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         Arabic Cooking:     more books (41)
  1. Traditional Arabic Cooking by Miriam A. Hashimi, 1997-09
  2. The Savory Secrets of Dodi's Home Cooking (English and Arabic Edition) by Howida Elhalogy , Michelle Easton-Ewais, 2008-06-24
  3. Arabic cooking in America by Yvonne Homsy, 1977
  4. Arabic Cooking Step By Step (1/1 Volume) by Lina Chebaro, 1997
  5. Lebanese Cooking (In Arabic) by Ibrahim Mouzannar, 1981-12
  6. God's Banquet: Food in Classical Arabic Literature by G. J. H. Van Gelder, Geert Jan Van Gelder, 2000-03-15
  7. Original Arabic Food by Maarja Al-Kinani, 2010-06-16
  8. KUCHYNE Palestinskych Arabic (Palestinian Arabic Cooking) by Eleonora Salehova, 1992
  9. Healthy Syrian and Lebanese Cooking: A Culinary Trip To The Land Of Bible History-Syria and Lebanon by Helen Corey, 2004-10-30
  10. Arabic Cuisine - Foods From The Middle East (Volume 1) by Salma Banna, 2009-02-15
  11. Eating (English-Arabic) (Small World series) (Arabic Edition) by Gwenyth Swain, 2000-01-01
  12. Mosoa' Al Tabkh Al Shamela (1/1) by Mishal Botrus Dhali, 2004
  13. Al Tabkh Al Arabi (1/1)
  14. Halawiyat Anahid Al Shahiya

81. | Directory
The Middle Eastern Cook Book An introduction to a tasty and joyful experiencein Middle Eastern (arabic) cooking. http//
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  • Adventures in Armenian cooking
    Over 200 Armenian and general Middle Eastern recipes.
  • Recipes
    A compilation of recipes from throughout the Middle East.
  • International Recipes
    This Site is desigend for everyone who believes that cooking is indeed fun,art and adventure.It is for those who love to try something a little different. Recipes were chosen to provid satisfaction and comfort for all people and tasters.
  • Maggi Middle East
    The Middle East's very first English/Arabic recipe site brought to you by Maggi, one of the biggest Nestlé brands worldwide.
  • Moroccan Cooking
    Famous recipes of Moroccan cuisine such as Couscous, Bastela, Harira, Briouat, etc. This site provides as well information on Moroccan cities, entertainment, culture and more.

82. Dept. Of Human Services, Australia - Emergency Management: Information Resources
Fact Sheets arabic. Community. Essential Services Disruption. 1.Living WithoutGas or Electricity An Overview of Public Health Issues PDF 85K. cooking 2
EM Home DHS Home Search Site
Community Languages
Kurdish Macedonian Malay Russian Serbian Somali Tagalog Turkish Vietnamese
Fact Sheets Arabic Community Essential Services Disruption
  • 1.Living Without Gas or Electricity - An Overview of Public Health Issues: PDF 85K
  • 2.Maintaining a Healthy Diet Without Gas or Electric Cooking : PDF 88K 7. Cooking Safely Without Gas or Electricity : PDF 63K 8. Risks of Burning Fuel in Enclosed Spaces : Currently Being Updated 10. Safe Use of Alternative Cooking Appliances : PDF 49K 16. Food Storage and Preparation Without Gas or Electricity : PDF 57K
  • 3. Parenting Without Gas or Electricity - Advice for Parents of Infants and Young Children : PDF 87K 4. Parenting Without Gas or Electricity - Disinfecting Feeding Bottles and Nappy Washing : PDF 57K 5. Parenting Without Gas or Electricity - Preparing Infant Formula : PDF 57K 13. Going Home with a New Baby :

83. All Recipes | Encyclopedia  |  gum Arabic
cooking Basics What To Make How To Make Reference. searchterms. Encyclopedia gum arabic, A natural additive obtained from

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Finding Recipes Shopping List About Us ... Jobs Cooking Basics: What To Make... How To Make... Reference search terms Encyclopedia gum arabic A natural additive obtained from the bark of certain varieties of acacia tree. Gum arabic is colorless, tasteless and odorless and is used in commercial food processing to thicken, emulsify and stabilize foods such as candy, ice cream and sweet syrups. See also GUM TRAGACANTH GUAR GUM XANTHAM GUM Please review our Legal Notice and

84. Arab Gateway: Food And Recipes
Collection of links to recipe sites and background articles, by the AlBab website.Category Home cooking World Cuisines Middle Eastern...... COOKERY NOTES. Ingredients A useful guide to ingredients used in Arabcooking. Glossary Some of the arabic terms used in recipes. A
gateway HOME PAGE
Arab A to Z
... CONTACT US FOOD RECIPES FROM THE ARAB WORLD There are now hundreds of Arab recipes on the Internet.
Here are some of the better sites... Food from the Arab World
A large selection of dishes based on the book, Food from the Arab World , by Marie Karam Khayat and Margaret Clark Keatinge (Beirut 1959) Recipe database
76 Arab recipes from SOAR (Searchable Online Archive of Recipes) at Berkeley University in California. Moroccan cuisine
30 recipes by Abderrahim Bargache, who presents a weekly cookery programme on Moroccan television
Website devoted to food from the region, with special sections on Egyptian Lebanese Palestinian Moroccan and Syrian cuisine. Middle Eastern Recipes
A comprehensive collection compiled by Christina al-Sudairy Middle Eastern Cookbook
by Sabria Toma Nadia's Middle Eastern Cooking A rather chatty magazine-style cookery site which introduces a new recipe each month.

