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         Animals Endangered Teach:     more detail
  1. Animal Friends: Early Learning Activities That Teach about Endangered Animal Awareness by Patty Claycomb, 1995-04

41. Western: Books
teach Yourself UNIX in 24 Hours (Paperback) ~ Dave Taylor (Author) Release Date4/1/2001, US$24.99 List endangered Savannah animals (Hardcover) ~ Dave
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Brian Jepson
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42. K12> And More Web Sites For Endangered Animals
http// Siberian Theauthority of those who teach is often an
From: EDTECH - Educational Technology [ mailto:EDTECH@H-NET.MSU.EDU ] On
Behalf Of EDTECH Editor-Hinchliffe
Sent: Wednesday, September 02, 1998 8:50 AM
Subject: Re: Web sites for Endangered Animals
I ran a very quick search through Infoseek and came up with the following
URLs which will at least give you and the kiddies a start:
The Siberian Tiger
Siberian Tiger Seneca Park
Siberian Tigers Lincoln Park Zoo Siberian Tiger American Museum of Natural History Siberian Tigers images Siberian Tigers Tiger Information Center Siberian Tigers PBS Hope this helps. Steve Dr. Steven Kreis The History Guide

43. Wild And Free- Preserving Nature's Beauty For Our Planet.
Earth teach me to remember kindness, as dry stopping the senseless and shortsightedslaughter of animals. A number of species have become endangered because of
Wild and Free
"Our Task must be to free widening our circle of
compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature
and its beauty."
Albert Einstein
"Bear Fight" from Travels With Samantha
©1993 by Phillip Greenspun
Used by Permission
This page is my small tribute to the grandeur of the wild creatures, great and small, that we share our planet with. The challenge is to ensure the survival of the natural world and its creatures while allowing mankind to flourish. We have to live together. I believe that we were granted the earth and all in it as a loan for safekeeping. I only hope that we will still have Nature's beauty to enjoy when we pass this world on to our children.
It is a beautiful thing to see an animal free in its natural habitat. When we talk about freedom so often we compare it to things like an eagle flying free, without boundaries or limitations. There is that certain awe for the sheer beauty of it all-that incredibly fascinating and complex web of life woven around us.
EARTH LESSONS Earth teach me quiet

44. CyberSmart! : Lesson Plans : Subject Category Searching
teach 3 (online), are Home Science Nature Living Things animals Pet Care Turtlesor Home Science Nature Living Things animals endangered Species Sea Turtles
Subject Category Searching
Download Student Activity Sheet(s) for printout in PDF Format

Selecting subject categories is one of two main search tools used on the Internet. Students learn how to best select subject categories in a directory and explore the concept of narrowing their search.
Objectives Compare describing routes to locations in both the real world and in cyberspace Use an online children's directory to select subject categories that lead to a specified topic Recognize that directories may provide alternate routes to reach a Web site
National Educational Technology Standards Grade 2, Performance Indicator # 9 Grade 3, Performance Indicators # 6 and 9
Site Preview Yahooligans!
Online Resources Visit sites providing background information on Search Engines and Directories.
Materials Activity sheet (1) Online computer access
Introduce (offline) Ask volunteers to describe the route they take from home to school or between any two familiar places. Ask: Is there another way to get there?

45. About Endangered Species
they throw away won't harm any animals. About endangered Species CDROM contains47 pages Educational Value Helps teach Children Creative Skills - Computer
C o l o ... n
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About Endangered Species

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Stories that talk with pages to color!
About Endangered Species Most People don't realize that the future of thousands of animal species is threatened every day by man. Can you imagine a world without pandas, elephants, tigers, gorillas and many more of our favorite animals? Everyone can help in the effort to save endangered species. Smart Kids can do their part by knowing what products not to buy, such as anything made with ivory, tropical trees, or animals from the rain forests. They can also make sure that the things they throw away won't harm any animals. Endangered species around the world need Smart Kids to help keep them safe. Color Me Fun! lets children enjoy the story with full color pages just like reading a book except that the book talks and can be colored as well. Each page comes pre-colored when in the story book mode (slide show), and can be toggled from pre-colored to uncolored pictures. Select the 'Color Me' button and start coloring. Pages can be printed out colored, or uncolored for coloring by hand. About Endangered Species CD-ROM contains 47 pages of great coloring pictures

