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         Animals Dinosaur Activities:     more books (100)
  1. The Dinosaur Fun Book (Activity Books) by Steve Smallman, 1994-07-14
  2. Cut-Paper Dinosaurs Stickers (Dover Little Activity Books) by Winky Adam, 1996-03-01
  3. Create Your Own Dinosaur Sticker Cards (Dover Little Activity Books) by Mel Greifnger, 1998-04
  4. God's Dinosaurs 1-2-3 Book: An Activity Book All About Numbers by Earl Snellenberger, Bonita Snellenberger, 1993-10
  5. Six Dinosaur Cards (Dover Little Activity Books) by Patricia Wynne, 1991-09
  6. Land of the Dinosaurs!: My Press-out Activity Book (My Press Out Activity Book)
  7. Dinosaurios para ninos y jovenes/ Dinosaurs for Every Kid: Actividades superdivertidas para el aprendizaje de la ciencia/ Super Fun Activities for the ... for Kids and Teens) (Spanish Edition) by Janice Pratt VanCleave, 2004-01
  8. How to Draw Dinosaurs (Usborne Activities) by Fiona Watt, 2005-07-07
  9. Dinosaur Train: Call of the Wild! (Color Plus Chunky Crayons) by Mona Miller, 2011-01-11
  10. 52 After-School Activities (52 Series) by Lynn Gordon, 2002-02-01
  11. Barney's Great Adventure: A Stu-U-Upendous Sticker Book (Dino-Mite Color/Activity , Vol 1) by Lyrick Studios, 1998-02
  12. Creature Features: Cub Scout Activity Series (Cub Scout Activity Book) by DK Publishing, 2009-04-20
  13. The Land Before Time: Coloring and Activity Book and Crayons by Lana Jacobs, 2007-09-01
  14. Buddy Davis' Sculpt-A-Saur Dino Activity Pak by Buddy Davis, 2007-07-24

81. Dinosaur Tracker: Day 1 Activities
4. How fast does this dinosaur's speed compare with Find four other bipedal animalsthat are alive today Each day's activities should help them conquer a few

Today's Goal
Motivational Activity Materials
Step by Step Procedures
... Assessment
Today's Goal
Today's goal is to introduce and to motivate the students for the Dinosaur Tracker unit.

Motivational Activity
The first day is the most critical for getting students to buy-in to this unit. Ideally, students should feel like they are taking on the role of a real paleontologist who is setting out to solve a real world problem. Motivational techniques for the first day include:
  • Use the photographs page - present students with questions like, "What do you think happened to the road? (photo #2)" , "Has anyone ever seen a dinosaur track?" Model of tracks - present a smaller version of the tracks, tied by string. Print out the actual size left and right foot prints and tie them together with string to create a model that show how several of the steps will look. The track print should be roughly 3 to 4 feet apart. View a small video clip from Jurrasic Park. Show just enough of the video to get their attention (perhaps as they are walking into class - then ask them " How do we know so much about them? Virtual field trip - to another site where dino tracks are. here are some examples.

82. Activities For Teaching
To see the activities, click on the titles on has preserved a number of sauropod dinosaurskeletons. Sauropod dinosaurs are the largest land animals that ever
    Thinking about Paleontology Processes
    (grades K-12) Death Scenarios
    (grades 5-12) Where To Look?
    (grades 7-12) Paleo Art Study
    (grades 5-12) ACTIVITIES To see the activities, click on the titles on the left. Download Death Scenarios in a printable acrobat .pdf format by clicking here . (You can download a free copy of acrobat from Adobe DEATH SCENARIOS One of the team's main field work objectives is to excavate Fako a site which has preserved a number of sauropod dinosaur skeletons. Sauropod dinosaurs are the largest land animals that ever lived. A single fossilized leg bone of a sauropod can be up to six feet long and weigh 400 pounds! Not only will the team collect the bones of two skeletons, they will also make maps of the site, study the rock the bones are preserved in, measure and draw pictures of the positions of the bones in the ground and carefully collect and other plant or animal fossils they find nearby. QUESTION : BASED ON WHAT YOU HAVE READ ABOUT JOBARIA, WHICH OF THE DEATH SCENARIOS DID THE TEAM FIND EVIDENCE FOR AT FAKO? Why do all this work? If you just excavate a skeleton and go home, you will leave half the story in the ground. All fossil sites preserve more than bones; they also preserve clues to the following questions: how did the animal die? what happened to it after it died? what other plants and animals lived at the same time? what was the environment and climate like when the dinosaur was alive? By looking carefully at evidence preserved along with the dinosaur's bones, paleontologists can begin to paint a more complete picture of the life and death of the animal they can reconstruct a "death scenario."

