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         Animal Welfare Breed Specific:     more detail

81. Index.htm
For even more detailed information, order one of our breedspecific Special Reports animalWelfare vs animal Rights We explain the difference and support the
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Are you considering a small dog for
your household but aren't sure which
one is right for you? Let us help! As an ex-breeder, certified canine specialist, dog writer and dog person, I'll share everything I've learned over the years. It's important to remember that a Toy breed is a small dog (generally less than 10 pounds), but he's not a "toy." He is a full-fledged dog requiring training, grooming, exercise, medical care, time

82. Tennessee Rescue Organizations On The WWW
KNOX COUNTY. animal welfare League 865688-4540. Humane BACK TO INDEX. TennesseeBreed specific Rescue Phone Numbers E-mail Addresses. Afghan
Tennessee Rescue Organizations on the Internet
  • Tennessee Humane Society Homepages
  • Tennessee All Breed Rescue Homepages
  • Tennessee Breed Specific Rescue Homepages
  • Tennessee Humane Society Homepages
    Nashville Humane AssociationNashville, TN
    Wilson County Humane AssociationLebanon, TN

    Williamson County Animal ControlFranklin, TN

    Humane Society of Sumner CountyGallatin, TN
    Tennessee All Breed Rescue Homepages
    Canine Purebred Rescue Referral
    Freedom Farm Animal SanctuaryRobertson Co.

    Happy TalesFranklin, TN

    Responsible Animal Owners of TennesseeMemphis, TN
    Tennessee Breed Specific Rescue Homepages
    Smoky Mountains Bulldog Rescue
    East Tennessee Border Collie Rescue

    Chinese Shar Pei Rescue of Tennessee
    Collie Concern Rescue of Knoxville, TN ... BACK TO INDEX
    TENNESSEE TN Humane Association P. O. Box 9115 Knoxville, TN 37940 Adorable Adoptable Doggies! Peaceful Kingdom Spay/Neuter and Adoption Initiative ANDERSON COUNTY Oak Ridge Humane Society 1345 Oak Ridge Turnpike Suite 366 Oak Ridge, TN 37830
  • 83. Pet Players
    breed clubs refer interested people to breeders within locality or according to theirspecific requirements 1800 331 784 Bureau of animal welfare Department of

    Want to know more?
    There are many organisations and associations in Victoria that have different roles to play, and can help with further information or specific questions relating to pets. Always purchase a pet from a reputable breeder or a registered domestic animal business, such as a pet shop or animal welfare shelter. These organisations can provide quality information and advice about pets.

    Refer to the Yellow Pages for contact details for the following organisations.
    Or visit the Yellow Pages web site. To search the Yellow Pages site, click on the Search icon. On the search form displayed, enter the relevant search term(s) and click on the search button.
    Vets look after the health and physical well being of cats and dogs which includes treating sick animals, vaccinations, desexing operations, provision of worming and flea medication and conducting regular health check-ups. Vets also provide advice on your pet's diet and exercise requirements. Many local vets also run socialisation activities for puppies between the formative 8 - 16 week period.
    Australian Veterinary Association

    AVA House
    134 Hampden Road
    Artarmon NSW 2064 Ph: (02) 9411 2733 Welfare Organisations Organisations such as the Lost Dogs' Home, Cat Protection Society and the RSPCA take in dogs or cats that are lost or have been abandoned and attempt to re-unite them with their owners or re-house them. Animals for sale from animal welfare organisations have passed rigorous health and behavioural tests and will most likely be wormed, desexed and microchipped. Most welfare organisations also have information on caring for your pet.

    84. Specific Agricultural Practices For Discussion
    which each involve relatively specific management issues in Holsteins (a common dairybreed) would raise Is solving the animal welfare problems associated with
    Specific agricultural practices for discussion: Note: The following situations, which each involve relatively specific management issues in farm animal welfare in the United States, are all based on information in Bernard Rollin's Farm Animal Welfare: Social, Bioethical, and Research Issues (Iowa State University Press, 1995). 1. The sow with a broken leg
      On p. 11 Rollin quotes the following moral dilemma from the Canadian Veterinary Journal: "You (as a veterinarian) are called to a 500-sow farrow-to-finish swine operation to examine a problem with vaginal discharges in sows. There are three full-time employees and one manager overseeing approximately 5000 animals. As you examine several sows in the crated gestation unit, you notice one with a hind leg at an unusual angle and inquire about her status. You are told, 'She broke her leg yesterday and she's due to farrow next week. We'll let her farrow in here and then we'll shoot her and foster off the pigs'." Then Rollin writes: "I spoke to the veterinarian who had experienced this incident, a swine practitioner. He explained that such operations run on tiny profit margins and minimal labor. Thus, even when he offered to splint the leg at cost, he was told that the operation could not afford the manpower entailed by separating this sow and caring for her . . . " Question: Should immediate euthanization of such animals be required by law? Why or why not?

