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         Arabic Cooking:     more books (41)
  1. Traditional Arabic Cooking by Miriam A. Hashimi, 1997-09
  2. The Savory Secrets of Dodi's Home Cooking (English and Arabic Edition) by Howida Elhalogy , Michelle Easton-Ewais, 2008-06-24
  3. Arabic cooking in America by Yvonne Homsy, 1977
  4. Arabic Cooking Step By Step (1/1 Volume) by Lina Chebaro, 1997
  5. Lebanese Cooking (In Arabic) by Ibrahim Mouzannar, 1981-12
  6. God's Banquet: Food in Classical Arabic Literature by G. J. H. Van Gelder, Geert Jan Van Gelder, 2000-03-15
  7. Original Arabic Food by Maarja Al-Kinani, 2010-06-16
  8. KUCHYNE Palestinskych Arabic (Palestinian Arabic Cooking) by Eleonora Salehova, 1992
  9. Healthy Syrian and Lebanese Cooking: A Culinary Trip To The Land Of Bible History-Syria and Lebanon by Helen Corey, 2004-10-30
  10. Arabic Cuisine - Foods From The Middle East (Volume 1) by Salma Banna, 2009-02-15
  11. Eating (English-Arabic) (Small World series) (Arabic Edition) by Gwenyth Swain, 2000-01-01
  12. Mosoa' Al Tabkh Al Shamela (1/1) by Mishal Botrus Dhali, 2004
  13. Al Tabkh Al Arabi (1/1)
  14. Halawiyat Anahid Al Shahiya

61. Cooking Arabic Food Reminds Of Home
For Arab Americans, cooking arabic is not only about good food, but also about the ties to home|44564%2C00.html
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Cooking Arabic food reminds of home For Arab Americans, cooking Arabic is not only about good food, but also about the ties to home
By Anayat Durrani April 18, 2001, 02:43 PM
AMMAN - Some of the most tantalizing foods from around the world come from the Middle East and North Africa. The region is home to wonderful appetizers like hummus and fool mudammas, scrumptious dishes like stuffed grape leaves and couscous, and heavenly desserts like baklawa and knaafeh.
'I learned how to cook from my mom. I always compare my cooking to moms. She always wins' Arabic cuisine can be very addictive. Arab students studying in the United States know that feeling very well. Despite hectic schedules and limited budgets, eating Arabic food is a priority on their menus. And for these students, cooking Arabic is not only about good food, but also about the memories and ties to home. When Najwa Kadhim, 35, left Iraq to pursue her studies in the United States, little did she know how much she would miss Arabic food, especially her mom’s cooking. When she first arrived in the US, she wouldn’t eat anything else but her own home-cooked Arabic dishes. “I usually cook some Arabic dishes here in the states because they remind me of my mom’s cooking,” says Kadhim. “Some of my favorite Arabic dishes are stuffed grape leaves, eggplant stew, upside down dish (maqlooba), beryani, kibba (ground meat and burghul mixture) and kebab. They are healthy, mild in spices and tasty.”

62. Nadia's Middle Eastern Cooking Site
Specializing in tips and recipes relating to Middle Eastern (arabic) cuisine with a Palestinian twist. © 19972000 Nadia Farah, All Rights Reserved
Dear viewers;
This will be the last recipe added to the site.
Always, your hints and words of encouragement were an inspiration!
Salamaat! Best wishes!
Koussa be Laban

/Zucchini in Yogurt Sauce

- This easy zucchini and yogurt recipe will delight the palate with its delicious flavours.
[Recipe Archive]


[Ingredient List]
If you run out of disposable dust bags, cut neatly along the base of the old one and shake out the contents. Fold the cut end over twice and staple securely before re-using. [Tip Archive] Last Updated: Tue, Jul 30, 2002 Nadia Farah , All Rights Reserved Site Designed and Maintained by the Whatley Design Group Site Launched December 26, 1997

63. Arabic Cookbook Cooking Arabic Cuisine Lebanese Cooking Mediterranean Food Tabou
Easyto-make recipes for many favorite traditional Lebanese dishes, including tabouleh, grape leaf Category Shopping Publications Middle Eastern......arabic cookbook cooking arabic cuisine Lebanese cooking Mediterranean food arabiccooking arabic cuisine Lebanese cooking food tabouli hoummous mezza falaffel

