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         Animals Dinosaur Activities:     more books (100)
  1. Mighty Dinosaurs: Sticker Activity Book (Nature Company Discoveries Library Sticker Activity Books) by Time-Life Books, 1997-09
  2. Ultimate Dinosaurs (Sticker and Activity Book)
  3. Go Green Activity Books: Dinosaurs! (Earth Lover's Big Activity Books) by Learning Horizons, 2009-02-28
  4. I-Spy Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals (I Spy) by Anon, 1993-07-01
  5. Extreme Dinosaurs (Sticker and Activity Book)
  6. Dinosaurios y animales desaparecidos/ Dinosaurs and Extinct Animals (Imagen Descubierta Del Mundo) (Spanish Edition) by Laure Cambournac, 2007-01-30
  7. Dinosaurs (Sticker Activity Book)
  8. Dinosaur Life Activity Book by Donald Silver, Patricia J. Wynne, 1988-12-01
  9. My Dinosaur (Sticker Activity Books) by Chez Picthall, 2010-09-15
  10. Dinosaur Diner (Activity Books)
  11. Dinosaurs Nature Activity Book (Children's Nature Activity Book) by James Kavanagh, 2010-11-30
  12. Twelve Dinosaur Bookmarks (Dover Little Activity Books) by Patricia J. Wynne, 1994-08-19
  13. Those Amazing Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals/a Book of Mazes! by John Cartwright, 1989-09
  14. Make and Meet Dinosaurs and Pre-Historic Animals by Ruth Wickings, 2006-06-26

61. K-3 Number Activities At
For grades 23. dinosaur Math Coloring activities Do simple addition problems tocolor a dinosaur scene. activities on the Number One Hundred Name 100 animals is a user-supported site. Click here to learn more.

at Enchanted Learning
Activities, Quizzes, Information, and Printouts Click Here for
More K-3 Themes

Number-Related Rhymes:
Five Little Ducks
Five Little Speckled Frogs
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
One, Two, Three, Four, Five Rub-a-dub-dub, Three Men in a Tub Ten Little Monkeys Three Blind Mice Three Little Kittens
Numbers Coloring Books and Coloring Pages (English and Other Languages): Numbers Coloring Book Printout A coloring book on the numbers from 0-12. English/French Numbers Coloring Book Printout A French/English coloring book about the numbers from 0-12. English/Spanish Numbers Coloring Book Printout A Spanish/English coloring book about the numbers from 0-12. Color by Number Printouts Use the numbers to color the pictures. Dinosaur Math Coloring Activities Do simple addition problems to color a dinosaur scene. For beginning readers in grades 1 and 2. Demuth: Figure Five in Gold A coloring page based on the Charles Demuth painting, "Figure Five in Gold." Or paint it online Number and Math Activities Calendars You can print out these calendars and color the pages.

62. Andromeda Software, Inc.
Play 9 fun filled activities that teach math, science, and geography. and test yourdinorecognition skills in the dinosaur Silhouette game Prehistoric animals.
Home Place an Order About Us Join Our Email List ... Contact Us Product Platform Item # Price A World of Dinosaurs Windows
Macintosh An Amazing 5 CD-ROM Collection for Only $29.95! A WORLD OF DINOSAURS
is the ultimate PC and MAC boxed collection! Searching the modern and prehistoric world, we were able to come up with these five monster hits that represent the best titles ever produced on this immensely popular subject.
  • 3-D Dinosaur Adventure I Can be a Dinosaur Finder Dinosaur Museum Prehistoric Animals Multimedia Dinosaurs
3D Dinosaur Adventure
This award winning, best-selling program gives you a prehistoric lifetime of amazing 3-D action! Beginning in a virtual reality theme park, kids set out on an action-packed journey of Dinosaur discovery. 3-D Dinosaur Adventure ® includes a Dinosaur Art Museum and an actual authentic fossil from the age of the Dinosaurs. With enthralling games, fun activities and comprehensive reference tools, this is a learning experience kids will never forget! Features:
  • Fact packed Dinosaur Encyclopedia 10 Dynamic activities More than 300 images 150 Dinosaurs and Reptiles Talking storybook that builds reading skills
I Can be a Dinosaur Finder Explore prehistoric paleoworlds, learn about Dinosaurs, Fossils, Prehistoric creatures and what it takes to become a paleontologist.

