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         Archeology For Kids:     more detail
  1. The Tesimony of The Rocks by HUGH MILLER, 2009-04-27

(grades K 1 2 ). archeology for kids Dig for fossils and figure and discover clues about the animal.
  • REASONS FOR SEASONS : Experiment to explain the effects of the earth's rotation and tilt on earthlings. (grades K,1,2,)
  • ARCHEOLOGY FOR KIDS : Dig for fossils and figure and discover clues about the animal. Experiment (grades K,1,2,3,4,)
  • ROCK COLLECTION 1 : Parent's rock collections for class demonstrations. (grades K,1,2,3,4,5,)
  • ROCK COLLECTION 2 : Parent's rock collections for class demonstrations. (grades K,1,2,3,4,5,)
  • ROCK COLLECTION SUPPLIES : Field trip to local rock and mineral shop. (grades K,1,2,3,4,5,)
  • GEOLOGY FIELD TRIPS : Information on local geology field trips. (grades K,1,2,3,4,5,)
  • BALLARD LOCKS : Information on local field trip to the Ballard locks. Learn about salmon and water control. (grades K,1,2,3,4,5,)
  • DINOSAUR POWER : Lecture on the history of mathematics. (grades K,1,2,3,4,5,)
  • EXTERNAL EARTH SCIENCE LINKS: Down to earth science links.
12/15/95 Greg Clark
Earth science K,1,2,
The kids will learn:
  • What makes day and night,
  • How the earth moves around the sun
  • What makes the seasons.
  • 2. Virginia
    htm Teacher resources from Colonial Williamsburg http// for kids from Colonial Williamsburg http//www
    V I R G I N I A
    Educational and Public Programs from Alexandria Archeology

    Alexandria Archeology's education program
    Opportunities for kids to dig with the professionals

    Teacher resources from Colonial Williamsburg

    Archeology for kids from Colonial Williamsburg

    Curriculum and student projects for the settlement period from Jamestown Teachers' Corner from Jamestown/Yorktown Colonial National Historic Park, The Jamestown Rediscovery Project Excavations at the Sudley Post Office, Manassas National Battlefield The Archeological Society of Virginia The Archeological Society of Virginia Newsletter, electronic version

    3. Arkansas Archeology Week 2001
    and about choosing archeology as a career. The Fort Smith NationalHistoric Site also sponsored a workshop on archeology for kids.
    Teaching Resources Archeology Month Education News Internships ... Archeology Links Arkansas Archeology Week 2001 was celebrated October 20-28 with 30 different events at 21 venues throughout the state. The theme for 2001 was "Archeological Parks," which was chosen to recognize these special parks that not only preserve ancient sites, but provide the opportunity for the public to visit and learn about them. Events for Archeology Week 2001 included demonstrations, exhibits, workshops, slide shows, and open houses and were sponsored by museums, libraries, state parks, archeological offices, and various chapters of the Arkansas Archeological Society Participating state parks included Parkin, Toltec Mounds, Bull Shoals-White River, Lake Chicot, Logoly, Petit Jean, Queen Wilhelmina, Prairie Grove, and Blanchard Springs Caverns. Participating museums included the ATU Museum, Russellville; Bella Vista Historical Museum; Children's Museum of Arkansas and Museum of Discovery, Little Rock; Shiloh Museum of Ozark History, Springdale; and the Ft. Smith National Historic Site. Libraries included Clark County Library, Fayetteville Public Library, Garland Co. Library, and the Ouachita Baptist University Library. Details about some of the activities follow.