46. Endangered Animals
endangered animals mission is to choose an animal in danger of extinction, learnmore about it, and design a PowerPoint presentation to teach your classmates
Endangered Animals A WEB Quest for Intermediate and Advanced E.S.O.L. students
ntroduction Task Process ... Conclusion The Task Your mission is to choose an animal in danger of extinction, learn more about it, and design a PowerPoint presentation to teach your classmates about this species. You need to find out the following: a. Natural habitat, b. Physical characteristics, diet, and social habits. c. Reasons why it is in danger of extinction. d. Ways and efforts to save this specie.
Start by reading the listed articles in the resource page, review the reference books available, and complete the following items:
A. Pictures of habitat and the animal B. Description of the area where your animal lives. (That’s its habitat.) C. What does it need to survive? D. What does it eat? What are its social habits (mating, hierarchy)? E. What areas of the world does it live in? F. How big is it? How fast is it? G. How does the animal protect itself? H. What organizations are helping the species? How are they helping? What can be done to help the species survive? I. Should we save this species? How can we do this? Is this possible to do in today's world?

Calypso, an endangered Green Sea Turtle who's been in is to rescue, rehabilitate andrelease animals back into about Calypso will help teach visitors about by

48. Search Results For Lesson Plans Animals
endangered animals, endangered SPECIES Crickets in the Classroom new using commonfield and house crickets to teach observation skills, measurement, and some
COPERNIC 2001 SEARCH RESULTS Search: lesson plans animals (All words) Date: Found: 18 document(s) on The Web Sort: Score
  • Lesson Plans for Australian Animals ... - Grades 4-12 new
    Lesson Plans for Australian Animals and Biomes. Grades 4-12. When it comes to animals , Australia is unique. For example, it is the ...
    Animals ... for elementary school teachers in grades K-5 including endangered species activities, new
    ProTeacher! Animals lesson plans for elementary school teachers in grades K-5 including ... bats, dinosaurs, and whales source Animals - A hotlist of lesson plans , resources, and web-based activities ...
    Lesson ... Plans new
    Current and Seasonal Events Mathematics Science History/Social Science Language Arts The Arts Multi-Subject Lesson Plans Mathematics Appetizers and Lesson s for Math and Reason A...
  • 49. Save Environment Help Earth Clean Air Stop Global Warming Endangered Animals
    43. Don't buy products made from endangered animals. back to top. (Raising animalsfor food consumes 50. teach children to respect nature and the environment.
    Search for a Charity
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    using the JustGive Guide
    Categories Animals Community Crime Prevention Disabled Disaster Relief Education Elderly Environment Homeless Human Rights Overseas Aid Peace Substance Abuse Women
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    Frequently Asked Questions Contact Us 50 Things You Can Do To Save the Environment "We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect." ~Aldo Leopold IN YOUR HOME 1. Recycle everything you can: newspapers, cans, glass bottles and jars, aluminum foil, motor oil, scrap metal, etc. 2. Don't use electrical appliances for things you can easily do by hand, such as opening cans. 3. Use cold water in the washer whenever possible.

    50. CEP Technical Report No. 30 1994 Table Of Contents
    WECAN Youth teach Youth. for Preserving the Environment Grade 4 - Grades 5 and6 - Grades 7 to 910 Week 3 - endangered Endemic animals of Jamaica
    Caribbean Environment Programme
    United Nations Environment Programme
    CEP Technical Report No. 30 1994
    All CEP Technical Reports
    WECAN: Youth Teach Youth. Environmental Science Handbook for Environmental Education and Awareness in Schools - Case study Jack's Hill All Age School
    Table of Contents


    Week 1 - Environmental Terms
    - Grade 4
    - Grades 5 and 6
    - Grades 7 to 9
    Week 2 - Reasons for Preserving the Environment
    - Grade 4 - Grades 5 and 6 - Grades 7 to 910 Week 3 - Endangered Endemic Animals of Jamaica - Grade 4 - Grades 5 and 6 - Grades 7 to 9 Week 4 - Mammals - Grade 4 - Grades 5 and 6 - Grades 7 to 9 Week 5 - Insects - Grade 4 - Grades 5 and 6 - Grades 7 to 9 Week 6 - Amphibians and Reptiles - Grade 4 - Grades 5 and 6 - Grades 7 to 9 Week 7 - Birds - Grade 4 - Grades 5 and 6 - Grades 7 to 9 Week 8 - Plants - Grade 4 - Grades 5 and 6 - Grades 7 to 9 Week 9 - Things we can do - Grade 4 - Grades 5 and 6 - Grades 7 to 9 III.CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS

    51. Useful Internet Sites
    Geography a social studies project endangered Species - a from CMIS animals on theFarm WebQuest - suitable teaching resource Easy web tips to teach children.
    Home Site Map Staff Hot Sites Email Parents Classrooms Technology ... Special Events Need information? Start your search here! Special Occasions [Easter Christmas Commonwealth Games] Animals Bugs Worms Insects Frogs ... Endangered Species Search Engines Search Engines Dictionary Fantasy Dinosaurs Science The Sea Natural Wonders Minerals Space ... Human Body Maths [Maths] English Fairy Tales [West Australia Settlement of WA Australian Explorers ... Indigenous people Lote Italian Internet sites for Teachers and Parents Technology Ideas On-line PD For Teachers - curriculum resources Internet Projects ... Web Quests Australian Explorers 10 Australian explorers Search Engines for Kids Lycos for Kids Picture dictionary with links Web search site for kids by Librarians Ask a question and Jeeves will find the answer! Maths Online maths activities for kids Flashcards for Kids Maths Baseball Kid Klok ... a program designed to help young Australians to enjoy learning maths. It is specially made to be free, informative, and fun for Australian kids Antarctica Global classroom project - Antarctica The Penguins of Antarctica Language Focus on Words Scholastic - Goosebumps, Babysitters Club etc

    52. Wisdom Of Reintroductions
    To teach the birds to fear people, humans acted like loud said habitat restorationis an elementary step in sustaining endangered plants and animals.
    1. Wolves. Endangered?
    2. Wolves on the rebound

    3. History of extermination

    4. Midwestern wolves
    11.House flies!

    Whooping cranes swooping over a marsh.
    If you lead a horse to water,
    will it know how to drink?

    Long ago, this whooping crane "imprinted" on human handlers, so he will not enter breeding condition unless a human engages in this mating dance. George Archibald, director of the International Crane Foundation, is a master of this peculiar dance. This being Wisconsin, his protection against the big bird is a dairy pail brush.
    You can't generally take a captive-bred animal to the wilderness and tell it to get lost . Here are some ways that biologists teach wild animals to be wild. There's much more here Cranes
    The International Crane Foundation (Baraboo, Wis.) has raised all 15 species of cranes in captivity, using a technique that avoids human contact. Crane chicks "imprint" on whoever cares for them in their first days of life, and they seek that species for a mate. If Siberian cranes and whooping cranes which are destined for reintroduction to the wild imprint on a human, that's a major problem. California condor The huge California condor, a vulture with a nine-foot wingspan, benefited from a long, expensive recovery effort that started releasing captive-bred birds in 1992 As of 1999, 49 birds were alive in the wild, of a total population of 161.

    53. Wolf On The Rebound
    teach animals to be wild. It's not just animals plants are also goingextinct. A contrarian's view on genetics and endangered species. more.
    1. Wolves. Endangered?
    2. Wolves on the rebound

    3. History of extermination

    4. Midwestern wolves
    11.House flies!
    Undoing our mistakes
    POSTED 14 JULY 2000 Wolves are doing so well that they may be removed from endangered status. Credit the successful reintroduction at Yellowstone National Park, and increased conservation efforts nationwide. To prevent extinctions and make the planet more beautiful, scientists and land managers are restoring endangered species to their former homes. Let's look at some reintroduction efforts.
    It's wolf city down at Yellowstone Has the trumpeter swan sung its swan song? Teach animals to be wild It's not just animals plants are also going extinct. Something's fishy with these genes. A contrarian's view on genetics and endangered species. There are pages in this feature.
    Credits Feedback Search ... Terry Devitt , editor; S.V. Medaris , designer/illustrator; David Tenenbaum , feature writer;

