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         Animals Dinosaur Activities:     more books (100)
  1. Dinosaur (Activity Pack)
  2. The Trachanoids Coloring and Activity Book by James J. Fitl, 2009-11-25
  3. The Trachanoids Trading Card Game and Activity Pack by James J. Fitl, 2009-11-25
  4. Dino Trackers (High Q Science Activity Books) by Jay Johnson, 1999-02
  5. Dinosaurs Sing Along Activity Book with CD: Songs That Teach Dinosaurs (Sing Along Activity Books) by Kim Mitzo Thompson, 2006-07-01
  6. So... What Color Were The Dinosaurs, Anyway? by Denise M. Oliansky, 2002-02
  7. Dinosaurs Nature Activity Book: Educational Games & Activities for Kids of All Ages (Children's Nature Activity Books) by James Kavanagh, 2004-12-01
  8. Crunch Munch Dinosaur Lunch! by Paul Bright, 2010-06
  9. Clip Board Activity Kit: Dinosaurs: Coloring and Activity by DK Publishing, 2007-12-03
  10. My Giant Sticker Activity Book Dinosaurs
  11. Little & Large Sticker Activity Series--Dinosaurs (Little & Large Sticker Activity Series) by Various, 2008-11-25
  12. Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals: Vinyl Sticker Book (Vinyl stickers 1) by John Malcolm, 1991-05-01
  13. Discover Dinosaurs: A Carnegie Activity Book by Jessica Esslinger, 1994-03-01
  14. Sticker Activity Fierce Dinosaurs

41. SDNHM: Teacher's Guide
Postvisit activities. Part A dinosaur Field Study. What evidence do we have?How do we communicate today? What other ways do animals communicate?

Exhibit Highlights Dinosaur Unit Outline and Standards Correlations Dinosaur Background ... Museum Visit Worksheet B Post-visit Activities Answers References Post-visit Activities Part A
Dinosaur Field Study
Summarize the data you and your classmates have collected on various dinosaurs.
Do the characteristics of predatory dinosaurs differ from those of prey dinosaurs?
What are the characteristics of each?
How do bird-hipped dinosaurs differ from lizard-hipped dinosaurs?
Could you form groups using characteristics other than hip-bones? Part B
Section I
How Do We Know
  • Communication
    How did dinosaurs communicate?
    What evidence do we have? How do we communicate today? What other ways do animals communicate?
  • Fossils What things can you learn from fossils? What can you infer from studying fossils? What can't you learn from fossils?
Sections II, III, IV Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous Periods
  • Compare the three time periods (Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous). What position were the continents in during each time period? Note the topography (mountains, seas etc.) during each period.

42. Dinosaurs - Lesson 1
turtles and whales look in many ways similar to animals that lived List of Appendicesand activities for this Lesson. Appendix A dinosaur Thumbprint dinosaurs
Lesson 1: Long Ago
BIG IDEAS: Dinosaurs existed many years ago; we have found their bonds. Zero is the number that tells how many dinosaurs exist today.
Whole Group Activities
  • Book: The Day of the Dinosaur
  • Various books on dinosaurs and prehistoric times for the Library Center
  • Playdough, colors, markers, paints at the Art Center
  • Dinosaur books that have been taped at the Listening Center
  • Plastic dinosaurs, two of each kind, and sorting trays for the Science Center
  • Large cardboard or poster board to make a wall mural of prehistoric times
  • Word tags to show during shared reading and then placed in the Writing Center: long ago; small; large; smallest; largest; zero, and numeral card with
Encountering the Idea
Exploring the Idea

Getting the Idea
Organizing the Idea ... List of Activities for this Lesson
Encountering the Idea
With the children seated on the floor so that all can see the illustrations and print, talk about the book, The Day of the Dinosaur. Ask the children if they can tell what the story is about. Read the story and show the illustrations to the children, sharing your reactions. Talk about time and size concepts.