63. Dinosaur Sites
a companion to the REMedia 'Prehistoric animals' CDROM Nuttin But Kids dinosaur'sPage This site has songs, fingerplays, and group time activities for the
1 Cow- Dinosaur Images
This site clip art images of dinosaurs that you can use! [ Edit 1200 Dinosaur Links
This site has 12000 dinosaur links. Happy hunting! [ Edit 3D Animated DinoWorld
A fun place to explore and learn about dinosaurs! [ Edit A to Z Teacher Stuff- Dinosaurs
I've been searching the web again! Here are all the best links I've found so far.. and I've organized them here so you can find them more quickly. [ Edit All About Dinosaurs
This site contains links to great resourcs for teaching about dinosaurs. [ Edit Arthur's Dinosaur ClipArt
Hi my name is Arthur and for many years I have been collecting and scanning clipart of all types and categories. I would like to share some of these, space allowing, with you. [ Edit BBC Online Walking With Dinosaurs
BBC Online Walking with Dinosaurs site - BBC Online's brings you in-depth descriptions of over 60 dinosaurs and the eras in which they lived. Including sound, video, photographs and interactive games. [ Edit Bosco's RockPile Dinosaur
Dinosaur information:A site for sharing dinosaur, geology, and paleontology sites, photographs, graphics and information. [

64. Information & Activities For B.e.e. Parents
m Tyrannosaurus (Jean Marzollo) Danny and the dinosaur (Syd Hoff the Zoo (Eric Carle)David McPhail's animals A to books can be used with any of the activities.
The B.e.e. program child educators use the following information and activities with the children:
Activity 1 Activity 6
Activity 2
Activity 7 ... Activity 10
Character Critters

Books: Activity 1 (color, shape, size, jewelry/clothing):
Biggest, Strongest, Fastest (Steve Jenkins)
Little Blue and Little Yellow (Leo Lionni)
White Rabbit's Color Book (Alan Baker)
Brown Bear, Brown Bear (Bill Martin, Jr.) Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? (Nancy White Carlstrom) The Dress I'll Wear to the Party (Shirley Neitzel) Hello Cat, You Need A Hat (Rita Gelman) A Hat for Minerva Louise (Janet Morgan Stoeke) Activity 2 (colors, letters): Little Blue and Little Yellow (Leo Lionni) White Rabbit's Color Book (Alan Baker) Brown Bear, Brown Bear (Bill Martin, Jr.) David McPhail's Animals A to Z (David McPhail) Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault) Activity 3 (miscellaneous): Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (Judi Barrett) Mooncake (Frank Asch) More Spaghetti, I Say (Rita Gelman)

65. 2nd Grade Science Objectives With Activities
database. dinosaur HallSmithsonian's Natural History Museum. 2.S.23Compare likenesses and differences in plants and animals. 2.S
2nd Grade Science Dinosaurs at Britannica Store RESOURCES A Child's Place - Activities for all subjects Nature Journal Help Your Child Love Science Science Projects Microsoft Lesson Connection ...
Recipes for your students
- chalk, goop, play dough, etc...
Cool Science for Curious Kids
Put Your Science Knowledge To The Test Snacks you can make together
Science Activities
Experiment Archive Science Experiments Links ... Fall Activities
In an effective K-2 science class, students are doing what scientists do, not just reading about science in a textbook or hearing about it from the teacher. The home environment provides a stimulating atmosphere in which students are challenged intellectually to discover the physical world around them.
Science builds on the natural curiosity of children and invites them to explore materials and situations, ask questions, and seek solutions.
Young children learn through the exploration of their surroundings. Young children need to manipulate the real thing, not models of the real thing. The experience of growing a bean plant from a seed or observing fish in an aquarium or a stream cannot be adequately replaced by reading in a book or looking at pictures or models.

