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         Animals Dinosaur Activities:     more books (100)
  1. Dinosaur Activity Playbook for 5 Year Olds (Animal Funtime)
  2. Dinosaur (Jane Bull Sticker Activity Bk) by Jane Bull, 2005-07-04
  3. Dinosaurs (Seriously Silly Activities) by Nikalas Catlow, Tim Wesson, et all 2010-07-05
  4. Giant Activity Books I Love Dinosaurs (Let's Go Green) by Roger Priddy, 2010-01-05
  5. Janice VanCleave's Dinosaurs for Every Kid: Easy Activities that Make Learning Science Fun (Science for Every Kid Series) by Janice VanCleave, 1994-02
  6. Dino Fun Activity Pack by Roger Priddy, 2007-09-04
  7. Glow-in-the-Dark Dinosaurs Stickers (Dover Little Activity Books) by A. G. Smith, 2006-07-11
  8. Little Dinosaur ABC Coloring Book (Dover Little Activity Books) by Winky Adam, 1998-06-15
  9. Dinosaur Activity Book by Earl and Bonita Snellenberger, 2008-02-29
  10. My First Dinosaur Activity Book (Activity Books) by Claire Henley, 1991-07-19
  11. Dinosaur Activity Fun Pack by Roger Priddy, 2001-07-07
  12. Dinosaurs Activities Dover Chunky Book by Dover, 2009-06-22
  13. God's Dinosaurs: An Activity Book All About Colors by Earl Snellenberger, Bonita Snellenberger, 1993-10
  14. Walt Disney Pictures Presents Dinosaur Activity Kit (Fun Kit)

21. Dinosaur Science Activities-Mrs. Bee's Busy Classroom
80 oS and 20 oW (Antarctica) dinosaur Data Research several dinosaurs and find Period,Jurassic Period, and the Cretaceous Period and what animals and plants
Dinosaurs are thought to have been reptiles. Begin the theme by introducing and discussing the characteristics of modern- day reptiles such as turtles, snakes and lizards. Have a pet lizard in class.
Living Fossils
Some creatures have survived to the present day, almost unchanged since dinosaur times. They are called "living fossils". Can you find the names of some living fossils?
(Tuatara-land creature of New Zealand, Sting Ray-sea creature of the tropics, Horseshoe Crab-sea creature of eastern coasts, Asia and North America,Scorpion-land creature of the tropics,Galapagos Tortoise- land creature of Galapagos Islands, Komodo Dragon-land creature of Indonesia, Lungfish-water creature of the tropics, Dragonfly-flying creature found worldwide, Coelacanth- sea creature of the Indian Ocean, and Gavial-land and water creature of northern India)
Herbivores and Carnivores

Find out what herbivore and carnivore mean.List some dinosaurs that would fit into each category.Then add some present day animals that would fit into each category. What do you call a creature that would eat items from both categories?
Fossil Find
Bone up on map skills with this latitude and longitude activity. Use a bone pattern to make 10 cut-out bones. Number and label each with a latitude and longitude direction. Post on a bulletin board around a world map. During free time, students use the map to identify the country and continent of each fossil bone. Share correct answers at the end of the week.

22. Dinosaur
outside (brances, leaves, etc.) and also did plastic animals. activity ideas (ourclass is the dinosaur Room), but also has a website that has activities and a
Places To Find Dino Ideas!! Awesome Products To Enhance Your Dino Theme Great Books Awesome Links To Free Lessons, Activity Sheets, and More My Hodge Podge Compiled File on Dino Theme ...
An Amazing World of Dinosaurs Puzzle

Travel back through time with this wonderful puzzle and discover An Amazing World of Dinosaurs. Choose your favorite true-to-life, prehistoric creature, then turn the piece over and discover its name, how big it was, when it roamed the earth and where it lived. If you love dinosaurs, enjoy a challenge, or treasure beauty, you will love An Amazing World of Dinosaurs. This would make a great free time center. Dinosaurs Craft Kit
Promotes open-ended play within a themed environment, there is no wrong way to construct, if you can think it you can make it.
Dinosaur Egg Hunt

You're familiar with the movie toy tie-in; this may be the first magazine toy tie-in. National Geographic uses an article (reproduced in the kit) on the discovery of fossilized dinosaur eggs to guide kids on their own dino egg hunt. A replica of a 10-inch therizinosaur egg comes with a plastic mallet, chisel, fine brush, and (needed) safety goggles.
Triceratops Kit

Styracosaurus Kit

Brachiosaurus Kit

Dinosaurs of the Jurassic Age and Other Periods - Interactive Fun Pak
... An Alphabet of Dinosaurs Gr. 2-4. Using the alphabet as an arbitrary device, this book introduces 26 dinosaurs through brief, informative text and two kinds of artwork. The striking jacket illustration features two shocking pink, tooth-and-claw dinosaurs leaping at each other against a background of orange smoke billowing from an erupting volcano. Barlowe, the author-illustrator of Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials and creator of numerous sf book jackets, will certainly draw readers to the book with his dramatic