Jamie Farr Lebanese cuisine enjoys a growing popularity in Western countries. Preparing Lebanese food has never been easier than author Janet Kalush makes it in this collection of traditional and flavorful recipes! Included in these exotic - yet - simple recipes are tips, shortcuts, and nutritional values. Order your copy now, or go to our new recipe page and copy our recommended recipe: BAKLAWA

Recipe to try ! 122 Pages of Simple, Delicious, Authentic Recipes.
Nutritional values included.
List Price:
Our Price:
You Save: Popular and easy recipes for the Lebanese and American family Order Site Map I was a little leery of Lebanese food before I tried some of the recipes in this book - but WOW!. They were delicious and surprisingly easy to make. I went through the whole book already and now I'm making my favorites again.
A Reader Phone: (517) 719-3919 Fax: (517) 339-4007 E-mail:
You are Visitor arabic cookbook cooking arabic cuisine Lebanese cooking Mediterranean food tabouli hoummous mezza falaffel gyro grape leaves pastries vegetarian low no non fat kibbie sandwiches soup soups appetizers vegetables salads beverages.Arabic Cooking. Cooking, Recipe, Arabic Food, Middleeastern Food, Arabic Cuisine, Middleeast Cuisine, Gourmet, Entertainment, Eat, Lebanon, Beirut.

64. Mediterranean Recipes
Variety of recipes from the arabic world.Category Home cooking World Cuisines Middle Eastern...... Fasoulia (Green Beans). top of page. Main Dishes. Chicken Kabab. arabic Shrimp withCumin. Shish Kabob. (Kudban) Grilled Meat Cubes. Sfiha (Lahm Bi'ajeen)(Meat pies).
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Recipes These distinctly bold and delicious flavors are as unique as the regions that inspired them.
Falafel Laban Bil Bayd (Eggs in a garlic yogurt sauce) Laban matboukh (cooked yogurt) Labneh (Yogurt Cheese) ... Tomato and Coriander Salad (Banadura Salata B' Kizbara) Tabouli Salad Cucumber Salad Mechouia (Grilled vegetable salad) Kibbeh Stuffing ... Fasoulia (Green Beans) top of page Main Dishes Chicken Kabab Arabic Shrimp with Cumin Shish Kabob (Kudban) Grilled Meat Cubes ... Sfiha (Lahm Bi'ajeen) (Meat pies) Rice With Meat and Fava Beans (Fool ma`Rizz Rice) Moroccan Couscous (Spicy Chicken) Moghrabieh Kafta (Hamburger) Baked Kibbeh (Kibbeh bis-Sayniyyeh) (Lamb) Raw Kibbeh (Kibbeh Nayyeh) top of page Fascinating cultures discovered through flavor ful ingredients.

65. Arabic Music, Cinema, Photography, Arab Chat Forums, Arabs Sports, Cooking
Artists (38) Arts General (48) Chat Forums (22) Cinema (29) cooking (27), Galleries(18 arabic songs poetry, chatting, artists, galleries, film, arab recipies. Wednesday, April 2 2003 Music Chat Artists Galleries Add your Site Modify URL What's New? What's Cool? ...
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66. ASC World Sweets & Cakes Cooking Multimedia CD-ROM Deserts From Around The World
arabic and International Desserts. Sorry, Not Available English and arabic on OneCD. For Win 95 Win 3.x (arabic Latin). 42 arabic International Recipes.
Arabic and International Desserts. Sorry, Not Available
Sorry, Not Available
Attractive Color Graphics and Sound.
"How to", Digital Video.
Graphic Slide Show.
English and Arabic on One CD.
Easy to Use, Simply Delightful.
Wet Your Appetite,
Click Here (Sfouf Recipe).

Click here for pricing

Jawaher Al Horof
Arabic Font Pack ... Arabic Cooking A ramedi A Group
761 Adams Street Boston, MA 02122 USA 617-825-3044 Fax 617-265-9648 Home Page Arabic Fonts Arabic Language Tutor CDs Arabic NewsStand ... AramediA Group All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of AramediA Group is prohibited.