43. Dinosaurs - Lesson 6
Whole Group activities. eggs; For the Art Center silhouettes of a baby dinosaur forstuffing Center a set of laminated, magazine pictures of animals and reptiles
Lesson 6: The Dinosaur's Life Cycle
BIG IDEAS: Baby dinosaurs hatched from eggs laid by the female dinosaur; the baby dinosaurs grew to be adults. Mathematics also tells us about patterns in the lives of dinosaurs.
Whole Group Activities
  • Books: Chickens Aren't the Only Ones by R. Heller and Eyewitness Book: Dinosaur by D. Norman and A. Milner
  • Chart table or heavy poster board for dictated story about the life cycle of the dinosaurs
  • Prepared deviled "dinosaur" eggs for closing activity (Any deviled egg recipe will do.)
  • For the Mathematics Center: game - Egg-matching activity. Construction paper to make a nest and dinosaur eggs
  • For the Art Center: silhouettes of a baby dinosaur for stuffing. Wads of paper or cotton to stuff the baby dinosaurs. Yarn or string to lace the dinosaurs together
  • For the Science Center a set of laminated, magazine pictures of animals and reptiles; two trays labeled: Reptile and Not Reptile
  • Word tags: reptile; life cycle; pattern; lizard; crocodile; turtle
Encountering the Idea
Exploring the Idea

Getting the Idea

Organizing the Idea
... List of Activities for this Lesson
Encountering the Idea
We have been learning many new things about dinosaurs. One thing we have not talked about is how new dinosaurs were born. What would you guess? How do you think dinosaurs were born? Do you think that they were born live from their mother, like kittens or puppies? Or do you think they hatched from eggs? (Pause for student responses and suggestions.) What does the name "dinosaur" mean? Yes, we said that it means "terrible lizard." So, how do you think lizards are born? We will discover more things about these dinosaurs in our lesson.

44. Network-based Activities For The Classroom
dinosaur Dictionary, Oviparous animals. Rocks. Butterfly/Moth LifeCycle. Window Into Japan. Sea World. 3rd 4th Grade activities, Fairy
On-Line Activities for the K-8 Classroom Developed by CUSD Teachers Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Activites Biographies Dinosaur Experts Author Commercials Insects ... Sea World 3rd - 4th Grade Activities Fairy Tale Survey Around the World ABC's Around the World Star Child Astronomy ... Keypals 5th - 8th Grade Activites Careers China Scavenger Hunt Astonishing Planetary Discovery Murals ... Evaluating Search Engines These lessons can be printed by Clicking and Holding on the URL - When the box pops up select new window with this link. Then just click the printer icon or go to file and select print.

45. StudyWorks! Online : Stamping Dinosaurs!
also create rubber stamps of modern animals for further can also build plaster castsof dinosaur feet based As the results of their activities students should,,EXP1641_NAV9-56_SWK1648

News and Reviews
Standards Compliance Teacher to Teacher Classroom Resources ... NEXT >>
Stamping Dinosaurs!
Teachers' Guide
A Plaster and Rubber Casting Science Activity
Preparing for the activity
Prior to having your students do this activity read Creating Dinosaurs from Tracks. This section of our Web site examines how scientists re-create a model dinosaur from dinosaur tracks found in the Connecticut River valley. In Stamping Dinosaurs! students will create a replica dinosaur foot using scientific methods of observation and comParison. Students will compare skeletal structures of modern animals with dinosaur skeletons before predicting the shape and size of another dinosaur's footprint. Students will also create rubber stamps of modern animals for further investigation of footpad anatomy. Special note: This activity involves plaster of Paris, which is messy and will stain clothing. This activity comes with three PDF activity sheets if you don't already have it, you will need Adobe Acrobat to view and print these activity sheets. Objectives
Student's will observe the anatomy of an animal's track by making plaster casts and rubber stamps from living animal tracks. Students will also predict what a dinosaur footprint would look like from fossilized dinosaur skeletons and pictures. Students can also build plaster casts of dinosaur feet based on these predictions.

46. Preschool Activities -
You choose the animals. Number activities Puzzles, graphing, writing numbers, andother numberrelated activities. Color A dinosaur Print out pages for coloring is a user-supported site. Click here to learn more.

Preschool and Kindergarten Activities
Alphabet and Letters: K-3 Theme Page
Activities and printouts.
K-3 Number Activities

Rhymes, crafts, quizzes, information, and printouts on numbers.
What Do I Say?
An animal book
An online book for pre-readers and very early readers.
Templates for Tracing or Cutting: Printouts These printable templates are for practicing tracing or cutting. Have the child use a pencil to trace the curves or cut them out with a scissors. Letter Printouts: A to Z These printouts are for children who are just learning their letters. Each page has a capital letter, a lower case letter, and four words that start with that letter, with pictures of those words to color. ALPHABET BOOK A home-made alphabet book that is fun to make and helps teach the ABC's. KinderCrafts Easy to make crafts that use items found around the house! K-3 Themes Rhymes, crafts, and printouts on a variety of themes. Vehicle Online Coloring Pages Color vehicle pages online.