    85. Illinois Animal Issue Awareness, Domestic Animals, Companion
    Pig Farm Cruelty Revealed (01/07/02). Appeal to United Nations for animal RightsBill (01/10/02). Banning breed specific breeds of Dogs in Australia (01/11/02).

    86. WSAVA 2001 - Cosmetic Surgery In North America And Latin America
    the only jurisdiction with specific regulations concerning to bring discussion ofanimal welfare issues, including under Kennel Club rules, breed standards for
    Cosmetic Surgery in North America and Latin America Alice Crook Canada This paper summarizes legislation, position statements, and veterinary attitudes regarding cosmetic surgery in North America and Latin America. Practices under consideration include ear cropping, tail docking, and debarking (devocalization) in the dog, and declawing (onychectomy) in the cat. LEGISLATION In Canada, the only jurisdiction with specific regulations concerning these practices is the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The Animal Protection Act stipulates: “A person who cuts or crops the ear of a dog mistreats an animal.”(1) In the United States, some states restrict the amount of the ear that can be cropped. In Maine, the cropping of a dog’s ear is prohibited and constitutes unlawful mutilation.(2) In Argentina, according to the 1954 law on the protection of animals, it is considered an act of cruelty to “mutilate any part of an animal’s body, unless it is for the improvement, marking, or hygiene of the species, or is performed as an act of mercy.”(3) However, this is not interpreted to include ear cropping or tail docking, which are commonly done in Argentina.(4) EAR CROPPING AND TAIL DOCKING Position Statements The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) opposes ear cropping and tail docking in the dog for cosmetic purposes (Appendix I, a). The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) encourages veterinarians to counsel owners about the risks and lack of medical benefits before agreeing to perform these procedures (Appendix II, a).

    13 (June 13 Report online June 14) SF Commission of animal control and WelfareGuardian Revival June 3 - Michigan breed specific Legislation Enacted.
    Year 2001 Magazine Issue
    Table of contents
    THE ANIMAL COUNCIL REPORT Welcome to the ANIMAL COUNCIL REPORT, a new service of The International Stafford to the Dog Fancy. The Animal Council, an active campaigner against all forms of Breed Specific Legislation, as well as against all other forms of laws that would ultimately seek to take our dogs from us has consented to let this magazine share their frequent legislative update bulletins. To keep abreast of proposed laws across the United States please read the updates below. Be informed Together we can save our breeds. AUGUST 2001 August 31
    August 28

    88. Breed Specific Legislation
    breed specific Legislation (revised 6/28/2001). to point out a trackrecord of outstandinganimal welfare. papers for their litters, will not breed unless they
    Breed Specific Legislation (revised 6/28/2001) This is by far the most difficult page for me to write. That is probably why I am tackling it last. Before I begin, I will forewarn the reader that my opinion on this issue is not the most popular one. My opinion has formed through observations as a Veterinary Technician and is based on a far more authoritarian cultural background than most Americans can fathom or accept. I also think that some of the people who have expressed vehement disagreement with my opinions do not listen to the whole story and don't approach the problem objectively. Either way: this is my website and I feel compelled to express my opinion in all honesty, rather than coating it with sugar for the faint of heart. Let me request though, that you finish reading this page before sending me e-mail (should you be inclined to do so). The state of animal well-fare is far from perfect in this country. There is an ingrained mindset of having rights to own pets (and children for that matter), whether one can care for them or not. People will call us at the clinic and demand free services for their dog. These people have more children than they can afford and have added a dog or two to the mixture. We have been told that children have the right to own a pet and that we are irresponsible for not picking up the slack. I could ramble on and on, but the bottom line is: things are not perfect over here. There is no real legislation to protect animals and much less is that little bit of legislation being enforced.

