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         Archeology & Anthropology Museums:     more books (57)
  1. The History and Present Status of Pennsylvania Archeology (Reprints in Anthropology) by John Witthoft, 1950
  2. Archeology in Kansas (Public Education Series) by Patricia J. O'Brien, 1984-04
  3. Guia Oficial de Teotihuacan (Spanish Edition) by Jorge R. Acosta, Abel Salazar, 1965
  4. Archeology-anthropology bibliography, Iroquois Resource Center and Upstate Hall, New York State Museum by George R Hamell, 1981
  5. A Guide to the Reading and Study of Historic Site Archeology; Museum Brief #5 by Richard & Lawrence, Stephen S. Hulan, 1970
  6. Invitation to Archaeology by James Deetz, 1967-06
  7. Prehistoric subsistence adaptations on White Sands Missile Range (Laboratory of Anthropology note) by Yvonne Roye Oakes, 1981
  8. The Cross L Ranch Site: A study in Plains adaptation (Laboratory of Anthropology note) by Yvonne Roye Oakes, 1979
  9. Proceedings of the Anasazi Symposium 1991 by Art and Smith, Jack Hutchinson, 1991
  10. Berberass: marine resource specialisation and environmental change in Torres Strait during the past 4000 years.: An article from: Archaeology in Oceania by Joe Crouch, Ian J. Mcniven, et all 2007-07-01
  11. Pre-Columbia America: The art and archeology of South, Central and Middle America (Publications in Anthropology and History No. 2) by Unknown, 1974
  12. A cultural resource investigation at San Juan Pueblo, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico (Laboratory of Anthropology note) by Stephen S Post, 1981
  13. Excavations at LA 12563: A nineteenth and twentieth century Navajo site, San Juan County, New Mexico (Laboratory of Anthropology note) by Robin E Farwell, 1980
  14. Archeological clearance investigations along seismic testing corridors in the Galisteo Basin area, Santa Fe County, New Mexico, for Teledyne Exploration Company (Laboratory of Anthropology note) by William Doleman, 1979

21. Paleontology Today! - Anthropology Resources
History Websites 2 anthropology Resources 4 anthropology Universities 4 2, archeologyNews Articles 1 archeology Publications 1 Canadian museums 1 Creation
The Legend of Nessie, Ultimate Loch Ness Monster site. Your
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Anthropology Resources
Paleontology Today Home Page

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Anthropology Resources at the University of Kent...
The CSAC Ethnographics Gallery is for the use of anthropologists and others to promote wider access to information. It is maintained by the Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing...
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Animal Science
Anthropology Association

Anthropology Resources
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22. Anthropology And Archaeology
Gopher collection includes access to over 60,000 anthropology Division records Classicsand Mediterranean archeology Page This server collects links to museums.
Anthropology and Archaeology
Just a few links are noted here. For a more complete list of educational resources go to ArchNet at the University of Connecticut. Note: Paleontology now has its own page
Univ of Michigan Museum of Anthropology
" of the major archaeological research facilities in the United States. We plan to make available images and information about selected collections in the Museum."
Archeological Museum of Bologna
"The Archaeological Museum of Bologna is located in the ancient "Ospedale della Morte" (Death Hospital). It dates back to the XV century and was inaugurated in 1881. It contains the University collections, the Collection of Pelagio Palagi and the archaeological discoveries from Bologna and its surroundings exavations."
Anthropology courses at Mesa Community College
Two courses with hypertext links are Human Origins and the Development of Culture and Buried Cities and Lost Tribes.
Museum of Paleontology at UC, Berkeley Recommended!
This is the premier on-line natural history exhibit on the web. You can tour the museum if you don't have in-line graphics . Three subject threads you can jump directly to are: Phylogeny Geology , or Evolution
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
The Smithsonian Natural History Web is an internet resource compiled and maintained by the staff of the National Museum of Natural History. Here you will find documents and data about Museum research and the national collections, which comprise more than 120 million scientific specimens and cultural artifacts from around the world.

