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         Animals Endangered Teach:     more detail
  1. Animal Friends: Early Learning Activities That Teach about Endangered Animal Awareness by Patty Claycomb, 1995-04

61. Humane Education
on why the animal is endangered, what's being done, etc. D. INCREASE EMPATHY/COMPASSIONFOR animals 1. Start at the Feelings level teach children that all
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"A teacher affects eternity; no one can tell where his influence stops."
~Henry Adams
Humane Education
  • Characteristics of species - interesting facts for children

  • Use of posters: Example - Poster starting with 2 cats at top, next level - 4 kittens, next level each kitten has 4 kittens, each of those kittens has 4 kittens, and so on, and so on. Perhaps each generation can be color-coded until at the bottom of the poster the page is swarming with cats.
    Older children (late Middle School and High School ages) can learn about euthanasia.
    Let children know that they CAN make a difference; that they are not helpless! For example, "Tell your parents and friends to spay/neuter their companion animals. Financial help is available in every state."

Hands-on approach -
  • Both younger and older children can visit an animal shelter. Older children can assist with caring for the animals. Adults who have companion animals that enjoy contact with children can bring the animal to visit the students at school. Children can have regular, supervised interaction with companion animals. It is important to have frequent visits with the same animal so that children can develop a relationship with animals.
During nice weather, younger children can take a walk through a park to see the birds, squirrels, etc. Point out that the animals in the park are enjoying the day as are the children. Would the animals want someone to hurt them? Would they prefer the freedom of the park to a cage?

62. DK Multimediamultimedia Encyclopedia Of Science, Space, History. Teach Grammar,
teach grammar, spelling, history, geography, science and more Manual $10.00 $8.75Encyc of endangered Wildlife M and the unique plants and animals that inhabit
multimedia encyclopedia of science, space, history. Teach grammar, spelling, history, geography, science and more. The kids are having so much fun that they don't realize they are learning! There are quite a few listings. Be patient. It may take 15-30 seconds to load.
20th Century Day By Day: Win CD 5-pack

Day by day, month by month, year by year, DK Multimedia's Chronicle of the 20th Century CD-ROM provides a vivid, comprehensive record of the age we live in. With more than 6,000 news stories, video and audio clips, animated maps, biographies, thematic articles, powerful search capabilities, and a 3-D newsroom interface, this CD-ROM is an entertaining and useful reference to this amazing era of human history. History comes to life with the people and events of the past century. Listen to Martin Luther King, Jr. make his epoch-making speeches or watch videos of the Berlin wall coming downall from your computer terminal.
20th Century Day By Day: Win CD 5-pack
20th Century Day by Day: Win Add CD
20th Century Day By Day: Win Manual
20th Century Day By Day: Win CD Site
20th Century Day By Day: Win CD Net Lic
Amazing Animals: Mac/Win CD 2user
Amazing Animals: Mac/Win CD 2user
Amazing Animals: Mac/Win CD 5-pack Amazing Animals: Mac/Win Add CD Amazing Animals: Mac/Win CD Site License Amazing Animals: Mac/Win Net Lic Amazing Animals: M/W Stk Amazing Animals: M/W 30+5 Net Amazing Animals: M/W 30+5 Site Amazing Animals: M/W 50+5 Net Amazing Animals: M/W 50+5 Site Amazing Animals: M/W 100+5 Net

63. Endangered Species
Elephant's House A personalized page designed to teach younger children is listedunder the following topics endangered animals ; endangered Habitats ;The
Endangered Species
Extinct Species
Endangered Species by Individual Species:



Teaching about Endangered Species
... IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals of the World
International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. The Red List is a compilation of species categorized as Critically Endangered, Endangered, or Vulnerable according to the IUCN Categories of Threat. For the most part, categorizations are made by the Species Survival Commission (SSC) Specialist Group covering the taxa in question. Guidelines for using the Red List criteria have been developed to assist Specialist Groups in assessing the conservation status of fishes. The most recent edition of the Red List, which utilized these criteria, is the 1996 IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals. The WCMC Animals Database holds information on threatened species and others of conservation concern. Part of this database is used to generate The IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals, and this information is available here in interactive format.
WWF - The World Wildlife Fund
Links to fact sheets which contain information on threatened species.