    89. Sled Dog Mailing List
    breed specific questions concerning northern dogs; Training of northern dogs; animalwelfare and mushing (This includes the HSUS/Iditarod problems and animal
    The Sled Dog Mailing List
    The sleddog mailing list is dedicated to discussion of northern breeds and sled dog sports of all types. It is a polite, knowledgable group of people, from begining to veteran mushers. To subscribe to sled dog, send mail to, no subject, and with the command subscribe SLEDDOG-L your name where your name is your actual name, e.g., subscribe SLEDDOG-L John Q. Musher . Maggie Bonham, Sky Warrior Racing Kennels, is the owner and moderator of the group. Below I have included her welcome message to sleddog that all new subscribers recieve. Welcome to sleddog! This mailing list is dedicated to the Northern Breeds and sled dog sports including backpacking, skijouring, mushing, weightpulling, carting, pulka, and any other related working activity. Those who are interested in working their dogs (of *any* breed) are invited to ask questions and join in on the conversation. This group is intended to provide information to anyone who wishes to work their dog, be it a Siberian or a Golden Retriever. *However* specific breed questions *should* be limited to Northern Breeds such as Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, Samoyeds, Alaskan Huskies, and any husky mix.
    Appropriate topics (not exclusive)
    • Anything having to do with health issues of working dogs (diet, feet, etc)

    90. Pet Owner Groups & Vets
    breed clubs refer interested people to breeders with further information or specificquestions relating animals for sale from animal welfare organisations have

    Keeping of Animals
    Dog Reserves Pet Care Dangerous and Menacing Animals ... Pet Care Printer friendly version Select a related category Dog Obedience Training Pet Desexing Animal Companionship
    Membership organisations
    Associations such as the Victorian Canine Association and the Feline Control Council of Victoria are membership organisations that have expertise and information on a wide range of pet related issues. The Victorian Canine Association also has a network of obedience clubs around the state. If you're looking to purchase a purebred pet, they can assist you by referring you to breed clubs.
    Victorian Canine Association
    Royal Showgrounds, Epsom Road, Ascot Vale
    Telephone: (03) 9376 2255 Feline Control Council of Victoria -
    Royal Showgrounds, Epsom Road, Ascot Vale
    Telephone: (03) 9281 7404 top
    Breed clubs
    Breed clubs have members who own a specific breed, eg collie dogs or Siamese cats. These clubs are most often run by a group of volunteers who promote enjoyment and knowledge about a particular breed. Breed clubs refer interested people to breeders within their locality or according to their specific requirements. Ring your local cat or dog association or refer to the Yellow Pages There are many organisations and associations in Victoria that can help with further information or specific questions relating to pets.

    91. K9 Source - All Breed Rescue
    Nike animal Rescue Effort (NARF) is an all breed dog, cat and horse rescue group.See our adoptable animals online. All volunteer animal welfare society.

    92. Proposal For Amendments To The California Dangerous Dog Law
    are a serious danger to the safety and welfare of citizens animalaggressive dog'means any of the following (a) Any dog, regardless of breed, breeding, type
    privacy Press release
    E-mail your California State Assemblyperson

    Current California Dangerous Dog Law
    Proposal for Amendments to the California Dangerous Dog Law CHAPTER 9. POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS, ANIMAL AGGRESSIVE AND VICIOUS DOGS Article 1. Findings, Definitions, and General Provisions 31601. The Legislature finds and declares all of the following:
    (a) Potentially dangerous and vicious dogs have become a serious and widespread threat to the safety and welfare of citizens of this state. In recent years, they have assaulted without provocation and seriously injured numerous individuals, particularly children, and have killed numerous dogs. Many of these attacks have occurred in public places.
    (b) The number and-severity of these attacks are attributable to the failure of owners to register, confine, and properly control vicious and potentially dangerous dogs.
    (c) The necessity for the regulation and control of vicious and potentially dangerous dogs is a statewide problem, requiring statewide regulation, and existing laws are inadequate to deal with the threat to public health and safety posed by vicious and potentially dangerous dogs.
    (d) Animal-aggressive dogs have proven very useful to citizens involved in hunting, vermin control, livestock management and law enforcement, and are often used by property owners to protect their persons and property from wild and feral animals. Some dogs trained to fight other animals have been re-trained and re-conditioned to remove their aggressiveness toward other animals. However, when trained to attack human beings or for illegal purposes, animal-aggressive dogs are a serious danger to the safety and welfare of citizens of this state. Animal-aggressive dogs are not suited for attack-training and should therefore not be owned, possessed or trained to attack human beings.