23. FAQ-Career In Archaeology In The U.S.
A guide to archeological sites and museums in the US Fiction Bibliography (http// 6534316(http//
Revised April 22, 2002
David L. Carlson
Associate Professor of Anthropology
College Station, TX 77843-4352
HTML version by Erich Schroeder (
Illinois State Museum
Table of Contents
  • What jobs are available for archaeologists? What education and training are required to become a professional archaeologist? What college or university should I go to? What are some general introductory books on archaeology? ... Acknowledgments
  • 1. What jobs are available for archaeologists?
    Professional archaeologists work for universities, colleges, museums, the federal government, state governments, in private companies, and as consultants. They teach, conduct field investigations, analyze artifacts and sites, and publish the results of their research. The minimal educational requirement to work as a field archaeologist is a B.A. or B.S. degree with a major in anthropology or archaeology and previous field experience (usually obtained by spending a summer in an archaeological field school or participating as a volunteer, see question 5). While this is sufficient to work on an archaeological field crew, it is not sufficient to move into supervisory roles. Supervisory positions require a graduate degree, either an M.A./M.S. or a Ph.D. Academic Positions Museum Positions . Museums may be connected with a university or independent. Museum curators conduct research, publish the results, give public presentations, prepare displays, and conserve the museum collections. Museum positions require a graduate degree (M.A./M.S. or Ph.D.). Museum positions are usually full-year appointments.

    24. Museums And Music
    Fine Arts museums of San Francisco; Legion of Honor. Philadelphia PhiladelphiaMuseum of Art; Barnes Foundation; Museum of archeology and anthropology of the
    Museums and Music

    25. Eighmeys Think Tank
    Archaeology Web Rings museums Cultural anthropology Other resources Physical anthropology*anthropology Internet Resources. Art and archeology Indices * Browser
    Archeology and Anthropology
    Where Did It All Begin?
    Focus Of Chalk Tray: To enable students using computers with the capacity to extract meaning from
    text and to use that meaning to better categorize and deliver useful information in problem based learning Lobby Chalk Tray Goals Instruction ... Rubrics
    Eighmey Ltd.
    In The Field

    National Association for the Practice of Anthropology

    Anthropology Internships and Field Work

    List Serv
    Anthropology resources on the Internet - E-mail Discussion Lists on the Internet

    Searching Limited Area Search of the Ancient and Medieval Internet Argos Digital Reference WWW Virtual Library: Anthropology: Archaeology Archaeologists Bibliographies Classical Archaeology ... Anthropology Internet Resources Investigation Of Ancient Greece The Perseus Project: English Index to the Perseus Database Greek Word Search of Primary Texts English Word Search of the Liddel, Scott and Jones Greek Lexicon ... Apex

    26. ArchNet
    archeology anthropology. SUBJECT KEYWORDS Archaeology archeology Prehistoricantiquities Prehistory Ruins Antiquities museums Listservers Electronic
    To connect to this resource, click on the title TITLE:
    University of Connecticut. Dept. of Anthropology
    Plunkett, Thomas
    Lizee, Jonathan
    WWW Virtual Library - Archaeology SUBJECT CATEGORIES:
    Archeology Prehistoric antiquities Prehistory Ruins Antiquities Museums Listservers Electronic Discussion Groups SITE INCLUDES:
    Return to top March 31, 1997 CJ/JTJ ; URL updated October 20, 2000

    27. Anthropology WWW Virtual Library
    CATEGORIES Social Sciences archeology and anthropology SUBJECT KEYWORDS anthropology Internet Directories. Archaeology Indices, museums, Rock Art
    To connect to this resource, click on the title TITLE:
    Anthropology (WWW Virtual Library)
    Anthro TECH
    Social Sciences Archeology and Anthropology Antropology SUBJECT KEYWORDS:
    Anthropology Internet Directories
    Applied Anthro
    - Graduate Programs, Journals...
    Archaeology - Indices, Museums, Rock Art... Bibliographies - Graduate Programs, Journals... Archaeology - Indices, Museums, Rock Art... Bibliographies - Cultural, General... Biophysical Anthro - General, Projects...

    28. African Archeology
    Pennsylvania Museum Applied Science Center for Archaeology University of PennsylvaniaMuseum of Archaeology and anthropology University museums, University of
    Afrika Austrálie a Pacifik Blízký a Støední Východ Britské ostrovy ... E-MAIL
    Muzea a knihovny
    A The Ancient Olympic Games Virtual Museum
    The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

    Archäologisches Museum im Wasserturm

    Archives of European Archaeology (AREA)

    B Bernisches Historisches Museum
    Bibliotheca Augustana

    Bibliotheca Classica Selecta

    Bibliotheca Latina
    Bodrum Sualti Arkeoloji Müzesi
    Muzeum Bodrum (Turecko)
    The British Museum
    Londýn Brooklyn Museum C Cagliari (Sardinia) Archaeological Museum Centre for Metropolitan History Institut pro historický výzkum Cimiez Museum The Cleveland Museum of Art Corinium Museum Cirencester County Council Museums Service Hampshire D Danish National Museum David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art, Univeristy of Chicago ðjÆäminjasafn åslands Fornleifadeild E Encyclopedia Mythica Estonian State Maritime Museum Eesti Meremuuseum F The Faerie Encyclopedia Faerie Lore and Literature Federseemuseum Jihozápadní Nìmecko Fine Arts Museum San Francisco G Getty Museum Greater London Archaeology Advisory Service H Harvard Semitic Museum Harvard University Art Museums Hechingen-Stein Roman Villa Virtuální prohlídka øímské vily Historisches Museum, Basel

