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         Animal Welfare Breed Specific:     more detail

61. Florida Humane Societies And Animal Shelters
To visit breedspecific Dog Rescues in Florida, please Some Common MisconceptionsAbout breed Rescues. Shelter Wakulla animal Shelter animal welfare League of
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Florida Humane Societies and Animal Shelters
Please let me know if any are outdated or if you would like to add yours.
This listing is ONLY for Florida-based Humane Societies and Shelters.
To visit Breed-Specific Dog Rescues in Florida, please CLICK HERE
Buddies Thru Bullies
or the Webmaster do not specifically endorse any of these groups. We saw the need for a list to be posted and maintained. If you plan to adopt, please remember that you can interview them too. For further reading, please see Some Common Misconceptions About Breed Rescues.

Humane Societies / SPSA's
Florida Humane Society

SPCA of North Brevard, Inc.

Clay County

North Pinellas
Helping Paws Humane Society

Animal Shelters Miami-Dade County Animal Control Broward County Animal Care Hernando County Animal Services Hillsborough County Animal Services ... Manatee County Animal Services (click on "Services") 941-742-5933 Polk County Animal Services South Lake Animal League Adopt A Pet Shelter Wakulla Animal Shelter ... North Animal Care and Adoption Center - Titusville (Brevard County) Safe Animal Shelter - Orange Park Animal Rescue Foundation - Orlando Animal Refuge Center - Ft. Myers

62. Aloha Spirit Rottweiler Rescue - Webring Memberships
Next Site. animal welfare WEBRINGS HUMANE SOCIETY AND animal welfare WEBRINGanimal RESCUE FOSTER CARE RING Next Site. breed specific DOG WEBRING

63. Links Page
animal welfare Institute (AWI) American Humane Association educate one another animalChannel an breed specific Pages Affenpinschers Airedale Terrier Akitas
HOME ABOUT US HOURS AND LOCATION VOLUNTEERING ... NEWSLETTER National Humane Organizations Animal Welfare Institute (AWI)
American Humane Association

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

National Association for Humane and Environmental Education
Animal Sheltering
- the Online Resource for Community Animal Care and Protection (an HSUS project)
Renting With Pets
- the Online Resource for Rental Managers and Pet Owners (an HSUS project)
No dog bites
- Stay Dog Bite Free (an HSUS project) Cool Sites Tallahssee Therapetics
USDA Missing Pet Network
- The Official USDA Missing Pet Network Site.
National Capitol Air Canines
- Brings together "Frisbee Dog" owners to exchange ideas, and educate one another
Animal Channel
- an information project of the HSUS
If you're a pet owner who's tired of seeing all those "no pets" signs at apartment buildings, beaches, hotels, and other places, this site is for you. is primarily a searchable database of pet-friendly establishments, but for those situations when you just can't bring your pet along, the site also features listings for kennels and pet-sitters. Wildlife Wild Neighbors - Urban Wildlife (an HSUS project) Rabbits House Rabbit Society Cats Alley Cat Allies CFA Breeds - Cat Fanciers' Association guide to cat breeds International Brotherhood of Cats Union - International Union for the protection of cats' rights around the world.

64. Other Australian "Doggy" WWW Sites
Naturally, I've also listed breedspecific WWW sites. Dog Rescue and welfare Sites. DogaidAustralia to campaign against animal cruelty in South Korea (dogs and
Return to the Australian Dogs Page
Other Australian "Doggy" WWW Sites
Last updated: 8 March 2003
These are Aussie dog-related sites on the WWW that aren't devoted to specific breeds. Naturally, I've also listed breed-specific WWW sites Pages that are commercial in intent have been given their own page.