47. WebQuests
Transportation Storyplace Stories and learning activities in English RainforestBiomes Wanted Rain Forest animals Danny's dinosaur Dilemma dinosaur
Arlington Public Schools
Instructional Technology Coordinator Kids Curriculum WebQuests Teacher Resources ... Let me know when you are going to use one of these with your class, and I will add it to the Research section. Preschool Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2 ... Mixed Grades Preschool
A Sensational Journey
- Learn about the 5 senses
This is the Way We Go
- Transportation
- Stories and learning activities in English and Spanish Kindergarten
If I Were a Bear

Animals on the Farm

Farm Animals

Butterfly Investigation
First Grade
Lost "Downunder"
- Fantastic webquest for first grade science and social studies Create an Animal Webquest Animals on the Farm Zoo Be a Zoo Keeper Second Grade Welcome to the Animal Rescue Center - Science Rainforest Biomes Wanted: Rain Forest Animals Danny's Dinosaur Dilemma Dinosaur Tracks Webquest ... Visiting Our Surrounding States - Social Studies Curious Curators of Southwestern Native Americans Learning about Ancient China Third Grade Flag Day Butterfly Investigation Welcome to the Animal Rescue Center - Science Age of Discovery New World Explorers Powhatan Webquest Visiting Our Surrounding States - Social Studies Famous Females Missing - Social Studies Greek Quest for Dad Fourth Grade Flag Day Quest For Olympic Gold Powhatan Webquest Virginia Variety ... Civil War Cemetary - If the dead could talk...

48. Monona Public Library - Fun Sites For Kids
games, and virtual tours of places, people, and animals around the dinosaur activities http//
Fun Sites For Kids Animals
Around The



The Internet and the World Wide Web can provide extraordinarily rich experiences and opportunities for learning. We encourage adult participation and supervision to help children learn how to Safely Surf the Web The sites on the Web change every day so if you go to a link and find it is no longer accessible, please let me know, . Thanks.
Animals Sound Safari -
Choose destinations around the world, then listen to the sounds of endangered animals while reading information about them. ZooNet Animal Images -
Real photographs of all kinds of different animals from around the world. Saint Louis Zoo Kids Page -
Activities, games, jokes, and articles for kids. Even take a virtual tour of the zoo! Ranger Rick's Kids Zone -
Ideas for games to play outside, virtual tours of many different environments, riddles, quizes, facts, and more. Discovery Cams -

49. Preschool Theme: Activities For Toddlers
Place the animals around the sand and in the water and let the children explore your Moredinosaur activities are in Preschool activities for a dinosaur Theme.
P r e s c h o o l Theme:
Activities for Toddlers
Early childhood activities especially suitable for teaching toddlers. Seasonal learning ideas that can be included in a wide variety of themes. E-mail Gayle
to include your favorite Toddler activity in this theme!
Preschool Activity Theme For Toddlers
Sensory: Pudding Paint
Michelle T

Materials: Instant pudding, food coloring, small containers for pudding, long
sheet of bulletin board paper or heavy craft paper, soap and water. Description: Prepare pudding and tape paper to a table. Teachers can pre mix food coloring with the pudding or let the children do it. Give each child their own container of pudding, then let them use their fingers to do the rest. Talk about how it feels between their fingers, about the taste, and the smell.
Phone Book Beams
Toddlers use gross motor skills and practice walking and balancing during this inexpensive activity from Gabby Materials: Old phone books, large sheets of paper and tape. Description: Cover old phone books in paper (preferably using only one color).
Make sure that you wrap (or bind) the entire book. Lay them out on the floor for toddlers to use as low balance beams.

50. Crissy Blanos - Explore My World
and what footprints tell us about dinosaurs or animals. and differences betweenthe dinosaur footprint and dinosaurs by Macmillan Early Science activities.
  • To discover how long ago dinosaurs lived.
  • To discover what a time line is.
  • To discover the difference between eras and periods.
  • To discover the era of the dinosaurs.
  • To discover the periods of the dinosaurs.
  • To discover the era of today.
  • Discussion of time line.
  • Use example of a student's life on board (date of birth through present day), label any special events student had.
  • Discuss that Earth has a time line.
  • Introduce Earth's time line on board (starting date through present day).
  • Compare time line of Earth to calendar to summarize.
Materials/Resources: Back to Top Pangaea Objectives:
  • To discover how the dinosaurs were found on different continents.
  • To discover what Pangaea is.
  • To discover continental drift is.