23. Science Sites
fun. Parc Safari Test your knowledg of animals at this site. dinos. Dinolist'o'linksListing of dinosaur links and activities. dinosaur
Science Sites Animals The Birmingham Zoo Fabulous site for learning about animals! Great pictures! Has a child-friendly search engine. ZooNet Image Archives Tons of animal pictures can be found at this site. Also has links to other animal sites. The Electronic Zoo Another good animal site. Primate Gallery Features a primate of the week. You can even hear primate calls! The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens Check out their games and activities section! The San Diego Zoo This famous zoo can now be visited online! African Primates at Home Images, sounds, information...learn all about African primates at this site! The Bear Den Excellent award-winning site. Make sure you check out the Cubs' Den for kids. Endangered Species Images Beautiful photographs of over 60 endangered animals. The Wild Ones This is a fabulous site where students can learn about animals. Herp Pictures Looking for pictures of reptiles and amphibians? This page has tons of them! Froggy Page According to the authors, "This page is home to all kinds of virtual frogginess." Koala's Page Very informative page on one of the world's most favorite animals.

24. KinderStart - Learning Activities And Crafts : Dinosaurs
Ages 26)related to dinosaurs extinct animals. Free printable crafts, printableactivities coloring pages with Site; Fossil Zone Build a dinosaur out of
KinderStart Alta Vista Ask Jeeves Excite Google HotBot GO LookSmart Lycos Webcrawler Adoption Animal Friends Bringing Home Baby Child Development ... Learning Activities and Crafts : Dinosaurs
Web Pages

The following links are in English

25. KinderStart - Learning Activities And Crafts : Animals/Mammals/Birds
Printable crafts, printable activities, coloring pages and more Forest animals Allabout the animals that live in Site; Hatching the Past dinosaur EGGS Focusing
KinderStart Alta Vista Ask Jeeves Excite Google HotBot GO LookSmart Lycos Webcrawler Adoption Animal Friends Bringing Home Baby Child Development ... Learning Activities and Crafts : Animals/Mammals/Birds
Web Pages

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26. Activities/Games Language Arts Winnie The Pooh Painting Billy
AAA Math activities; Using Money The Change Maker. Science. Holidays. CelebrateEarth Day; Take the animals Home; dinosaur activities; More dinosaur activities;
First Grade
Site Pages
Activities Language Arts
Online Stories BOOK ADVENTURE Pick a Word Search to try: Now for some other Language Activities:

27. Education Planet Environment,Animals,Prehistoric Animals,Dinosaurs Lesson Plans
birds, fish, snakes, frogs, turtles, insects, endangered and extinct animals, dinosaur Thereare lesson plans, lab activities, field trip ideas, and more.
Apr. 03, 2003 05:57 PST
Search top educational sites, lessons, supplies and more! Membership Log In User Name: Password: Education Planet -
TelCom Services Teachers - Receive a second year of Lesson Planet for FREE! ... by choosing our Smart Saver Long Distance Program Top Sites this Week Science: Middle School Physical Science Resource Center Math: Project Interactive Social Science: America at War - Time for Kids Language Arts: International Children's Digital Library Project: Stay Safe Online Lesson Plan: from the Department of Homeland Security Top Sites Archives Educational News Schools Seek to Reassure in Wartime Special Education May Get Overhaul Make-A-Wish Foundation Helps Sick Student Go to College
Found websites and other resources for ' dinosaurs. Lesson Plans Books Software Map ... Videos More 'dinosaurs' books Supplies Online Courses Category matches for: ' dinosaurs Home/Environment/Animals/Prehistoric Animals Dinosaurs (157) Home/Science and Engineering/Earth Sciences/Paleontology Dinosaurs (170) Home Environment Animals ... Dinosaurs Web Sites (1-10 of 109): Dinosaurs - Education Planet Curriculum Corner Guide - Dinosaurs! Generations of children have been captivated by these monstrous creatures, despite the fact that they completely vanished 65 million years ago. Adult dinosaur-hunters spend years digging in the dirt in a painstaking effort to piece together th...

28. Early Childhood
This includes information on dinosaurs, dinosaur crafts and lots of otherdinosaur activities. All about Farm animals. The theme is farm animals.

