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41. ::Dog Gifts, Breed Specific Art, Statues, Jewelry & More By The Canine Loft::
and Medicine Publications Rescue specific breeds Training Information on breedsDog breed Information Center shelter, sanctuary and animal welfare org.
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Email Address: 4523 30th St. West #E506, Bradenton, FL 34207 Breed Specific Products Select your Breed Affenpinscher Afghan Hound Airedale Terrier Akita Alaskan Malamute Amer. Cocker Spaniel American Bulldog American Foxhound American Pit Bull American Staffordshire Australian Cattledog Australian Shepherd Australian Silky Australian Terrier Basenji Basset Hound Beagle Bearded Collie Bedlington Terrier Belgian Groenendael Belgian Laekenois Belgian Malinois Belgian Sheepdog Belgian Tervuren Bernese Mountain Dog Bichon Frise Black and Tan Coonhound Bloodhound Border Collie Border Terrier Borzoi Boston Terrier Bouvier des Flandres Boxer Briard Brittany Broholmer Brussels Griffon Bulldog Bulldog American Bulldog French Bullmastiff Bull Terrier Cairn Terrier Canadian Eskimo Dog Cano Corso Cardigan Welsh Corgi Cavalier King Charles Chesapeake Bay Retriever Chihuahua Chinese Crested Chinese Shar Pei Chow Chow Clothing And Accessories Clumber Spaniel Cocker Spaniel Cocker Spaniel English Collie Coonhound Corgi Coton de Tulear Curly Coated Retriever Dachsbracke Dachshund Dalmatian Dandie Dinmont Terrier Danish/Swedish Farm Dog Danish Pointer Doberman Pinscher Dogo Argentino Dogue de Bordeaux Dutch Shephard Dog English Bulldog English Cocker Spaniel English Pointer English Setter English Springer Spaniel English Toy Spaniel Field Spaniel Finnish Lapphund Finnish Spitz Flat Coated Retriever Fox Terrier Smooth Fox Terrier Wire French Bulldog German Hunting Terrier German Longhair Pointer German Shepherd German Shorthair Pointer German Spitz German Wirehair Pointer

42. BSL - New Zealand
BSL No breed specific Legislation currently in force BUT possibly pending. See thefollowing legislations Dog Control Act 1996 animal welfare Act 1999 animal
Country: NEW ZEALAND BSL: No Breed Specific Legislation currently in force.
See the following legislations:
Dog Control Act 1996

Animal Welfare Act 1999

Animal Welfare Amendment Act 2000

MAF - Guide To The Animal Welfare Act 1999
New Zealand Government
Web Site Anti-BSL/BSL Information:
If you have any New Zealand BSL articles you would like to submit please email Andrina Morton Media Links:
Evening Post
The New Zealand Herald Press On-line x ... tra Internet News/Web Media Good Foot, The Stuff Kennel Club: New Zealand Kennel Club CIA World Factbook 2000 listing: Rescue/Re-home Links: Click here for world-wide Breed Specific Rescue links. Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Back to main BSL page Mall Home Page Mall Directory ... The Stafford Exchange Editors: Andrina Morton Steve Stone - URL: Stoutheart Staffordshire Bull Terriers - ® All rights reserved Webmaster Terry G. Stewart

43. Stafford Exchange - BSL By Robert Simon.
from issues raised during breakout sessions of the 1996 AVMA animal welfare Forumon is the view of the Task Force on the subject of breed specific Legislation
Breed Specific Legislation by Robert Simon
Breed Specific Legislation
Robert Simon, an American living in Holland and a Stafford owner, wrote the following letter to the Editor of the Calgary Herald (Canada) after the publication of a singularly biased article written by Naomi Lakritz:
Dear Mr. Cotton,
I recently readand was much dismayedby an article on the subject of "pitbulls" by Naomi Lakritz in the Calgary Herald . As a dog owner (originally from the US and living for some years in the Netherlands), I find very worrisome any call anywhere for Breed Specific Legislation, and as the owner of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, which is often placed under the "pitbull" rubric, these worries become quite personal.
I am as well a writer and a historian, and I find it disturbing that Ms. Lakritz apparently did little research in producing what must be characterized as an inflammatory and having been publishing art and culture criticism for nearly 15 years a good part of my own writing is necessarily the expression of a very personal point-of-view.
But I firmly believe that when someone writes something that can have real effects in the world, rouse strong sentiments, andin this caseaims to bring about legislation