51. Lesson Plan
Students will identify needs of all animals and relate and survival techniques ofa dinosaur based on top Student activities Playing with dinosaur toys can be
Dinosaur Teeth Stephen Sweitzer Introduction Standards Objectives Activities ... Resources Dinosaur Sites: Video Clips Zoom Dinosaurs Dino Don UC Berkley Links ... More Links Introduction
Children love Dinosaurs! These large prehistoric animals can be used as a motivator, to interest students in learning. The following lesson, incorporates dinosaurs into standards based curriculum. Dinosaurs' massive teeth will help your learner discover how teeth are related to diet. Subjects: Language arts, science, math
Topic: Make your best guess!
Grade Level: K-1
Standards Addressed
Grade 1
Science Standards
2. Plants and animals meet their needs in different ways. As a basis for
understanding this concept, students know: a. different plants and animals inhabit different kinds of
environments and have external features that help them thrive in
different kinds of places. b. plants and animals both need water; animals need food, and
plants need light. c. animals eat plants or other animals for food and may also use

52. A World Of Dinosaurs Deluxe Boxed Set - From CD-ROM Access
on dinosaurs and Prehistoric animals, and is 3D dinosaur Adventure includes a dinosaurArt Museum and With enthralling games, fun activities and comprehensive

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Upcoming Titles

A World of Dinosaurs Sold Out (Win95/98/3.1/Mac) (Retail) (DINOPACKDR)
Publisher: Countertop Software Reference
Two Huge Educational Games...
and, Three Great Reference Titles
A World of Dinosaurs is the ultimate boxed set/collection. Searching the modern and prehistoric world, we were able to come up with these five monster hits that represent the best titles ever produced on this immensely popular subject. A World of Dinosaurs combines the finest in kids educational game titles like Knowledge Adventure's huge hit 3-D Dinosaur Adventure , and I Can be a Dinosaur Finder from Macmillan Publishing, with awesome reference and learning CD's like Multimedia Dinosaurs Dinosaur Museum , and Prehistoric Animals . In short, A World of Dinosaurs is the biggest, most exciting box set ever released on Dinosaurs and Prehistoric animals, and is an absolute winner in content, value, and entertainment. The whole family will enjoy the experience, and use these CD-ROM's over and over again.
3-D Dinosaur Adventure
This award winning, best-selling program gives you a prehistoric lifetime of amazing 3-D action. beginning in a virtual reality theme park, kids set out on an action-packed journey of Dinosaur discovery.

53. Dino Mania: Discovering Who's Who In The Jurassic Zoo By Michael Dispezio
times with all kinds of dinosaur activities, projects, and this evidence by modelinga dinosaur using clay to make best guesses about the animals' size, shape
All Info-About Science for Families Return to home page Select Your Language





More Family Science Books The Handy Geography Answer Book
Popular Science Mini Guides

The Magic Fact Machine: Animals/ The Magic Fact Machine: Science
Cool Chemistry: Great Experiments with Simple Stuff ... A First Look at Animals: Pets Latest News For the current headlines, click on the NewsNow logo below Advertise on All Info About We offer extremely competitive rates for businesses of all sizes. Click here to find out more DINO MANIA: Discovering Who's Who in the Jurassic Zoo Bring back Prehistoric times with all kinds of dinosaur activities, projects, and things to do! DINO MANIA: Discovering Who's Who in the Jurassic Zoo by Michael DiSpezio Illustrated by Dave Garbot Imagine yourself living on our planet about 250 million years ago! There's no doubt about it - you would definitely share your space with some dinosaurs. But how much do you know about them? Where in the world would you be if you were living among them? Would you see dinosaurs that fly or lay eggs? These prehistoric creatures are very misunderstood, but with