85. Palestinian Links ,,,Your Links To Palestine & The Holy Land ,Computers And Inte
world, and eat heartily; Middle Eastern Cook Book Introduces you toa tasty and joyful experience in Middle Eastern (arabic) cooking.
Culture and Arts Related Sites

86. Society Ethnicity Arab Polish Yellow Pages - Polska - Poland - Polen
Middle Eastern Cook Book A tasty and joyful experience in Middle Eastern (arabic)cooking by Sabria Farid Toma a mother of three, and a grandmother of five.
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  • A Home for the Arts and Artists of the Arab World - Darat al Funun is dedicated to the promotion of the fine arts, while also fostering a cultural and creative dialogue amongst the people of the Arab world. ABC of Arabic Cuisine - Includes a glossary of Arabic Cuisine Arab Ambassador - Online magazine on Arab culture, women's issues and career issues Arab Culture and Identity - Covers Arab culture and society with bi-weekly articles on a variety of topics. Includes reviewed links, quote of the week and a discussions area. Arab Gateway - Aims to introduce non-Arabs to the Arabs and their culture. Also features news, weather, and other information. Arabic Calligraphy - Arabic and Islamic Calligraphers Kamel and Mokhtar El Baba exhibit their works. Arabic and Islamic Graphic Design, Calligraphic Services
  • 87. Cooking Links
    arabic RECIPES, Want A Great arabic Resource, Contact arabic RECIPES ASIAN cooking,Try This Asian cooking WebRing, Contact ASIAN cooking BANGKOK CUISINE
    With My Viewers In Mind, This Page Will Help To Bring Together Excellent Collection Of Recipes And Links To Other Quality Web Sites. I Hope You Find What You Are Looking For In Some Of These Selections. I Will Still Search For More Quality Links.. Remember, Eat Well!!! * This Menu Will Navigate This Page, Use Your Back Button To Return * CULTURES DESSERTS MISCELLANEOUS SECRET RECIPES ... MY MENU CULTURES - Great Recipes From Other Countries ARABIC RECIPES, Want A Great Arabic Resource, Contact: ARABIC RECIPES ASIAN COOKING, Try This Asian Cooking WebRing, Contact: ASIAN COOKING BANGKOK CUISINE, Another Nice Resource Here, Contact: BANGKOK CUISINE CHINESE FOOD, Many "Fine" Chinese Recipes Here, Contact: CHINESE FOOD CHINESE RECIPES, Chinese Recipe Collections, Contact: CHINESE RECIPES CUISINE OF INDIA, Great Recipe Source Here, Contact: CUISINE OF INDIA DIANA'S LINKS, For Food And Dishes From Italy, Contact: DIANA'S LINKS EUROPEAN CUISINES, Here's A Good Resource, Contact: EUROPEAN CUISINES GOOD COOKING, Here's Some Middle Eastern Links, Contact: GOOD COOKING HENK'S HOT KITCHEN, "Indonesian" Recipes, Contact:

    88. Middle Eastern Cuisines: Recipes And Cooking Tips
    Miscellaneous Recipes For Lebanese And arabic Food Al Mashriq. Recipes -arabicNews.Com. Recipes - cooking Gourmet - ClubIran.
    Cyprus, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine,
    Persian, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, UAE, Yemen...
    Subtopics on this page:
    Cyprus Iran (Persian) Iraq ... African Cuisines ' page Other food-related topic pages:
    African Cuisines
    Beverages Birthdays Chinese Cuisines ... Shopping Tips Click here to convert from one measurement type to another.
    Get your how-tos delivered! Subscribe to 'One Smart Puppy' , our free monthly newsletter chock full of original how-tos and overviews of our coolest new links. GENERAL/MIXED/MISC. 99 Greek/Middle Eastern Recipes (vegetarian) - IVU Mid-East Meets Mid-West Middle East, Food Of Many Nations - ... VRG
    CYPRUS Cookbook (kotopoulo kapama/braised chicken, bizeli me anginares/peas and artichokes, dhaktyla/ladies fingers...) - Cypriot-Turkish Cuisine - Akin Pala ... Window on Cyprus
    IRAN Adas Polo/Rice With Lentils - John Russell's Homepage

