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         Animal Welfare:     more books (99)
  1. Animal Welfare and Meat Production by N.G. Gregory, T Grandin, 2007-05-31
  2. Stress and Animal Welfare (Chapman and Hall Animal Behaviour) by D.M. Broom, K.G. Johnson, 1993-11-30
  3. The Longest Struggle: Animal Advocacy from Pythagoras to Peta by Norm Phelps, 2007-05-01
  4. Recognition and Alleviation of Pain in Laboratory Animals by Committee on Recognition and Alleviation of Pain in Laboratory Animals, National Research Council, 2009-12-15
  5. The Feminist Care Tradition in Animal Ethics
  6. Animal Welfare: Limping Towards Eden (UFAW Animal Welfare) by John Webster, 2005-05-09
  7. The Dominion of Love: Animal Rights According to the Bible by Norm Phelps, 2002-09-01
  8. Cruelty to Animals and Interpersonal Violence: Readings in Research and Application by Frank Ascione, 1998-02-01
  9. Rattling the Cage: Toward Legal Rights for Animals by Steven M. Wise, 2000-12
  10. The Animal Activist's Handbook: Maximizing Our Positive Impact in Today's World (Flashpoint (Lantern)) by Matt Ball, Bruce Friedrich, 2009-04-06
  11. Animals and Women: Feminist Theoretical Explorations
  12. God, Humans, and Animals: An Invitation to Enlarge Our Moral Universe by Robert N. Wennberg, 2002-12-11
  13. Working With Wildlife: A Guide to Careers in the Animal World (Science, College and Career Guidance) by Thane Maynard, 2000-03
  14. Animals Matter: A Biologist Explains Why We Should Treat Animals with Compassion and Respect by Marc Bekoff, 2007-11-13

61. PAWS Home Page
Original art by FatBabyNYC. Information design by Hypersea Media. © 1998Pet animal welfare Society of Connecticut, Inc. Legal Disclaimer.
PAWS is a nonprofit organization based in the Norwalk, Connecticut area dedicated to rescuing homeless animals and placing them in loving new homes.
Special Announcements
PETS OF THE WEEK Meet Sparky ; our dog of the week! This handsome young man will add some excitement to your life! Meet our Special Needs Cats ; our cats of the week! This group of cats are very special cats in need of very special homes!
Donate On-Line!

Helping pets in need is just a click away! PAWS is now able to accept on-line donations that will be billed to your credit card. It's safe, secure and a great way to help pets while in your pajamas!
Easter and Bunnies Don't Mix!

Easter time is drawing near. Soon the frenzy of people buying rabbits as gifts for children will start. Not long after that will start the frenzy of calls to PAWS from people looking to give up those adorable bunnies purchased just weeks or months before.
Local Brownie Troop Helps Pets in Need!

PAWS would like to send out a big round of Whisker Kisses and Tail Wags to the young ladies of Troop #327 in New Canaan, CT.
Wooden Nickels Add Up To Help PAWS Pets in Need!

62. Ministry Of Agriculture, Nature Management And Fisheries - Policy Theme Animal W
Finding solutions to animal welfare problems is no easy matter. AnimalWelfare Policy Memorandum (PDF-format, 68 Kb) (march 2002).
The welfare of animals was no issue until the late 1960s, when intensive livestock production developed. Ideas on how to keep animals rapidly changed. Awareness grew that animals were not created just for the benefit of man and that they have a value of their own. This intrinsic value is independent of the use an animal has for man.
Growing awareness of the intrinsic value of animals has led to a reconsideration of the manner in which animals are dealt with, farm animals as well as pets and zoo animals.
Finding solutions to animal welfare problems is no easy matter. Besides the animal’s there are other interests at stake. For example, a livestock keeper investing in animal welfare should keep an eye out for competition. And consumers compare prices when buying meat.
The improvement of animal welfare plays an important part in the policy developed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries. Animal Welfare - Policy Memorandum PDF -format, 68 Kb) (march 2002)

63. Tierschutz - Animal Welfare
Redaktioneller Hinweis:
Attention: Changing systematik,
if there is any link wrong or missing, or if you notice any other mistake,
please mail it to me:
Tierschutz bei Tierversuchen
Humane Research
Eine Sammlung internationaler Gesetze, Verordnungen, Vorschriften
The International Internet Collection of rules, regulations, recommendations
Allgemeine Hinweise - General Remarks
Those, who are interested in this server but are not firm in German may get translation aid by clicking here:

If you miss a link to your Internet pages, please give a hint to the editor where to find at the Internet: I'd be pleased to put a link on it. The same is true if you are finding mistakes - please tell me exactly the URL etc. !
Most of the links are derived from several discussion groups, especially COMPMED and VETPET - thanks to all people for their hints I got reading these groups! , die Sie in einem unserer Dokumente finden. Geben Sie uns dazu bitte immer die URL ( z.B. http://www. .....) der fehlerhaften Seite bzw. die eventuell erscheinende Fehleranzeige im Volltext an. Wenden Sie sich hierzu bitte via eMail an: Achtung - Attention Adobe Acrobat Reader Depending on the different servers it may be possible that you need for reading some links Adobe Acrobat Reader which you may obtain here: Adobe Acrobat Reader
1. Gesetzgebung, Verwaltungsvorschriften, Antragsvordrucke - Laws and Regulations

64. Animal Welfare
animal welfare. Observations made management. Places that have goodanimal welfare have a manager who cares about welfare. Places
Animal Welfare
Observations made on several hundred farms, ranches, feedlots, and slaughter plants indicates that the single most important factor which affects animal welfare is the attitude of management. Places that have good animal welfare have a manager who cares about welfare. Places where animal welfare is poor often have a manager who does not care. A good manager enforces standards to maintain good welfare. Employees are well trained and people who abuse animals are punished. I have observed that the most effective manager is involved enough in day to day operations to care but he or she is not so involved that they become numb and desensitized to animal suffering. People who handle hundreds of animals each day can become desensitized. They need a strong manager to serve as their conscience. Distress in Animals: Is it Fear, Pain, or Physical Distress?
Welfare in Slaughter Plants Improves

Dr.Grandin comments on Specific Animal Welfare Issues

Animal Welfare Is a Public Concern

65. The Animal Welfare Act & Ordinance
The animal welfare Act (1988534, as last amended by SFS 199856of February 19, 1998; extract). Scope of the Act Section 1 This
The Animal Welfare Act
(1988:534, as last amended by SFS 1998:56 of February 19, 1998; extract)
Scope of the Act

Section 1
This Act applies to the care and treatment of domestic animals. It also applies to other animals if they are kept in captivity or are used for any of the purposes referred to in section 19.
Basic provisions concerning animal management and treatment
Section 2
(1) Animals shall be treated well and shall be protected from unnecessary suffering and disease.
(2) Animals used for the purposes referred to in section 19 shall not be deemed to have been exposed to unnecessary suffering and disease where such use has been approved by an ethical committee on animal experiments.
Section 4
(1) Animals that are bred or kept for the production of food, wool, skins or furs, or for any of the purposes referred to in section 19 or for use in sporting events, shall be accommodated and handled in an environment that is appropriate for animals and in such a way as to promote their health and permit natural behaviour. Use of animals for scientific purposes, etc.

66. Farm Animal Welfare Network:
Farm animal welfare Network Incorporating Chickens' Lib. Compassion in WorldFarming. Animal Aid a society in the UK campaigning for animal welfare.
web hosting domain names email addresses related sites Farm Animal Welfare Network: Incorporating Chickens' Lib. Since the Second World War billions of farm animals (including the dairy cow) have been forced into systems which take no account of their behavioural needs. The result has been terrible suffering on a massive scale. In a bid for cheap meat and eggs, millions of chickens, turkeys and other birds have been forced into the windowless sheds (pictured on the right; photo courtesty of Chris James we now see disfiguring Britain. Cattle, pigs and sheep too, have fallen victim to the quest for increased yields, and profits. We hope that the information contained in this website will be of interest. Many marketing strategies aim to deceive the consumer - and succeed in doing so ! It is vital that the true conditions endured by so many victims of food production are better understood. Today's Farm Animals - The Inside Story - Visit the links below to learn about the conditions these types of farm animals are expected to endure, and how factory farming methods threaten human health:

67. Lakefield Animal Welfare Society
Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the safety and well being and ensuring the humane treatmen Category Society Organizations North America Canada Ontario......The Lakefield animal welfare Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated topromoting the safety, well being and humane treatment of companion and feral