    29. Okeanos12
    from the University of Pennsylvania Museum of archeology and anthropology Travelingexhibit. Museum in Mykonos; Ancient Near East museums A comprehensive
    Ancient Mediterranean

    30. Travel With IgoUgo
    Category Activity museums. Date of Entry 8/26/2000. Name archeology and anthropology.Address Downing Street. City Type of Museum Other. What it's like

    31. Public Affairs Division - Public Lectures
    to which cultures can be institutionalised by museums. he built up the anthropologyDepartment at the Cambridge University Museum of archeology and anthropology
    The ANU Public Affairs Division arranges a series of public lectures throughout the year: Lectures are free and interested members of the public are welcome to attend. 12th Jack Beale Water Resources Lecture People, Water and Landscapes: directions in natural resource management Andrew Campbell
    8pm Thursday, 18 October 2001 Manning Clark Lecture Theatre 1 (Building 26A), ANU In the driest continent, the state of our water remains the ultimate arbiter of the relationship between people and country. After a Centenary of Federation, water management is as high on the community and political agenda as it was when it preoccupied delegates to inter-colonial meetings in the 1890s. This presentation places water in a broader context, tracing developments in Australian thinking about natural resource management, outlining recent research findings and discussing contemporary notions of catchment and landscape. Enquiries: The Water Research Foundation of Australia Phone: 6125 0651 Email: Further Information:

    32. Anthropology Careers
    CAREERS IN anthropology. Research Consultants (archaeology) Human Relations Commission(applied) Indiana Historical Society (museums, archeology, cultural

    ASC Group, HR (archaeology)
    Afro-American Museum, (museums and cultural)
    Algonquin Consultants (archaeology)
    American Resources Group, LTD (archaeology)
    BBI Marketing Services (applied)
    Behringer-Crawford Museum (museums, cultural,
    Big Blue Archaeological Research (archaeology)
    Brighton Center (applied)
    Burke Marketing Research (applied)
    Caracole House for AIDS Patients (applied) Catholic Social Services (applied) Cincinnati Nature Center (environmental) Cincinnati Parks (environmental) Cincinnati Zoo (primatology) Columbus Zoo (primatology) Conner Prairie Museum (museums and cultural) Critical Mass Media (applied) Cultural Horizon, Inc. (archaeology) Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc. (archaeology) Environmental Enterprises, Inc. (environmental) Environmental Protection Agency (environmental) Environmental Resource Management Ctr (environmental) Fields Marketing Research (applied) FRCH Design Worldwide (applied) GAI Consultants (archaeology) Gray and Pape (archaeology) H.C. Nutting Company (environmental)

    33. AnthroGlobe Data Archive: Anthropology
    Office Washington DC Area archeology anthropology Outreach State archaeological societies,anthropology departments of universities, and local museums may be
    AnthroGlobe Shared Meta Data Archive
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    Staff Publications

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    Linked Sites
    Untitled MUSEUM TRAINING FOR ANTHROPOLOGY STUDENTS Compiled by Ann Alger, Lorelei Sells, Barbara Hail, and Ann Lane Hedlund; Web version by Kelley Curtis This listing of more than fifty entries results from a survey conducted for the Council for Museum Anthropology in 1996. In May of that year a questionnaire concerning anthropology training programs and course offerings was sent to 366 institutions in the U.S. and Canada. By November 1996 a total of 68 responses had been received. Of those, 34 institutions reported having a museum training course or program appropriate for anthropology students. Since then, we have contacted more than forty other organizations and added them to the list when appropriate. Also, a number of institutions have more recently initiated or begun planning for new museum training programs and are included here. We hope this compilation is useful to students seeking information about programs, to administrators wanting broader exposure for their programs, ...

