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         Arabic Cooking:     more books (41)
  1. The Art of Decorating with Fruits and Vegetables (English, Arabic, French) by Chef Antoine Beino, 2004
  2. The Cuisine of Iraq and Other Middle Eastern Recipes Cookbook by Safa Abdulla Toma, Sabria Farid Toma, 2010-01-24
  3. Healthy Vegetable Recipes (Arabic Edition) by Lana Fayed, 2005-08-17
  4. A Taste of Arabia by Jessie Parker, 2009
  5. A Baghdad Cookery Book (n) by Muhammad Ibn Al-Hasan Al-Baghdadi, 2006-01
  6. Royal Dishes of Baghdad

41. Iraq Eating The Iraqi Way
EATING THE IRAQI WAY Iraqi food is rich and diverse, incorporating spicestypical of arabic cooking, such as saffron and mint. Extra
E ATING THE I RAQI W AY I raqi food is rich and diverse, incorporating spices typical of Arabic cooking, such as saffron and mint. Extra food is usually cooked in case of surprise visitors, while expected guests are treated to many elaborate dishes. People eat their evening meal around 8:00 p.m. Most cooking is done on gas or paraffin-oil stoves, though in the cities, people often own microwave ovens to help shorten cooking time. T he preferred meats in Iraq are lamb, beef, goat, mutton and poultry; Muslims do not eat pork or pork products. As in other Middle Eastern countries, Iraqi meat dishes often combine vegetables and rice. Iraqi cooking uses two varieties of rice: amber rice in the north, and neggaza in the south. Popular main courses include kebabs , which are skewered chunks of grilled meat; quzi , roasted and stuffed lamb; and kubba , which is minced meat with nuts, raisins and spices. Masgouf is a special dish made from fish that live in the Tigres river. Another popular dish is tripe , a dish made of cow's stomach; there are a number of tripe restaurants in the cities. Most meals are accompanied by flat rounds of bread (samoons) F or dessert, people enjoy some of Iraq's local fruits, rice pudding, Turkish Delight, sesame cookies, or

42. Reader Arabic Computing Mailing List: The Best Selling Arabic Software List
Learn Arabic, English from many Languages. ASC's arabic cooking in Arabic/English/Frenchis $40.00 for PC Mac on one CDROM, an outstanding product.
The Best Selling Arabic Software List
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43. One Thousand And One (1001) Delights Middle Eastern Cookbook
Includes good basic history of arabic cooking, Arab terms for various ingredients(along with full explanations), and a number of recipes.
Quran Studies Comparative Azan Clock Toys ... TOP 50 Products One Thousand and One (1001) Delights Middle Eastern Cookbook
One Thousand and One (1001) Delights Middle Eastern Cookbook

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Nahda Salah
396 pg HB
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44. - Home Page
Guide to the Arabic community and events.Category Regional North America Society and Culture Ethnicity...... 1100 am on Thursdays on OMNI.2 Cable 14, the show contains different segments Musicvideos, upcoming Arabic events, local news, arabic cooking, interviews
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Arab Celebrity
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  • Arab Laughter Crack from Your heart.
  • Arabic Jokes El Beyrouti Haridy Funtazya ... Omayya Joha

  • Upcoming Arabic Events

    To See All Events Listing on Arabic Events Section, Please Click Below...
    Find about all Arabic events
    Go to Arabic Events Section>> What's New on Site Enjoy the new section of Oman Guide, all you need to know about Oman.. Go to Oman Guide>> Arabian Pleasure - Paparazzi
    Ladies Free Before 11
    Arabian Pleasure's Info Site>> Munawaat Arabia on OMNI.2
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    Tel 1: 1-800-230-MATV Tel 2: 416-567-2368 Web: Go to Arab Television Section>> Song of The Month Amr Diab Listen to latest song 'Allam Albi' by the Egyptian singer, Amr Diab.. Go to Music Section>> Miss Photogenic, Haifa Amr Diab, Glowing Star Amr Diab Mediterranean Music Amr Diab, Egyptian face from Port Said, Egypt, a great example of Arabic youth who became a glowing star on Music.. See Full Story>> Criminal War on Iraq News War on Iraq Follow Up with the latest news of the criminal war against the innocent Iraqi people of Iraq, from Aljazeera..

    45. Welcome To Kitchen
    Arab Recipes. Arabic Slice guide to arabic cuisine. Illustrated online cookbookguide to arabic cooking. Arabic Treat. The Best of Arabic Cuisine.
    H A M A C I T Y . C O M N E W S L E T T E R Enter your e-mail address below and click subscribe Please be part of us S E A R C H H A M A C I T Y . C O M Search within Search: Enter keyword(s) HOME Add Your Recipe Find many delicious recipes by visiting theses links: Information Sites Articles, information about Hallal Food, chat, surveys, and recipes. Arabic Ingredients Description and cross reference index of Arabic spices and ingredients. Syrian Recipes Lebanese / Syrian Recipes Christian and Moslem dishes, however. At this point, most of the recipes are listed as Syrian and are prepared in Christian households.