44. Rescue And Adoption Links
House animal Foundation Chicagoarea Shelters Pets in Need animal welfare League. animalShelter, Pet Adoption No-Kill animal Shelters Pet breed-specific Groups.
Rescue and Adoption links

45. Animal Welfare Committee Of Members Of Parliament At Westminster
the Kennel Club and several other major UK animal welfare organisations such thepast 6 months and explained why we objected to breed specific legislation in
Spring 2000 magazine
Table of contents

Animal Welfare Committee of Members of Parliament at Westminster From: " David Levy
To: Helen Park
Subject: Parliamentary Animal Welfare Committee
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 21:32:03 -0000 X-Priority: 3
Status: At the invitation of The Kennel Club I attended a meeting of the all-party Animal Welfare Committee of Members of Parliament at Westminster this evening. The RSPCA, the secretariat for the committee, had suggested the subject for the MPs to consider - "Dangerous Dogs Act in Germany" before the Summer recess and recommended that the KC be asked to provide the briefing. I assume that a formal set of minutes will be published in due course but, as usual, I thought people would want to know about the meeting. Caroline Kisco and Phil Buckley represented the Kennel Club and several other major UK animal welfare organisations such as the British Veterinary Association, RSPCA and NCDL were represented in the visitors area. Caroline made the initial introduction to the events of the past 6 months and explained why we objected to Breed specific legislation in general - including the UK's current laws! I was then asked to explain why the actions in Germany are concerning UK dog owners.

46. NAIA Trust Position On Pets And Pet Ownership
Position on pets and pet ownership including welfare and legislative issues. Statements regarding Category Recreation Pets Issues...... The NAIA Trust supports reasonable animal welfare laws and animal control ordinances TheNAIA Trust opposes arbitrary limit laws, breedspecific bans or
To Search this site click below NAIA TRUST for the protection of animals, animal owners and animal enterprises.... GET INVOLVED! Let us know about animal legislation in your area! Pets Agriculture Performance Wildlife Research ... EXOTICS The NAIA Trust supports responsible pet ownership. The psychological and medical value of close contact with animals has been well established, so in an age when few people work directly with animals or have the opportunity to enjoy nature, the importance of having pets in our lives is greater than ever. Pet ownership requires effort and commitment, both to the pets and to the society into which we bring them. Responsible pet owners learn about each pet's specific behavioral needs, budget their time and resources for proper pet care and training, and make sure their pets are not neighborhood nuisances.

47. Good News For Pets > News Releases
he worked with legislators and animal experts to write nonspecific breed legislation. Achampion of animal welfare, Mr. Dale focuses on humane, accurate and
AVMA Honors Syndicated Columnist and Radio Host, Steve Dale, With Top Humane Award Schaumburg, IL American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) will honor Steve Dale, locally based, but nationally syndicated radio host and newspaper columnist, as the 2002 recipient of the AVMA Humane Award. The AVMA Humane Award is the only AVMA award presented to a non-veterinarian. It recognizes exceptional compassion for animal welfare and humane efforts on behalf of animals. As a syndicated columnist and radio host, Dale touches the lives of millions of pet owners every day. His bi-weekly syndicated column, “My Pet World,” is featured in more than 100 newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune, The Detroit Free Press and The Atlanta Journal and Constitution. “Pet Central,” his weekly radio show is broadcast locally in Chicago and “Animal Planet Radio” and “The Pet News” air across the country. He reaches millions of listeners. His messages are compelling as he tackles tough issues and gets results. Because of Mr. Dale, “pet dumps”-trash chute-type drop off facilities for unwanted pets-were closed in one community. When a Chicago alderman announced plans to introduce legislation with breed-specific language after two dog-bite fatalities, Mr. Dale invited her on his radio program to hear the issues and concerns of pet owners. In addition, he worked with legislators and animal experts to write non-specific breed legislation. The Chicago Animal Control Act is now a legislation model for cities around the country.

