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         Anorexia:     more books (100)
  1. Solving the Anorexia Puzzle: A Scientific Approach by W. Frank Epling, W. David Pierce, 1991-04
  2. Anorexic Bodies: A Feminist and Sociological Perspective on Anorexia Nervosa by Morag MacSween, 1995-12-22
  3. The Thin Woman: Feminism, Post-structuralism and the Social Psychology of Anorexia Nervosa (Women and Psychology) by Helen Malson, 1997-12-15
  4. My Kid is Back: Empowering Parents to Beat Anorexia Nervosa by June Alexander, Daniel Le Grange, 2010-04-02
  5. What's Eating You?: A Workbook for Teens With Anorexia, Bulimia, and Other Eating Disorders (Instant Help Book for Teens) by Tammy Nelson, 2008-07
  6. Hunger for Understanding: A Workbook for helping young people to understand and overcome anorexia nervosa by Alison Eivors, Sophie Nesbitt, 2005-05-27
  7. Breaking Free From Anorexia/Bulimi (Breaking Free Series) by LINDA MINTLE, 2002-11-07
  8. Anorexia Nervosa: Starving for Attention (Encyclopedia of Psychological Disorders) by Dan Harmon, 1998-11
  9. Anorexia (At Issue Series) by Stefan Kiesbye, 2010-07-16
  10. The Social Construction of Anorexia Nervosa (Inquiries in Social Construction series) by Dr Julie Hepworth, 1999-06-22
  11. Boys Get Anorexia Too: Coping with Male Eating Disorders in the Family (Lucky Duck Books) by Jenny Langley, 2006-02-15
  12. Biting Anorexia: A Firsthand Account of an Internal War by Lucy Howard-Taylor, 2009-09
  13. Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia by Marya Hornbacher, 2006
  14. Holy Anorexia by Rudolph M. Bell, 1987-06-15

41. Ability's_Anorexia_Page
anorexia Page. A Narrative Approach to anorexia Discourse, Reflexivity, and Questions.ABNA anorexia Bulimia Nervosa Association. ACTIVITY anorexia. anorexia.
Our Aims Services Stats ... Z Anorexia Page A Narrative Approach to Anorexia: Discourse, Reflexivity, and Questions A.B.N.A. - Anorexia Bulimia Nervosa Association ACTIVITY ANOREXIA ANOREXIA ... Webmaster . Site Design by Ability "see the ability, not the disability" Acknowledgments

42. Eating Disorders: Anorexia: I'm Not A Child And I'm So Afraid
An article about what happens to many teen anorexics as they get older.Category Health Mental Health Disorders Eating anorexia......anorexia I'M NOT A CHILD AND I'M SO AFRAID. by Joanna Poppink, MFCC.Much is written about teen anorexia. But what about the

Seeking the assistance of a therapist can be a difficult process ...
by Joanna Poppink, M.F.C.C
Much is written about teen anorexia. But what about the anorexic teenagers who become young women in their twenties? Many fall in love, get married and try to build a life with their husbands just like other young women. The difference is that the anorexic young woman has anorexic thinking and feeling influencing every decision and action in her life. She is often very afraid. Most people in their mid-twenties go through a kind of developmental shock as they are confronted by new and different kinds of personal challenges in their lives. The woman is only recently no longer a young girl. There are new responsibilities to get hold of and has different expectations placed on her by others and herself. Whether she accepts those expectations or not, she still has to deal with them. This is a particularly stressful and often overwhelming time for an anorexic young woman. An anorexic who for years has been doing a 'good job' at being anorexic is hiding in plain sight all the time. She's thin, but not skeletal. According to fashion dictates, she is elegantly lean in a most feminine way.

43. Eating Disorders: Bulimia/Anorexia And Compulsive Overeating: When Family And Fr
A description of a recovery philosophy that supports healing from an eating disorder when family and Category Health Mental Health Disorders Eating Articles......BULIMIA/anorexia AND COMPULSIVE OVEREATING WHEN FAMILY AND FRIENDSDON'T GET IT. by Joanna Poppink, MFCC. Often a person with an

Seeking the assistance of a therapist can be a difficult process ...
by Joanna Poppink, M.F.C.C
Often a person with an eating disorder covers her pain so well that even when she tells the truth about her suffering, people don't believe her. They think she is exaggerating, overreacting, in a mood that will pass, etc. She can look so good or so happy that people who love her and think they know her well, cannot get past what they wish to see and hear. They can also be too afraid to believe that her expressions of pain might actually be true. So, if that eating disorder person is you, you are in a situation where there may be many well meaning people in your life, but none who take your anguish seriously. Perhaps they feel helpless because they don't know how to help. They wish and try to believe that whatever is bothering you would just go away. Nobody likes to feel helpless in a painful and bewildering situation, especially when it concerns someone they love. But as you well know, recurrent bouts of anxiety are not something you can make go away through an act of will. Anxiety like yours is often a signal that something needs to be dealt with. It's what usually sends people looking for relief and then real help. Attempts to find relief take many forms such as starving, overeating, drinking, using drugs, overplaying, overTV viewing, overflirting, overdating i.e. doing anything to excess in order to block out thoughts and feelings.

