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         Animals Endangered Teach:     more detail
  1. Animal Friends: Early Learning Activities That Teach about Endangered Animal Awareness by Patty Claycomb, 1995-04

21. BUY.COM - The Internet Superstore - We Ship Worldwide
21. teach Yourself UNIX in 24 Hours. This product qualifies for Free Shipping. EconoCladBooks endangered Wetland animals, 23. endangered Wetland animals.

22. Endangered Species Of Wisconsin
teachers will learn a variety of games and activities that can be used in the classroomor in the field to teach about endangered plants and animals and to
A Professional Development Program for Elementary School Teachers
We don't have Cheetahs and Manatees but...
Many Wisconsin plants and animals are in trouble and many Wisconsin teachers are not aware that our state has its own list of species in danger or decline. The result is an elementary school population that is exposed to charismatic species at the global level and remains unaware of threatened plants and animals that inhabit Wisconsin's woods and prairies, ponds and streams, and sometimes, our own back yards.
Why are certain species at risk?
Threatened and Endangered Species of Wisconsin is designed to provide teachers with a basic awareness of threatened and endangered species that are indigenous to Wisconsin and to help them understand the human activities that pose the greatest risks to the welfare and recovery of these species. Teachers will learn a variety of games and activities that can be used in the classroom or in the field to teach about endangered plants and animals and to define the concept of stewardship as it relates to the protection and recovery of Wisconsin's threatened and endangered species.
What do they have in common?

23. CAMPAIGNS | LCA - Last Chance For Animals
Inform them of how few zoo animals are endangered and demand that animalscease being placed in zoos. teach respect for life.
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Zoos Animals in zoos are forced to live in artificial, stressful, and downright boring conditions. Removed from their natural habitats and social structures, they are confined to small, restrictive environments that deprive them of mental and physical stimulation. While zoos claim to provide conservation, education, and entertainment, their primary goal is to sustain public support in order to increase profits. Conservation
Zoos profess to practice conservation, in other words, the preservation of various species, claiming that without their efforts, certain species would become extinct. However, if they were truly concerned with the preservation of species, they would instead work to preserve animals’ natural habitat. For it is in fact humans who are eroding the natural habitat of numerous species through pollution, rangeland degradation, topsoil erosion, crop and groundwater contamination, and other harmful processes.
Education While a number of zoos make an effort to provide some sort of education, they mostly teach people how animals react in captive situations. Patrons are unable to witness how multifaceted the lives of animals truly are. Instead, zoo-goers observe animals’ reactions to boredom, depression, and stress.

24. Life
Arthropods, Birds, Extinct animals, Farm animals. endangered Wildlife, Zoos and Aquariums. Spiders,scorpions, ticks and mites) ABC teach Spiders Arachnology Home
Life Science
Animals Biomes Microscopic World Plants
Animal Migration British Columbia Creature Page Kratts' Creatures Space for Species ... Zoos and Aquariums
Arachnids (Spiders, scorpions, ticks and mites) ABC Teach: Spiders
Arachnology Home Page

Spiders at Enchanted Learning

Spiders Themes
Yahooligans! Animals: Insects
Extinct Animals
Dino Detectives
Dinosauria Online
Discovering Dinosaurs
Zoom Dinosaurs
Farm Animals
Barnyard Friends (Webquest)
Farm Animals Around the World
Fiona's Shark Mania Ocean Species of Fish Theme Pages

Zoom Sharks
Atlantic and Pacific Salmon Theme Pages B.C. Game Fish: Salmon B.C. Salmon Page Chena River Microcopia ... Caswell School (Ceres, California) Promontory Heights Elem (Chilliwack, B.C.) Dormick Park (Abbotsford, BC) Riverdale School District (Portland, Oregon) Raising Salmon (Bellingham, Washington) Salmon Life Cycle (Bend, Oregon) SD#43 Salmon Cam (Sacramento, CA)
Insects Hotlist Most Wanted Bugs Tales from the Hive Wonderful World of Insects ... Zoom Butterflies
ABC Teach: Ladybugs Lady Beetles!