48. Untitled Document
The CDB believes that, given the high standards of animal welfare in the UK,British accession to the European Convention is breedspecific legislation.
UK General Election 2001
The UK Prime Minister has called the General Election for June 7 2001. This is a great chance for dog owners to express their views and influence future government policy in the UK.
Candidates from all the political parties will be seeking your vote. They will write to you. They may hold meetings in the area where you live. They or their party representatives may even visit your home. The Council of Docked Breeds is not a party political organisation, nor does it presume to tell you who to vote for, but if the tail docking option is to continue, then we need as many MPs as possible in the House of Commons who understand the benefits of this simple animal husbandry procedure.
  • We must also make it very clear to anti-docking MPs that their position will lose them votes - particularly in marginal rural constituencies. If YOU care about the future of your breed, you must play a part.
We would ask you to bear in mind the following issues when talking or writing to those seeking your vote: European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals This international treaty calls on member states to drastically alter breed standards or to prohibit the breeding of many of our most cherished dogs. To date, the UK has not signed or ratified the Convention and has no legal requirement to do so. In 2000, some animal welfare bodies lobbied for the UK Government to sign and ratify the Convention, and the matter remains under consideration by the Home Office.

49. Underdog Rescue|LINKS
Return to top breedspecific To find the rescue group do great work for a much malignedbreed. oriented common stocks, consistent with animal welfare concerns.





More Rescue Dogs
Spay/Neuter Misc. Cool

More Rescue Dogs
Some other great places to find rescue dogs in central Texas.
Non Breed-Specific

Animal Trustees of Austin
rescue animals. They also have a great low-cost spay/neuter clinic on Cameron Road (near IH 35) in Austin. (512) 450-0111. Austin Humane Society/SPCA is a no-kill shelter. Their phone number is (512) 837-7985. Austin Pets Alive is working hard for the no-kill millenium. They also rescue animals. They really need volunteers to accomplish their no-kill goals. Blue Dog Rescue does a fantastic job providing care, relocation, and adoption of abandoned dogs in the Williamson and Travis county areas. Petfinders is a great website with loads of rescues and shelters listed. They also provide web space to rescue groups FREE!!! Petshelter Network has links to rescue groups and animal shelters all over the world. SARA is a 581-acre animal sanctuary and wildlife refuge located near Seguin, Texas. SARA has over 500 animals (dogs mostly, 100 cats) at any one time. Utopia Rescue Ranch . Nancy and Tony are the proprietors of this amazing place, affiliated with musician and author Kinky Friedman. We LOVE these guys!

50. German Breed Bans Europe Harmonisation Opposed By Kennel Club Representatives Do
policy) and who specialises in animal welfare Legislation, and Scannell said Whilstdog welfare issues are breed specific legislation is not the solution, as