65. Rescue Links
Return to Index. US breed specific. A / B / C / D / E / F / G / I / J / K/ L / M / N / O / P / R / S / T / V / W / X. Maine. animal welfare Society.
Home Puppy Mill Atrocities Dachshund Links Pet Links ... Guestbook Rescue Links If you know of a service that provides rescue and care to lost, abused and abandoned pets, please email Jeannie Fazio with the name, URL and state in which it serves (if applicable). Your help is appreciated. Dachshund Rescue All Breed Rescue Breed Specific Rescue AL ... Adoption Tips Dachshund Rescue Regional - Dachshunds Dallas - Fort Worth Dachshund Club
Dachshund Rescue of Florida

New Mexico Dachshund Rescue

U.S. and International - Dachshunds DRNA Dachshund Rescue
Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue

The Dachshund Rescue Page

Love A Dox Rescue Contacts
Return to Index

U.S. - All Breeds Pet Shelter
U.S. Online Pet Resources

Internet Adoption Search
Comprehensive Listing ... Pet Place - Rescue/Care Site Pet Adoption Paw Safe Midwest Animal Shelter Dog Infomat ... Return to Index U.S. - Breed Specific A B C D ... X BOYKIN SPANIEL Boykin Spaniel Rescue CHOW CHOW Chow Chow Rescue Volunteer Directory DACHSHUNDS See Above. ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL English Springer Spaniel Rescue Organizations in the U.S. The American German Shepherd Rescue Association, Inc. GERMAN WIREHAIR POINTER German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue GOLDEN RETRIEVER Yankee Golden Rescue (Serving New England) GREAT DANE Great Dane Rescue of Maine Great Dane Links KEESHOND Keeshond Rescue LABRADOR RETRIEVERS The Labrador Retriever Club PIT BULL Pit Bull Rescue Central SHAR PEI North American Shar Pei Rescue Inc. (NASPR)

Cabinet, who specialises in animal welfare Legislation, and Mr Scannell said Whilstdog welfare issues are breed specific legislation is not the solution, as
JUNE 2001 On the 7th June 2001 representatives of The Kennel Club travelled to Brussels to attend a meeting with Michael Scannell - a Member of Mr David Byrne's* Cabinet, who specialises in Animal Welfare Legislation, and Paul Remits - a European Commission legal advisor, to discuss the current 'dangerous dog' legislation being perpetrated in Germany and other areas of Europe. The meeting lasted for over an hour and was considered constructive by all parties. Interestingly, Mr Scannell said "Whilst dog welfare issues are not always high on the political agenda, the German situation has made a significant impact and could easily be measured on the Richter scale"! Both Mr Scannell and Mr Remits confirmed that their colleagues had been inundated with protest correspondence predominantly from the UK, and their postbags continued to bulge! The Kennel Club were encouraged to learn that this is seen as a positive factor by all those connected with the European Parliament who have received letters and many now have large reference files. For all those who have already written: your time and postage was certainly not wasted as the matter is being taken very seriously as a result. The Kennel Club reiterated its policy regarding so called dangerous and vicious dogs: 'Punish the deed, not the breed' - based on the circumstances of individual occurrences. Breed specific legislation is not the solution, as it is unacceptable to ban all dogs of a specific breed based on the actions of a single animal. This factor was taken on board by the Commissioner's colleagues and fully appreciated.

67. Animal Specific Clothing And Gifts, Cats Dogs And Nature Clothing, T-shirts, Swe
We specialize in animal and breedspecific clothing, housewares, jewelry worthwhileanimal shelters, humane societies and animal welfare organizations nationwide
About Animal Lovers
Animal Lovers Ltd. is a nationwide manufacturer and distributor of beautiful and unique products for people who love animals. We specialize in animal and breed-specific clothing, housewares, jewelry, gifts and accessories. If you want gifts for people who love dogs, cats, birds, ducks, reptiles, wolves, snakes, pigs, mice, horses, lizards, wild animals or any other animal and nature gifts, this is the place to shop! Animal Lovers Ltd. has the most complete line of animal designs available on the market. We have thousands of designs to choose from. And- we get new designs every week.
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Be sure to check out the special discounts that Animal Lovers Club membership can give you. Join today and get a free Animal Lovers Canvas Tote Bag or a unique Animal Lovers Shirt to let the rest of the world know you care! A portion of the annual membership dues and membership purchases will go to the aid and support of worthwhile animal shelters, humane societies and animal welfare organizations nationwide.