    4. Home And Family
    Earth Science for Kids. Projects. Kid Stories. Kids Online. archeology for kids.Space Adventures. Star Wars Official Site. Bill Nye the Science Guy. USFA Kidspage.
    Home And Family Entertainment The World Around You Travel And Tourism Tech Support ... Home Page
    For and About People Kids General: Barbies Cartoon Network Children's TV Workshop ... USFA Kidspage For Colin and his friends:
    Caillo Dragon Tales Sesame Street Senior Citizens General: AARP Foundation for Grand Parenting Senior-Center Senior Net ... Benefits Check-up Christmas General: Santa Santa Claus North Pole for Kids Saint Nick ... Santa Claus Village Women General: Beatrice's Web Guide Femina Home Arts iVillage ... Supermodels-Online Weddings Ideas: Della James/Weddings The Knot Ultimate Wedding Recipes - Cooking: Food Geeks Food TV Gourmets Dream / Epicurious Jewelry Information: Blue Nile deBeers Tiffany Young Adults General: Finance for Teens Bolt Books: Classics eLibrary Internet Public Library Library Searches Parenting: ABC's of Parenting About Babies Consumer Product Safety Cyber Safety ...

    5. Want To Try Something New? Looking For Fun Sites? Need Homework
    Newsroom Harry Potter Homework Help at Brain Teasers Discovery KidsVirtual Space Tour Big Dog's Grammar Dig archeology for kids Learning Planet,
    Links for Intermediate Grades
    Want to try something new? Looking for fun sites? Need homework help? Look below! My Friend
    Amazing Space

    Girls Inc.

    Kids' Castle

    KidsClick! Search word(s): - or, Advanced Search
    All fields Web address only Search our 600+ subjects by letter: A B C D ...
    Return to the School Home Page

    6. OK, So You Already Know The Hottest Sites For Music, Sports And
    Links Robotics, Big Dog's Grammar Girl Power! Dig archeology for kidsSchoolwork UGH! Homework Help at HyperHistory
    Junior High Resources OK, so you already know the hottest sites for music, sports and entertainment, but do you know where to find a terrific science fair project? Look below for some fun stuff as well great sites to help with your school work! My Friend
    Amazing Space

    That's Me! A Guide to Personality

    Cool Math
    Kids' Castle

    Search word(s): - or, Advanced Search
    All fields Web address only Search our 600+ subjects by letter: A B C D ... Return to the School Home Page

    7. Events Of North Fork Promotion Council Located In Southold Long Island NY
    Morning Programs filled with archeology for kids, storytelling, crafts, etc. MorningPrograms filled with archeology for kids, storytelling, crafts, etc.
    Long Island Browser - Community / Events
    The Long Island Browser / Events of North Fork Promotion Council located in Southold, Long Island, New York.
    August 2002 Thursday, August 1, 2002

    'All About Wine' courses hosted by top winemakers from the region
    Phone: 631-477-8493
    Friday, August 2, 2002

    Wine Dinner Series at Coeur des Vignes Restaurant, 7225 Main Road. For every Couple's three dinner in the 2002 series, enjoy a complimentary overnight for 2 at L'Hotel Coeur des Vignes.
    Phone: 631-765-2656
    Friday-Sunday, August 2-August 4, 2002

    Formula Rendezvous sponsored by Strong's Marine for Formula owners. Phone: 631-298-4770 Saturday, August 3, 2002 Aquebogue Writers on the Vine Author Series at Palmer Vineyards, 11:30AM-1:00PM

    8. Archaeology Links, Southeast Archaeological Center, National Park Service
    Portals to the Past (UCLA); BEE ANN EXPLORER and ARF T. FACT explore archeology history in the Washington, DC; The Smithsonian's Not Just for kids and Timeline
    A Sampling of Useful Archeology Links

    9. KIDS Only? - Cool Links The Texas archeology Society's kids' Pages fullof coloring sheets, activities and interesting facts about Texas history.
    Cool Links
    Texas Archeology
    Rice University in Houston has created an interesting web page on Texas Indians. Check out the powerful picture called "Indian on Horseback". There aren't activities on this site, just some stories about different Texas Indian tribes and their way of life.
    Underwater archeology is called "nautical archeology". Texas A&M University has a special program in this area to train archeologists. One of their current big projects is the La Salle Shipwreck. In the excavation, archeologists found a human skeleton. This site shows how they were able to see what the man found once looked like. They were even able to tell how tall he was and how many cavities he had!
    The Texas Historical Commission presents… ta dah… "The La Salle Shipwreck Project"! See the excavation of one of the most important shipwrecks in North America. Learn how archeologists preserve findings like a 300-year-old leather shoe, a canon and hundreds of tiny beads!