51. Current Legislation
It prevents breed specific vicious dog laws from being enacted at is Ban the deed,not the breed and this the regulations to the federal animal welfare Act.
Legislative Issues Senator Alice Clausing (Senate Bill 130) and Representative David Word (Assembly Bill 232) have recently introduced legislation that will: 1. Prohibit rabies vaccine from being sold or supplied to anyone in the state BUT a licensed veterinarian. 2. Require the owner of a dog to have the dog vaccinated BY A VETERINARIAN after the dog reaches 3 months of age and before the dog reaches 5 months of age, and revaccinated within one year after the initial vaccination. The DFOW encourages all animal owners to properly vaccinate their animals against rabies. The DFOW has provided Sen. Clausing (608-266-7745) and Rep. Ward (608-266-3790) with much information and documentation to encourage them to include cats in rabies control legislation. Senator Clausing held a public hearing on the question on April 2, and was duly informed about the rabies threat that unvaccinated cat populations in other states have posed. Recent reports of rabies outbreaks include a 6 month old calf in Alabama and wild animals In Iowa. Vaccinating the feral cat population of Wisconsin is a daunting task, but certainly one that needs to be addressed if we are truly interested in having a good rabies control program in the state. Presently, Rep. Ward intends to schedule a public hearing in early May on his version of Assembly Bill 232.

52. Bomis: The Organizations/Animal Welfare/Rescues And Shelters/Horses Ring
A nonbreed specific non-profit organization that rescues and Hooved animal HumaneSociety. One of the world's leading international equine welfare organizations
Bomis: The Organizations/Animal Welfare/Rescues and Shelters/Horses ring Build a ring
Suggest URL!

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See also...
  • ...Society/Organizations/Animal_Welfare/Rescues_and_Shelters Home My Bomis Webmasters ... Ring Rankings
    Bomis is a search engine covering all topics. Enjoy! Ring sites
    Redwings: Horse Sanctuary
    Our mission is to educate the public about the care of equines and to protect them from abuse and slaughter. Located in California. Colorado Horse Rescue Non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to horses and the people who love horses. Our mission is to find new homes for abandoned, abused, neglected or unwanted horses. Over 200 unpaid volunteers give their time to make this happen. We acquire unwanted, unloved and ready to kill horses. Our goal is to heal and train the rescued equines, place them up for adoption and ensure them a proper home. Double D Equine Rescue One of many sites on the web about Equine Rescue The Phoenix Equine Foundation Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation in Northern California. This organization is part of the National Heritage Foundation.
  • 53. East Bay SPCA
    Rescue groups can sometimes be breed specific, working to save a certain breed fromlocal shelters. in the Bay Area and beyond dedicated to animal welfare.




    Contact Us

    Other Organizations The East Bay SPCA is one of many animal welfare organizations serving Alameda County and the Bay Area.
    The East Bay SPCA is often confused with other organizations that also work to improve the lives of companion animals. We offer the following information about each of our roles within our cooperative, humane community: Animal Control Agencies Examples: Oakland Animal Control Section, East County Animal Shelter Municipalities work to ensure that their citizens are safe from animal attacks and diseases, by providing an Animal Control agency that provides the following:
    • Pick up and intake of stray animals
    • Confinement of animals who have bitten, to ensure that the animal could not transmit rabies to the victim
    • Enforcement of local and statewide animal ordinances
    • Animal care and control education
    • Placement of dogs and cats with families
    • Cruelty investigations
    • Custody of animals who belong to individuals in extraordinary situations.
    There are times when local governments and private organizations partner through an animal control contract. This means that the humane organization provides animal control services for a fee to that municipality.

    54. PBRC - Breed Specific Legislation
    2. Encourage local animal rescue and welfare agencies to provide responsibledog The states in red have some form of breed specific legislation.
    Pit Bull Rescue Central "Legislation is due, laws are in order, and the situation is out of hand. Let's be sure of our focus. Laws are for humans, not for animals who have no say about the captive environment they must endure."
    Rod Jones The "Pit Bull" Problem BSL Links Dog Watch Dog BITE Law Dogs At RISK DC Dog Coalition American Dog Owners Association Dog Holocaust BSL in Canada
    BSL in Germany
    ... Dogs Down Under (BSL in Australia) For general Breed Specific Legislation information see Rott-N-Chatter Washington Animal Foundation
    Click here for free online Municipal Code Resource!
    Mr P's Resources on Legal Issues ...
    and Bites
    Dog Bite Reports
    The statistics on dog bite related fatalities vary considerably between studies. Nevertheless, there are numerous problems with most dog bite statistics. First and foremost, the vast majority of these statistics provide raw numbers, and are not normalized to reflect the prevalence of any given breed in the overall population of dogs. Without this information, it is impossible to determine the comparative risk of one breed over another from dog bite.