    46. : Recipes
    Recipes adapted from and contributed by Traditional arabic cooking; The UncheeseCookbook,Instead of Chicken, Instead of Turkey; Cooking With PETA, www
    Muslims everywhere, from America to Pakistan, are choosing not to eat meat, milk, and eggs. Why not join them in spreading the spirit of love, peace, and compassion by preparing some delicious vegan (no animal products) Eid recipes?
    click here for ordering information
    , please see
    Recipes adapted from and contributed by Traditional Arabic Cooking The Uncheese Cookbook Instead of Chicken, Instead of Turkey Cooking With PETA ...
    501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510

    47. Traditional Arabic Cooking Hardcover: 200 Pages; (September 1997) More Product D
    Traditional arabic cooking Hardcover 200 pages; (September 1997) Moreproduct details I have read this book, and I want to review it.
    Traditional Arabic Cooking Hardcover: 200 pages; (September 1997) More product details I have read this book, and I want to review it. E-mail a friend about this item. Write a So You'd Like to... guide. Correct errors and omissions in this listing. Is there a specific product you'd like us to sell?
    Information, reviews, pricing for Traditional Arabic Cooking Hardcover: 200 pages; (September 1997) More product details I have read this book, and I want to review it. E-mail a friend about this item. Write a So You'd Like to... guide. Correct errors and omissions in this listing. Is there a specific product you'd like us to sell?
    The Arabic Alphabet : How to Read and Write It
    Persian Cooking : A Table of Exotic Delights

    A Fistful of Lentils

    A Taste of Persia : An Introduction to Persian Cooking
    The New Book of Middle Eastern Food

    48. Syrian Sausages And Mishwey At The Rutland Ethnic Festival
    behind me and George BIG thanks, Greg!) of the Vermont Folklife Center in Middlebury,Vermont to demonstrate arabic cooking at the Rutland Ethnic Festival.
    John and George do the Rutland Ethnic Festival!
    In September 2000 John was asked by Greg Sharrow (Greg's barely visible behind me and George - BIG thanks, Greg!) of the Vermont Folklife Center in Middlebury, Vermont to demonstrate Arabic cooking at the Rutland Ethnic Festival. John cooked Syrian sausages and mishwey ( recipe below .) Luckily George Hooker (the OTHER crazy canoe guy !) was there with his wife, Cheryl, who was demonstrating Italian cooking. George generously volunteered to tend the grill while John prepared the food and talked about his family's Syrian connection.
    Both of these are very simple recipes but stuffing sausage might be a trick for some people. I prefer to use beef for both of these but lamb is probably more authentic. Sausage 2 lbs. of 80-85% lean ground beef (leaner yields a dry and less tasty sausage)
    2 teaspoons of Arabic allspice (This is different from standard store-bought allspice but if you can't get to a Middle Eastern foods specialty store regular allspice will do.)
    2 tablespoons of finely chopped cilantro or parsley (This is my addition to the recipe, my mother never did this.)

    49. Calendar Of Events - The Arabic Influence
    A onehour lecture on well-known oriental musical themes in films, with movie clipsand live musical examples. - arabic cooking Class The Arabic workshop

    50. Online Dictionary Of Cooking And Food Terms
    However, it also shows up in Scandinavian ,spicing up wines, stewed fruits, etc.,and in arabic cooking (called hale) as an accompaniment to coffee. 1 -.

    51. Sami. Language: Arabic
    An extensive list of Arabic links.Category Science Social Sciences AfroAsiatic Arabic...... design web page design microsoft arabic windows 95 wysiwyg multilingual multimediaword processing education language tutor arabic cooking atlas lebanon egypt
    A R A B I C
    Language of The Holy Qur'aan
    Visitors since 12.04.1998
    Religion page Islam Arabic on the WWW

    52. Al Majlis Library - Browse
    local population. By using this book, I have become familiar withthe main ingredients used in arabic cooking. The glossary had
    Al Majlis Public Library About Us Facilities Activities Browse ... Contact Us Book Reviews:
    Review of James Joyce's Ulysses By our Yearly Member Mr.Carlos Sender
    The first impression I got when reading James Joyce's ULYSSES is one of bewilderment. It is an extremely long novel, and you are never too sure what is happening in the novel. The truth is that nothing really happens. That is, it goes through an ordinary day in the life of Leopold Bloom, where many ordinary things happen. So, there's no story to speak of; just a lot of small sketches that make up a day in a person's life. I think Joyce writes English like few people before or since, but you have to read patiently inorder to get a full picture. I think this is a book to be taken in small doses. By the way the final chapter leaves no one different. You'll either love it or hate it with a vengeance. Review of Roald Dahl's book by our Executive Member Mominah Bhatti (Age 8 Years) My favourite author is Roald Dahl. I like his books because they are always interesting and I'm always looking forward to see what is next. My favourite books from Roald Dahl are "The witches" and "George's Marvellous Medicine". Those are the reasons why I like Roald Dahl.

