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         Animals Endangered Teach:     more detail
  1. Animal Friends: Early Learning Activities That Teach about Endangered Animal Awareness by Patty Claycomb, 1995-04

81. Espresso Education Ltd
table lists the resources within the Espresso service that can be used to teachthese learning Finding out English 2 endangered animals Things to do. 17.
How Espresso supports Year 4: Term 2: Text level work: Non-fiction: Reading comprehension
The following table lists the resources within the Espresso service that can be used to teach these learning objectives:
Learning objectives Video Activities WWW Resources Non-Fiction
Reading comprehension
to appraise a non-fiction book for its contents and usefulness by scanning, e.g. headings, contents list; The Espresso site can be used to develop this skill. to prepare for factual research by reviewing what is known, what is needed, what is available and where one might search; The write site
English 2: WWW: Skills Finding out
English 2: Endangered animals: Things to do to scan texts in print or on screen to locate key words or phrases, useful headings and key sentences and to use these as a tool for summarising text; The Espresso site can be used to develop this skill. The Espresso Jotter can be used for taking notes on-screen.

82. Espresso Education Ltd
table lists the resources within the Espresso service that can be used to teachthese learning Turtle facts English 2 endangered animals Things to do.
How Espresso supports Year 5: Term 2: Text level work: Non-fiction: Writing composition
The following table lists the resources within the Espresso service that can be used to teach these learning objectives:
Learning objectives Video Activities WWW Resources Writing composition
to convert personal notes into notes for others to read,
paying attention to appropriateness of style, vocabulary and
Using a computer
English 2: Authors: Jeremy Strong: Being a writer How I work
English 2: Authors: Allan Ahlberg: Being a writer Words and Pictures
English 2: Authors: Allan Ahlberg: About my books Turtle facts
English 2: Endangered animals: Things to do
Animal facts English 2: Endangered animals: Things to do Note-taking grid English 2: Endangered animals: Things to do Tips for good note-taking English 2: Endangered animals: Things to do Taking notes on the computer English 2: Endangered animals: Things to do Glossary English 2: Endangered animals: Things to do Keeping a Journal English 2: WWW2: Skills: The Write Site Writing activity English 2: Endangered animals: Activity to plan, compose, edit and refine short non-chronological

83. The Buffalo Zoo - Why Do We Have Zoos?  Reading Activity
our relationship with animals, but also to teach about the a tiger, a gorilla or otherendangered and exotic places to visit because their animals inspire awe
Schenectady City
School District
108 Education Drive
Schenectady, NY 12303
B u f f a l o Z o o Buffalo Zoo
Project Home
Project Team

Back to Activity
Why Do We Have Zoos? Activity Reading Visiting a zoo is an enjoyable activity for millions of people each year, but did you know that recreation is just one of the many reasons why we have zoos? There are five main functions of a modern zoo. These are: Conservation, Reproduction, Education, Research and Recreation. Zoos have made valuable contributions to protecting the threatened wildlife of the earth. If it weren’t for zoos, many species would be extinct today. Zoos give wild animals with NO chance a LAST chance. Conservation:
Zoos play a fundamental role in the conservation of endangered and threatened species all over the world. Aside from breeding endangered animals, conservation consists of the rescue and preservation of existing animals. In tropical rainforests alone, we lose 100 species every day, 4 species per hour, due to tropical deforestation. At current rates, 5 – 10% of tropical forest species will become extinct every decade.

84. Endangered Species WebQuest
and understand. You are an animal expert and have been asked to teachsecond grade students about endangered animals. It is important
Teacher Tips!
Introduction: Your expertise is needed! "At the present rate of extinction as much a third of the world's species could be gone in the next twenty years." ( World Wildlife Fund )What can be done about this? As Wildlife experts you have been hired by the School District to inform the second grade about this problem. Task: The second graders have been studying animals. They are curious as to what endangered animals are. Our library materials on this subject are difficult for them to read and understand. You are an animal expert and have been asked to teach second grade students about endangered animals. It is important for the students to not only understand the problem but to be a part of the solution. You and two other experts will work together to create materials to help them understand the concept and plan an activity that students can do to help animals.
I. You will work in a team of three students. Brainstorm all you know about endangered species. Then create a list of questions that you need to answer to complete your task. Ideas to consider: What is biodiversity? What is an endangered animal? How does an animal become endangered? What animals are endangered? Where do they live? Are there any in your area? Does it really matter if a species disappears? What is being done to prevent extinction? Does more need to be done? You may have other ideas to add. Use notecards to keep track of the information you collect. You will have two periods in the media center to research and class time to finish your tasks. You may also work outside of school. You will present to the second grade in two weeks.