    55. PBRC - Pit Bull Friendly Organizations
    the possibility of extinction through breedspecific legislation like Greenbelt, Partnershipfor animal welfare, All Dogs, Clinton, All breed Rescue League, Inc 301
    Pit Bull Rescue Central Can we help you keep your pet? Click Here
    Breed Profile

    By Susan Thompson
    "None of more than 300 fatal dog attacks reviewed by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and The Humane Society of the US was reported to involve neutered dogs." DOGS TO ADOPT APPLY FOR A DOG LIST A DOG RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS PIT BULL FRIENDLY RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS Following is a listing of rescue organizations and Pit Bull-friendly shelters in North America. If you have found a Pit Bull or AmStaff and need assistance, you can contact the organizations in your region. Note that most of them are probably full, but they may be able to direct you to other local resources. Often, the dog's best chance is with you fostering him until a suitable home can be found. Please click here if you need more information about this.

    56. Second Chance Animal Shelter Links
    breeds, breed standards, clubs, breed specific rescue contacts US Online Pet Resources,Cat breed Rescue and nokill, tax exempt animal welfare organization is
    Purebred Rescue, Out of State Shelters,
    and Related Sites
    Purebred Rescue Lists - Dogs All Breed Rescue - This is a comprehensive list of contacts in New England (CT,MA,ME,NH,NY,RI) for purebred dogs compiled for Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue Kyler Laird of Purdue University - Mr. Laird maintains and constantly updates a comprehensive list of animal shelters all over the world. American Kennel Club - This web site offers a list of AKC recognized breeds, breed standards, clubs, breed specific rescue contacts, and a myriad of other related topics. Great all around web site dedicated to the pure-bred dog. Back to Top Purebred Rescue Lists - Cats Cat Craze Feline Rescue - best viewed in Internet Explorer browser. Internet Cat Club US Online Pet Resources, Cat Breed Rescue and Adoption Back to Top Out of State Shelters/Related Web Sites The Amanda Connection - This non profit, no-kill, tax exempt animal welfare organization is based in Connecticut. They rescue unwanted, abandoned, lost, feral, and pet cats, and find them loving homes. This link will take you to featured cats. American Humane Association - Second Chance Animal Shelter was awarded one of ten Meacham Foundation Memorial Grants this year through the American Humane Association!! This grant allowed us to finish construction on and purchase equipment for our cat room!

    57. UK Kennel Club Intervenes
    Cabinet, who specialises in animal welfare Legislation, and Scannell said “Whilstdog welfare issues are breed specific legislation is not the solution, as
    THE KENNEL CLUB'S VISIT TO THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION - JUNE 2001 Reproduced from the Kennel Club Press Release * The primary European Commissioner, in charge of EU policy
    It was clear from the meeting that UK dog lovers deserve congratulations for keeping the issue on the political agenda. Parliaments both here and abroad are aware of the situation and also aware of the strength of feeling. The EU will continue to ask the German Chancellor for the rationale behind the decision to outlaw breeds like the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Bull Terrier, when there is clear evidence that they cannot be held responsible for incidents in Germany. WHAT YOU CAN DO!
    Please consider writing to your MP, MEP, Mr Blair and the German Government and German Embassy (even if you have already done so), to keep this issue firmly in the public spotlight and on the political agenda. Writing again is important as the situation has changed since April 2001 when these laws came into force in Germany and not everyone will be fully aware of the changes. Contact YOUR MP and MEP and let them know what YOU think now.