66. Animals
view, info too Zoboomafoo animal activities, adventures, games Site of Historic1858 dinosaur Find first info on rare, endangered animals Bagheera's Lair
A. J. Jordak Library Media Center
Anemones, Clams,
Corals, Crabs, Crayfish
Insects, Jelly Fish,
Lobsters, Octopus,
Protozoa, Sand Dollars
Sea Urchins, Shrimp
Snails, Sponges, Squid
Starfish, Worms
Alligators, Birds, Cheetah Chimps, Crocodiles Dolphins, Elephants, Fish Frogs, Gorillas, Leopards Lions, Lizards, Manatees Monkeys, Newts, Snakes Orangutans, Tigers, Toads Salamanders, Turtles Whales DINOSAURS ENDANGERED SPECIES GENERAL SITES PETS Cats, Dogs, Gerbils Goldfish, Hamsters
Microsoft photo Updated 2/24/03 GENERAL SITES TOP HOME A to Z Animals All About Nature: Animal Printouts -info, pictures American Field Guide -1,000 online video clips Animal Alphabet -for younger children Animal Alphabet Rhymes -poem format Animals Around the World Animal Babies -learn what the young are called Animal Bytes Animal Coloring Pages -nice selection Animal Diversity Web Animal Homes Animal Information Database Animal Communities -African animals Animal Homes Animal Houses -homes of bats, birds, hermit crabs, etc

67. Science North - Schools And Teachers
Curriculum Links for dinosaur activities Elementary Grades Science Technology• Life Systems. Gr. Gr. 2, Growth and Changes in animals. Gr.
Spend the day at Science North discovering the world of dinosaurs like never before! BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT! Join us for the following activities appropriate for all grade levels: DINO TREK
Special Exhibits Hall
(50 minutes)
Enter the ferocious world of dinosaur predators! Feel dwarfed by the size of Allosaurus and other predators never before seen at Science North! Be transported back in time as you hear them roar and watch them move. Experience the weird and wonderful features of predatory dinosaurs. Get up close and personal with real dinosaur bones, teeth and claws. Weigh in as their prey! This 50-minute experience begins with a bluecoat introducing your class to this incredible world and will continue as your students complete their Dino Trek passport filled with information and activities to take back to the classroom. IMAX Film
(45 minutes)
T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous slices through the mystery of the millennia to bring dinosaurs to life with groundbreaking detail, unparalleled realism, and the awesome size and thrilling feeling of "The IMAX Experience".

68. Dinosaur Links | Students And Teachers
of animals that lived long ago. They examine some of the ways in which evidencesupporting the existence of dinosaurs is obtained. dinosaur activities A to Z

Jurassic Home


Clip Art

Flex Art
Dino Links

For Teachers
Lesson Focus

Dino Experiments


More Links...
Learn More Apollo 13 Comic Book Space Age Rub A Dub ... Warbirds Where To Go Contact Us Order Info Site Index Teachers and Students
  • A Primary Unit on Dinosaurs Students will use the Internet to access information about the time of the dinosaurs and will make a classroom book of dinosaurs.
  • Crissy's Dinosaurs Unit A four week thematic dinosaur unit for a second grade education level which includes lessons, centers, take home projects, etc.
  • Digging Up Dinosaur Bones Have you ever wondered about dinosaurs? Perhaps you wondered exactly how big an Apatasaurus was, or maybe you thought about what Tyrannasaurus Rex really ate. Visit Digging Up Dinosaur Bones to explore for the answers
  • Dilophosaurus! A Narrated Exhibition Come on a guided tour of Dilophosaurus ! This tour is narrated by the discoverer of Dilophosaurus, Sam Welles, formerly a professor at the University of California Museum of Paleontology (UCMP).