44. Anorexia Nervosa - Nervøs Spisevægring
Om symptomer og behandling.Category World Dansk Sygdomme og lidelser Spiseforstyrrelser......anorexia nervosa nervøs spisevægring. Forekomst. Diagnose. Diagnostiskekriterier for anorexia nervosa. Selvfremkaldt vægttab på mindst 15 pct.
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Diagnostiske kriterier for anorexia nervosa
  • Symptomer
    De psykiske symptomer er bl.a.:
  • De fysiske symptomer er bl.a.:
    • Forsinket pubertet og udebleven menstruation hos piger.
    • Familieterapi.
    • Individuel psykoterapi.
    • Gruppeterapi.
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  • 45. Anorexia Nervosa
    anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder affecting mainly girls or women,although boys or men can also suffer from it. anorexia nervosa.
    The UK's leading independent health website Search NetDoctor Home News and features News Newsletter Features Encyclopaedia Diseases Medicines Examinations Health centres Cancer Children's health Depression Erectile dysfunction ... All health centres Discussion and support Discussion forums Support groups Services Ask the doctor Find a hospital NetDoctor on call Search Medline ... Text message services Information About NetDoctor Commercial opportunities Anorexia nervosa Reviewed by Dr John Powell , specialist registrar in public health medicine and Dr Michael Sharpe , senior lecturer in psychological medicine
    What is anorexia nervosa?
    The cause of anorexia nervosa is unknown. Both biological and social factors play a part. People in certain professions, such as modeling and ballet dancing, are especially at risk. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder affecting mainly girls or women, although boys or men can also suffer from it. It usually starts in the teenage years.
    It is difficult to estimate how common it is but surveys suggest that up to 1 per cent of schoolgirls and female university students have anorexia nervosa. This may be an underestimate.
    How is the disease characterised?

    46. Anorexia -
    anorexia nervosa in women from perspective of a deceased victim's son. This site is no longer being Category Health Mental Health Disorders Eating anorexia......anorexia nervosa in women from perspective of a deceased victim's son. deweydecimal 616.85262. 12 Dec 2000 Back Pain and anorexia A controversial theory.

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    47. Anorexia Nervosa
    An introduction of this disorder, followed by links to research articles, projects, news, clinical Category Health Mental Health Disorders Eating anorexia......An introduction of anorexia nervosa, followed by links to research articles,projects, news, clinical trials and organizations. anorexia nervosa.
    Anorexia nervosa
    Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by a severe decrease in eating. People with anorexia nervosa are hungry, but they deny the hunger due to an overshadowing fear to become fat. This fear continues even as the person becomes dangerously thin. Treatment for anorexia nervosa should include both a mental health professional as well as a primary health care physician.
    Allergy Antibiotics Antioxidants ... Wedding Overview / General Information Anorexia Nervosa - from the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Nutrition intervention in the treatment of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating - by American Diet Association. Anorexia Nervosa - from Lambton Health Unit. Anorexia Nervosa: A Life Span Approach - by Colleen L. Ham, University of Calgary. - from Messiah College. Anorexia Nervosa Psychopharmacology of Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating - by B. Timothy Walsh and Michael J. Devlin. Anorexia Nervosa - behavioral signs, physiological signs, attitude shifts, treatment/management, diagnostic criteria. The Rituals of Anorexia Nervosa - by Mara Selvini Palazzoli.

    48. Anorexia Nervosa Italian Official Fan Club
    Translate this page Prev List Random Next. Prev List Random Next. Dal 20 Settembre 2002.