    89. Aziza Sa'id's Dancer's Book Store - Food & Cooking
    family cooks. Traditional Moroccan cooking Recipes from Fez MadameGuinaudeau. 200 pages of traditional Moroccan recipes. Includes
    Gallery: Aziza Sa'id Troupe Trip to Turkey MED-Dance List ... On-line Video Clips Other: Cool Stuff Scuba Gallery Virus/Hoax Online Postcards Site: Home Guestbook Search Tech Aziza Sa'id: New Site!
    Contact Booking ...
    Show Schedule
    Shop: Books Music Videos Cards ... T-Shirts, Mugs and Gifts Learn: Hot List Resources FAQ
    Lessons On-line

    Historical Video Archive Project
    ... Articles
    New books added on 12/28/02! Middle Eastern Dance Middle Eastern Belly Dancing Stories for Dancers
    Methods and Techniques
    ... African Browse: Books Music Videos
    Cookbooks From the Tables of Lebanon - Traditional Vegetarian Cuisine Lebanon is famous for its delicious food, much of it vegetarian. The country has a rich history of contact with many cultures, all of which have contributed to Lebanese culinary tradition. There is on one better to present this tradition than Dalal Holmin, whose training in the art of preparing fine Lebanese food comes from several generations of talented family cooks. Traditional Moroccan Cooking - Recipes from Fez Madame Guinaudeau 200 pages of traditional Moroccan recipes. Includes a good section on traditional customs, kitchen tools, and spices. The Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean: 215 Healthy, Vibrant, and Inspired Recipes

    90. Links4Recipes.Com: World_Cuisines/Arabic
    arabic Slice guide to arabic cuisine Illustrated online cookbook guide to arabiccooking (Added 10-Apr-2001 Hits 195 Rating 10 Votes 27) Rating 10, 27
    Home Add Link Modify Link What's New ... World Cuisines : Arabic
    Links4Recipes.Com: World Cuisines : Arabic
    Editor's Notes:
    Email the Editor Links: [Next >>]

    91. ShawGuides, Inc. | Search Results: 9 Matches [9 Listings, No Events]
    Current search criteria arabic. 1. Cactus Language Holidays Courses Worldwideweb email tip. arabic, Egyptian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish.

    Cultural Travel

    High Performance Programs

    The Guide to Language Vacations
    A Free, Online Directory from ShawGuides with 336 Sponsors of 376 Upcoming Language Vacation Programs Worldwide! Add Listing!
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    FOCUS: Arabic Bulgarian Chinese Croatian ... more
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    COUNTRIES: Africa Argentina Asia Australia ... more Request Information Use this form to request a brochure/catalog or other information from the checked sponsors. E-mail:
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    92. Arabic Directory From Norway
    arabic Chat. arabic Movies. arabic Poems. arabic Books. arabic Modern Music. arabicCooking Recipes. Free SMS. arabic Horoscope. Playing Games Online. arabic Auction.
    Home I Bookmark This Site I ... Go back Any opinions contained in this directory are those of the owners of the link unless clearly indicated Arabic Web Directory -Non Profit Service :

    93. Pauls MFO Page
    Home. Paul's MFO Page is created for all people who have been serving withthe MFO, are serving with the MFO right now or are interested in the MFO.

    94. Hot Stuff (period Peppery)
    Hot Stuff (period Peppery). Unto durr aljabal (and any others interested in Arabiccooking). I am a spicer, working on the period history of exotic spices.
    Hot Stuff (period Peppery)
    Unto durr al-jabal (and any others interested in Arabic cooking). I am a spicer, working on the period history of exotic spices. If you have information sources which call for a pepper other than Capsicum (chili, cayennne, red pepper) in a recipe for harissa, I would dearly love to know the details and the bibliographic info. I have found three African 'peppers' other than Capsicum, but have little information on their use (if any) in Arabic/Mediterranean cooking, although I do know that at least two of them were exported to the Mediterranean world in period. They are:
  • Grains of Paradise (Aframomom melegueta), also known as Melegueta Pepper, and in Arabic as "jawz as-sirk" or "jawz al-shirk" (nuts of the association); as "gawz as-Sudan" (nuts of the Blacks); or as "tin al-fil" (elephant's ear).
  • Ethiopian or Negro Pepper (Xylopia aethiopica), known in Arabic as "fulful as-Sudan" (pepper of the Blacks); or as "hab al-zelim" or "hab az-zalam" (I don't know the translation of this); or as a work variously rendered "kimba", "kumba", or "quanbah" (I think an African word originally). I have found this in translated Arabic books rendered as "black pepper", which is of course quite misleading, although a literal translation of "fulful as-Sudan". It is used in aphrodisiac preparations in those medical sources.
  • Benin Pepper, Ashantee Pepper, or African Cubebs (Piper clusii or Piper guineense). I haven't yet found an Arabic name for this, or evidence that it was exported to the Mediterranean. The Portuguese discovered the source of the, in the area now Nigeria, in the late fifteenth century, and carried large quantities of it to Europe as a substitute for normal pepper. Any information that you, my lord, or anyone else reading this might have on the occurrence of these three spices, their use in cookery, etc., would be very gratefully received.
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