69. - Dinosaur Sites
You'll learn some dinosaur facts, and have fun with the many dino games, activities,and coloring A look at the insects, plants, and animals that coexisted




... Billy Bear's Land O' Dinosaurs
Join Billy Bear for dinosaur learning fun! You'll learn some dinosaur facts, and have fun with the many dino games, activities, and coloring pages Billy has to offer. Curse of T. Rex
A look at the insects, plants, and animals that coexisted with dinosaurs during the Mesozoic age, how fossilization occurs, and where the best spots to dig for fossils are. DinoBuzz
Are birds related to dinosaurs? How fast could dinosaurs run? What caused them to become extinct? Get the latest buzz on current dinosaur research topics like these and more. Dinorama
A National Geographic site which includes information on dinosaur eggs, early birds, and a T. rex called Sue. Dino-Roar
75 million years ago, a large plant-eating dinosaur called the Parasaurolophus roamed the San Juan Basin area of New Mexico. This computer simulation shows how it may have sounded, and how scientists created the sound. DinoQuest Sahara
See what Paul Sereno and his team found after going on a four month hunt for some seriously strange dinosaur fossils in the Sahara desert. Click on one of the dig sites they visited to learn what it's like to be a paleontologist and the discoveries they can make.

70. LookSmart - Dinosaurs For Kids
take the quiz and find activities and games. dinosaur Scrambler Puzzles Kids cansolve many different scrambled puzzles of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.

71. Dinasaur Discovery National Zoo/ FONZ
animals A to Z. Zoo Babies. dinosaur Discovery. Use Your Senses. 5 and under. 6and up. Adult Classes. Related Resources, Summer Camps activities Special Events

Education Classes 5 and under
Focus on Science Weekend
Saki monkey born in the Small Mammal House
Spotlight on Zoo Science
ADOPT a Species
National Zoo Accreditation
5 and under Eggstravaganza If I Ran the Zoo Marvelous Moms Around the World ... Adult Classes Related Resources Summer Camps

Dinosaur Discovery
Lorene Steinberg, Instructor Dinosaurs! Millions of years after their demise, these once-mighty rulers of the Earth have continued to capture our imagination. But what do we really know about dinosaurs, and what legacy have they left for curious beginning naturalists? This class will encourage your youngster to identify dinosaur characteristics by examining similar features on modern-day animals. Ages
3 to 5-year olds with an adult Date/Time Sorry, this class is already full! Fee $70.00 FONZ family members Sign-up for the wait list.

72. Dinosaurs -- A Thematic Unit
From the Royall Tyrell Museum of Paleontology, unit adapted from "Legacies Using Children's Category Science Earth Sciences Education PreCollege dinosaurs...... 3. How are certain animals living today similar to activities (Using this book, selectappropriate activities for your Cut out the dinosaur and, using it as a
This sample thematic unit has been adapted from Legacies: Using Children's Literature in the Classroom written by Liz Rothlein and Anita Meyer Meinbach. HarperCollins College Publishers, 1996, pp. 432-438.
    Model Thematic Unit: Dinosaurs Theme: Dinosaurs Focus: Students will explore prehistoric times to expand their knowledge of dinosaurs. Grade Level: Primary Objectives: On completion of this thematic unit, students will be able to: 1. Identify at least ten different dinosaurs and name them. 2. Explain the difference between plant-eating dinosaurs and meat-eating dinosaurs. 3. Explain how scientists know as much as they do about dinosaurs 4. Describe the period of time when dinosaurs lived on earth. 5. Identify dinosaurs that lived on land versus prehistoric creatures that lived in the sea or flew in the air. 6. Compare various sizes, weights, and body shapes of dinosaurs. Materials and Resources:
    1. Science Adventures:

73. Lesson Plans - Xpeditions @
the dinosaurs are using their bodies in these activities. would be harder with dinosaursthan with other animals. that scientists only find dinosaur bones, not
Check out:
X17: The Dig

Standard #17:
How to Apply Geography to Interpret the Past
Ancient Greece
Unwrapping Mummies