    54. Kids With H
    Goals Goal 1 Develop strategies and materials to produce a Power Point Presentationthat can be used to teach information on endangered animals.
    Tipton Elementary School
    1099 S. Main Street
    Tipton, IN 46072
    Shari Cottingham, Danielle Voorhis, Lisa Weaver Animal Web Pages: PowerPoint Presentation Download: Kids With H.E.A.R.T. Topic Related Lesson Plans Rubrics Objective: Teachers, Media Specialist, and Technology Coordinators will have the necessary materials to teach a unit on how changing ecological conditions, pollutants, pesticides, man’s carelessness, and other conditions threaten and endanger animals. Grade Level and Content Standard Addressed: Grade Levels: 2-5 Literacy Standards – Information Literacy Standard 1 The student who is information literate accesses information efficiently and effectively. Standard 2 The student who is information literate evaluates information critically and competently. Standard 3 The student who is information literate uses information accurately and creatively. Science Standard 4 - The Living Environment *Explain that in any particular environment, some kinds of plants and animals survive well, some do not survive as well, and some cannot survive. *Explain how changes in an organism’s habitat are sometimes beneficial and sometimes harmful.

    55. SchoolWorld Endangered Species Project: Ocelot
    and senior citizens to save and conserve wild animals. called Keep the Wild Alive to teach people about funders to improve the population of endangered cats.
    Submitted by
    Eric Natenstedt
    American School of Kuwait
    Hawalli, Kuwait City, Kuwait

    Source Unknown
    Photographer Unknown
    Common Name: Ocelot
    Scientific Name: Leopardus pardalis The complexion of the Ocelot's fur is a sort-of peach colored background with many elegant black spots. Its tail has black rings all the way down which resembles the tail of a very shorthaired raccoon. The Ocelot has lines of black around its neck, long whiskers, and ears that have been covered in black. This scheme of dark colors helps the ocelot hide itself in the underbrush. The ocelot, like most felines, has incredible sight capabilities and is nocturnal. The ocelot can see six times as well as the average human. The ocelot has a very widespread, carnivorous diet of animals such as small deer, monkeys, mice, rats, birds, turtles, lizards, rabbits, and other animals smaller than itself. Females are pregnant for about 70 days and usually deliver around two kittens. Mothers are left to take care of their young primarily on their own.
    Ocelots have a wide range of habitats including jungles, rain forests, bushy areas, and yearly flooded areas, specifically wet areas such as riverbanks and marshlands. These diverse territories range from Argentina to southern Texas. These wet areas are usually chosen because ocelots are great swimmers. The advantage of swimming gives them the upper hand when defending or hunting in their wetland territory.

    56. CHESPAX
    your students with your bird identification questions and help teach some of itemssold throughout the world that originate from endangered animals or plants.
    Birds What is that bird at my feeder The CHESPAX bird box will help you and your students with your bird identification questions and help teach some of the interesting facts and phenomena about this bird and many more. See if you can flap as quickly as some local birds. Compare your "wing span" with that of an eagle. See how your little feeder can become part of a much larger research project.
    Chesapeake Bay Horseshoe crabs, blue crabs, mud crabs, spider crabs, and fiddler crabs can all be found within different habitats of the Chesapeake Bay. What we do on land can have a positive or negative affect on these animals. What lives on an oyster reef? The answer to this and other questions can be found using the resources that are provided within this borrowing box. You will also find activities to assist teachers in teaching about wetlands, wildlife, and water. Act now to help educate students about the wonderful resource of the Chesapeake Bay.
    Endangered Species
    (Grades 4 – 8) Buyers Beware! Today, there are many items sold throughout the world that originate from endangered animals or plants. Illegal trade is just one of the many reasons plants and animals are becoming endangered. This box includes various endangered species "products" that were confiscated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. With the resources in this box you will discover many of the reasons for the decline of living things around the world.