85. The
from us Has man ever been able to teach any other I am trying to find as many animalsbeginning with We keep hearing about species being endangered or becoming

86. CBBC Newsround | ANIMALS | 'World Needs To Stop Dolphin Deaths'
nets. The World Wildlife Federation (WWF) already teach countries aboutthis. facts. It uses noise to keep the animals away from the nets.




'World needs to stop dolphin deaths' Updated 25 July 2002, 08.50
The world needs to join together to stop thousands of whales, dolphins and porpoises dying, say experts in the US. About 60,000 of the marine mammals are killed every year around the world when they get tangled in fishing nets. Click here to find out about why they get caught Even if they manage to untangle themselves, many still die because of infected wounds. And now the US Commission on Ocean Policy is going to give US President George W Bush some ideas about how it can be stopped. Pingers
Leaping whale The experts say more countries should be told about special gadgets that keep the mammals away from nets. The World Wildlife Federation (WWF) already teach countries about this. One of the special bits of equipment they give information about is the "pinger". Click here to test your dolphin and whale facts It uses noise to keep the animals away from the nets. And countries that do the fishing need to get together to talk about what they can do, say the experts.

87. EconEdLink | EconomicsMinute | If You Hear A Hoot, Then This Site Is Kaput
Once you browse through the list of endangered plants and animals, find anendangered animal you are interested in and do a little research on it.

88. NJAS: Lorrimer Sanctuary
discuss extinction; learn the extinct animals of North look at some of New Jersey'sendangered and threatened Participate in games that teach responsible human
Join Sightings Store Search
Lorrimer Sanctuary Home About NJAS Conservation Education ...
Calendar of Events

Lorrimer Sanctuary
790 Ewing Avenue
PO Box 125
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417
Karla Risdon
Sanctuary Director Patrick Scheuer Teacher-Naturalist Hours: Wednesday through Friday 9-5, Saturday 10-5, Sunday 1-5
Closed Mondays, Tuesdays and major holidays
Lorrimer Sanctuary is open to members and the general public for the following:
  • Walking Nature Study Photography Organized Classes
Lorrimer Sanctuary was bequeathed to the New Jersey Audubon Society by Ms. Lucine L. Lorrimer in 1956. The main house, parts of which date back to the late 1700's, is the present visitors' center and Sanctuary office. The visitors' center has an exhibit and lecture room, winter bird feeding station, interpretive displays, hands-on exhibits, and a gift shop, the proceeds of which benefit the Sanctuary. There is a self-guiding trail system that winds through the 14 acres of land. Much of the acreage is second-growth woods (mostly oak, maple, ash, and beech); and small stands of planted evergreens. The trails are open during Sanctuary hours. All plants and animals are protected they may not be harmed, harassed or removed.

89. >> Theme Units >> Habitats >> Rain Forest
Snake Pattern snake, Can you name these animals? Coloring page. EndangeredSpecies, Earth Day, Pith Helmet/draw yourself and write, Songs4Teachers.
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90. Search
Sites of the Month. The Little animals Activity Center.
Alderwood Elementary "Home of the Dolphins" Great resources for writing topics and research projects. Mission: to provide students with knowledge, skills, and qualities required to be successful in a diverse society. Explore the sites below to be a knowlegeable individual, quality producer, effective communicator, competent thinker, effective collaborator, responsible citizen and life-long learner. Search Tools: Google Yahooligans Yahoo! Students use your grade level to search a topic that is presently being studied Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade Sites of the Month Fun Stuff Other great sites for learning: Animals KidsClick Ask Jeeves for Kids Picture Dictionary with Links How to Compile a Bibliography Create a Word Search ... Books Return to Alderwood Home Page For more information about our school, our home page, or to make comments on our HomePage please send e-mail to: Nick Payne, Principal: or Connie Westhaver: Library Media Specialist or write to: Alderwood Elementary School 3400 Hollywood Ave. Bellingham, Washington USA 98225 (360)676-6404