83. BLM - Environmental Education - Set In Stone
of body balance, students can build any dinosaur body they that they are from differentanimals when, in Certain of the activities presented above were adapted
The teeth of Apatosaurus were incapable of efficiently crushing or grinding food to prepare it for digestion. How, then, was digestion accomplished? Clues to the digestion system of large herbivorous dinosaurs come from birds, which do not have teeth to chew their food. Parakeets swallow gravel and keep it in their gizzard, a muscular pocket in the digestive tract. As the muscles cause the walls of the gizzard to move, the gravel crushes the food. BLM's Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, a national Natural Landmark since 1964, has produced material such as this Allosaurs skull for dinosaur exhibits in 40 museums worldwide. The remains of over 60 of these Jurassic flesh-eaters have produced one of the most complete growth records of any known dinosaur. Reasonably strong evidence exists that large dinosaurs like brontosaurs and diplodocids also had gizzard stones, probably several rocks capable of efficiently crushing and grinding ingested food. The large dinosaurs pulled vegetation as needed with their thin, peglike teeth, and rather than waste valuable energy on chewing, swallowed the food. The gizzard "chewed" as the dinosaur walked. This was a far more efficient system because these dinosaurs could ingest new food as they "chewed" the old food. Materials: You will need a handful of pebbles, 120 mL water, pieces of lettuce or grass, a 2 L plastic soda bottle, a colander, and a bowl or bucket.

84. StudyWorks! Online : Biology
is filled with fun and interesting activities, games, and books just list facts aboutdinosaur behavior and and drawing conclusions about animals and events,,NAV2-75,00.html

Algebra Explorations
Astronomy Biology Creating Dinosaurs from Tracks ... Weather Center
Creating Dinosaurs from Tracks
Imagine finding a dinosaur track in your backyard! That is exactly what happened to a boy named Pliny Moody in 1802. Find out how scientists then created a life-sized dinosaur from the track! Mystery in the Deep
Oceanographers have discovered a strange new squid-like creature living in the sea. It has unusually long appendages and lives 3,000 feet below the ocean surface! Of Mice and Elephants
StudyWorks Science Classroom Activities

The activities in this collection are designed to be used with StudyWorks in a science classroom or lab equipped with one or more computers. Students gather data, explore relationships between variables, perform necessary calculations, and graph their results using dynamic StudyWorks worksheets. Super Bugs
Drug-resistant bacteria, known as superbugs, may be more common than was previously thought. In a recent study of children in Bristol, England, more than ten percent were found to be carrying superbugs. The rate may be even higher in adults. The Tyrannosaurus Family Tree
Scientists have recently announced the discovery of a new ancestor for Tyrannosaurus . The fossil, found in Britain, is called

85. The Field Museum Of Natural History LOT Guide1
and postvisit activities as well as in-museum activities help students DinosaurPoster. Fossil Lake Plants and animals were preserved as fossils 50 million
This page includes a sample of activities from Educational Activities for the Life Over Time Exhibit, a packet created for teachers and students. The packet includes previsit and postvisit activities that add to the positive learning experience of a trip to the Field Museum. Many of these activities can also be used in conjunction with the on-line version of Life Over Time. This activity packet was developed by Peter H. Laraba and Thomas J. Wickland, with support from the National Science Foundation. To order the complete packet, contact the Harris Loan Center at (312) 322-8853.
Feel free to print out any of the activities listed below, and try them out with your students!
Words from the past How big was that animal? Prehistoric motion
Read more about LIFE OVER TIMEhere's a list of useful books
For the young reader
Aliki. Fossils Tell of Long Ago. New York: Crowell, 1972.
Arnold, Caroline. Trapped-In-Tar: Fossils from the Ice Age. New York: Clarion Books-Houghton Mifflin Co., 1987.
Berenstain, Michael. The Biggest Dinosaur. New York: Western Publishing Co., 1989.

86. Zooish - Great Links. Links To Zoos, Zoology, Animals, Animal WEB CAMS, Dinosaur
Animated Kids Learning Site Sea animals People Files Dino Don - Lots of GreatDinosaur Information of Deep Space - Features Classroom activities Hubble
Links to Zoos, Zoo Web CAMS, Animals, Dinosaurs,
We consider all our links as stars,
but we take our hats off to some outstanding sites.
Zooish Great Zoos of the World - World Map With Links to Top 40 Zoos
Zoos Worldwide - Extensive Links to Hundreds of Zoos Listed by Country

Global Zoo Directory - Zoo List With Number of Species and Specimens at Each Zoo

ZooWeb - Links to Zoos and Aquariums and Zoo Stuff - Ranked by Hits
The Electronic Zoo - Links to Zoos and Animals