    93. Position Statement
    We do not advocate broadbased breed specific legislation believe that since the companionanimal community cannot be in place to ensure the welfare of companion
    We are wolf advocates . Part of our mission is to help protect and responsibly promote the wolf in the wild. As a result we do not support improperly managed wolf reintroduction efforts. We stand against wolf hunting and trapping; as well as all things that negatively impact the wild and free wolf. We are wolfdog advocates . Wolfdogs are a man-made creation, created solely for the ego of humans. As a result we cannot/will not support or endorse any wolf to dog, wolf to wolfdog, wolfdog to dog, or wolfdog to wolfdog breedings. Nor do we support the breeding of captive wolves for private ownership. We neither support nor advocate the purchase of any wolf or wolfdog, pup or adult. We do however, support the efforts of well-run rescues to help those animals in need of rehoming; and will support through education the proper care of already existing captive wolves and wolfdogs either in rescue or owned by individuals. We advocate spaying and neutering We do not advocate broad-based breed specific legislation . We do however believe that since the companion animal community cannot/will not control/police itself, that some form of serious regulation needs to be in place to ensure the welfare of companion animals.

    94. New Page 1
    There is no scientific basis for breedspecific policies, and no animalwelfare organization in the country supports such policies.
    Dear Members of the Board of the American Rottweiler Club,
    It looks to me like the AKC is asking for people to send in letters, faxes and e-mails to the President of American Airlines; and that asking Teri if she has not printed the newsletter and has space to print this would be a TIMELY and good thing FOR OUR BREED to do.
    Am. Airlines Update: AKC Acts; Your Help Still Needed
    [Thursday, September 12, 2002] In August, after an incident involving a "pit bull" puppy who had escaped his crate and damaged the cargo hold of an American Airlines flight, American Airlines imposed a breed-specific policy banning Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers and any mixed-breeds containing one or more of these breeds.
    There is no scientific basis for breed-specific policies, and no animal welfare organization in the country supports such policies. In addition to the American Kennel Club, breed-specific policies are opposed by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the National Animal Control Association, the National Animal Interest Alliance, and countless other well-regarded national organizations who have expertise in animal behavior and welfare. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the government agency responsible for compiling bite statistics, was part of a task force that issued a report on the fallacies of breed-specific legislation.

    95. Art Itself Designer Pet Dishes - Comments And Links
    animal welfare and Rescue Associations. For help with your animal welfareOrganization Fundraising 4 PAWS FUNDRAISING Other Cool Stuff
    Click here to go to Art Itself Home Page
    Designer Pet Dishes
    Comments and Links
    We appreciate your comments and suggestions. Please contact us below.
    If you would like an answer, please provide a return e-mail address.
    Art Itself
    P.O. Box 12397
    Denver, Colorado
    80212-0397 USA
    Email: Toll Free: (888) 600-WOOF
    Toll Free: (888) 600-9663 Voice: (303) 477-5423 Fax: (303) 477-6773 Comments: Thank you for visiting our website. Check out the cool websites below! Pet Product and Services Links: LOVELY PET ID TAGS engraves personalized Pet ID Tags for Your Pets. SUNDAY COLORS: The only store of its kind, Sunday Colors sells Bright and Cheery décor, apparel and gifts for dogs, cats, birds, small pets, reptiles and their humans. TAGS OF LUCK offers custom engraved Pet ID Tags PET ID TAGS from TAGXPRESS: America's finest Pet Tags Since 1972. Huge Selection of Brass, Aluminum, Plastic and Stainless. Unique Shapes, Fast Service, Secure Ordering. INDULGE YOUR PET STORE - AROMATHERAPY AND TREATS natural pet aromatherapy and homemade dog treats. Contest, articles and more. PAWSITIVELY GOURMET Treats So Good they'll make Your Owner Beg.

    96. The Pet Overpopulation Library
    animal welfare Board of Directors When boards stagnate nailing down boards- M Clifton. Responsible Breeding What is Responsible Breeding? .
    Sub Menu
    Articles by Bob Christiansen
    An Ideal Homeless Animal Management System

    Breakdowns in Community Homeless Animal Management

    A Template to Compute Your County Homeless Pet Problem

    Cat Licensing - A Clear and Present Danger to Cats
    12 Rules to Prepare for Pet Ownership

    Comes from research articles on relinquishment.
    Dysfunctional Pet Ownership Patterns