Dinosaur Bodies A Pirate's Life Ancient Flood Stories Back in the Olden Days Finding Your Way: The Underground Railroad Mummies: Honoring the Dead Olympic Competition Complete Index Dinosaur Bodies Overview: As a prelude to studying evolution and adaptation, students should consider the ways in which animals use their special body characteristics to perform such actions as finding food, eating, and walking. Students are used to seeing animals, and they have probably also learned some things about dinosaurs or seen dinosaur reproductions in museums, movies, or elsewhere. This lesson asks students to think about the ways in which living animals use their bodies and the ways in which dinosaurs might have used their bodies, based on fossil evidence and our best educated guesses. Connections to the Curriculum: Geography, science Connections to the National Geography Standards: Time: Two hours Materials Required:
  • Computer with Internet connection
  • Picture of a familiar animal, such as a dog or horse

74. >> Theme Units >> Animals >> Dinosaurs
Cute dinosaur Border Paper (color), dinosaur Border Paper (blackline), color theborder picture. dinosaur Border Paper (color), dinosaur Border Paper 2 (blackline),
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75. Ivy's Dinosaur Coloring Pages
Ivy Joy's dinosaur coloring pages for kids. These are print and color pages, with links to dinosaur information sites. Ivy's dinosaur. Coloring. Pages. Here are my print and color dinosaur pictures. Click on the picture information on dinosaurs and some dinosaur activities. The search button below
Ivy's Dinosaur
C o l o r i n g
Here are my print and color dinosaur pictures. Click on the picture to make to make it bigger and then print it for coloring. There are some Links on the bottom of this page for more information on dinosaurs and some dinosaur Activities
The search button below each picture will give you the results of a reviewed meta search for that dinosaur.
Don't miss my other coloring pages links to tons of print and color and online coloring pages or the art gallery If you want the old dinosaur pictures, click the yellow sheet on the floor in the attic.
for: Brachiosaurus
for: Dinosaurs
for: Mammoth
for: Rhamphorhynchus
for: Giganotosaurus for: Velociraptor for: Diplodocus for: Velociraptor for: Apatosaurus for: Apatosaurus Click the searching dinosaur to search for more dinosaur coloring pages Links to my favorite dinosaur information pages
  • Age of the Dinosaurs Curse of Tyrannosaurus rex Dino Land Dinobase ... Zoom Dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur Activities
  • Dinosaur Clipart Dinosaur Crafts Dinosaur Greeting Cards to Color Dinosaurs Skeleton Puzzle Game (online) ... Walking with Dinosaurs Screensaver
  • Bookcase Click here to let me know of any cool sites Home Page

    76. Dino-Diorama - Enchanted Learning Software
    Cretaceous period, its climate, and what animals and plants For a lot of dinosaurinformation go to information sheets and other classroom activities about all
    Please help keep
    Enchanted Learning online.
    Click here for more information on our honor system.

    $20.00/year or other amount
    (directly by Credit Card
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    Other Amount
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    Dinosaur Diorama

    More KinderCrafts
    Create your own prehistoric dinosaur scene in a box. Just print out the dinosaurs, paste, color, cut, arrange them in the box, and - welcome to the Mesozoic Era, the "Age of Dinosaurs." Supplies needed:
    • paper and a printer (stiff paper works best - colored paper is great for this project)
    • a shoe box or slightly larger box
    • crayons and/or markers
    • paste (a glue stick works well)
    • scissors
    • tape, thread, pipe cleaners
    • optional: glitter (for great lava!), cotton puffs (for clouds), thin cardboard to glue to the back of the animals if your paper is very flimsy (old cereal boxes work well)
    Print-out of late-Cretaceous Period, North America: T. rex, Triceratops, Maiasaura, Pteranodon, and plants. Print-out of late-Cretaceous Period, North America:
    • Find a box at least as big as a shoe box - a slightly bigger box works even better. This will be the stage containing your dinosaur scene.