Live Web Cams links to live CAMS worldwide.
Go to EarthCam Index
Go to EarthCam Animals Discovery Channel Cams. Supported by Wildlife Conservation Society Live Zoo Cameras Atlanta Zoo, Atlanta, Georgia, USA - CAMS - Panda Bear Caribbean Gardens, Naples, Florida, USA - CAMS - Alligator Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA - CAMS - Giraffe Cloud Forest Reserve, Monteverde, Costa Rica - CAMS - Quetzal, Bats, Hummingbirds ... San Diego Zoo, San Diego, California, USA - CAMS - Panda Bear Animal Learning Links National Geographic For Kids - Quality Kids Learning Site - Animal Planet - One of the Best Animal Sites

87. Home
Enjoy shopping our online store where you will find the largest selection of Children'sdinosaur Toys, dinosaur replicas along with many wild safari animals.
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Dinosaur Toys
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safari toys ...
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C hildren's Dinosaur Toys and amazing educational toys Nature Park International offers museum-quality unique children toys children's dinosaur toys animal replicas from the most intriguing inhabitants of our Planet. Our collections are carefully selected, accurately molded and hand painted by skilled artisans. Our extensive product line includes a brilliant execution of sea life creatures sculpted under the direction of the educators of the renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium in California and children's dinosaur toys crafted by the creators of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. In fact, we are the world's foremost retail oriented warehouse of scale model children's dinosaur toys Additionally, we offer a farm collection which includes dozens of animal replicas from modern farmstead, the world's premier line of endangered wildlife replicas, educational posters, puzzles, gift boxes and hundreds of educational products all featuring nature and science. You will be in good company with tens of thousands of worldwide collectors of these magnificent lines, which are expanded yearly.

K3 Themes Rebus Rhymes Crafts PreK/K activities Enchanted Learning, you'll love thedinosaur and nature com Click for Great Posters of Cats and Other animals!
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Zoom School is an on-line elementary school classroom with lessons in geography, biology, language arts, and early childhood activities. GEOGRAPHY
Australia Antarctica ... Volcano CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES AND PRINT-OUTS Animal Coloring/Information Printouts Astronomy quizzes Astronomy tutorial Butterfly activities ... Dinosaur Alphabet Book LANGUAGE ARTS Cloze Activities (Fill-in-the-Blanks) Essays to Write Rebus Rhymes Little Explorers ... English-Spanish GENERAL CLASSROOM HELP Monthly Activity Calendars Web Tips for Children (and Educators) How to Write a Great Dinosaur Report Rubric for Assessing Animal Reports ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARIES Astronomy Dictionary Butterfly Dictionary Dinosaur and Paleontology Dictionary Plant Dictionary ... English-Spanish Go to Zoom School FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
LITTLE EXPLORERS Picture Dictionary with Activities for Children
Enchanted Learning Click to read Overview of Site What's New Enchanted Learning Home Monthly Activity Calendars Site map K-3 Little Explorers Picture dictionary K-3 Themes Rebus Rhymes Crafts PreK/K Activities Writing Cloze Activities Essay Topics Writing Activities Fiction The Test of Time Biology Animal Printouts Biology Label Printouts Biomes Birds ... Whales Physical Science Astronomy The Earth Oceans Volcanoes Languages

89. Earth Day Online Games
Please note that many of these activities are on Polar Pairs Match the arctic animalsand learn a Coconut Recycling Help Theo the dinosaur recycle coconuts by
Explore Kaboose! Kaboose Home MEMBERS ONLY - Mail - Chat - Boards - Account Settings Become a Member FUNSCHOOL - Game Guide ZEEKS - Zeek Games - Feed Your Brain - Surf Shack - Ask Margo - Get up n' Go! - Zeeks Crew - Cards KIDS DOMAIN - KD Review - Holidays - Contests - Kids - Grownups - Clip Art - Crafts - Downloads About Kaboose Feedback Contact Us Become an Affiliate
Earth Day Games
Environmental Games
Clean Up Your World
Clean up natural areas and place litter in the correct recycling bins.
Earth Day

Answer questions about Pollution.
Free the Beach

Locate and place into proper bins litter which may be recycled.
Animal Games
Animal Homes
Drag animals to their proper habitats.
Animal Safari

Drag names of animals to the appropriate picture.
Animal Spot

Drag certain features to the appropriate animal (horns, tails, etc.). Animal Tracks Match tracks in the ground to the animals which made them. Bird Watcher Drag images of birds to their correct outlines and habitats. Cartoon Builder Mix and Match different animal parts to create a fun character Critter Jumble Critter Jumble puts your spelling skills to the test. Move a mixed-up hodgepodge of letters to reveal the mystery word.