25. Amazing Animals/Animal Sites
are you looking for background information to teach an Amazing animals Unit to ABCteach endangered Species Unit Loads of readyto-print activities for the
Be sure to check out the annotated list below if you are you looking for background information to teach an Amazing Animals Unit to primary level children.
  • *Amazing Animal Web Feature*: Grade 2
    Courtesy the 2nd Grade TreasureTrove, complete with ready-to-print lessons, project ideas, rubrics and online student slideshow!
  • ABC Teach: Endangered Species Unit
    Loads of ready-to-print activities for the classroom teacher!
  • Free Animal Worksheets
    Ready-to-print for classroom use [ages 7-10]!
  • K-3 Enchanted Learning
    This is an awesome site, whether you assisting your students in locating background information to research the animal of their choice, or looking for printouts and quizzes!
  • Kids Domain: Animal Worksheets
    Ready-to-print word puzzles and coloring pages that you can use in the classroom . . .
  • National Wildlife Federation
    Download free copies of wildlife activities and adventures for your students!
  • School Express
    Sign up for a free membership with School Express, and receive a complete thematic unit via email! Past units include: frogs, pandas, butterflies, ladybugs, penguins and more!
  • *Something Froggy*
    Learning about frogs online can be fun for your students! This is a web feature that K. Walkowiak created with some online friends.
  • 26. Animal Web Sites For Science Teachers
    World Wildlife Fund endangered Species Explores the challenges facing Zoobooks- The Encyclopedia of animals - Tons of teach-nology - The Art and Science of
    Best Sites


    Free Sites
    ... Professional Development Enter your email address for
    FREE weekly teaching tips! Home Teacher Resources Subject Matter Science ...
  • - Provides pictures and basic information about various animals. All About Snails - Snail facts and related activities including: coloring, songs, story, games, and a teacher's corner. Animal Doc Com - For kids who would like to be veterinarians. Animal health and care information, puzzles and contests. Animals - Learn all about amphibians, birds, fishes, mammals and reptiles from this page sponsored by the Sedgwick County Zoo. Are You Thinking about Becoming a Veterinarian? - Frequently asked questions about how someone becomes a vet including career information, veterinary medicine, jobs, education, salary, advice, schools, and personal experiences. AVMA Kids' Korner - Activities, games, tips, and other information to help kids learn to care for pets.
  • 27. Miss Maggie's Teachers' Lounge
    teach your game to a class of younger children. Imagine that you are an animal thatis endangered. Choose 10 African animals and find out what their status is
    So Many Troubling Reasons Take a look at this graphic that shows reasons why an African animal may be on the endangered species list. Trouble On The Savannah!
    Many African animals make their home on the savannah. Now the population of Africa is growing so rapidly that people must live and farm on these grasslands. A lot of animals need to live in game reserves and parks. Trouble makers
    Poachers are people who shoot animals to get their fur and tusks. Most countries have outlawed poaching, but many still kill animals because of the huge amount of money they will get for the horns and tusks. The Trouble With Hunting When the Europeans came to Africa, they often hunted the native animals for sport and for their furs and tusks. Wars: Trouble For People; Trouble For Animals!
    Europeans came to Africa and took over territory. Disputes arose about this and there was fighting. Many innocent people died in these wars. Other innocent victims of the fighting were the animals. Don't Get On This List! The official list of endangered animals is called The Red List. It is kept by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. This organization looks at the number of animals in the wild and what is happening to the animals' habitat. They look at environmental and predatory dangers that the species might be facing. At a meeting of the IUCN Council in November 1994, this organization set up guidelines to put animals in certain categories. These categories help people all over the world better understand what they must do to protect animals that are in danger of extinction. To find out more about The Red List you can go to