    58. Think Globally, Act Locally
    Know the Federal animal welfare Act. Pretend interest in purchasing a specific animalin order to get the information Report mills to the appropriate breed club
    Tips and Techniques Pet stores that sell puppies and/or kittens get their stock from one of two places: animal shelters or mills . Reputable breeders do not sell litters through pet stores. In fact, breed clubs specifically prohibit their members from doing so. A reputable breeder will want to make personal contact with you, and will want assurance that the environment you have to offer one of her animals is appropriate. If the pet store's stock comes from an animal shelter, it will be identified as such, and an adoption fee, rather than a sales price, will be charged. The pet store makes no profits on shelter adoptions. Shelter adoptions cost under $50 and no claims are made regarding the animals' pedigrees or registration (with AKC, in the case of dogs or CFA, in the case of cats). If the pet store's stock comes from a mill , it will be identifed as a specific breed, such as Siamese or Abyssinian cat, or Cocker Spaniel or Miniature Pinscher dog. Claims are often made as to the pedigrees (e.g. Conformation or Obedience Champions) and registration. Guarantees are sometimes given, although not specific health registry numbers, like CERF or OFA. Sales prices can exceed a thousand dollars, far more than the cost of purchasing a high quality animal from a reputable breeder. Mills, or large-scale breeders of pet animals, are required to be licensed (as Class A Dealers) and inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Many avoid inspection by failing to register. Pet stores must provide you with the mill's

    59. Rebholzer Dobermans
    breed specific Legislation sample letters Voice your opinions to your National animalInterest Alliance -Promoting animal welfare while guarding against PETA
    Choose a dog to view select a name Beck Cajun Deja Havoc Razzle Rory Shimmer Twist Yarra
    Links I've only just begun to add so many interesting and informative sites. Please keep checking back and if you have suggestions of others that would be helpful let me know and I'll be glad to take a look!

    Doberman Breeders
    First things first! Start by knowing what makes a responsible breeder and then how to go about finding the right one for you. If you have questions be sure to check out the following link first-do your homework!
    Checklist for responsible breeders

    Astor del Citone

    Cara Dobermans

    Covalta Kennels
    Dobermann-Di Matario

    Rebholzer dogs elsewhere on the Web
    Rebholzer Fate Should Not Tempt Me
    Rebholz Mystic Typhoon

    Other Sportfriends
    Heiko vom Deufringer Schloss - Exceptional import GSD stud
    Rearing and Training
    Puppy development -Sensory, Emotional, and Social Development of the Young Dog Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test Dr.P's Dog Training working dog weight -Is your dog too fat?
    Diet, Health and Veterinary issues

    60. Theresa Villiers MEP - Policy
    Domino Campaign Against breed specific Legislation. Dog World Magazine. StaffordshireBull Terriers UK. National Canine Defence League. Other animal welfare issues.
    Protesting at Downing Street with MEPs and concerned dog-owners and their pets Since becoming an MEP, I have become increasingly concerned about the issue of animal welfare. I have been working with Compassion in World Farming on a range of animal welfare issues. I also work with the Eurogroup for Animal Welfare , which runs a cross party group of MEPs from different European countries. I write regularly to the European Commission and the UK government demanding better and tougher legislation on animal welfare. I use the responses to my letters and parliamentary questions to keep my constituents and animal welfare groups up to date on current EU legislation. This page sets out just a few examples of many areas where I believe animal welfare standards could and should be improved. I will continue to press for and give my support to an increased level of animal welfare in these and other areas. Dogs at Risk in Europe The EU has recently been considering whether to introduce a new European law on dangerous dogs, following German, Spanish and French proposals on the same subject. Recently adopted German legislation targets individual breeds of dog, subjecting them to draconian and arbitrary temperament tests and sky high license fees. Penalties for non-compliance include death for the dog in question. The legislation is based solely on the ancestry of the dog without consideration for their individual temperaments. Many breeds are covered by the new German laws, including the Bullmastiff, Bull Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. These breeds are well established in the UK. They have excellent safety records and make ideal family pets. The German legislation is a severe overreaction.

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