68. Animal Rescue & Sanctuaries
Boca Raton animal Shelter Brazos animal Shelter breed specific Listings Brooklyn CoRR)Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center Community animal welfare Society (CAWS
See Also Humane Societies
Shelter Listings Worldwide

10 Kids Helping Pets
... Close Window

69. HSUS - Programs - Companion Animals - Animal Sheltering Magazine
For breedspecific groups, the term breed-placement group At the same time, breed-placementgroups will be At the animal welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA) in
From the January-February 2001 Issue A New Breed of Adoption Partner Many shelters and "breed rescue"groups have been at odds for years, but some communities have managed to convert that ill will into constructive partnerships that help homeless animals By Nancy Lawson Here's a pop quiz: Which of these statements were uttered by a shelter director, and which by a breed rescue volunteer?
  • "Don't criticize shelters. ...You don't know what situation the shelter's in financially, physically, any of that. Everybody's really doing the best they can. ...If you don't think they're doing the best they can, instead of complaining about it, you need to ... get off your duff and help bring change around. ...And don't even try to change things until you've seen how their policy works and why."
  • "A lot of these rescue people... think euthanizing is terrible. Well, that's insane. I agree it's terrible, but trust me, there are too many dogs, and there are not enough responsible homes. There are too many temperament and health issues."
If you answered "shelter director"for any of these statements, surprise!

70. About ABRN
Our shelter liaisons notify many other animal welfare groups about shelter animals byindividuals with extensive knowledge about a specific breed increases the
X Fostering and finding homes for purebred dogs Hot Line 303-989-7808 The history of ABRN All Breed Rescue Network began at the Denver Municipal Shelter in the winter of 1989 when one of our founders was helping a friend look for her lost dog. She was amazed to see so many unclaimed purebreds, including a Wire Fox Terrier, her own favorite breed. She bought it, cleaned it up, had it neutered, and found it a home. She also tracked down other dog fanciers and told them about their breeds. Since she lived close to the shelter, it seemed fairly easy to drop by once a week or so and let people know what was there. Little did she know! She met and joined forces with others already doing rescue for their breeds, then other area shelters began to be covered, and the network emerged. All Breed Rescue Network was formally incorporated on January 3, 1993. Our purpose is to provide breed assistance, welfare, education and placement. We received our 501-c.3 in November of 1994 and maintain membership in the Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies. We are recognized as an integral part of the animal welfare community in this state and work co-operatively with nearly every shelter, both public and private, to place dogs in breed-appropriate homes. We have approximately 40 members who pay dues and volunteer their time to support the ABRN program, in addition to their individual rescue activities.

71. State Of Oklahoma's
used for the person listed or you are a shelter, sanctuary, animal welfare or breed cutdown page load time, separate pages are used for breed specific Rescues
State of Oklahoma's Most comprehensive listing of Shelters, Sanctuary, Animal Welfare and Breed Rescue Organizations The following list is compiled with the help of many volunteers. I will try to be current and up to date on all listings but cannot check with all individuals or organizations to assure that all information is accurate. If you find a link or phone number that is no longer used for the person listed or you are a shelter, sanctuary, animal welfare or breed rescue organization that wishes to be listed or deleted, please inform me by contacting Shelter listing (alphabetical) Due to the number of listings and to cut down page load time, separate pages are used for Breed specific Rescues. Use the links below to navigate to the listing of interest. Shelters Breed Rescue (dog)
Feline (cat)
Equine Altus Animal Shelter
2200 Enterprise Dr, Altus, OK 405-481-2285
Anadarko Animal Shelter
200 NE 1st St, Anadarko, OK 405-247-9705
Ardmore Animal Care
Ardmore, OK 73401
321 Carol Brown Bvd. - (580) 223-7070
Bartlesville SPCA
Old Dewey Hwy 123, Bartlesville, OK 918-336-1577