    28. Endangered Species
    about endangered species such as some animals that are help those that are on theendangered species list fun and interesting games that teach about endangered
    Endangered Species Around the World
    Endangered Species
    Internet WebQuest by Jodi Oswald
    Fourth and Fifth Grades, Science
    This is a WebQuest on endangered species. The purpose of this WebQuest is to guide the explorer, that is you, in an interactive expedition to find out more about endangered species. You may already know a little about endangered species such as: some animals that are already on the endangered species list, what makes a species endangered, or how to help those that are on the endangered species list. In this WebQuest you will be asked several questions and will be given many
    links to websites where you can find the answers. Please remember, however, a species can be any plant or animal
    Directions: You will be asked a series of investigative questions where you can explore the provided website links. Some of the links that I found even have fun and interesting games that teach about endangered species. Please write down your answers and information on your piece of paper. Also keep in mind, that you will need to choose one endangered species and investigate as much as you can about that species. You will need this information to present to your classmates.
    ndangered . What does it mean if a species is endangered?

    29. Endangered Species Resources
    http// endangered animals Tailor thisinternet experience to meet your own classroom needsit contains loads of
    Endangered Species Endangered species website that has been created especially for educators and students. Besides information concerning endangered species of Hawaii, it now has a page of hotlinks to many endangered species sites and a lesson plan to go with the website. Endangered Species (Factsheets and News Releases) Endangered Animals links to lessons Endangered Animals: Tailor this internet experience to meet your own classroom needsit contains loads of activities and student questions to follow for each of the selected endangered animals chosen. a lesson on endangerd species "The Rare Species Conservatory Foundation has a fun, new section called 'Just For Kids.' This is a great place for kids of all ages to learn about the amazing diversity of nature and the importance of creating safe places for wildlife. There are really cool games, projects and tons of educational information focused on conservation and nature.

    30. Play And Teach Science
    environments and appreciation for the animals' place in voice their concerns aboutan endangered species by The Weather/ El tiempo teach children weather words
    FUN and EDUCATIONAL materials for children, teachers, and parents. Resource materials for groups and professionals working with children. From the Children's Educational Cooperative
    Click on a picture to learn more about the product and how to order.
    buttons shows items that can be bought directly from Play And Teach. Enjoy the adventures of a young boy with his first science fair project and learn scientific methods too! Delightful story plus experiments.
    Story of the race to save the majestic peregrine falcon from extinction. Ages 7-12. Color photos. Maps, chart, glossary, and resources.
    Mother and babies. Babies and mothers. The animal kingdom offers a special fascination for children because so many of the cozy rituals they share at home are echoed in nature. Watch the little spider Fets make a mess with her own "science experience." Learn about light and color, tints and tones, rainbows, the color wheel and more!
    Read the hilarious story of a girl who breaks her arm 3 times while skating. And try the experiments that mimic breaking bones and avoiding more broken bones.
    The bald eagle was facing extinction in the U.S. by 1970, but people across America refused to allow it to disappear. Ages 7-12. Color photos. Maps, chart, glossary, and resources.

    31. Nearctica - Education - Subjects - Endangered Species
    You will also find a list of the proposed endangered plants and animals of Canada. EPatrolwill teach you about endangered species from around the world
    Education - Subjects - Endangered Species Return to Subjects Main Page Alberta's Endangered Species . This site has information on some of the threatened and endangered animals and plants of Alberta with fact sheets and photographs. Extensive links to environmental sites relevant to Alberta may be found here as well as links to advocacy groups. You will also find a list of the proposed endangered plants and animals of Canada. Alaska Rare Plant Guide . Robert Lipkin and David Murray. A guide in the form of a series of Adobe Acrobat files (pdf) on the rare plant species of Alaska. E-Patrol. Sprint . E-Patrol will teach you about endangered species from around the world. It also has tips on making your house more energy efficient. You can also enter an art contest and see pictures from previous winners. EE-Link . University of Michigan. This site has links to other site concerned with endangered species and other information. It has lists of species grouped by regions of the continental United States from the Fish and Wildlife web site. This list can be searched by common or scientific name. There are also photographs of 60 species of endangered or threatened plants and animals, each image carrying a little information. This site carries links to fact sheets, not all North American nor all endangered except in certain regions of the United States. Finally you can find links to teaching plans related to education about endangered species. Endangered. Exploring a World at Risk