64. Newspaper Articles
Like any mother, Friendswood's Mary Vogas wanted to teach her child If just one childstops to think about preservation of endangered animals, then I've done
Quotes from Newspaper Articles Concerning My Presentation "Houston Chronicle" , November 12, 1997 front page of This Week, zone 5 Vogas sits with South Shaver Elementary school students in a semicircle as she entertains and teaches them. Above, Vogas and Pasadena Independent School District's South Shaver students examine some artifacts and learning aids pertaining to endangered animals and the environment. Exploring the Rain Forest Ex-teacher shares her knowledge of endangered animals with students by Karolyn Gephart ThisWeek Correspondent "...her job as a multimedia speaker...Now Vogas is sought as a special-event speaker for elementary and secondary schools... 'The beautiful slides of the tropical rain forest help students visualize the vast biodiversity present in the rain forest. Students enjoy the wide array of hands-on materials, while learning about current problems facing our endangered species. Students also are entertained by the true stories of many animal researchers,' Vogas said... 'Last year I received a tape of elephant sounds which are inaudible to the human ear from Dr. Katherine Payne, a renowned elephant researcher,' Vogas said. 'This tape is a recording of when these sounds were first discovered in elephants. Students and teachers have been amazed at these sounds'... 'My dream is to travel to Africa to see the wildlife and to China to see the giant pandas and be able to bring the information back to the many students and teachers I teach' "...

65. El Paso Zoo Education Programs
On Asian animals Target Age 6th Grade This program is presented at the El PasoZoo only and is presented in the Asian area to teach endangered animal causes
The El Paso Zoo
Traveling Safari


Education Plan


El Paso Zoo
Home Page

The following free education programs are presented throughout the year by zoo staff and volunteers. For more information or to schedule a program call Eva Salinas at 915-521-1872 or write Program Coordinator (
Traveling Safari Brings The Zoo To You!! Invite the zoo to help you explore the world of animals and conservation. Live animal contact, animal bio-facts and age-tailored educational programs will involve your entire group. Traveling Safari is also a great way to introduce students to zoos and animals before a zoo visit. To see a list of animals that we take on our Traveling Safari click here.
"Animal Wrappers"
Ages 3 and up. Investigates the outer coverings of invertebrates, reptiles, birds and mammals through the use of educational bio-facts. Interactive. Live animals represent fur, feathers and scales. Children will not be allowed to touch reptiles. "Which Is It"

66. Animals
species, learn why we should protect endangered animals, and more. KidsCom Games- animals of the World, This site has fun games that teach you about the
Animals of the World
Go to Enchanted Learning and enter your animal in their search engine to find what you're looking for. Amazing Insects
Lots of facts and pictures on all kinds of insects. Also visit Spiders and Insects for a list of other great sites. Animals of the Rain Forest Learn about the predators and prey that live in the rain forest. Cougar Learn about our school's mascot at this site. To see more photos of cougars, click here Endangered Species Find endangered species in your state, find the causes of endangered species, learn why we should protect endangered animals, and more. KidsCom - Games - Animals of the World This site has fun games that teach you about the animals of our world. Try your skill here. Sea Animals Click on a picture of your favorite sea animal and learn all about it. Sea Creatures This site lists great links to other places on the web. Sea Mammals Learn all about sea mammals here. Sounds of the World's Animals Listen to animal sounds here.

67. Policy Of Teaching In RAWA Schools
teach that animals have a right to live and avoid wanton killing; don't kill themexcept for food Preserve animals that are endangered or threatened
Policy of teaching in RAWA Schools
We teach our students:
Recognition of these basic principles and values:
- Everyone must respect all human beings regardless of language, religion, race, color, etc.
- There is no difference between people; no human being is superior to any other because of class, color, language, race, or religion.
- All human beings do not have to think alike or live the same way.
- It's to the benefit of society that all human beings live in peace, understanding, and harmony.
Religious Tolerance: - Respect all religions and their followers.
- Understand that followers of all religions can live in harmony and peace.
- Do not discriminate against the followers of religious sects different from your own.
- Understand that religion is a private matter that cannot be forced on anyone else and nobody should be allowed to misuse it for any end, it must be kept separated from politics.
- Do not allow criminals in the future to dare to commit crimes in the name of religion, as did the Jahadis and Taliban. Ethnic Tolerance: - Respect all ethnic groups in Afghanistan.