68. Manila Conference On Animal Welfare
International conference for the protection and welfare of animals located in the Philippines.Category Society Issues animal welfare Animal Rights Activism...... The Manila Conference on animal welfare. The Manila Conference on animal welfareis hosted by the Department of Agriculture of the Republic of the Philippines.
Organizing Committee Convention Secretariat Convention Programme Convention Abstracts Convention Site Speakers Sponsors The Philippines Tours Contact Us Register
The Manila Conference on Animal Welfare
The Manila Conference on Animal Welfare is hosted by the Department of Agriculture of the Republic of the Philippines. The Conference shall bring together all of the nations of the world who share interests in animal welfare and protection in order to identify key areas in which progress can be made to further their common concerns. One of the objectives of the Manila Conference is to agree to a Declaration for the Welfare of Animals. The Conference shall give delegates opportunities to hear presentations on how animal welfare is implemented in different territories around the world. It is hoped that the Conference and any succeeding activities shall establish universal principles or concepts which may serve as the underpinning of national legislation and action in animal welfare. The Manila Conference on Animal Welfare will be held in March 25-26, 2003

69. QC Animal Welfare Center, Homepage
An index of all pages available on the Quad City AnimalWelfare Center nokill animal shelter web site.

70. Humane Society And Animal Welfare Ring Home Page Has Moved!
The Humane Society and animal welfare Ring home page has moved to http// update your links and bookmarks as appropriate.
The Humane Society and Animal Welfare Ring home page has moved to:
Please update your links and bookmarks as appropriate. Thank you!

71. Animal Welfare Trust - Home Page
Devoted to promoting the well being of the animal community. Offers grants to organizations whose Category Society Philanthropy animal welfare......Founded in January of 2001, animal welfare TRUST operates as a 501(C)(3) privateoperating foundation devoted to promoting the well being of the animal
Founded in January of 2001, ANIMAL WELFARE TRUST operates as a 501(C)(3) private operating foundation devoted to promoting the well being of the animal community. Among our guiding values is the belief that animals have rights to experience a life of respect, free from unnecessary suffering.
Mail address
Animal Welfare Trust
Post Office Box 737
Mamaroneck, New York 10543 Office address
Animal Welfare Trust
141 Halstead Avenue, Suite 201
Mamaroneck, New York, 10543
Telephone: 914 381 6177
Fax: 914 381 6176 ABOUT US
2002 SUMMARY 2002 Grants ... The Foundation Center

72. Animal Welfare Programs, UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Extension
Goat Care Practices (PDF 720K, 30pp) The booklet, edited by Carolyn Stull, VeterinaryMedicine Cooperative Extension animal welfare specialist, and Ria De
Some of the information below may be provided as Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) files, which preserve the original document formatting and can be read and printed using Acrobat Reader. Download the free Acrobat Reader (available for PC, Macintosh and other platforms) from Adobe New:
Goat Care Practices (PDF: 720K, 30pp)
The booklet, edited by Carolyn Stull, Veterinary Medicine Cooperative Extension animal welfare specialist, and Ria De Grassi, director of national affairs for the California Farm Bureau Federation, is a joint publication of UC Cooperative Extension, goat industry representatives, and the UC Davis Department of Animal Science and School of Veterinary Medicine. See for the series of eight publications on animal care practices related to food animal production in California. Catastrophic accidents and illness affecting animals can happen at any time. Two new booklets by Pam Hullinger, DVM, California Department of Food and Agriculture, and Carolyn Stull, PhD, Veterinary Medicine Extension, UC Davis, offer a summary of the cu rrent, best practices for providing a humane death for horses, sheep and goats in the absence of a veterinarian: The Emergency Euthanasia of Horses
November 1999

November 1999
DANR Guide to Disaster Preparedness Resources
Provides information about how to develop successful strategies for livestock and pet safety, evacuation and care during emerg encies.