    53. Food And Drink
    Also a brief history of the roots of arabic cooking. Arabic Nadia's MiddleEastern Cooking Site Tips and recipes for Arabic cuisine. Includes
    One of the most enjoyable ways to learn a language is over a meal or in a bar, chatting to native speakers. It is a good idea to brush up your foreign language skills for ordering food and drink prior to departure on holiday abroad. You can use the websites on this page to:
    • learn about foreign cooking pick up some delicious recipes order food and drink online learn some useful phrases for ordering food and drink when eating out find good restaurants learn about foreign table manners find pictures of foreign dishes read tips for dinner parties and selecting wines find recommended cookbooks

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    Arabic / Arabia
    LINKS (in alphabetical order)
    ABC of Arabic Cuisine Glossary of terms. Also a brief history of the roots of Arabic cooking. Arabic Recipes from the Middle East Recipe collection
    Moroccan Cooking
    Morocco Nadia's Middle Eastern Cooking Site Tips and recipes for Arabic cuisine. Includes a database of ingredients. Susam Recipes: Pilafs, kebabs, mousakka, and Turkish pastries. Turkish Cuisine Recipes for delicious Turkish meals with pictures Turkish Cuisine Another site
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    general terms and conditions of trade

    Chinese / China
    Ken Hom's Foolproof Chinese Cookery
    Ken Hom Availability: Usually dispatched within 24 hours Hardcover - 128 pages (5 October, 2000)

    54. Food In The Arab World
    4. A Guide to Good Cooking This website shares the information about the termsof food definitions of arabic cooking with explanations of unfamiliar words$15
    document.write(css_String); Rochelle Davis De Anza College Faculty Directory Home ... Info Class List
    Arabic Language

    Islamic Studies

    Links for Class Work
    map of the arab world in arabic


    Currency in the Arab World

    Online Dictionaries
    Weather in the Arab World
    Food in the Arab World
    Food in the Arabic World 1. Food from the Arab World: From this website, we can download an abundance of recipes specially soups, fish, meat, fowl, desserts and syrups. 2. Arab Gateway: A large selection of dishes based on the book, Food from the Arab World, by Marie Karam Khayat and Margaret Clark Keatinge (Beirut 1959). 3. Foreign Food Recipes: The purpose of this website is to become knowledgeable about the cuisine of a specific foreign country; to plan a complete meal that will be prepared and served as part of the class; to educate the class about the history of the types of foods and eating habits identified with that country; to work cooperatively with a group to plan and present the information to the class.

    55. Khoja Group Products-Spices-Cumin Seeds
    better. arabic cooking makes use of both coriander leaves and fruits.Such as (Zhoug), a spicy pastes typical for Yemeni cookery.
    Spices - Coriander Coriander Arabic Kuzbara, Kazbarah Danish Koriander Dutch Ketoembar, Koriander English Coriander, Chinese parsley, Indian parsley herb Esperanto Koriandro French German Italian Coriandolo Japanese
    Koyendoro, Koendoro (herb) Norwegian Koriander Portuguese Coentro Spanish Coriandro, Cilantro Swedish Koriander C Main Constituents
    n the ripe fruits, the content of essential oil is comparably low (typically, less than 1%); the oil consists mainly of linalool (50 to 60%) and about 20% terpenes (pinenes, gamma-terpinene, myrcene, camphene, phellandrenes, alpha-terpinene, limonene, cymen). Aldehyds (trans-2-trideceneal and decanal) are responsible for the taste of the fresh herb (0.1% essential oil) and also appear in the fruits if harvested unripe.
    I n Syria the green leaves and fruits of coriander has been used since a long time ago. It is used fresh, cooked or as in spice mixtures. Coriander is an essential part of curry powder. Its fruits are a common spice in many countries of Europe, Northern Africa, West, Central and South Asia. Also Latin American cuisine makes much use of them.