68. I Want To Know About: Animals
animals Canadian Wildlife Service Index of animals Learn about endangered Speciesin Canada Environment Canada's facts on Fun games and puzzles teach you about

69. College Students Share Lessons On Endangered Species With Middle-schoolers
Gulf Coast University sophomore, teach his class in the Wings of Hope endangeredspecies awareness Caribbean Gardens about six rapidly disappearing animals.
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College students share lessons on endangered species with middle-schoolers
Saturday, March 31, 2001 By LINDA MOORE, Some 75 Gulfview Middle School students now know more about endangered wildlife, thanks to six Florida Gulf Coast University students. FGCU students are enrolled in a class called Connections, which stresses the importance of connections in family and community, said Ricky Pires, director of the "Wings of Hope" endangered species awareness program at FGCU.
Gulfview Middle School sixth-grader Billy Kipp, 12, stays dry while listening to Ron Baumgart, 19, a Florida Gulf Coast University sophomore, teach his class about siamangs, an endangered primate, at Caribbean Gardens in Naples on Friday morning. The middle school students learned about endangered species from several FGCU students participating in the "Wings of Hope" endangered species awareness program at the university during the trip.

70. >> Theme Units >> Animals >> Endangered Species
. endangered Species Word Unscramble,...... abcteach directory. Home Theme Units animals endangered Species.endangered Species. Item,
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Endangered Species
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71. CanTeach: Links: Science: Life Science: Animals - Endangered Animal
CanTeach links to endangered animal resources Island Flying Frog, endangered animals, endangered Habitats, The Dioramas, Find out about endangered animals, read about the animal in Canada. The endangered animals of the World
Resources Links Discuss Submit ... Animals
Endangered Animal
American Museum of Natural History: Endangered!
Tour the Exhibition, Legend of the Meeps Island Flying Frog, Endangered Animals, Endangered Habitats, The Dioramas, Terminology, Causes of Endangerment, Human Population Size and Endangerment, What Can Be Done?, Glossary, Suggested Readings, and more.
Find out about endangered animals, read about the animal of the week, and learn how to help save these animals online through visiting the zoos and aquariums, government agencies, endgangered species database, newsletter, and more.
Canadian Endangered Species
List of endagered mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians, and plants in Canada.
The Endangered Animals of the World
"The purpose of this project is to allow students from all over the world a chance to help foster knowledge and appreciation for the plight of the many thousands of endangered animals of the Earth. Students will gain valuable skills for researching, collaborating and telecommunicating while sharing their information with people around the world."
Endangered Animals of the World
"This site is a display of some of the many endangered species around the world. I hope you find the information useful and interesting... This site is divided into several main sections. The animals sections have a list of endangered animals, organized by their taxonomic classification. Feel free to visit the links page to get more information on endangered animals."

72. Teach The Children Well-Math And Science
American Museum of Natural History BOS USA Defenders of Wildlife endangeredAnimals of the World endangered and Threatened Species endangered Species
To view a category, click on the shell to the left Home The Arts Language Arts Math and Science Social Studies Other Topics Links for Parents and Teachers
To locate a particular topic, click on the shell to the left Animals Apples Bats Bears Birds Butterflies Dinosaurs Electricity E-mail Me Endangered Species Fire Safety Flight Health and Safety Insects Magnets Math Nutrition Ocean Plants Pumpkins Rainforests Reptiles and Amphibians Rocks and Minerals Science Simple Machines Space Technology Tidepools Trees Volcanoes Water Weather Whales
African Wildlife Federation
Amazing Animals