    10. KIDS Only?-Ask Dr. Dirt-I Want To Be An Archeologist!
    Many avocational archeologists also study archeology in college or go back to schoollater in life to And, the TAS field school has a special kids field school
    Ask Dr. Dirt
    I Want To Be an Archeologist!
    Q: Dr. Dirt, I want to be an archeologist when I grow up. Should I start digging in my backyard to practice? A: Q: So I don't need to start digging anything up? I'm just sure there are some T-Rex bones under my dog's house. A: If you're lucky enough to be able to participate in a real dig, go for it! There's no better way to see if you like archeology than to get covered in dirt and dust! Check the Join an Archeological Society [LINK to Archeology] page (and with your teacher) to see if there are any digs open to volunteers in your area. Just remember, there are plenty of ways to dig up information on archeology long before you need to dig in the dirt. And by the way, paleontologists, not archeologists, study dinosaur bones. You better leave that dig to your dog. Q: When do you get to officially be an archeologist? A: Well, some archeologists are professionals. They earn their living doing archeology. Other archeologists are avocationals. They do it in their spare time, so this is a two-part answer.

    11. Kids
    What do kids like you have to do with archeology? Tons! Check outthe cool stuff kids do with the TAS. Are you a boy scout? Read
    About the Society About Archeology Kids Links ... Clovis Country? What do kids like you have to do with archeology? Tons! Check out the cool stuff kids do with the TAS Are you a boy scout? Read about a TAS adventure with Scouts Like to go camping? What if you could spend your whole life outside, bring your tent everywhere you go and hunt with spears? Find out what we know about ancient people who did just that. Read about the Gault Site: Clovis Country? Bored and looking for fun stuff to do online? Click over to KIDS ONLY! You'll find tons of activities, games, and great info to read that will make you smarter than your parents! Don't miss the pooping buffalo
    Boy Scouts
    Field School Clovis Country? ... Contact
    18 February 2003

    12. NPS Archeology And Ethnography Home Page
    archeology For Interpreters A Guide To Knowledge Of The Resource, Suggested reading. InThe Archaeology Education Handbook Sharing the Past with kids, pp.
    Suggested reading Ellick, Carol J.
    2000 Against the Clock: Introducing Archaeology in Time-Limited Situations. In The Archaeology Education Handbook: Sharing the Past with Kids , pp. 183-191. AltaMira Press, Walnut Creek, CA. Lynott, Mark J. and Alison Wylie
    Ethics in American Archaeology , Second Revised Edition. Society for American Archaeology, Washington, DC. Majewski, Janice
    Part of Your General Public is Disabled . Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. NPS Training Manager for Interpretation, Education, and Cooperating Associations (editor)
    Module 270: Developing and Presenting a Curriculum-Based Education Program . National Park Service. Ramos, Maria and Davis Duganne
    Exploring Public Perceptions and Attitudes about Archaeology . Harris Interactive for the Society for American Archaeology, Washington, D.C. Smardz, Karolyn and Shelley J. Smith, editors

    13. Archeology Archaeology - Archeology Kids Children Free Web Stats in realtime ! archeology kids Children archeology/ArchaeologyToday Home Page Suggested sites in this category!
    Link Could


    ... Independent music artists at Singer Song! Music resources by the thousands for the independent artist! welcome Get 250 Free Business Cards from Vista Print. We did and they are great! Click here!
    Archeology Kids Children
    Archeology/Archaeology Today Home Page

    Suggested sites in this category!
    dig - The archaeology magazine for kids!...
    A children's magazine on archaeology from the Cobblestone Publishing, produced in cooperation with the Archaeological Institute of America. Quizzes, fun facts, contest and more!...
    68 pages found, 43 links found, 1513 score
    Alternative History
    Ancient Civilizations