73. Companion Animal Welfare Council
Conducts and publishes independent studies into the welfare, care and treatment of companion animals Category Regional Europe Society and Culture animal welfare......Veiled Chameleon, Blue and Gold Macaw, Domestic Rat. Click to enter site,

74. Buddhist Resources On Vegetarianism And Animal Welfare
Buddhist information about vegetarianism and animal welfare. Includes both doctrinal and practical Category Society Lifestyle Choices Religious Viewpoints Buddhist......Buddhist information about vegetarianism and animal welfare. Includes BuddhistResources on Vegetarianism and animal welfare Compiled
Buddhist Resources on Vegetarianism
and Animal Welfare Compiled by Ron Epstein
Philosophy Department
San Francisco State University
Please send all suggestions and corrections to
  • Buddhism and Vegetarianism Buddhist Scriptures on Vegetarianism Essays on Buddhism and Vegetarianism Vegetarian Resources ... Additional Readings
  • Buddhism and Vegetarianism Buddhist Scriptures on Vegetarianism
    • From the Shurangama Sutra From the Lankavatara Sutra (coming soon) "On Stopping Killing!" by the Great Master Lianchi Zhuhung "On Not Eating Meat" from the Siksa-Samuccaya compiled by Santideva From Bhavanakrama by Kamalashila: "Yogis should at all times avoid fish, meat, and so forth, should eat with moderation, and avoid foods that are not conducive to health." ( Stages of Meditation , p. 100)
    Essays on Buddhism and Vegetarianism

    75. - Animal Welfare
    Animal rights vs. animal welfare, animal welfare standards, publications and life on the ranch. From Category Society Issues Entertainment Circuses and Rodeos......Home animal welfare, PRCA animal welfare Guidelines Set Standardsfor Rodeo. Members of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association
    Home Animal Welfare
    PRCA Animal Welfare Guidelines Set Standards for Rodeo
    Members of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association believe, as do most people, that animals should be treated humanely. The PRCA staunchly protects its animals with rules designed to insure proper care and treatment. More than 60 rules and regulations that govern all aspects of care, treatment, travel and competition are a part of the PRCA’s animal welfare program. A veterinarian is required to be on-site at all PRCA rodeo performances and sections of slack. The PRCA publishes factual information regarding humane treatment of rodeo livestock. In addition, the PRCA has educational information available to schools, 4-H and FFA clubs, rodeo committees and others interested in learning more about the PRCA and the animals involved. [Top of page] Home Today Store ... Contact Us

    76. CAAWS Index Page
    Photos and descriptions of dogs and cats in need of homes. Pictures from the annual Krewe of Mutts Category Society Organizations United States Louisiana......The Capital Area animal welfare Society (CAAWS), of Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA, is aprivate, nonprofit organization devoted to the prevention of animal suffering.

    Adoption Programs Visit Our Cats Visit Our Dogs ...
    CAAWS 6357 Quinn Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70817

    Visit our Pet Adoption center for detailed information on adopting a dog or cat in need of a home. All our foster animals are spayed or neutered. Unaltered animals released by their owner will come with a certificate for pre-paid sterilization.
    Check out our Dogs or Cats online. Once you have found some dogs or cats that interest you, come in and our trained counselors will complete the perfect match between adopter and their new pet. We are open every Saturday from 10:00 to 2:00 for adoptions. We get new animals each week, so please come visit us. Here's the Map
    Choose a dog or cat to become your personal friend. By sponsoring an animal CAAWS will keep you updated on their status.
    There are many folks who have told us "I'd love to help but I don't have the room for a dog" or "I'm allergic to cats. I wish there was a way I can help one of these animals!" Well, now there's a way!! Just look at the photos of the animals that are in need of foster homes, choose one that you would like to help and select the levelfrom $10/mo. on up.
    You can use the online payment or you can print out the form and return it to us with your check (you can pay monthly or for the year). If paying monthly, please note the animal's name on your check. After processing we will send you a certificate and photo (at indicated level). Also, feel free to purchase treats/toys for your "Best Buddy". We're sure they would love that.