Apple Blossoms
Apple Gallery

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Big Apple
Virginia Apples
Bat Cave
Bat Hangouts
Bats Are Cool Bats for Kids ... Echo the Bat
Alaskan Bear Photo Gallery Bear Country USA Bears The Cub Den ... Teddy Bear Story
Amazing World of Birds The Aviary Bird Central Bird of the Week ... Project Pigeon Watch
Butterflies Butterflies and Moths Butterflies and Moths Encarta Butterflies Are Blooming ... Zoom Butterflies
Dino Dictionary Dino Heart Dino Lab Dinorama ... Zoom Dinosaurs
ABC of Electricity The Atoms Family Electrical Safety Electricity ... What Is Energy?

73. EE Link: EE Activities - Endangered Species
Students and teachers worldwide conduct research (online)on endangered animalsand post their Curricula and resources for teachers to teach ages 714 about

EE Link Introduction

Professional Resources

Class Resources

Environment Info
... Earth Day Endangered Species
Fresh Water Geography Higher Ed Multicultural ... En Español
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EE Activities - Endangered Species Links on this page are for activities and materials dealing with threatened and endangered plants, animals, and habitats. You will also find topic-specific information on EE-Link in two other areas: Sort by: Choose a method: Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Rating: Total Rating: Month Visits: Total Visits: Month Addition Date: Oldest to Newest Addition Date: Newest to Oldest
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Error Cached AILC links to information about animals, endangered species, guides to zoos, literature, animal rights, biology and related K-12 lesson plans for teachers.

74. Book Review - What Animals Teach Us By Mary Hessler-Kay
Product Summary. What animals teach Us, by Mary HesslerKay. What animals teachUs by Mary Hessler-Kay, Guide Rating -, What animals teach Us • What
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Product Summary "What Animals Teach Us," by Mary Hessler-Kay
"What Animals Teach Us"
by Mary Hessler-Kay Guide Rating -
Cons The Bottom Line - If you've lost sight of the important things in life, this book will help bring them back (with a little help from your friends.) Product Description ISBN: 0761536078 soft cover, 202 pages forward by Faith Maloney, of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Published by Prima Publishing Guide Review "Life Lessons From Our Pets" It is no secret that our animal friends have much to teach us about love, life, and death, and Mary Hessler-Key has formalized these lessons by recounting examples from her own experiences, along with those of others. This book not only tells stories of unconditional love, heroism, and living in the present, as exhibited by our animal friends, but helps turn those experiences into lessons for applying them to our relationships with each other. "What Animals Teach us" will touch cords of responsiveness in the hearts of anyone who has ever loved an animal companion. Read Full Review Related Reviews Related Resources "What Cats Teach Us" Before You Buy Cat Books Top Picks for Cat Books for Families Top 4 Cat Resource Books ... Email this page!

75. Heather Stock Social Studies Lesson Plan, Thematic Unit, Activity, Worksheet, Or
Click Here Heather Stock. Painting endangered Rainforest animals. Grade level3 rd or 4 th. Length one and halfhours (or two 45-minute periods).
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Heather Stock
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Heather Stock
Painting Endangered Rainforest Animals Grade level: rd or 4 th
Length: one and half-hours (or two 45-minute periods)
Materials: 12x18 white or colored construction paper, tempera or watercolor paint, brushes, water, water containers, newsprint and pencils for sketching. Children books: Discover Rainforests by L.H. Baptista, What's in the Rainforest by S. Ross, Tropical Rainforest: Around the World by E. Landau and Animals of the Rainforest by L. Stone. Also the interactive CD-ROM entitled Amazon Trail by MECC is a worthwhile resource that students would enjoy.
Performance Expectation: The students will choose one animal from the rainforest to paint and be able to discuss and explain how and why their animal is endangered within a small group discussion with their peers.
Procedure: Introduction: Begin the lesson by telling students they are going to apply some of what they've been learning about rainforests and their animals in an art activity. Start the lesson by reading one or more of the books listed above. Rainforest music should be playing in the background to set the mood for the lesson (waterfalls, animal cries, thunderstorms etc.). The room should be filled with posters, pictures, books and magazines of rainforest scenes and animals.