    49. Anorexia Treatment
    Information, referrals to anorexia treatment centers and resources for those with anorexia nervosa.Category Health Mental Health Disorders Eating anorexia......anorexia nervosa treatment centers are listed here in an easy to use searchabledirectory. All of the nations best treatment centers are listed.
    Anorexia nervosa is an extremely dangerous eating disorder in which a person intentionally deprives herself or himself of food and can literally starve to death in an attempt to be what they consider "thin." The disorder involves extreme weight lossat least 15% below the individual's "ideal" weightand a refusal to maintain body weight that is even minimally normal for their age and height and body frame. The self-esteem of individuals with this disorder is hyper-dependent on their body shape and weight. Even if they become extremely emaciated, an anorexic person's distorted body image convinces them they are "fat." Weight loss for them is viewed as an impressive self-achievement and an indication of extraordinary self-discipline, whereas weight gain is perceived as an unacceptable failure of self-control. The disorder usually begins around the time of puberty and the onset is often associated with a stressful life event such as leaving home for college, or their parents divorcing. While more than 90% of the cases affect young women,the numbers of recognized cases of males with anorexia nervosa is increasing. Males can be at particular high risk for developing life-threatening medical problems as a direct result of the disorder, probably because they are too often diagnosed later than females. In their concerted efforts to continually reduce their weight, anorexics reduce their food and calorie intake through such rigid strategies as excluding what they perceive to be high fat or high calorie foods; limiting their food intake to just a few specific low calorie foods; bingeing and purging; purging after even the smallest meals; refusing to eat in public, and/or going to great lengths to avoid eating with even close friends or family. Anorexics become obsessed with foodhoarding it, going to extra efforts to fix meals for others, carrying around stashes of candyyet they will not allow themselves to eat any of it.

    50. Anorexia Nervosa
    Algemene informatie, diagnostiek en behandeling.Category World Nederlands Stoornissen Eten......psychiatrie. anorexia nervosa. INLEIDING anorexia nervosa betekent letterlijk'gebrek aan eetlust door een nerveuze oorzaak'. anorexia
    psychiatrie Anorexia nervosa
    Anorexia nervosa betekent letterlijk 'gebrek aan eetlust door een nerveuze oorzaak'. Anorexia is dus een psychisch / emotionele aandoening. Vaak wordt de aandoening in één adem genoemd met boulimia nervosa (vreetbuien gevolgd door langdurig braken).
    Anorexia komt veel vaker voor bij vrouwen dan bij mannen: van iedere honderd patiënten zijn er 95 vrouw. Vooral meisjes in de puberteit en adolescentie, dus vlak voor het volwassen worden, hebben ermee te kampen. Volgens de laatste onderzoeken heeft circa 1% van de meisjes tussen 16 en 19 jaar een ernstige vorm van anorexia, en ongeveer 5% een lichtere vorm.
    In de loop van de tijd zijn er verschillende verklaringen gegeven voor het ontstaan van eetstoornissen.
    Waarschijnlijk speelt het slanksheids-ideaal (en de druk die daarmee op vrouwen wordt gelegd) een belangrijke rol. Vandaar ook wel de naam 'Twiggy-syndroom', naar een mager fotomodel uit de jaren vijftig en zestig.
    Tegenwoordig wordt aangenomen dat een combinatie van lichamelijke, psychische en sociale factoren het ontstaan van de eetstoornis beïnvloeden:
    - Er is een verband tussen eetgedrag en depressie; hoe die samenhang precies is (wat is oorzaak, wat is gevolg) is nog onduidelijk.

