-27: Cheryl May's Dog Obedience Training Page , with many links to other obedience pages August 28-September 15: The Dog Training Club , an informative site from British trainer Bill Gowans. Note: sites are moved into regular categories at the end of each theme period. Message of the Month September Message 2002 Coming soon! Coming soon to this spacean account of "positive," "balanced," and "traditional" methods (with some opinions). Meanwhile, you can check out previous messages here Professor Hunt's Adoptable Dog of the Month (September 2002) BJ, the beautiful German Shepherd shown at right, is typical of the outstanding dogs available through the German Shephed Dog Club of Charleston. (B. J. is now in his permanent home and is not longer looking for a family to adopt himbut others are still waiting! We left his picture up while waiting for new photos.) Please e-mail me if you are interested in adopting a German Shepherdthe German Shepherd Dog Club of Charleston has wonderful dogs available and works with many "rescue" owners.

    32. German Welfare Laws Page
    Basic German animal welfare Laws in German These lay down general principles whichhopefully few would disagree with. They contain no breedspecific regulations
    The Feline Welfare Laws Page
    The authors of these references and links are responsible for the accuracy of the information and opinions expressed and Feline Welfare does not validate any of these. Care should be taken when reading internet links which do not have the backing of an established authority or which have not been subjected to peer review, but these links may still provide valuable background information and opinions.
    The German Welfare Laws
    Why should German Welfare laws interest anyone outside Germany? First and foremost, any welfare laws and rules should be of immediate interest to anyone involved in pet breeding and pet keeping. There is some controversy over the proposals published by the German Ministry for Consumer Protection (BMVEL) in Bonn in October 2000. In a booklet, a number of problem breeds and varieties were identified. In 1995, a Multilateral Consultation took place to discuss the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals and a resolution was published which included extensive guidelines for the revision of breeding policies. These guidelines form the basis for the proposed German breeding regulations.

    33. What Is ADOA?
    dangerous situation for these puppies and dogs and the animal welfare Act, prior ADOAhas been actively fighting breedspecific VICIOUS DOG LEGISLATION in and
    ADOA was the first national organization of dog owners and fanciers working together to protect our dogs and our rights. ADOA stands for the American Dog Owners Association, Inc., which was incorporated in November, 1970, in Detroit, Michigan by Duncan Wright and eighty-five individuals who wanted to stop dog fighting in their area. ADOA is a NON-PROFIT organization - it's only sources of income are Dues and Donations. It's expenses are many and varied with the administration of the Canine Defense Fund consuming a large portion of ADOA's income. ADOA's office and its President are headquartered just outside of Albany, New York, with five (5) Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, twenty-five (25) Directors, five (5) Club Directors, four(4) Executive Committee Members and Counsel geographically located throughout the United States. All are volunteer!. (The only paid employees are an Executive Director, an Administrative Assistant and a part-time Financial Manager.) Any ADOA member who has a problem has someone in their area to contact for help. "The American Dog Owners Association preserves the special relationship between dogs and mankind by protecting and defending the rights of responsible dog ownership; opposing detrimental and supporting appropriate regulation for dog owners; educating the public; and promoting standards for safe and civilized treatment of dogs."

    34. Internet Cat Club
    An online CFA club with links to hundreds of feline health related sites, and a show planning guide.Category Recreation Pets Cats Clubs Online Cat Clubs...... breed specific mailing lists; Suggestions for the successful production of a CFAcat show. Our club has a strong animal welfare stance, and we invite you to read
    What's New Comments
    Membership Info
    ICC Members ... Code of Ethics
    The Internet Cat Club has been a member club of The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc (CFA) since October, 1995. The members of the club combine two of their passions in life - pedigreed cats and computers - and take advantage of modern technology to communicate quickly through utilization of a private mailing list. Our members come from all over the United States and Canada, though we expect future members may join from abroad as well. A strong public service orientation determines much of the club's active functions. The Internet Cat Club has as one of its objectives the facilitation of the networking of fanciers and in keeping with these objectives, the Internet Cat Club makes available links to: We share our wealth of experience in the cat fancy through articles related to the breeding of pedigreed cats. As well, we include a compendium of hundreds of informative