90. Dinosaur Myths - Enchanted Learning Software
Most of the dinosaur groups went extinct long before the KT mass of survival throughgeological time, the dinosaurs were longlasting animals, probably leaving
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ALL ABOUT DINOSAURS! What is a Dinosaur? Dino Info Pages Dinosaur Coloring Print-outs Name That Dino ... Dino Myths Debunking Dinosaur Myths
Do you know the answers to these dinosaur questions? Don't rely on popular images from dinosaur movies or cartoons! They're frequently wrong.
  • Were all huge, prehistoric animals dinosaurs?
  • Did any dinosaurs swim or fly?
  • Were all the dinosaurs huge?
  • Did cavemen live alongside the dinosaurs?
  • Did all the dinosaurs live at the same time?
  • Did all the dinosaurs die out?
  • Why were the dinosaurs a failure? Not all huge prehistoric animals were dinosaurs. A lot of animals existed during the Mesozoic along with the dinosaurs. Some animals were closely related to the dinosaurs, like the pterosaurs (which belong to the Order Archosauria as do the dinosaurs). Birds, however, are dinosaurs! Other animals, like the Dimetrodon , which lived in the Paleozoic era before the dinosaurs existed, are more closely related to us than to the dinosaurs.
  • 91. Qzone1-10
    There have also been other much smaller dinosaur discoveries in South Australia SimonHodgson, 9, Ocean Grove The smallest vertebrate (animals with backbones
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    Question Zone Where are the most plant and meat-eating dinosaur fossils found in Australia and what are their names?
    Declan Hunn, 8, South Hobart, TAS
    Most of the dinosaur fossils found in Australia — both plant and meat-eating — have been unearthed from areas in Victoria and Queensland.
    Victoria’s Dinosaur Cove
    Dinosaur Cove is a famous dinosaur site near the town of Inverloch on the Victorian coast. Some of the fossils unearthed there include that of Qantassaurus (a kangaroo-sized plant eater) and Ausktribosphenos, a tiny mammal.
    Queensland’s ‘fossil triangle’
    North-western Queensland is the so-called ‘fossil triangle’ — a rich source of dinosaur and ancient mammal fossils. which has turned up the fossils of some very unusual dinosaurs. For example, there’s the 7 metre-long plant eater Muttaburrasaurus, a huge and very ferocious sea hunter called Kronosaurus and a giant 3 metre tall bird. There’s even the fossilised footprints of a large dinosaur stampede at Lark Quarry which show hundreds of smaller dinosaurs running, probably from a large meat-eater.
    There have also been other much smaller dinosaur discoveries in South Australia, New South Wales and Western Australia.

    92. Science Activities For Children
    State SOL Earth Science driven class. Reinforcement and remedial activitiesare offered. Parents and students are both encouraged
    Science Curriculum Math Reading Art Science Music Tips for Teachers Organization Behavior Management ... Knowhere - Lessons on how the structure of space determines the shape of things in geometry and chemistry. If your students have a question- ask Dr. Universe Why do bats sleep upside down? Why are frogs green? Simple Experiments for Kids -Build a Periscope, Roto-Copter or make a Sun Clock! Inquiry Based Science - What does it look like? A Year-round Kindergarten Science Program NEW Science website The Middlesex Institute of Technology For parents , it contains a monthly calendar along with information on grading, conferences and state standards. For students , there is an on-line tutorial, an extra credit interactive challenge, a monthly "mystery molecule" as well as a science-sport challenge and a "top ten" list. ANIMALS Sharks Dolphins Penguins Whales ... Desert Animals ROCKS/MINERALS ELECTRICITY WEATHER THE OCEAN Grow your own Crystals Electricity Online The Weather Dude Marine Mammal Center ... What is Electricity?

    93. Classroom Activities For Little Explorers
    Elementary school Introduction to Research on the Internet
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    Little Explorers Quizzes Information Scavenger Hunts to use with the Little Explorers Picture Dictionary Find It! Quizzes Beginning Readers
    Given the first letter as a verbal hint, the student searches for a word in the online dicitonary. Or go to the answers Find It! Quizzes Grades 2 to 3 (or ESL) Printable Quizzes Given the first letter as a hint, the student searches for words in the online dicitonary. Or go to the answers Look It Up! Quizzes Grades 2 to 3 (or ESL) Printable Quizzes To find the answer to questions, the student looks up the words in the online dictionary. Or go to the answers Find It! Quizzes for Grades 2-3 (or ESL) These print-outs introduce young students to research on the Internet using the Little Explorers picture dictionary. Students use the on-line dictionary to look up the answers to a set of questions. Quiz Instructions:
  • Give each student (or a group of 2-3 students) a print-out. Instructions for printing are below.
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