    51. Tuotromedico: Anorexia Nerviosa
    Translate this page La anorexia nerviosa consiste en una alteración grave de la conducta alimentariaque se caracteriza por el rechazo a mantener el peso corporal en los valores
    ANOREXIA NERVIOSA DEFINICIÓN ORIGEN SÍNTOMAS ... VER DEFINICIÓN Y CARACTERES Consiste en una alteración grave de la percepción de la propia imagen, con un temor morboso a la obesidad, lo que condiciona una alteración. En la anorexia nerviosa se distinguen dos subtipos:
    • el tipo restrictivo el compulsivo purgativo.
    La mayoría de los niños prepúberes tiene conciencia de esta actitud social, y se calcula que cerca del 50 % de la niñas prepúberes siguen una dieta o adoptan medidas de control de su peso. Cerca del 95 % de los enfermos son mujeres. En zonas donde existe escasez de alimentos es prácticamente desconocida. SÍNTOMAS
  • Miedo intenso al aumento de peso o a ser obeso incluso con peso inferior al normal. En las mujeres, ausencia de al menos tres ciclos menstruales consecutivos en el plazo previsto (amenorrea primaria o secundaria). EVALUACIÓN
  • TRATAMIENTO Normalmente, dadas las dificultades que se plantean, se aconseja el aislamiento familiar. Se debe consultar con una persona experta y profesional para que dirija y oriente el tratamiento. VER TAMBIÉN Revisado y actualizado por: Dr. José A. Zumalacárregui
  • 52. Anorexia Nervosa / Magersucht
    A. Trojovsky, P. Scheer , M. Dunitz, W. Kaschnitz, I. Sommer, U. Kranz
    Diese Seite basiert auf einem Artikel in " PAEDIATRIE UND PAEDOLOGIE "
    Paeditr Paedol 30 (1995): A93-99
    Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: English
    Spanische Kurzfassung: Anorexia nerviosa / espanol
    Auf dieser Seite findet sich:
    95% aller AN-Patientinnen sind Frauen, der Erkrankungsgipfel liegt zwischen dem 12. und 18. Lebensjahr.
    Die Letalität wird in Längsschnittuntersuchungen zwischen 5 und 18% angegeben. Die Prognose bei Spontanverläufen ist schlecht. Neben der hohen Letalität chronifiziert die Anorexie bei etwa 40%, bei 20-30% kommt es zu einer "Spontanheilung" bezogen auf den Gewichtsverlust, schwere Störungen im psychischen und sozialen Bereich bleiben jedoch bestehen. In den letzten Jahrzehnten nahm die Behandlung von Pat mit AN stark zu. Die Zunahme der Prävalenz dürfte auch auf eine stärkere Betroffenheit niedererer sozialer Schichten und des ländlichen Raumes zurückzuführen sein.
    Die Prävention durch "Anti-Diät Kampagnen" wird in Österreich von der Arbeitsgruppe um G. Rathner (Psychotherapeutische Abteilung, Univ.-Kinderklinik Innsbruck, Leitung: aoUP Dr. B. Mangold) getragen.

    53. Psych Central: Anorexia Nervosa Symptoms
    anorexia Nervosa. SYMPTOMS. People who intentionally starve themselvessuffer from an eating disorder called anorexia nervosa.
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    Anorexia Nervosa
      People who intentionally starve themselves suffer from an eating disorder called anorexia nervosa. The disorder, which usually begins in young people around the time of puberty, involves extreme weight lossat least 15 percent below the individual's normal body weight. Many people with the disorder look emaciated but are convinced they are overweight. Sometimes they must be hospitalized to prevent starvation. People with anorexia typically starve themselves, even though they suffer terribly from hunger pains. One of the most frightening aspects of the disorder is that people with anorexia continue to think they are overweight even when they are bone-thin. For reasons not yet understood, they become terrified of gaining any weight. Related Topics:
      Eating Disorder Screening Quiz

      Treatment Options

      Online Resources

    Food and weight become obsessions. For some, the compulsiveness shows up in strange eating rituals or the refusal to eat in front of others. It is not uncommon for people with anorexia to collect recipes and prepare gourmet feasts for family and friends, but not partake in the meals themselves. They may adhere to strict exercise routines to keep off weight. Loss of monthly menstrual periods is typical in women with the disorder. Men with anorexia often become impotent. Specific Symptoms of this Disorder:
    A person who suffers from this disorder is typically characterized by their refusal to maintain a body weight which is consistent with their build, age and height. Specifically, a person's body weight needs to be 85% or less than that which is considered typical for someone of similar build, age and height.

    54. Anorexia
    Om hur det upplevs att leva med sjukdomen. Skriven av två sjuksköterskastuderande.Category World Svenska Mental hälsa Sjukdomar Ätstörningar......Flickors upplevelser vid anorexia Nervosa. Lars Dahl och Monika Karlsson, 1998. INLEDNING. BAKGRUND.Historik. anorexia finns beskriven i litteraturen redan 1684.
    Flickors upplevelser vid Anorexia Nervosa Lars Dahl och Monika Karlsson, 1998. INLEDNING BAKGRUND Historik
    Biologiska och fysiologiska faktorer Sociala och kulturella faktorer Individfaktorer Symtom

    - Vilka speciella behov upplever en anorektiker sig ha? SYFTE METOD RESULTAT Upplevelse av skuld
    Upplevelse av att inte duga
    -Jag menar allvar.
    Behovet av att ha kontroll
    Undervisning och kommunikation Att minska patientens upplevelse av skuld
    Att inge hopp Minska patientens behov av kontroll AVSLUTANDE REFLEXIONER
    Autton, N. (1990). Cullberg, J. (1994). Dynamisk psykiatri . Stockholm: Natur och Kultur. Dencker, S.J. (1996). Vardagens psykiatri Farran, C., Herth, K., Popvich, J. (1995) Hope and hopelessness . Thousand Oaks; Sage Publications, Inc. Ett liv av vikt- Regeringsuppdrag om anorexi/bulemi. Stockholm: Socialstyrelsen. Fombonne, E. (1995). Anorexia Nervosa - No Evidence of an Increase . British Journal of Psykiatri. No.166, 462-471. Anorexia nervosa: a multidimensional perspektive . New York: Brunner/Mazel. Should amenorrhoea be necessary for the diagnosis of anorexia nervosa? Evidence from a Canadien community sample