    77. Ananova - News - Animal Welfare
    Constantly updated UK and world headline news about animal welfare.Category Society Issues animal welfare News and Media...... animal welfare. Hunters 'breeding foxes in manmade earths' Anti-huntcampaigners claim they have uncovered new evidence linking Welfare

    78. VA PAWS: Virginia Partnership For Animal Welfare & Support
    VA PAWS is a nonprofit organization in southwestern Virginia working to end the inhumane treatment of animals through education, legislation, and animal rescue.
    March 21, 2003

    VA PAWS's March meeting has been moved to the
    new County Administration Building on Roanoke St.,
    The large brick building just after the Custard Corner.
    It will be held in the Multipurpose Room on the 1st floor,
    at 6:30pm on Monday 3/24/03.
    If you need better directions, call 651-4530 or 382-8796w.
    There is a board of supervisors meeting that night,
    so you may not be able to park next to the entrance. Sterilizations Facilitated by VA PAWS
    in 2002 DOG DOG CAT CAT Counties / Cities Totals Male Female Male Female Montgomery Floyd Giles Pulaski Radford Craig Carrol Salem TOTAL VA PAWS is happy to announce that the Angels of Assisi Spay Shuttle , will be coming to the Christiansburg Kroger's parking lot on a weekly schedule. The Shuttle offers Humane Organizations and individuals the opportunity to obtain low cost sterilization for pets. Assisi's toll free number is 1-888-661-1113 To schedule appointments in the New River Valley or for info on VA PAWS Spay/Neuter Program

    79. Farm Animal Welfare The Power Struggle
    The struggle between the differing interests of consumers, farm animals, farmers, retailers, media, Category Society Issues animal welfare Farming......Farm animal welfare Rights The Power Struggle between differing perspectives,beliefs interests. Farm animal welfare the Power Struggle!
    Home Search
    Farm Animal Welfare: the Power Struggle!
    what do they want, how will they get it?
    • Consumers
    • Farm Animals
    • Farmers
    • Food Retailers ...
      Your Views?
    • Consumers
      cheap plentiful meat to eat with a clear conscience!
    • voting power
    • purchasing power
    • complaining power
      possible weaknesses
    • easily mislead by marketing
    • easily mislead by media
    • opportunities
    • willingness to pay more for high wefare meat!
    • dangers faced
    • hypocrisy: supporting high welfare but buying cheap low welfare meat
    • Farm Animals
    • to live!
    • to suffer no more than necessary e.g. what humans experience
    • possible weaknesses
    • opportunities
    • to get better care by people meeting our needs as well as their own!
      dangers faced
    • spread of vegetarianism may deny us life
    • a lifestyle determined by ignorant, impoverished, insensitive or unhappy people
    • enjoy an occupation of raising livestock
    • strengths
    • practical experience of livestock needs
    • practical experience of economic realities
      possible weaknesses
    • financial desperation: low margins over costs
    • insensitivity to ethical needs of consumers
    • insensitivity to welfare needs of livestock
    • rejecting concerns of welfarists (= customers or speak to customers)
    • communicate their situation more effectively to consumers
    • dangers faced
    • increased costs of high welfare farming
    • insensitivity to animal suffering: "familiarity breeds contempt"
    • reduced income from alienating consumers
    • competition from global trade
    • Food Retailers
    • enjoy the occupation of food retailing
    • increase revenue from meat sales

    80. St. Mary's Animal Welfare League, Maryland
    Welcome to the St. Mary's animal welfare League PO Box 160 Hollywood, MD 20636(301373-5659) The St. Mary's animal welfare League.
    About SMAWL
    Spring 2002 Newsletter
    (Requires Acrobat Reader)
    Rescue/Adoption Center
    License Plates
    Welcome to the St. Mary's Animal Welfare League

    P.O. Box 160 Hollywood, MD 20636 (301-373-5659)

    The St. Mary's Animal Welfare League (SMAWL) is dedicated to protecting the welfare of all animals. We are located in St. Mary's County, Maryland. Some of our current efforts include Rabies Clinics spay/neuter programs , and the building of a local animal shelter within the county.
    Raffle Tickets
    Raffle Tickets - Win 2 tickets to the Pontiac Excitement 400 on May 3, 2003 at the Richmond International Raceway valued at $160.00. Raffle Tickets are only $10 each.
    More Information and download tickets
    or call 301-373-8459. Please mail completed tickets to SMAWL PO Box 160 Hollywood, MD 20636 Attn:Raffle Tickets. Tickets must be postmarked by April 15th. Pet Memorial Bricks SMAWL now has hand painted pet memorial bricks available for purchase. St. Mary's Animal Welfare League Rescue/Adoption Center at Summerseat Sanctuary About to Become a Reality Everyone's hard work is about to become a reality. As with many worthwhile things, it's just a first step, but it's a very big one indeed.

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