    32. Animal Aid : Youth : Animals In Captivity
    hard to see how looking at caged wild animals can teach us anything It is clear thatcaptive breeding programmes will not save the world's endangered animals.
    The first zoos were private collections of wild animals established by kings and other rich people for their own amusement. London Zoo was one of the first public zoos act up to display exotic and unusual animals collected from all corners of the British Empire. In those early days, of course, there were no nature programmes or films about wild animals, so people visited zoos to learn about them. Today, however, people are beginning to question whether we should still have zoos where wild animals are kept in cages for the amusement of the public. Zoos say that they care for their animals and that they not only provide people with an enjoyable day out, but also do valuable conservation work and help to educate people about the plight of wild animals.
    What do zoos teach us about wild animals?
    Some argue that visiting the zoo helps people to understand and respect wildlife, but it is hard to see how looking at caged wild animals can teach us anything useful. Animals kept in zoos do not behave naturally because they are kept in a totally unnatural environment. Recent studies of zoo animals have shown that many of the inmates are not only very

    33. Endangered Animals - Introduction
    idea who we are, which grades we teach and so on. a link to any participants who haveendangered animal reports animalspages In this section we put a list of
    About this Homepage
    This Homepage has several main topics.
    Here you can find more background-information about the goals of our project. We also put a little introduction of Joan and René in this section, so you can have a small idea who we are, which grades we teach and so on. Participants-pages
    In this section you can find a list of all the participants of this project, of their contribution to this project: their reports. We have also included a link to any participants who have endangered animal reports on their homepages.
    For a good summary, we divided the participants not only on alphabetic order, but also into regions. Animals-pages
    In this section we put a list of endangered animals, divided into regions. The animals are per region put in alphabetic order. If an animal is "chosen" by a school (for a report), we put the name of that school behind the animal-name. If neccessary, we made a link to the school's own homepage if the school has a report published on their homepage. Questions-pages
    On these pages we made a list of questions which could help you with making a report about an endangered animal. We also hope to publish ideas for school projects, special education projects, and so on.

    34. Teaching And Animals Resources Listed By Animal
    endangered animals of the World This is an ongoing worldwide endangered SpeciesWow! teach about threatened, endangered, and extinct species; rainforests

    35. Free Resources To Teach Children About The Environment
    Coloring Book offers pictures kids can color and facts about some of the endangeredplants and animals in the United States, including why they are endangered.
    Teaching Our Kids about the Environment
    What is safe and dangerous in your home, school or neighborhood?
    Tips to Protect Children from Environmental Threats Dangers from the sun Earth Day resources Superfund Facts and Educations for Kids ... Endangered Species information for kids
    From the Sun
    Sun Protection for Kids - This document discusses precautions that can help you assist children to avoid ultraviolet (UV)-related health problems. Ultraviolet Index : An Overview - Do you know that a few simple precautions can help protect you and your children from skin cancer and serious eye injury? Sunwise Schools Program - This program provides materials to help teachers educate students in K-6 about protecting themselves from overexposure to the sun's ultraviolet radiation.
    Endangered Species
    The "Save Our Species" Endangered Species Coloring Book offers pictures kids can color and facts about some of the endangered plants and animals in the United States, including why they are endangered. (EPA21T-3048) The Protecting Endangered Species From Pesticides: Save Our Species Poster shows pictures and facts about some of the endangered plants and animals in the United States, including why they are endangered. (EPA735F94104)

    36. ThinkQuest USA Library : Endangered & Extinct Species
    Our web page is meant to teach others about the effect that the environmenthas on endangered animals , other animals, and the human race.