91. SWAN /All Libraries
2002 8 Animal Friends Early Learning Activities That teach About EndangeredAnimals / by Patty Claycomb ; Illustrated By Marilynn G. Barr.,11,35/search/dendangered species/dendangered
KEYWORD AUTHOR TITLE SUBJECT All SWAN libraries Acorn Acorn Juvenile Alsip-Merrionette Park Alsip-Merrionette Park Juvenile Anderson/Oglesby Anderson/Oglesby Juvenile Bedford Park Bedford Park Juvenile Beecher Beecher Juvenile Bellwood Bellwood Juvenile Berkeley Berkeley Juvenile Berwyn Berwyn Juvenile Blue Island Blue Island Juvenile Broadview Broadview Juvenile Brookfield Zoo Brookfield Zoo Education Calumet City Calumet City Juvenile Calumet Park Calumet Park Juvenile Chicago Heights Chicago Heights Juvenile Chicago Ridge Chicago Ridge Juvenile Cicero Cicero Juvenile Cicero Branch Cicero Branch Juvenile Clarendon Hills Clarendon Hills Juvenile Crestwood Crestwood Juvenile Crete Crete Juvenile Dolton Dolton Juvenile Downers Grove Downers Grove Juvenile Eisenhower Eisenhower Juvenile Elmhurst Elmhurst Juvenile Elmwood Park Elmwood Park Juvenile Evergreen Park Evergreen Park Juvenile Flossmoor Flossmoor Juvenile Forest Park Forest Park Juvenile Frankfort Frankfort Juvenile Frankfort Bookmobile Glenwood-Lynwood Glenwood-Lynwood Juvenile Grande Prairie Grande Prairie Juvenile Harvey Harvey Juvenile Hillside Hillside Juvenile Hinsdale Hinsdale Juvenile Hodgkins Hodgkins Juvenile Homewood Homewood Juvenile Indian Prairie Indian Prairie Juvenile Justice Justice Juvenile La Grange La Grange Juvenile La Grange Park La Grange Park Juvenile Lyons Lyons Juvenile Matteson Matteson Juvenile Maywood Maywood Juvenile McClure Junior High School McClure Junior High School Audiovisual McConathy

92. Rainbow Delight
pick up trash or donate time and money to programs that help save the endangeredanimals, preservation habitats, or the rainforests. Or perhaps teach people in
Save the Environment
This is my little bit on saving the earth. It might not be much (actually it is not much) but it will be filled with a few environmental facts, links, and my opinions on saving the earth.
I think that it is really sad that our rain forests are being cut down, our air, land, and water is being polluted with trash and harmful chemicals. Our earths precious plants and animals (endangered or not) are being wiped out to few numbers or extinction. Some we have lost forever and did not even know they existed. To me this is horrifying.
Do you know someone who has or has died of a form of cancer, AIDS, HIV, diabeties, or another disease that is incurable? Maybe a friend or a loved one? Well, there are cures in plants for diseases such as these. Perhaps there are plants in the rainforests that can wipe out the disease forever and save millions of human lives. Without preservation of our rainforests and the salvation of animals and plants we may never find these cures.
We need to help in whatever way we can. We need to stop and think about the world and what is happening to it. We need to stop with our busy lives and just realize that there is a world out there that needs our help. We need to stop being selfish and step out of the rat race long enough to realize what is happening. We need to teach our children about love for each other and love for the earth we live in. So someday they can help in their ways as well.
Please think about it. If you do not recycle maybe look into doing that or getting a program started in the neighborhood. Maybe help pick up trash or donate time and money to programs that help save the endangered animals, preservation habitats, or the rainforests. Or perhaps teach people in some way to help save the earth. There are thousands of ways to help the earth. And it does not have to be huge or expensive. IF each person did a little it would be enough. This is all a serious matter that needs action

93. Ens
If confirmed by additional research, Viagra's commercial success could mean goodnews for a host of other wild animals, such as pipefish, seahorses, sea
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Water Forum Failed to Ensure Water for Peace


Poll: Europeans Give Environment Top Priority
... Since the blockbuster treatment went on sale in 1998, there has been a marked drop in global demand for animal products used in traditional Chinese medicine - like Alaskan reindeer antler velvet and Canadian seal penises. Bill von Hippel
(Photo courtesy University of New South Wales "The evidence is still merely suggestive," says Bill von Hippel, a psychology professor at the University of New South Wales in Australia. "But it'll be nice if it turns out to be true." From 1997 to 1998, sales of Alaskan reindeer antler velvet, used as an anti-impotence drug in traditional Chinese medicine, dropped 72 percent worldwide. While sales had been down since 1990, the 1997-98 drop was the biggest since record keeping began in 1972, says von Hippel. Meanwhile, sales of the penises of Canadian hooded and harp seals fell by half between 1996 and 1998, and to near zero in 2000, he added. As part of their research, von Hippel and his brother, Frank, a biologist at the University of Alaska, studied trade data on legally harvested species used for impotence treatment in traditional Chinese medicine before and after Viagra went on sale. They limited their focus to trade in animal parts selling for more than $8 to $10 - the price per pill for Viagra.

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