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  1. A cultural resources survey and inventory for New Mexico State Highway Department project BIA-RF-037-1-(3) by Allan MacGillivray, 1977

81. About Archeology > Careers
Questions About A Career In archeology In The US. Associate Professor ofAnthropology, Texas A work for universities, colleges, museums, the federal
About the Society About Archeology Kids Links ... Careers
Frequently Asked Questions About A Career In Archeology In The U.S.
Revised October 31, 2000 David L. Carlson
Associate Professor of Anthropology
College Station, TX 77843-4352 1. What jobs are available for archaeologists?
2. What education and training are required to become a professional archaeologist?

3. What college or university should I go to?
1. What jobs are available for archaeologists?
Professional archaeologists work for universities, colleges, museums, the federal government, state governments, in private companies, and as consultants. They teach, conduct field investigations, analyze artifacts and sites, and publish the results of their research. The minimal educational requirement to work as a field archaeologist is a B.A. or B.S. degree with a major in anthropology or archaeology and previous field experience (usually obtained by spending a summer in an archaeological field school or participating as a volunteer, see question 5). While this is sufficient to work on an archaeological field crew, it is not sufficient to move into supervisory roles. Supervisory positions require a graduate degree, either an M.A./M.S. or a Ph.D. Academic Positions.

82. Untitled Document
museum anthropology extended over the rest of the nineteenth century. Some museumsfollowed the pattern of the Peabody, focusing on prehistoric archeology and
Museums and anthropology in the nineteenth century
Back to main museums page Influential Victorian museums The Ashmolean Museum
Extract from Stocking's Objects and Others
(p7 and on; references given by Stocking are fully cited in the bibliography Although the museum has been called 'the institutional homeland' of anthropology (Lurie, 1981: 184), it took a long time for anthropology to find that homeland, and its presence there was, even in the so-called 'Museum Period' always somewhat problematic. The renaissance humanist 'cabinet of curiosities' - the commonly accepted prototype of the modern museum - emerged contemporaneously with the age of discovery and exploration; from the time Cortez sent back pieces from Mexico after the Conquest, both 'artificial' and 'natural' curiosities from the New World and the East found a place in them (Sturtevant, 1969: 621). Along with the dodo, the marine unicorn (or narwhal) and the stirrups of Henry VIII, the collections of the Tradescants, which formed the basis of the Ashmolean Museum established in Oxford in 1683, included 'Pohaton, King of Virginia's habit all embroidered with shells' [Alexander, 1979: 43]. It was some time, however, before ethnographic objects began to be treated as a distinct category. When the

83. Unisa Dept Of Anthropology Archaeology. Museum
Member of the South African museums Association (SAMA). Universityof South Africa (UNISA) Theo van Wijk Building Room 4160 The

84. Musee Ethnographie Geneve Liens Museographie
anthropology (Univ. of California, Berkeley); Kelsey Museum of archeology (Univ.
de la
Ethno Monde

85. Anthropology Cultural Studies Topic List For Anthropology
National Park Service Archeologyand Ethnography Program, sites and projects, museums, and controversies...... 8. History of Cultural anthropology Theory,

86. University Of Queensland - School Of History, Philosophy, Religion, And Classics
Gregoriano Profano; Musei Vaticani entry point to most of the Vatican museumsand galleries. anthropology, archeology, ethnology, history, geology, zoology.
History, Philosophy, Religion, and Classics World Class: Be Part of It Search UQ:
Sardonyx Cameo
Portrait of Augustus
British Museum, London



... Antiquities Museum Links to Other Museums
Links to Museums Worldwide

This applet runs on Java capable browsers only. In collating this list of links, it has not been possible at this time to identify and isolate those museums with departments devoted to archaeology and related disciplines, and it is therefore emphasised that not all of the museums listed will have on-line material directly relevant to the study of ancient civilisations. However, many of the museums listed do have significant relevant collections, and it will be a matter for the individual researcher to select those which prove to be of maximum use and relevance. This page is now, and will continue to be, under development , and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. If you find that some if the listings have no relevance, or if you have details of links to relevant museums not so far listed here, please advise the Antiquities Museum by letter or by email to

87. Anthropology/Archeology Research Guide
anthropology/archeology. on Academic Departments, Archaeological Regions, Museumsand Research Centre for Social anthropology and Computing Ethnographics
Research Guides Social Sciences
Categories for this subject: Academic Departments Comprehensive Sites Databases News ... Libraries and Archives
Academic Departments
  • Academic Institutions: America
    Maintained by: Bernard-Olivier Clist
    Description: Links to anthropology departments in the United States and Canada from Anthropology Resources on the Internet site.
  • Canadian Anthropology Departments
    Maintained by: University of Waterloo's Anthropology Department
    Description: Links to Anthropology departments from Canadian Universities.
  • The George Washington University Anthropology Department
    Maintained by: Jonathan Higman
    Description: Here you'll find out who we are, what we offer, what events we sponsor, and how to contact us.
  • UK Anthropology Departments
    Maintained by: Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford
    Description: Links to Anthropology departments from Universities in the United Kingdom.
Comprehensive Sites (Sites with many links)