54. Dinosaur Gardens
of Parks and Recreation, has supervised the Garden's activities since the placementof the animals. Various dinosaur Gardens Committee activities have been copy.html
Dinosaur Gardens
May 15, 2002
by Sue Ann Bilbey and Steve Sroka
Photos courtesy of Dee Hall
As part of the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum, the Dinosaur Gardens showcases seventeen life-size sculptures of prehistoric animals. Fifteen of these sculptures were made by Elbert Porter and purchased through a combined effort of individuals from Vernal, community groups, and the Utah Legislature. These sculptures were placed at the Utah Field House on September 15, 1977. David Thomas sculpted two more animals, Coelophysis and Utahraptor, which were purchased in 1993. The Porter sculptures were displayed in West Yellowstone Montana and Orderville Utah prior to arriving here in Vernal.
A community auction was held on May 20, 1978 and approximately $15,000 was raised for the purpose of providing a home for the dinosaurs in a garden next to the Utah Field House. A dedication ceremony was held on September 23, 1978 and since that time the garden has been maintained and improved by the staff at the Utah Field House with the support and assistance of the Dinosaur Gardens Committee, Dinah Mites, Elks Lodge, the Jaycees, Rotary Club, Lions Club, Kiwanis Club, and the Utah National Guard. Vernal City, Uintah County, and the Vernal Area Chamber of Commerce, have also cooperated greatly to insure the success of the Gardens.
The Utah Field House, under the auspices of the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation, has supervised the Garden's activities since the placement of the animals. Various Dinosaur Gardens Committee activities have been conducted as fundraisers largely in connection with Dinosaur Day: bike races, fish pond, quilt contest, bake sales, barbeque, 2nd day of issue of two series of Dinosaur Stamps, as well as numerous other promotions over the years.

55. The Complete Dinosaur: Selected Excerpts
has revealed a number of fortuitous traces of dinosaur feeding activities. suggestedby associations of theropod teeth with bones from other animals.
SELECTED EXCERPTS From The Complete Dinosaur : Chapter Twenty-Six
What Did Dinosaurs Eat? Coprolites and Other Direct Evidence of Dinosaur Diets
by Karen Chin
from Fossil Assemblages That Indicate Predator/ Prey Interactions
Predator/prey interactions can occasionally be inferred from the associations of different organisms in exceptional fossil assemblages. One spectacular find from the Gobi Desert revealed the skeleton of a carnivorous Velociraptor entangled with a herbivorous Protoceratops (Fig. 26.1; Kielan-Jaworowska and Barsbold 1972). The relative positions of the two dinosaurs suggest that they were engaged in a struggle when they died, with the theropod's clawed feet extending into the Protoceratops Velociraptor as a scavenger that died of unknown causes while feeding. A more recent investigation (Unwin et al. 1995), however, argues that the taphonomic evidence supports the original predator/prey fight interpretation. Particularly telling is the fact that the theropod's arm is firmly locked in the herbivore's jaws a position that could not have occurred accidentally. This study suggests that the struggling dinosaurs died simultaneously in a massive sandstorm. The two different interpretations of the event recorded by this remarkable Upper Cretacaeous Mongolian assemblage differ in their characterization of Velociraptor as a scavenger or as an active hunter. Both explanations, however, conclude that the

56. Dinosaur Replica - Carnegie Museum Collection By Safari Ltd
Replicas provide a great way to learn quite a bit about them and otherprehistoric animals. dinosaur activities Fun Projects for Kids.
Replicas Home Page Bats Birds Insects ... Wildlife Elsewhere Prehistoric Posters Prehistoric Replicas The Dinosaurs are among the spectacular and interesting animals that have wandered the face of our planet. Although there is tremendous interest in them, there are no living specimens, so you can't see them in a zoo. Replicas provide a great way to learn quite a bit about them and other prehistoric animals. Although that knowledge may never be put into practice, it has the great benefit of introducing life in general, which can of enormous value, both personally and professionally. Carnegie Replicas
The Carnegie Collection is the most extensive and accurate set of prehistoric life replicas available anywhere. They are based on specimens at the world famous Carnegie Natural History Museum. They are carried by leading museum and zoos throughout the world because of their accuracy. Dinosaurs of China
Made by the same folks who make the Carnegie Collection, but unfortunately the Museum does not have any of these recently discovered dinsosaurs. These replicas are unique in that they come with a reproduction of the actual fossil.

57. How To Write A Great Dinosaur Report -
Click for Great Posters of Cats and Other animals! In association with, CLASSROOM activities, How to Write a Great dinosaur Report, A
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CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES Dinosaur Print-outs Quizzes K-2 Activities Grades 3-4 Activities ... Dinosaur Printouts How to Write a Great Dinosaur Report A rubric for assessing a student's animal report More Report-Writing Guidelines
First, get to know your dinosaur. Read as much information about it as you can find. Try the Internet and the library. Get some information about the time when your dinosaur lived and the place(s) it lived (see the sections in with the " Mesozoic Era "). Remember that the Mesozoic Era was very different than the present in many ways, including the climate, geography, plant and animal life, etc. Then, think like a dinosaur For information on particular dinosaurs, try the Dinosaur Information Sheets , the Dinosaur and Paleontoloy Dictionary Dinosaur fact sheets , or Dinosaur Printouts When you write your report, try to answer as many of the following questions as you can (but unfortunately, not all of these things are known for all dinosaurs):