    Ancient History Websites
    Information on adding your web site to our Link Directory
    These web site links are listed as a convenience to our visitors. If you use these links, we take no responsibility and give no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy of these third-party sites. Your Link Could ... Top of page

    14. Archeology Archaeology! NEW! Archeology Archaeology Today!
    Archaeology Websites Archeological Locations archeology Associations archeologyEducation archeology India Indian archeology kids Children archeology Links
    Archeology Archaeology Today.
    Archaeology News, links and more!
    The comprehensive archeology website. Thousands of links to every archaeology site. Find information about every dig, every ancient find and delve deep into ancient mysteries. Worldwide information about ongoing projects and hundreds of museum links! Find and join a dig near you. You'll love this site. Let us help! Alternative History
    Ancient Civilizations

    Ancient History Websites

    Anthropology Resources
    World Exploration News
    A member of the work P aleontology today Biology science knowledge

    15. LAUSDnet Kids
    Arch Net Virtual Library of archeology archeology's DIG - a magazine for kidsDigging up the facts about archeology Human
    Social Studies and History
    ...back to Subjects
    Table of Contents
    Atlases and Maps
    Anthropology and Archeology
    America's Historical Documents (and the World's)
    Economics ...
    Social Studies School Service A must see by everyone! Internet History Source Book Project Atlases and Maps
    Atlapedia Online - Atlapedia Online contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.
    Historical Maps of the United States
    Library of Congress: General Maps and Atlases Homepage - Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress
    MapMachine @ - a wonderful collection from the world famous National Geographic Society.
    Quick Maps of the World - Flags, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International Agreements, Population, Social Statistics.
    USGS National Mapping Information
    US Census Map Server
    World Fact Book - The CIA's Educational Website
    World Facts and Figures
    Anthropology and Archeology
    Ancient Egypt - Brought to the web by the British Museum. Excellent site!
    Arch Net - Virtual Library of Archeology
    Archeology's DIG - a magazine for kids
    Digging up the facts about Archeology

    16. Archeology With Digging Up Dinosaurs Science Kits
    kids' archeology and Dinosaurs Science Kits. Smithsonian Diggin Up DinosaursTRex archeology Science Kit. Conduct your own archeological
    Biology Kits

    Cool Chemistry Kits

    Diggin Dinosaur Kits
    Microscopes Telescopes

    Ages 4 - 7 Years

    Ages 8 - 9 Years

    Ages 10 - 13 Years

    Ages 14 + Years
    PARENTS' NOTE Email page to a friend Kids' Archeology and Dinosaurs Science Kits Smithsonian Diggin Up Dinosaurs T-Rex Archeology Science Kit Conduct your own archeological dig with Smithsonian Diggin' up Dinosaurs kits. A plastic T-Rex dinosaur skeleton is buried deep within a sand block, waiting to be unearthed. Learn about the earth's great, extinct creatures with these fun sets. More Information Available Here I Want This! Check this box to Purchase Only $17.95

    17. Free Environmental Newspaper For Kids :: The Green Frog News
    At the time we linked to them, site content was educational and appropriate forchildren. back to the Educational Resources Home. archeology and Palentology
    Published as a project of Hohokam Resource Conservation and Development Area Home Student Newsletters The Arizona Frog Educational Resources ... Talk to Us Educational Resources Many of these links will take you off of our site . At the time we linked to them, site content was educational and appropriate for children. back to the Educational Resources Home Archeology and Palentology Links Great Sites! HOME NEWSLETTERS ARIZONA ... CONTACT

    18. Resorts And Lodges - Archeology/Anthropology In Europe - Italy
    Activities archeology/Anthropology, Shopping, Sightseeing Cost -$$ Size 6-19Rooms Languages English Restaurant No Conference Facility No kids Allowed
    View Clipboard Advertising Search Help Resorts featuring:
    Europe Italy Resorts in Europe/Italy featuring Archeology/Anthropology