76. Job Profiles: Managing Animal Collections
care for them increases, making the animals’ lives better. By caring for endangeredspecies and breeding them in we have the opportunity to teach millions of
An animal care manager oversees the day-to-day operations of a specific collection of wildlife, such as birds. Curators often accompany animals that need to travel from one facility to another, but usually not quite this close! Never tied to a desk for long, curators like to have up-close visits with their charges. Managing Animal Collections What We Do
Curators and animal care managers are responsible for overseeing and managing the specific collections at the San Diego Zoo or Wild Animal Park: mammals, birds, and reptiles and amphibians. The curators make decisions about which species to bring into the collection (acquisition), and which ones to send to other zoos (disposition). They also create long-range plans for animals within the Zoo, Park, and in the wild by working with other organizations and agencies, and they help decide which conservation projects the Zoo and Park will be involved in. Both curators and animal care managers are responsible for the daily care of the animals and managing the keeper staff. They also help design exhibits, make decisions about breeding animals, and write guidelines and policies for the care of animals.
Job Challenges
How This Job Helps Animals
How to Get a Job Like This

77. Teaching And Animals Activities And Projects
can create a classroom species list of animals and plants endangered Species Wow! Teachabout threatened, endangered, and extinct species; rainforests, islands

78. Environmental Organization WebDirectory - WildlifeGeneral
Center Non-profit organization to help save and rehabilitate stranded marine animals; Weteach third graders in Houston ISD about endangered species.
Wildlife :General Endangered Species

79. Fourth Grade Lessons
begin this unit) * Give a list of animals to be how to use the digital camera * Teachhow to research notes Classification Food Habitat Why endangered How to
Fourth Grade Lessons
  • Endangered Animals California Missions 2003, 1999 Geography/movement Author study:Patricia Polacco
Endangered Animals
Judy Wait LMT
Grade 4
For Vicky Brooks
Learning Objectives, the students will:
Have new awareness of how our actions today affect the future.
Understand the classification of animals: mammal, reptile, amphibian.
Discover which animals are endangered and why.
Decide what they can do and also what our country needs to do to protect these animals.
Write a letter to someone who might listen to their suggestions concerning endangered animals they studied.
Information Skill Objectives, the students will: Practice note taking skill using note papers Learn to use the table of contents and index Learn to keep notes in an organized manner Learn to use the language of the discipline (scientific) Learn to share tasks, materials and to work cooperatively Learn to use the internet and electronic card catalog as search tools Record their findings and understandings in a Powerpoint presentation Self assess their learning and methods What the classroom teacher will do: * Scaffold students (bring students along who might not have enough background knowledge to begin this unit) * Give a list of animals to be researched to LMT soon to make sure there is sufficient sources for students * Put students into groups of two for research and animal (students of the same ability and motivation) * Provide research folders for each student

80. EconEdLink | EconomicsMinute | If You Hear A Hoot, Then This Site Is Kaput
Other Keywords Public policy; Animal rights; endangered species; endangeredanimals; Both animals and plants are covered by the endangered Species Act.
April 3, 2003
Steve Reff
December 22, 1998
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If You Hear a Hoot, Then This Site is Kaput NCEE Content Standards: Key Economic Concepts:
  • Cost/benefit analysis Trade-offs
Other Keywords:
  • Public policy Animal rights Endangered species Endangered animals Conservation Man against nature conflict
INTRODUCTION Should the Endangered Species Act of 1973 be left alone so the legal system is left to decide the toughest cases? Should the Endangered Species Act of 1973 be revised in order to increase economic growth without endangering listed species? Can this even happen? In this EconomicsMinute, you will learn about which species are covered under the 1973 Endangered Species Act, the different organizations and their philosophies on how to protect these species, and how each group's policies are driven by self interest as you weigh each group's costs and benefits. ACTIVITY Go to the web site: and read the summary of The Endangered Species Act of 1973 . Both animals and plants are covered by the Endangered Species Act. Answer the following questions:
  • How many animals do you think are covered by this Act?
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