    34. Anthropology And Archeology |
    Agriculture (15) Amateur Science (4) anthropology and archeology Astronomy (3 3) Mathematics(1) Medicine (2) Meteorology (8) museums and Exhibits (9) News
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    Vermont's History

    Vermont history. Many new discoveries.
    SEARCH WEB DIRECTORY SUBDIRECTORY CATEGORIES Agriculture (16) Amateur Science (4) Anthropology and Archeology Astronomy (3) Aviation and Aeronautics (1) Biology (1) Chemistry (1) ... Zoology (3) MAIN CATEGORIES Arts/Entertainment Business Computers Education ... Society

    35. Links
    Mississippi; Guides to Archeological Sites and museums; NOVA Online; Tools for Teaching;anthropology on the Web for K US 16,000 Years Ago; Public archeology in the
    P. O. Box 366 Kampsville, IL 62053 Phone: (618) 653 - 4316 Fax: (618) 653 - 4232
    The links above are provided as a service to our home page visitors. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the Center for American Archeology. If you discover a dead link, please notify us a

    36. Smithsonian Institution, Anthropology Outreach Office: Washington D.C. Area Arch
    museums AND ORGANIZATIONS. journal, American Anthropologist and the monthly AnthropologyNewsletter PROFESSIONALS INVOLVED IN LOCAL archeology AND INDIAN HISTORY.
    Anthropology Outreach Office Smithsonian Institution
    A Guide to Resources on the
    This guide describes many of the organizations in the Washington D.C. area concerned with local archaeology and Indian history. State archaeological societies, anthropology departments of local colleges and universities, and local museums may be able to provide additional information. (*denotes organizations that offer volunteer opportunities in archaeology.)
    National Museum of Natural History - Smithsonian Institution Washington, D.C. 20560
    Naturalist Center temporary address: 741 E Miller Dr., SE, Leesburg, VA 22075 email:
    The Naturalist Center is a large public facility for hands-on investigation into anthropology and the natural sciences through its collection of specimens, totaling over 20,000; a large selection of reference materials; and scientific equipment. The Anthropology section includes self-guided teaching units on paleoindian stone tool technology, Eastern United States archaeology materials, and North American Indian pottery, as well as a large selection of reference books. Anthropology Outreach Office NHB MRC 112 Smithsonian Institution Washington, DC 20560

    37. Smithsonian Institution, Anthropology Outreach Office: Archeology Leaflet And Bi
    contact the chairman of the anthropology department of programs, write Center forAmerican archeology, PO Box museums usually are not interested in purchasing
    Anthropology Outreach Office Smithsonian Institution
    The Smithsonian Institution receives each year a great many inquiries concerned with archaeology. It is impossible with our small staff to answer each letter personally. Therefore, the following information has been prepared to cover topics most frequently encountered: career information, excavation, fieldwork opportunities, artifact identification, preservation. The information included should satisfy the majority of requests, while also providing avenues along which topics may be pursued further through bibliographic references. You might also consider contacting your local museum, historical society, or archaeological association that deals with matters of regional interest much more than does the Smithsonian. If the enclosed information is not specific enough or does not cover your particular interest, please feel free to write us again. We will help if we can.
    Career Information
    Information on career opportunities in archaeology may be obtained by writing or calling the following: Society for American Archaeology, 900 2nd St., N.E., Suite 12, Washington, D.C. 20002; (202) 789-8200.

    38. Archeology Museums And Libraries
    archeology museums and Libraries. Provincial Museum of Alberta Egypt museums andCollections University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and anthropology.
    CyberPursuits About Bev Main Page Africa Australia and Pacific British Isles Egyptology Continental Europe Far East Near and Middle East North America Underwater General and Misc. Publications References Books Film and Photography Academic Museums and Libraries Organizations Fieldwork Legal Issues ArchNet Software Search Links Lists
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    Archeology Museums and Libraries
    All links leave the site and open a new window National Museum, Bloemfontein, South Africa
    Alamannenmuseum Ellwangen
    The Neanderthal Museum

    Sharjah Museums, in United Arab Emirates

    Provincial Museum of Alberta

    Egypt: Museums and Collections
    ... Main Page

    39. CyberPursuits Sitemap
    South America and Meso America. Underwater archeology. General and Miscellaneous. Academic.museums and Libraries. Organizations. anthropology. Cultural anthropology.
    Home Genealogy Archeology Anthropology ... Heckifiknow
    CyberPursuits Sitemap
    Main About This Site Search This Site Site Awards ... Mail

    40. Museums
    The Field Museum. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. museums in the USA. Universityof Pennsylvania Museum of archeology and anthropology, Philadelphia.
    A-Bomb WWW Museum
    Art Museums on the World Wide Web Diego Rivera Web Museum Dinosaur Valley Museum
    A-Bomb WWW Museum
    Art Museums on the World Wide Web Diego Rivera Web Museum Dinosaur Valley Museum ... WebMuseum, Paris

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