72. PuppySites.Com - Gifts
DogIn-A-Shell Dogs On Shirts - Large selection of dog breed specific, realistic,quality 10% of all net proceeds are donated to animal welfare organizations.
Get Listed! Link to Us Site Map Search PuppySites.Com


Breed Information

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Quality Handmade Products for Pets and People Who Love Pets. Custom made pet coats, custom pet-themed embroidery at reasonable prices, Christmas stockings for pets, home decor items, jewelry, and clothing items for pet-lovers
The all natural, no preservatives, no nuttin' that ain't good for us simply scrumptious paw-licking snacks! We use only human grade ingredients, no corn, no soy, no artificial colorings, and no fillers. Each recipe has received the paw prints of approval of our official taste testers! Our affordable treats are entirely hand made and handpacked with love in Wyoming. Phone: 307 467-5486 E-mail: Website: 3Dog Candle Company A Portrait For You Alpha Buttons - Artistic Renditions of Canine Heads on 2 1/4" Badge-A-Minit Buttons as magnets, pins, key chains, mirrors and spinners. Disco Animal Designs Animal Krackers - Gifts for dog lovers - statues, garden sculptures, flags, limited edition prints, note cards, hand painted wearables and more

73. Breed Specific Legislation -- WASHINGTON ANIMAL FOUNDATION INC.
Poor community education on existing animal control laws and the owners regardlessof the breed are what's for the protection of the public welfare and safety
VoyForums Homepage Create a New Forum Owner Login VoyForums News Help Desk VoyForums Exchange FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Directory/Categories Search VoyForums Contribute: Support VoyForums Main index Post a new message Archives: Subject: Breed Specific Legislation

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Previous Thread Next Message ... Previous Message Date Posted: 14:15:55 10/06/02 Sun
The Washinton Animal Foundation Inc. is a Seattle based national non- profit organization. We were founded to educate and assist in promoting ethical and responsible ownership of dogs. To actively assist or participate in developing effective Local, State, and National Legislation. To educate on responsible dog ownership and dog bite prevention.
Do the current laws address each of the problem areas with dogs?
Are they being enforced?
Is there a problem with repeat offenders?
If the existing laws do not seem to be working then the community should look for the problem. Problems stem from inadequate budget or manpower to enforce the laws, inadequate training to effectively deal with the problem dogs in a humane way, low priority to animal control issues. Poor community education on existing animal control laws and lack of judicial support in upholding effective penalties also create serious problems. Strong laws that penalize the owners regardless of the breed are what's needed. This type of law is valid, has merit, is not vague or capricious, it's valid under the Constitution and is for the protection of the public welfare and safety with the degree of precision that characterizes effective legislation. Washington State's dangerous dog law is the strongest in the US and under RCW16.08.100 it has the strongest penalty !

74. GEM Links - Breed Rescue
Adopt a Pet of Western Michigan. animal welfare Society of South Eastern Michigan. CritterConnection. animal Aid. Petfinder. breed specific Rescue Organizations,
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Michigan Area Rescue Organizations Adopt a Pet of Western Michigan Animal Welfare Society of South Eastern Michigan Kalamazoo Animal Rescue Michigan Animal Adoption Network ... Top Dog Animal Rescue of SE Michigan National Rescue Organizations Critter Connection Animal Aid Petfinder Breed Specific Rescue Organizations Cocker Spaniel Adoption Chow Chow Rescue Links COPE Doberman Rescue Directory Great Dane West Michigan ... Rottweiler Rescue of Michigan
Updated On: January 15, 2003 9:15 PM

75. Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club
Evaluate the purchaser's animal owning history. specific books, 7) list of breed/allbreedorganizations, 8 Remember, the welfare of the dog is most important.
Breeder-Buyer Responsibility
The following information comes from the Boston Quarterly A dog is an innocent, trusting creature. If we honor that trust, our actions in all things pertaining to the dog will be honorable. Buyers and breeders alike should examine their consciences before, during and after acquisition of a dog. Throughout your dog's life, its welfare must be your first consideration. An animal does not ask to be born, nor can it choose its owner. The breeder brings about an animal's life; the buyer, with the support of the breeder, assumes responsibility for that life. Moral responsibility and ethical behavior should be utmost in every decision concerning the dog. Both breeders and buyers who keep this thought in their hearts will have a successful and gratifying relationship with each other and the dog. Buyer considerations
  • Buy a dog for the right reason. Be it "show quality" or "pet quality" the dog should be a companion and family member, not just a possession that spends its life in a crate, a run, the basement, the garage, or tied out back to a dog house. Evaluate your purpose for purchasing this dog. Is your purchase realistic considering your lifestyle and the animals you already may own?
  • 76. PAWW / Howlin' Haven
    those of the already established animal welfare organizations. focus comes from theanimal rights movement country dog free, once breed specific legislation and
    In This Section:
    War on Wolfdogs Part 2
    Animal Charities

    Inside the HSUS

    Humane Soc.Canada Sues HSUS
    Part Dog, Part Wolf: Critics Want Them Killed

    The Animal Rights War on Wolfdogs W e, as wolf dog owners, breeders and supporters certainly demonstrate our love of animals by our choice of animal with which to share our homes and lives. No other animal in recent times has been so stigmatized by the media and certain special interest groups as has the wolf dog. It is time to take a closer look at the special interest groups, and see what they really are all about. For many years people of the United States have supported, with their dollars and with their volunteer labor, several groups which have become to be known as "animal rights" groups. Because we are lovers of animals, it has seemed the right thing to do. What we have not been aware of, because the changes have been so gradual, and until recently, so subtle, is that there is a vast difference between animal "rights" groups, and animal welfare groups. Due to the lack of education on these topics, we have naively assumed that one equated with the other. This is no longer true. Animal welfare can be defined briefly. Any group dedicated to animal welfare is just that. Their concerns are for the optimum care and feeding, maintenance, safety and handling of animals. Their goals are to preserve and protect animal life, not to euthanise and otherwise destroy it. These groups will emphasize responsible ownership of animals, rather than advocating their destruction through spay/neuter and euthanasia clinics.

    77. New York State Prohibits Breed-specific Legislation
    to prohibit passage of breedspecific legislation; dogs will now be judged on thedeeds, not their breeds. To contact the National animal Interest Alliance
    Our members feed, clothe, heal, comfort, entertain, inform and protect the world! General Information About NAIA Our Board Members NAIA Position Statements Join Us ... Return to Home Page What's New Events Calendar New Articles FYI Support NAIA NAIA Store NAIA Bookstore Join NAIA Get Involved Our Campaigns NAIA Brochures Action Alerts Letters to the Editor ... Join E-groups Lists NAIA Library Archived Articles Animal Welfare Animal Rights Extremism Links Other Sites of Interest Other Services Site Translation Receive our Newsletter Search Site
    New York state prohibits breed-specific legislation
    - By Sue Weiss
    President, Long Island Coalition of Dog Fanciers
    NY becomes latest state to judge dogs on deeds, not breeds
    Ten years in the Assembly without passage! No Senate sponsor around — then along came the Long Island Coalition of Dog Fanciers and rattled the crates. The coalition solicited the help of the American Kennel Club and Associated Dog Clubs of new York in a massive action to bring Assembly Bill 3028 to the attention of the dog world. AKC sent 11,000 letters to New York dog fanciers with our petition of support for the bill. We asked that fanciers copy petitions and give them to others to circulate and that they send letters and make phone calls to get legislators to support the bill.