67. List Of Arabic Books On Cooking
Books On Oman, Home Page, Links to Sites in Oman. Given below is alist of arabic Books on cooking. The prices are given in Rial Omani.
Given below is a list of Arabic Books on Cooking. The prices are given in Rial Omani Regional History Politics Philosophy Literature ... Law

68. The Gourmet Food And Cooking Resource
arabic Slice. arabic Slice (collection) is a web site devoted to arabiccooking. Recipes are quite detailed with photographs. Includes Report&SelStart1=MID

69. ArabTop.Net - The Arabic Sites Directory
International Links Directory. ArabTop 100 Sites. arabic Radio TV Guide. ArabTopDirectory. New Portal. .cooking Recipes from around The Globe. Check Your Mail.

70. Middle Eastern Cooking Recipes Arabic Food And The Middle East
A Hundred and One Middle Eastern Delights. This book is now availableon CD and Microsoft Word ready to print. I wish to republish
A H undred and O ne
M iddle E astern
D elights
This book is now available on CD and Microsoft Word ready to print. I wish to re-publish it in Hard Back with the help of a specialised company If you are a publishing firm and are interested, please get in touch with me as soon as possible. You can contact me at: by bCentral

71. Middle Eastern Cooking Recipes Arabic Food And The Middle East
A Hundred and One Middle Eastern Delights. Links We welcome reciprocal links,please contact us. Parties To Go Caterers that are based in London.
A H undred and O ne
M iddle E astern
D elights
We welcome reciprocal links, please contact us
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Caterers that are based in London.
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72. Mediterranean And Arabic Gourmet Food - COOKING AIDS
Search All Categories, aids

73. Cooking And Dictionaries Books
DAR EL ILIM LILMALAYIN THE AB cooking BOOK By Kamal Othman Imported from Lebanon Written in arabic 460 recipes from all over the world, specializing in

74. Recipes, Cooking & Culinary Directory: Middle Eastern
http// Report Problem Save It. Nadia's Middle Eastern CookingSite Middle Eastern (arabic) recipes with a Palestinian twist, with tips and
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75. Online
of, homeelectronics, arabic mp3 and adaptors and extension leads, big screen television,big screen tv, binoculars, builtin cooking category, builtin cooking

76. Arab Culture And Identity - Resource For The Arab World In The Middle East And N
Eastern Cook Book A tasty and joyful experience in Middle Eastern (arabic)cooking by Sabria Farid Toma a mother of three, and a grandmother of five.

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Arab Culture and Identity Find yours at
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  • Arab Culture and Identity Covers Arab culture and society with bi-weekly articles on a variety of topics. Includes reviewed links, quote of the week and a discussions area.
  • ABC of Arabic Cuisine - Includes a glossary of Arabic Cuisine
  • Arab Ambassador - Online magazine on Arab culture, women's issues and career issues
  • Arab Gateway - Aims to introduce non-Arabs to the Arabs and their culture. Also features news, weather, and other information.
  • The Arabian Nights Entertainments - As selected and edited by Andrew Lang. An electronic text.
  • Arabic Calligraphy - Arabic and Islamic Calligraphers Kamel and Mokhtar El Baba exhibit their works. Arabic and Islamic Graphic Design, Calligraphic Services
  • Arabic Music - Attempting to provide the most comprehensive resource on the genre, while concentrating on the more "serious" aspects.
  • Arabic music boradcasting 24 hours a day on the internet - Radio Arab is a non-profit internet radio site dedicated to providing the Arabic community and other interested parties with the best in Arabic music - streaming on the internet.

77. Solar Cooking Plans
Solar cooking Plans, BoxStyle Cookers, The Minimum Solar Box Cooker English,French, Spanish, Portuguese, arabic, The Easy Lid Cooker English, Spanish
The Solar Cooking Archive Solar Cooking Plans Box-Style Cookers The "Minimum" Solar Box Cooker
French Spanish Portuguese ... Arabic The "Easy Lid" Cooker
Spanish Catalan The Heaven's Flame Cooker A Collapsible Solar Box Cooker
English Spanish A Simple Solar Water Pasteurizer
English Spanish Arabic A Solar Oven Made from a Pizza Box The SunPan
English Spanish The Tire Cooker
English Spanish Catalan A Tracking Box Cooker (.pdf) Panel Cookers The "Cookit" Foldable Family Panel
Spanish Portuguese German The Solar Panel Cooker (SPC)
The Reflective Open Box Cooker
English Spanish The Solar Funnel Cooker
English Spanish Dual-Setting Panel Cooker (DSPC) Mini Panel Cooker English Japanese Windshield Shade Solar Funnel Cooker The Parvati Solar Cooker A Dual-Angled Funnel Cooker ... The Nelpa Solar Panel Cooker Parabolic Cookers A cardboard parabolic cooker A Fresnel parabolic cooker A parabolic cooker made from dung and mud A solar cooker mirror made of clay ... Double-Angled-Twelve-Sided (DATS) Other Solar Chimney Dehydrator The Aprovecho Rocket Stove Questions or comments:

78. Cooking With Contact Pakistan - Arabian Recipes Starters Selection Menu
Five recipes for arabic starters, such as Homous, Samboosak, and Flafel.
Pakistani Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine

Western Cuisine

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Arabian Dip
Saudi Samboosak
Samboosak Saudi Chicken Shawarma Arabian Chicken Sandwich Flafel deep fried fava beans or chickpeas Shish Taouk Chicken Kebab Recipes not highlight can be requested. More to be added soon... Watch this space !

79. | Recipe Search | Arabic
arabic FLAT BREAD Prepare hot roll mix according to package directions. COOKS.COM cooking, RECIPES AND MORE 0.44cb COPYRIGHT © 2003 The FOURnet Information
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... Unit Calc IN DEPTH Bread Cream Cheese Chicken Master Mix ... Yeast SECTIONS Latest Additions General Technique Featured Recipes ... Cooks Shoppe PARTNERS CHEF'S Cooking Jessica's Biscuit KitchenAid ... Tupperware COOKS USE Henckels Outstanding quality. Best functionality. COOKS READ La Cucina Italiana Italian Cuisine. Try it risk-free. Diary of a Tuscan Chef Published: March 1998 Wonderful chef who is also a wonderful storyteller offers 150 ambrosial Tuscan dishes-not "restaurant dishes" but the fare of his roots... A COOKS Recommended CookBook. Searched COOKS for arabic . Results of Result Page: Next
Put water and sugar in a small pot and stir on low heat until sugar dissolves. Add coffee and a pinch of ground cardamom to sugar and water and keep ... Ingredients: 4 (cardamom .. coffee .. sugar ...)

80. Granada, A Culinary Discovery (Scheduled Group Tour): Cooking Schools In Spain,
Free time to rest First cooking lesson Talk about the arabic influence on thecuisine of Granada, with the assistance of a well-known chef of the province.
Home Categories Active Adventure



Destination Africa


South America

Unique Stays Castle Hotel Eco Lodge Resorts Diving Are you interested? Want to learn more about this tour, order travel brochures, pose questions to the tour operator or book this tour? Click for details.
Granada, A Culinary Discovery (Scheduled Group Tour)
EuroAdventures Vacations, S.L.
Click here for info This cooking holiday is based on Andalucian Cuisine. Granada, the historical meeting grounds of Arabic and Western cultures and home of the mythical Alhambra palace, our cooking classes focus on…
Your Itinerary
Day 1:
GRANADA - Arrival in Granada. Group transfer from the airport to the hotel. - Lodging in a beautiful restored palace of the 16th century, situated in the old Albayzin quarter, with extraordinary views of the Alhambra palace. - Welcome drink at the hotel (included) - Overnight in Granada
Day 2:
GRANADA - DURCAL - Breakfast - Guided visit to GRANADA's Alhambra Palace and El Generalife, one of the most impressive Arabic monuments in Europe. - Sightseeing of Granada, Renaissance and Baroque city, which displays many constant reminders of its Arabic past. - Tapas along the Centre and/or Albayzin, declared by the Unesco Inheritance of Mankind (included). - Transfer to the colourful VALLEY OF LECRIN, 30 minutes from Granada, where we will have our base for the rest of the trip. We will be lodged in a beautiful restored old flourmill, close to the village of DURCAL. - Free time to rest - First Cooking lesson: Talk about the Arabic influence on the cuisine of Granada, with the assistance of a well-known chef of the province. - Dinner will follow. - Overnight in Durcal

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