    55. Anorexia Nervosa Info Advice, Info And Pictures On Anorexia
    Information and advice on anorexia Nervosa.Category Health Mental Health Disorders Eating anorexia......anorexia NERVOSA. history of anorexia. what are the symptoms of anorexia. earlywarning signs of anorexia. anorexia nervosa facts. medical risks of anorexia.

    evitar que muera asesinada por lapidación NO A LA GUERRA Actualizada: Noviembre - 2002 VISITE EL CHAT CALCULE SU ÍNDICE DE MASA CORPORAL Hoja explicativa sobre el ingreso hospitalario dado a los pacientes(pdf) ... Revista de Psiquiatría y Psicología Esta página no tiene relación con la Junta de Andalucía Las páginas pro-anorexia y pro-bulimia ( Que hacen apología de estas enfermedades como si fuera una opción voluntaria) ¿Está de acuerdo con ellas? NO SI NO SE

    57. Welkom
    Over de ambulante behandeling en de preventie hiervan, ook een centrum voor preventie en voor behandeling Category World Nederlands Stoornissen Eten......'' is een website over eetstoornissen, zoals anorexia,boulimia, binge eating en orthorexia. En is
    k ernwoorden: anorexia, boulimia, boulimie, orthorexia, eetbuien, overeten, te mager zijn Welkom op'
    is een website over eetstoornissen , zoals anorexia boulimia binge eating en orthorexia . En is ook een centrum voor preventie en ambulante psychotherapeutische behandeling van eetstoornissen, dat werd opgericht door An Vandeputte laatste aanpassingen
    assessment en behandeling van zelfverwondend gedrag (voor professionals)

    'Massaal op de schaal ?' (getuigenis)

    nieuwe link naar Engelstalige online-vragenlijsten (voor professionals)

    testmateriaal, EDI-II-NL (voor professionals)
    Heb ik een eetstoornis ?

    Heb ik zelf anorexia boulimia binge eating
    contactadressen wegbeschrijving onze uitgangspunten dochtersites voor studenten voor professionals populaire pagina's oorzaken gevolgen van een eetstoornis, zelfhulp-literatuur onthaalgesprek psychodiagnostiek individuele ... groeps-therapie tips voor ouders de partner en leerkrachten nterview Knack Weekend, '

    58. Vereniging Eetstoornis Net (VEN) Vereniging Eetstoornis Net (VEN).

    Vereniging Eetstoornis Net (VEN)

    Vereniging Eetstoornis Net (VEN)

    59. La Anorexia Y La Bulimia
    psicológica.Entre ellos, los más conocidos son la anorexia nerviosa y la bulimia.
    El Psicólogo en la Red La anorexia y la bulimia "Mirarse a sí mismo con buenos ojos, aceptar lo que uno es y lo que tiene y decirse todos los dias frases amables, es la mejor medicina para la salud y el bienestar". A modo de introducción ¿Qué es un trastorno alimentario? La anorexia nerviosa Es un trastorno grave de la conducta alimentaria en la que la persona que la padece presenta un peso inferior al que sería de esperar por su edad, sexo y altura. El peso se pierde por ayunos o reducción extremada de la comida, pero casi el 50 por 100 de las personas que lo padecen usan también el vómito autoinducido, el abuso de laxantes y/o antidiuréticos y el ejercicio extenuante para perder peso. Aparece en jóvenes adolescentes y es una enfermedad muy grave. La mortalidad que provoca es una de las mayores causadas por trastornos psicopatológicos. La proporción con respecto a los hombres es de 9:1. Su edad de inicio suele situarse en la primera adolescencia, hacia los 13 años, sin que ello implique que no pueda presentarse en personas mayores. Los criterios diagnósticos son:
    • Rechazo a mantener el peso corporal por encima de un peso mínimo para su edad y talla; por ejemplo, pérdida de peso o mantenimiento de éste por debajo del 15 por 100 del esperado. En casos de crecimiento, fracaso en alcanzar el que le correspondería en un 155 inferior al esperado.

    60. Anorexia
    Translate this page anorexia NERVOSA. As características essenciais da anorexia Nervosasão a recusa do paciente a manter um peso corporal na faixa

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