    78. Kyler Laird's Animal Rescue Resources : Shelters
    (L'Orignal). Lanark animal welfare Society (Lanark) Doon Sanctuary. California animal Shelter and breed Rescue Directory People for animal welfare (Los Angeles). Pet Adoption Fund
    This is a list of on-line shelter and rescue organization information that I've compiled. Please do not treat this list as complete. If you need to find a resource, this is just one place to look. Also consider looking at breed rescue organizations and my list of other places to look Submissions to this list will be greatly appreciated. See the submission information for instructions on adding to this list. Copying of this list is not only rude, but it shows disrespect for the animals for whom this list is maintained and whom may be killed as a result (of the use of out-of-date copies). References to this document, however, are welcomed. You do not need to ask my permission to link to these pages. Please consider referencing one level up, though, at The list from which this page is built was last updated The following form will allow you to search all of the links I list. It was a request from a user. It's just in test mode right now and could go away. Please tell me what you think of it Note that I recently changed the way this works. When I index each site, I go through a proxy so that we don't run into UltraSeek license limitations. For most sites, this provides even better coverage because I can index deeper, but for some sites which use bad techniques, it will fail.

    79. They Need Someone To Be Their Voice!
    breed specific Legislation Page. Find out what Sato means MIXED breedS DESERVELOVE TOO and how they mean nothing to Puerto Rico. Stay informed on animal
    Currently Untitled
    Animal Rights...and Not So Rights
    A Dog's Prayer
    Author unknown Treat me kindly, my beloved Master for no heart in the world is more grateful for kindness than the loving heart of me. Do not break my spirit with a stick, for though I like your hand between the blows, your patience and understanding will more quickly teach me the things you would have me do. Speak to me often, for your voice is the world's sweetest music, as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail when yor footstep falls upon my waiting ear. When it is cold and wet, please take me inside, for I am now a domesticated animal, no longer used to bitter elements. And I ask no greater glory than the privilege of sitting at your feet beside the hearth. Though had you no home, I would rather follow you through ice and snow than rest upon the softest pillow in the warmest home in all the land, for you are my god, and I am your devoted worshiper. Keep my pan filed with fresh water for although I should not reproach you were it dry, I cannot tell you when I suffer thirst. Feed me clean food, that I may well, to romp and play and do yor bidding, to walk by your side, and stand ready, willing and able to protect you with my life should your life be in danger.

    80. Non Breed-Specific Rescue Groups
    Nonbreed specific Rescue Groups. New York All breed Referral site email. animal WelfareLeague of The Greater Capital District PO Box 6426 Albany, NY 12206 518
    Non-Breed Specific Rescue Groups Massachusetts Vermont Connecticut New Hampshire ... New Jersey This page was last updated: 1/25/2002 Massachusetts: All Pets Rescue
    P.O. Box 713
    Foxboro, MA 02035
    Fax 508-543-3025


    Save a Dog, Inc.
    P.O. Box 1108
    Framingham, MA 01701
    Fax 877-349-9254
    email F.A.C.E.S. P. O. Box 704 West Springfield, MA 01090 site Paws of Granby, Mass., Inc. P. O. Box 472 Granby, MA 01033 site email Second Chance Animal Shelter PO Box 136 E. Brookfield, MA 01515 site email Rover Starts Over Dog Adoptions 1981 Memorial Dr., PMB104 Chicopee, MA 01020 site email PoundHounds, Inc. P.O. Box 454 Hopkinton, MA 01748 site email Ahimsa Heaven Animal Shelter Winchendon, MA site email Odd Dog Rescue
      In Eastern Mass: Janis Moore email Gail Egounis email In Western Mass: Nancy Sherman email
    Dog Orphans 90 Webster St. P.O. Box 767 Douglas, MA 01516 site email Buddy Dog Humane Society 151 Boston Post Rd. Sudbury, MA 01776 151 Boston Post Rd. Wellesley, MA 02181 site Canine Connections Norwood, MA site email New England Hound Rescue site New England Haven for Animals 11 Elton St., Suite 300

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