    57. Karen'slinks
    Speciesteachers it helps teach students how Museum of Natural HistoryendangeredSpecies. animals, endangered Species, Dinofish, National Wildlife Federation.'s_links.html
    Search Engines Yahooligans Search EngineKids! Use this engineit's safer! Got a Question? Ask Jeeves Another Safe Search Engine Marco Polo Education Search Engine
    ... Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online Endangered Species and Extinct Species Did you know that 250 plant and animal species are now extinct since 1980? Grounds and Gardens, Endangered SpeciesTeachers it helps teach students how to research and critical thinking skills! Endangered Species. Facts and Pictures American Museum of Natural HistoryEndangered Species Animals, Endangered Species ... The Paleontology Server Geology Treasures and Turmoil from Inside the Earth Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Rocks and Minerals Volcanoes, The Inside Story Mt. St. Helens St. Andreas Fault Line in California Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park ... Coal Mining. The History of Coal Mining. Great Site! Really "Cool" Midi Sites! The Ultimate TV and Movie Page Jerry's JukeboxMidi Madness Professor's Po's Midi Music Page Midi Made Jukebox Page ... FileCityMidi Files PLANETS, GALAXIES, A LOOK BEYOND OUR WORLD THRU THE LENS OF PROBES, AND

    endangered animals CROSSWORD PUZZLE. home, 1. 6. 12. 2. 11. This animal is the Asian! 6.) We have learned to use these animals to teach us about sonar. puzzle.htm
    ENDANGERED ANIMALS CROSSWORD PUZZLE home DOWN 1.) This animal has a smokey gray color with black spots; their first name is also what we see on the ground during winter! 2.) This animal eats bamboo; they also are a type of cookies called yummies! 3.) This animal is often confused with apes; they are the largest living primates. They are Mountain 4.) This animal is the size of a rabbit and classified as a member of primates. Pirates usually yell this - " captain!" 5.) They travel in flocks of 140 birds; this is also a piece of heavy machinery. This animal is the Whooping 6.) These animal's skin color ranges from white to black, and found in the tropical rainforest from south western U.S. through north Argentina and southern Brazil; they are also a type of car! 7.) This animal is located on water , beaches, and ocean shores; they also had a TV. show with characters: Michelangelo, Donitello, Raphael, and Leonardo! 8.) These animals are 1-1.4 inches long; they also share a name of the biggest boy band of all time!

    59. Endangered Animals
    you and a partner will be researching an endangered animal using the endangered Animalsweb site Second, Mrs. Modena will teach you how to use a program called
    Welcome to this web based research project on endangered animals. You will be using both the Internet and a program called EasyBook Deluxe for this project. You will be creating a book on the computer that has pictures and text all about the endangered animal you chose. Procedure:
    First , you and a partner will be researching an endangered animal using the Endangered Animals
    web site listed below. You'll use the form your teachers made as you take notes on the following topics:
    1. The name of the animal
    2. Where the animal lives
    3. The size of the animal
    4. What the animal eats
    5. Other information you found interesting
    Second , Mrs. Modena will teach you how to use a program called EasyBook Deluxe. Your notes will be very helpful as you create pages about your endangered animal. We also have some surprises for you as you create your book! Third , when your book is done, you will print out your book in c o l o r Endangered Animal Resources Endangered Animals

    60. Switch Now And Save The Earth While You Surf!
    wild Bactrian camel, pictured in schoolbooks to teach the difference that will protectthe camel and other endangered species of animals and plants.
    Home Check Mail Tech Support Suggestions/Feedback ... Download EcoISP
    Species on the Brink
    Archived Articles

    Nevada Desert Grazing

    Windfarm on Cape Cod

    Chemical Security

    Snake River Dams

    Species on the Brink
    Alabama Carnivorous Plant
    Bactrian Camel Endangered Shrimp Farms Harm Mangroves Malaysian Tigers Spared ... West African Gorilla Sanctuary Resources at Risk 4,000 Acre Ranch America Losing Farmland Lake Tahoe Restoration African Transfrontier Parks ... Coral Reefs Under Seige Good News PA Hotels Certified Green Solar Array in Brooklyn Habitat for Rare Species Moon Trees Across America ... UK Certifies State Forests Action Alerts Vegan Anti-Whaling Ship Hawaiians and Johnston Atoll Alternative to Petroleum Space for Peace ... Climate Change Action Get Outdoors Tallgrass Aspen Park Mountain Lion Country The Worth of a Bird in the Hand From the Redwoods to the Sea ... Secret of Kartchner Caverns Bactrian Camel Now Critically Endangered GLAND, Switzerland, October 17, 2002 (ENS) - The two-humped wild Bactrian camel, pictured in schoolbooks to teach the difference between it and the one-humped dromedary, is on the verge of extinction. In its newly published Red List of species threatened with extinction, the

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