    A Need for "Pet Retention" Programs
    Common Misconceptions About Breeding
    Article List
    Save Our Strays USA Tour Summary Must Read: Read 2 Very Interesting Papers on The Philosophy of the No-Kill Movement The Killing Cure by Craig Brestrup "In the Name of Mercy" by Ed Duvin The Paper that started the No-Kill Movement Animal Shelter Management Priorities for Animal Welfare Organizations Breakdowns in Homeless Animal Management An Ideal Homeless Animal Management System Building Blocks for Success from San Francisco SPCA ... Eleven Trends Shaping the Future of Animal Sheltering Articles from Leading Australia Experts 5 papers on Urban Animal Management in Australia
  • Designing Community Education Programs to Promote Animal Welfare by Anne Hindle Pet Access and Urban Animal Management: Quality of Life and Public Amenity by K.M.McQuillan
  • 97. Animal Planet Radio -- Animal Planet -- Steve, Radio
    In addition, he worked with legislators and animal experts to write nonspecificbreed legislation. A champion of animal welfare, Steve Dale focuses on humane
    Steve Dale Receives AVMA Humane Award Schaumburg, IL American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) will honor Steve Dale, locally based, but nationally syndicated radio host and newspaper columnist, as the 2002 recipient of the AVMA Humane Award. A Tiffany sculpture and $500 monetary prize will be presented at a special general session, this Saturday, July 13 at the AVMA Annual Meeting held in Nashville, Tennessee. The AVMA Humane Award is the only AVMA award presented to a non-veterinarian. It recognizes exceptional compassion for animal welfare and humane efforts on behalf of animals. "Steve's efforts to accurately and professionally communicate animal health-care needs is truly appreciated by the AVMA, its members, and the pet owners they serve," said Dr. James H. Brandt, President of the AVMA. As a syndicated columnist and radio host, Dale touches the lives of millions of pet owners every day. His bi-weekly syndicated column, "My Pet World," is featured in more than 100 newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune The Detroit Free Press and The Atlanta Journal and Constitution.

    98. Washington DC Area Shelters And Rescue
    If you are interested in a specific breed, you should check these rescue associationsout before going to a breeder, and certainly before going to a pet store
    The listings below are for the all-breed shelters, humane societies and rescue leagues in the DC area, most of which have dogs posted on their site. Whenever possible, Lucky & Shelby have created an "adoption event" link for each site to take you straight to their page on local events that they host where you can go check out the doggies. Shelby requests that you please consider adopted an older dog. Shelby was 11 and was one day from being euthanized when she was adopted. She's almost 14 now and in excellent health, and has become the grand dame of Chevy Chase. Many dogs, with good care, can easily live well into the teens. It's the greatest feeling to know you've saved a nice senior citizen. Also, you always know that their wagging tail is completely sincere. If we've missed a local shelter or rescue organization, please email Lucky and Shelby Washington DC Area Breed Rescue The listings below are for the rescue associations in the DC area that specialize in specific breeds. Some may not be headquartered in the DC area, but have references for dogs that are being fostered in the DC area. In most cases we link you straight to their directory page where you can look up a local contact. Some of these rescue groups hold adoption events; we've created a link for these.

    99. Breed Rescue Groups
    Contact the national coordinator for dog rescue services for any of the breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club.
    Your browser does not support script SEARCH AKC Home document.write (''); document.write (''); A B C D ... Y
    These contacts can assist you with information about purebred rescue. If you are interested in breeder referral information, please go to our Breeder Search page . National Club rescue contacts are also listed in the results of a Breeder Search.

    100. The Voice For ~~Legislative Department~ Ohio Breed Specific Legislation
    CTRLD To Bookmark! Support Rescue and this site with Book Orders. The AnimalWelfare Act of 1966. SOUTH EUCLID OHIO SEEKS TO BAN PIT BULLS JUNE 4, 2001.
    Every day is one that is gone forever. Make sure you do something for someone else, especially those who cannot do for themselves. ~~unknown CTRL-D To Bookmark! Support Rescue and this site with Book Orders The Animal Welfare Act of 1966 SOUTH EUCLID OHIO SEEKS TO BAN PIT BULLS
    JUNE 4, 2001 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- PLEASE POST AND CROSS POST South Euclid Mayor John Kocevar introduced proposed legislation to ban several breeds of dogs inside city limits. The pending ordinance stems from neighbor complaints and fears about a resident who failed to confine his dog. The targeted breeds include the Staffordshire bull terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier and Presa Canario, as well as mixed breeds that appear to have an element of these breeds in their makeup. The ordinance will allow other vicious animals that are not considered 'pit bulls' to remain in the city. Family pets with no history of aggressive acts that are considered 'pit bulls' will be banned or risk an order of euthanasia by the court. A review of the last four years of animal bites data show no pit bull bites on record, and a positive trend of fewer animal bites each year.

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