88. NPS AEP: For The Public
States. For a more comprehensive list of archeology and Anthropologymuseums please visit the links to online museum lists below. Also
Here are some links to museums with Archaeology and Anthropology resources in the United States. For a more comprehensive list of Archeology and Anthropology museums please visit the links to online museum lists below. Also, you may want to check with your state archeologist or State Historic Preservation Officer for information on state or regional museums. American Museum of Natural History (New York, New York) Arizona State Museum (Tucson, Arizona) Bishop Museum (Honolulu, Hawai`i) Burke Museum (Seattle, Washington) Carnegie Museum of Natural History (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Colonial Williamsburg (Williamsburg, Virginia) The Field Museum (Chicago, Illinois) Florida Museum of Natural History (Gainsville, Florida) Fowler Museum of Cultural History (Los Angeles, California) Heard Museum (Phoenix, Arizona) Illinois State Museum (Springfield, Illinois) Library of Congress: American Folklife Center (Washington, D.C.) The Lower East Side Tenement Museum (New York, New York)

89. Peabody Museum Of Archaeology And Ethnology
Save on admissions at the Harvard museums with the Harvard Hot Ticket!Harvard Univeristy 11 Divinity Avenue Cambridge, MA, USA.
Save on admissions at the Harvard Museums with the Harvard Hot Ticket!

90. Guayaquil Anthropology Museum: Archaeology Archive
Translate this page Guayaquil anthropology Museum - Central Bank of Ecuador Synthesis Fire Arts - TampaFlorida - Complete Internet Solutions - San Jose, California
Vernacular Language North
"Making Globalization Work for All by Investing in People and Emerging Technology"
Archaeology Archive SF Bay Area





Field School

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On-line Publications
  • . MAG, Guayaquil. . MAG, Guayaquil.
  • Sobre el Fondo
    "Origens" Exhibit "Milenarias tradiciones de la costa ecuatoriana" "Millenary Traditions of the Ecuadorian Coast"
    • The purpose of this exhibit is to inform the community of the ongoing efforts of national and international scholars dedicated to the interpretation of the lifestyle and philosophy of the Pre-Columbian peoples of the Ecuadorian Coast. The exhibit presents extraordinary evidence which offers vivid testimony to 10,000 years of cultural history, brought to life through the use of up-to-date electronic and computerized media and multimedia.
    Auspicio de Contenido
    Content Sponsorship
    • The Museum gratefully acknowledges its dependence upon the collaboration of our Sponsors, without whose support the publications found on the site would not be possible.
    "Explore the human past with the premiere publication devoted to worldwide archaeological discovery. Exclusive online articles and links to related sites."

    91. Links To Museums (other Than Art Types) (courtesy Of The Cincinnati Network)
    Links to museums (other than art types) (Prepared 1/6/99; upgraded 5/3/02).There about 8,000 pages on the Internet for museums alone.
    Links to Museums (other than art types):
    (Prepared 1/6/99; upgraded 5/3/02) There about 8,000 pages on the Internet for museums alone. Related sections within exxnet: If you would like for your site to have top billing please let us know.
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • Cincinnati Museum Center
  • Classic Cars ...
  • Zimbabwean Stone Sculpture Note: If you know of other good Internet sites that should be included on ExxNet, please advise! Return to first page for Exxnet.
  • 92. PHILA.GOV | Museums
    museums. The Franklin Institute The Franklin Institute Science Museum Features an exhibit on the life of Ben Franklin, a walkthrough
    Pay My Parking Ticket

    Contact a City Department

    Report A Pothole
    Get a Construction Permit
    Museums The Franklin Institute Science Museum...
    Features an exhibit on the life of Ben Franklin, a walk-through heart, historic aircraft, an Imax theater, and planetarium. Site has online exhibits, including an online exploration of the heart and many other web-related science learning resources. Don´t forget to get web discount coupon to save $ if you are planning a visit in the future! Philadelphia Museum of Art
    A recasting of the Parthenon, the Art Museum is a world-renowned example of Neo-Classical architecture. It´s grand front staircase was made famous by the film Rocky, but the best treasures lie within. Whether your tastes run to serene East Asian art (don´t miss the teahouse!), intriguing Indian and Himalayan relics, stately Medieval European masterpieces, or funky modern and contemporary, you´ll find plenty to delight you here! Cultural Museums: Fine Arts Museums:

    93. ArchNet: Electronic Journals
    The Stanford Archaeology Journal; Revista Chilena de AntropologÍa; TheoreticalAnthropology; top . regions . departments . museums . topical . search . news .
    Electronic Journals in
    Updated: November, 2001

    94. ArchNet - WWW Virtual Library - Archaeology
    Library from the University of Connecticut provides access to archaeological resources available on the Internet.
    Welcome! ArchNet has found a new home with the Archaeological Research Institute at Arizona State University . The Staff of the Archaeological Research Institute (ARI) welcome you to ArchNet's new web address. Please address questions to: . Please update all bookmarks and links as . ArchNet serves as the World Wide Web Virtual Library for Archaeology. This server provides access to archaeological resources available on the Internet. Information is categorized by geographic region and subject Catalan Dutch French ... Italian , and Spanish language versions of the home page are also available. NOTE for the SAA archaeological record readers: The New ArchNet Beta-test version will be posted no later than January 15th. Please excuse the delay. Archaeology Conference Announcements! - List your conference announcement with ArchNet New FAQ from ArchNet - General Questions about Starting a Career in Archaeology New FAQ from ArchNet - ArchNet Policy on Requests for Appraisal and/or Sale of Artifacts/Antiquities View Internet Resources that have not been cataloged Wondering when ArchNet was last updated?

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