58. Science Methods
dinosaurs, Plants. Habitats, Rocks. Insects, Sea animals. Insects and Spiders, SimpleMachines. Cool Clouds for Kids, dinosaur activities, Discovering Engineering Online.
ea K- 8 SCIENCE SITES National Science Standards Life Science - Animal Sites State Science Standards Life Science - Plant Sites ... Music to Teach About Science Sites for Units of Study Animals Oceans Biomes Physics and Chemistry ... Whales 4-8 SCIENCE WEBQUESTS/SCAVENGER HUNTS Planet WebQuest Solar System Scavenger Hunt SCIENCE VIDEOS PBS Nature Online Videos Tornado Online Videos Animal Houses Rainforest Video ... Jungle Walk ANIMATED LESSONS Exploring the Secret Life of Trees Let's Talk About Insects The Great Plant Escape Trees Are Terrific ... Frog Dissection Online SCIENCE TOPICS Africa Savannah Activities Arty-The Part-Time Astronaut All About Light - Interactive Site A to Z Science ... Science Learning Network Science WebQuests Science 4 Kids Science Sites Index Science Monster/Space Science Links For Children ... Where Do All The Animals Live? - Web Quest Whose Home Is It?

59. Dinosaur Paleoecology
models of dinosaur food. Paper reproduction of herbivorous dinosaur; Photographicreconstructions of the life activities of the animals, available in library
David J. Davies
Department of Geology and Geography
Centenary College of Louisiana
Shreveport, LA 71104 Level: Upper elementary to senior high Anticipated Learning Outcomes
  • Students will explain the relationship between the shape of a tooth or toe bone and the animal's diet. (Meat-eater, herbivore, etc.)
  • Students will predict the overall size and shape of a dinosaur based on a single bone. (Is it large and bulky? Slim and fast?)
  • Students will understand the methodology of functional morphology, the study of why organisms have the shape they do. (Why does this animal have a tooth shaped like this? What type of food could best be cut by this shape of tooth?)
  • Students will interpret whether these animals were well adapted to their environment (e.g., "Survival of the Fittest"). (Is this the best possible shaped tooth/toe to help capture and eat a particular type of food? Does its predicted diet match with the known shape of the animal? How could the animal have been better shaped to obtain its type of food?)
  • Students will be introduced to basic concepts and methods of paleobiology, such as paleoecology and evolution.

60. Biology:
Game dinosaur Jokes dinosaur Questions dinosaur Quizzes dinosaur K3 animals Themes,K-3 T. rex Tundra animals. with 41 creative games and activities for pre
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Biology Label Me! Printouts
Biology Index Animal Printouts A
African Animals Alligator K-3 Theme Anatomy Animal Printouts ... Australian Animals B Bacteria Bats Bat K-3 Theme Bear K-3 Theme ... Butterfly K-3 Theme C Calendars, printable Cat K-3 Theme Cells Coloring Pages ... Cow K-3 Theme D Desert Animals Dinosaurs Dinosaur Crafts Dinosaur Dictionary ... Duck K-3 Theme E Earth Eggs K-3 Theme Elephants K-3 Theme F Farm Animal K-3 Theme Fish Fish Crafts Fish K-3 Theme ... Fruits and Vegetables K-3 Theme G Geologic Time Giraffe K-3 Theme Grassland Animals Groundhog Day Crafts H Horse K-3 Theme Human Anatomy I Ice Age Mammals Insect Crafts Insects Insect K-3 Theme ... Invertebrates J K L Label Me! Printouts M Mammals Mice and Rats K-3 Theme Monkey K-3 Theme N Nature Crafts O Ocean Animals Ocean Crafts Oceans P Paleontology Dictionary Pandas Pig K-3 Theme Planets ... Pumpkin K-3 Theme R Rabbit K-3 Theme Rainforests Rainforest Animals Rat and Mouse K-3 Theme ... Reptiles S Science Dictionary Shark Dictionary Sharks Shark K-3 Theme ... Spider K-3 Theme T Teeth Temperate Deciduous Forest Animals Tigers Tropical Rainforest Animals ... Themes, K-3

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