    77. Books On Prehistoric Life - Dinosaur Books
    Prehistoric Life. First Facts about Prehistoric animals. Full color bookthat introduces the subject to young readers. No. BLP10FF. Only $4.95.
    Books Home Page The Universe Earth Sciences Animals ... Technology Prehistoric Life First Facts about Prehistoric Animals.
    Full color book that introduces the subject to young readers.
    No. BLP10-FF. Only $4.95 Prehistoric Facts
    This book contains hundreds of fascinating facts about the prehistoric world. In chronological order, it provides an exciting introduction to the subject, from the earliest forms of life on Earth, to the invention of writing. In it you can find out which were the largest, smallest and fastest dinosaurs, and the earliest known fish. You can discover when flowers first bloomed, why sea shells are found on the tops of mountains and how the climate in different parts of the world has changed. This book introduces our first ancestors and follows their early development. A map shows where the most famous human fossils have been found and a chart illustrates the evolution of life on Earth. Packed with unusual and surprising facts, and amusing comparisons, it is illustrated with realistic pictures and humorous cartoons. Ages 8-12. 6" x 8.25" 48 pages.
    No. BLP100-PF. Only $5.95

    78. Dinosaur Detectives--Animals/Earth Science Lesson Plan (grades 6-8)--DiscoverySc
    time, people believed that the animals on Earth the Fossil Record Classroom activitieslisted by Southwest Educational Development Laboratory) dinosaur unit of
    Students Teachers Parents Grades K-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12
    ... Health History
    Ancient History
    U.S. History World History Life Science Animals Ecology Human Body The Microscopic World ... Weather
    For our newsletter and special teacher promotions.
    6-8 > Animals Grade level: 6-8 Subject: Animals Duration: One to two class periods
    Materials Procedures Adaptations ... Credit
    Find a video description, video clip, and discussion questions.
    Discover Magazine: New Dinosaurs

    Use our free online Teaching Tools to create custom worksheets, puzzles and quizzes on this topic!
    Understand that discoveries about dinosaurs have a long history and that each paleontologist adds his or her work to a body of fossil evidence used to support theories about dinosaurs. Find out that paleontologists often support one theory over another until additional fossil evidence either confirms or disproves the theory. Understand that paleontologists can learn more about dinosaurs through new scientific techniques.
    For the class:
    • Computers with Internet access (optional but very helpful)
    • Encyclopedias
    • Additional resources about paleontologists through history For each student:
      • Pens, pencils, and markers

    79. When Dinosaurs Ruled - Activities (6-8, 9-12 - Life Science)
    The asteroid theory of dinosaur extinction, though behavioral adaptations in animalswithin a Vocabulary Questions Links activities Standards Order Now
    sv = 13;
    Changing Scenes of the Mesozoic
    Have students research the plants and animals of the Triassic period. Ask each student to pick two organisms—a plant and an animal—to research. Designate a wall or bulletin board in your classroom as the setting for a Triassic forest scene and have students decorate and label it with their chosen organisms. Students should decide on a scale and try to make their organisms as close to scale as possible. Have students make a second wall scene for the Jurassic and a third for the Cretaceous. When the forest scenes are complete, have students present the characteristics of their organisms to the class. Students should explain whether or not their chosen organisms successfully adapted during the three different time periods and hypothesize why.
    Asteroid vs. Volcano: Dinosaur Extinction Debate
    The asteroid theory of dinosaur extinction, though very popular since Luis Alvarez first presented it in 1980, is a theory. Theories are hypotheses supported by interpretations of data; most generate conflicting views. Another explanation for the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction is the volcano greenhouse theory originated by Dewey M. McLean in 1978. Divide the class into two groups (asteroids and volcanoes), and have students research the theory they’ve been assigned. Among the plentiful resources for this debate are the two original papers:

    80. Discovery - Activities
    Whitecoat is about to ask Doug to assist him in finding a missing link betweenother animals and humans. Our new set of activities revolves around dinosaurs.

    JUST ADDED!!! Billy thinks that dinosuars became extinct millions of years before humans existed. Can you help Digger Doug find the evidence that proves the scientists wrong? Click on the picture above to help navigate the Time Tunneler. Professor Whitecoat is about to ask Doug to assist him in finding a "missing link" between other animals and humans. Can you help? Click on the door to the left to solve the mystery.
    If you see a magnifying glass like the one to the right, click on it for more clues.
    COLOR, NAVIGATE MAZES, AND MORE Our new set of activities revolves around dinosaurs. Don't worry. Our first set of activities on the creation week are still here for you and your friends to enjoy. More to come later, so come back in a few weeks.
    Privacy Statement

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