29. The Wild Place At The Richland County Public Library
dinosaurs. You will also find dinosaur games, jokes and activities.(Elementary and up). Back to Top. Endangered animals. Endangered
Dinosaurs Endangered Animals General
Bone up on your dinosaur facts at this great site. It clears up some common misunderstandings about dinos, breaks down facts by eras and includes a glossary and information on the fossil record. (Upper Elementary and up)
Discovering Dinosaurs

Developed by Encyclopedia Britannica, this site looks at how our views on dinosaurs have changed through time. (Elementary and up)
Walking with Dinosaurs

This site not only has a lot of great information from the BBC, but also fun activities including dinosaur email postcards you can send. (Upper Elementary and up)
Zoom Dinosaurs

Here you will find general information as well as an alphabetical guide to many kinds of dinosaurs. You will also find dinosaur games, jokes and activities. (Elementary and up) Back to Top
Endangered Animals
This American Museum of Natural History site has great information and photos of endangered animals and habitats. Also helpful are the definitions of words related to endangered animals and information on the Endangered Species Act. (Upper Elementary and up)
Endangered Species of the Next Millennium

Ever wonder what causes an animal to become extinct? This site explores why and how animals become endangered. You will also find a list of endangered animals, photos, quotes and more. (Upper Elementary and up)

30. Kids Sites Science
on experiments for kids and classrooms DK Kids dinosaur hunter; activities from World science;learn about recycling, plants and animals Family Explorer

31. Goody Bags And Childrens Party Activities Kids Loot Treat Bags Fun Stuff All Age
Fun Wizard (Harry Potter), Dalmatians Jungle animals Circus Clowns Under The SeaFarm animals Pirates Out In Space Old West Sports dinosaur Discovery Buggin

32. School Group Visits: Life Science Classes
dinosaur activities –Fossil rubbings, dinosaur feet/claws and dinosaur feet/clawsand use the dinosaur Hunt software to find out more about these animals.
Teacher Resources
Observatory Planetarium Youth Teacher ... Teacher Research Center /td>
Life Science Classes
Fossils: Uncovering Clues from the Past Grade 3-5* Was there life on ancient Mars? Could a Mars meteorite reveal anything about Mars’ past? What are some clues that have helped us unravel Earth’s ancient past? Explore some fossil replicas to reveal clues to our past. As teams of paleontologists, we will examine some of the most common fossil evidence using a key to identify each piece. Other activities might include: solving a dinosaur fossil mystery by creating and assembling detailed rubbings of the skeletal structures of velociraptor, triceratops and tyrannosaurus rex, go on an exciting computer simulated tour of a dinosaur museum to learn some of the latest findings about these fascinating animals, examine a geologic timeline, and compare replicas of dinosaur feet/claws. *Note that there are no listed standards for grade 5 but references to fossils reappears once again at grade 7. Vocabulary: ammonite fossil mold triceratops cast geology plaster trilobite cave bear magnifier rubbing tyrannosaurus rex clam meteorite shark velociraptor dinosaur microbe timeline Series of Possible Activities:
  • Introduction – Show Mars meteorite picture. What do you notice? Point out the wormlike shape and introduce the term fossil. Briefly discuss the definition of a fossil.

33. Great Asian Dinosaurs - School Tours - Beginner Activities
Beginner activities Before Your Visit. dinosaur A group of large reptiles thatdied a long time ago. Extinct animals or plants that don't exist anymore.
Exhibition Information Exhibition Tour School Tours ROM Dinosaur Hunters ... ROM Dinosaur Gallery School Tours Elementary Curriculum Secondary Curriculum Beginner Activities Intermediate Activities ... Related Website Links Beginner Activities: Before Your Visit 1. Where We're Going If this is your first trip to a museum, you could discuss what a museum is. If you wish, you could discuss the various collections on display at The Royal Ontario Museum by checking out our homepage, You could also read Franklin's Class Trip by Paulette Bourgeois, Sharon Jennings and Brenda Clark. Vocabulary Dinosaur: A group of large reptiles that died a long time ago.
Reptile: An animal that has scales or horny plates, breathes air with lungs and generally lays eggs. Snakes, turtles, crocodiles and lizards are reptiles. Extinct: Animals or plants that don't exist anymore. Dinosaurs are extinct. Fossil: The remains of animals or plants, preserved in rock. Fossils offer proof that plants and animals lived in prehistoric times.
Mammal: An animal that has hair or fur and generally gives birth to live young.

34. MT KIDS: Plants & Animals - Dinosaurs
Jack Horner (Travel Montana) Montana dinosaur activities (Travel Montana) Montanadinosaurs (Travel Montana). animals Plants dinosaurs Fish . Picture Rule.