    37. Les Animaux En Peril/Endangered Animals
    attempt to collaborate more with the Homeroom teachers who teach the Science thatstudents visit French web sites concerning endangered animals before starting

    Core French Unit:
    L'Environnement et moi Grade 6 Unit Overview: L'Environnement et moi / Endangered Animals project is a bilingual collaborative effort between three classroom teachers and four school specialists. The specialists were the Core French teacher, the Counselor Teacher (bilingual) who aided individual students and overall collaboration of project, Information Technology teacher, who assembled the web site with the students, the librarian who aided in research, as well as the Homeroom teachers who aided in Information Technology class. This project covers several subject areas including French/English, Information Technology, art, research skills, and life science. It also fits into our "Green School" initiatives which our school counselor leads. Intro: The Grade 6 Core French unit entitled L'Environnement et moi , from Prentice Hall Ginn Canada's Acti-Vie series, invites students to become aware of their relationship to the natural world and their surroundings, and to become aware of the effects of humans on the environment. Theme: This unit invites students to become aware of their relationship to the natural world and surroundings by learning the names of various animals and habitats, develop an awareness of the state of the environment by learning about different types of waste products and their effects on the environment, and finally invite students to choose eco-friendly habits in their daily lives and in society.

    38. Environmental Organization WebDirectory - AnimalsAnimal Interest
    animal sanctuary SHEA Park - Safe Haven for endangered animals with extensiveeducational programs to teach about the plight of all endangered animals;
    Animals :Animal Interest Groups
    Animal Rights
    Canine Rescue Organizations
    Humane Societies
    Wildlife Rehabilitation

    39. Generic Template
    The orangutan is endangered in Indonesia¢â?¬â?¢s are hoping the new programwill teach people how want to visit a place with such special animals.
    Free Web site hosting -
    by Ulla Hedeager
    Great apes in danger
    LANGUAGE IN NON-HUMAN SPECIES INTERMEDIATE STAGES BIBLIOGRAPHY ... PRIMATES HELPING PRIMATES From Africa to Southeast Asia the worlds great apes are in danger of becoming extinct. The UN is on a mission to save these precious animals, gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, and bonobos, from dying off. Great apes still live in 23 countries and experts working to save the last great apes in the wild are hoping to keep it that way.
    Conservationists led by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) have launched a global effort to save the great apes from extinction in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. The Great Apes Survival Project (GRASP) targets 23 areas where gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, bonobos, and other primates are near extinction as a result of war, habitat destruction, and poaching for trophies, souvenirs, and meat. It seems grotesque that the peaceful bonobos cannot escape the chaos of civil war in Congo. Pacifism happens to be the principal attribute of bonobos, very unlike their aggressive human relatives. Experts estimates that in five to ten years some of these primates will be extinct across most of their range. Not one species of primates has been lost in the past century, but now 25 species of apes, monkeys, lemurs and other primates are imperiled and may soon disappear.
    Great apes are the animals most like humans.

    40. Education And Volunteering
    Study avian_lesson_plans.htm Really Wild animals http//www Resources Wildlife,Habitat and endangered Species http net/specialplaces/pages/species-teach.html
    Education Resources
    Links to exotic animal education resources and lesson plans education programs , some great hands-on projects.
    GREAT HANDS-ON PROJECTS!! Get your students involved!!
    ESCAPE a collection of classroom activities on exotic aquatic species.
    Endangered Animals of the World - An International Research Project
    Museum in the Classroom - Illinois State Museum and the Brookfeild Zoo
    School World Internet Education - Endangered Species Project
    Exotic Animal Education Resources and Lesson Plans on the Internet:
    Animal Edutainment, Inc. - Home of Critterman Safari Guides
    Bagheera - In The Classroom
    Confessions of a Deep Sub-Pilot
    Discovery Channel - Educator Guide / African Elephants

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