    35. American Dog Trainers Network -- Links

    36. American Dog Trainers Network -- Your Dog Training & Behavior Resource Ctr
    Award-winning resource for owners, trainers, the public, and the media. Articles, training information, Category Recreation Pets Dogs Training...... Education * Socialization * breed Rescue Clubs * Schools Responsible Dog Ownership* Fighting breedspecific Legislation animal welfare * Rescue * Humane
    Please visit our new mirror site
    "Promoting humane education,
    responsible pet care,
    and positive motivational dog training"
    A comprehensive resource center
    PROFILE HELPLINE LINKS ARTICLES DIRECTORY Lost Dogs * Referrals * Tips Dog Training * Animal Behavior Books Articles Seminars Resources ... Pet-Assisted Therapy Humane Education * Socialization Breed Rescue Clubs * Schools Responsible Dog Ownership * Fighting Breed-Specific Legislation Animal Welfare * Rescue * Humane Societies * Adoption Services Spaying and Neutering Info * Animal Shelters * Professionals * Organizations Associations * Pet Care Services Obedience Instructors * Behaviorists * Veterinarians * Hospitals Dog Trainers * Schutzhund * Search and Rescue * Private Trainers Group Obediences Classes * Transportation * Boarding Facilities * Doggie Daycares Pet Supplies Catalogs Dog Book Suppliers Games ... Pet Insurance * Laws * Lawyers Legislation * Health * Schools Doggie Fun * Exercise * Constructive Outlets Dog Run Listings Dog Parks * Play Groups * Exercise Tips Puppies Breeders Agility Training Clubs * Breed Rescue Clubs Careers With Dogs Pet Photography Dog Art * Dog Museums * Libraries * Nutrition Advice Canine Good Citizen Dog Training * Conferences * Pet Networks Dog Magazines * Newsletters * Dog Writers Great Pet Web Sites
    There have been visitors at this site.

    37. Canine On-Line Useful Links breed-specific LegislationHomepage. http// Anti-breeder
    These links point to sites with different navigation than the pages you are leaving. To return to this page, you may need to use your browser's 'Back' button.
    General Interest
    Health ...
    The Linkcentre Search Engine !

    38. Linkz
    Submit a site Australian breedspecific Links breed Information of the purrrfect companioncan search by breed, colour, location NSW. animal welfare League (NSW
    Submit a site Australian Breed-Specific Links Breed Information Cat Rescue/Adoption Sites Australia-wide Australian Pet Link Classifieds for cats, kittens and various other animals CatMatch Australian Cat Classifieds site. Seekers of the purrrfect companion can search by breed, colour, location and lots more. Cats of Australia This is a great site. Lots of informative links, cat e-cards, an information-sharing forum (Cat Chat) and a For Sale/Wanted page... Cats R Us This site is pretty kewl. Lots of stuff to explore, and an 'Adoptions' page for people wanting to buy or sell a cat. NSW Animal Welfare League (NSW) I'm not sure how up-to-date this site tends to be, but it contains listings of cats and dogs at the shelter. Animal Rights and Rescue Group Features brief cameos of cats and dogs available for adoption. Hastur Cats (Australian Mists) - Older Cats Available Terry's site is well worth exploring - lots of information to be found. The Older Cats page includes advantages to adopting an adult cat, plus Australian Mists and other cats currently looking for homes. PAWS Burwood Pound Burwood Pound is a no-kill shelter. The site shows up-to-date info on animals looking for adoption.

    39. Ayla's Favorite Veterinary Links, Etc.
    Cat Fanciers animal welfare Feline Rescue, and Shelters breed specific rescueprojects, population and legislative issues and trap, alter and release
      Animal Welfare Links
      Please Note: I am NOT an advocate for Animal Rights. I think that those that use the term "activist" take things too far. I do, however, believe in Animal Welfare. Some of the links I have included on this page link to other sites. I do not want to exclude these pages for having animal rights links as they have other great links as well. Know that I am not trying to promote these animal rights activists.
      The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This page has a lot of educational information on the humane treatment of animals and other organizations that contribute to the same. Memberships, events, services and adoptions are available here.
    Animal Welfare Council
      They provide an excellent article on the differences between animal welfare vs animal rights. Also includes their history, purpose and priorites. Becoming a member, news and more.
    The Feral Cat Coalition
      A great site that describes in detail the many ways of dealing with feral cats in San Diego, CA. Why not use some of the information to help deal with feral cats in your own community. Good work San Diego!
    The Cat House - Feline Conservation Center
      The Feline Conservation Center is part of a worldwide network of zoos and facilities dedicated to the preservation of endangered cats. A non-profit organization.

    40. AdviceHQ - Animal Welfare
    information to anyone who wishes to adopt an animal in need United States Dog WelfareLinks. A directory of dog breedspecific Rescues around the World Wide Web
    A ll the problems that beset us as human beings should not cause us to forget that the other creatures with which we share our planet can suffer too, being prey to sickness, hardship, abandonment and cruelty. This section is designed with a view to providing some of the many Internet resources that are devoted to the welfare of the beings which have served us, since our beginnings, with companionship, pleasure, aid or by just being in the world with us. Our apologies to any non-human who is offended by the exclusion of references to his/her species or condition. The situation will be remedied as soon as possible by the immediate inclusion of any relevant material of quality, should you draw our attention to such. Cats Cats' Aid. Cats' Aid is a non-profit organisation made up of volunteers who give of their time for cats. The objectives of Cats' Aid is to rescue, rehabilitate and find good homes for unwanted cats on the explicit understanding that no health-recoverable cat taken in by Cats' Aid will be destroyed. The establishment of a permanent shelter/sanctuary for cats. The education of the general public in the care of cats with particular emphasis on the importance of spaying and neutering.

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