    56. Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Lebanon | Culture
    Using fresh and flavoursome ingredients and refined spicing, the Lebanese have takenthe best aspects of Turkish and arabic cooking and given them a French spin
    home search help worldguide ... Related Weblinks
    Lebanon has a lively arts scene, both traditional and contemporary. The national dance, the dabke , is an energetic folk dance. Classical belly dancing still plays an important role at weddings, representing the transition from virgin bride to sensual woman, and is also popular in nightclubs. Traditional Arabic music is created using unharmonised melodies and complex rhythms, often accompanied by sophisticated, many-layered singing. Instruments used include the oud , a pear-shaped string instrument; the tabla , a clay, wood or metal and skin percussion instrument; the nay , a single reed, open-ended pipe with a lovely mellow tone; and the qanun , a flat trapezoid instrument with at least 81 pluckable strings. Literature and poetry have always had an important place in Lebanese culture. One very popular form of poetry is the zajal , in which a group of poets enter into a witty dialogue by improvising verses to songs. The most famous Lebanese literary figure is Khalil Gibran, a 19th-century poet, writer and artist whose work explored Christian mysticism. Contemporary writers include Amin Maalouf, Emily Nasrallah and Hanan Al-Shaykh. About 60% of Lebanon's population is Muslim and 40% is Christian. The largest Muslim group is the Shiite (Shia) sect, followed by the Sunni and the Druze. The Druze are one of the religious curiosities of the Middle East. Originally an offshoot of Islam, they have diversified so much from the mainstream that they are often considered to constitute a whole separate religion. The Druze believe that God incarnated himself in men at various times and that his last, and final, incarnation was Al-Hakim bi Amrillah, the sixth Fatimid caliph who died in 1021 AD. They believe in reincarnation and that there are a fixed number of souls in existence. Druze gather for prayer meetings on Thursday evenings in inconspicuous halls; outsiders are not permitted to attend and the rites remain highly secretive. The largest Christian group is the Maronite sect, followed by the Greek Orthodox, the Greek Catholic, the Syrian Catholic, the Chaldean, the Protestant and the Orthodox churches.

    57. > Kuwait Directory > Most Visited Sites
    Category Recreation Humor Domain Added 4/30/2002 - Hits227 - Rate - Translate. arabic cooking information.

    58. ABC Of Arabic Cuisine
    An introduction to this cuisine which has its roots in tent cookery. Includes an extensive glossary. Tangytasting sour milk drink widely used in cooking as a substitute for milk
    Arabic cuisine has its roots in tent cookery. Nomadic tribes could use only transportable foods such as rice and dates, or ambulatory stock like sheep and camels in their recipes - which tended to be rough sketches rather than strict formulae. As the caravans journeyed throughout the Middle East, new seasonings and vegetables were discovered and added to the existing repertoire. Each new discovery was incorporated into the diet in quantities palatable to a particular tribe - a fact that many cooks believe is responsible for the anomalies found in some Arabic dishes today. The nomadic Bedouin influence is broadened by other cuisines from the Arab world, notably from Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt, resulting in a highly diverse food and drink culture. Lebanese contributions have been the greatest influence on modern Middle Eastern cuisine, in no small part due to the entrepreneurship of the Lebanese that has helped to spread Arabic cuisine throughout the world from its centre in the Levant in such areas as Aleppo, Damascus, Beirut and Nablus. Lebanese culinary influence and business skills provide the framework for the exotic cuisine recognised internationally as Arabic. Hospitality in the Arab world is second to none, and nowhere is it better expressed than in the age-old custom of serving freshly-brewed coffee or mint tea to every guest, whether the gathering be business or social.

    59. Arabic Cuisine - Medieval Cooking - Recipes- The Islamic Garden
    arabic Cuisine Medieval cooking. The authors of this feature web-site have researched their subject well and come up
    Arabic Cuisine - Medieval Cooking
    The authors of this feature web-site have researched their subject well and come up with an impressive collection of recipes from the 10th-15th centuries, including some Andalusian dishes. They explain how to substitute modern ingredients for ancient ones and also take care to avoid ingredients which may cause allergies. You may visit the site here The Menu: The menu consists of several interesting dishes, including the following:
    • Badinjan Muhassa :
      An eggplant dip which combines the unique flavors of eggplant, walnuts and onions Tabâhajah:
      Marinated meat cooked in oil and topped with fresh greens and herbs Cooked Dish of Lentils :
      Lentils, onions and spices garnished with cooked eggs Andalusian Chicken :
      Spicy chicken from 13th century Moorish Spain Hais :
      Date-balls popular with travelers, perhaps as energy snacks Khushkananaj :
      Pastry filled with almonds, sugar and rosewater Hulwa:
      A variety of 15th century candies Makshufa:
      Another type of candy which uses nuts as a base Syrup of Lemon:
      Served hot or cold, the authors describe this drink as a 13th century lemonade with medicinal properties

    60. Arabic Cookbook Cooking Arabic Cuisine Lebanese Cooking Mediterranean arabic cookbook. Become an arabic chef, and taste the splendors and richness of the arabic cuisine! Discover more than

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