activities in the classroom with the students as part of the dinosaur unit. Usethe felt board and prehistoric animals to review the ways that prehistoric
DINOSAUR UNIT WRITING ACTIVITIES Activity 1: Preparing to Write to the Project Exploration Team Chicago Area Standards: State Goal 3: CAS A: Produce documents and other written works that adhere to Standard English convention. CAS B: Write with focus, coherence, and clarity. State Goal 4: CAS C: Speak clearly and coherently in formal and informal settings. State Goal 5: CAS A: Conduct basic research using a variety of technological tools and research. State Goal 17: CAS B: use maps, globes, graphs, photographs, other geographic tools, and technology to acquire, process and report information about Chicago and places and regions . . . Lesson Objective: The students will read about the features of a desert and dinosaurs, and will touch and manipulate objects from a desert and objects that relate to the research being done by Project Exploration. The students will respond to the readings and the discussion by writing and drawing. The students will formulate questions working with their parents. They will write letters to the Project Exploration team in the field in Niger which contain these questions and will report to the class when they receive their answers. Materials: journals, copies of the

36. Dinosaurs
of Mesozoic animals including dinosaurs. You will need to install plugin softwareto run the clips. The Activity guide has several K-12 dinosaur activities
Dinosaur Web Sites
Dinosauria . University of California Museum of Paleontology. An excellent starting point for everything you want to know about dinosaurs. Provides information on dinosaurs and other aspects of paleontology, dinosaur art and models, Dino Buzz, which discusses hot topics in dinosaurs, award-winning pages on dinosaur phylogentic systematics (evolutionary organization), links to virtual museum tours of dinosaurs, and links to other dinosaur sites. Royal Tyrell Museum , Alberta, Canada. Provides excellent images of dinosaur skeletons from their museum, which houses one of the best collections of dinosaur skeletons in the world, with excellent summaries of various dinosaur species. At times connections to this site are slow. Dino Russ's Lair . A service of the Illinois State Geological Survey Educational Extension Unit. If you want to find out about dinosaur bones being found out west by paleontologists from Illinois, join Russ on a virtual field trip. This site contains well-organized and evaluated descriptions of links concerning Dinosaur Art, Dinosaur Digs, Dinosaur Eggs, Dinosaur Exhibits, Dinosaur Information, and Locations and Sites to Visit. Learning from the Fossil Record , Paleontological Society. An excellent resource. Provides more than 20 classroom activities about fossils and earth history, and has a National Science Standard Matrix with web links to more than 30 classroom activities, which demonstrate various aspects of the National Science Standards and are categorized by appropriate grade content. Activities about climate, dinosaurs, Earth history, fossils, and plate tectonics are just some of the topics offered.

37. Dinosaur Lesson Plans, Activities And Clipart
Science,history, plants, flowers, animals, maps, music, space time line, craft questionsto a dinosaur expert http //
Home Worksheets Links for Kids Arts ...

A Great Site to find school related clipart.

Over 20,000 pictures, illustration, clipart and images to download!!
Dinosaurs ...
and lots more!!!

Don't miss out!!
Great School
Multimedia CD's
School Special - 4,000 Clipart images only 10.95 Sites for Kids CyberSleuth Top sites ranked by popularity Stay up-to-date! Sign up for our mailing list Webquests CyberGuides WorkSheets Teacher Productivity Tools Create teacher productivity tools in just minutes Lab Tool WebQuest Tool Weekly Assignments Certificate Maker Timeline Maker Coming Soon!!!

38. Funsteps To Learning: Sample Curriculum - Dinosaur Days
Concepts To Teach dinosaurs are animals that lived millions of years ago. Setup learning center areas with dinosaur activities of various kinds, such as
Funsteps To Learning: Sample Curriculum
Funsteps Day 1
Unit: Dinosaur Days
Concepts To Teach
  • Dinosaurs are animals that lived millions of years ago. There are no dinosaurs on the earth today. Scientists have made many discoveries about dinosaurs by studying their fossils. Dinosaurs were many sizes. Some were as small as chickens. Others were giants as big as three or four-story buildings. All dinosaurs were hatched from eggs. Some dinosaurs were meat-eaters. Some dinosaurs were plant-eaters. Some dinosaurs lived on land and other dinosaurs were swimmers or flyers.
Preparing For The Unit
  • Display pictures of dinosaurs throughout your facility. Set up learning center areas with dinosaur activities of various kinds, such as dinosaur puzzles, dinosaur games, toy dinosaurs, dinosaur activity books, and dinosaur coloring books. Use your library media center as a resource for films about dinosaurs appropriate for preschool age children. Set up a learning center area with picture books about dinosaurs of various kinds, for the children to look at. Take the children on a field trip to a science museum that has a display about dinosaurs, so the children can get a better understanding of the actual size of dinosaurs. Perhaps they will also be able to see some dinosaur fossils or fossil prints.

39. Animals
dinosaurs Wildlife Other animals Zoos . tour DeinonychusThe Terrible Claw-Universityof Michigan Museum of Natural History Kid's dinosaur activities-Create-a

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GENERAL CLASSROOM HELP Monthly Activity Calendars Web Tips for Children (and Educators) How to Write a Great Dinosaur Report Rubric for Assessing Animal Reports ILLUSTRATED
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