    There are 27 resort(s) in this area.
    Aldrovandi Palace Hotel
    The Aldrovandi Palace, located in one of the most serene and elegant areas in town, facing the Villa Borghese Gardens, and close to Via Veneto and the Spanish Steps, boasts a lovely outdoor swimming pool and a private pine-tree park. Once an exclusive college for girls of the Roman nobility and aristocracy, the hotel dates back to the 19th-century style.
    Resort Type: Luxury Resorts Activities: Archeology/Anthropology, Fitness and Beauty, Shopping, Sightseeing, Swimming Pool/Lake
    Cost: Size: 50-200 Rooms Languages: English, Italian Restaurant: Yes Conference Facility: Yes Kids Allowed :Yes Pets Allowed: No Nearest City: Rome
    Ambasciatori Palace Hotel
    The Ambasciatori Palace Hotel, almost a century old, is a historic building located on one of the most famous streets in the world in the heart of Rome. The furnishings combine the new and the old in harmony with the tradition of the palace but the most modern ammenities are provided. The cuisine is second to none, serving the best of traditional Italian cooking and international fare.
    Resort Type: Holiday Hotels Activities: Archeology/Anthropology, Shopping, Sightseeing

    19. Resorts And Lodges - Archeology/Anthropology In Middle East - Israel
    Activities archeology/Anthropology, Beach Activities, Tennis Cost $$$$ Size50200 Rooms Languages English Restaurant Yes Conference Facility No kids
    View Clipboard Advertising Search Help Resorts featuring:
    Middle East Israel Resorts in Middle East/Israel featuring Archeology/Anthropology

    There are 8 resort(s) in this area.
    Dan Accadia
    Blue sea, white sandy beaches, wide stretches of lawns and world-class tennis facilities are part of the Dan Accadia's resort ambiance. A serene Mediterranean enclave, minutes away from bustling Tel Aviv and Israel's high-tech centers, it's the perfect setting for a family vacation.
    Resort Type: Beach Resorts Activities: Archeology/Anthropology, Beach Activities, Tennis
    Cost: Size: 50-200 Rooms Languages: English Restaurant: Yes Conference Facility: No Kids Allowed :Yes Pets Allowed: No Nearest City: Herzliya Beach
    Dan Caesarea
    Picture a hotel where Roman antiquities can be found underfoot. Then imagine a garden enclosed hotel with the velvety greens of an 18-hole golf course right next door. The sea, sun, light and magic, the combination is remarkable, so is the hotel - the Dan Caesarea.
    Resort Type: Holiday Hotels Activities: Archeology/Anthropology, Fitness and Beauty, Golf

    20. Are You Digging It? Teaching Archaeology To Elementary School Students.
    I'm oldfashioned in my philosophy of teaching, in that even though I might be teachingthings like archeology that I I'ma tough teacher and the kids know that
    California Family House Publishers Light Over the Mountain
    A History of the Rancho Cucamonga Area
    by Donald L. Clucas Upland Trails
    A History of Upland and San Antonio Canyon
    by Donald L. Clucas Home Order Books About The Author Links ... Contact the Author Articles by:
    Donald Clucas
    Cucamonga's Chinatown Cucamonga's "Lost" Colonies Transplanted Pennsylvanians In Cucamonga: The Strieby Family Mr. Knott's "Weakly" Newspaper ... Rochester - One of Cucamonga's "Lost Colonies" Are You Digging It? by Jackie Stallcup This article first published in: Inland Empire Magazine, September 1997 What better way to study California history than to go out and dig it up yourself? That's just what Don Clucas's Alta Loma elementary and junior high school students have been doing for over 20 years. an amateur archeologist and a specialist in Native American history and culture, Clucas (also an elementary school teacher at Deer Canyon Shool) has been taking his students on mini-archeological expeditions to local sites since the early 1970s, not long after he started teaching in the Alta Loma school district. The expedition starts in the classroom, but quickly moves outside for actual hands-on digging.

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